Disgusting: Hitler Joe Strips Angel Mom of US Citizenship, Turns Her Life Upside Down

Just when you thought that #PedoHitler could not possibly stoop any lower comes this story. Americans had better wake up and realize what time it is. If you’re stuck in the old way of thinking and telling yourself, “It could never happen here,” please: WAKE UP. The Democrat Party of today can always stoop lower and dig deeper than we previously imagined. They’re nasty, they fight dirty, and nothing about the American system will stand in the way of their lust for power over every aspect of your life. Don’t believe me? Joe Biden has been stripping US citizenship away from “Angel Moms” – mothers whose children have been murdered by illegal aliens.

One group of Americans who were steadfast supporters of President Donald Trump was always the Angel Moms. These poor women have paid the ultimate sacrifice because of the reckless open border policies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden. They’ve had sons or daughters murdered in pointless, completely unnecessary fashion by people who should never have been in our country in the first place.

One of those Angel Moms is Sabine Durden. She’s done countless interviews on C-SPAN, Fox News, and other mainstream media outlets to talk about the senseless death of her son, Dominic Durden, at the hands of an illegal alien invader.


Dominic was a 30-year-old Riverside County sheriff’s dispatcher in California in 2012. He was headed to work on his motorcycle one morning when illegal alien Juan Zacarias Lopez Tzun made an illegal left turn and smashed into Dominic. The young American suffered catastrophic injuries and died at the scene. Despite being charged with vehicular manslaughter and killing an innocent young American man, a Riverside County judge ended up sentencing Tzun to serve just 30 days in jail.

That’s the background to Angel Mom Sabine Durden.

Ms. Durden immigrated to the United States legally from Germany several decades ago. She went through the legal process to become an American citizen in 1996.

She went in for foot surgery this summer and was recovering at home a month later when the criminal Joe Biden regime dropped a bomb on her. She received a hospital bill for $17,000 for the surgery. Sabine thought it was a billing error, because she’s been on Medicare for the past few years.

When Sabine contacted Medicare to find out what the deal was, she was informed that her insurance claim was denied… because she was an “undocumented person.” She then called Social Security and discovered she was listed in their system as a “green card holder” and therefore was ineligible for Medicare.

Social Security told her to bring her passport and driver’s license to a local office to fill out some paperwork. But when she did that, she was informed that she needed to bring her naturalization certificate.

She’s still in red tape hell and trying to get this sorted out. I wondered how this was even possible. You can’t just strip someone’s citizenship away from them. It’s next to impossible to lose your American citizenship unless you go enlist in Al Qaeda or some foreign army at war with the US government.

So, I researched this to try to figure out what’s going on. It turns out, according to NOLO, that there are seven instances in which a person can be stripped of their US citizenship. Most of those seven instances involve things like renouncing your US citizenship at a US consular office while overseas or taking a job with a foreign government or signing up to fight with a foreign army. But #7 on the list is the one that caught my attention. It reads:

“Being convicted of treason or participating in any attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.”

And there it is.

The law doesn’t say you have to be convicted of an attempt to overthrow the US government. You just have to PARTICIPATE in an attempt to “overthrow the US government,” and the government can revoke your US citizenship.

The Democrats and the media continue to insist that the January 6 Election Justice Protest was an “insurrection” or an “attempt to overthrow the US government.” Joe Biden said that exact thing in his big #PedoHitler speech while flanked by US Marines.

And what was the name of that one patriotic group that went to Washington, DC on January 6? Oh, right… it was the Angel Moms.

Do you still think Joe Biden can’t stoop any lower?

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55 thoughts on “Disgusting: Hitler Joe Strips Angel Mom of US Citizenship, Turns Her Life Upside Down”

  1. People are stupid to think Biden is not dangerous. I didn’t vote for him. Him, pelosi and all the other OLD ones needs to go. They will not take my guns,we don’t want crypto money and they should go to prison for treason. We will end up like Hitler did to the Jews. They are already censoring what we say. Stop the madness.

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      1. This is one diabolical retort to being opposed by anyone who supported his opponent Donald Trump. Biden is a big phony Christian /Catholic & most VINDICTIVE in what he does to those who do not see things the way he does. That whole Administration is that way!!! No compassion for these Mothers & those that lost their lives because he allows ILLEGALS who commit crimes to enter this country. God sees all! He is cruel & totally unjust & the WORST PRESIDENT WE EVER HAD!!!

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    1. They’re not going to prison. They’re going to Gitmo to be hanged for Treason. In fact— the real Joe Biden has already made that trip in 2019. We are watching a carefully scripted bad movie. Fake Joe Biden is being played by a couple of Hollywood actors. White-Hats are in control. This mess should be getting wrapped up very soon. Pray.

    2. Completely agree. This is not the People”s Republic of North America. Is there anyone in DC who has not committed treason? No doubt most of our government “leaders” belong in GITMO.

    3. I agree totally with what you said. Except one thing, we do want crypto, just not crypto that is programmable by “our government”, or the “Fed”. They will make a crypto that they can manipulate and track, as well as control what you can and cannot purchase. That goes against every rule of crypto, as well as the laws of our Country.

    1. This will always be true when Dems are in power. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that Old Slow Joe is running the country. He’s nothing but a figurehead. Democrats are dangerous!! Another election is coming soon.
      Don’t forget! VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

      1. I’m sorry to say, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the Republicans to fix anything, they are nearly as bad as the DemonRats.

        1. I agree, there is an awful lot of OLD RHINOS out there that have been collecting on your tax payer dollars for decades. We need term limits and to get these spinless Rhino’s out. They are the reason we lost the senate and the house to begin with!

      2. There are no democrats. They are either socialists or communists looking to start a nuclear war with Russia

      3. Slow Joe is still in his basement . Obama is running the snake infested democommunist party . Joseph Biden Hitler has been lost and confused the day he took the oath of office .

    2. We need to vote the demons out on Election Day- same day, in person. Huge numbers need to vote after 2:30 pm on the day. This will prevent the cheaters from knowing the numbers of votes, so they won’t be able to add extra votes accurately! We also need to man the polls like never before!

      1. Actually, vote at between 5and 6 ,polls close at 7 or8 so the closer to closing the better to mess up the cheaters

  2. we need to stay with id to vote and absentee ballots for people who cannot get out not for people who just do not want to get out and vote.

    1. Voting in this country is a joke and has become irrelevant to deciding who runs the country all the RAT PACK does is BUY the seat………PERIOD…..

    2. Too bad we have paid off judges that wouldn’t even look at the evidence that was on hand; especially our Supreme Court with Chief Justice Roberts denying Andy evidence to be heard. Seems the Democrats paid them all off, actually Soros probably did since he’s behind all the democrat AG’s that aren’t enforcing laws to help the common man; the criminals rule with those Prosecutors too!

    3. Exactly how it supposed to be. There no more maddening pandemic causing people to stay home. I can’t believe there are still people wearing masks, especially driving their own cars!

    4. Here in California you can either vote by mail or in person. So ripe for corruption. Photo ID is a must. As Candace Owens says, she’s insulted that because she’s Black, she doesn’t know how to, or get to, a place to get an ID.

  3. The obiden administration is the most inept, bunch of marxist, nazi, communist, anti – American low life’s who can’t stand that there are people who can think for themselves and want a free America. Not an unconstitutional dictatorship run by an unstable dementia ridden fool.

  4. I see now what is going on. Mr Pelosi attacked, it is a false flag, and they are going to steal another election to stay in power. Nancy Pelosi is the one that started the false flag, with her children, on Jan 6. She thinks she got away with it, she didn’t. We need to toss JB out and snuff the Trump traitors so that he can straighten everything out. JB is getting too big for his britches’ and you can bet everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. I feel we may be headed for war in our own country. Russia can take a page ou of our playbook.

    1. Actually I believe a war is probably the ONLY way we can straighten this country out. The PEOPLE of this country are in fact the largest standing ARMY on the planet so with that in mind it would be the only way to purge this country of the blite put upon us by the democRATS…..PERIOD…..

  5. Absolutely if democrats stay in power we are already heading to communism China owns Hollywood freaks democrat politicians Disney and God knows how much more ?

  6. Biden isn’t fit to shovel manure. He and his communist criminal band are all guilty of treason. They belong in prison. What is happening is truly sick. He’s a senile power mad old fool. They will cheat again just watch.

    1. Biden is just the idiot puppet. Soros and his band of theives are ruining our once great country. Biden is a baffoon who can’t even tie his own shoes!!! Pathetic piece is all he is!! He does NOT have any common sense and no one around him does either!

      1. Soros is a corrupt Hungarian who somehow became a billionaire after the War. He collaborated with the Nazis. Here he seems to have the money to buy DAs and have them installed. Everything he does is calculated to destroy this country, and so funds politicians who have the same goal, or just crave power.

    I’m worried about our country. With Dems in charge for another two years, it may be impossible for us to reverse the damage. Vote Republican, your freedom depends on it!

  8. This POS in the oval office needs to be gone and hopfully in January he can be impeached by the NEW congress…PERIOD….

    1. That’s if Republicans take both houses. Biden plans to veto everything a Republican House and Senate passes. But he can’t veto his own impeachment. Then there is the matter of the mindless VP. You can’t really impeach someone for being brain dead. She slept her way up in CA, but now claims she LOVES her husband. She’s been to the border once – to El Paso.
      Not a hot bed of border crossings at the time.

      Break out the bongos.

  9. if you do not like the way things are now, then vote Republican and change this Democrat led Congress and Senate and shut Biden down and his dumb ass fools who pull his chain and fund this progressive movement. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

  10. Silly idea that there is a limit on how low the demoscum will go. There is no bottom to how low a demoscumbag or a rino will go.

  11. THERE IS HOPE! I read that, and when I got to the paragraph regarding ‘taking away citizenship’, and saw ‘being convicted of Treason, or participating in any attempt to overthrow the U.S. Gov’t.’, I THOUGHT this article was talking about the current Dem Administration having THEIR citizenship revoked – very soon!!! That’s what SHOULD happen! Truly, they have ALL been Treasonous to America and diabolical in the overthrowing of the U.S. Govt. we USED to have – just two years ago… but no more. But the wheels of Justice turn slowly, and they better hurry up before America is GONE. I still have HOPE that True Justice WILL Prevail – but I’ve been saying for actually decades that we needed to do something about ‘voter fraud’ because there is NO WAY that THAT many Voters are THAT stupid!!! And now it has come to ‘fruition’ for the Dems, and they are just about to walk away with EVERYTHING – unless they are STOPPED! (Can you tell I’ve been ‘suspended’ for 30 days from Facebook, just in time for the Midterms to get over!!!) And this is the fourth time this year! And you wouldn’t believe what stupid things they ‘said’ they were suspending me for – which isn’t true, but they can’t put in writing what they REALLY were suspending me for! as ‘lacking context’, ‘against community standards’, and ‘misinformation according to ‘fact-checkers’ – when the things I posted were merely factual, legitimate reports about mainly ‘Covid’ and ‘Vaxxes’! and Women’s Sports, and Crime, and the new data constantly coming out about ‘Voter Fraud’ being prosecuted in various states!!! you know, misinformation like THAT. Oh, and the thing they hated the most, anything GOOD about Trump or his awesome continental Rallies! They can’t HANDLE the Truth – and they’re RUINING our Beloved America. And THEY are the ONES who are committing Treason and who are trying HARD to overturn our Representative Govt. to being a Socialist/Communist Tyrannical one-party Dictatorship. That’s what they’re doing. And so far, they look like they’re winning – but hopefully NOT for much LONGER!!!

    1. Never been kicked off Facebook or Twitter. I guess I haven’t tried hard enough. I AM banned from reviewing products on Amazon. The “COMMUNITY” says I violated their rules by taking money for giving good reviews. Never happened. When I ask for examples, I’m sent to Web sites where all I find is a cute photo of a bear and “web site not found”. The Help people on Amazon keep reassuring me it will all be resolved. It never will, and still Amazon asks me for reviews, only to give me a message in RED that I’m not allowed to review.

      All I can say is “Let’s go ELON!”

  12. Joe Biden is a sick, sick dangerous demented man who hates the United States and is doing his best to ruin OUR country and is doing a darn good job of it> We need help from above, Dear Lord, help us in the right direction!

  13. Antifa and blm burning looting murdering cities and people get bailed out by Harris and biden but families are called insurectuonist.
    Communism is on its way

  14. Brandon is doing the same thing his idol Adolf Hitler and his other communist friends are and have done in the past. Take over the education control the media indoctrinate the children weaponize the government against the people. This turd was not elected by the people. I agree with comments above the only thing that may save us at this point might be a civil war. The corruption in our government runs so deep that most people can’t wrap their head around it. It’s past time for the military to step in! They swore an oath to protect our country from threats foreign and domestic. With treasonous traders like Mark Milley and Sam Austin that will probably not happen! If we don’t win the vote this time there will be no doubt what happened! These Evil Demon-rats will sell their souls to the devil to keep power! They are pushing this absolutely insane propaganda on us and using military tactics against the American people. It’s says in Revaluations in the Bible that one of the signs near the end would be all that is right will be wrong and all that is wrong will be right! If u can’t look around and see it your either blind or just refuse to believe what your seeing!
    P.S there are only 2 genders MALE and FEMALE . If anyone has EVER seen a pregnant man I would love to see it! These people pushing the BS are Crazy. Our kids would be better off home schooled that have these nut jobs get near them. ITS TIME TO CALL THEM OUT!

  15. Doesn’t sound like a burglary now, sounds more like a lover’s quarrel. The man was said to be a “friend” by Paul on the 911 call and was also in his underwear. more to this story than is being reported.

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