HUGE: Florida Issues Health Alert against mRNA COVID Shots

At last! Florida Surgeon General Joseph Lapado has issued a public health alert regarding the experimental COVID shots. Dr. Lapado just went scorched earth on the CDC and the FDA.

If you do not live in Florida, you must ask yourself why your own state’s Surgeon General has not done the same. In addition to the public health alert to all Floridians, Dr. Lapado sent a letter directly to the head of the FDA, Dr. Robert Califf, and to the head of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. This documentation makes clear that the mRNA COVID shots show NO BENEFIT to children and young men.

This is the first Surgeon General in America to let the cat out of the bag.

And the best part? Dr. Lapado just threw the CDC’s own data right back in their faces!


After analyzing the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), Dr. Lapado came to the conclusion that many of us reached more than a year ago. These shots are incredibly dangerous, and are doing more harm than all previous vaccines combined over the last 30 years or so that the VAERS database has existed.

Florida alone has seen a 4,400% increase in the number of life-threatening adverse vaccine reactions since the COVID shots were rolled out.

Read that sentence again. LIFE-THREATENING. Not “mild and temporary” as the CDC and FDA describe most of the adverse events today. But life-threatening, as in, the events were so serious that they required hospitalization to save the vaccinated person’s life.

Adverse events that were not life-threatening increased by 1,700% overall in Florida. That’s a rate of 1 out of every 550 Floridians who were harmed by the experimental mRNA technology, which begins rewriting a human’s genetic code in the liver, testicles or ovaries within 6 hours of injection.

1 in 550 is an ultra-conservative estimate. That would mean only 427,000 injuries nationwide from the COVID vaccines, and we know the true number is likely much higher. 39 million Americans got the first shot and never showed up for the second one. They were likely injured or sickened by the first shot to the point where they didn’t want to risk the second.

Among the vaccine injuries that Dr. Lapado cites from the CDC’s own data are coagulation disorders (the blood clots that have been killing so many people); cardiac injuries (myopericarditis, heart attacks, and cardiac arrest); Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis like Justin Bieber suffered after vaccination); and encephalitis (swelling and inflammation of the brain).

On the very first webpage at the CDC on the COVID shots, it still says this:

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free. Get answers to frequently asked questions and bust myths about vaccines.”

Want to bust a myth, CDC? How about this “myth.” Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for the military resulted in 20,000 soldiers (12,000 women and 8,000 men) being sexually sterilized by the COVID shots, so they will never be able to have children.

Prove me wrong, CDC. Show us the data.

Dr. Lapado also cites recent research from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital (HERE) which shows increases in cardiac arrest cases following vaccination, and a 2022 study by Norwegian scientists (HERE) showing increased coronary disease and cardiovascular disease in vaccinated people.

The health alert sent out by Dr. Lapado contains this message for Florida healthcare providers:

“The State of Florida reminds health care providers to accurately communicate the risks and benefits of all clinical interventions to their patients, including those associated with the COVID-19 vaccine as additional risks continue to be identified and disclosed to the public.”

If a child or a young man under 30 is given these shots, they are multiple times more likely to be injured by the vaccine than they are to be hospitalized with COVID. That is what the facts and the data and “the science” say. The risks far outweigh any potential benefit from mRNA vaccination. Period. It’s beyond dispute now.

Thank you, Dr. Lapado!

He is the first person in public office to give a clear warning about the dangers of these shots. While his estimates of injuries are low, that’s understandable because VAERS vaccine injuries are extremely under-reported. Hopefully more state surgeon generals will follow suit to protect people from the vaccines, because it’s very obvious at this point that both the CDC and the FDA are never going to come clean.

You can read Dr. Lapado’s letter to the CDC and the FDA HERE.

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20 thoughts on “HUGE: Florida Issues Health Alert against mRNA COVID Shots”

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    1. Time for all the states to make it illegal to administer the RNMA shots to anyone. They must be stopped and prohibited from use. Destroyed….no more COVID SHOTS PERIOD!!!!. Deadly People WTFU!!!!

  2. theirs the proof never trust the government the clue to this crap was called experimental that was enough for me not to get this jab thank god this was always about power control and money

  3. Not only is it the side effects it is also the DEATHS. I lost 3 friends after they received that shot and have friends and neighbors that have lost friends and relatives. People need to be made aware of the dangers of these shots. Yet, they are still pushing them. Someone needs to be held accountable.

    1. While making arrangements for some medical tests, the person on the phone reminded me that I would have to bring a mask; if I did not have a mask, one would be provided for me; when I asked why, I was told that the DANGER is still GREAT out there, and THEY’ the medical profession are the “last line of defense” for us and that the masks are HERE TO STAY that we WILL have to wear a mask anytime we enter a medical facility.
      She did not want to hear that the CDC had pretty much admitted that this was a SCAM from the beginning, and that neither the shots nor the masks were productive, she stuck to her story, that they were the “last line of defense for us” and that masks would be required for the REST OF OUR LIVES. And THAT is WHY we will have some heavy obstacles to hurtle before we can get rid of the damn masks; Some, especially the medical proession it seems, have been totally brainwashed.

    2. Sorry for your losses Now they also keep pushing the boosters. They are just as bad. These bastards don’t care how they kill us.

  4. Why was the shot so pivotal in the last election anyway ? And why did both sides of the aisle have to have their name on it ? I’m positive that it had nothing at all to do with saving lives.

  5. This jab policy is part of NWO and WHO ‘Depopulation by Vaccination” scheme discussed 2013and Covid was released to begin this evil scam.

  6. My wife spent 3 days in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs. Luckily we got her in on time and she survived and she had the second booster shot previous to this episode.

  7. I had vaccine cardiac reactions I’d never had: myocarditis, shortness of breath, atrial fibrillation (fast, irregular heart rhythm that endangers you to have blood clots) that vagal cardiac maneuvers would not work on to slow the heart rate of nearly 200, nor convert it back to sinus rhythm. I’ve had several episodes of this that wake me from sleep. Eventually slows on its own.

    My 89 year old aunt, usually healthy, a jogger, active lifestyle, no underlying cardiac issues, got the vaccines and a booster. She developed sustained atrial fibrillation that would not go away. They put her on a very strong blood thinner, one that had NO reversal drug available, i.e., if she started hemorrhaging internally or externally – it could cause both – that they wouldn’t be able to stop it with meds currently known and used to reverse it. They were going to do cardiac ablation, electrophysiology, to burn heart muscle and nerve areas inside the heart to stop the irritability causing the atrial fibrillation. Noting her heart’s resistance to changing the rhythm, they finally elected to put in a pace maker and have it create a life sustaining slower rate after they knocked out her own rate mechanism. She had developed clots and started having confusion, which steadily worsened to the point of diagnosing dementia. It is not a “normal” dementia, as it comes and goes, bringing her to seemingly having none, to periods of anger, confusion, and loss of safety parameters, back and forth very odd confusion/nonconfusion states. She has frequent severe headaches. Because of the unsafeness of the headache/confusion periods that no doctors have found a way to stabilize or eradicate, her family is sadly considering placing her in a nursing home for constant observation when the confusion periods arise.

    She had no history of these things prior to the vaccine. Her family history on both sides has had no confusion, clotting problems, myocarditis, or rhythm problems. They ALL lived active and independent lives until late 90s, early 100s, despite being born in late 1800s. Her siblings are all in mid 90s and remain active and living independently in their own homes which they maintain. She had been living independently in her own home, too, until all this started after she got the vaccine. There has to be a correlation, as I feel there is with me after just the initial 2 shots. It is NOT only affecting children and young males. Active or retired ports stars, broadcast anchors, a sitting House Representative, Nancy Mace, and thousands more. It can affect people of all ages if they are susceptible to it.

  8. After my first mdrrma shot I developed a rash looking under my skin up and down my left arm. I did get a 2nd and developed same but less visible on my right arm. I also developed a slight shaking on my left hand which doc said we need to watch. My hair is thinning out at a fast rate. I’ve always had a very thick head of hair. Doc checked hair and said I’m losing it also in the back.

  9. They Lied, and people Died. They’re Still Lying, and people are Dying.
    There was next to no testing done on the Vaxxine. Results were hidden, and they continued with their full steam ahead roll-out and forced Mandates.
    What do we know about the “Vaxxine,”
    It doesn’t prevent you from being infected with the Virus, nor does it prevent the spread of the Virus.
    The claim that it lessens the severity of infection is false. Why? Those most at risk from the virus, the elderly and those with certain chronic conditions, are still dying at the same rate Post Vaxxination as they were Pre Vaxxination. Those numbers haven’t changed by any significant metric.
    Get ready for the real kick in the teeth, because here it comes. Which population groups are the most significant drain on any countries Health Care Service? Across the board, it’s the Elderly and the Chronically Infirm (who are often elderly). I’m not complaining mind you as I am in that population group. It’s just a plain fact that as we age, we develop Health issues. So let us jump further down the rabbit hole. First, China mutates a Virus that targets everyone, but the highest Mortality rate is highly specific to the elderly and Chronically ill. The US, under the table clandestinely supports the work. Then, it’s released. China doesn’t spare itself because the targeted population is a problem for them too. Next, they develo a “vaxxine” that does nothing about the virus, but it kicks off a cascade of issues that lead to increased deaths in the younger population. The force as many as they can to take the shot and booster after booster. The deaths across the board continue unabated. Why? Because it’s all part of the plan to reduce the population across the world.
    A Cabal of Elites are culling the herd folks.
    Our Government, is the biggest Threat we face as Americans. That’s why there’s a huge push to disarm Law Abiding American Citizens.
    Armed Citizens don’t meekly board the cattle cars.

  10. You’re absolutely correct! And as far as gun rights go, armed people do NOT climb into cattle cars heading for concentratiocamps!!
    The “Vaccine” is nothing but poison, evil poison.
    One falsehood being passed around is that the Chinese developed the virus by themselves. They did not. It started in a lab at a University of North Carolina!! When they determined that it was dangerous, they moved their operation to Wuhan, China!! Our government has their finger prints all over this virus!
    It’s the Illuminati. Claus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rokerfellers, the Rothchilds, etc al!
    The Rothchild family is as evil as any entity ever was. They own the largest share of all the “Central Banks” on Earth. Including the Federal Reserve Bank.
    It’s the one World Government people that brought this virus, many other plagues, and caos to our world. This is exactly “The Plan.” They want to maintain a human population of less than 500 million people on the entire Earth.
    That means they need to kill 7.3 Billion people, as the population stands today.
    They are Marxist- Communists that worship Lucifer!!! That is no joke. Some of them call him, “Baal.” That alone should tell everyone what is happening in our schools, today, in America.

  11. I lost 14 people that I worked with in a year. They were all healthy prior to the shot. I refused the shot on religious and medical grounds. Both exemptions were denied. I was terminated from my gov position after 15 years. My nextdoor neighbor died 3 days after the shot. He was a 70 year old college professor that was working and healthy until the shot. I am so glad I listened to my gut feeling.

  12. This was a very smart and much needed investigation by Lapado. The result however should result in yet another investigation into ‘why’. Too many are afraid to ‘rock the boat’ and add their name to a list of conservative “terrorists” thus labeled by the corrupt liberal ‘left’. The boat, is the lies and perverse actions being taken now by the ‘left’.
    The plan to eliminate massive groups of people is part of a U.N. globalist New World Order involving environmental protection and sustainability called agenda 2030. The vaccine along with covid-19 itself are just two of the nefarious actions initiated by the ‘left’ to eliminate ‘people’. The entire lbgtq movement (fad) will also deplete the world population. Abortion, virus’ like ebola, and even nuclear war, you name it,, if it will reduce population,, they are behind it.

  13. I’m really appreciative of Google for approving these guidelines, and I now have a responsibility to pay and distribute the money to everyone on Sunday. Given that I was laid off a year ago in a terrible economy, it’s amazing that Google pays a wonderful wage from home of $6,850 per week.
    This is where I began, so———————————>>>

  14. the only persons to die at my university – student/faculty/administration were the ones who were not vaccinated!

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