Emails Confirm: Democrat Operative Given ‘Hidden’ Internet Connection Where Ballots were Counted

New evidence recently emerged that confirms the state of Wisconsin was at the center of the election fraud that helped put Joe Biden in the White House, and a Democrat operative may have hacked voting systems.

“I am shocked by the mounting evidence of rampant fraud in the 2020 elections,” a concerned Wisconsin resident said in an email to government officials. “Newly ‘found’ Biden votes. Votes by deceased individuals. Forged postal mailing dates. Counties with more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. Military ballots thrown away. And lawful observers being blocked.”

Citizens reported unusual practices such as early voters not being checked into the poll book or asked for identification. In Monroe County, residents raised red flags that certain ballots looked vastly different from others. Another county discovered that the ballots of at least 42 dead people may have been filed and counted. Biden won the state by a narrow 21,000 votes.

That’s why the state’s assembly recently passed a measure requiring an impartial investigation into the widespread reports of voter fraud. The resolution passed purely along party lines 58-35, with not a single Democrat willing to ensure ballot integrity in 2020 and uncover ways criminal elements could do it again in 2022.

Biden squeaked out a narrow electoral college win in Wisconsin, a state Donald Trump won in the 2016 election. Among the many irregularities were reports that express votes used by disabled people skyrocketed from 60,000 in 2016 to more than 240,000 in 2020. Common sense dictates something was significantly wrong with those numbers. President Trump’s attorneys filed a petition to have the outcome thoroughly vetted before it was certified. The state’s liberal judges rejected the request despite conservative judges agreeing that irregularities occurred.


“Regrettably, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in their 4-3 decision, refused to address the merits of our claim. This ‘Cert Petition’ asks them to address our claims, which, if allowed, would change the outcome of the election in Wisconsin,” Trump campaign attorney Jim Troupis reportedly stated. “Three members of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice, agreed with many of the President’s claims in written dissents from that court’s December 14 order.”

But the fruits of the Wisconsin GOP’s determination to secure free, fair elections have already begun to pay dividends. Evidence recently surfaced that operatives outside the government were given unauthorized access to voting systems. A Democrat partisan was provided covert access to the election network at a Green Bay hotel where ballots were being tallied.

Investigative journalists reportedly discovered that National Vote at Home Institute leader Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein was able to insert himself into “hidden” identifiers in the network. This shocking revelation comes as Green Bay officials apparently falsely claimed that the counting was “administered exclusively by city staff.”

Spitzer-Rubenstein had an unusually high volume of contact with officials and his relationship crossed the line. An email record indicates that the director of event technology at the Green Bay Hyatt Regency stated, “I’ll have my team create two separate SSID’s for you,” to Spitzer-Rubenstein.

The term SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, and that gave him unfettered access. This means an unelected and unauthorized Democrat operative was able to penetrate the 2020 voting system in one of the closest presidential races.

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125 thoughts on “Emails Confirm: Democrat Operative Given ‘Hidden’ Internet Connection Where Ballots were Counted”

  1. The shame is the majority of the black nation will always be in bondage as well as the misguided Spanish community. Results of the voting scandal doesn’t even move them to make the leap of faith from darkness of the Democratic state to real light. It’s a family fight I have come to live with, yet once you are outside the demonstration of the democrats, God’s light can open your mind. Peace

    1. AMEN… WILL IT HAPPEN BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE— The nation is rapidly crumbling
      as we speak.. Will not take long as long as Democrats hold power…. It has always been
      this way… but this is 10000 times worse with the culture today, Just PRAY !

    2. The Election FRAUD case needs to be sent to OUR Supreme Court again and re-formatted to include all revelations since the 2020 STEAL—-make Justice Roberts look at the video footage of those Five Women (that should be arrested and booked on several felonies) in Georgia counting and re-counting the same ballots that were pulled from under a table ( an apron hid them) after the OFFICIAL POLL WATCHERS were SENT home! Wake up Mister Roberts.


        1. Roberts be liken his job..he straddles the fence, so that he always knows which way the wind is blowing. He is far more concerned with protecting the “supreme Courts Integrity” than he is upholding the Constitution. As hard as it is to say this; I would rather have Ruth Bader Ginsberg, because at least you knew where she stood, and was consistent in her beliefs.

          1. I am not sure I agree that roberts is concerned with protecting the integrity of the court. He is only feathering his own nest, and looking for that do nothing gravy job with the dems when he retires. Hopefully that will be after Trump is back in office.

        2. Robert’s is part of the swamp in Washington it’s obvious to see he is partisan to the demonrat side especially when it came to the fraud impeachment #1 he should’ve taken a stand against it as fraud he is certainly untrustworthy

        3. Robert’s is part of the swamp in Washington it’s obvious to see he is partisan to the demonrat side especially when it came to the fraud impeachment #1 he should’ve taken a stand against it as fraud he is certainly untrustworthy and not willing to hear anything about election fraud from many people and damning videos and proof from experts that voting machines connected to the internet

      2. The problem is, as I see it all the evidence that was presented as fraud was ignored by the election officials. This was a grand conspiracy among democrats and all the outliers i.e. corporations, unions, media,Govt, courts, judges, etc., including the Supreme Court. The entire election was “rigged”.

        An example the author used is true.
        ” Among the many irregularities were reports that express votes used by disabled people skyrocketed from 60,000 in 2016 to more than 240,000 in 2020. Common sense dictates something was significantly wrong with those numbers. President Trump’s attorneys filed a petition to have the outcome thoroughly vetted before it was certified. The state’s liberal judges rejected the request despite conservative judges agreeing that irregularities occurred.”

        1. And how about the military votes being “thrown out” just like what happened during ODUMBA$$’ “reign” of terror upon OUR nation!

          1. Of course the military votes had to be thrown
            out !!!!
            Trump did so much for the military and they were so grateful and happy to have such a great
            commander in chief , so now after the crooks stole the votes, the election from us, now they ordered a significant vetting process among the
            military people to make sure all the Trump supporters will be eliminated .

            With a marxist / communist regime in power, they MUST make sure the military will be always on their side !!!!!
            Let’s look back in history: Stalin did that, Hitler did that, Mao, Castro, Chavez etc … the army must be on their side.
            The “ swearing to the Constitution “ part is nothing but a show ….

        2. I think the whole State should have to Vote again.
          Noone who has any Political ties should be allowed to count the Votes . Nor shall the counters be allowed to call or text or receive either during the counting process .

          1. I think that the entire election should be held again under very closely supervised conditions, with every vote verified for legal purposes. They left would fight that to the death, a fair an honest election is the last thing that they want.

          2. where is the JUSTICE< is this not illegal, bring them to justice now!! if we don't it will never stop.

        3. The problem as I see it is that bribery and fraud and corruption is running rampant in every part of our system! China is spreading “the wealth” to obviously most of our “elected officials” and unelected judges so we can be what they want America to be, the hell with our constitution!!

          1. The current problem is that the election was certified. Therefore everything is carved in stone and cannot be changed. That is unless the situation was the other way around. If the Republicans had rigged the election and was then caught with both hands in the cookie jar, you can be damned sure that certified or not the Democrats would make certain that the election results were corrected. That is because the Democrats have backbones and testicles made of stainless steel. Republicans on the other hand, have backbones of jello and testicles made of silly putty ! Not to forget that a good number of Republicans are disguised Democrats .
            I also notice that as the Liberal Democrats tighten the thumbscrews on gun control that there are suddenly even more shootings . I wonder if that is the Democrats plan in order to justify their gun confiscation ? You bet your bippy that the Liberal Democrats would do that ! They are a lot smarter than we give them credit for and extremely good at manipulation of the public.

        4. Seems like that if Mr. Roberts or any of our elected officials were really concerned about protecting our elections from fraud, they would have quickly investigated every claim and irregularity so that the voters did not loose faith in our system. Many people claim there “was no fraud”. How do they know since most issues were summarily dismissed by the courts and the very people charged with security. Lots of discussion about the cause of the Jan 6th capital riots. It’s pretty simple. It was caused by our elected officials dismissing the 74 million voters who had concerns. They just didn’t care! It’s way passed time for some action or we will never have another fair and free election.

          1. So where is the movement to take back our elections and our Supreme Court? Where are people protesting? Who is leading the charge in every state to stop the cheating evil Democrats?

      3. The “ honorable Mr Roberts was awake the whole time !!!!
        The problem was that he was ( still is) blinded by his
        hate for America and for President Trump, plus of course, also blinded by his marxist agenda , just like
        his comrades Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Biden, Clinton and the rest of the communist/ marxist clan .
        We must never forget , Mr Robert’s was the one making sure the Obamacare will become law !!!!
        Who cares about the Constitution?????
        Not Roberts, not those other traitors!!!!!

      4. It would not matter to John Roberts because he hates President Trump feverously enough to do whatever it takes to prevent him from winning reelection in 2020. That is why he fought the other justices to not take the Texas voter fraud lawsuit.

      5. That’s why democrats are in such a big rush to try to add 4 justices to the Supreme Court. Oh, and did someone mention that they also want all 4 of them to be picked by Joe Biden?


    3. A Legal and Fair Election is the only way the Citizens in this country have to keep corruption out of our government. Even at that we have a lot of investigations that need to be done to uncover the corruption in our Whitehouse right now. How Deep Is It? We need to face it deal with it and make it where this will never happen again. Also hold the criminals accountable for their actions.

      1. Holding the “elite” criminals accountable will be the real trick!
        Hitlery is still on the loose, Piglousi just gave Maxi-Pad Waters a “free” pass on inciting riots!
        They martyred George Floyd died of a DRUG overdose, but they want to crucify a police officer for doing his job!
        Even IF Floyd had not resisted (like most blacks do) he would have died anyway by his own actions NOT from the police!
        But the DUMBYRATS don’t care about the evidence OR the truth!

      2. I’m afraid is too late, Colleen !!!

        When the marxists get the power, they will NEVER
        let it go !!!!!

        They work hard on making sure America will be forced into a one party system so having the power plus the $$$&& pouring in from big tech, mass media, Hollywood, all the sports anti America millionaires, plus Soros, Bloomberg, Gates (and all the rest), who will be able to fight them and How ??
        Let’s not forget, all the opposition is being censored
        people are being harassed and getting death treats ,
        kids are being brainwashed… so on !!!!

        We already reached the “ point of no return “
        By the time the rest of America will wake up, AOC
        Omar, Tlaib, Obama plus the BLM and Antifa will be in charge (not to mention that our Constitution has
        already become a piece of toilet paper for them ).

        I didn’t mention Biden because he’s already irrelevant… same with Kamila / Kemila … whatever the hell her name is !

        1. I believe that she is commonly called Camel Toe . Although I have seen a few times where she was called Mattress back .
          I have also read where Willie Brown ( the most powerful Democrat of the western U.S. ) is her mentor. If Willie backs you , you will never lose an ” election ” .

      3. Everyone of the government’s three-diget nomenclatures, i.e., FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, and etc, are so corrupted by Democrats that they need to be vetted (like the Democrats do every time to get rid of Republicans, but Republicans are too stupid to do that to the Democrats), and removed to be replaced by loyal Republicans.

  2. I believe because of this find the ENTIRE election results should be THROWN IN A VAULT FOR FUTRE REFERENCE and the entire election should be THROWN OUT. Along with everyone of the thieves of the Century. BUT, the BIGGEST problem we Honest Gun owning citizens now face is WHO CAN WE TRUST???? Crooked Democrats, ROTTEN RHINO’s, A NEWS MEDIA that would make “Satan” blush.. I know now that IF any American, that ‘s right A N Y American and that’s making Damned sure that NOT ONE ILLEGAL, Ever gets counted again ( they should absolutely NEVER get one dime from this country until they properly become CITIZENS ). FOLKS, isn’t it time we stand up and say we aren’t going to TAKE ANYMORE ? How long are we going to let these Scheibe Kopfe lead us around by the nose ? Haven’t we had enough? I think the main problem is these animals have Driven a wedge between so-so many of us and our LORD GOD. To ALL of you out there. Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc…OPEN your houses of Worship return the GOOD way of life. I believe that IF WE combined, restart Worshipping, on our Days of gathering and any other time we will be surprised to find our Savior right there with us. PLEASE everyone put fear behind you ” Baka-ti ” GO FOR BROKE” If you need a whipping boy I VOLUNTEER. [email protected]

    1. with all the know cheating taking place the only way to make it honest would be to give Trump the presidency now or revote. I still can’t believe that the Supreme Court are in deep state. Get those two pseudos Biden and Harris out asap. They are destroying our country.

      1. The reason nothing is going to happen is the Republicans have no GUTS!! If this were any other country, they would have already arrested Biden and the rest of his thugs, and they would be in prison for trying to overthrow the government and hung for treason. Take a lesson from Jorden; they are a small country and have already acted against someone trying to destabilize their country. What an unamerican bunch of cowards we have in DC.!!!!! They are only interested in money while we go down the tubes to HELL!!

        1. Unfortunately, Ms Kelly , you are so painfully
          right !!!!
          Everything that happens today is only the Republican’s fault !
          They were always too soft, too gullible, and always looking to “ get along “with the other side !
          In a perfect world, yes, the 2 parties must be able to compromise but when you have the so called democrats constantly looking for ways to steal, cheat, stab in the back, why would you still continue to show weakness and always giving them everything they asked for ???

          This is what happened when Bush( the senior) was President ( read my lips, no new taxes), same happened with younger Bush ( who is aligning with these marxists now “ begging” our country to
          accept all these invaders from all over the world) .

          We only have a handful of good patriots among the Republicans: Jim Jordan, Josh Hawley, Mark
          Meadows, Scalise, Kennedy, Nunez, and few of the newly elected in Congress … the rest are nothing but traitors, the RINOs, like Romney, Cheney, Toomey, Collins, Murkovski, and the rest If our country will still be able to survive throughout
          all this massive infiltration of communists/ marxists
          then it will only be a miracle coming from God !!!
          This is how bad it has become!!!!

    2. It’s a shame that our nation has come to this. Too many of our elected officials and their media cohorts are willing to lie and cheat to gain/retain power. They are wrong if they think half of our nation’s citizens are going to sit back and accept their power grabbing agenda. As opposed to their methods of using riots, robbing and burning the establishments of just the hard working citizens they claim to support to gain and retain power, we the people will use legal means to get our nation back on the right track, adhering to our Constitution and adhering to the laws derived from it.

      1. This is what happens when dark money is involved ! Globalist foreign country’s spread the dark money between both parties ! Rigged the election by using Silicon Valley & all the High Tech, Big time business Corporations corruption with the news media ! This is what I think happened ! I know my vote & 80 million others votes didn’t count under a mail in ballot votes that was used against we the people ! ??

      2. Guy ,
        Legal means is not going to work. Nearly all of the courts have been corrupted by the Democrats. Apparently including the U.S. Supreme Court ! Probably more stringent and permanent means will be required . Administered by unconnected individuals.

    3. Amen, your comments are spot on!
      And IF we return to GOD then there is hope, otherwise all is lost!
      It appears that the “end times” are near!
      Read your Bible, return to God and pray!!!!!

    4. If all EVERYONE would stand up and demand an election do over, President Trump would be in the White House where he belongs. He was doing everything to get the rotten eggs out of control, build up our country and keep the illegals OUT unless they wanted to come in legally. Trump may have been disliked but it was because of the media down grading him constantly and not pointing out all the good he did for Americans. I totally agree with you Jack Wison, we need to turn the election back and get that ignorant Obama follower and his administration OUT of power. If not, our country is doomed. We desperately need God back in our lives and country.


        1. ELECTION WAS STOLEN!!!!
          They don’t want to hear it and are trying hard to muzzle us but we MUST keep on saying this and
          let them know that unless they investigate all the fraud and stealing done on Nov 2020, we, all 80 million plus , will never ever participate in any other future elections which could not be trusted anymore!!!
          Our country is on the path of being destroyed anyway and made into a dictatorship so, why would we still go to vote ?????

          It’s either we can trust our election and our laws again or, America would be the next Venezuela!!

        2. Didn’t Joe himself say that he created the biggest fraud in the history of the US (or something close)?


      1. I’m sorry, jan!!!

        On my response to you I put the American flag, and also the “ pray to God sign “
        I don’t know why this POS web put ? Instead .

        God bless you !!!!


        1. It is not just politics being polluted.
          Healthcare is also being destroyed by ineffective and dangerous vaccines that cause more harm than a vir.. and messing with our immune systems.


    8. It could be that one day those involved in the election theft and vote fraud will stand before God on Judgement Day. Until then, we are going to have to figure out a way to obtain justice a little sooner. Right now, I haven’t the foggiest idea of how to do it. The Democrats stole the election and took over all three branches of government, all of its departments and all of its agencies and, with the possible exception of a few, no one in authority gives a damn.

        1. Exactly right !!!!
          The devil is called Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Nadler, big tech, mass media , Hollywood and all the rest of the marxists/communists/ globalists , America haters !!!

          They’ve been trying for decades to destroy our country and now they are getting very closed !!!
          A lot of the American people are still asleep, hoping for God to come up with a “ miracle “
          Sad, frightening!!!!!

  3. When will all the libs that think this type of election is fine see that some day someone will do the same thing to them. We need strict voter ID, paper ballots and strong absentee voting laws. In my line of work I traveled most all of any week. I would take the time to go in person to the county clerks office and vote early in person. It’s not that difficult folks.

    1. I hope there is a enough good and GOD fearing people in this country, that we never have to resort to the type of Fraud, the Democrats and their allies pulled on us this election.

  4. Feel once there is an accurate audit of the votes shows that there is fraud. ALL of the people involved should be tried for treason and spend at least twenty years in federal prison. Illegal aliens should not be able to receive any government benefits, citizens only. All Money sent back to The Central American countries
    should be taxed at a rate of 25% minimum. Every employer should be required to “e” verify every employee. Failure to do so should require six months in jail per illegal aliens employee

    1. Couldn’t said it any better, Joe !!!
      Question is : who and HOW would be implemented all these rules ( laws that already exist) since we have marxists/ communists in power at all levels ???
      Let’s see: WH, Congress, Senate, SCOTUS, also, DOJ, FBI, CIA, even Pentagon … besides the marxists in the media, big tech, Gates, Soros…
      Not to mention, Antifa, BLM ( the criminals which have become the “ personal army “ of the marxists in power )

      All this because most of our “ representatives “, have been too busy kissing left and right , making sure not to “offend” any of the marxists on the left !
      That was called “ compromising “ or going across the isle with their friends like Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Bernie etc … and always giving them everything they
      demanded ( Obamacare, high taxes, social programs for illegals, )
      What did we get in return, as compromise from their side ??? Nothing !!!! Just more demands !!!!

      Our country is getting close to becoming a dictatorship unless finally, our “representatives “will
      decide to stand up for our rights, Constitution , our way of life !!!!
      Enough is enough!!!!!

      1. To be conservative you want freedom to work hard to get ahead without government intervention so we are all busy with this and don’t have the time or inclination to go “demonstrate”. Seems that those on the left, not all, either live on government money or have enough money to not have to work every day so that’s why they are always out raising hell about everything. That’s also why their Congress people are like they are and why ours are so weak since we don’t have time to constantly work on politics and don’t really care about it. Until now, after the left finally just came out and did what they did last fall and they don’t care who knows it! They figured out that we are busy paying taxes for their benefit and don’t have enough time left to argue about anything. And our ongoing week assed Congress republicans are sitting there wondering what happened or are getting a kickback from China just like the rest.

    2. If charged and convicted of treason they should receive the maximum penalty. Prison would not stop them. They have contacts on the outside, and tons of illicit money to influence judges. They would be out in no time and back to their same old tricks.

    3. Joe from Georgia ,
      Some companies like Fender Guitar only hire illegal migrants at $5.00 per hour .

  5. i hope they find enough fraud that democrats can’t get elected from the next 100 years. they need to be put in jail and their assets frozen.

  6. Every single person who helped, orchestrated and or PLANNED the FRAUD that I watched happen on
    NOV 3RD 2020 SHOULD HAVE ALL THEIR ASSETS CONFISCATED. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD STAND TRAIL FOR TREASON, INSURRECTION AND SEDITION AS THEY HAVE DONE WHAT EVER THEY COULD TO DESTROY OUR GREAT COUNTRY. Those 2 fools in the White House are NOT the leaders of the destruction they are just followers. We all no who those leaders are and those leaders should be put to death in front of a firing squad. They are like a cancer that until it is destroyed it will continue to kill the body, these people are the cancer that’s killing our COUNTRY, CHEMO IS WHAT WE NEED AND THO IT WILL HURT WE WILL BE BETTER OFF ON THE OTHER SIDE…… ALIVE.

  7. If its not clear now, President Trump said it best, “the media is the enemy of the people” In 2nd place is the democratic party who got “butt hurt” in 2016 and vowed never to let it happen again. We are starting to see the fruits of their illegal labor. We must demand of our state senators that they immediately forensically examine all ballots and machines. Its happening in AZ, GA, MI, NH, MT. It needs to happen in PA (especially) and VA, NM, NV, NC, TX and other places. I know Trump won some of those states. Its not about Trump at this point, its about the future of our nation.

  8. I hope they start checking every state audit a full audit expose all who was involved and what other states was involved needs to be exposed of fraud it is robbing from the people who voted properly why can’t we have reverse and a reset to the justice system starting from judges all the way up no wonder why so many states are fighting to keep the people from knowing the truth and how much did the news media knew about the truth why was they so much in a rush to say Biden was appointed when he is in there illegally and restore the true election winner who the people really voted in office I don’t care it is called robbery if someone stole your home you would get it back and the person who stolen it would go to prison some principle

  9. Lock and load! We will never get out of this fraudulent administration until the majority of the legal citizens of this, “Once great country” band together and force these criminals out of office and into jail. It’s not just the politicians, the big money corporations are heavily involved in this push to the far left socialist agenda. Power and money, that is all they care about! As long as they have that, to hell with this country and its citizens. We broke away from England’s rule only to have these democrats trying to force us back into the same and the total communistic way of life.
    Putin is having a belly laugh over all of this!

    1. Putin might laugh, but he is worried. Russia is not the problem. Both the United States and Russia now have a common concern. The problem is the China – Iran alliance, with Biden surrendering to the Iranian desire for nuclear weapons.

  10. It’s a shame that this is only uncovered now. And not before the Jan. 6 fiasco at our Capital. It could have saved lives and saved our country from embarrassment. But the Democrats were blocking every avenue that the people demanded to know. This is a crime and all involved should be arrested, charged and convicted and sent to prison.

    1. If was discovered before. If anyone had listened to Trump. He warned everyone that the Democrats were preparing for fraud in the election process. No one cared since courts (including Supreme), were all part of the fraud. CIA, FBI, NSA, etc were all involved. The American Justice System is totally corrupt. Trump should have purged them all as they have all been infiltrated by deep state personnel/leadership.

  11. What concerns me more is that not only were these allegations made back in November of 2020, but State Legislators, State, Federal and Supreme Court Justices turned a “Blind- Eye” to a break-down in the system and U.S. Constitutional Laws broken to allow this to happen in the first place!
    The largest question now is, how many more, key states were involved in similar or exact violations of voting rules that favored the removal of Our 45th President and allowed Joseph R. Biden to become Our 46 th President unlawfully which led to so many loosing their jobs, unemployment hikes, over-expenditures geared for supporting Democrat failed states in budgeting and this over-pouring of illegals at the border increasing the amount of covid infected individuals to be unleashed upon the American public! Not to mention other entities within Our government that has been over-whelmed by benefits for which the American tax-payers will absorb the expenses for now and Our children’s future!

  12. Sending ballots out for dead people is crazy.
    we got 3 of them in our family.
    Vote in person , if you’re too sick to vote, you may not be thinking very well either.

    1. Do you know how to make this happy? It’s the only way to save our country. They should be asked to step down immediately and if not should be removed by force. Think our police and our military would be happy to help save our country.a

  13. As long as groups like those in charge of moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia are allowed to do so for political reasons – we are in trouble!! I feel sorry for those who will be economically hit by this !! Enough is enough!

  14. When the history of the world, not just the United States is written a few years from now it will say the election of 2020 was the time the “shining city on the hill” died.
    And I’m ashamed to say I let it happen.

    1. And the history will be written by Chinese historians. With Biden in the White House, maybe it is time right now to go back to school to learn mandarin Chinese.

  15. God Bless America, get rid of all democrats, liars and non believers. All those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Pray for their souls even though they have already sold theirs to Satan. It is never to late.

  16. Jack Wilson is spot-on in his comments, & that is the absolute reason the commiecrats will go as far as the gates of hell to try & keep churches closed & all worship shut down for as long as they possibly can! They know they CANNOT compete with the power of GOD, nor on the field of ideas! Wake UP America!

  17. Ahhhhh, come on now folks. What’s the matter with your ears ? Didn’t you hear about all them officials and judges saying that there was ABSOLUTELY NO evidence of any fraud in state after state. And dutifully, the main stream media repeated and repeated that BS dialog. Is somebody NOW saying there is indications of fraud ? HOLY MACKEREL Batman ! How could this be true ? You mean election officials and (heaven forbid) JUDGES, made biased calls ? Based on what ? Political preference ? Socialists pressure ? Communist/elitist leanings ??? OHHHHH perish the thought !

  18. My Guess is that the same thing Happened, here in Virginia. We Do Have Thieves in Charge. From our Governor, Down.

  19. This is perfectly aligned with the Election Fraud 101 checklist that simplifies this technically-baffling topic. Use this MeWe link to download the Word document with links to the evidence and data logs proving the fraud and how it was accomplished.
    Please share the link once you have verified it’s validity. EVRYTHING depends on patriots being educated enough to demand investigation o and prosecutions on these matters.

  20. A warning to all the dumbocrat socialist politicians— the way you and “sellout joe” (Satan, bless all his Chinese yuan) are destroying our country— remember– at the rate you are going– China will not have to make war against us– they will just continue laughing as they totally control us—INCLUDING YOUR GRANDCHILDREN!!!. AND, WHEN YOUR GRANDCHILDREN CURSE YOU FOR HELPING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY—THEN YOU WILL BE ROTTING IN HELL– you obviously do not care about your family— only your own greedy ass! you are despicable!!! Of course, you and beijing biden can still claim you are “nice” folks, as migrant children die, and the cartels are bringing in drugs– and covid to further harm America. How much money are you and “sellout joe” getting from the cartels? ROT IN HELL!!! AND, THE SOONER THE BETTER– FOR AMERICA!

  21. Stop The Steal!
    Make America Great Again!
    Now let’s throw all the lying,cheating,and stealing democrats out of our White House.

  22. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, was a Democrat, and attended and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. I am ashamed that the Democrats in Wisconsin and nationally, particularly the liberals on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, do not care about election integrity. Even in the Hayes/Tilden election of 1876, which was rife with fraud, the parties jointly appointed a neutral Commission to investigate and resolve the issues. Now, the Democrats want to continue to hide everything, leave most of the country believing that the election was stolen They also want to make it worse for future elections by fighting every appropriate election reform done by the states like Georgia and Texas to protect the integrity of future elections. Finally, the want to flood this country with illegal immigrants, dependent on the government for survival, who they believe will vote Democrat. By the way. I am no longer a Democrat.

    1. John, — Today’s Democrat party isn’t the one your daddy belonged to, or even the one it used to be 20 years ago. At one time, the Democrat party was known as “the working man’s party”. That’s what my father and a lot of others his age called it. The party, up until the 1960s had been traditionally liberal, traditionally pro-union, pro-big government and pro-American. Today, the Democrat party is fascist, socialist and leaning heavily toward communist. It is against free speech and against individual rights for those who aren’t Democrat voters. They Party has been co-opted by its radical Left-wing followers who want to cancel American culture and values, destroy any and all opposition and make everyone totally dependent on government, run by them, for everything. That is truly the essence of slavery.

      Do the mice ever wonder why the “cheese” is free? Usually not, until it’s too late. Maybe the “gimme my free stuff” crowd will find that out one day before it’s too late.

  23. I agree. A gross miscarriage of justice when they certified knowing there was sufficient evidence of ELECTION FRAUD. We are now left with the corrupt leftist government of the socialist democrats and their communist China, Big Tech, Hollywood, …connections. Prayers are in order because our lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. We need action and prayers to correct this wrong!

    The question is, is what are you or rather they going to do about it? Trump easily won that election. Trump knew it, We knew it, and God definitely knows it. Anybody, and Everybody with ANY integrity knows Joe Biden got his Ass Whooped. I’m sure even Biden knows it.
    Now Our Country is a mess. The only people who didn’t seem to know it were the Biden supporters. A bunch of Dumb Millennials who didn’t and don’t know anything about Politics OR Politicians. They just think they do.
    It was a sham! Of course the Progressives in DC knew he got cheated. They’re the ones who planned it all out.
    I will never believe that people like Pelosi and other high ranking Dumb Dumbs DID NOT KNOW. Pelosi blew it when she said at that Roundtable meeting when she forcefully stood up and shouted at Trump, ” You just wait and see what we do to you! ” Then again she said, ” We have many quills in our pouch! “. I believe Pelosi was in cahoots with the Chinese Govt and that the Corona Virus was planned in Advance.
    You’ll Never Convince me otherwise.
    She knew that once a Global Pandemic was in full swing that she and her little band of criminals could easily justify the ” Mail In Ballots ” system, hence being able to Manipulate Everything in the Democrats favor. She did not care In The Least about a fair and impartial election and she made that quite clear. I will NEVER believe that Pelosi was in the dark about this whole mess we find ourselves in today. It has been the most effective manner the Dims could have had to instill a Socialistic Society, and Pelosi was one of the Ringleaders.
    That woman has millions of buckets of blood on her hands for all the death and destruction this Virus has caused.
    But DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE Pelosi could give a sh**. That woman No More believes in God than she believes in anything else, other than Money and Power. That’s it!!

    1. I totally agree. Pelosi knew fauci was working on this virus during the Obama years. Obama told fauci to stop the research but he continued probably under pelosi because they knew Trump would win re-election. I’m wondering if if there is still a possibility Trump can over throw Biden.

  25. It doesn’t matter what they find or who did what because once they are sworn in as president there’s no going back , even if they did steal it . That’s why they waited until its to late to do anything about it to start investigating . Now that they’ve seen how easily it was done when you have back up plans .Trump was never supposed to enter office because the fix was in and Hillary was a ringer . This was first time they attempted to steal a presidential election and they had no back up plans in place so when the voting machines tilted he won . This time they were prepared and when it happened they put all three of their back up plans into effect . That’s why there was so many votes , they flooded the system because they panicked . But they still got away with it because they had already taken control of the FBI , DOJ and supreme court . They now rule this country and we are a bannana republic . There will never be free elections in this country again because everyday that passes with out us attempting to regain control of the government or ability to do so grows further from our reach and soon it will be unreachable

  26. I was always told the truth always comes out in the end. I believe we still have enough God fearing people in our country to overcome all the fraud and corruption that took place. I don’t know how to do it but if all the people that still believe in God continue to pray for Gods’ help, He will show us the way. With God, anything is possible.

  27. All I hear is talk talk talk! Lets publicly hang some bastards for treason and see if this shlt stops!

  28. Yes.This will be the next huge issue for the United States as a country. When you lie, steal, and cheat your own people, I would walk lightly.

  29. Oh. Sure. Close the barn gate after the horses get out. Why wasn’t this investigation done immediately before this moron had a chance to be confirmed and allowed to put his stupid butt in the Oval Office sn sign executive orders that have destroyed our country . We all knew that these results were wrong. There should have been an immediate recount. Or better still each state that cheated needs to have all their votes thrown out. See how the people of these states appreciate their congressman then.

  30. God have mercy on us! The Civil War is coming! Our DOJ and every court system need to to remove and execute by firing squad. Trying to destroy a country for a former NAZI GERMAN MAN is just dead wrong! A man who stolen his wealth long before anyone investigating him. Democrats and their liberal worker are doom their days in Hades! We shall knew there was something wrong when JOE BIDEN SAID IN SEPTEMBER HE ALREADY WON!

  31. Must wait now for all the facts! If The Supreme Court of Wisconsin had attempted to cover up for Democrats in favor of Biden? Then new Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices need replacing! Biased, cover-up should look good on any resume?

  32. If it is proven beyond a doubt which is obvious that Biden is in the White House illegally can impeachment proceed and all executive orders signed by him be disregarded and thrown out?

  33. anyone with a little bit of brain matter,knew joe was not in any way able to be president of the UNITED STATES. Even if he was 30 years old it still would not work. Very few people could do or have the mental state to do that job. Of course look at the mental state of the democratic led congress.I have never seen so many people in a leader ship position, in any country so down right DUMB.

  34. I demand a new count for Wisconsin. I live here!! I don’t like the fact that my vote, I sent in to be counted could of not made the count for Trump. We who live here find it to be a disgrace, that we can’t trust the voting system to be counted right. I agree with the person above, Only people that are not in politics should be made into counters of the votes, and to be honest people like Me!! I would do a vote fair, without cheating. This needs to be done!! It was done with deception!, disgrace!, dishonesty!! All the people who did this cheating,(no matter who they are)Need to be “Put Out Pasture!”

  35. President Trump, Is Still, The President, Of The U.S.A, Biden Is Not, The President, Of The U. S. A. He Is A Fake, President?

  36. I still would like to know why, if the election was so fair and righteous, the left has been fighting tooth and nail to stop anyone from double checking the voting machines!!!!
    It should be done regardless of anything else! It’s probably too late now because there has been way too much time passed to go “fix” all of the machines.

  37. I think we the people should have a new 2020 Election No internet ,paper ballots all the way Voter ID ,. NO MAIL IN BALLOTS. What’s being done to our country from the dishonest , cheating VOTER FRAUD ,EVIL IMMORTAL, NEFARIOUS DEMOCRATICS is very devicesive unamerican pathic they need to be stopped!!!

  38. None of this will matter at all. The Communist Congress, the Communist government branches, the Communist Democrat Party and the Communist Courts will simply ignore it all. Perhaps they’ll order the arrests of those who participated in the investigation as “subversives”.

    We had our chances to end blatant election fraud but the issue was DELIBERATELY ignored by the GOP(LOL) for 40 years and by Trump during his 4 years of playing with the nation’s money.

    Now the Communists own the country and it’s run from Beijing now. The GOP(LOL) simply grovels at their feet and takes orders just like they have for decades now.

    ObamaCare anyone? Fiscal responsibility anyone? LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anyone with a half a brain knows the SCOUS is corrupt. Justice Roberts is a crook cannot ever be trusted also any one knows this election was corrupt and stolen from Trump it doesn’t take a PhD to know it was a cry election and as long a Roberts is on the Supreme Court it will never be changed there is not an honest Dumocrat alive

  40. I live here in Wisconsin. You drive anywhere in this state and there are still Trump sings everywhere! I for one am still flying my 2 Trump flags and they won’t be coming down until our duly elected president is back in office. WE MAY BE CHEESEHEADS BUT WE ARE NOT STUPID! I am part of a grassroots organization and we are on a mission! We are going to clean this state up of our corrupt government and judicial officials. No we are not going forward looking at the 2022 elections. Oh no! We are going backwards first and looking into the 2020 elections first. We won’t be silenced and we won’t stand down

  41. I read years ago that Pres Lincoln should have disbanded the Democrat Party they were under the Confederate Party…The Republicans fought and freed the Black man….now so many Black people are Democrat….and they will En-slave you again..!!! They even had a Former KKK BOSS in Congress…Sen .Bird….Wake up People…they keep saying how Dumb we are…And I think we are getting DUMBER…!!!

  42. Gimme a break it wasn’t close, if we are going by the true “real” numbers. According to real records Trump got over 80 million plus votes, while Biden’s true number was 42 million. Trump won in a landslide. Trump would’ve won in the electoral college too. Trump supposedly got 431 to Biden’s 107 in a real report and making it another landslide as Trump won the popular vote and the Electoral College.

  43. The SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES needs to see the States, that have definite proof of voter fraud, of outside people having access to vote information online, all the things that happened that were definately unlawful, caused millions and millions of votes to not be counted, were counted for the wrong party, etc.
    It is your job, to protect our rights in the Constitution of the United States! If our votes are not counted, then that is an infringement of our Rights!! You need to stand up, and restore the integrity, even if it means recalling the results of the Election, and correcting, actually re erasing the results yourselves!! You can then charge anyone guilty of Fraud, or part of the conspiracy of fraud, or the people that took office, and have done horrible things against the American People, Our Country, and the World, because of their misuse of power they had no right to!! On top of that, the Supreme Court Justices need to then reverse every single Executive Order that Biden made, reverse everything the Democrats forced through!! Anything that wasnt actually for the good of our Citizens, our Country, etc. There is no other choice in the matter!!
    What has been perpetrated upon the American People by the Democrats, is unconscionable!! What they have done to prove they are not fit to be in power in our country at all!! They are an embarrassment. Their hunger for Power and probably Money, etc may have been a small part of why they have done what they did, it is not an excuse, not at all!! There is no excuse to ever excuse this!!
    We must all, as a nation, cry out for the right thing to be done, for all of us, for the sake of the future of our country. So that we will still have a United States of America, we will still be a free country.

  44. Absolutely!
    Their opinion is…a state’s administration of voting results is not within their purvue to review and must be left to the states to do. Well, why is a case brought to their courtroom in the first place? Isn’t it because the highest court in our Nation has been called upon to review, remedy and render a decision that settles the dispute in question by an impartial (supposedly, assumed, but is it) set of Constitutional Law experts? A national election that has been questioned by the majority of the Nation and involving, at the very least, the “5” battleground states with obvious, vote tally anomalies glaring back at them of enough importance to review the cases as presented to them? I say, “beyond a shadow of doubt” there was most certainly a need, a legitimacy, a moral requirement (doing the right thing for all that were impacted by the n/election results) an expectation of an allegiance to the citizens of The United States of America, taking action in deference to a political party and in so doing most eagerly assume their role as arbitrators of legal challenge/s regarding the most important election our Nation is involved in: The election or reelection of a person to serve in the highest political position/office that exists in our Constitutional Republic, the President of the United States.

    No one with any common sense (or faith in our legal system/s) would have believed that SCOTUS would have made the decision it did. The Supreme Court, the ultimate arbitrator whose decisions set legal precedence/procedure/s based on the Constitution says, “NO” to case/s involving charges of “fraudulent voting results” in our Nations’ most important election! Something stinks and it ain’t in Denmark! “SHAME ON YOU”!

    Wisconsin has to investigate and has to take action to demand SOTUS get involved if what has been uncovered offers irrefutable evidence of fraud in their election results for the president of the USA. Congress will have to initiate and pass an amendment to eliminate the (once sworn-in, stays-in) if and when the election results are proven to be fraudulent the results must be rendered “null and void” and a new state election mandated for the president of the USA. The same must occur in the other states that were initially involved and are currently reviewing their election results.

  45. The people involved in this had better get long prison terms. we need to make others afraid to ever do anything like this again.

  46. Every state involved needs to decide if they truly care about our country and the people who elected them and do the right and honorable thing as their actions are destroying this country! Time for full accountability for everyone who has a hand in this undermining of our country!

  47. Roberts is a disappointment evidently the democrats own him too. Election fraud has been proven, Trump won the election everyone involved with this must be charged and put in prison for a very long time.

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