CIA Media Outlet Sure Wishes Some Brave Democrat Would Assassinate Donald Trump

Tampa, Florida – July 31, 2018:  President Donald Trump addresses his supporters at a rally in Tampa, Florida, on July 31, 2018.

The Washington Post has just published the most blatant piece of Trump assassination porn that we’ve ever seen. The Post’s Editor-at-Large, a guy named Robert Kagan, wrote an op-ed in which he joins the hysterical likes of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough in huffing about how Trump will be worse than Hitler if he gets back in office and democracy will be permanently ended and blah blah blah.

These demonic calls for assassinating President Trump are always couched as questions… “What if?” But the real purpose is to try to stir up some lone gunman or some MK-ULTRA windup toy so that he or she will make a real assassination attempt.

Kagan’s new piece in the Washington Post is titled, “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.”

As Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) noted on Twitter, the CIA is now greenlighting the assassination of President Trump.


For those who don’t know, all of the intelligence agencies in the federal government have favorite media outlets that they use to propagandize the American people and push their ideas on us. It’s like Operation Mockingbird on steroids these days. The intel agencies have reporters, anchors, and hosts on the payroll who are used to push the federal government’s foreign policy objectives on the people.

For example, when the FBI wants to illegally leak something to the public, where does the information always come out first? It’s in one of two places: Either the New York Times, or Yahoo News (the Russian potty dossier). The NSA uses NBC News. The National Intelligence Council uses CBS News. Having worked at ABC News for 12 years, I can personally attest to the fact that the Pentagon and the Department of Defense prefer to use that outlet to propagandize Americans.

And for the CIA, the outlet that they prefer to use is the Washington Post. We joke about the Washington Post being “Jeff Bezos’s blog” ever since he purchased the paper, but which tech company does the CIA rely on for all its cloud computing needs and AI technology? That would be Amazon, which is owned by Jeff Bezos.

Everybody who works in permanent Washington, DC knows that the CIA propagandizes the American people via the Washington Post. That’s why Matt Gaetz immediately called out this Robert Kagan assassination porn the way he did.

Kagan concludes in his piece that Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination is a foregone conclusion at this point. He also frets that Trump is now leading Joe Biden by every conceivable metric and in every poll to win the presidency back next year. Because of that, he’s suggesting through this CIA hit piece that Donald Trump should get the Julius Caesar treatment, for the good of the republic.

Kagan writes:

“If we thought there was a 50 percent chance of an asteroid crashing into North America a year from now, would we be content to hope that it wouldn’t? Or would we be taking every conceivable measure to try to stop it, including many things that might not work but that, given the magnitude of the crisis, must be tried anyway?”

Every conceivable measure? Gee, what could that mean?

“Will those who balked at resisting Trump when the risk was merely political oblivion suddenly discover their courage when the cost might be the ruin of oneself and one’s family?”

He makes this sound like Trump is going to lock up his family, when the reality is much more likely that Trump is going to fire Robert Kagan’s wife on day one of his new administration. Kagan is married to Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. You may recognize Nuland’s name from some of America’s most disastrous foreign policy failures of the past two decades.

Nuland was the CIA and the State Department’s author and instigator of such hits as the Iraq War, the Arab Spring, the biolabs in Ukraine and the Ukraine war with Russia, a failed coup attempt in Sudan last summer, and the loss of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. She’s one of those people who has been “failing upward” in the Washington, DC apparatus for the past two decades. And her CIA shill of a husband is calling for Donald Trump to be assassinated.

“Every conceivable measure.”

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69 thoughts on “CIA Media Outlet Sure Wishes Some Brave Democrat Would Assassinate Donald Trump”

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  2. How in the hell do they get away with that ? If a private citizen said that someone should assassinate Joe biden they’d be up their ass with a microscope so how does a government agency get away with saying someone should assassinate Trump ? This country has gone to hell in a push cart and the whole world is following right along.

        1. Now is the time to make it known. Take away our freedom of choice and watch all hell break loose. The American people are tired of these Communist tactics. The DemocRATS have been pushing that trash too long now. Since they can’t hear the people because their head is to far up their who-haw Time to translate in the language they speak to us with.

    1. Gorge Soros in a public interview a couple years back stated “if Trump wins a second election, he will be assassinated.” They are fearful of being exposed by “an outsider” they can’t control. Obviously it will change the normal narrative and hidden agendas that take place behind closed doors.

      1. In the book “The Deep State” it talks about the measures that the Clintons and Soros would take against Trump. The book was published years ago and most of the stuff in the book is taking place right now.
        Soros and the Clintons need to be in jail right now, as they’re behind all of the fake indictments being brought up against Trump.
        If Trump is assassinated, all hell will break loose, as people are already angry at what’s happening.
        I really believe that the Deep State didn’t count on so many Americans taking sides against Biden and the regime.

    2. Somebody hard to tell Mr kagan that democracy is already dead in this country and Joe Biden killed it I only hope to get it back it’s Donald Trump Joe Biden should be assassinated and Joe Biden should be thrown into jail unless if you can’t be assassinated because he has destroyed his country’s respect of itself and respect from other nations he has destroyed or respect of the FBI and all the other government agencies in the alphabet soup of the government he is a blatant Chinese collaborator and his son and his brother and Jill Biden it too should all be locked up because Jill is the one running the thing the rest of them are too stupid so just take a look at Jill Biden see what comes up guys and I am a private citizen and I did say that about the president and I’m not scared I’m not scared of anybody because I have free speech according to the Constitution of the United States of America

      1. I predicted this years ago and was banned by facebook. This is nothing new but the liberals become more terrified every day that Trump will preside again. Our country needs him now more than ever. I will pray for Trump.


    3. Amen. I got put in limbo for saying (more or less) traitors were shot back in the day! But I said that about The current airhead in chief, and was locked out for 24 hours.

    4. Because the government run alphabet agencies are run by Biden/Obama Soros, Schwabs, all elites, that want total control if population. They want us to stop eating meat, raising cattle. You know they will be eating it all. Our government sucks!! You cannot trust any of them.

    5. Exactly, I would also bet that the CIA, FBI, W.H. also stir up the school shooters to fit their agenda of Second Amendment Rights. We the People should be following these cases after things die down, probably find out the shooters, if not dead, fade into the sunset. They helped our crooked government achieve their goals. Selling out our country to our enemies, taking away our rights to own firearms for protecting ourselves, then they control us, just like in Dystopian Orwellian 1984!

  3. What is everybody getting all upset about. Trump said this about a judge and it was okay but for them to say it about Trump everybody gets upset and angry. If Trump can say it and get by with it then why they fussing about this.

    1. We are upset because Trump supporters are normal USA LOVING patriots who cherish freedom – while the TDS LEFT is unhinged, especially the Socialist Democrats who want totalitarian control. Trump committed no crimes yet the corrupt DOJ / Leticia James is allowed to prosecute him even though Deutche Bank said “we made money off of Trump, NO crime was committed”

    2. Get a real brain, every since Trump and Melania went down the escalator before he was elected people like you, the media, Pelosi and the rest of the fear mongers have been sending encouraging cheap shots at D. Trump along with all your lies , Russian Collusion, Trump will start a world war and where are we now with Biden the Puppet enabling wars all over the world and setting the U.S. up to be attacked, not to mention the illegals crossing and destroying our southern border.

    3. You are ignorant as hell he never said such shit,you need to get facts not talking points by your msnbc or CNN lying media

      1. My post wasn’t meant for you Lawrence. It was meant for Robert who posted earlier that President had threatened to assassinate a Judge. I wish this site would put things in order.

    4. What exactly are you talking about? I’m retired, disabled and rarely leave home. I watch way to much news and read, read, read. I have never read and or heard President Trump ever threaten or even suggest that ANYONE should be assassinated. Your probably a leftie with an extreme case of TDS. My God, is that all you people do is lie, lie and lie some more.

    1. I have been saying this for a year now. The democrats will do anything to get rid of Trump. He is the voice of all free and patriot Americans. They want to call Trump, Hitler Look at the clown they put in office he is more like Hitler than any previous president in the United States. If they do assassinate Trump. I believe that would be the beginning of a civil war that would definitely destroy our country. But that’s what the leftist have been doing anyway.

  4. These leftist lackies fantasize about assassination because it is the only way they will be able to stop Trump this time around. When Trump resumes the presidency they know their day so are numbered. Many off them are going to prison.

    1. Amen. The Dems need to be cancelled since they were the party of slavery. Let’s get the SJW’s on this. Start with Kamela since her great grandparents were slave dealers.

  5. This is the only way to solve the swamps biggest problem. To openly say to kill a former President is what China would do. I am not shocked at this openness from swamp. They have been telling us what they are going to do and doesn’t matter who knows it. So democrat voters are you really ok with the swamp bragging about killing President Trump? I want to know what does President Trump have on the swamp that they openly want him killed? We kill terrorist not opponents in elections.
    Hello judicial system are you awake or have you been bought also?

    1. They have been bought also. They don’t care about money, all they want is power! The demoncrats have been destroying our country and loving it.

    2. Do it and hopefully the people will arise and take back our nation!just like the wild west string all of the collaborative up in public.


  7. To make comments the incite assassination of a public figure is subject to arrest and incarceration. You are threatening the constitutional rights of a person running for public office. That is what Johnson did to Kennedy! Johnson had Kennedy murdered. The bullet that killed Kennedy came from the front in order to blow out the back of his head.

    1. Yep. They are evil and want that power so bad they’rewilling to do whatever they must to keep control. Everything they accuse Trump of they’ve either done or are doing

  8. The Democrats are trying their best to bankrupt this country and take over all the power and subvert the constitution passing laws to force all money and investments are under their control

  9. When are we as a country going to stop with this insanity and name defaming and calling everyone else Hitler and a dictatorship. A threat to our country.
    These leftists propaganda machine and our so called formal federal government law enforcement employees are nothing but evil control freaks Democrats.
    Everything they wish on others is what they truly are ?..!!! ? about that Americans now…!

  10. I would like a list of the “crimes” Donald Trump has committed against “our democracy”, wouldn’t you. The hacks, media and political, fecklessly fret over the fate of democracy if Trump is elected, but for the life of me, I can’t remember a single effort by Trump to circumvent the Constitution, the courts, or Congressional procedures. Unlike Obama, with his blatant disregard of the Congress with his “I’ve got a pen” attitude, or Obiden, who has ignored several court decisions with executive orders that fly in the face of those decisions, Trump, to the best of my knowledge, used only the parliamentary rules of congress and the opinion of the public, publicly expressed (and not through protests, mostly peaceful or otherwise) to get his agenda on the rails and to begin the change from business-as-usual to the business of government as envisioned in the Constitution (instead of in the pages of “Rules for Radicals”). The election protest was conducted according to law and never varied in actions filed or statements made from the rule of law. The actions of the leftist radical partisans in 2016 and 2020 (as well as the years between) were by contrast lawless, as well as destructive and violent. We need to call out these left-wing LIARS with every LIE they utter and with every LYING projection of their own despicable intentions upon Donald Trump and ourselves, his supporters. MegaMAGA forever and the Constitution or death!!

    1. sTEPHEN…BE CAREFUL! You might become “the man who knew too much! You are very bright and forthright! Take care, my good man1

    2. one must realize that they are trying to do away with a colonial,orderly white america,they hate jews because they are pushing them off as white and right wing which they equate to Hitler. the antichrist is around the corner and they want to eradicate GOD from america,they indoctrinate and brainwash and make the abnormal as normal and normal as abnormal,if our founding fathers saw this america,they would drop dead.they have dumbed down america to the point that its the uneducated who seem to follow the left off aa cliff,now unable to critically think for themselves.

      1. Hitler was a Catholic Religious Terrorist who tried to murder all nonCatholics. Jews invented and codified religious terrorism in their Torah. Jew ideas inspired Hitler. No gods ever existed. For we Americans, all religions are evil FOREIGN psychotic mass murderous mental illness,,,

    3. Every High School in America should make this evil book, “RULES FOR RADICALS” required reading in Civics in school so they can see how the DemonRatic Communist Party has used the blueprint of this book to destroy this once great Nation. Make no mistake here people, everything happening in America today is by design to destroy us within, by foreign governments paying off corrupt politicians to take over our country..

  11. ANY political party in this country who antagonizes the media to promote the murder of Donald Trump or any person running for a position in our government must be taken seriously and stopped. We are NOT Russia where that is acceptable.

  12. The demoncrats and their phony lying news media are the tools of Satan himself! Trump exposed them and did an unbelievable job bringing the USA and the rest of the world back from the depths of hell where Obama took us. I pray for Trump’s reelection and a chance for him to finish the job he started in the middle east not to mention how he handled China.

  13. We the People could, and maybe should, say exactly the same things about the sick, twisted elitist drones like this miscreant who infect our institutions. His corrupted opinion is worth exactly as much as mine, yours or anyone else’s so why does he think he has a right to advocate the assassination of anybody? It’s people like Kagan that are pushing this country into a second civil war and believe me, if it comes to that, the People WILL fight and fight to win.

  14. These Democrat thieves will not allow Trump in the WH because they know what will happen if they fail. Therefore political assassination is on the table as the last resort if everything else fails. This is a sick time for America. The CIA and the FBI will stand by and do nothing to prevent this. Their hate and determination against Trump is out in plain view. While Trump was inocent , he was undermined by these two agencies with all kind of prefabricated lies, while the Chinese asset who is in the WH now is protected by them
    By looking at all the facts and at the big rift in the actual America society, it is clear that this election will not end up well. Let’s hope that Mr Trump will doge every attempt on his life. Due to his personality, this will not be easy and those who wish him gone are counting on it. Let’s don’t forget that the reason for open borders is to make sure that the Iranian hit team can get here without hassle. It is amazing how this WH administration think that the people are stupid and they would never belive that these two branches of government would get involved in this kind of political control.
    Remember Kenedy. It happened to him and it can happen to someone else too. They can do it, they can cover it up and they will stop everyone who tries to find out the extent of their involvement. Did anyone find out what really happened to Kenedy?

  15. It is so sad that our own government officials are this corrupt that they are calling for someone to assasinate another American just because they disagree with him! Our cia, fbi, doj are all against America! Americans no longer trust or believe in them at all. Greed and power have overtaken their minds and way of life! Socialism/globalism/communism/marxism is all they think of doing to America and Americans! We are no longer the land of the free! They have proven this to us over and over again and again! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  16. im sure if Trump is elected( if they dont put him in jail) he will be assassinated. He wouldnt be the first president 2b killed by the cia.

    1. Jack, there are more than enough. if we didn’t have the second Amendment that would mean getting out the PITCH forks and fighting them like the other 3rd world countries. This evil administration is ALL Obama’s cronies, and he is still in power in Washington DC but in the shadows directing all his devil disciples of what to do. you have to be BLIND not see it and some are!!!!!!

  17. The new lying talking point of the left. But we had 4 years of Trump doing the right thing every time while facing hate from the left propaganda media the marxists in congress and the racist political dem party. The wore out the race card so the new boggey man is this dictator crap. Fear and war mongering is their latest weapons since weaponizing out legal system is failing.

  18. Can anyone just imagine for a moment what the headlines would be if someone in Trump’s camp had hinted for some nut to assassinate Biden, or heaven forbid, Trump saying what this idiot in the CIA has said? the Media, Democrats, CIA, DOJ and the FBI in their best armored vehicles and armored to the bloody hilt would be tripping over one another to arrest and incarcerate him. But, BUT, the Democrat bought and paid for CIA says it, and guess what…yep, you guessed it, nothing, hardly a peep, let alone anything resembling consequence. These bloody people disgust me.

  19. Praying God will protect for Trump and his family, in spite of intelligence agencies and Biden administration and other countries enemies who want to destroy him.
    Let’s all pray please.

  20. So, if you are a Republican or a conservative, silence is violence and words are violence. If you are a Leftist, an actual call for violence and actual violence is just people expressing themselves??? For all those wetting their panties about Donald Trump becoming a dictator – DJT was president for 4 years. During that time, he did not end “democracy”, put people in concentration camps, take away freedom of speech or murder anyone. That ALL belongs on the Democrat side. All of it.

  21. Any government agency to facilitate an assassination of an American is bad enough but a former President and 2024 leading candidate is proof our whole goverment is out of control. Why is this guy not in jail yet if any citizen made this statement we would be convicted by now. Sick of our whole goverment. The 3 letter agency’s have turned out to be anti- American and against what being an American is suppose to be about.

  22. Now all you non believers what do you think now about swamp trying to get President Trump? Is this just a theory now. Swamp has sat him up at every turn since he stated he was running the first time. Swamp can’t let him win again because they all know what goes around comes around. Now do you really think their is anything to all these court cases against him? Remember look over here so swamp can break laws. President Trump needs to remind his administration in 2024 that they need to lay swamps rules that they set in place. If rules good for them then good enough for republicans. Swamp opened Pandora’s box so now live with it.

  23. remember. everything they say he’s going to do is what they are and want to do. Remember they say he’s going to start a war when he was president. Nothing of the sort happened those 4 years. But as soon as Biden got in a war started. They want one world order. Isn’t that dictatorship?

  24. Do it and hopefully the people will arise and take back our nation!just like the wild west string all of the collaborative up in public.

  25. DON’T GIVE THE ENEMY A SEAT AT YOUR TABLE…. I didn’t ! If the enemy gets a seat at your table, its because YOU INVITED THEM….not me!

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