Impeachment Witness Finally Admits Out Loud That Russia Collusion Was a Hoax

It feels kind of like beating a dead horse at this point to talk about the Russia collusion hoax. Everyone reading this knows that it’s a hoax by now. But it’s remarkable to see many of the lower-tier operators who carried out that illegal political operation to come right out and say it: “Yeah, the whole thing was fake, and we knew it all along.” Now that they’ve received their Soros book advance paydays and installed Joe Biden in the White House, I guess they feel comfortable admitting that they’re a bunch of liars.

The latest flak to cash her Soros check and admit that Russian collusion was a fairytale is Fiona Hill, a lifelong bureaucrat who used to serve on the National Security Council under Donald Trump.

I’ve written previously about how George Soros has his investment tentacles in approximately 70% of all book publishing in America, and how he’s now using massive book advances to pay off the people in the Trump White House who were the most disloyal to Donald Trump. I won’t bore you with those details again, but it’s worth noting that Fiona Hill has a new book out this week.

That book has skyrocketed to the top of the charts on Amazon. It’s the #1 seller in the “Democracy” category somehow, despite the fact that when most people hear Fiona Hill’s name they think, “Who?! Wasn’t she that mediocre pop star from ten years ago?” But no. This is the Fiona Hill who was the Russia foreign policy expert on the National Security Council for Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.


Her book is called “There is Nothing for You Here,” which mainly seems to be about her daddy issues from growing up in mining country in northern England.  The book also explains that the only way to not be poor in the modern world is by rejecting the populist America First policies of Donald Trump. Sounds like a real barnburner. For some reason, Fiona Hill’s #1 bestseller only has THREE reviews on Amazon right now. My favorite review of her book says, “Haven’t read it but this lady is BRillANT!”

Mike Pence got a two-book deal from Soros worth $4 million, to talk about how icky Donald Trump is and how Mike Pence will be restoring True Conservatism™ to the White House when he runs in 2024. Bill Barr and Amy Coney Barrett, who each played their roles in undermining Donald Trump, each got $2 million book advances. Being a third-tier operator, Fiona Hill probably only got between a $500,000 and $1 million book advance for her story.

This is a total racket and it’s not how book publishing works, by the way. When megastar liberal author Stephen King got his first six-figure book advance for a fraction of that amount, he says he started crying and collapsed on his kitchen floor. You simply don’t make that kind of money on a book advance when you are FIONA HILL, OBSCURE RUSSIA FOREIGN POLICY EXPERT ON THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL WRITING ABOUT YOUR DADDY ISSUES. And I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you don’t even know a single person who would WANT to read Fiona Hill’s book if you told them about it. But somehow her book immediately rocketed to the top of the bestseller’s list!

The real reason why Fiona Hill got a big book advance is because she is a crazy person who will say anything about Donald Trump that the liberal media (and George Soros) want her to say.

When the Daily Beast asked Fiona Hill for her take on the peaceful January 6 protests earlier this year, here’s what she said:

“The president was trying to stage a coup… Just because it failed or didn’t succeed doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.”

Uh huh. Like I said, Fiona Hill is a crazy person who will say anything about Donald Trump in order to please the liberal media. After President Trump’s perfect phone call with the President of Ukraine, Fiona Hill testified before Adam Schiff and the Intel Committee for TEN HOURS behind closed doors. You could read the transcript of that phone call in about four minutes if you sit down in a quiet room, but this lady talked about the phone call for TEN FREAKIN’ HOURS in private. Not crazy at all! And she later testified publicly about Donald Trump at the public portion of the fake impeachment hearings.

And that’s why Fiona Hill is being rewarded today with a book deal that would make actual bestselling authors run for the fainting couch. The Daily Beast conducted a new interview with her to promote the book. Here’s the admission that Fiona Hill finally made, now that she’s cashed George Soros’s check:

“What Putin had on Trump is what everybody else had—recognition of his extreme vulnerability to manipulation.”

Oh… right… the Donald Trump who sacrificed contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars by not apologizing for saying that many illegal aliens from Mexico are rapists… had “extreme vulnerability to manipulation.”

So… Putin didn’t actually have that Russian potty tape that consumed the national conversation for the first three years of Donald Trump’s amazing presidency? I guess it would have been nice if the Russia “expert” on the National Security Council had mentioned that FIVE YEARS AGO when it would have made a difference.

On the other hand, maybe we should be encouraged that the liars are still coming forward and admitting their sins to the country. Confession is good for the soul. Or maybe they’re just bracing themselves for more Durham indictments.

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55 thoughts on “Impeachment Witness Finally Admits Out Loud That Russia Collusion Was a Hoax”

  1. All of you liberals and socialist leftists commie pieces of shit should be rounded up and shot for treason because that is exactly what you did. Mike pence the balless bastard so called man of God you will never be President ever you can’t hold a candle to President Trump. He will mop the floor with your coward ass. Bill Bar the modern day Benedict Arnold you truly truly disappointed me and this nation for you selling your soul to Soroses demonic plan. Good news though all of this had to happen before my lord and Saviour can come back and rescue his church right before he put the hammer down on you demonic creatures called Democrats. I will and want to be right there when he comes back to bond you people up and throws you in the lake of fire. To all you who has fallen for the love of money remember that the word says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. It’s not the money that is the sin it’s the lust of money that is.


      1. Simple( they are egg sucking retarded demorats. Need I say any more..they all should be bared from the government work force. Once a lier always a lier



    2. Extremely well said. Another thing, miss big Catholic pillar of faith, Amy Coney Barrett has shown herself to not be a conservative like she professes, but yet another traitor RINO bought & paid for by George Soros. I am so disgusted by her, Barr & Pence. I would not vote for Pence as dog catcher let alone President. The other two and all those traitors like them can just follow Satan.

      1. They are already following SATAN, and will rue the days that they let $$$$ rule their lives and judgement!! I wonder just how many $$$ it takes to allow a person to forget that he/she has betrayed their parents teachings??

      2. Exactly how I feel. We are going to have to be extremely cautious about the people who we vote in. I am disgusted at how they were able to deceive us! They played their parts well. They are traitors to our country and should be treated as such. I hope that in the next election, I will have the discernment I need to vote only for those who love our country and want the best for all of us. I am disappointed and disgusted with Bill Barr, Amy Comey Barrett, and Mike Pence. I hate when people lie, cheat, and steal, as we can clearly see has been done from the so called administration that is in power right now. And those who pretended to be for Trump and our country, they are the worst kind. They betrayed all of us. They are scum. Lower than slug slime.

    3. OMG Stephen you are a rockstar–you said everything most of us Trump supporters
      are thinking and you said it perfectly=I want to copy it and read it everyday!! Those
      commies deserve all they get but we both know no one will be shot for treason or
      even arrested–George Soros is poison–behind everything that has happened to
      this country including Covid and Chinese bioweapon—let’s just pray we take 2022
      and 2024 and it’s not too late!!!

    4. Definitely. Exactly how it is. The “Love” of money is the root of all evill. All things are revealed. God is coming back just like he said.

  2. If what she said now is truth 1- shouldn’t she be charged with perjury, 2- shouldn’t the impeachment crap be wiped clean and the democrats have to pay the taxpayers back the 48 million it cost us. 3- The other democrats that lied Schiff, Pelosi, and the rest of the evil ones should be held on perjury charges and contempt of court and obstruction charges!!!

    1. Yes, you are so right !!!!!

      On top of everything else, all those lying jerks, corrupt
      marxists calling themselves “ democrats” must be forced to pay back to us, the tax payers all the $$$$ they have spent and putting the country through all these years !!!!
      We want them to go to jail and pay us our money back !!!!!
      Bunch of corrupt POS !!!!!

        1. Who the hell cares ???
          Nowadays, even if you’ll ask that person (if it’s a man or a woman), it will probably be very confused and not be able to decide !!!
          Nothing but a bunch of good for nothing political activists, trying to get attention by pretending they are some victims.
          Garbage !!!!

  3. I believe that the Democrats are doing as much as they can to destroy the USA. Sorros is very strong in the destruction of the USA. He is a complete liar that stands behind the liars in the democratic process. Pelosi ans Sorros is family related so they are seriously stepping up to destroy the USA. They are finally getting caught. Wow we let this run for many years. Sorros is a complete liar that has money. Sab but true. Shows how weak are towards money. Money doesn’t mean that they are changing the world. Money just proves jealously. Sadly they have to be paid by FRAUDULENT PEOPLE STANDING BEHIND PUPPET BIDEN. Proves how weak they already are.

    1. I don’t really think that they look or feel weak, Jenny !!

      Everything in this world goes around $$$$, lots and lots of $$$, unfortunately!!
      Soros is the most EVIL creature on this earth ( he even sold his own people to the Nazis)and then, all he’s been doing for all his pitiful life is destroying the western civilization, getting involved into all kind of dirty deals among the world !!!
      It makes you wonder, why is he allowed to manipulate elections, to pay all kind of good for nothing losers everywhere in the world to create chaos and destruction???
      Even Putin ( out of all people!!!!) made it impossible for this devil to interfere in any way in his country !!
      Why are we allowing him to destroy our way of life, our country, culture ????
      Nobody can answer that, I guess !
      If he’s that powerful and could influence elections everywhere in the world, ( and nobody stops him )it
      makes you wonder why in the hell are we still holding elections and pretend that we have the power to decide our future ??? Just let’s admit that this devil is the one that should be leading the whole world , since we don’t have any power to shut him up and reject his interference at any level !!!!!

      Crazy world !
      Obviously everything comes down to the millions and billions that he has, and the Facebook crook, the
      Tweeter crook ( with his very “handsome “ nose ring),
      or Google … etc !!!
      We, the people???? … who cares , we are just the sheeple to be pushed around….

  4. Almost everyone in government, that is in authority, in our country, is CROOKED!! My dad told me when I was about 17 years old, if you got elected and didn’t go along with “The good old boys”, and their lies and schemes you wouldn’t last!! I thought that was not true at that time; now i’m a total believer in that statement!!

    1. Unfortunately, yes, Steve, your dad was so right !!!
      Money buys anything, power, political positions for life ( where we pay with our taxes to keep all these crooks in power, for life )
      Elections??? What a joke !!!!
      They will always find ways to cheat !!!
      Laws ?? Another joke, they are coming up with all kind of laws but they only apply to us, the sheeple!!!

      Truth, honor ??
      Those are some unknown, meaningless words for the crooks !
      All they care about is $$$$ and CONTROL!!!!
      Disgusting but true !!!!

  5. Just like most of the countries in the worlds leaders would like. I would have a party if the whole Soros family, and that includes married relations, were to die horribly in a house fire. Sadly that would never happen, because apart from getting their hands on his money, I doubt they even like him, so being in a family gathering is very unlikely. 🙁

    1. Right on there is a place waiting for him and it is nice and hot ,VERY HOT.I am looking up for that day.

      1. The whole lot of money sucking liars will one day pay and I believe dearly they will pay…God keeps wind of these kinda people !!!! Trump was fighting every minute and day against these suckers !!!! God Bless all good people…..:)

    2. I totally agree with you, Brian !!!
      If there will ever be a time on this earth for making things right, this EVIL creature should be going down a terrible, horrible death to pay for all the destruction and death he has caused in the world!

  6. The time is coming for what they have done to this country. When all these Soros money takers will be running for the hills when all the perjury, treason, etc., come to light, Everyone blaming the other person and I pray for it. Pelosi is going to pay along with Chucky and the rest. There will be a lot of grownups crying like babies for what they did to the country for money. No place to spend that Soros money where these Bastards are going.

  7. Treason and Sedition are high crimes in all countries and punishable by death or life imprisonment–unless you are a DEMONRAT politician in America where it is no longer acceptable to be a patriot that loves America

  8. I can’t find anything more to add to the comments that are already posted. Well done you have captured it all in well put fee!ings. Never trust a democrat! EVER! This country should be run like a business. It is a business. We had a high powered businessman running it. You didn’t like him! You were frightened of him! He isn’t the one you should be frightened of! You democrat fools should be frightened of what you have done and who you put in power! An imbecile! One day when it is too late, much too late you will see and be aware what you have done! Thank goodness 2022 is just around the corner. Be careful what you wish for. We are well on the way of being a third world country.


  10. All of this endless TALK is well and good, but when is somebody FINALLY going to actually DO SOMETHING ????? I am soooo tired of the endless chatter and name calling without ANYTHING being DONE about these criminals !!!! Shakespeare said it right when he said ” FIRST WE MUST KILL ALL THE LAWYERS” !! # F**K JOE BIDEN !!!

    1. J.R. Justice — Redirect your question to the GOP and RNC. I have. I wrote to Ronna McDaniel, the Chairwoman of the RNC more than six weeks ago asking her “WHERE IS THE RNC’S PLAN TO STOP THE DEMOCRAT VOTE FRAUD WE KNOW IS COMING IN THE 2022 ELECTION?” I have also written to Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell asking that same question. As yet, no response from any I have mailed.

    1. There is no such thing as “WE THE PEOPLE”.
      Their are however such groups as:
      “We the conservatives”; and “We the radical Socialists”;
      “We the Men”; and “We the Women” and “We the LGBTQ,etc”;
      “We who want to defund the Police”; and “We who value the Police”;
      “We who believe in the Constitution”; and “We who don’t”;
      “We the Caucasians”; and “We the People of Color”;
      “We who believe America is the land of equal opportunity for all”; “We who believe America
      is a racist country, with no opportunity for people of color”;
      “We who believe in the dignity of work” and “We who prefer government handouts”;
      “We the law abiding” and “We the criminals”;
      I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

  11. Ain’t enough money on this planet to warrant the destruction of other people’s lives. Her actions have affected millions of Americans with only God knowing how many will be affected in the future! Downright shameful.

  12. It is such a joke to see these people that are supposedly running our country on TV. I wonder if there is anyone in congress or the senate has the best interest of American in their mind? I know the president and his administration wants to bring down the United States of America. Get rid of the Constitution, get rid of God’s name from government including our money that states “In God We Trust”. How about “One Nation Under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL”. History has it that every generation that rid of God’s name from their daily lives have been destroyed or end up in chaos. No more prayers in congress, no more prayers in the senate thus corruptions and under the table dealings are business of the day. Forget about the people they were suppose to serve. They only have TWO jobs to do. 1. SAFETY: 1a. Safety for each individual. 1b. Safety for each individuals and his/her family. 1c. Safety for each individuals, family and community or county. 1d. Safety for each individuals, family, community/county and State. 1e. Safety for each individuals, family, community/county, state and our Nation. 2. Opportunities: 2a. Opportunities for Education so people can choose their field of education so they can prepare for the work force. 2b. Opportunities in employment so people can choose their field of work so they can support and provide for their family/themselves instead of depending on the government.

    Unfortunately they are not able to provide either of the two responsibility as they are busy accepting bribe from all interest groups including Soros wish to bring down the United States of America. What can we do? With the news media and social media control by demoncrats. We need to get down on our knees to ask God to show us the way to overcome the destruction of our great nation founded in His Holy Name. Ask God to save His innocence children and punished the wicked. As in the past God will sacrifice His innocence children to punished the wicked. May God bless the United States of America.

  13. I really love trust and honor our most handsome dapper funny charitable NY NJ and sunny Florida President Trump campaign rocks!!! I love now very much the most gorgeous sweet kind intelligent American Hero SC Nikki Haley campaign rocks too love her most handsome dapper cool funny National Guard hubby Michael and their most gorgeous daughter now in Nursing School amazing family Camelot rocks!! I love the very best the most devout Roman Catholic American Hero Florida Ron de Santis a highly esteemed Navy Seal super proud of him their most gorgeous most devout Roman Catholic Family praying now for Rons most gorgeous charitable wife mom of 3 yes Major Congratulations Camelot family rocks !!!! LOVE peace Faith Hope and Charity always abounding !! God Bless America and please St Michael the Archangel please watch over our police!! AMEN!!!!

  14. Money is the root to all evil, America see first hand how DemocRats operate,,, What truly needs to happen is take all them corrupted leaders, starting with Pelosi, skiff shumer, natter, and the list is long, Try them legally in court for the corrupted trail they knew was a lie,, take their money, build and provide care to Old & New children homes, and raise a new generation of children who is raised in church to know about God & love God, respect their fellow man, carry on good work and deeds, Our now leaders are working for the devil,, not God,, America, stay brave and do not take them worthless shots,, Do not believe the News Media, liars, working for evil money,,
    Remember,,, God loves you,,

  15. I live in Ohio I sent Portman,a peice of my mind,evryone that lives in those staes should,let them have it!! Your right Bill sellouts the lot of them,Portmans retiring so he does give a shit!!WE DEMAND OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.Get these dam cheaters the hell out!!!

  16. It is just so shameful how the Dumocratic party has destroyed the USA in just 8-9 months. Someone needs to stand up to Soros Pelosi Schumer Biden Harris (dumber than a box of rocks) AOC and the rest of the stupid people in government In these short months they have destroyed all the good and wonderful things Trump accomplished in his years. He was the best President we ever had and he was not a politician. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about being politically correct–he did the right thing for the USA because it was the right thing to do. He couldn’t be bought and that is what they hated about him. Yes he had faults–but the thing the Dumocrats hated was that he told it like it was. The USA was respected because of him. The Afghanistan debacle was caused by Biden’s and his minions stupidity. The Dumocrats are dead set on destroying the USA and that is why they let all these undocumented people in–so they can vote. The Dumocrats are a shameful bunch of money hungry idiots and they will burn in hell along with their money!!!

  17. I spend some time in the desert of the southwest. The deer, rabbits, squirrels, and bird wildlife abound. There are snakes. Most snakes are a benefit to the system in the desert. Some are worthless, dangerous and poison.
    Assume America were the southwest. If one of the most dangerous ‘SNAKES’ were encountered in the desert of America it would be eliminated. GEORGE SOROS is just such a SNAKE!!!! If a politician disagrees with soros, how much will it cost to get your agreement?

  18. Every high government official ,elected or non elected should have term limits . Corruption is so tempting to the weak of mind and morals. Ten years should be ample time to gain experience in government , then work somewhere else in the private sector or have their own businesses.

  19. Daily, The liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks inch in closer to the 2nd American Civil War.
    When it starts none of them will survive it

  20. Good golly miss molly how this old earth has changed since I was born in the year 1937. Back in those days the Democratic party was the party of the people, a party of truth, justice and the American way but over these many years has digressed into one of lies, injustice and the devils way. We have so many bad people being brought into our nation by the democrats for their votes that in will take many years, if ever, to recover and again become one nation under God. We can’t blame all these problems on outsiders like Soros as we have many of the devils workers here in the U.S of A.

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