Deep Sate Rewards Former FBI Director James Comey with a Prestigious New Job

Our country is in a right mess. The most corrupt election in our history is threatening to remove the last line of defense we had against the leftist mob. Violence is breaking out everywhere. Across the country, small-time politicians are getting away with absolute tyranny. The founding fathers are turning in their graves, and somehow, that’s offending the social justice warriors.

In the midst of all of that, it’s easy to miss stories that hold significance. One you might not have seen is the latest high-profile hire made by Columbia Law school. You’re not going to like it.

Columbia Law School just made a big announcement. They are hiring James Comey to teach classes. Yes, that Comey. The disgraced former head of the FBI is going to be tasked with teaching some of the brightest young minds in American Law. May God help us all, because we certainly aren’t helping ourselves.

To be specific, Comey was hired as part of the Reuban Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership. The program “invites executives from government agencies” to teach at Columbia. Those words come directly from Columbia Law.

This is Columbia outright admitting that they make political hires in order to financially reward members of the deep state. Comey is just a high-profile example, and they are brazenly throwing it in our faces. Columbia is not an institution of learning; it’s a political tool.


The law school is overlooking everything we’ve learned about Comey in the last few years. This is a man who pursued illegal spying on private U.S. citizens in order to carry out a political agenda for a sitting president. He’s the Frank Sturgis of the Obama Administration.

Worse, he compromised the entire FBI and DOJ on numerous accounts. The fact that he isn’t in jail right now is proof that our system is corrupt. In the midst of all of this, Columbia wants him to teach the next generation of lawmakers and lawyers how to follow in his footsteps.

You get it, right? They’re training an army. They aren’t planning to fight you with guns in the streets. Instead, they’re going to subvert the courts and defeat you there. They’ve already politicized our judicial system with activist judges all over the place. This is just another flank in the offensive.

If you take anything away from this story, let it be one simple fact. Comey is not the story. He’s a flamboyant example, but ultimately his reward from the Deep State for a job well done is par for the course. Columbia and every liberal institution is doing this with countless teaching positions across the country. This is how they indoctrinate the next generation. It’s how they destroy America without ever firing a shot. They’ve been deploying this strategy for years, and we still don’t know the half of it. It’s going to take everything we have to save America from this mess.

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101 thoughts on “Deep Sate Rewards Former FBI Director James Comey with a Prestigious New Job”

  1. This is SICKENING. This TRAITOR should be in orange prison uniform or face a firing squad for TREASON. This is truly a demon rat move just like th ELECTION fraud. The COUNTRY is going down so fast. It looks like Bolivia. Sad days ahead for America.

      1. Crooks are saints in comparison to this evil
        and totally corrupt left winger FRAUD who
        ildred to Columbia to creats another LIBERALdestroyed the reputation of the FBI and is now
        rewarded by the Liberal Socialist Communist Nutcakes in our schools teaching Their liberal nonsense.Send your children to COLUMBIA to create
        another COMEY!!!

    1. The Democrats, LBGT, Pedophiles, have already placed not ?? but 2 Thirsty Homos in senate and Congress. It’s all about Omar. Y’all know the agenda. Have sex with someone husband. The Government is nothing but free spirit corruption. This is 2020 their new world ? takeover

    2. Losing confidence in our government and that is dangerous. Why has he not been prosecuted? Take your child out of that school!

    3. This has nothing to do with Comey. It is the zeal with which the universities indoctrinate their students. Sickening.


      1. Yes, but waiting 4 years for the re-election of TRUMP ? where will the US be by them? A shit-hole of socialist…communist Liberals??

        1. We have to get President Trump back in NOW ! It’s been proven over and over that if Not for ALL the Fraud he would have won.
          In 4 years , we probably won’t even be allowed to Vote . The Dems will re-write everything to their Favor. They will allow Millions of Illegals in and allow them to Vote. We have to her President Trump back in NOW!
          Look up : USA ( Nov 6 , 2016 , Obummer telling Illegals to Vote on Live tv.)
          Look up :USA , ( Nov 3, 2016 ,LE says ,charges fikled 6 days before election .Clinton and girls ages 5 yrs to 14 Yrs )
          Look up : Texas congressman confirms Hillary could face Impeachment , after election 11-02-2016.
          For some reason …….All of this was swept under Rugs again . 🙁

    5. What is it that the Democrats do not have to go to jail for not abiding by the law like everyone else is the Democrats better than any of us American people this is just so sad that thay have NO LAWS THEY HAVE TO GO BY ON THE PEOPLE THAT ARE Republicans and they get to RUN OUR COUNTRY ????????

    6. Shame on Columbia. What a poor choice for a supposedly prestigious law school. The only thing its students will learn is the “law” according to Comey (and we all know what that “non-law” is). An analogy: A law student friend of mine took Obama’s constitutional law course when Obama was teaching. He said it was dreadful: he learned no real constitutional law, but only the law as Obama saw it.

    7. YES!! I agree….and maybe people should make our voices heard and protest outside the college?? Protesting in a peaceful way should at least get others attention on the matter. I believe he needs a punishment – not a wrist slap for what he has done….and certainly NOT a reward with a prestigious job.

    8. There are cells open in prison for ALL THE SCUM BAGS IN OUR GOVERNMENT!
      That includes -PELOSI- Schumer- Schiff- BOTH CLINTONS- Comey! If i’ve left any out
      please add them to my list! The fact that there is not another politician willing to step up and become head of our country but the same old die hards that have been sucking hind tit for fifty years .We must admit it, this election was all about making a woman president ! Poor Joe
      can’t cut the mustard and will be gone soon! God help this country!!!!

      1. There is his name is TRUMP . He’s not perfect but he loves America first and foremost. Lets fight to keep him in office. At least he’s trying to drain the swamp. GOD BLESS America WWG1WGA

      2. Poor Joe my butt, he will be handsomely rewarded for being a trojan horse. Bidens have no scruples when they want to fill their wallets. AND, O MY GOSH, WHO WILL SHE NAME AS HER VP?? A MEMBER OF “THE SQUAD” GOD FORBID.!!! WE JUST THOUGHT OBUMMER WAS BAD.!!!!! “HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. I’ve heard your words before: “America will fall without anyone firing a single shot because it will destroy itself from within.” NIkita Kruschev

    10. I am an 80 year old female, telling each American to stand and fight. I can’t, but those of you that can play the game at saying something to get the position you want but once there teach the truth, be honest and how to be a patriot.
      Young people don’t be so easily led, become fighters for your country. Don’t be bought, like our politics.
      Let’s see if we can start over and cleans our nation, not by going against our constitution but by following it to a T.
      I pray to God the Holy Spirit enters into your bodies and you will be enlightened as to what is happening to you young people.
      You all know what freedoms we have don’t throw those away.

    11. His past will follow him. We all will be judged by a higher judge some day
      Maybe his students will teach him some thing.



    13. That is for sure. If they think he did a good job they should all be fired. They don’t know the law.

    14. you know it ……….. i hope he either falls down and breaks his neck, gets in a fatal car crash, or is struck by a bolt of lightning and fried to a crisp. The man, if you could even call him that, is the epitome of evil and hypocrisy………… a waste of oxygen if you ask me……

    1. They use to shoot or hang people who committed treason against their country and sitting president!! He got paid well for doing what he did.

    1. This is a problem w the Universities. Columbia Law school is a desgrace for hiring him. I bet is more qualified people out there that can do that job from the Gov. like G Flynn. But they do not want an conservative in front of our students teaching them law. I hope those students had read about him & do not believe everything consider what he did. If the federal Gov put in place policies of not funding those schools that hirer those people, they will think it twice in hiring left wing that broke the laws & spy on the President!

  2. We have to hope the electoral collage is honest and they give Pres. Trump the 270 electoral votes he needs because if they don’t this whole country is doomed and will be in the hands of the communist party. The evil left thinks they will run this country and they couldn’t be more wrong the communist party (china) will move right in squash them like bugs and the BLM and antifa who think they are tuff they will get schooled by china’s army that people will be death if they even think they can fight back. Our screwed up government meaning the left dem’s let them destroy you cities and business’s that you all worked your lives for. Don’t let that happen all over again WAKE UP PEOPLE THEY USED YOU WITH EVERYTHING WILL BE FREE FREE FREE WELL NOTHING IS FREE FREE FREE!!!!!

  3. What DUMB people we are doing what we are with traitors…there is no fraud in elections just treason attempting to under mind our country for their twisted minds…no prison for them why should we support them when we are not working and wondering where our next meal will come from they have stealing from the people they are elected to serve the only thing they deserve is a blind fold a pole to stand in front of an a bullet……that’s the way to treat a traitor not house and feed them.We learned in VN once Brain Washed there is no changing them so eliminate them totally.

    1. It’s a good thing here in America there is a hunting season for fowl . rodents are year round. Keep yer powder dry! WWG1WGA

  4. this all needs to be exposed. All of its corruption! that is what President Donald Trump wants. The Arrests and lockups and prison are in the making! Yah! a lot of work! ahead.
    Deep state (democrats) will not be around much longer. Unfortunately something as evil will sooner or later rise up….. We are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities (demons) and Satan and he hates us “why” because we are made in the image of God and he comes to kill, steal and destroy. He is the father of lies just like the deep state and fake news media.

  5. Traitor, treasonous and member of the Deep State, all of the sounds of McCarthy, Cohn and the rest of their finger pointers who love to portray the American Governments work in serving it’s people and the peiople who make it work as having it’s own set of rules and running the country by bureaucratic enactment of laws as they, the Deep State see fit.

    Other than military service, I’ve never worked directly for the government as a civil service employee, but I have worked closely with a number of the various Federal entities that serve the people. Shut up whining, wettting and pooping all over yourselves. You’ve done nothing for this country, yet you believe it is ate up with corruption and nepotism.

    We have never been completely free from some corrupt influencesn and the past four years have been a wallow in a pig pen of corruption, nepotism and most of all completely inept stupidity. The government’s level’s of service are not perfect but they have become paragons of perfection compared to the levels of service provided in the 60s and 70s.

    I like the services I get from my government, don’t agree with everything they do, but I usually get it done quickly. Now I’ve got JAs (think donkeys and what JA could stand for) trying to tell me the government shouldn’t be doing that, whatever “that” is. “That” always seems to involve at least one of three things, money, sex or religion.

    “It’s my money because I earned it. Okay, what if you earned it at $20 and hour over 60 hours worked and received a paycheck with no deductions for $1200. You’ll expect more for overtime. Better still you get a check, no deductions, for $600. Yeah, you were offered $20 per hour for your work but the employer decided your work was only worth $10 per hour. Under the low government mode, you would have rew options. You could get your gun and following constitutional carry laws go back to work and get your pay straight or you could look for another job that pays as promised or you can take the employer to court for a breach of contract, that should be very rewarding.

    That opportunity to take a business you think is ripping you off to court is not available in many cases, you’ll have to deal with an arbitrator with no further recourse.

    This whole piece of business conducted by the government has been torn asunder and ripped apart without thought for how that business is to be accomplished in the future. “Where’s the beef”? Oh my God! It’s been stolen by the nondenomenational Hamburglar. Donald Trump has done nothing, nothing for me. I have not received a dollar more because of anything he has done. It brings up the question of how much has he done for you?

    There is no Deep State, only incredible hypocrisy. The government’s civilian workforce has been trained to be apolitical when working on issues that draw opposing political interests.

    Socialism is what we do when we have situations greater than private citizens or businesses can cope with and government is required to intercede. Such is the problem with healthcare. Without real government intercession, our healthcare costs have gone through the roof. I’m ready to control costs. There are only two ways to control costs. One is competition. The other is government control.

    1. This country was not set up for the Federal government to dictate to the states,yet here we are. Little by little States Right have been taken away without much of the population even knowing it. I know it because we we’re effected by it in the 70’s when Michigan was mandated to halt all underground construction work which means, roads, water and sewer projects, infrastructure which had been funded by the state. My husband was suddenly out of work. The feds decided the money had to come to them and they would dole it out according. Well they did a great job didn’t they, our infrastructure is crumbling.

      The Federal government was part time when it was set up. These patriots had regular vocations. Not a free ride for life, they were hard working honest God fearing people. Something this country has lost. People depended on one another, helped each other to get by, not the government that really doesn’t have any money only taxpayer dollars, our dollars to give away. Oh yes and now money to collude, and if you can’t see that then I really feel sorry for you.

      During the Vietnam war when all the socialist protests were going on we were warned that someday those people would be teaching our children and in our government. Well it has happened and to many turn a blind eye to what is coming.

      My great grandfather, from Alabama fought in the Civil war, but not for the South, he was in the Union Army because he didn’t believe in slavery. He loved this country as I do and I would like to preserve our Republic for future generations, not to be a socialist/communist country, where everything we have personally could be stripped away. I’m old enough to have grown up in a free caring country when our representatives cared about the people who put them in office to represent them, not to line their pockets, for sale to the highest bidder.

      GOD BLESS AMERICA, may it stand for ever for freedom and justice!!

    2. That’s right , democrats, power over the people not for the people. Stupid socialist! Freedom is earned with blood and sweat not bought. GO TRUMP!!!

    1. I agree with you Vern ! Ripley is what you say he is !! He seems to have a hole in his head that thoughts roll in and out of all jumbled up !!

  6. “WHEN”…….Will there be Any Adults that have a BRAIN – Anymore.????? Hiring Comey to teach the younger generation on How to be Corrupt and a Worthless Human…. FIGURES.!!!
    I DON’T THINK THERE WILL BE AN END TO THE STUPIDITY…..THAT JUST KEEPS GROWING LIKE “MOLD”.!!!!! in this Country. We are becoming to Live in a Truly Messed Up Society, Country, and World………. What’s New.??? Not even becoming – we are there.!!

    1. They are a socialist university. No prestige any longer.
      Only one College in my state, Michigan, teaches as it did 108years ago. It teaches about the Constitution and what it stands for , history as it happened, not the invented history of the socialist schools. They teach how socialism and communism will effect people’s lives and choices. A school of great integrity.

  7. Absolutely disgusting! Columbia University should be stopped! Comey should be in JAIL!!
    This is another Deep State BIG time ERROR!

  8. When will the time come when people realize that the Democrats are first and foremost our enemies. They lie cheat and steal and enslave the minorities and kowtow to a socialist/Communist agenda. What I don’t get is how these people brought up in the United States and having many opportunities can turn on this nation. If you notice a lot of the left in government are well off and those that support the leftist agendas are privileged people from wealthy families and if not the others are sheep and easily led. We all knew Pelosi and company wanted to run the clock out and they seem to have succeeded. Maybe there is a miracle coming. I certainly hope so. I did not serve this country for 4 years to see it torn down.

  9. We no longer have a Government that is “Of The People.By The People and For The People” But we now have a Government “Of The Swamp, By the Swamp and For The Swamp?,

    1. So let’s get out there and VOTE all the swamp out of office in every state until we bring America back to the way GOD intended it to be. GOD BLESS ??.

  10. When James Comey shows up for work at Marxist (formerly Columbia) University, he should be wearing a striped suit to represent he’s an inmate of a Federal Institution, and committed treason, while destroying the reputation, honor and integrity of what was once the most prestigious police agency in the world. This traitor ought to be sent to teach the Chinese or the Russians how to illegally destroy a Presidential administration through lies, half truths and deceptions, and how to testify under oath by saying either I don’t recall that, or I don’t remember that! To call this man a first class scumbag is denigrating to the scumbag! Marxist (formerly Columbia) University must have been searching cesspools when they selected Mr Comey, and they have reached a new all time low in education of their liberally brainwashed curriculum.

  11. Comey wears the hats of many nations , CUBA RUSSIA NORTH KOREA CHINA VENEZUELA NORTH VEITNAM IRAN that’s why they want him he’s very learned in their ideology. It’s all part of the trap to bring down America according to Sorro’s doctrine.

  12. Damn the dems( only the COMMIE ones) full speed ahead. Bring on the coon huntin monkeys let’s level the playing field. WWG1WGA .


  13. We have reached a time now that the only thing we can do is boycott! Take your kinds out of colleges and send them to trade schools. Stop watching broadcast news that continues to lie to us. Boycott the corruptions!

    1. Amen to that, I stopped watching the lying new media over a year ago. I could see the lies, not actual Ernie Pile honest to goodness news, just actors pretending to be journalists. I pity the people who can’t fathom what is really going on. Most parents don’t realize that communism is being taught to their children, totally oblivious.

  14. Columbia University hiring James Comey is an absolute disgrace to the students who need an example of a law-abiding professor not one who joined former President Obama’s law breaking team that illegally spied on U S Citizens. Shame on the university and shame on James Comey!

  15. First off, Little Jimmy is a STONE COLD CRIMINAL. Second, if I had a child that was going to go to law school, it would not be Columbia or Harvard they have a very very poor reputation. Little Jimmy. is but just one example.


  17. Why doesn’t this appointment come as no surprise considering who is going to be in charge soon. Expect more of the same to come.

  18. Many physicists believe in God and refer to God as The Highest Intelligence. I have a knowledge of quantum physics. I am an aging practicing Catholic in his 70s. The quantum world explains the miracles we read about – Jesus and in modern world.
    Bob Dylan believes in the devil (see old 60 Minutes interview).
    We all hope and I believe that at the end of this existence that justice will be meted out. People like Comey are only interested in themselves, money, power, position, prestige. He will get old and shrivel up. He then trades his earthly position for an eternity of anguish.
    It is hard for all of us to sit back and watch what these hypocrites get away with.
    I have a science background, USMC service in later 60s, a following for St. Pio (a true mystic), and a firm belief that there is an existence after death.
    But never surrender your weapons that you legally own that you use to protect your family, friends, and good people.

  19. No surprise.
    As an organization grows,it helps itself through “vertical integration “
    K-12; Colleges; provide fodder for the “Bureaucracy “
    They all “get theirs complements of the taxpayers
    Those of us who are currently free, are not sufficiently motivated to either devise a course of action or join one. We get the Government we deserve .
    See: Alexander Taylor-9 steps of the rise and fall of a great civilization. We’re at # 8
    If enough of us took the time to counter the revisionists trash the K-12 system infected our children with and hold school systems and enabling politicians to account (school vouchers) this contamination would have been less wide spread.
    While petitioning in my town over a zoning matter,
    I approached a fellow citizen hoping for a supportive signature. Instead, he said “doesn’t affect me” & declined signing. He may have well just said “I’ve got mine Charlie. ( what the Brits say in response to that type of request for help)
    The Communist know Democracy’s weak spots and exploit them. We are moving to the day when we will be hoisted on our own petards.

  20. Question??
    Does Columbia Law school receive Federal Funds and if so, how much and where is the allocation??
    Who knows the answer to my question??

  21. I don’t quite understand something. If the job of the President and the Military are to protect this country from being taken over by a foreign government or any one else for that matter. Why is this election going to pass? There is enough evidence to show it has been compromised, And with all the mainstream media being owned, or at least heavily involved by China who outward said years ago they will take over America without a shot, why is Trump not calling in the Military forces. Is it once again going to be up to the little guys to protect the USA. The same people who have survived wars only to fight again this time on our own ground? This country was the last defense from a total take over and it looks like we lost if allowed to get away with this last election for Presidency. I am for Martial law if that is what it takes. Who else could we trust? Look at the wealth that has come out of the White House before Trump got in. The White House was meant to serve the people, not the other way around. Yet we the people are so ignorant and lazy in taking the time to really see them for who they are and move them out when they are not doing the job and allowing all the side stepping to go on so we are where we are. It used to be a free country, now it’s only as free as we are allowed to believe. Any person who has wanted Trump out of office as bitten off their own nose to spite their own face, but we will all have to live what we are about to embark into now. Patriots, good luck, the rest will get what they have asked for and deserve!

  22. What has happened to our country? Never thought it could happen in the USA. We need to take back the USA from these corrupt people Now! HOW DO WE DO THIS ? We must do this now. TAKE BACK THE USA NOW

  23. Everyone knew that no one would have the sack to put any of these crooked politicians behind bars! It was all a fantasy to make you think it was going to happen. The biggest joke was the distraction created by the House on Russian Collusion, and bad phone calls. As I dig deeper into what has been exposed about this whole things it is evident that a large majority of those involved committed crimes far more advanced than what they had accused the President of doing. Crimes so high in nature that in the 1700’s and 1800’s such deeds would have commanded that the guilty be hung by neck until dead, or drawn and quartered on a public square. We have become so liberal and soft as a society that we don’t stand up for ourselves anymore and we accept this as the norm. Just like this past election, do you know why the democrats have never went full scale with stealing a election before?????? They knew that back in the day the American people would stand up to them and they would be run out of the country as traitors, PERIOD

  24. you know it ……….. i hope he either falls down and breaks his neck, gets in a fatal car crash, or is struck by a bolt of lightning and fried to a crisp. The man, if you could even call him that, is the epitome of evil and hypocrisy………… a waste of oxygen if you ask me……

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