HERE IT COMES! DOJ Starts Targeting ALL Trump Supporters – Demands List of Anybody Who Interacted with Him on Social Media

Tampa, Florida – July 31, 2018:  President Donald Trump addresses his supporters at a rally in Tampa, Florida, on July 31, 2018.

President Donald Trump warned that the same corrupt political machine that has been trying to destroy him would eventually set its sights on all of his supporters and it turns out, he couldn’t have been more right.

Under Joe Biden, the Justice Department has been targeting the former president with everything they’ve got to try to get him to agree to not run again in 2024.

Special counsel Jack Smith, who seems to only exist to take down Donald Trump, ordered social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to turn over information related to the former president’s popular account.

In doing so, Smith and the DOJ demanded information on all X users who interacted with Trump’s account in any way. This includes retweeting Trump’s tweets, liking his tweets, and even just mentioning his account in their own tweets.

The DOJ is building a list of anybody who DARED support Donald Trump to handle us like any Marxist authoritarian regime handles political dissidents – eliminating them.


In another move towards absolute tyranny, the DOJ proves once again that they work for Joe Biden and the Democrats and the American people are their enemies.

Smith and co. made these demands in a search warrant which was heavily redacted when released to the public.

The order demands that X hand over things pertaining to Trump’s account such as “all advertising information … and ad topic preferences, all IP addresses associated with the account, Trump’s privacy and account settings, records of the account’s communications with Twitter support and all direct messages sent and received by the account from October 2020 to January 2021.”

 As for the part of the warrant that relates to supporters of the former president, it demands “all information from the ‘Connect’ or ‘Notifications’ tab for the account, including all lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by the account, as well as all tweets that include the username associated with the account (i.e. “mentions” or “replies”).”

And to think that’s just what we were allowed to see of the heavily redacted warrant – imagine how bad whatever else the DOJ is requesting must be if they felt they had to hide it from the public.

The Elon Musk owned X, meanwhile, pushed back heavily on the warrant arguing that it was a blatant violation of the First Amendment and the Stored Communications Act but the DOJ obedient courts shut them down.

Now ask yourself, what could the DOJ possibly be looking to do with a list of Trump supporters?

It could just be an intimidation tactic which would be the best case scenario because the alternative is FAR more terrifying, and suggests America is no longer safe for enemies of the Biden regime.

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45 thoughts on “HERE IT COMES! DOJ Starts Targeting ALL Trump Supporters – Demands List of Anybody Who Interacted with Him on Social Media”

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          1. Indoctrination/brainwashing has been going on for a long time in our schools.
            OMG, the first time I heard one of them (store clerk) expressing their hatred + contempt for this country, I could not believe it. He was serious!
            Things like that we were wrong in dropping nuclear bomb on Japan “just for hurting a few boats.” (Pear Harbor). He sad a lot of other stuff like this.

      1. Maybe when Biden is voted out of office. This is un-American to the enth degree. I won’t let them ruin my life. I’ll do what I want as long as it’s legal. This shows every libing oerson how really corrupt THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS.

        1. He probably will never be out of office (someone like him will replace him.). If he gets away with criminal activity like paying off student loans to buy votes.
          The Supreme Court has already ruled he cannot legally do that. Unfortunately, the Supreme court really has no enforcement power.

      2. That’s exactly why these Communist Democrats are trying so hard to confiscate our guns . They know that’s why our founding fathers included the 2nd Amendment, so the citizens can protect themselves against a tyrannical government which is exactly what we have today. When the New Fed Coin and digital currency comes to fruition (soon) they will have complete control over our money! If they don’t like what you buy or donate to they just press a button and you have no more money. Like what Canada did to the Protesting Truckers, confiscated their funds to make them stop protesting. It will also lead to “income equity “. Americans have certainly become to complacent and will soon loose all their freedoms. Look what Comrade Biden and his Democrats have already achieved and the worst is yet to come.

        1. I’m afraid you’re absolutely right. Oy founding fathers would roll over in their Graves if they could see what has vern done to our wonderful country. We have become the USSA.

    1. When the Republicans get off their butts and impeach him along with department heads of the FBI, health department, IRS, intelligence agencies. Defund the Department of Education, arrest Fauci for his part in the Covid pandemic and impeach Biden and Harris.

        1. But wouldn’t that finish off the dems forever, a year of Harris? The danger is our enemies might act while the bimbo is in office

  2. Its a shame that our country gas fallen into tyranny.
    I pray that God will have mercy on us and reclaim He’s nation again .
    Trump 2924

  3. The democrats virus is non-Stopable its going to take our country down . Already giving us to China is not enought. Biden and his administration is the worse in our history of the USA. We have got to get this virus unddr control somehow . The DOJ going after the citizens is a part of this horrible evil virus. When in hell is it going to get stoped aftsr the world is destroyed i guess.

    1. The Democrats forced the Muslim Brotherhoodie for the brainless to vote for.There is the origination of the travesty.He sold it to the voters as Fundamentally change America,remember?Trump made a hiatus in his plan when Hillary lost 2016 election.The hate and evil was then forced on us again as they stole the 2020 election.Biden was to be Obama’s puppy ,paid by CCP too ,China involved 100% there

    2. This brainwashing shit from the marxist ideology , lgbqt, blm all needs to go. This world can’t take the shit from these stupit braindead people. And old crawl-in fraudulent president needs to go. We need all this shit out so America can breathe again. We need all these democrats out of offices there destroying the cities there over they can’t do anything right !! The crawl-in fraudulent president is destroying everything in his path. The BLM wants more and more when tbey already have it all. The LGBQT are putting messed up people into our country don’t know what they are and get in trouble when pronounced them wronge!! This is alot of shit. The Marxist is fare out there and disruptive. And stupit let all those illegal immigrants and illegal aliens in on us and still letting them in on us Joe want do anytning about the border and he is the cause. To me America is going to hell fast. We need someone who can lefted us up before its to late. So everyone please dont be stupid do not vote for the destroyers of our country vote to get them out — if no one votes for the democrats virus then America has a chance to survive.

  4. People has got to unite an stop this bullshit so our kids don’t have to live in communism. We can’t let them do this to our country

    1. Well the Communist Democrats are well on their way. They have been brainwashing our children for years with CRT (a Marxist ideology) along with LGBQT ideology. Also now includes the Military and Government employees. They use ANTIFA and BLM like Hitler used the Brown Shirts, to cause Civil Unrest. They take over and burn government buildings; burn police stations and cars, intimidate and attack citizens and destroy our Statues (our history). The Commie Democrats use Race, Climate and created Pandemics and any other crisis to gain more power and money. Americans need to wake up and stop the Communist Democrats.

  5. Its getting in the southern border really bad this Democrat virus our border patrol dont have it hard enough now they have to watch for the queers and make sure to call them right-“he”- “she”-“it”- “stupid”- “her/he”-“she/him”-or what the hell are you” (best one to use). Wow this shit is super crazy illegal aliens coming in by the millions and Biden is worried that there not going to be called right .!! People run out as fast as you can and kerp voting for this democrats virus cause its sure taking us to hell in a hand basket.!!. We dont even have a military cause its all LGBTQ they want there “change” done free on our tax money and while this is going on they dont have to do any army work, talk about free ride. And of course our Military is down to pissy- pissy not strong like should be. And to top it off the democrats virus took the good ones out for not taking the death shot “covid” they refuse put them out– they saw there mistake and saying come back but who in there right mind would want to join a bunch of ” she/he”- him/her- what the hell are you”. (No one, cause you would get in trouble for calling them out wronge). So we have no strong Military now. This democrats virus is no joke its dangerous and getting worse by the day and Old crawl in fraudulent president Biden is the head of the deadly virus. We have to stop this virus some how and save our country. But how you can’t even vote cause the virus has control over that.!! Guess our homeland is doomed with no way out from under all this stupid dangerous democrats virus.


  6. Yea, after they demanded the list, and posted threats to those who were in agreement with trump. Either by stating that you would have a hard time obtaining employment or canceling post was a clear violation of supporters civil rights. That’s what makes you think that not only the Democrats are corrupt but some of our justice system as well. America has to clean house with a lot of politicians and lobbyist regulations.

  7. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    ? Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin

  8. The devil’s in this world shout loud and long
    But in the end the Angels out vote em
    The only way out of this stupidity is by voting for President Trump in 2024.
    We have to make sure we play their game better.
    We didn’t write the rules for their games but we learned how to play theirs.
    Remember what goes up must come down.
    An eye for an eye.
    When the Justices don’t stop this crap then we know a complete overhaul with new rules and accountability.
    Remember when AOC said they were making a list?
    Well AOC we have the videos and print for our receipts.
    We the people have eyes on election night in 2024.
    Democrats won’t know who, how and when they will be watched.
    Swamp thinks they can steal another election with rigging machines but they seem to forget not all talented people are on your payroll.
    We the people are the biggest army right now thanks to all of you who think we are stupid.
    What goes around comes around.
    Do the crime do the time.
    Democrats might have invented the game but us true Americans will win and we don’t even have to cheat.

  9. One can only hope that folks everywhere truly understand how dangerous these conniving and duplicitous threats are to our traditional American Way of Life. We simply MUST come to the aid of our country, NOT by violent street “protests” (i.e., “riots”), but by holding up our end of a national conversation that DEFENDS THE LEGACY we hope to leave behind for our kids and grandkids. For if we do not, who will? And ALL of us must educate ourselves to become INFORMED VOTERS, i.e., voters who carefully evaluate every single candidate.

  10. The US is currently living the insanity that gripped Germany prior to WWII. Trump supporters are today’s Jews. if We, the People, don’t put a stop to the DOJ and Biden regime, Trump supporters will suffer the same fate as German Jews.

  11. I have been saying for a while now that the democrats are doing everything they can to make our country. A democratic dictatorship.
    They really are . Why else would Biden have switched to FedNow. With this in place every transaction will be reviewed by the new 87,000 IRS agents. If you try to send money to any republican they will decline the transaction. They will have each and every one of us. The will control every dollar we try to spend, and if we don’t buy what they want they just won’t let it go through. This is how Biden is going to stop you from buying the things he has put a ban on
    Not to mention if they think you are using too much water or electricity they will be able to cut it off. Then there is the fact if you don’t play there game they will punish you. Like not making your car or house payment. If Congress doesn’t some how stop this now when it goes into effect , Biden has already told the people he fully intends to steal your money from your saving and retirement accounts. He plans to do away with our middle class. Which is where most of the tax money comes from to run our country. I m not sure what congress can do to stop him but you can damn well bet the democrats won’t do anything to stop him. The truth is we may not even have another election for President or any thing else. The Government has gotten to big and the heads seem to be on Biden’s side. This is the real reason they want to take our weapons away from us. They know damn well we may well start a civil war over this. They dont want us to have a fair chance of winning it so if they take the AR15 and things like that away how can people fight against the police or government forces. This is the exact reason why our forefathers made the 2 amendment. So we could stop our own government from pulling this type of crap. They full well knew that power corrupts people. The democrats have become that evil, they are willing to do anything to stay in power. They have already fooled many of our people the Covid shots were a test to see how many they could get to believe there lie and follow them. Once they found out how well that worked. They did it again with the Global Warming. They want everyone to believe it is man made. But 1600 of the worlds top scientists have come out and told the truth. Its nothing more than a weather change. Man didnt cause it and no matter how much money they throw at it man can not change it. Its just another way for them to control people and make a lot of money for some people. The people fell right into it. Most people believe its a fact. Just like they thought about the Covid shots. Look at how many young and old people are just falling over dead. What is the common thing they all have the Covid shots. We need to get the Democrats out of office now before its too late

  12. I am an 85 year old Retired Navy veteran (1955-1977) and I proudly served my Country. As this 2024 New Year begins, I look back my past service and begin to question if our sacrifices were made in vain. II see a Department of Justice (DOJ) who appears to apply the standards of the currently seated President and his party against the American People. I firmly believe that he should resign from office. He has done more damage to MY COUNTRY than anyone else could.

  13. DOJ needs an awakening. Maybe my foot up their ass for knocking on my door would be just what a doctor would offer?

  14. Lotsa doom and gloom in these comments. Remember that the Left ALWAYS over reaches and attacks whom they fear. The way they’re going after Trump shows they’re terrified and in full panic mode, especially these latest acts of desperation with ballot removals in several states. Those coups are either being ditched, as blowback quickly arises, or will be shut down hard by SCOTUS. Americans are stupid, but they get pissed when someone fucks with their wallet and hedonism. Trump will win big and his revenge will be legion. Many dejected Dems won’t vote for Trump but they will stay home. The only thing GOP needs to worry about is not to fuck with the abortion issue. Bible thumpers STFU and let the Left cull its herd!

  15. Tyranny government = SOCIALIST CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE! You lose your freedom and liberty! So which is it? SLAVERY or FREEDOM? Your choice! Nothing happened in America without DEMOCRAT or FBI CREATED IT!

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