English/Welsh Mortality Rate Hits 3X Normal Average – It’s the Shots

It’s time to stop beating around the bush and come right out and say it: The experimental gene serums being referred to as the “COVID vaccines” are killing a hell of a lot of people. This is no longer speculation. We’re 11 months deep into a mass vaccination program by the world elites, and we now have real, hard numbers that prove that the shots are causing a huge uptick in mortality rates.

This is not a conspiracy theory. The most highly vaccinated countries on the planet are now experiencing mortality rates that are vastly worse than their previous 5-year averages. It’s time to pull these shots off the market completely.

In the UK, 70% of the population is fully vaccinated and many of those people are already lining up for “booster” shots. In Wales, 72% of the population is fully vaccinated. The Office for National Statistics in the UK and Wales has just published some startling numbers. In the past 18 weeks, the English/Welsh population has recorded 20,823 deaths in excess of the five-year average.


One of the things we learned after 2020, the first year of the “pandemic,” was that overall mortality rates stayed the same in countries – including the US – despite the media hyping so many people dying of COVID. Which means that many of the people who died from COVID likely would have perished from comorbidities. COVID tends to target and kill the very elderly and the very sick. We didn’t experience any uptick in normal mortality rates in 2020 (pre-vaccines).

In the UK and Wales, they’ve already experienced their normal mortality rate for the year (people dying from heart attacks, diabetes and so on), and then another 20,823 deaths on top of that. When nearly 21,000 excess people die in a matter of a few months, that country’s health authorities should be checking the water supply and looking for the culprit, because it’s not normal at all. Of those excess deaths in the UK and Wales, about 11,000 of them were from COVID.

That is completely unexpected, because the UK and Wales should be at “herd immunity” by now with 70% or more of the population vaccinated. What about the other 10,000 excess deaths? Those were all from cardiac-related symptoms – heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms and such.

Oh, and here’s the most terrible thing about this huge spike in the mortality rate in the UK and Wales: Those excess deaths were in the 10 to 59 age range. It’s not the elderly who are dying off at a rate that’s almost 3 times the norm. It’s the younger and healthier people. Something has gone terribly wrong with this mass vaccination program, but no one in charge wants to admit it.

Want some facts closer to home? The American Heart Association just held its annual conference in Boston last week. Dr. Steven Grundy is a retired cardiac surgeon from Nebraska, and he presented the findings of a new research study on the vaccines.

Dr. Grundy develops risk profiles for patients to determine how likely they are to develop serious heart problems within five years. He had a group of 566 patients with an 11% chance of developing a serious heart problem within the next few years. After those 566 patients were injected with the Moderna or Pfizer shots, their risk profiles all shot up. Those 566 patients now have a 25% chance of developing a serious heart condition within the next five years.

Dr. Grundy writes:

“We conclude that the mRNA [vaccines] dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

You can read the abstract of that study HERE.

The only reasons why we are not seeing the spike in excess deaths like the UK and Wales are experiencing is because we have a larger population, and we have fewer Americans vaccinated with these poisonous experimental shots. Only 58% of the US population is fully vaccinated, as of this writing. In a few more months, we will know for certain if excess mortality rates in the US are dramatically climbing (statistics should come out in January for the US). In the meantime, if you are still seriously considering taking these experimental gene-altering shots… I don’t even know what to say to you. PLEASE open your eyes!

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37 thoughts on “English/Welsh Mortality Rate Hits 3X Normal Average – It’s the Shots”

  1. Don’t publish this on Fakebook or YouTube.
    It will be Blocked as misinformation, and you’ll be banned.


      1. Go to Brighteon, BitChute where real DOctors and scientists, not connected to the government including inventor of mRNA, and they’ll tell you this flu was equivalent to the common cold. Definitely milder than our regular seasonal flu. THis is what people are afraid of contracting. People dying in hospitals are dying from treatment. Fauci , NIH, will only allow Remdesivir for patients knowing it destroys the kidneys and the patients drown in lung fluid. Then thats reported as Covid killing the patient. Brilliant but EVIL. Search Dr.David Martin, Dr.Carrie Madej, Dr.TenPenny, Dr.McCullough, Dr.Northup and you’ll get the truth.

  2. First, I never supported this mRNA vaccine since it has not stood the test of time, and other methods that have are available. Next, when the jab became mandatory in order to keep one’s job, I further rejected it. Finally, when they say the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated, and the vaccinated still get infected, it confirmed my rejection. Simple common sense and logic with applied analysis and reasoning, leads me to conclude the points state here.

    1. Go to C10VaxReactions.com to read some “vaccine” horror stories. The mainstream media will never report injuries & deaths from the Covid shot. The USA paid $247 million for vaccine injuries in fiscal 2021, but not a penny for those injured by the Covid shot.

      1. There is no information whatsoever on that link. Just information to purchase Software Database that they sell. One link to a Walgreens info about different vaccines to get. Actually a promotion to get the jab.

        1. Go to Brighteon, or BitChute and then search Dr.David Martin, Dr.Tenpenny, Dr.Carrie Madej, Dr. Northup, Dr.McCullough and on that site you will see many more. You will get the truth because they aren’t censored on these sites.

      2. That’s because when you take the shot you sign a waiver so you can’t seek legal action if you have any adverse side effects. That’s a huge red flag!!!!! I can’t get a job because I won’t take the shots. I’m about to become desperate enough to become a criminal at 58 years old.

    2. You are absolutely ?% right in the choices you have made and I completely agree with you. My spouse was sent home from his job because he refused to take the jab. We STAND because of all the adverse effects that we have seen. The “kook aid” (I mean it) is not working for the good!

  3. This is precisely why they are pushing 100% vaccination. Once they achieve this goal there will be no control group to compare deaths to. In this case I would rather have the placebo than the experimental medication.

  4. The polio vaccine PREVENTS polio, this ‘vaccine’ does NOT prevent COVID. So is it really a vaccine? The vaccinated pass the COVID virus to others, so explain that one to us Dr. Shorty. Wonder how much stock Fauci, the Biden clan and other DEMS have in Pfizer and Moderna?? NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST HERE!!!

    1. So true. I have not had any more freedoms now that I have followed the stupid vaccine mandates than I had before I got vaccinated. I still have to wear masks, social distant, and constantly put the disinfectant on my hands all the time. So, I haven’t received any gain in being vaccinated only got sick for days after the second shot. Im actually worse off. Gas is sky high, food is sky high if available, supply chain is bottle necked, inflation is too out of control to recover any time in the near future, and our national security is weak bc of Biden. Nothing positive.

    2. Polio had people looking for a vaccine from around 1935 to 1955. Jonas Salk came up with a cure, but their were other doctors that had different vaccines. In 1955 they had the cutter incident where 40,000 of the vaccinated children got polio and Vaccines halted for a period of time. So yea, it took over 20 years to get a vaccine out and it was not perfected.

  5. I knew things were fishy from the beginning. Let’s see….a pandemic during an election year…which would close down businesses, thereby having an adverse effect on the economy. The Dems sat in House and cheered when the stock market fell. What does that tell you? Then we have Dr. Death (F) telling us what to do and not to do….and his dealings with the Wuhan Lab in China are well documented…wasting our tax money to fund the “gain of research” developing this Coronavirus. (Dr. Birx went along with all he said and did.) Gates is a de-population fanatic, and F is a good buddy of his…they go WAY back. They both own stock in Big Pharma (Pfizer & Moderna…that I am aware of). Many other experts have looked into the vaccines…studied them and found matter contained within will kill or hurt people in the future. It was shady from the start when they tried to take Trump down with impeachments time and time again and now trying this slant on it. The true patriots will never stop fighting for our legally elected president…President Trump has always been straight forward with us and looked out for the good of this nation. The Deep State poison peddlers will have their day in the courts. The people are not going to stand for much more of their shenanigans! They are playing with the future of our grandchildren. Sickos!! (Right now they need to be concerned with the shedding from all these vaxxed people that will hurt the unvaxxed….maybe they are the ones needing to be hid away and wear a banner saying “vaxxed – stay away!!” It is unfair for our younger adults to be afraid to date someone vaxxed or unvaxxed….and what about donating blood or receiving blood? Many questions need to be answered….we should have left well enough alone…let our own natural God-given immunity work as it should….perhaps getting this “whatever it is” – I call it Influenza C – and get herd immunity….and go about life as normal. But everyone including the media hyped it – 24/7 – they got the scary music and big ugly ball of horns going from morning to night. Scare tactics don’t work anymore. We are the Patriots of the land of the free and brave!! Time to be brave and stand up to these villains. JUST SAY NO THE THE POISON JAB!!

    1. Try to find a video from 2005 that shows Gates giving a lecture to the CIA on how to spread a virus and then manufacture a gene vaccine to target areas of the brain to make people more docile. Neither Gates or any of his family have gotten the jab.

      1. Gates has made a few speeches about sustainability and slowing birth rates and even using the words depopulate. most people don’t know because he is a boring lecturer.

    2. Scare tactics not working anymore? I have been praying for people to see what is going on and reject all the baloney they are trying to tell us. I am a senior, and 40 years ago I fell into their trap and got a vaccine for swine flu. I ended up with guillain barre. I was in the hospital for over a week. My Dr. told me after I got home, to not take any more vaccines or shots. I have not, and I do not get colds, flus or viruses. I have a healthy immune system.

  6. It’s about time we get to see the real story behind the globalist elite vax push everywhere in the world..depopulation is a goal that bill Gates has been working on his entire life to finish his father’s dream of only 500 mil people in the world…I knew the covid19 vax was a poison by the way they kept pushing it…we the people need to kick some commie a ss and get our country back.

  7. Time to DEPOP the DEPOP crowd. Confiscate their assets. Exterminate them and their vile offspring. WE MUST FREE THE WORLD OF ANIMALS LIKE THEM.

  8. If the vaccine does not stop you from getting or passing on the virus then it doesn’t work period. Notice how all the vaccinated are so afraid of unvaccinated people? Why? If you’re vaccinated aren’t you protected? If not then why are you taking it?

    1. Oh STOP IT, that makes too much sense. People are deaf today. when common sense was handed out, they thought they heard wooden fence and said no thanks I don need that.

  9. Those like Gates and Soros who want nothing more than to depopulate and control the world with a “superior race.” Much like the Nazi mindset.
    An earlier article outlined the effects of the “vaccine” on the heart
    The 1st phase effects mirror exactly a recent on-going study by German officials who have tracked 75 deaths of professional athletes who have died of sudden cardio events like heart attacks- all since taking the jab. And a recent US survey of doctors who have suffered sudden cardio events- some on the ER floor. All since the jab.
    The team at Phizer- who developed the “vaccine”- all refuse to take the vaccine. WHY??? Because of the long term safety questions.
    The FDA took 108 days to “fully evaluated” over 330,000 pages of documents from Phizer before approving the vaccine. With ZERO long-term safety studies. Now Phizer asks the courts for 55 YEARS to release that documentation to the public- at 500 pages per month. WHY?????
    By the time we the public get to see what the “vaccine” does the 3rd phase effects will have destroyed our immune systems and altered our reproductive systems.

    There is a NATURAL cure that REVERSES the mutation of the COVID virus. COVID is something that is present in the body naturally, and in it’s un-mutated state is beneficial to the immune system.
    GARLIC WATER reverses the mutation and provides NATURAL IMMUNITY which FAUCI and the FDA refuse to recognize.
    WHY? There is no money in it for there buddies at big pharma. Garlic farmers do not contribute to political campaigns.

    The CDC is beginning to acknowledge this, slowly, but the FACTS are being buried by the machine as “misinformation.”
    If you have NATURAL IMMUNITY they can’t control you. You are a threat to their grand plans, and you should be cancelled.

    1. perzactly. This virus has changed about 40 times since it came out. often in the other direction. If you get vaccinated and catch covid, don’t blame me because you bend to the ever changing scope of this virus. Getting the Vaccine and catching covid is like getting shot and killed through a bullet proof Glass. common sense dictates the glass was not bullet proof.

  10. I can see it coming. The FDA approved the vaccine in early October- but were told to hold the release until after the elections in November. The Left trounced Trump over COVID, said he did nothing, then took all the credit for the vaccines and the roll-out. Everything was already done with President Sippy-cup took (stole) office. They still are to this day.
    Watch what happens when the health effects become more widely known, and the public turns on Fauci and gang en masse. All the blame will be put on Trump, and Biden will try to worm out of all responsibility. “Mandates? That was Trump’s policy…..”

  11. Awe, c’mon man. We can’t cut Pfizer off. They have to grease the palms of gates, obama, nazi puglosi and zoomed schumer, and I did get the shot, J&J, because the dems did not want that brand approved. What’s no good for them is good for me.

  12. Lots of sheeple going down, the people pushing the shots did not take the shot even the ones the propaganda news showed!!!! Yes you are being lied to.

  13. What did you expect from a corrupt one world order elitist socialist government, you think they’re going to pick the race to live that has the common sense to know not to vote for these demons because of what these dirtbags are, we know that they should be in prison or executed for treason they’re going to recruit the cultures that are Mindless and gutless to stand up for themselves as long as you bribe them with a free cell phone, these are the government dependent morons who don’t want to be a working part of this country it’s the entitlement handout syndrome, those are the voters they want, that’s why they Ushered in12 million illegal aliens in this country that would never be accepted here if our constitution was being followed ,and our Congress and Senate wasn’t corrupt right up to the fake elected fraudulent president

  14. I said it many months ago, the shots are too new. Now I read an article that said in the trial tests, that 1200 people died from the shots! They are trying to depopulate the earth and form ONE WORLD ORDER!

  15. I said it was fishy from the beginning. It’s so obvious what is happening. Their first foray to test the steeple theory was we all had to stock up on toilet paper. OMG!! It worked! Doesn’t that tell you anything? I’m scared that there are actually actually zombies out there that will follow the Pied Piper, because they were told to. We must stand up! Stop hiding in fear, before its to late. Tic tic tic tic

  16. PLEASE TELL FOX NEWS TO STOP HAVING MAJOR MEDICAL SCIENTISTS SAYING THE VACCINES ARE SAFE WHEN WE KNOW THEY KILL PEOPLE! I included many of these virologists and epidemiologists in “MY LIFE MATTERS!” book precisely because they said the Fake Vaccines have already maimed and killing millions of people around the world!

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