FDA Slow Walks COVID-19 Vaccine, U.K. Citizens To Get American-Made Treatment First

American taxpayers handed $1.95 billion to biotech giant Pfizer to develop a vaccine and bring an end to the pandemic. Big pharma took the money and leveraged all the resources available under President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. But after setting a record for developing the fastest vaccine in history, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration put bureaucratic nonsense in the way of saving American lives. In a travesty that should insult every hard-working family, the U.K. approved the Made in USA treatment virtually overnight and will begin vaccinating its citizens immediately.

“It’s the protection of vaccines that will ultimately allow us to reclaim our lives and get the economy moving again,” U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly said.

The U.K. already ordered 40 million doses of the two-shot treatment. The European nation anticipates 800,000 will arrive before the U.S. FDA will even meet to discuss approving the vaccine on Dec. 10. The U.S.-funded treatments will also provide jobs to residents of Belgium, where the European doses will be manufactured. In the U.K., Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently went on the record stating he expects “many millions” of doses to be delivered by year’s end.

“Help is on its way with this vaccine, and we can now say that with certainty, rather than with all the caveats,” Hancock reportedly said. “This will start small and ramp-up.”


Big pharma insiders expect the U.K. will have between 4-5 million doses on hand by New Year’s Day while Americans are stuck in a bureaucratic holding pattern. Although the FDA has set a date to discuss the vaccine, it could take weeks or even months before the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available to any Americans. While the British anticipate restoring complete normalcy by Easter, at the latest, the U.S. will likely not see any return to normalcy until this summer or next fall.

According to John Hopkins University tracking, 4 million Americans contracted the contagion during November, and nearly 100,000 required hospitalization. All told, one-third of all the cases were recorded in November alone. Rather than apply pressure to the FDA bureaucracy, Democrat governors are pushing another round of ineffective lockdowns and trying to close schools. The obvious COVID-19 trends are that the virus spreads more easily indoors and the rise in substance abuse and suicides make such policies defective.

The Trump Administration has been highly critical of the FDA from the early vaccine development stages. Its European counterparts worked closely with biotech companies throughout the process to ensure speedy approval. The overpaid bureaucrats in the FDA remained relatively hands-off and are now slow-walking the most vital medical breakthrough of a generation.

“No one at FDA is sitting on his or her hands. Everyone is working really hard to look at these applications and get this done,” FDA head Stephen Hahn reportedly said. “We will make sure that our scientists take the time they need to make an appropriate decision.

Either Hahn thinks the U.K. is a third-world county making a knee-jerk decision or the FDA is the bs government red tape that is keeping Americans from an effective vaccine and prolonging our suffering.

“It’s crazy to imagine the European Union or U.K. may approve a vaccine developed in the United States before us though, right?” a Trump Administration senior official said. Yes, it is.

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94 thoughts on “FDA Slow Walks COVID-19 Vaccine, U.K. Citizens To Get American-Made Treatment First”

  1. What a disgrace! The U.K. Is not a third world Country, yet they approved the Covid vaccine made in the U.S. before our FDA. Totally wrong! Our Tax dollars were used to fast track the making of the vaccine but now, the B.S. stall is keeping our citizens from receiving it. Our President cut all the red tape to get this vaccine made to save lives at warp speed but as usual, overpaid, elites at FDA are letting our people die while they DRAG THEIR FEET!!!

      1. The dems have created karma in the U.S.A. for past 12 years & these demass bureaus appointed by bo’s treasonous regime are controlling destiny to destruction in the U.S.A ! Wait till biden gets his asinine whims & ways to make bo U.S.A.’s dictator in the NWO !

      2. Did you really believe the Democrats would allow the US to get the vaccine under the Trump Administration? Democrats do not care about people only politics. They want Joe to get the credit. As for the UK, let them be the further testing subjects.

      3. U R right and it’s not just the FDA or UK it’s the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE SOCIALIST PARTY playing their GAMES so more People will DIE before the Vaccines ever reach the US Sith out pay more Blood Money up front.

    1. The people need to start a mass protest that will make the current protests look like child’s play and then something would change.

      1. Sophocles said: “What people believe prevails over the truth.”

        This predicament has gone on for couple decades—people’s beliefs whether right or wrong or selfish become the norm …it starts at home. Regular people all around us become the leaders of the silent majority due to gossip and lies.

    2. So… if mr biden is deemed president, the vaccine will magically be made available on the day that decision is made or the day of innaugeration. “When” Trumps starts his second term in January, First day – he needs to fire a whole bunch of the agency heads and staff who have stood against him and his plans for this country. He could begin with Barr and Durham.

    3. I don’t mind them testing it out on them. If like the flu shot, you can still get the flu so might be the same for this NEW vaccine.

    4. Be grateful USA citizens are not being used as guineapigs. UK has threatened to start with the BAME communities, but when they said they did not want to be guinea pigs on a fst-tracked highly experimental mRNA vaccine, they tuirned on the elderly, and now the NHS staff members. Avoid it totally, and pray it does not become mandatory. Not one of these hastily prepared concoctions is anywhere near ready for use, nor is any one of them actually necessary, now the COIVD-19 is well and truly over, with known cheap effective treatments available. Build up your immune systems with Vit D, zinc, and Vit C. Take HCQ prophylactically if you are concerned, or in the early stages should you actually get it.

      1. Amen Dr. But know that this is all prepping the people for the mark of the beast, which will be forced Sunday worship to the beast, rather than to God the Creator on His holy 7th day sabbath, the 4th commandment.. First, no buying or selling without a mask, then next without taking a poisonous, gene altering vaccine, and then unless you rest and worship on Sunday rather than Saturday, the Mark of the beast, which is the Catholic Papacy/ Vatican/, Pope.. If I took the vaccine, it would be defiling my body, which God prohibits, so I will not take it. But I’m sure that means I won’t be able to buy or sell then without showing proof of vaccination. Guess I’d better get my garden in order so I can have some fresh fruits and vegetables next summer..

    5. The FDA President or the head should be fired instantly this is a disgrace I just today lost a dear friend to Covid GET OFF YOUR REAR END FDC AND HELP US !!!!!!

    6. The UK is pretty much third world now with the flood of refugees. And in any case lets see what a disaster the shot is before we go injecting ourselves with the corona virus. Id rather it be tested properly. They didn’t have enough time to properly test it to begin with so this will be the test run. Let them do it and thin the heard. I wont be getting one regardless. Its so funny everyone is so terrified of the respiratory flu that they are going to inject themselves with it to be safe from it.

      1. Shawnae, I hope you realize that if you Don’t get a vaccine, then Amazon, airlines, grocery stores, etc, will Not let you buy or sell, unless you can show proof of vaccination.. Are you ready to live without a grocery store? The next step after this will be a Sunday law in the name of Climate Change, and the Common Good, but this law is also the Mark of the Beast, which is the Catholic Papacy/Vatican/Pope.. This law will become forced Sunday worship to the Beast, rather than 7th day sabbath worship to God the Creator. See the 4th Commandment, Ex. 20:8-11, on how to keep the sabbath day holy..

      2. First, no buying or selling without a mask, then next without taking a poisonous, gene altering vaccine, and then unless you rest and worship on Sunday rather than Saturday, the Mark of the beast, which is the Catholic Papacy/ Vatican/, Pope.. If I took the vaccine, it would be defiling my body, which God prohibits, so I will not take it. But I’m sure that means I won’t be able to buy or sell then without showing proof of vaccination. Guess I’d better get my garden in order so I can have some fresh fruits and vegetables next summer..
        Are you ready to live without a grocery store because you won’t take the vaccine? How deep is your faith in Jesus, that He will sustain you if you worship and obey Him, rather than the Beast/Satan/the world? Are you prepared to be a Martyr for God if necessary?
        We are seeing Satan’s last days effort to keep all he can from being saved.
        Rev. 12:17 says, “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. The woman is God’s church,/ commandment keeping people, and the Remnant are those like the original church, which kept the commandments, including the 4th commandment, Sabbath rest and worship..
        Don’t be deceived by Politics, or a Sunday keeping church. Satan is the prince of this world, and he is in charge of what happens here, using the Catholic church system as his army, to persecute God’s people, those who keep the commandments, and have the Faith of Jesus.. How is Your Faith?

    7. UK started before America because they don’t have our democrats attempting to slow everything to get Biden credit for saving America. we all know better.

      1. I will not take the vaccine. I saw them lasso a man in Africa screaming the only words in English “ No White man medicine” he was crying and screaming in his native tongue but I clearly heard as they had him wrapped in a rope. They held the man down and gave him the injection. If this was something that was good this wouldn’t be happening.

    8. It didn’t say the UK was a third world country. It said since the UK has approved this vaccine before the FDA then they are having a 3rd world knee jerk reaction OR the FDA is bureaucratic, red tape keeping the vaccine from us.

    9. You are welcome to the vaccine – I am in the UK and will not be having it. They want to experiment on UK citizens before they think it is safe for the USA – EU likewise. Britons are not stupid (well some are – those that take it)

    10. I new it, they will send the vaccine to another place. Is part of their plan. They want people to dye. That’s what is happening with the lockdowns. They care about themselves with the idiology of power and money, not about the people. The same with the lockdownd where this coronavirus is politicized. Just wait, this is the beginning. USA payed for the vaccine and others will get it first. What adisgrace!!! Shameful. They have no shame because they have no conscience.

  2. It sure looks like the FDA is in bed with the Left. Get use to it they will destroy America to save another country and we will pay for it. You know darn good and well all them upper people have already had the shot they do not care about us and never have. Get ready this is just the start of things to come.

    1. Remember the drug companies called Biden BEFORE talking to Trump after completing the vacine. Biden wants to control the distribution of the vacine so he can give to his best supporters and then tell them they owe him their life.

  3. Give us our vaccine now!!! It’s already been tested and proven to have no lasting side effects! You are killing people, you stupid bureaucrats!!

    1. Rushed through in the UK without the usual 10 year test to make sure no long term side effects. THey are experimenting with the lives of UK citizens – be thankful that you are not the guinea pigs – I, for one, will not be having it. I am a UK citizen and on the vulnerable list – you are welcome to mine.

  4. It’s possible they’re letting MIKEY try it first and watch the response and side effects first before they let us get it. It’s just possible that might be a POSSIBLY GOOD THING in the long run. MAYBE!

  5. This is politics as usual. Shameful! Never USA first even though we taxpayers pay the Bill! Trump will be sorely missed

  6. FDA working with UN and DEMOCRAT to destory AMERICA! Time to bring these people down! It was AMERICANS Taxpayers money that was USE. Who in the hell think they are? Sounds like a plan Obama was using to discredit Trump. Man do we need a CIVIL WAR AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT WHO ARE DISGRACE OUR COUNTRY AND LIVE! NOW WE KNOW WHO IS THE TYRANNY GOVERNMENT IS. I BET THESE POLITICAN WHO ARE DEMOCRAT TRYING TO TURN US INTO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. LOCK AND LOAD!

    1. Ya better be sure who controls the military before you or anyone ‘locks and Loads’ against the government. Otherwise you will be ‘pushing up daisies’ by the end of the day.

  7. I think it’s a good idea! Let other countries have it first. We been played and made so afraid of this 99% percent survivable virus that now we are begging for something that has not went thru the normal years of testing. If something goes wrong Americans could be spared a lot of unknown side effects. I won’t take it anyway. I’ve heard too many bad things associated with the ingredients. I’ll not put aborted fetus tissue in my body. I don’t consume human beings!

  8. If you wanted this vaccine you should have made sure Trump won. The commie demorats did all they could do and pulled it out. They stole the election and will steal our technology and too bad for us we let it happen right under our noses. I hope all the deaths were worth it. So much for America first. Thanks Demorats and the FDA, another commie run organization.

    1. “you” should have….? Are you not part of this nation? Although what you say has some truth, you don’t get a pass. The failures began years ago when nothing was done when all this started. The left can be commended for trickery, dishonesty, fraud and treason… and they diligently worked it in their favor. Winning at all costs is not winning, but tyranny! As a nation, when we allowed immorality to charge in under the guise of political correctness, that just made it easier to look the other way…. thinking… “surely they would not go that far”.

  9. If we get them now, it would be thanks to Trump. BUT if we get them in February it will thanks to Biden . This is all the work of the hypocrisy of the left !!!!!i

  10. President Trump is the best president America has ever had. His intentions are all good. However, the people behind these vaccines have an agenda (I have researched from several angles) and the vaccines are not only unsafe to put it mildly, but YOU NEED TWO DOSES TO GET A SUPPOSED PROTECTION THAT LASTS A FEW MONTHS!
    RESEARCH IT! You are better off developing antibodies naturally or taking hydroxy chloroquine/zinc than exposing yourself to the monkey RNA and micro-transmitters (that they can communicate with much like your automatic vacuum cleaner that you can control through your phone), as well as other “healthy” ingredients in the vaccines. Do your research. May G-d protect us.

    1. My 72 year young wife has been suffering from Lupus, diagnosed back in 1992. Neither has it been a fun filled road. Having to radically change our lifestyle and avoid sunlight and its UV Ray’s was a must. Otherwise, her bodies systems can fail. However, after learning how sophisticated Lupus is as a highly complex disease; because as we quickly learned,

      Not All Rheumatologist’s are versed on it. Misdiagnosed, b one MD, who, first treated her, on long-term high, dosage of steroids. Out of the clear blue, he took her off without decreasing over time as FDA prescribes it must be done. Doing so added a new problem of uncontrolled massive weight gain, 120 lbs. and to date has never been able to be reversed. One day our Ear nose, throat M.D. who ordered blood work which clearly identified she did suffer from SLE, happened to bump into his rheumatologist who made a comment saying that ” I don’t believe Mrs.XXXXX has LUPUS.

      Our E.N.T. knew otherwise. He immediately called us and said in no uncertain terms: ” Get to another Rheumatologist ASAP. Word’s I will never forget. We did.

      After another full work-up, m dear wife was put back on prednisone administered properly.
      She was weaned upward and downward over nearly a year, properly.

      Here’s where another med was added to her long list of meds. Hydroxy chloroquine/zinc was prescribed by the new Rheumatologist ( also a Professor @ University at Buffalo Jacob’s School of Medicine. He teaches and studies with future doctors in the Rheumatoid, Immune Systems. Western New York is blessed to have such leader’s.

      Bottom line is that my dear wife was placed on the not well known medication Hydroxy chloroquine/zinc for over 20 years. Now during his pandemic m wife has been blessed with the facts that she has had no signs whatsoever of Covid-19. SHe wears a mask, washes hands, takes her meds, has taken Covid testing and Praise God, results for both of us have been negative.

      All I can say that the evidence is clear. Hydroxy chloroquine/zinc does work. As for the media’s “fake lying news” needs to either act responsible, or get fired.

      When vaccine is released, it will be a life saver. Brought to America’s people by Our President. Who does work for “We the People.”

      President #45. Promise’s Made, Promise’s Kept !

  11. It appears the FDA is withholding the vaccine from Americans for purely political reasons.
    The FDA is not scientifically examining the process that was used to make the vaccines or for previous (in testing) results. No, it has nothing to do with the vaccine’s safety and everything to do with politics, i.e., the left’s efforts to harm President Trump.

  12. I’ve not been convinced – never was – that the vaccine is safe. Who are the watchdogs on that angle of this development?

  13. The swamp strikes again! This is total bullcrap. As usual, our lazy, overpaid government workers will meet next week to discuss the approval. You sorry individuals. It’ll only get worse if sleepy creepy joe takes over. OMG we’re screwed!

  14. If anyone saw the Protest at the bar in Staten Island last night you know we are RIGHT ON THE EDGE of revolution against the power-mad Left. Lockdowns and no vaccine are to force submission to the State. Say it with me now: “F**K YOU”! The President’s support is climbing daily.

  15. Worked in and around the Washington idiots for 35 years. There job goal is to hang on until retirement. Screw the American people. $$$ is what they are there for. FDA and its associated sub-agencies is one of the worst and always has been. We need a complete gutting of all federal agencies and start over again with new blood and people on staff who swear an oath to the American citizens, no matter what poltical beliefs.

  16. Let Americans die…just so Biden gets credit. Absolutely ridiculous …clean the swamp. Americans are noting the Democrats eyes!

  17. I agree with Doc Pat let the lymies be the Guines in this rather than we the people. We tho do pay and get the soc stuffed down our throats while others get the sweet tea.

  18. American tax dollars and Trump’s warp speed program lead to the fastest development of a vaccine in history, and yet our FDA leaders choose to snub their approval because G-d forbid they might look bad allowing the vaccine developed under the Trump administration to be approved to save American lives! Are our scientists that much smarter then other world renowned scientists, that the British approve the vaccine in one day and our “scientists” sit on their asses and play with our lives for nothing other then political reasons? The FDA has outlived it’s usefulness if they can’t put saving lives above their own political agenda! What a disgrace to knowingly allow another country to start vaccinating their masses with a vaccine our taxpayer dollars paid for! No matter how hard they try, America knows under whose watch the vaccine was developed! What a shameful, sinister act the FDA has committed!

  19. I love my country, but do NOT trust my government. There is no way I’m going to get one of those shots. How can I know what is in them. Let the politicians be the first in line.

  20. NWO. Now you are on the Right Track! Gutless Republicans! First they lose the WH, No more Republican Presidents! Next No more Republican Senators and SOON No more Republican Congressmen! They are such a Stupid and Incompetent Lot! No wonder the Democrats have No Respect for them! They are Not Respectable and their own Constituents CAN NOT Trust them!

    1. Robert: You are one of the sheep and have spoken. To those of you who voted for Biden. You have better own it for the next four years if he wins. I don’t want to hear you complain about your taxes going up or gas prices doubling. I don’t want you to complain when your health insurance cost go up even further than they already are. Don’t complain when you bring home less on your paycheck because you’re being penalized for climate justice. Don’t complain when you lose your job because 15 million illegal immigrants suddenly become legal and your employer decides to hire someone at a lower wage. Don’t complain when your job is just out right eliminate because the minimum wage is too high and your employer can no longer afford to stay open or even pay you. Don’t complain when your automotive or industrial job is eliminated because its shipped back to China. Don’t complain when interest rates double or even triple and home/automobiles are not as affordable as they used to be. Don’t complain when your stock and 401k take a massive hit. Don’t complain when we are locked into more endless wars in the middle east. Don’t complain when otherwise safe communities are overrun by crime and start resembling Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Baltimore. Don’t complain when the educational system goes down and higher education becomes un-affordable. You obviously didn’t vote your paycheck or your future. You voted your feelings. Unfortunately facts don’t care about your feelings and you will soon (sadly) learn this under Biden/Harris administration. Just own it!!! And if you do complain? I must say: “I told you so…suck it up, your doing “. Also when the new administration makes a play for all of our legally owned weapons, don’t look to me for support, safety, or compliance because I will be busy defending my family, home, and fighting to death defending my GOD GIVEN 2nd amendment rights…

  21. Who controls the Parma??? WHO and Democrats, Biden said he was going to make sure others got it first not us, they are still trying to kill us. Time to shut them down. Biden needs to go and so does his corrupt administration.

  22. All political parties should work together, starting now, to build our country back by getting busy—building factories and businesses of all kinds for jobs to quick start our economy. Time is being wasted by watching TV, media sites and sitting around doing nothing while letting government move in the wrong direction. We have elected the wrong people to guide us.

  23. Why would anyone in the US be against this? Do you want to be a guinea pig? In fact, you should be very suspect of any coronavirus vaccine. It is really not needed and will not do much good. Of course there will be much fake news about its effectiveness.

    1. All true, and like the flu vaccine change each year as to it’s effectiveness for that year. We are in a great mess. I am still she’ll shocked as to how this virus grew so fast and so widely spread around the world. Strange.

  24. The disgrace would be if the FDA failed to get the evidence from the Pharmas producing these “Miracle Vaccines” regarding what the side effects that are known to date from these Vaccines. Doctors are calling on this information, but to date it has not been given.

    The FDA meetings should investigate this before approval. Genetic defects from meds has occurred in hastily approved meds in the past. Let’s let the Brits, European, African, and Asian countries where governments approve these become the place where mass use builds Herd Immunity and determine how safe these Vaccines really are.

    The FDA needs to determine if tracking elements will be given when the vaccines are administered. Bible believers will reject the vaccines if trackers are involved since the threat will be that it might be the Mark of the Beast warned of in the Book of Revelation. That Mark of the Beast is evidence that the receiver trusts more in their salvation by the world’s governments then God’s mark on those that trust in His Salvation in the Sacrificial Death of Jesus on the Cross.

    Those that trust their eternal life by accepting Jesus’ gift of His Sinless Life are marked by God so noting their faith. It is a Vaccination of sorts received from God that will keep believers from Eternal Punishment from the Lake of Fire.

  25. OH this country needs Major changes, These old blood needs to GO NOW! Proper decisions need to be made for the good of the people!

  26. Bill Gates
    Dec 1
    I’m inspired by Quarraisha Abdool Karim and
    . They are two of the most respected HIV/AIDS researchers in the world. And now they are helping guide the COVID-19 response in South Africa and around the globe. https://gatesnot.es/3ls42PA #WorldAIDSDay

  27. Sounds as though there are “too many cooks in the kitchen” in developing this vaccine. Bill Gates: wonder if he has been inoculated with Covid vaccine,,,

  28. When we look at all the drugs that have been fast tracked, in recent years, and the manufacturers that are now being sued, this is probably not a bad thing. Just because a vaccine or medicine doesn’t show short term side effects dies not mean there aren’t any side effects at all. Only time will tell about that. If the UK is willing to make guinea pigs out of its citizenry, that’s their business. I prefer a safe than sorry attitude, especially considering the virus is NOT that deadly to the under 60 crowd.

  29. The FDA is a TOTALLY ANTI AMERICAN organization. They enjoy watching Americans die. The earlier example was their denial of the use of a drug combination used world wide to save people from the Chinese Communist Party virus. The treatment had many success reports even one from the Ford Hospital in Detroit yet these murderers in the FDA said it was severely restricted in the USA. That treatment regime was Z pack, Zinc and hydroxychloroquine Now they are intentionally slow walking the approval of a vaccine American tax payers have funded. Every manager and bureaucrat in the organization needs to be fired if not brought up on criminal charges. Yes there are sites out there that deny any benefit from the regime. We have individual testimony of people in the USA who had 1 foot in the grave from CCP virus that were given the regime and lived to describe the recovery. Even if there are some side effects they beat the hell out of the death! Have we stopped speaking or standing up for ourselves and just become lemmings??????? If so the vaccine and anything else does not matter.

  30. “We The People” who pay all of these people to tell us how to run us and our country, need to learn, WE pay them, they DO NOT PAY US. It is time we got united and not divided and start to stand up for our rights, and I don’t see any of us doing it!! We sit and watch TV, play video games, drink, instead of being “We The People” we just sit around and talk about and do nothing to make things happen. To hell with the virus, I know and you all know that President Trump was the one who did the work, and we need him back now, I am telling you, with Biden we will see a big bloodbath, and we will turn in a 3rd country. So why are we all sitting here instead of doing something about this instead of saying stuff that won’t change anything. LET’S STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR US!! I am tired of paying old dumb asses to run our country and not give a damn about “We The People” It is only going to get worse with Biden in there and Nancy Pelosi and her mouth. We are in a very bad situation.

  31. What’s new? This is the FDA that prevents the use of “experimental” drugs to those on their deathbed because the treatment isn’t FDA approved. Of course, they aren’t the ones on the deathbed. Hahn is the consummate government bureaucrat where his corner office becomes a moated castle with a sanctimonious drawbridge. No one is asking to have drugs approved by throwing darts at a wall chart, but stopping a fire truck for speeding while it is on the way to put out a fire is asinine. To people like Hahn, the FDA and CDC are the “gold standard” – well, the Olympics wasn’t held this year, but if it had been, given the performance of these two organizations during this pandemic, you can bet neither would be on the podium.

  32. Biden takes over in January, he takes the so called virus shot and Harris too, but it won’t be the real Covid shot!! It will only be a shot of H2O!! Am I stupid to think they getting the real shot, heeeeee heeee hee!!! Americans, don’t fall short of being stupid of the Communist Democrats, because they want to kill everyone off!!

  33. It was a wonderful feeling to be proud of our country and here america first , 4 great years!!! Now we’re back to making china happy. Trump wasn’t fighting for just the election, he gave us one more, america first, moment. It’s sad that cnn brainwashed people into voting for 2 self-absorbed pieces of shit that only care about there $

  34. What a travesty of justice! The damn FDA bureaucrats should have their pay/salary withheld until they approve it for us (who paid for it)!!

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