Georgia Democrats Win Both Runoff Elections to Gain Control of Senate, Immediately Expand their Plans to Change America

Late Tuesday night, media outlets began calling the Georgia Senate runoff races, with Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock defeating Senator Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Jon Ossoff closely defeating Senator David Perdue. The Democrat victories tie the Senate 50-50 between the two major parties, with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris serving as the tiebreaking vote.

The special runoff election ended with conservatives in the minority in the House, a controversial loss to Joe Biden for President, and losing their majority in the Senate, offering the left a new power position to pass damaging big-government legislation in 2021. The wish list of Democrat changes is already in the works as the final Georgia votes are being counted.

What exactly are Democrats most popular bills that are now on the table with their total control of government? Here’s a partial (and terrifying) list of bills they’ll be working on immediately:

-$2k stimulus checks

-Equality Act

-Dream Act for illegals


-Voting Rights Act

-State and local funding

-Green New Deal

-Packing the Supreme Court

-Granting statehood to Washington D.C and Puerto Rico

…the list goes on, and on, and on.

However, these Christmas-like wishes leave out numerous behind-the-headlines issues that would destroy the American way of life. Remember that in the first COVID-19 stimulus plan, over one million stimulus checks were sent to dead Americans, with many checks sent to non-Americans. According to the Foundation for Economic Freedom, the expanded unemployment system lost more to fraud alone than the entire system paid out in 2019.

Doesn’t seem very fair or equal, does it? And speaking of equality, the proposed Equality Act is anything but equal, though it is certainly an act. Fundamentally, the legislation seeks to grant the federal privileges given under civil rights statues to those in the LGBTQ community. While all Americans should be treated equally, this action would move far beyond equality and reclassify sexual orientation and gender identity as civil rights issues, despite the vast differences between ethnicity and sexual orientation or gender identity.


The third area on the list, the Dream Act, includes two key provision. First, it would allow certain immigrant students legal status if they attend college or serve in the military. Second, it would provide taxpayer funded in-state tuition to non-citizens. Giving voting rights and taxpayer dollars to non-Americans will help increase the numbers in the Democrat voting pipeline, but doesn’t sound like a dream to most Americans.

But at least Democrats are willing to send every American $2,000, right? But that was only if Trump and Republicans would agree to their 5,000-page omnibus bill that included a NASCAR tax break of up to $224 million, $40 million to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, $505 million to Central American nations, and “only” $25 million for gender equity and democracy programs in Pakistan (Don’t forget, this is where 9/11 mastermind Bin Laden was found hiding out for years.).

2021 America is in the frightening position of leftist leadership and big government spending beyond the level of any past administration. Now is not the time to run and hide, but to stand and move forward to oppose regulations that will hurt Americans and future generations. The battle has been lost, but a new battle has just begun—one to regain control of the nation’s future for true patriotic Americans.

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141 thoughts on “Georgia Democrats Win Both Runoff Elections to Gain Control of Senate, Immediately Expand their Plans to Change America”

  1. There will never be another election. Only sham elections to rubber stamp the demoscum government. The fraud was posted in plain sight by the demoscum propaganda machine media.

    1. Let just make sure that we take care of our American’s first and formost, The Dream Act for Illegals needs to be put on hold! Americans First!

      1. They’ve been doing EVERY election for DECADES.

        We no longer have the ability to vote in America thanks to the libs and SPINELESS rinos.

        1. I agree 1000% Traveler.
          Sign me: A Proud American Patriot and a retired Combat Veteran. ‘Nam (’68-’69), A Co. 228ASHB, 1st Cavalry Division (AM) Doorgunner. Also served during Desert Storm (Feb 91 – May 91) with the USAF at Nellis AFB.

          Enlisted at 17 into the U.S. Army Dec 20, ’63 and retired from the IdANG Apr 1, ’92 as an E-6. I would do it again because my OATH will never, never expire.

          Served as a 19D30 (Cav Scout): If I’m ever called, I’ll lead the way, Brothers and Sisters! So keep your powder dry and your weapons clean and near at hand!”.

          “SCOUTS OUT!”
          “May the Great Spirit watch over us and guide our steps for all eternity.”

  2. BUCK FIDEN and ALL his minions ! He will be an illegal president ! He will NEVER be my president ! I wish him and every Commie Democrat the absolute worst things in life ! The next time Patriots Storm our Capitol they will be well armed and hopefully they bring enough rope to hang all the Traitors !

    1. And, not but, no one will like anarchy, save one with black belts in aikido, Karati, Kung Fu, Jujitsu and crav maga.

      1. It’s no longer we the people it’s a sad day in America. We won’t be able to vote and churches will be closed be prepared to go underground

    2. Looks like they identified 2 antifa members dressed like Trump supporters storming the capital and then the left wing clowns blame Trump. They are the most corrupted people in the world.

      1. The Media won’t tell us that. They will continue to say it was the Trump Supporters that started the Chaos. It was a peaceful rally…until the outside groups came in to do their dirty work. Democrats refuse to recognize this. It is a sad day for America and there is nothing we can do about it.

        1. And they were escorted in …first on 4 busses escorted by police vehicle , then into the capitol. Luckily many had cameras rolling taking pictures and videos. This is appalling!

      2. They were all antifa idiots that did that stuff , dressed to look like Trump supporters so we got blamed for it and to shame the country…….they had back packs full of clubs and teargas and all kinds of goodies…..the demonrats bought and paid for it to take place in order too discredit Trump … seems to have worked for them….

    3. Why have illegals in America My Family from another country could not just come in with out a visa and Biden Is mentally disturbed It would be like giving our Country to China ?? Time we all come Together as a Country China as Ropped of America enough Obama was a illegal stoke millions of Dollars and we in America have people living on the Streets

    4. I agree with you,I’m not looking forward to what the Democrats are going to do to America.they want to change America.

    5. We need a militia headed by a combat veteran to take down this illegal admin coming in on us. I would serve, even though I have no military experience.

  3. The dems caused an innocent mother to get killed,because of their hatred for President Trump, They are the blame for this.God will get them.They need to pay. I hope their lives fall short.Many of them need to be persicuted.I hope they burn in hell.They know who they are.

  4. I hope the worthless Supreme court justices realize what they have done to America , by not having the guts to investigate the widespread proof of fraud in the contested states, and across the country in general…..They are a joke, and they are there for life,….Supreme is the wrong word for them….it should be Compromised………..

    1. Good point! They didn’t have the backbone to take on an issue that was SO important to America and to the American people.

      1. And the biggest wimp of all is Judas Mike Pence. He alone could have stopped all this. There was plenty of constitutional power for him to only accept the electors sent by the state legislations. Judas probably rationalized betraying Jesus to the Sanhedrin the same way. Pence is no Christian, because a Christian is not ruled by fear as he obviously is.

    2. If there is a silver lining to the malfeasance of the conservative justices on the SCOTUS it is that they will be rendered irrelevant when 6 more communists are installed with them.

      1. Agreed! What a lame bunch of cowards. They deserve and will get no respect from now on. And they will go down in history as the cause of our loss of America

    3. Well their getting ready to be minimalized to nothing status when they add 5 more liberals to the court…..Nothing to see here right? Dark days ahead.

  5. We are about to see the systematic enactment of the Communist Manifesto by a series of 51-50 votes in the democrat-controlled coongress. Yesterday’s Antifa black op was clearly a Reichstag Fire intended to distract attention from the lurid revelations of election fraud, justify gun confiscation and the imposition of a state of emergency as soon as the illegitimate Chinese puppet regime is in power and provide a pretext for the banning of the Republican Party and establishment of the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy as the country’s sole legal political entity, the way it is done in the subsaharan Africa that they have now turned us into. American patriots are now going to have to find a Franco or a Pinochet to restore the First American Republic or flee its collapse and establish a free country in part of North America.

  6. I’m amazed at how many people actually want this communistic rule over our county All I can say is GOD help us

    1. It’s time to recognize God’s hand in this. We are moving closer and closer to the rapture, the Anti-Christ appearance, the Tribulation and Christ’s second coming. Be of good cheer. If you are a saved believer in Jesus Christ, we will be removed from all this soon. Educate your children about Christ and His Word, the Bible. Get back to church. We are in God’s care. There is nothing better!

      1. Yes I agree. It’s been prophesied and it doesn’t take a lot brains to see that it’s happening right before our eyes. I’m ready!

      2. To Deborah: That is the only “good thing” about this, is the hastening of the Rapture, etc., etc., as you stated above. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

      3. As we are aware – those of us who still accept the Word as put forth by His son, Jesus Christ – the world will consume itself with hate and violence until The Rapture. Those of us who recognize that climate change is the natural order of the physical world, but not the calamity proposed in 10 years, are called climate deniers. We can handle that slur with aplomb because we are not God deniers.
        “What profit a man or woman who gains the world but loses his or her soul?” Beware of false prophets like Mohammed, Stalin, Sanders, Biden and Harris, as well as false Christians like Romney, Biden and Pelosi. The Pope is as much a fraud as Mohammed.

    2. It is completely unfathomable to me that the party that didn’t attend Biden rallies voted for him in overwhelming numbers. The party whose voters are dead, The party whose voters couldn’t count how many times they voted, The party whose voters lived at addresses the post office can’t find, The party whose voters are time travelers somehow are completely able to produce acts of one party Congress tens of thousands of pages long. Oh well, if they can print imagine so many fictitious voters, then writing Santa wish lists shouldn’t be that hard.

    3. There aren’t that many! Can anyone believe that biden got more votes than obama? Those were fake ballots that turned the election in the middle of the night, after poll watchers were gone, for biden! That’s what all of this is about! We must do something to get biden, harris and pelosi and all the rest of the China operatives tried for treason and put the rightful president in place. Biden must be investigated and impeached immediately!

    4. NO, God tried to help us/ now we as a country will pay the price for abortion and not obeying his 10 commandments. We have become perverse/ We as a nation were founded on this and on this we will be judged. He has said “SHAGA ” enough already.. We have good godly people but the evil has been allowed to penitrate/destroy it [Demeoncrat liberal socialists].. Wrong is right/right is wrong now.. we are in for a long terrible ride down the rabbit hole. It’s been a good run 250+ years but all good thing come to an end: just like Rome.

  7. I have absolutely no trust in are news media. Won’t be listening to them anymore. Facebook needs to go away. I really wish they would have agreed to audit the election. I feel that this has all just made things worse. And this didn’t start just this week. It started when they spent 4 years denying Trump as are President and spending all that money and finding out the Dems orchestrated everything. Polosi tearing up his speech despicable.

    1. Mark Zuckerberg and his billionaire cronies – Bloomberg, Soros, Gates, Bezos – have little concern for morality or honesty. For them it is power just like Stalin, just like Pol Pot, just like Castro, just like Chavez, just like Hitler, just like Mussolini, just like the Demoncrat Party. We shall see how true to their allegiance they are when the skullduggery of power hungry gluttons, like the aforementioned, begin knocking off the competition just like Stalin, just like Hitler, just like Castro, just like Pol Pot, just like Mussolini, just like all gluttonous devils.

  8. ABC, NBC, CBS need to replace their ‘B’ with ‘D’ for Democratic.
    Had it not been for the Antifa members secretly intertwined, this never would have happened.
    The Democrats are going to continue to beat Trump down to the very last minute…so very sad.
    Democrats can’t spell ‘patriot’ without including ‘riot’

    1. Follow the money as always. Soros/Antifa/Democrats. Their plan was fully carried out and our stupid Republicans, including Pence, fell for it and fell in line with the democrats and sold out our country. Tump has been almost totally alone for 4 years and it’s amazing that he has been able to accomplish all that he has. God help us all.

    2. Yes I am sure that the Demonrats will pursue Trump until he is surrounded by SWAT and put in solitary confinement for the crime of being Trump. All the criminal Demonrats are still at large. That tells me that the entire DoJ is part of the Demonrats. The Supreme Court is all Demonrat. The States election officials are all Demonrats. The universities are all Demonrats. Even the public schools are all Demonrats. And the media, including Fox are all Demonrats.
      What I am not sure of is where conservative, US Constitution loving, patriots go or do now that the enemy is in charge.

      1. Trust is the first victim of totalitarianism. The media/tech tycoons don’t even trust themselves but they will conspire to collectively pull the steel strings attached to the Demonrat Party and its succors, Biden and Harris. It is also important to point out that Xi Jinping supported the Biden/Harris ticket (along with the satanic Ayatolla of Iran) and he has plenty of dirt on Ol’ Joe and his scuzzy son, Hunter. Joe will capitulate to the CCP as will his scuzzy Demonrat Party.

    3. It is really very, very sad! I don’t believe this huge, rich country could be so easy fooled by this socialist team!!!! They won because they were well organized and Trump was surrounded by traitors.

  9. I fear that the extreme groups are going to be blowing up buildings like twitter, facebook, and youtube now. This doesn’t look good. One thing is for certain, there was indeed cheating in this election and many past elections. Does this mean the best cheater wins now??? God help us.

  10. They won nothing, it was stolen and Biden along with his entire entourage of scum of the DRat Party are illegitimate and will never be considered anything other than thieves.

  11. All I can pray is that those who don’t know Christ as Saviour, truly need to find Him. The events unfolding are not a surprise in the true sense of the word. The Bible has said there will be an end to this world one day. Be prepared, folks. The events which are taking place in our world now are just the beginning. And it will get worse.
    I am not a crazy person or a crackpot as many will think reading this. Just one who knows Jesus and has tried to spread His word to those I meet. Laugh if you will, but check your heart. If Christ doesn’t reign there, make haste to see that He does.

    1. Anna……You aren’t crazy. I agree with every word you spoke. The crazy ones are those who discount The Lord and his son Jesus. Our disappointment from the election will fill as if we just won a 500 million lottery compared to the despair and gnashing of teeth the God-denying and God-hating liberals liberal will suffer after Jesus scoops us up and takes us home. The ones left on this earth after our departure will be taught a new and more variant definition for the terms “riot” and “protest”. Plus, politicians will still bare be responsible for providing for the millions of people the liberals never encouraged to take responsibility for their government-dependent lives. (except voting for the occasional Democrat) I’m going to also predict, the entitlement junkies won’t possess the same level of patience then compared to now when their needs aren’t being met. Especially if the candy jar runs dry for the crack pipe.

    2. Scripture is very clear – to those with a clear conscience – that when the world turns its back on God, the End Days have begun. The Democrat Party has revealed its allegiance to Karl Marx and not to Providence. It is very clear that there will be mayhem, famine and death before Gabriel blows his horn. Our task is to fight for decency against a powerful foe that has no decency and no sense of morality. That will be the Good Fight when the villains of truth fire the first shot. Return fire with authority, pray for forgiveness.


  13. It’s time to recognize God’s hand in this. We are moving closer and closer to the rapture, the Anti-Christ appearance, the Tribulation and Christ’s second coming. Be of good cheer. If you are a saved believer in Jesus Christ, we will be removed from all this soon. Educate your children about Christ and His Word, the Bible. Get back to church. We are in God’s care. There is nothing better!

  14. America has lost all hopes of becoming great , democrates will inflict there radicals to deploy defund police , open boarders , aid in chain migration , sanctuary cities , remove statues , murals , burning our flag , our constitution , and bringing up islamic radicals . Good going democrates you helped in destroying America ! If you could see the future ! As most Americans can . Wow ! The end is near , demons have compromise you all . Possessed by hatred who does that sound like ? The anti-Christ .

  15. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Now we all know why the schools are nothing but “indoctrination centers”. Socialism has never worked ANYWHERE for the subjects, only the government officials themselves. After the devilcraps have destroyed the Constitution and every amendment, then we shall see true evil at full fruition. First they will disarm their subjects so nobody can revolt, just like stalin, hitler, mussolini and stalin did. I know where this all is going and have seen it happen many times in my lifetime. May God have mercy on “we the people” and let the second revolution begin. Lock and load because just like hitlers “brown shirts”, antifa and BLM are coming for all who do not fall in line. But that’s just more history. My great great grandfather fought to free the blacks and now they want to kill every “cracker”. Fuck them, antifa and the devilcraps.
    God Bless America (oops, I mean the new U.S.S.A.

    1. It’s the dawn of the Divided Soviet Socialist States of Transgender People.
      It’s the beginning of hyperinflation. Bread will cost ten trillion dollars per loaf.
      It will be the dawn of unlimited immigration which will continue until the immigrants actually meet a Demonrat.
      It’s the end of fossil fuels and a country based on cars and trucks. They will turn to rail but there will be no money to rebuild all the abandoned raillines.
      It’s the erasing of history and rewriting of history for the glory of the state.
      It’s the cementing of a class society, the elites and the plebs. No more middle class of aspiring entrepreneurs. Just cogs in the wheel, comrade.
      This time socialism will work because the government has the world’s reserve currency and can generate as much as it wants, until it finds that no one wants the world’s reserve currency and dumps it, then all the Demonrat plans will implode.
      Then there will be rationing for the plebs and plenty for the elites, until there is nothing to ration. International trade will stop because our money is worthless.
      We will not have to worry about going to Mars or the moon, those programs will be the first to be gutted. Air travel will stop for lack of fuel.
      Millions will be jobless and more every day. Unemployment insurance will be bankrupted. There will be no food in a soup kitchen. There will be no trucks to bring what food is available to the soup kitchen. Food will rot in the fields because there is no tractor or truck to pick and deliver it.
      Chaos will begin. The government will confiscate all 500,000,000 guns from the people.
      The only jobs will be federal police and they will be unpaid.
      Yeah the Demonrats won. But what did they win?


    1. Sir, you are correct and the maggots you refer to are mostly Democrats with a few turncoats from our GOP side who are included when they turned traitor. We need God now more than ever.

    2. When the powers that be who are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic do not hold the frauds and corrupts and conspirators accountable, they do not need a Trojan horse to enter the gates, the powers that be are holding the gates open for them. The country is lost.

  17. This is where the Convention of States come in, to TELL the FEDERAL Government what it WILL and WILL not BE TOLERATED in their state, or risk MASSIVE SUCCESSION. The “Federal” tax money collected WILL NOT go to the Federal Government, but instead to the NEW government to those STATES who have left the UNION. Let this ROTTEN FEDERAL Government and BLUE states FALL under their OWN ROTTEN weight! Let’s form a government that ACTUALLY follows the U.S. Constitution. In OTHER words – You’re FIRED! One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

    1. with the evil corrupt pelosi leading the way! she should be hung by her wrinkled neck! she’s the despicable one who disrespected the office of president. how dare she tear up his state of the union speech! did her daughters get caught with drugs at mexican border and that crime swept under the rug? why has the media turned into a propaganda machine in favor of all demoRats? the biden family should be investigated and imprisoned! he has many impeachable actions. let’s impeach HIM!

    2. Not the new China but China’s colonies. We will not surrender to tyranny. Better to die on your sword than on your knees. We will enjoy guerrilla warfare at their expense. They will most likely prevail with an army and navy but they will only rule over a wasteland.

  18. Did anyone expect anything different? I damn sure didn’t! You had 2 weak canidates for republicans, all of the outside interferrece or influence, crooked Geogia piticians overseeing it, used the same voting machines. Think about this, from the very beginning the Democratic Swamp has been doing everything possible, no matter legal or not to get total control of our government. Started getting really bad when OBAMA was in office and before with the Clintons.

    1. Totally agree with you. But there are people out there that think the Clintons and Obama were the Best Presidents and did so much for America. What they did for America was allow the beginning of the Demise of America as we know it .

  19. What happened yesterday was SCJ Roberts doing. He told the justice’s to stand down. There opinions didn’t matter. He was in charge. Like Hitler told the Jews. And for all the news media’s out there, President Trump still has his base but a bigger base now. Thank you President Trump. Your legacy will forever be the best President America ever had. God help America under the regime of communists.

    1. 75 million voters will be a formidable foe for the totalitarians and their Antifa and BLM minions. Bring the fight to us and be prepared to die for their cause as we are to defend liberty. Pray for peace but prepare for war.

  20. Everyone needs to trust in God. He’s still in control even though the democrats think they are.
    Pray, pray and pray some more for our nation to heal this mess. President Trump did as much as he could. I’m surprised he got through all the hatred from the others. Given a chance he would have made this country “GREAT AGAIN”! From day one, even before he became the president, they didn’t give him a chance, even some of the republican party didn’t stand with him. Which was a crying shame. SHAME ON YOU! I for one think he is a great president and did more for our country than any other president. We’ll all have regrets with the upand coming president. God please continue to bless us. Get down on your knees and pray for our country.

  21. I hope the Democrats all get the justice the the cheating SOBs deserve the biggest mistake Trump made in his 4 years is putting those chicken shit judges in the supreme court then they turned traitor, they are bought off just like Bill Barr. Republicans waited to late to get some balls, so the lying crooked dems won and we will never see another honest election Biden will let his crooked family off so he can get more money from China, and give Obama his cut of the pie they all should be fried in hell for things they have done to our country

    1. Folks need to drive to DC and hang HUGE Chi-NA flags all across the White House fence while playing the Chinese anthem.

  22. America dead after only 237 years. Destroyed without a shot being fired. Not even a whimper, just fade to black. Your first and second amendment rights will be gone within a year. Stalin and so many others had it right. America would die from self inflicted wounds. Venezuela only took 7 years to go completely off the cliff. I doubt very seriously it will take anywhere near that amount of time for this country to become owned and operated by foreign powers like china. They already own the new corrupt potus and literally all his chosen cabinet. I fully expect that the real estate market and the economy will completely collapse within one year of this new administration. I never would have imagined seeing the fall of this once great country in my lifetime. I guess the American people no longer believe that freedom and liberty are worth fighting for. Your children and grandchildren will live some very poor lives under the rule of a dictator, never to know the taste of freedom and liberty. A very sad day for this nation.

    1. Spot On!!! Know this that the Powers-that-be will be supported by online services such as this and others, i.g. Google & Facebook, and our homes will be subjected to the same treatment that Roger Stone suffered. Shoot first. Better to die defending the home and family than tortured and murdered.

  23. I will Never forget What the Democrats and So called mainstream news/unprofessional liars did to our country our people . They are to blame for letting Antifa BLM riot loot steal hurt kill destroy. With no arrests no justice for innocent law abiding citizens.
    Look how quick the media is to BLAME Trump and his supporters for what happened in Washington 1/6/21 their USUAL REPORTING of finger pointing and assumption they report as FACT But that is the way they operate. What happened 1/6 /21 in Washington was unacceptable all involved should be arrested and held accountable and investigated before media assumptions are announced as FACT. The Elections (Georgia senate run offs also)had so much fraud that no one will even Look at. So let’s remember so we can be prepared when innocent people are accused of a crime and no evidence of your innocence is allowed to be investigated you will be found guilty by your accuser , end of story no justice for you. Many people have been brainwashed to believe these lies for the last 5 years that is why there is so much hate. President Trump has been fighting for Our rights our people our freedoms because he is a True American , the BEST President in my lifetime People were working unemployment lowest in years stock market at all time highs and veterans finally getting medical care and treated with respect that they DESERVE. Oh how about no WAR!!! While Obama was in office look at what North Korea was pulling off During the Trump administration not a peep out of them. People don’t even have a clue what BIDEN or should I just jump ahead and say Kamella have in store for our once beautiful and proud country. We have already lost so many of our rights with this virus you know the one that has been killing EVERYONE did you hear There is no longer People dying of heart attacks car accidents cancer stroke overdose etc. these are things of the past no worries if your gonna die it WILL BE COVID. Do some research on ALL death totals from 2019 pre COVID and compare to 2020. All that happened in 2020 was a grand plan to remove our President and it seems they did. My Prays go out to my President Trump and his family as well as my heartfelt THANKS to him for giving our country the BEST 4 years in my lifetime. GOD BLESS YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!



  26. I am in shock. I am locked ‘n loaded my friends, but I cannot imagine spilling red American blood as in the civil war. It could happen, but oh Lord let’s hope not. Let us pray for God’s will to come upon earth, as it has in the heavens and as it was intended from the beginning. Amen.

    1. Remember that fighting for liberty may require dispatching another American but an American In Name Only. All enemies, foreign or domestic, known or unknown. Less than 1/3 of American colonists fought against the tyranny of King George III. Many of them ahd brothers and sisters who remained Tories (today’s Democrats and RINOS).


  28. I never thought I’d see the day that America becomes a 3rd world country. A dictatorship. What happened to all the smart people in Georgia?

  29. …and just what are all of you going to do about it? What? NOTHING? So suffer after everything is taken away from you and we end up just like the Chinese Ughers (sp) and under lock and key, never being able to speak out again or talk period. Lose all your valuables, homes, children taken away, forced vaccines with a chip in it so they can track you, no more churches, no more getting married, no more gas for your vehicles and I can go on and on. Get up off your a$$es and form groups and militias. Teach each other how to use weapons – anything can be used for a weapon. Teach how to do maneuvers to trick the enemy. FIND the way because the biggest Civil War in history IS coming.

  30. The only way to get back what we lost is do what democrats did; convert democrats to republicans and vote them out, but also vote out all the traitor republicans as well


  32. All great comments! After listening to news, it’s so good to hear that there are true sane Americans who know the truth. I agree that President Trump was the greatest President ever, even with the constant resistance of the corrupt DC swamp. I too want to thank him for all he’s done. And I too am afraid of what the socialist democrats, who are bought and paid for by China, are going to do to our country. We must stick together and defend our country against them! They will never get my guns and I will never accept biden as president! Also it disturbs me to hear how they are depicting the protestors yesterday, they were peaceful and not armed! Who is going to be held accountable for the shooting of an unarmed vet?

  33. The blame for all the problems goes on the Leftist media. The only thing we can do to fight them is to boycott their sponsors ! When they start running out of money they’ll have to shut down, or change their ways.

  34. It’s so heartbreaking to think about all the men and women that faught and died for our freedom and all the families that made sacrifices .All died in vain !! If We let them destroy our constitution and take away our freedoms !! Lord Jesus please forgive us all our sins and have mercy Amen.!

  35. I was concerned about this potential disaster. Before the election, I moved some of my investments from the stock market. Since the election, the market has been fluctuating in a static trading range. I believe the economy will be stalled for the next 2-4 years, depending on what happens in the 2022 elections.

  36. There s so much blame to go around for yesterdays antics at the capitol. The American people will be pushed and pushed just so far!! I put the most blame on any vote counter who knew they were commiting a crime and did it anyway. They are the ones who should be put in jail. I blame the Supreme court for not taking up the cases and at least listening to the cases of voter fraud. I blame the news organizations for lying to the American people for the last 4 years. I really blame the Democrats for stealing an election by changing the rules of how to vote!!! Will we ever have a fair election again?? NO! I blame the Biden organization for knowing what what going on and accepted it as their right to take over America. I blame the voters who were taken in and didn’t see the writing on the wall. Its so sad the America we love will be gone forever.

  37. I will never vote for Republican party establishment swamp creatures again. I’m considering switching to the Conservative party. Never Biden! Not my president!

  38. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BORN JULY 4TH 1776 DIED NOVEMBER 3RD 2020. This country is fucked! Retirement in a foreign country sounds alot better than communism.
    I hear Costa Rica is nice, maybe Panama or Thailand. Anything is better than the Communist States of America. No way I’ll be controlled by an old man with dementia, or a CAMELTOE HARRYASS. Fuck them and all the cowards in both parties.
    They say this country is governed by laws, looks to me like its governed by liars, criminals and cowards.

    1. Spot on – looking for another country to relocate to also, but will stay on the books for my SS that I have paid into my whole life.

  39. How many wars have we won and how many lives were lost for our freedom? We the people, are going to entertain a socialist/communist country after all of this? That’s what will be happening in the near future with the radical government that will be coming into power, not to mention our election system will never be trusted again.

  40. Please encourage all of your followers to not listen to MSM anymore, drop twitter, facebook, google and youtube and switch to parler and rumble. Try as hard as you can to not buy merchandise that is made in china. Also, fight anyway you can against the new government, don’t watch any sports, ask any conservatives that live in democrat run states to leave, if at all possible or travel to conservative states to make as many purchases for everything you use. We have to fight them anyway we can.

  41. On January 20 th. 2021 satan will move into OUR White House! Our country has been sold out to the destroyers! Joebama will NOT be president, the califonia ho will be! And obatshit will be her Vice President once she takes over, disposes of joebama, and sets our country on fire! That has been the plan all along, many more terms of Obama in the White House! We will never have another Republican President or government. Piglosi will see to that, her new “ laws, rules, regulations” will destroy the constitution, the bill of rights, everything that makes our country free. SHE may well be the “ anti christ”, Pence the false prophet, all to bring in the new world order!

  42. I think many Foreign Countries leaders, will not respect President Biden, they will not trust him, thinking he got to be President of the United States by cheating, and with that in mind, they feel they could be a victim, cheated by Biden and his group of clowns in Washington. If you know of a person who cheats, would you trust him?? ( many American will not respect Biden and his clowns because they cheat.)

    1. Don’t BET your last $$$ on it. The CHINESE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT PARTY is just waiting for CHINA JOEY to win this Election.
      All Joey Biden is a CHINESE ASSET along with RUSSIA and UKRAINE and possibly More.

  43. The ONLY way that these Two GUTTER RAT’S
    this Runoff Election is that it once again was
    RIGGED from the Start. That Midnight at least
    50,000 more Fraudulent Ballots show up. And
    Again they were Counted in bidens favor. That’s the ONLY way these DOG FACE LYING PONY SOLDIERS could ever win . We the People just got SCREWED Again !!

  44. We need to divide the country not the way it is now but physically split people who want in a a real democracy and then the communists side any asshole that crosses over to cause dissension in jail no questions asked

  45. All of a sudden Obama pop’s out from the box, ( like Jack in the box ) helping Biden, another Democrat helping another crook, doesn’t Obama realize he too has some dirty laundry in the closet, he has 2 Birth Certificate from 2 different Hospitals in Hawaii, saying his born in Hawaii, and yet his own brother said he was born in Africa, who’s to believe? another cheating the public? very sad, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA?

  46. Now that Biden won the election by cheating, China is celebrating, forgetting social distance, like celebrating a New Year, only to celebrating their economy will be great again, because Trump is out, who is their biggest enemy that hurt their economy, now the Democrats in America will be unemployed once again, their jobs went back to China, Thanks to the Democrats, ( get ready to stand in line at the Unemployment office ) America!

  47. The Demercarts stole the election! Trump supporters and some sane Demercarts know that, but you foolish people that voted for Biden let’s hear what you have to say in six months or a year! When your freedom and rights as an American are taken from you and your family. America as we have known it is dead!

  48. January 6th. 2021 America Died! Ben Franklin said that he and others gave us a Republic, now it is up to us to keep it! Well we didn’t. We let progressivism creep in and pollute our minds, we turned away from God to let money, greed and easy living become our gods. Secularism, materialism and relativism (ways of the world) rule our lives. We are going from a First rate superpower to a third world socialist state. Do we have the guts and the will to fight and take back our freedoms and liberty like the first patriots did?

  49. “The battle has been lost, but a new battle has just begun-one to regain control of the nation’s future for patriotic Americans”. I have a little question-just how the hell does one go about regaining the control of the nation’s future? The Democrats have two of the three branches of government and will have the third, as soon as they can pack the court. They are talking about adding DC and Puerto Rico as two new states, meaning there will soon be four more Democrat Senators. Nothing has been fixed about crooked elections, so forget about electing a Republican president any time soon. And within a few months the bastards will take all our guns. They have total control of the media, so we can’t even bitch about our situation. They aren’t us-if we attempt “mostly peaceful demonstrations” they would shoot us like dogs. If it is an intent to “do something”, it had better be radical and fast.

  50. They think yesterday’s fiasco was bad? Just wait till Pelosi, Schumer, Biden try to push through their COMMUNIST AGENDA. Think Americans are pissed off now, just wait.

  51. There is always hope that there are some “sane Democrats” who don’t buy off on some of the “ridiculous ideas” that their leadership is foaming at the mouth with!!!!!

  52. They were all antifa idiots that did that stuff , dressed to look like Trump supporters so we got blamed for it and to shame the country…….they had back packs full of clubs and teargas and all kinds of goodies…..the demonrats bought and paid for it to take place in order too discredit Trump … seems to have worked for them….

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