Emilio Estevez Leaving ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Series Over Vaccine Mandate

Actor Emilio Estevez is reportedly leaving “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” over Disney’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“Disney Television Studios’ ABC Signature, which produces the hockey-themed sequel series, made the decision not to pick up Estevez’s option for Season 2 after weeks of back and forth with him over the show’s Covid vaccination requirement,” according to Deadline.

Estevez served as both an actor and as an executive producer of the show on Disney Plus. The Disney requirement includes a required vaccination policy for cast and crew for season 2. It appears the series will continue, but Estevez will no longer be part of the series.

The series may not be the same without Estevez. As Coach Bombay, he served as the star of the original film nearly 20 years ago in one of Disney’s enduring sports’ franchises.

But Estevez is not alone. The Daily Mail noted, “Emilio joins a growing list of celebrities declining the shot, including Ice Cube, real name O’Shea Jackson Sr., who recently exited Sony’s comedy Oh Hell No after declining a request from producers to get vaccinated.” Rapper Nicki Minaj, model Doutzen Kroes have also been vocal about their stances against the mandatory nature of the vaccine.

In addition to Hollywood, notable professional athletes are taking a stand against the vaccine mandate. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is among the latest.

Rodgers tested positive recently and created some controversy when he told a reporter he was “immunized”. The reporter didn’t ask any follow up questions and assumed Rodgers meant he was vaccinated against COVID-19 with Fauci’s ouchie. He has spoken out about his frustrations with cancel culture over those who refuse to bow down to cancel culture.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving was also benched after refusing the vaccine. The star will reported lose $400,000 per game until the NBA changes its policy or Irving is traded to team who’s city does not have a vaccine mandate in place.

These unlikely allies show that Americans from a variety of background are upset over losing the freedom over their own body. If you want to get a shot, that’s your call. But if you don’t want to get a shot, then the government seems to be gunning for you.

If you’re an athlete, you can’t play. If you’re an actor, you can’t act. The same is becoming true nationwide for pilots, police officers, nurses, fire fighters and others. Those working Americans who make America work are now becoming the bad guys for standing for their rights.

It’s hard to believe the last presidential election was just a year ago. If anyone had stood up and said that if you vote for Biden, you’ll be required to take a controversial vaccine this time next year or lose your job, he would have had maybe 20 percent of America’s votes.

There’s no way he would have been even close to contending for victory if people really knew what was coming. That’s not counting Afghanistan, the border and other failures over the past year.

It’s time to stand with Estevez and others like him to get our freedoms back. If not, we’re going to continue to find our freedoms taken away under the guise of safety for the nation.

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65 thoughts on “Emilio Estevez Leaving ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Series Over Vaccine Mandate”

  1. No one should be able to mandate/dictate that you ‘MUST’ be vaccinated or lose your job! Sad times for America ??!!!!

    1. What ever happened to their chant of “my body, my choice!” apparently that only applies when it comes to butchering unborn babies, and not when it only applies to our own bodies. Now they are saying ” your body, not your choice, but mine.”

    2. In reality, probably only 20% of “sleeping” America did vote for Biden, and with the STEAL, this is where are now. As he was not inaugurated in the White House but in California, and, timewise it was done PRIOR to the stroke of the clock when it could have legally been done, HE IS ILLEGITIMATE. He does nothing but “spew” out mandates to control and instill fear into legal citizens of this great country. The end of this abomination is coming to an end.

    3. I totally agree. “We the People” must stand in unity and start fighting back for our freedoms!! Take action now!!

  2. Actually, I doubt if more than 20% DID vote for Biden. He had gremlins that filled the ballots and kept them in boxes until it was time to overtake Trump votes. They were stashed in boxes and suitcases.

    1. I think he had more than 20% but ! No he did not win the election fare and square. He had to many fraudsters working for him.

    2. Yes, they even had film to show it…….but of course since it was Biden, he got away with cheating…..that’s disgusting and Unamerican!!

  3. There are atrocious acts being committed by the current government! Hopefully when we vote this time our Republican votes will be counted! Maybe the Republican Party should employ the same dirty tricks the Dems did? I am in favor of throwing out every socialist vote!

      1. We need to rely on God to move and along with our votes get the bums out of office!!
        As Ray Stevens would say, throw the bums out!!!

    1. I’m in favor of throwing out every socialist. There are many other countries who are running with socialism, they would LUV it there. EXILE needs to become a thing again.


  4. something has to be done as he is destroying this country day after day. HIs vice president is doing nothing and that may be a good thing, speaker of the house is getting closer in mentality to Biden.

      1. Her nephew (Newsome) has been arrested – Pelosi, Newsome, Brown are three of the RICHEST AND MOST POWERFUL people in California. So, now you know why that state is a dismal failure.

          1. Google can’t even get where I live right. I get weather info for everywhere but here.

  5. The Democratic Party has lost their freaking mind.. For one Biden did not win the election it was a bought election by Soros and Mark Zuckerberg…. Biden is not making any of these decisions this is Soros using Obama to do it all… Obama had his 2 terms to screw up America as bad as he did, He’s coming back trying to screw us out of everything else that we are the American people too many great people have fought and died for freedom freedom is not free and if these dumbasses don’t understand that we need the vote in amount of office…


      The only thing obama is “running” is trains on his rear in his beloved bathhouses.

      The people who were / are running the kenyan are the ones running plugs, he even said that the kenyan’s time in office was / is as fraudulent as his when he went off about his most diverse VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics.

  6. We’re living in a time where stupid sheeple are being scared into submission and those who dare to think for themselves are ostracized. The Chicom virus was the first shot fired in what is a civil war and we’d better prepare to fight. That starts with voting out any and all accomplice politicians, especially turncoats like the 13
    RINOs who voted for the so called infrastructure scam. They were paid off with promises of pork their constituents will never see and they must be punished swiftly.

  7. Its not even about the vaccine. Its good for some people. Its the forcing of people to get it or loose their livelihoods that is the problem. We don’t live in China or now Australia. The feds do not have this power under the constitution.

  8. The “sought after and beloved vaccinated” deemed the only ones permitted to work or enter a stire or restaurant, or drive a semi 1000 miles in the truck cab by themselves? Feel thd same if their vaccine antibodies have WANED, as per the vaccine manufacturers, to a low or zero level? Same as unvaccinated who never had Covid illness. Actually, the CREAM OF THE CROP EMPLOYEES OR THOSE TO BE AROUND are the people who had Covid and either didn’t even know it, or survived a worse case. THEY have natural immunity/antibodies which are long lasting. Unlike the waning vaccines that need boosters to keep raising antibodies again…until they decrease agajn and another booster can help.

    Is this so hard to understand? Obviously it is for this Administration and alk the companies they influence. Keep fighting this life destroying stupidity. It’s NOT correct science.

  9. It’s a shame no Emilio gor Mighty Ducks is like peanutbutter without jelly. My kids loved and owns all the movies. This is sad what this Country has become

  10. What does it take to remove these tyrants ? How many people must die before something is done ? I find it hard to believe that ANY Red blooded AMERICAN agrees with ANYTHING this bunch of COWARDS has done or plans on doing .

  11. Stand for what you believe in. This is still a.free Country. What happened to my body my choice? What happened to the policy where it isn’t anyone’s business what your medical record says. It is called the Hippa policy. So, you go Emilio!

  12. I stand with Emilio Estevez, Aaron Rodgers, Nicki Minaj and anyone else who refuses to accept a COVID injection.

  13. We will have to see just how many of these people actually stand strong. And if any others will step out and defend their right to choose what they put in their bodies.

    I believe our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves to see what has happened to a once free and successful country. Yes, there were still issues from those who want to think that they are better than someone else. There always will be those people. No matter what is done or what is changed, there will always be those who put themselves first and consider themselves better than anyone else. That is what we are seeing from this ‘administration’.
    When in fact, they aren’t. They are just not realizing that what they are putting forth will come around and bite them in the butt one day. They will find themselves in situations where their freedoms are threatened and taken away as well. But it will be too late then.
    It is up to the people to stand up against this tyranny. And it must start now. Stand strong,
    stand up for the freedom that so many men and women gave their lives so that you can have those freedoms. I’m wondering, if these people are so happy with the idea of living in a communist/socialist country, why don’t they just leave and do so… The reason being is in those other countries, they would become a nobody. And have to live under the harsh dictatorship of the ones who run that country. They wouldn’t like that. but as long as they are in the position of dictator, they are ok with it. But put them where they are putting others, and they would shrink and die under it.
    One only speaks big when one has a little power. take that power away and they become just another casualty of the communist/socialist government.

  14. when the hell is the supreme court going to figure this out or are they blind too. Decertify the effing election and lets have a legal vote for once.

    1. The biggest people or thing that is actively against and HATES America, it’s people, and Constitution ARE the ~supreme court.

  15. We will need alot of rope to fix this crap!!!! FUCJOEBIDEN and anyone who ever voted for his sorry arse over the last 40 years!!!!!!

  16. Disney needs to quit falling for all of this control the Dems are pushing on us. Look at the difference between Florida’s outcome compared to California’s. I’m sorry but Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and George Soros had all been to Wuhan in 2014. Then Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brix, and Bill Gates were all in Wuhan in the fall of 2019. I have questions about that and NO one has asked. This whole thing was set up and it is EVIL. Did you know that UVA and UVC light bulbs kill the virus. I know this works because we started using them in mid MAY 2020. We have NOT had 1 case of Covid from our salon.

    1. They have all been to Wuhan and a certain island.

      Little fascist fauzi hasn’t even taken his own medicine that he wants the world to take (since he owns a TON of the “vaccine” market) and continue to take. Every time someone gets a needle in the arm he gets money in his pocket / bank.

      He strutted across a stage to show how great he was. Took off his coat, sat down, and had the saline put into his arm. The next morning on a msnbs show they asked him how he was feeling. He said that his arm was really sore last night and was still sore while he was rubbing his right arm.

      He had the “shot” in his LEFT arm the day before.


  17. I agree we must stand against being forced to take a vaccine that is not fool proof. Millions have been vaccinated, & still contracted Covid. What country are we in? Russia?

    1. They’ve changed the definition of what a vaccine is or does.

      Now it’s just something that makes it where you no longer get as sick as you would have without it / you’re STILL going to get sick with it.

      Now it’s something where they no longer say that you won’t spread the disease to others, just that it lessens the chance to do so.

      Now they say that it keeps you from DYING if you took the vaccine. It just lessens the chance for it to happen.

      You STILL DIE with their ~vaccine / BECAUSE OF their ~vaccine.

  18. This is the door to SOCIALISM, go through it and become one of the sheep being herded to slaughter, or stand up for your rights and defend our freedom.

  19. Sad, women that want an abortion, it’s their choice their body but when someone does not want the vax, their choice their body, is thrown out the window. F*****G HYPOCRITES!


    1. Amen, I’ve been getting ready for that myself! Biden and his whole enclave are nothing but a bunch of ingrates and idiots! There are too many in this country that see right through this BS! It’s close to time to regain our lies or die!!!!!

  21. That’s 100& right! Its all bull ! Bribes & for money! From all over the world. They should be deported. They don’t like america..should go to Kenya were OBAMA .was born……

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