Facebook Censors Another Republican, Suppresses Post about Taliban Takeover of US Weapons

North Carolina Republican Rep. Richard Hudson argued on Wednesday that Facebook and Instagram are censoring his posts about the Taliban takeover of U.S. military equipment in Afghanistan.

“Facebook and Instagram are censoring this post on their platforms, despite these numbers being compiled by official government agencies and ‘fact checkers’ not disputing them. We cannot let Big Tech hide the truth,” Hudson tweeted on Wednesday.

“In addition to thousands of Americans and allies left behind in Afghanistan, President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal also left billions of dollars of military equipment – paid for by American taxpayers – in the hands of the brutal Taliban regime. This is a disgrace,” Hudson tweeted earlier the same day.

The same graphic was widely shared by conservative lawmakers and many others across social media.

The restrictions on Hudson’s post were later removed, with no explanation from Facebook.

“My post was temporarily censored today detailing the billions in military equipment, in addition to Americans and allies, left behind in Afghanistan by President Biden. We can never let these facts be censored or hidden from the American people,” Hudson then tweeted Thursday.

“While fact-checkers have disputed the exact dollar amount of equipment left in Afghanistan (estimated to be $24 billion of our total $82.9 billion investment in Afghanistan), there is no dispute of the inventory of vehicles, arms, and aircraft American taxpayers sent to Afghanistan over the last two decades,” Hudson said following the flagging of the post, according to the Washington Times.


I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve seen a version of this story before? A conservative says something online that is true but that liberals don’t like and “poof” it suddenly disappears or an account gets suspended.

Repeat too often and you become the next Trump, banned from the platform and pushed out of the spotlight of the world’s largest social media providers.

What happened to freedom of speech? Big tech has now overtaken free speech, working with the White House and mainstream media to label whatever it doesn’t like as “inaccurate and misleading” or calling it “hate speech” or extremism.

If you want to have some real fun, take a little peak at how many people in the Biden administration used to work at Facebook or Twitter. We’re not talking one or two people, but NUMEROUS EXAMPLES. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki even admitted the administration works with Facebook.

At one time, radio and TV were just networks. Then they were fragmented into mainstream networks and conservative outlets. Social media is experiencing the same shift. There was once simply social media. Now social media is fragmenting into left and right, with the largest players joining the left.

Rumble and Gab and Parler and Gettr are the only places were conservative thoughts are allowed to be published, but their numbers and influence do not yet compare to Google or Facebook or Twitter. Conservatives need to keep speaking out while they can, pushing for changes that will include social media in the category of public utilities like phone companies that grant free speech. Otherwise, any strong American view will become limited to smaller networks, once again giving a win to the left.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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68 thoughts on “Facebook Censors Another Republican, Suppresses Post about Taliban Takeover of US Weapons”

    1. The democrats will never shut them down, they make too much money and they can control the lies that they want seen. What about the 60 Billion in 100.00 bills that was left in Afghanistan. Not just Americans, equipment but billions in cash! Did that come back to good old Austin, Milley and Biden????

      1. Facebook also delete all of my posts also.. I wish I had the money to sue Facebook for denying me my constitutional rights..but I am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam vet and retired.. my wife and I live on a shoestring budget Again I wish I had the funds to take Facebook to Court.. God bless America.

        1. Welcome home Thomas thank you for your service and GOD bless you !!!! I also served in Vietnam, and I thank GOD everyday that I came home in one piece. GOD Bless you !!!! Warren Marshall

        2. facebook is a farce. don’t use it. they own the platform, so they control your speech. you dont have a constitutional right to use that company. write editorials to the papers, join forces with others to put up billboards, et. Facebook and twatter should go broke if everyone leaves their sites. come on people? you can do it. before the internet, we used landlines and they still work. you can’t be censored on them. wake up. get off these communist sites, or quit bitching about them. you are the cause of your own gripe!!!!!

          1. You are absolutely right if personally do not have an account on facetious book because it made no sence to me but the People have the power to shut this platform down to it’s knees , if just half of the users just suspend them selves from the site it would become less of a BULLY that knows to much of your information . And the People have to take it back they have become a Government agency spying on you and useing every individual , it needs to be shut down .



        5. I’m in the same boat as you, Brother. I hardly ever post anything on FB anymore bc I’m censored when I state 100% proven fact. Basically, I only have FB so I can use Messenger. Twitter “permanently suspended” me about two years ago for retweeting what someone else tweeted. It’s funny instead of just saying “Terminated” they say “permanently suspended.” I guess they are just playing the WOKE game with words. Such hypocrite propaganda pieces of crap.

        6. You are so right my fellow Vietnam Veteran. It is the main reason I voided my Facebook account. When asked to resign I had to decline. Facebook is not suitable for most readers

      2. Yes, and the 13 American Marines, Army soldier, and Navy corpsman. They shut down the family members’ comments. We have wounded military from the same blast. We should never be censored.

      3. Don”t forget the 150 Billon in cash sent to Iran , by obama and biden. Note how filthy rich the obamas suddenly became !! Marthas Vineyard !????

      4. I have been saying for a long time that I am
        glad I am not still active duty during the COVID-19 overreactions. However the fiasco in Afghanistan is the most impeachable treason I can imagine.

        President Biden’s only defense is stupidity, combined with senility, but then his entire upper command structure are traitors. How else can West Point trained senior leaders end the war in defeat!

    2. I understand that one because I over step their guildlines of the left , and put something up for that America belongs to God and the enemy that we fight daily . God has been working on this all of these situations.
      We must stand for our rights and keep God in the center and walk in him and keep Trusting him in his promises. 2 Timothy 2-17
      God did not give us a power of fear but of power of love through sound mind. The enemy is trying so hard to push through but he will be stopped, by God. Just like the song God’s got his whole hands in it. But we must stand or died , not denying my God. That has been my battle since the beginning of my life and I am still here doing his work. We have prayer partners all over the world iwe are constantly in Prayers staying in for those that are still there supernatural I am trusting God to get them as the animals that are starving by their soldiers. I never thought somebody could be so cruel. One day you won’t get away from it. But their blood will be on the enemy hands not ours. God bless you all we will continue to stand with our peoples and always with God. ?????

      1. Prayer is what can save those people and those animals by good people donating their planes and etc’ to go get them. .. Joe Biden is to far gone in his demented mind to care or think. And Harris is to busy hiding from the public eye. If something doesn’t happen to rid America of these 2 so that Trump can be reinstated, or we can have another election only God know what we’ll do. Would make me happy to see Trump back in there.. None of this would have happened under his watch. God forbid this idiot of a president is blaming him. It’s up to “We The People” and that must be handled by our prayers.. If we pray long and hard God will show us what to do or hopefully He’ll take care of it Himself..
        Are there enough of us praying? Our country is in the worse trouble that I can remember in all my life. I wish we could set a certain time and all of us join in prayer across the US and other places that support us as well.. God said, “when 2 or more are gathered together in my name I will hear them and answer their prayers”.. Let’s continue to trust God to take care of America and Israel. Israel is America’s life line……… He who blesses Israel God said He would bless..

    1. Why aren’t these “social media” sites at least being warned that their censoring practices has better cease and desist or else they will be shut down?
      This is irresponsible on their part to pick and choose in a “Free” society!
      If they were doing this too DUMBYRATS I bet there would be all kinds of backlash!
      Time for OUR (conservative) representatives to either stand up and be counted or find a new job!

      1. Only way to stop those big tech commies is not be on them. I live just fine without their gossip lies. Not a member of them.

      2. Our GOP has been MIA. IF 2022 election reinstates them as the majority I expect, no I demand, that they right this ship back up ASAP.
        The Dems as the minority did everything in their power to thwart President Trump. I’m not talking spite or retribution against them. I’m just insisting on them doing what it right for the country. Is that too much to ask?

      3. these sites are a BUSINESS. as long as they adhere to the FCC stipulations, no one can tell them to shut down. your power comes from NOT using them. they are not up there for your pleasure. they are up there to MAKE BILLIONS FOR THEIR LEFT WING OWNERS, WHO, BY THE WAY, PAID BILLIONS TO SWAY THE VOTE IN 2020. why are you still supporting them? they caused this misery we call America today. research how much each of these owners gave to bidens campaign?????

    2. You are right; I never opened any account because I noticed big problems would happen if I did. Twitter? I want no part of that one!

  1. The problem is conservatives stay on fakebook and let this happen. There are many other forums to choose from. If we all banned together this could help with change. If you are on fakebook then censor all their adds. Say you are affined by them. Hit them where it hurts

  2. Time to take them to court for violating numerous laws – while in court they have to suspend all operation until verdict and closure – 6 mo shutdown might improve attitude – depending on outcome suspension might be permanent

    1. They, not only took our voice, but with it, our ability to organize on a mega platform. We have 5-6 far smaller platforms. While we are 80+ MILLION strong. I believe in every bone in my body, Jan. 6 was a set up to scare us from letting our outrage show, no matter how pieceful.

      If 230 does not protect them from, even a couple of their MANY atrocities, by all means let’s organize and make it a HUGE class action lawsuit!

    2. what laws might that be? making money from stupid people who just have to be important and have “likes”? people cause their own problems here, then bitch. do you have the money to put up like what Farcebook and twatter owners have????? they are omnipotent. we peons are like dirt under their feet. leave the platforms. twatter lets the Taliban have unlimited, unrestricted use. no sensorship. what does that tell you??????

  3. Where oh where is our Federal Communications Director? Derelict in duty for sure. We have laws in place to guard against censorship and falsehood in media, why have they not been enforced?

  4. People need to shut Facebook down and open another platform. Since they have been censoring things nobody spends the time on Facebook than they use to.

  5. Just placed in Facebook jail for three days for reposting an article about Joe and the Too Generals actions in the botched pullout of ilk and leaving Americans and our Afghan helpers … NO FREE INTERNET !!! Shut down Facebook!!

  6. There will never be another true and honest election in the US. With all the illegal immigrants and refugees entering the US and the fact that the demorats allowed it to happen. Next they started giving them free everything. While our elderly veterans go without. Now add in that super rich are in the process of taking control of your life. People like biden pelosi obama clinton gates and the prick that owns fakebook twitter and instagram. The bitch from California even tried to sneak in a digital wallet law into the 3 trillion dollar spending bill. This all started with obama. The demorats wanted to take control five years ago. Only TRUMP got in the way by defeating that lying hillary clinton. The house and pelosi spent millions and millions trying to remove him lying to the US people but couldn’t prove it. So they cheated to get the White House. It’s not that we will loose our rights they’ve already started taking them. If the American people don’t stand up and say something or fight back we are screwed. The writing is on the wall. Read it and think about what is happening and stand up speak out a select few are making and changing the laws to suite them line there pockets with our hard earned money. Now with this being said Remember they work for us the people. Not the millionaires they are helping

    1. Very true
      Watch the outcome of the California voting.
      I say that the Democrat thieves will win that election and by no means through fair election.

      1. So true, it is already being proved that there is corruption in the California governor recall! Mail-in ballots in the back of a criminals vehicle, and now calling for an audit…and the election has only begun!

  7. Just because “they” stick their head in the sand doesn’t mean people should not be warned. Some “people” just can’t face the truth…THAT THEY ARE WRONG! Everyone is entitled to hear the truth…no matter where it comes from. Ignorance is very rarely bliss!

  8. I cannot understand why anyone would want to support or use facebook. It causes lots more problems than it does good.

  9. It is clear now that facebook , Instagram and every other media platform which works for the Democrat thieves will interfere in the future election with any means they have at their disposal. They know that if a conservative administration will be in the white house, their rain of power is over and their propaganda machinery will be dismantled.

  10. I guess some whiny liberal got his feelings hurt by Hudson’s remarks and blocked them. I recognized Farcebook’s trashy attitudes several years ago and dumped them. I’m not here to pass out pacifiers every time one of them whines.

  11. Facebook originally was a place to connect with family and friends! Pictures of grandchildren and graduates when part of the family was too far away. Friends and acquaintances that had a mutual hobby interest. Somehow in the past few years it became a political forum. It has ruined the original intent of the reason to exist! Shut it down and let the owner lose the income!

    1. Yes, our love for keeping up with our college kids, grandkids, and friends over the course of a decade, created a world wide communication network. During that time tremendous resources coming from China, big corp, American Marxists, and evil individuals like Soros, Gates, widow Jobs, Obamas, Clintons….. These 2 “hand yankers in mother’s basement” do NOT call the shots. It wasn’t until Trump, the REAL POTUS, came down that escalator in, what was, NY, the censorship kicked into high gear.

      1. I would like to ask you what you did prior to the invention of farcebook and twatter. did you just ignore your family and friends? or did you use the landline, write letters?????? why can’t you do that again???? we have become a society of laziness. it is too hard to call someone, or write a letter. takes too much time right???? your cell phones are easily tracked, and monitored. get rid of your cells. get back on the land lines. you think this is a joke, right? the cells are monitored by the government. check it out. why do you think they want you to get a new one each year??? more and more technology is being put into these phones. I am not a conspiracy nut, just someone who has lived and knows what this government is capable of. dont believe it? fine. keep letting Uncle Sam listen to your calls. stay on farcebook and twatter. let these left wing owners make all the money from you and use it to steal ALL the elections. look up what all sucker berg paid in 2020 to stop Trump from getting re-elected. same for twatter. you will learn something if you do.

  12. Facebook, Twitter, and the other big tech sites are a malignant pus filled boil on the butt crack of America.They should be censored and punished, not the public.


  14. If you want to completely loose your freedom of speech continue using this crapbook and continue to allow the Dunbocrates and their Billionaire management control your life ! Get off face book and Twitter as well as Instagram ! We are allowing Biden and his cronies control our freedom of speech ! Wake up America ! Let’s put TRUMP back in office he was the best President of my lifetime and will be again when we get around these idiots and prove the fraudulent election ! Let’s get behind President Trump and Mike Lindell! These men are true Patriots! God Bless America !!

  15. First, I would like to say thank you to all who has served for this country. I thank God for all of you and may God’s blessings aways be with you. Today I was cancelled from facebook. I received a message saying they blocked me. Suspended for 30 hours!! How dare they. I hope they crash. I have an account with Rumble but as many has said they do not have the following as Facebook. Let’s pray that will change quickly. I am affaid too many far leftest enjoy their banter and patting each other on the back on facebook. As long as you have the same opinion as democrats you are golden…..how do you grow? how do you see truth? how do you function? how do you get away from your self-service attitude? how do you learn?

    1. Don’t worry about the numbers of people on facebook. All they have is a bunch of idiots operating that trash. Get off let the bastards go to hell earlier. All the people on Rumble and any of the other good social media are good people, those on facebook are idiots.

  16. Clear proof that US has not only an incompetent leadership team in the White House, but an irresponsible one as well !

  17. Also, a thought to ponder, our schools are being taken over by radical thinkers. This MUST be addressed now before they are too firmly entrenched to be removed! ANTIFA teachers, communist teachers,alphabetized teachers, anti Christian teachers, anti American teachers. All need to be removed or very closely monitored. YOU need to query your child as to what their teachers are espousing, perhaps sit in on some classes. School policy, no parental visits to class room? Demand a change of policy, get vocal, protest at council meetings, do all you can. If not you? Who? Save our children from brain washing. The takeover has been underway for several years. It has to be checked now!
    Investigate who runs for school board.

  18. Big tech has been with Dems and it’s not supposed to be that way! Biased, racist, ppl! And the Dems are asking Big Tech to give them records of Republicans, Nancy wants them, what Nancy wants Nancy gets, with a big pay too! But the truth is everything that’s all over TV, what’s the secret, huh? You guys are making it worse! Biden gave the enemy our equipment, $85 billion! And u go after a Republican for saying truth? I bet if you read everyone’s posts, and took them down, you would have NO TWITTER POSTS!

  19. When good men and women see wrongs being committed and stand by and do nothing then this country is doomed to failure. We will win it back at the ballot box.

  20. Get off face book and twitter entirely! They are tools of the devil to control every aspect of your lives! You do not need them. Go back to land line phones and letter writing. Let the social media’s implode!


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