Did Capitol Police Intentionally Lure Trump Supporters into a Trap?

The ability of the hot sidewalk garbage known as the “mainstream media” to cling to a lie, long after it has died and stopped kicking, is pretty old hat by now. We’ve just seen this trick too many times to fall for it. Sometimes a fake narrative can cling to life for years, like the Russia hoax; other times it falls apart in a matter of days, like the dangerously smirking Covington Catholic teen. The January 6 insurrection lie continues to fall apart, even though it’s taking longer for information to trickle out to the public. But it’s starting to look like the “insurrection” was actually a dirty trick designed to lure protesters into the Capitol building before the US government betrayed them.

You’ve probably seen plenty of photos of the “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley (the buffalo horns guy) and his companions – looking like extras from the cast of Duck Dynasty – facing off against police in a Capitol hallway. The media has used those still photos plenty of times to portray Trump supporters as a bunch of dangerous crazies who were trying to overthrow the government (even though it’s clear that none of them are armed). What we haven’t seen yet is video of exactly what was happening there.

RMG News finally posted a video of that faceoff over the weekend. I managed to transcribe some of the quotes from it before it was nuked from YouTube. The video will probably resurface at some point on other sites, but in the meantime, all I’ve got for you are quotes.

After speaking briefly with a line of Capitol police officers, a man named William Watson takes the bullhorn from Chansley and announces this to the crowd of Trump supporters:

“The police here are willing to work with us and cooperate peacefully, like our First Amendment allows. Gather more Americans under the condition they will come and gather peacefully to discuss what needs to be done to save our country!”

A Capitol police officer then says to Watson and Chansley, “You need to show us – no attacking, no assault, remain calm.”

Watson then announces to the crowd, “We’re going to be heard. Everybody, this must be peaceful!”

Chansley turns to the crowd as well and yells to the other Trump supporters, “This has to be peaceful! We have the right to peacefully assemble!”

You know part of the story that happens after this bizarre exchange. The protesters peacefully marched through the rest of the building. Chansley said a prayer with the other protesters and sang a song in the US Senate chambers. He sat in Mike Pence’s chair for a while and then went to the Senate break room, where he prevented other protesters from stealing the muffins and snacks.


I see two possibilities for the oddities in this new video of Chansley and Watson relaying instructions to the crowd.

First, it’s possible that Chansley and Watson were both plants working for the FBI. Both men have been imprisoned (supposedly) since January 8th, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they were not working with the government and in on the scam.

Second, it’s possible that Chansley and Watson were duped by the cops. I don’t know which option is true, but I’m leaning toward this second one.

Consider what Watson yelled to the crowd after talking to the police for a couple of minutes: Gather more people, we’ll all come in peacefully, and then we’ll have a discussion with the United States Congress about the fraudulent vote certification. Watson and Chansley both seem to believe that they’re going to have a meeting with Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi.

Of course, that meeting that Trump supporters were promised never happened. The protesters streamed into the Capitol with police permission, under the expectation that the vote certification was going to be discussed. Instead, riot police later showed up, gassed the Trump supporters and beat them up while chasing them out of the building. The arrests started two days later.

Chansley maintained in one jailhouse interview back in January that the protesters didn’t know they were doing anything wrong. He said the police let them in the building and escorted them around. It’s looking like that was the plan all along, and that’s what allowed the Deep State to close the jaws of the trap around Trump supporters.

Some insurrection, huh?

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24 thoughts on “Did Capitol Police Intentionally Lure Trump Supporters into a Trap?”

    1. This is an old trick. The dems took this out of the nazi hand- book. It was done by hitler in the 1930’s where they set up a riot and killed some of the people and then blamed the people for rioting and insurrection.

    2. Yes, there were many folks sporting MAGA wear that I KNOW WERE ANTIFA!!!!! Pelosi once again, has pulled some B.S. after all she is in charge of Security at the Capitol!!! With thousands of people expected there were zero NATIONAL GUARD??? REALLY???? Does she think we are stupid? The need for the Dems to keep talking about Jan 6th tells me this was just another Democrat plan to hurt Trump and his supporters. Who does this kind of B.S.?? What is wrong with these people? They truly need professional help, their very, very, sick and delusional ….


  1. These 2 are a part of Antifa. Chansley is in numerous videos shown in Oregon and Seattle with Antifa.

  2. They were lured in by the Democrats and the police as you notice no guards were around the building to let when I go over let in so what’s that tell you somebody was paid off to let them in and pay them

  3. Black lives matter where dress like Trump supporters. Where were the police they were sent away because palosi knew this was coming down. This was paid and staged by the Democrats and Soro. If you noticed.

  4. So what is the end result of all this, the Demoncrats are showing anybody that voted for Trump that you may be in peril. They have taken people in put them in solitary confinement for months now with some being not being charged, and others being charged for trespassing. This is a warning, they will use their power to come after anybody they want with full impunity. The Demoncrats are very vicious and want total totalitarian control and the way things are going they will achieve their goal. Dangerous times folks.

  5. This was the Demorats plan all along, knowing that when President Trump had rally’s hundreds and hundreds of people attend, that being said they opted not to have the national guard present just to be on the safe side ,this offer was turned down by the DC mayor and Pelosi for the sake of OPTICS . Then I saw several films of the police leading the Trump followers into the capital removed barriers and actually leading the people up the stairs to the chambers!!! This was totally planned by the Demorats, some of the people you see up close on several films were paid actor’s BLM protesters dressed like Trump followers and Antifa. Why would people willingly show their faces to any cell phone that was being held up and filming if they were afraid and thought they were doing something bad or wrong??? Little by little the truth will come out about that day!! What about all the son called Peaceful protests that have been happening all over the country by BLM, Antifa and people just wanting to join the crowd, destroying property, looting business,burning police cars,throwing explosives and rocks st police stations and federal buildings and hurting people some 25 people have died during these Peaceful protests!! I ask the FNM what about all that which still continues as I am writing this!!! The Truth Will Set Us Free from this radical,communist, dividing administration!!!!

    1. Yes this was part of their plan, since the Norfolk FBI had notified the White House on an on coming join talking of their actions , looking to kill and destroy Whire Hose , the head of the Capital Police begged for backup and Nancy and her goons refused. Then another thing. The so called Capital cop who shot the young lady , still no name , yet joe cleared his name, then who was those that was taken up the stairs by a so called Capital cop ? To many videos with to much evidence that Nancy and goons was at fault and it wasn’t a cop who shot the young lady it was one of the gang members of the demos . We won the Russia nightmare and we will win again, this time all of them needs to be removed and President Trump reassigned to the office he won fair and square.

  6. Yes they did and it was another demented plan by nanci pillooser and her human feces covered shoes!
    Remove this communist regime!

    There were no weapons, no violence, no “Regime Change”: in short: NO INSURRECTION!
    There was no arson, no criminal damage, no murder – in short: Not what we saw for 6 month in many other places. No doors were rammed in, but Capitol Police let in Peaceful Protesters – and that is the Real Difference between Republican Protest and “Democrat Rioting”!
    All the rest is a plot like in Abu Ghraib. Remember: “Soften up the prisoners, so they will tell what we want them to say!” That’s been the way of preparing Show Trials since Stalin’s and the GeStaPo’s days.
    Now, fortunately, we have so many hours of video – Garland can’t decorate the court room, if he really wished some Show Trials – pictures and films will hang like garlands all around: He’d prepare his own trial – in due time.
    But they won’t give up! It mainly now a course of Attrition, of getting the Public so used to the “INSURECTION STORY” that they’ll lose all interest in any proceedings and trial. Remember: “If you tell a lie often enough, it will become ‘Public Truth'”. NYT, WaPo, etc know that. So do Biden and Obama.

  8. Does it not bother people when you see those protesters wearing backpacks, filming on their phones and wear BLM under another shirt? Republicans don’t go around wearing a backpack for one thing and don’t go around with a phone filming constantly. Their was a video of a man afterwards that stated they were paid to destroy Trump and his supporters. What about the buses that brought antifa in? I just have one thing to say to those Trump supporters who thought this was Trump’s fault, you just were bought out by democrats. If you can’t see the truth, then you aren’t a true American. I encourage everyone to do their own research about the past five years. Everything that has happened was planned by democrats. Government officials lied to a sitting President and no one is held accountable for it. Things done and said by Trump were so very true. Now all the voting fraud is being looked into, a little late. I don’t trust our judicial system up to any government departments period. Now we are all sitting ducks and they will control everything. What’s even more disturbing is how our military is being used against us also. So much for our guns working for us!

  9. Listen to the comments of CO Sen Michael Bennet and remember that he used to be an educator. He slams the Republicans for not voting for the Independent Commission to examine the “Jan 6th Insurrection” that has emboldened Countries like China, Russia, Iran to say that Democracy is dead! Not a word from him about the Riots and Occupations in certain States!! This man is a 1st Class Hypocrite!!

  10. What good would a commission have done. It would have been picked by the dems, run by the dems and operated under their rules. It would have taken three years and a billion dollars to prove nothing. remember Russia, Russia, Russia.

  11. Get real folks! All it took was a dozen Antifa and blm anarchists who prearranged the entire event. How come the real President had over 600 rallies in five years and no problems? This was a staged event and paid for by Zuckerberg and Soros and the other traitors. Just like the stolen election, the libs were planning both events for several years. All they know is regaining their power. Once the election fraud surfaces you will see some real fireworks.

    1. Once the ballots in Arizona show fraud and. Illegal votes, the floodgates will open and they will have to show the true results of Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and others. I can’t wait for the truth to come out.

  12. Agree with all posts! Piglosi set the “ riot” up to blame and impeach Trump! She had the articles of impeachment drawn up BEFORE the so called riot! Now she wants a “ commission” to investigate? She knows she is guilty and is trying to cover HER arse, so a demonrat “ partisan” commission to do just that, she “ thinks” it will absolve her of her part in planning and executing it! SHE is supposedly in charge of the capitol police, yet SHE did not secure the building. Why were the two top capitol police officers fired? Why did two more “ supposedly” commit suicide? We’re they arkansided? Most likely! Piglosi is a snake, she MUST be removed as speaker, and charged with treason! Mc Carthy, grow a pair and go after her!

    1. Nancy Palosi’s son-in-law made his selfi with the costumed horned character in front of the capitol before any one entered the building?
      Do we think the FBI has questioned him?
      His claimed that he was there to report for his :Dutch news is questionable, the photo was not shown on mainstream networks, nor
      Any coverage at all. Nancy’s daughter and grandson were supposedly in her office??
      M. Voss (think that is his name) stated that he could not get them on his cell phone ???
      Why was he set up and stationed in advance to film and report on peacefull march to the capitol building?? He met and took selfi with the main costumed character who ended up inside the chambers posing? Now he is in jail being silenced ,,,.where is the story by and covering the involvement of Nancy’s son-in-law??? Another cover-up.
      What happened all last summer and is still going on in our cities of violence, rioting, killing, hatred and attacks on our police and Trump supporters is so much worse than the tragedy at the Capitol building, none of this would be going on if the Democrats would have not been allowed to foment their hatred toward our police, our President, all Republicans, and our country. Disrespect for our police and law and order started by Obama. Our young people are out of control and must face tough consequence.
      Please vote to get the House and Senate majority back and make voices heard….refuse to be called racists by the Dems who are practicing racism and trying to become a Marxist society. Who is really behind Biden and Harris who are complete jokes? The Republican Party and Americans who love our country must be united. Support President Trump’s policies and our America!

  13. It turns out that this conspiracy is a crime against the Americans prepared by criminals from the FBI together with the criminal Pelosi?

  14. From the very beginning it bore all the telling characteristics that have historically been used by liberal/socialist groups throughout history.

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