Crenshaw Tells Biden “You’re Not My Parents” in Blistering Response to Vaccine Plan

President Joe Biden said Tuesday during remarks about those who have not been vaccinated, “Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and often times door by door — literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people,” according to Breitbart News.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki also noted, “We will be going door-to-door to Americans who have not been vaccinated.”

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw blasted Biden over the invasion of privacy. He tweeted in response to Biden’s announcement, “How about don’t knock on my door.

“You’re not my parents. You’re the government. Make the vaccine available, and let people be free to choose.

“Why is that concept so hard for the left?”

Florida Republican state Rep. Anthony Sabatini took the matter a step further. He tweeted on Tuesday that any federal worker going door-to-door to pressure Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine should be arrested.

“Any Federal government employee that goes door to door pushing vaccination should be treated as a trespasser and ARRESTED,” Sabatini tweeted.

“We need to pass legislation to BAN this sick practice immediately. I’m currently looking at legislative options to file this year in the Florida Legislature.”

That’s more like it. How can the Biden administration not recognize this would be a problem with millions of Americans? Maybe they just don’t care.

Despite not moving forward on a federal vaccine passport, the Biden administration continues to encourage private businesses to do so. And don’t forget the ridiculous continued mask mandate on airplanes.


Crenshaw nailed it when he tweeted that Biden is not our parent. Without getting into his relationship with Hunter, Americans don’t want or need parented by the president. They need leadership.

Americans need a leader who is willing and able to secure the border, protect Americans and allies in the Middle East, and help the economy and jobs. Pretty much the exact opposite of what Biden has done for the past six months.

We experienced four years of no war in the Middle East, a great economy (with the exception of COVID), and a strong border that controlled immigration. In the past six months, we have had Israel under attack (with many Democrats cheering), the highest inflation since Obama and an immigration crisis on the southern border.

America’s south is looking more like a refugee camp than the land of the free and the home of the brave. But instead of securing the border, Biden is more concern about whether you’ve taken your shot.

Too bad. Maybe stop the 180,000 illegal immigrants entering the nation in May from happening again and making sure we have jobs. And oil. And employment. And maybe even some cybersecurity.

Stop blaming America’s problems on whether people take a shot and take some responsibility instead. If so, maybe we could make some progress. If not, Biden’s “progressive” movement will end up causing the nation to digress to its lowest level in a generation.

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63 thoughts on “Crenshaw Tells Biden “You’re Not My Parents” in Blistering Response to Vaccine Plan”

  1. How is that vote for teleprompter joe working out for you idiotic democRATS??? I hope it’s hurting you really really bad. Everyone with a brain (leaves out democRATS) knows biden was selected, not elected.
    Braindead biden is destroying America on a rapid pace in just 6 months that him and his hoe was FRAUDULENTLY put there. I think we the people need to have a civil war and take back our America. It’s time to rid the democRAT politicians and voters for good. How can anyone stand around and watch joe and his hoe destroy America.??? And biden can stick the vaccine straight up his ass…!!! I will NEVER take it and ANYONE that wants to try and make me take it better make damn sure thier life insurance is up to date because thier family WILL have to use it to blurry that person or persons…

      1. If it’s okay for the Democratic Party and there monkeys “black lives matter, Antifa .” Can cause trouble and get away with it then the real American people should be able to do the same. Come knock on my door and see what happens. It will start with A AR and end with a 15. If you know what I mean. Just saying what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. Right there with You. These Worthless Scum Democrats and Their Sheep Voters will be the End of the Nation as We know it! The Leaders on the Left are plain Evil and the Voters to Stupid to Breathe without being told to. Civil War to Rid the Country of Them is a Patriotic Duty. Every Illegal Who Jumped the Border because of Dimwit has to be Rounded Up and Shoved right back over the Fence that will be finished.

      1. Start shooting these illegals at the border. Then they will not make it into our country!

        1. That’s their plan ! That’s why they defund police, stir race wars , and promote crime , All reasons to TAKE OUR GUNS

          1. Defunding the police makes no sense. They need the police to confiscate the guns. That’s another thing that disturbs me. Here we are supporting the police and standing up for them and they’re going around beating in people’s doors and taking their legal firearms. They need to stand up to politicians that want to use them at their discretion to enforce illegal laws. Or, we need to figure out how to defund the liberal police officers that have no problem following un-constitutional orders from the leftist politicians.


      2. Agree with all. We are being taken over by communist from inside our own gov., The democrats, and if the american people can’t see it, they have no idea of what communism is. As for all the illegals, I’m with you, round them up and ship them back!

    2. To answer your question, I’ve asked some liberal idiots and they have no real answer, aside from Trump was worse. When I press them for proof, they have none. Liberalism is a mental disorder and they’ll sooner slash their own throats before they’d admit they fucked up.

      1. You are so right! All Democrats talk about is their hate for President Trump and Republicans!
        Democrats repeat what they have been told, following like sheep with no mind of their own.
        Anyone coming to my door asking about the China virus vaccine, will find out what our second amendment is all about!

      2. AMEN ! They are like some of those dumb religious cults in our past. They need help from family and friends that are not in the same cult. Oh, I am religious, a Christian, mainly Catholic, but not like that Joe bumbler. I, and my children, grand children and great grand children should be thankful I was not aborted, but adopted right after birth.

    3. Remember also that it was Harris, during the debates, who said that she would rule by Executive Order if Congress doesn’t do her bidding. Well, that is what Biden is doing! Looks like Harris is pulling the strings while Soros pulls her strings. Harris and Biden believe in tyranny – IOW, dictatorship, Soviet and Communist China style. Commie China became the USSR’s Frankenstein Monster.

        1. Obama has been since the election. He admitted to it today. He says his plan is almost in place, wish he would go to hell, can’t believe he could do this, I’ve been writing this for months. No one has commit one. I saw the interview where he said this was his dream.

        2. You are 100% right. Every thing “Joe” has done was exactly like Obama did. I had heard that Obama lives a short distance from the White House. I wonder is there a tunnel from his house to the White House? What America needs to do is check out Convention of States. They are a group working to get 2/3 of the States on board so we can place an Amendment to the Constitution. They have 16 States on board. We do not have much time please check them out.

          1. We cannot sufficiently organize without control of Social and Mainstream media. Soros figured that out a while back,and that is why those media outlets are Marxists now. They control the minds of so many people. let’s put them out of the propaganda business!

    4. Amen to that he is just the commander in chief over the army not the ruler of the world he is to old to be the president anyway he looks like he’s about ready to kick the bucket anyway

    5. I am 100 % with you on everything you just said ! SICK & TIRED OF ALL THIS B.S. !!! When will the rest of AMERICA WAKE-UP to the WOKE ?

      1. Amen to all of these comments! America is headed to hell in a handbaskets because of stupi Joe and crazy Kamala and the rest of the Demodumbs! Wake up America and let’s take back our country!!

    6. what is in the shot that the government needs us to get it? why after 200 years does the government want out guns? WHAT ARE THEIR PLANS???

      1. My thoughts exactly! Open your eyes brainwashed people you really think they give a dam about you!? What are their Real Motives (Democreeps)!!
        Making us vulnerable!! That’s what!!!

      2. I don’t believe most of the politicians received the real vaccine. I also believe there is going to be real problems down the road for anyone who took the shot, especially the young people. Population control fits well within their plans. If people start dying from complications the government can shift the blame to the pharmaceutical companies. It’s very hard to trust them after what they did with the elections.

  2. Door to door compulsion to submit to vaccines that are not proven safe and vaccines that are directly linked to deaths is more than invasion of privacy. It is outright intimidation and terrorism, a threat of murder, and mass genocide. Send this message to the republicans in Florida and Texas. Now they have some more ammunition to blow the corrupt government out of the water.

  3. I’m more concerned by his comment “by hood or by noose” than by his door to door foolishness. How can anyone not realize that that comment shows his affiliation with and admiration of the old KKK?

  4. They’re to be termed Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crats. They’re Freudian-Marxist mentalists: wrist wringing, nervous Nellie, busy body control freaks. The typical Demo-Nazi suffers from an untreatable character-affective disorder.

  5. Too many people have died from underlying conditions from the vaccines or have had really bad reactions and have been hospitalized. But the left will not expose the truth. They constantly lie. Going door to door will cause an uprising. They have the mentality that it’s ok if some die for the greater good.this is an invasion of privacy. But then again they don’t care one iota for any American.Not even those that supported them but they are too blind to see. Until it is to late. Our children do not stand a chance for any future with the left destroying all values. Our Country has become a disgrace to the whole world. And we are heading for a total take over by the Socialist, communist regime.Hatred is the only way the left believes, keep us divided at all costs so they can control us.Never in my 70 plus years have I ever witnessed such a disaster.

    1. It’s more like plotting to kill all of us and replacing us with illegals from Central and South America who have never known anything except Socialism. Of course, the plotters get “silenced” because – having betrayed their own people – the Cabal won’t trust them either.

      1. That’s why they’re not requiring illegals to be vaccinated. Better start teaching your kids to speak Spanish. That’s America’s future if we don’t stop it now!

  6. Biden running this as a DICTATOR! Well you media and leftist got your slave owner in as president. We got an constitution laws state THESE POLITICAN WORK FOR THE PEOPLE, NOT CONTROLLED OR MAKING DECISIONS FOR US!

  7. AMERICANS!- Stand up for a change & start calling these people what they actually are! NOT socialists- that’s just the left’s polite term for COMMUNIST! These morons can stick that needle where it belongs- in themselves!

  8. Well let the terrorest come come to my house I’ll give him a shot . who ever try’s to give me one will die on the spot .

    1. Totally agree with Marty and all the other comments! Biden and his entire administration are IDIOTS who have no clue what to do other than try to control, control, control by coming up with these insane propositions while totally ignoring the real issues (which they created and are responsible for) and have made our Country the laughing stock of the world! No wonder America is going to ‘Hell in a Handbasket’! This needs to stop now by getting rid of theses FOOLS!!!

  9. Knock on my door and it will knock back! They will be crawling away with their poor feelings hurt!

  10. The left has given Americans total insanity in just 6 months!
    The forces behind the government are doing a great job of distroying our nation. Biden and Harris are total jokes put in place as puppets, to do as they are told.
    Our Democrat congress is playing right along, bringing Marxism, socialism, and communism to America as swifly as they can!
    The rest of the world is laughing at ‘the U.S. leaders’!
    Can we survive until 2022 ?

  11. It occurred to me last night for all the Democrats that think this is so right that when I pull up to a gas pump I paid the same price in them when I go to the store I paid the same price if I can find what I’m looking for the point being is if they are not just getting at me because I am on the right they are getting at America because they
    hate America there is no hate or problems without the left but I feel like I am in good company because Jesus even said that they hated him before they hated me

  12. They need not use the excuse that “It’s for the good of the people” to get this vaccine. Since when can we trust the Biden administration (if you want to call it that…maybe the “pretend” administration) ? From the first day he was in “office” it was a nightmare for the American people. Everything he did destroyed (not helped) America. Whoever is pulling the strings (China? Obama? Rice?) has a vendetta against us…all of us. Why would we ever trust them to care that we were kept safe from Covid or the “variant”? This is absolutely the most sinister display of hatred against our own people that we will ever see. There are countless doctors stating that for those getting the vaccine, there will be those who may die within a few weeks or months of receiving it…..and for others who do not have any side affects NOW….are fortunate to be alive in 2 – 3 years. Heck…they can’t even PAY people to get the vax! Those who have been diligent in researching the side affects know what this really is…a bio-weapon perpetrated upon the people to control them, mind, body and soul. Of course they do not want people thinking for themselves…heaven forbid! Then, all will be ready and willing to participate in the New World Order (of chaos and immorality).

  13. Come on Arizona, Georgia & Pennsylvania, show the corruption of the vote counting. The election was fair & honest, but the vote counting was very corrupt.

  14. Crenshaw and Sabatini nailed it. Don’t tell me that I have to take the shot. You come on MY PROPERTY…that’s trespassing and trespassers will be shot.

  15. I agree with Mr. Crenshaw. But the Dems distraction game is in full swing. We waste time chasing these lunatics all the while REAL problems are lying in wait ready to strike. Let me ask you, What’s more important? Performing a futile exercise in “educating” the public on the value of taking a vaccine? Or the threat of the growth of our adversaries military?
    There’s no adult in the room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  16. I will personally make a citizens arrest on any government employee coming to my door to insist I get a shot for the virus, of course I will also provide the cell they will find themselves in with only bread and water to eat.(Maybe :-).

  17. If Joe wants to stop the covid, why would he send his people to our houses and at the same time. let tens of thousands of possible carriers come into our country and flown to our cities????

  18. So just how does Biden expect to bypass the HIPAA rules about medical history privacy? Heck, they doctor’s office can’t even talk to my wife about my health if I don’t give my permission. I sure as hell would not give my permission to share it with Biden’s administration or any government bureaucracy. How do they intend to get the info so they know whose doors to go knocking on? By the way, I have been fully vaccinated for months now as has my entire household, so I don’t see them knocking on my door, but this is just wrong. This smacks of KGB and Stalinist tactics.

  19. Maybe Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, their financial backers, and the congress should be disarmed, and live like the rest of us? Maybe put them in jail with the Jan 6 unarmed protestors? Think their song might change? They are to represent us, not rule over us. Matthew 7:2

  20. I am an 86 year old retired U. S. Air Force retiree, and I fought for over 26 years to save our Nation from this shit that Biden and his Nazi Demoshits are trying to shove down our throats. Should a civil war occur, I am still able and certainly willing to take my weapons and put as many Demoshits as my bullets will allow to their final resting place. Killing these Demoshits would be an honor, particularly if they were Obama, Schumer, Nadler, Pelosi, the entire Biden family, a number of ranking military communists, the wierdo House Squad, and I must stop — I’m out of ammo. Let the civil war come – we real Americans are ready!

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