FBI Steals 800 Safe Deposit Boxes in Trump-Supporting California Neighborhood

We’ve been trying to chronicle the criminal Biden regime’s abuses of Trump supporters ever since inauguration day, when they started locking up peaceful protesters from the January 6th costume party at the Capitol building. The FBI has been busy rounding up those peaceful caped crusaders, even raiding the homes of Americans who look similar to protesters. But the FBI has been up to much more than that. It turns out that the Biden administration has its FBI brownshirts raiding the safety deposit boxes of hundreds of Americans and seizing their property – without warrants. We’ll give you one guess as to why.

90210 is undoubtedly one of the most famous zip codes in America. Heck, if you turn your television on right now, you can probably find a show that was taped there, featuring vapid rich housewives, shady sheikhs with questionable immigration visas, or Hollywood starlets vomiting off the balconies. Located just to the south of Rodeo Drive, there’s a private security company that many of the wealthiest Americans in the 90210 zip code store their valuables. And for good reason – the neighborhood is a prime target for burglars.

US Private Vaults, Inc. offered (past tense) one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the modern world for rich people to store their paintings, jewelry and other belongings. It had 24-hour armed guards, lasers, dogs, retinal scanners, a moat filled with alligators, and so on. It was the sort of place that Tom Cruise is always breaking into in the movies. The company also had about 800 safe deposit boxes.

The FBI raided US Private Vaults back on March 22. The agents had a criminal warrant to seize the property of US Private Vaults. However, the warrant specifically exempted the safe deposit boxes of the company’s wealthy clients. But that didn’t stop Joe Biden’s FBI. They took all 800 safe deposit boxes anyway.

One woman told Reason magazine that the FBI took, “$100,000 in gold and silver coins, some family heirlooms like a diamond necklace inherited from her late grandmother, and an engagement ring she’d promised to pass down to her daughter.”

Even though she and her husband had their contact information printed on top of the box, the FBI never contacted them to let them know it had seized their valuables. The only reason she found out about it was she tried to stop by, only to discover that US Private Vaults had been permanently shut down by the federal government.


The FBI won’t say why it raided US Private Vaults. And it’s not giving the valuables back to the 800 safe deposit box renters, despite the fact that they did not have a warrant to take the boxes in the first place.

The people who have lost their valuables are furious with the FBI right now, but their lawyers have been unable to get any answers at all. And these are people who can afford the best lawyers in the country. The median home price in their neighborhood is about $15 million.

No one has any idea why the FBI stole the contents of 800 safe deposit boxes – but I have a theory!

A huge swath of Beverly Hills – from the Los Angeles Country Club all the way up to Trousdale Estates – was won by Donald Trump in the 2020 election. If you think back to last year, the media and the Democrat Party were dumbfounded by the sudden avalanche of support for Donald Trump in the 90210 zip code. There were Trump rallies, Trump car parades and giant Hollywood-style TRUMP signs popping up along the highways. There were Trump yard signs, flags and bumper stickers everywhere.

Trump won two of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Beverly Hills and it wasn’t even close. And just across the street from those two neighborhoods is… or was… US Private Vaults, Inc.

The corrupt Biden FBI stole millions of dollars in valuables, without a warrant, from a privately owned security company in the wealthiest Trump-supporting zip code in the world. But that’s probably all just a coincidence, right? They seized gold, silver, jewelry, bearer bonds, family heirlooms and who knows what else. If you own or rent a safe deposit box yourself, you might want to rethink that. If they can rob the Trump supporters who can afford to live in 90210, they can rob any of us as revenge for how we voted.

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43 thoughts on “FBI Steals 800 Safe Deposit Boxes in Trump-Supporting California Neighborhood”

  1. The FBI is now a criminal enterprise working on behalf of the radical left, ignoring laws, intimidating innocent citizens simply because they supported a political opponent. When God removes the Biden thugs from power and puts his servant Donald J. Trump back in the White House, I hope the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ are all dismantled and prosecuted for treason.

    1. It will hard to put Trump back due to the fact that presently democrats control the counting of electoral ballots in most areas! I believe that only when we develop a way to count votes honestly and without advantage to either party, will this be possible.

      1. Agree, let put democracy first parties later.
        We have to get a transparent system for people to vote.
        I do not mind ,finger print , picture signature behind each vote.
        Win the one people believe the most.
        Clear and net
        Bring light to this oscur face of democracy to save the future generation

    2. Eloise//:: I agree with you 100%!!! This “Pedo Joe” reminds me of a guy named Adolf Hitler; along with his “Brown Shirts” (FBI, CIA, DOJ)!! Never dreamed this past seven months could EVER HAPPEN IN AMERICA, and to steal peoples “Safe Deposit Boxes” is unheard of!!! The Company, ( US Private Vaults, Inc.), that allowed this to happen is the real mystery!! How did they let the F-ederal B-rainwashed I-diots; (FBI) to get those 800 boxes without a warrant and lacking that, without a fight!!! They didn’t have an AUTOMATIC-LOCKDOWN on the scene?? Time to drag the “PEDO” out of his shack, and hang him from the highest tree!!! I still can’t believe this even happened!!! Bring back TRUMP NOW!!! MAGA!!!!

    3. When Thomas Jefferson was the united states represenative to Franch, he withnessed the abuse of government in this new republic and aware of the newly created U.S. constiturion, he recommented amendments to safe guard the citizens of the republic against abuse of power by the same government created by our founding fathers. We are this generation seeing first hand the total disreguard of that protective measure. The abuse of uncontrolled power. What this will lead to? Maybe the fall of the u.S. republic, a failed experiment se up by our founding father’s with good intentions to create a more blissed union, under God.

    4. It would be a wonderful time when conservative, God fearing, people to take back the government created by our forefathers. A good house cleaning will be in order. Those angencies that were tasked with protecting, safeguarding our instatutions of government in our name, the people of the united states of america. There will be a day of reconning and treason could be uncovered.

    5. Yeah, that will never happen. The deep state shadow govt was too much for Trump to deal with. He had his shot at putting many of them in prison but wasted his opportunity. These people are fascists, Satanists, mooslums and God knows what else but they are enemies of we the people and deserve to be executed for treason. We keep letting them run over us only to let them do it again and again. Time we start taking a more serious action.

    1. This is hard to believe, could this story be fslse? Why have we not heard from the people that this happened to. Something does hot seem right with story. I wish trump would run again. Does he really want to put up with all the bs from the dems again?

    2. The question is or is n ot what we hear from those safe deposit box holders, but that the agency of the government took them without search warrents to justify their actions. That was the reasson Thomas Jefferson request amendments to the U.S. constitution to safe guard against abuse of government. It is right that any law enforement agency can act out side the law to gather evidence to prosicute, so call criminals.

  2. As a ploy, the blatant thievery of the FBI. so called Democrat own and operated LLC co. With special immunities. FYI. This was not a robbery, this was a peice of evidence they had to recover or it would destroy the Demonrat party. Stupidest bunch of flunks I ever seen. Someone really needs to start a actual FEDERAL BUREAUS of Investigation.MSM HAS ITS CORRUPT CORPERATE MOUTH SHUT AS USUAL ( Criminals)

  3. Biden isn’t going to admit to this criminal act, just as the criminal act of voter fraud

  4. Time to charge and disband the fbi, especially biden supporters. Turn about is fair play. Since the illegal election we have been a third world gestapo.

  5. What’s left for these new Nazi’s( Biden and his regime) that are running our government and controlling the FBI and etc now?? Anyone that doesn’t support Socialism/ Communism will be put into camps??? Oh my God how far our great nation has fallen, in less than 6 months time!!! Heaven help us all…..

    1. This all started because eight years of Obama. Tired of Obama calling this country racist, bashing the police. Obama stated, that he was going to fundamentally change this country. I hate him.

  6. The FBI has gotten 2 much like a crime family. Ever since 0’bama l cannot trust this police organisation. They commit 2 many crimes of their own. The FBI needs 2B disbanded and replaced with a dept as efficient as the marshals service. After what they did 2 Michael Flynn they’ve been as bad as the KGB.

  7. There must have been some damning evidence against Biden, Obama, the clintons, and their ilk in one of those safe deposit boxes. Isn’t that one of the reasons why people get them??

  8. LOOK BIDEN IS NOT OUR President they stole the elections votes and we know it!!!!! NO ONE SITs IN HIS CELLAR FOR A YEAR AND BECOMES PRES AND WE KNOW IT. But like clinton, like Hunter and Biden they been stealing money from our government for years and got away with it because there are Two different laws !! one for Dems and one for all us ass holes, If we the people let them get away with this then were just dumb and stupid ,,, PLEASE DON”T LET THEM STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION VOTE for our REPUBLICANS.

  9. Did I hear COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM? That is exactly what it is when federal law enforcement can act on its own, without warrants or LEGAL justification, to seize property! If we don’t get our crap together, and take back this country we will be no better off than any communistic country. This FBI action is a mirror to the KGB. Black, white, brown it doesn’t matter what color you are, all legal citizens of this United States need to band together and rout out this criminal administration and its followers. Otherwise, who knows how far down this country will sink! It’s degrading that over 300 million people can be dictated to by just a minority of self serving, power hungry, politicians and their merry band of thieves. If you aren’t aware of this administration being controlled by rich corporations and foreign influence, then you are asleep at the wheel! Lock and Load, harder times are on the horizon!……………….

  10. Down with the dirty democrats and this phony president and administration. If you believe the lie of equality then you are nuts! If you believe in socialism then you are nuts! If you believe you are going to get something from the dems for nothing then you are nuts and if you vote for them again you should be put in a padded cell in a straight jacket! Socialism never got anyone anywhere. Read your history books! That is presuming by the time you get round to doing that there will be any history you can find before November 3, 2021!

  11. How can the rank & file of the FBI just stand around with their thumbs up their a**__and do nothing? I’d rather be fired for fighting for what is right then remain with an organization that has become so corrupt. Any young college graduate who is considering serving in the FBI, should have serious second thoughts.

  12. It is really disheartening to see what is happening to this great country. The communist democrats have taken over our nation. But, it is our own fault that this has happened, we witness these people commit crimes against the American people and yet we vote for the same god hating communists time and time again and I ask myself….why do people do this? Let’s take a look at our 2 favorite communists, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, anyone else would be in jail for inciting violence and/or a riot, but not theses two. Let me tell you how the communists work.
    Rule 1. Never keep money in the bank. Just keep enough to pay your bills. The rest keep at home. Think of where your grandparents used to keep it. The government can tell the banks to freeze your account and seize your money. Reading, about the incident with the safety deposit boxes should not surprise any of you. Communists have all the power. They seize what is not theirs at a moment’s notice, without warning, without warrants, without fear, these are the KGB’s, Natzis and White Supremacists of the future. This is the Democratic Party. Look at Cuba, at Venezuela, and other Latin Countries, has anyone learned anything from this? We are at the point of no return. We are at the mouth of the abyss trying to swallow us all. Communism has no color, creed or faith, if you don’t conform to what we say, you will be vanished. I was 8 years old when I was told those words. They never left me, as my 4th grade teacher forced me to kneel on Coca Cola caps until my knees bled, and if I moved, she would be strike me across by back with a home made wooden yard stick while my classmates laughed and called me names. These are the Americans of the future, I should know, I was there, and that is not what I want for this great nation. “Divide and you shall conquer”, Fidel Castro once said, and he was right. Don’t let the communists divide us. VOTE REPUBLICAN…

  13. Was out an out effort to scare people by showing if you don’t vote the way we want we will take your things. Why Banks did not demand a warrant just shows they are all in on it too. Dems yelled and yelled while Trump in office that he supported Nazis. Seems the truth has come out the true Nazi’s and Hitler are the current Democratic party that seems to be now in power at the elections in 2022 and 2024 if we want America the way the Founding fathers set it up plus the way the good administrations have added to it we all need to stop listening to the FAke Media and start our own research.

  14. Its time to de-found the FBI, not the police! Its them that do not commit to transparency in the Whitehouse isn’t it? Look at the Biden laptop, the Clinton emails. Well we can go on forever but truth is that they have become a protector, watch dog, to shut down and silence anyone who knows any truth about what really goes on with the corrupt politicians in the big house. Although there are great people serving in the force their leaders have become as corrupt and crooked as the ones they protect. Next they will be taking our property because we are speaking out.

  15. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Wray, Rob Rosenstein, Michael Horowitz, Bill Barr, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI and the Department of Justice. The Bidenreich endorses and encourages their actions.

  16. Power isn’t really the source of corruption, it is just the reward for corruption these days. It doesn’t corrupt ut just shows what folks are really made of when they get enough power to feel untouchable. The one most powerful in the universe will one day make things right.

  17. We are at War. People better start going door to door and organize armed resistance to the Neo Nazi Democrats. Ouest the enemies from our local police depts and city governments. Every city needs to develope a broadcasting system to inform their residents on strategy. A massive undertaking to inform the people who’ve been misinformed, but doable. House by house, street by street, town by town we will overcome.

  18. FBI, the most powerful agency in America is awash in corruption. It is illegitimate and we must attack its mob leaders. Its a criminal enterprise occupying our country. Enemies of truth and freedom. The FBI is America’s enemy and its actively consolidating power after successfully overthrowing our government. It’s holding political prisoners illegally.,everything about it is now illegal. We are justified in seeking its desyruction

  19. Great comments, my question is most seem to agree this admin and other org’s are corrupt. And that a large majority are aware of this, however the only mentioned remedy is to vote Republican. If they stole a Presidential election and are now in complete control how is that an answer, haven’t we been playing this musical chair game for too long.
    Every cycle we replace the same people in the same 2 party system that has failed the same issues for 100+ years…And the people in the system seem to be the only ones getting wealthier in a failed system, doesn’t that seem odd to believe their really trying to better the system for us ! Use to be pretty much everyone distrusted politicians, now we defend them. How did that happen ?

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