Fed Liars Finally Admit US Capitol Was Evacuated Due to Pipe Bomb Threat

Nothing that the repressive Biden regime and their media lapdogs have told us about the January 6th protests has turned out to be true. Remember those dramatic videos of Representatives fleeing to their bunker that day? They fled like little cowards with anti-COVID plastic baggies over their heads and diarrhea streaks running down the backs of their legs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still in therapy over it, because she was “in a war.” Now we’ve learned that the Capitol was not evacuated because of the peaceful pro-Trump protesters at all. It was because of the pipe bomb left at the RNC.

Remember the pipe bombs? Some masked individual pre-staged pipe bombs in front of the RNC headquarters and the DNC headquarters in DC on the night of January 5th. The FBI has released surveillance video of the person who supposedly did this. But they don’t seem to be awfully interested in finding him.

The FBI kicked in the door of a couple from Alaska a few months ago – but it turned out that the woman they were trying to arrest was a completely different person. They’ll travel to the frozen north to try to catch “insurrectionists” even if it’s based on bad information. But the pipe bomb guy seems to have slipped past the dragnet.

Nancy Pelosi’s private police force – the US Capitol Police – were called to the RNC building at 12:52 p.m. on January 6th when an RNC staffer discovered the bomb. The DNC pipe bomb wasn’t found until about an hour later. Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testified before a joint Senate committee this week and admitted that the RNC pipe bomb was the reason why two (and only two) buildings in the Capitol complex were evacuated.


Here’s the exchange when Sund was being questioned by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK):

Lankford: “So the assault on the Capitol is not what caused the evacuations of those buildings? The discovery of those pipe bombs is what caused those?”

Sund: “That is correct.”

Now, wait a second!

I thought the Capitol was evacuated because the buffalo horns guy and the model in the Captain America costume waving a Qanon flag were going to kidnap Mike Pence with zip ties and execute him because this was such a well-organized attack that had been planned with a LEGO set by the Proud Boys or something.

It actually makes sense that they would evacuate Members of Congress because of a bomb found right across the street at the RNC headquarters. Why did it take seven months for the feds to tell the truth about that? Oh, right. Because we’re holding the peaceful pro-Trump protesters in dank cages in DC for another year in violation of all of their civil liberties in order to pretend that January 6th was an insurrection. And isn’t it fascinating that the Capitol Police evacuated the Representatives to protect them from a potential bomb – but not the citizens who were there protesting? I guess All Lives Don’t Matter.

(Total side note, but WTF, Senator Lankford? “Assault on the Capitol?” These limp-wristed fairies in the Republican Party who cannot stand up for their own political base, and who insist on calling January 6th an “assault” or an “attack,” are driving me insane.)

At least some of the judges are starting to call BS on the Biden regime’s refusal to release more than 14,000 hours of surveillance footage from that day. At a detention hearing last week for a high school history teacher who walked into the US Capitol on January 6th, Judge G. Michael Harvey asked the Biden-appointed US Attorney a key question: “Why haven’t I seen the video yet?”

The prosecutor told the judge he can’t see the US Capitol Police video because it’s sensitive. Uh huh. The history teacher’s attorney says the video actually exonerates his client, who has no criminal record whatsoever and who didn’t hurt anyone on January 6th as the government claims.

You might be wondering how that history teacher is supposed to get a fair trial if the government won’t even show the judge the video of what they claim he did. Great question!

Judge Harvey ordered the government to turn over the video immediately. And for good measure, he informed the US Attorney that he’s going to immediately release the video to the public. Good for him! It’s too bad the rest of the peaceful protesters who are being tortured by the Biden regime can’t get the same judge for their cases.

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108 thoughts on “Fed Liars Finally Admit US Capitol Was Evacuated Due to Pipe Bomb Threat”

  1. The Democrat will do anything to blame Trump for the January 6th and anyone else who gets in their way but 2022 and2024 isn’t far off .

    1. Anyone still reg. as a democrat needs to be ashamed of them selves.
      Many republicans aren’t as good as citizen as I want but placing them next to what the democrats do makes them look like halo wearers.

      1. For one thing, by their own admittance, Democrats are really Marxist Communist! They just don’t want to admit it.

      2. That’s why Nancy didn’t want any good republicans on the committee because they know of so many videos that are not being shown. And if they are shown it will prove the BIG LIE that the Dems are pushing. You want to prosecute someone but the judge can’t see the video because it’s sensitive? If I were the judge I’d throw all the cases out. They only want to play the one sided game yet. Just like the impeachment’s.

      3. Weaponizing the F.B.I. for political purposes by the D.N.P. was a grave mistake as the federal officers used in what appears to be a STING could end their careers and land the democrat rats in prison—-and forever bury the FAKE NEWS.

    2. 2022 cannot come fast enough. This country is turning into a “shithole” thanks to Bxkjien and the worthless communist Ho

  2. I find it thoroughly disgusting that these American citizens are still in jail. Why is no one protesting the treatment of these people. American’s should be up in arms and our representatives should be helping these people get out of jail!!

    1. Amen!!! I have been saying the same thing. I can’t believe we are letting those people rot in jail who had the balls to stand up for our rights!! I’m not talking about anyone who committed violence or vandelism. Anyone who did that deserves punishment as long as the rioters on the left are getting the same treatment. But we all know they are not!! But many people who are in jail are being jailed just for being there and it is our house, we pay for it!!! so how can they be called trespassers?

      1. Dodi, you’re absolutely correct. Congress never seems to remember that that entire building belongs to We The People. Congress seems to forget that We keep it in tip top shape, so they have a place to sit and make up the lies they tell Us. Congress forgets that We are their bosses, We pay them handsomely, but they are merely Our employees. We have the right to fire them at any time, for any or no reason. They tell Us that they are in charge, but that’s a lie. We have the final word, and the way they have been misbehaving lately makes Me think they need to sent to bed early, with no supper.

    2. If someone would organize a protest for that reason I would participate. But the fake news media and big tech would sensor such an effort I’m positive

    3. Exactly!!!!
      Those people are being treated like the worst criminals ever, and no Republican has the courage to do anything to try to at least speed up that so called
      “ investigation” done by those corrupt, crooked FBI ?
      People must be able to see those tapes, we need to know who and why shot that woman, we need to know why the police in charge with the Capitol was told to “ stand down” ???
      We have lots of questions and all they do now is to drag this investigation for another 2-3 years, put lots of people in jail for just participating to a peaceful rally.
      Meanwhile, Antifa and BLM marxist thugs caused damages of hundreds of billions, killed innocent people and they are all free, buying “ mansions” left and right …, outrageous!!!!!


    5. I feel exactly the same way They are being treated as political prisoners It’s disgusting and surely their civil liberties are being denied . Someone with pull needs to step in . And the FBI or whoever is holding the video footage needs to release it because there are too many lies

      1. The dog-born democrats who are holding these people in dungeons think they are the Gestapo or the KGB when they are nothing more than little people trying to get to the top of the pile of $hit that makes up the democrat party. As for the FBI, as an 80-year-old Patriot, I’m speechless on how low the agency has sunk. I know a few men who have served in the FBI and are now retired who are hesitant to admit they were once Feds.

    6. If no justice by the legal people soon, the American people who care about the country should get directly involved. Same goes at the border. We need a couple million people to go there snd intervene a little!!

    7. Call your Senators and Representatives offices until they get off their duffs and demand that these individuals are freed from jail. And while you’re at it demand a full accounting of what they are hiding from us about that day. I want to see the film that they won’t release!!! Are we living in a free country still? Sure looks like the Dems are working toward a Nazi-like government. I’m hearing they want people to report on anyone who differs with them. Looks like Soros may win in this battle. He sure turned in his family and friends to the Nazism and now wanting to do the same here.

    8. I think those in jail should be replaced with Piglosi, Schumer, Schiff and other demorats that keep this lie afloat. They did in fact break the law.

  3. What you heard is what you got. There is no way that the person carrying the P. Bombs is not known, just no way. Reminded me also of the pile of Propane Tanks with the wood to burn them with, did a mouse in the house just snort them, bet not and they never have been mentioned again and why, you know why, they know who, what, when, where, why all about where they came from and who put them there.
    One thing not handled yet, will be a real Dictator for our USA back one day, and you also see daily how it was all done. It is so hard as an Citizen of the greatest county in the world to see what they want to give up to have nothing. Boy what their ancestors will say one day, and banish them, for sure for what no real words can describe their sadistic ways.
    Your towns cities, not hit yet, don’t worry, as long as you have any DDROTC in charge of them, you are going to have it passed on.
    Would you enjoy New Years Eve this year in the what was greatest City of the Times. If you value your real life, I would never go to my birth city ever again and sad for the families I have there now, to see all the W’s destroy it.
    AT 80, I hope to see the end of the end of destruction to our country, and see those responsible suffer for it. That is something not me, but they pushed my buttons and where I wanted all to win both sides, I think they made me a dark shadow to follow and hope theirs is the end they wished for. THEM!

    1. Us children born in 1941 and turning 80 in 2021 have seen our country through a lot but never did any of us dream we would see the complete breakdown of our beloved USA. Whatever it takes to rid our country of the filth now running things need to happen.

      1. I’m 63 and ready to bring arms 2nd A. against them because it’s way past political resolve! It is a National threat of Controlled terrorism. Soon we will see.

  4. Theory; pipe bomb was planted by antifa a-holes just as the instigators in the crowd were also antifa, probably with the support of some very shady leftists!! How am I doing so far?

    1. I’d say that probability is closer to the truth than anything the government or the media re trying to float. They have no problem flying to some state and arresting someone who happened to be in the parking lot talking on their cell phone after the capitol visit 2 weeks later but can’t pick up the person who placed the pipe bombs thats on video.

      1. You have to remember we are depending on a corrupt FBI. The upper echelons of the bureau are now where the communist party of the ’40s and ’50s had planned. The party made no bones about the fact that they had all the time in the world but they would eventually take over our democracy.

        1. FBI. They are proving to be the criminals who are promoting insurrection on the public.

          What say you Wray?? An FBI that orchestrated a kidnapping and participates then brutalized his wife!! Nice recruiting you fool. And still no punishment for the Russia Russia fraud and many more catastrophic things that have happened that you people knew about and could have prevented .

      1. My thinking all along; Pel. & Sch. knew about the Peaceful Protesters March and figured it would a perfect setup to blame Trump. Why did Pel. refuse to allow Nat’l Guard protection when Trump asked for it? Interesting timing that “all hell broke loose” when first protester
        (Alabama) and legal counsel were ready to protest; then, soon after, Pel.continued the legal
        process without any controversy.????

        1. That was my first thought…why would pelosi deny PRESIDENT TRUMP’s request for 10,000 extra National guards when I heard that I knew something was up….

    2. Yes, you are right. Antifa website told members to wear Trump clothes and infiltrate the group. They invited 4 other groups to join, BLM, Proud Boys , Oath keepers , Insurgents USA Members of these groups were arrested that day. .

    3. Totally agree with you, Sir !!!!
      Everything was preplanned by Pelosi and the rest of the marxist gang !!!!!!
      1000% true !!!!!

      1. You are all correct! But the leftist media is not, and will not, tell the truth to the American people!
        The media spread the lie that President Trump was responsible, and the stupid sheep Democrats believe every word!
        AND keeping the January 6th riot in front of the media, distracts from the actual agenda of the left socialists…to turn the United States to communism.

    4. Yes it was Antifa and FBI informants There was even a video of an Antifa supporter John Sullivan at the Capitol and he was released How in the heck was he released and innocent citizens sitting in jail This is BS. Someone needs to step up for these citizens that went to the rally because they support Trump and after went to the Capitol and were actually invited into the Capitol. I saw it with my own eyes on TV.

    5. We know that there was 20 people excused that took part in the riots, but the FBI refuses to identify them. It is believed they are FBI agents or informants used to start the rioting. All this was reported on Tucker Carlton’s program.

    6. I think you are wrong, I believe the FBI had antifa or blm do the dirty work of the pipe bomb.

  5. This is something that should have NEVER happened…..The truth of the Events on Jan. 6th.
    should have been told …..Right Away. !! This goes to show the American People that the Politicians along with the Worst President and Vice President in the History of this Country – HIDE THE TRUTH, DON’T TELL THE TRUTH, AND THEN THIS WILL OCCUR AND FLOW RIGHT OVER INTO THEIR IMPORTANT WORK FOR THE COUNTRY…..WHICH THEY ARE NOT DOING…. “FOR THE PEOPLE”…..SO, WE NOW WE DEAL WITH SOME REAL LOSERS…..FOR OUR LEADERS OF THIS COUNTRY….SO, PATHETIC. ! !

    1. I absolutely agree It’s so upsetting and then to see that this Country was doing well and now under this feckless administration we are going downhill fast

      1. Biden IS demented and should be in a home to take care of him. I guess Jill likes being First Lady – for now.
        It is Elder Abuse to trot him out periodically to show how dismal his mental acuity is.

        1. The FBI must release the video from January 6.
          WHY do they insist on hiding it from the public?
          What is there?

          1. To Mary Nelson !

            What’s in there ???
            The truth !
            And according to our new FBI ( Gestapo ) we are not allowed to see it, too sensitive!!!

  6. Leftist colluders created and orchestrated the January 6th false flag riot in D.C., the fraudulent theft of the 2020 election, and the Open Borders chaotic unvetted migrant nightmare at our nation’s southern border. Our nation’s no longer trustworthy law enforcement agencies — the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Homeland Security, the U.S. Supreme Court, the various and seditious intel agencies, and the Democrats and RINOs in Congress — are all willingly complicit and are the well-paid, secretly bribed, and/or blackmailed seditious partners of the CCP and other anti-America factions. Pogo was right — We have seen the enemy and he is us. God save America.

    1. You are so right, Eloise !!!

      America is being destroyed from within, exactly according to the communist’s prediction!

      The enemies are all among us and they’ve been planning this for at least 30 years, step by step !!
      The infiltration started by the so called “ professors “
      in the universities who indoctrinated our kids, with the venom of their agenda , also, the media, where almost 90% are America haters, marxists, Hollywood,
      full of Marxists, supporters of Castro and Chavez…
      Unfortunately, the American people didn’t take them seriously, and now we live with the consequences .

      Even in 2008 when Hussein O. ( the Trojan horse infiltrated into the WH) told us that he was going to
      “ fundamentally transform America “, nobody ever asked him what he meant by that !!!!

      Now, we know, he is one of the puppeteers pulling the strings to keep this “ administration “ on doing their
      marxists agenda…

      At this point, only God knows if this country could be saved anymore …
      If not, our kids and grandkids would unfortunately find out how “ great” the communist paradise feels like , and nobody will ever be able to reverse it …
      Look at Cuba , Venezuela, lots of ex communists countries in Europe which suffered the horrors of the dictatorship under their communists regimes for 50 or 60 years !!!!

  7. The corruption runs so deep it’s unbelievable . Those being charged and jailed are the scapegoats for the democrats narrative!

    1. The jail time, w/o charges, is designed to make these and those who watch them suffer at the hands of the marxists, fear for their own vulnerability at the hands of government power. These people are going to be financially ruined for no reason other than the government trying to show their ability to destroy real Americans because “We the People” are not united, and they are know it.

    1. We know who killed Ashley babbot he’s under protection… Private protection security for someone in that meeting…some say it was pence’s security…gun left in bathroom…you can see him in related photos… that’s him…do research creativity God bless Ashley n her family… JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED….ALL PLANNED

      1. Maybe the government will make a 9-foot bronze statue of Ashley Babbitt and give her family 27 million dollars. The lowlife democrats have allowed all of this BS to go on and actually stoked the flames. The dumbocrats are too stupid to understand they are going to be in the sinking ship USA along with the rest of Real Americans.

    2. Forgot to mention he was black…you see what happens to white cops… another double standard… white cops info gets released immediately n they n their families are put in direct harm… judgment made immediately before the investigation… Double standard

  8. Just shows that the Democrats will never be trusted by the people of the United States Government. Because they are afraid that the people need them to survive my butt . They just want to control us and say what we can do and can’t do. I hope that the Democrats roast in hell for their lies and bullshit.

    1. Unfortunately, by the time they will “ roast in hell for their lies and bullshit”, our country will become a communist dictatorship and finally, the sheeple who trusted them to be put in power, will find out how great the “ communist paradise” feels like …
      Also, if after a while, the sheeple would understand what’s going on, it will be too late to reverse the destruction done to the country !
      Once they get the power, the commies would never-
      ever give it up !!!!!

      1. The old adage apply’s here, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”

      2. It’s taken 62 years for the people of Cuba to realize they have been shat upon this entire time.

  9. Another demorat trick to blame conservatives for an act that was promoted by the government so called fbi “good” guys. The fbi, doj, and biden goons are disgusting and need to be in jail.

    1. Yes, right! The FBI, one FBI, the next day said that timewise, Trump was 12 minutes before ending his speech, a mile away, when it happened. Now, why hasn’t he reported that Trump is innocent? Even Trump thinks those were his people.

      1. It has not been reported for the very same reason the full video of President Trump’s speech is not shown…leftist media supporting the socialist left!
        Even during the last ‘impeachment’, when President Trump’s attorney showed the video three (3) times…the Democrats refused to acknowledge the full speech! (D) Jamie Raskin still refuted the facts on live television in front of the entire congress! It was disgraceful.

        1. The democrats have relied on the low information voter ever since the start of the ’60s. Not all of them are dumb but rather naive. There’s a reason older Americans lean to the right, it’s called the wisdom of aging. The longer you live the wiser you become.

    2. I am impressed that more and more Ladies are commenting, and sure hope they are armed and ready to protect themselves and loved ones.

  10. Will the truth of the January 06, 2021 be revieiled? Not even with Republican administration in charge. The thrash and the swamp has gotten more polluted by pro communist agents of the democraps. That only a small portion of it can be cleaaned. It will take the power of God to do the rest.

  11. Sorry to reiterate, but: “At a detention hearing last week for a high school history teacher who walked into the US Capitol on January 6th, Judge G. Michael Harvey asked the Biden-appointed US Attorney a key question: “Why haven’t I seen the video yet?”

    The prosecutor told the judge he can’t see the US Capitol Police video because it’s sensitive. Uh huh. The history teacher’s attorney says the video actually exonerates his client, who has no criminal record whatsoever and who didn’t hurt anyone on January 6th as the government claims.

    You might be wondering how that history teacher is supposed to get a fair trial if the government won’t even show the judge the video of what they claim he did. Great question!”

    A better question is that if there is no presentable evidence, or that the evidence cannot or will not be shown, why didn’t the judge merely dismiss the charges? No evidence, no crime, simple.

    1. Yes we demand to see the video of 1/6 asap n get the people who are being put in jail on trespassing charged politically while murders rapists etc. Illegals n so on n they get released with no charges no bail…what a double standard

    2. The Judge is probably Democrat and working with Pelosi , Schumer and the rest of their criminal cohorts . The Judge must owe some favors to the Democrat Communists & FBI .

    1. No, they are not “ commie fools”, they are commie thugs, and they are all desperate for power over the people!!!!

      1. These common commie fools who are unknowingly helping the agenda of the left are too stupid to realize they will be at the bottom of the pond feeding on the waste if the donkey party succeeds in their endeavor.

        1. I wonder if MSM will be so generous to make Tue. totaly Televised? If not that proves this Is all staged, And suppressed from all public View! It had better be televised. Or This will trigger MASS protest nothing like the, the so called insurrection. I’m apt to beleive this might just cause a depopulation reduction of WH. And. Pentegon, We might have a serious problem. So far they haven’t announced it to be public. And this is more important than any impeachment! This is the judgement of America! America on Trial!

  12. Again another made up story by the Dems. to blame Trump & the Reps. for something they had nothing to do with!! Nancy just so you know, that is the WE THE PEOPLES HOUSE & we are allowed to come in! What liars, I’m telling you folks not a word out of Dems. mouths is true so BEWARE!!

  13. I thought there protest was to stop mike pence from signing off on the voting process ! Democrates lied again . And so did the news media . LIERS !

  14. The whole thing was a set-up by Democrats and there FBI . The pipe bomb was probably a FBI agent or BLM or Antifa that’s why they aren’t interested in looking for the pipe bomber.

  15. This is why the left is kozy with Hollywood. Its not just to look kool and so stars will promote their agenda. Its also because they are actors (not good like Gretta Climate Dramatarian) lol.They are all lousy pitiful actors and they need to stop letting Spielberg wright their scripts. The party of “D” is for Drama, Deceive, Delusional, Dastardly, Dipsh#*s, Devil, Deception, Destruction, etc. I forgot Desperate which has been their state for the last few years. They spun J6 like it was about cheating the vote and Trump called them to action. They came there for the democrats and they believed they where making a last dying effort to save America. They know that the fight for freedom is not over seas but right in our back yard. The inserectionist where in the building when they patriots stormed the castle. I believe what happened that day was our governmnet was overthrown. I believe we are watching a dictator take control but the one talking to the camera is a puppet. He has more dirt on him than they could make up about trump. He is easy to control. The open border issue was a direct attack on America and an act of war. And were is the second virus ? Is it having trouble finding its way out of the lab ? The first one was global in about a month. This one is ten times more contagious and deadly and we have been hearing about it for almost a year. If yall dont think this stuff is planned people have been watching too many B rated movies. They are tripping over their words and backtracking trying to get their stories all inline. Fact checkers are ready to clean up the mess and lead us through this like a tour guide. And on this side CONSERVITIVES dont listen to their lies and do not feed them after midnight or they will destroy democracy and supress voters with cemetary gates. One day we will just Ho Hitler them when nobody is looking .lol

  16. Praise God! Jesus is coming soon!!!! There is no man on earth that can take care of all the chaos that has been done for the last 60 years!!!!! Read Matthew 24 and compare what Jesus told us about the end times to what has been happening!!!! Also read Revelation (the entire book). Then WAKE UP people!

  17. A.O.C. is doing nothing more than carrying on her leftist masquerade. She’s as worthless in a political position as she is a human being.


  19. What has happened to “due process”?! The political fools in D.C. are holding our citizens against their will without due process of the law! This is the norm in lesser countries whose government cares far more about the government than about the nation’s “citizens”. Since when did our nation become this third class, totalitarian nation?! In D.C. especially. The land where the politicos tend to gather and make money at our expense. Our government needs to end this tyrannical charade and release those who are held captive without appropriate charges, at least! Term Limits! We need them. 12 years maximum, any combination of positions! At the end of twelve years they get the boot, a small severance check to provide some assistance for their return to their home of record and a nice little wall plaque or letter for them if they did a good job serving. NO lifelong free healthcare unless all of us citizens have it, no monthly retirement checks, no political perks, nothing but a letter, severance check and a handshake, if warranted. NO MORE PROFESSIONAL POLITICALS!


    MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

  20. Any marxism/socialism/communism promotion is treason. The Constitution professes a creator God. The fore mentioned believes only in the government or man as god. Which is totally in opposition to our form of government, thus treason to promote it.

  21. More and more of Dirtbag Pelosi and her DemoRats’ lies are being exposed. So interesting and convenient that this information regarding the 2 pre-staged pipe bomb discoveries at RNC and DNC Headquarters were not announced to the public and it would be ok if the public were to be harmed. I guess a “Fake Insurrection” would be a better story for both the DemoRats and the Fake News ! Nancy Pelosi definitely should be pissing herself because her time will come soon enough — pokey time or Hell where she needs to spend the rest of her days !!!

  22. For the record, that explains the Propane tanks stacked beside the firewood, shown next day and for some reason no one ever mentioned where they went or who put them there. Well for the Pipe Bombs, GIVE PATRIOTS a BREAK! . We know why we were there, and Pelosi knows too with the rest of the DDROTG you have, and so far the “T” part TERRORIST has keep pushing you to what you see today. FUCK us all, eat bat cream and die, well somehow we will get the Dictator back that was for the people and not their Vendetta’s.
    Yes is the answer to all and when they didn’t arrest that bomb placer, well sorry to say do to him what you would do to any Terrorist Foreign or Domestic, and when all is said and done, our Hero that was shot, well you have that answer too. STAGED and went wrong and she paid the price for being our PATRIOT and again take the shooter down. Some one release his name and you will find help from the cracks. Someone there set it up and DDROTC is the answer (Democratic Domestic Racist Obstruction Terrorist GROUP, now add HAMAS the 5 in the Group. Get them out now, we are coming home (BOB80VA)

  23. It’s becoming more and more obvious that those who protested on Jan. 6th against the corrupt, stolen presidential election are guilty of nothing but wanting honest, fair elections. Biden and his flunkies are the ones who deserve to be rotting in that D.C. jail, not the protesters.

    1. Remember the quote from Joe Biden about he had the best fraud . . . .
      You sure had excellent fraud in place, Joe.

  24. This is exactly why the pitiful,cowardly,pathetic,worthless republicans in the house and the senate should be jumping up and down,screaming,demanding, throwing whatever they can get their hands on, tearing up documents(like piggy’s little fake tantrum) for the truth to come out. This judge can demand until the cows come home but it doesn’t mean a damn thing if he allows the illegitimate communist regime to stall and stall some more. They will just find another judge to overrule this judge and he will all of a sudden disappear. There has been 1 lie after another and the total BS that these so-called representatives need therapy is a total joke. That dirtbag cortez needs therapy when she wasn’t even close to anything that was happening — she is a lying piece of dog excriment.

    1. I just wonder how many people during this discussion have called their Senators and Representatives. I worked in DC for a Senator and took many calls that were reported to the Senator. Often there were SO many that caused the Senator to turn around and do what the people wanted. BUT it takes a LOT of calls and demands that no votes will given them unless they do the will of the people. That’s the only thing they understand – votes.

  25. Ladies and Gentlemen , I think the American citizens of our great Republic, will see WASHINGTON DC. in a whole new light. The FEDS and The CIA have a once in their life time to prove their ligetemacy, and credibility. They have 1 chance to restore, the reason they have their positions. They will be held responsible, and they will be reformed. And the Democrat party does have credible evidence of election fraud against them. The misuse and and abuse of constitutional laws, ceases on JULY27, Tue 2021.

  26. Whatever happened with the laptops that Pelosi and mafia were on line to China? Where are they? Funny how there is no more information about those laptops.

  27. If the 1/6 Committee is honest and does it’s job, and they name people who made booboos on that day, will they name people such as Nancy Pelosi, who runs the Capital Police as her private police force, the Speaker who requested crew-served machine guns for Biden’s swearing in, misinformation from people the Speaker of the House, WH Press Secretary, Sen. Schumer, and even the President himself. So, will the Democrats tell the truth about the matter, and not the truth according to them? Will the Committee name the killer of an unarmed lady? OR, the Committee only going to do what the Speaker of the House orders them to do, be as anti-Trump as possible, make him guilty as hell so he can’t take her job if the Republicans take the House. The question is, “Truth or Lies.” Will it be an honest committee? The Committee hasn’t even started working, and there’s Democrat corruption by not permitting the other Party appointing who they want to the Committee. Tne name of the Committee should be, “Pelosi Hate and Lies Committee.”

  28. Now we find out why the Capital was evacuated! Why did not we know that immediately! It is because the DemocRAT Politicians a criminal organization and the biggest in our history who have a media lying and backing them! We also know ABTIFA was there leading the insurgents! The worst since the civil war Pelosi has said! A complete lying fool who lied to the country for 7 months! She should be charged and put in jail! And nothing done to release her for 6 months!

  29. We poked fun at Joe Mccarthy for being paranoid about Communism,but it looks like he was right. The marxists/Communists now control the Democratic Party,Mainstream Media,and Social media,and they are hell-bent on making the USA (and the world) Totalitarian controlled. It would not surprise me if the Elite Dems really conspired with the Communist/Chinese to unleash the pandemic on the US and the world. Notice,it came in Trump’s last year,when he was running again, and it greatly benefited the Dems and Chinese.

  30. He earned it, he has been a thorn in the side of the people for almost 50 years, and still telling lies as he has done for all that time. I feel no sorrow for him.

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