Is That Chinese Spy-Lover Eric Swalwell Still on the Intel Committee?

Remember when that Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Eric Swalwell, the Democrat Congressman from California, got caught sleeping with a Chinese spy while he was on the top-secret Intelligence Committee? Whatever happened to that story? Since getting caught sleeping with a Chinese spy is about one of the most blatantly obvious ways for a normal American to lose their job and security clearances, and possibly go to jail, Swalwell must have been kicked off the Intel Committee by now, right? Let’s check in and see how ol’ Eric is doing these days!

The Democrat Party manages to field a lot of incredibly dumb mediocrities for the US Congress somehow. I like to give out a trophy every so often for the Dumbest Member of Congress to some of these people, even though they don’t return my calls when I offer to mail the trophy to them. Past winners include:

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), for worrying that Guam would tip over if we stationed too many US Marines there;

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), for asking Amy Coney Barrett if she’s a predator who extracts sexual favors from the hired help;

And Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ), for comparing himself to “Spartacus” for releasing public records that were not classified on the Senate floor and pretending that he was blowing the whistle by releasing “classified” information that everyone knew about Brett Kavanaugh.

But it takes a special level of idiocy to fall into bed with a foreign honeypot spy, which is literally one of the oldest tricks in the espionage book. I’m pretty sure every member of the House Intelligence Committee is warned about this trick during the first hour of the first day of their orientation on the committee.

It’s such a well-known trick that the honeypot was pretty much the plot of all five seasons of the Cold War TV spy drama, “The Americans.” The warning to House Intel members probably goes something like this:

“If a person of the opposite sex from a hostile foreign nation who is waaaay out of your league suddenly starts showing an inexplicable sexual attraction for you, call the FBI immediately because THAT’S A SPY!”

Eric Swalwell must have been picking his nose or sniffing an Elmer’s glue bottle during that lesson. Because the Communist Chinese government made a run at him with an obvious Chinese honeypot spy – and Swalwell totally fell into bed with her. For several years! It’s a pretty safe bet that the dimwitted Eric Swalwell destroyed his first marriage because he was so smitten by a Chinese spy named Fang Fang.


Fang Fang! This woman was such an obvious Chinese spy that it sounds like she used her nickname from Junior Spy School for her new identity in America. But apparently, it was her real name. Not that Swalwell suspected anything, or ever lifted a finger for several years as he was sharing a bed with an obvious Communist Chinese spy while he was on important House committees dealing with serious, classified information that China wanted to get its hands on.

She was so embedded with Eric Swalwell that his dad and his brother were still communicating with her on Facebook until last year – which was four years after she fled the country before the FBI was going to lock her up for espionage. She must have made quite an impression during Thanksgiving at the Swalwell hacienda.

Not to mention the fact that she placed an intern – another obvious Chinese spy – on the staff in Swalwell’s congressional office and helped raise money for his reelection campaigns. But that’s all water under the bridge.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy finally got a briefing from the FBI on just what exactly happened during the years-long relationship between Fang Fang and this year’s recipient of the Dumbest Member of Congress trophy. After McCarthy got done throwing up (did the FBI have photos?), he immediately filed a resolution to remove Swalwell from the House Intelligence Community.

McCarthy has thankfully not explained what he saw in the files, but it was bad enough to know that Swalwell is hopelessly compromised and a danger to American national security. Democrats immediately tabled the measure, meaning they won’t take it up again before the 2022 midterm elections (or after that, if they retain the House majority). I suppose there’s a lesson in that for Republicans. Democrats will no longer lift a finger to protect America if it requires throwing one of their own members under the bus. Party before country.

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75 thoughts on “Is That Chinese Spy-Lover Eric Swalwell Still on the Intel Committee?”

  1. I cannot believe this is being allowed to continue.
    He is still on the intel committee. What happened to hold people accountable for their actions?

    1. Not only is this wrong. It is utterly disgusting and I’m sure it angers a lot of people’s in their own way.
      Another thing that angers me is the so-called illegal President wants to make the states a communist country. Go live in China, sir, because we will not allow land become what you want it to become.

      1. And take the illegals with him, or better yet, put them it PELOSIS YARD. THEY HAVE A CONCRETE WALL AT HER HOUSE !!!

        1. Excellent ideas about all the above. Get rid of Swalwell, preferably in the “Graybar Hotel” for treason. He deserves that. Simply put, he’s a fool led by his “you-know-what”. He has no place in our government. Secondly, get rid of Biden. I don’t wish to live in a socialist nation, thank you very much. My ancestors fought and died to give us a country that is a Constitutional Republic, not a socialist dictatorship. They also bled and died to give us a country in which our inalienable rights are not infringed by a despotic government. To that end, we have, as a “last resort”, the 2nd Amendment, so that the fed bureaucrats cannot make us “subjects”, rather than “citizens” (subjects, fyi are unarmed, citizens are not.). Third, I agree that the illegal INVADERS should be planted in Pelosi’s backyard. Amazing that her district in California is among the poorest with one of the greatest numbers of its citizens having to live in tents because they have no permanent homes. She ought to be booted out of Congress for that, if for nothing else. She ought to be in jail for treason after her attempts to get rid of our lawfully elected President, President Trump…..and Look what they replaced him with, the original “Dementia Joe” Biden, who sometimes doesn’t remember what state he is in and can’t walk up a flight of stairs to get on his plane.

      2. I’m shocked that somebody could still call this pervert, this marxist, crook, thug call him “ Sir” !!!!!

        So, Carol, you’re saying that we will not allow this pervert to make our country into what he wants to , I totally agree with you but I only have a silly question: who and how is going to stop him from doing whatever the hell he wants ????
        Because I’d been looking around and listen to everybody among the so called Republicans/conservatives, and all I hear is talk, and more talk … meanwhile, the marxists keep on pushing us towards becoming Venezuela!!!!!

        1. I’m tired of making fun of crooks while nothing changes and republicans keep begging for money. God needs to step down from heaven and whoop ’em all.

        2. Reminds me of the line from the movie The Way We Were. I’m paraphrasing, but it was, “Politics, just talk and double-talk and no one does a damn thing.”

      3. No so-called abt it…Dementia joe IS an illegal pres…

        And Swalwell gvs a whole new twist 2 the meanin’ , ‘Pillow Talk’…hahaha…

        HANG THEM ALL!!

        #bidenotmypresident #chinajoe

    2. If he cant be cleared in a public back ground check he shouldnt be even close to any government information. Another screw job by the democrats.

      1. Gimmecrats. They were slave owners until the 1860’s and still are today, only a lot more white people enslaved, along with others. I will watch out for you and give you what you “think” you need. All you have to do is whatever we say. That is slavery. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

    3. Treason with out justice due to the dem leaders stupidity & wannabe dictator whims & ways of bo’s 8 year 74++ U.S. law violating crimes while defying a U.S. Constitution 10++ times ! The deceitful barr crimes of treason as DOJ-AG proves there is no Justice in U.S.A. after a dem leaders support of bo, hilary treasonous acts as wannabe dictators for past 12+ years !

      1. Why?
        Because they only read what is hand fed may the MSM ?
        Or San Fran Nan lies to them?
        Or their votes are stolen or nullified by a rigged election?
        I have family in the MSM. As brain washed ass the rest.

    4. You had better believe “this” is being allowed to continue. Who can stop it? The Democrats got away with stealing the 2020 election. They now control all three branches of the federal government and in many state governments. Corruption runs deep in the Democrat party from top to bottom including their deep state operatives in all branches of the government, its departments. They have weaponized departments and agencies of the government and used that power to harass, intimidate and punish their political opponents who are critical of them or their policies.

      When corruption is the only way to take and keep power, there is nothing the Democrats won’t say or do. Corrupt Democrat elected officials are emptying the prisons, eliminating cash bail requirements and defunding the police. They are protecting criminals, violent protesters and illegal aliens and are prosecuting law abiding people who are defending themselves from attack by the criminals. The Democrats are turning Americans against each other and using race and gender to do it. If you are white, they call you a “racist” and a “white supremacist”, just because of your skin color. If you are a ‘person of color”, you are automatically a “victim” of whites. If you are white, even if your ancestors all came to this country long after the Civil War, YOU are somehow guilty of slavery and owe “reparations” to anyone in this country that had ancestors that were once slaves. If you are male, Democrats would have you believe that you are automatically a “sexist”, “misogynist” infected with “toxic masculinity”. If you are heterosexual, the Democrats would have you believe that you are homophobic. If you believe there are only two genders (male and female) the Democrats would have you believe that you are “trans-phobic”. Of course if you are a Democrat who happens to be white, male, heterosexual who believes there are only two genders, you are okay so long as you confess and apologize for these “sins”.

      It’s the world turned upside down. The inmates are now running the asylum. The Democrat party was the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow, of the KKK, of church bombings and the party that fought for segregation and against bussing and against the Civil Rights Act. It’s no wonder why they want to “cancel culture”. It’s their culture they want stricken from the history books. If, as Democrats like to claim, this country was built on “racism”, they would be the ones most responsible for it. That hasn’t changed, it’s only gotten worse. Comments like, “If you don’t know who to vote for, YOU AIN’T BLACK” coming from the Democrat president Joe Biden is a clear indication of the Democrats racist mentality. It’s the Democrat party that sees everything through the lens of race, gender and economic status. The Democrats wish to convince people of color that they are “victims” of whites, but only whites who aren’t Democrats. They wish to convince women that they are the “victims” of men, but only men who aren’t Democrats. They wish to convince the LGBTQ group that they are the “victims” of heterosexuals, but only the heterosexuals who aren’t Democrats. They wish to convince THE POOR that they are the “victims” of THE RICH, but only THE RICH who aren’t Democrats. If it weren’t for “victim” groups, there would be no one to whom the Democrats could to promise “free stuff”, in exchange for their votes (gasp).

      1. Republican Party members have largely “turned tail” and Conservatives talk but do little. Low IQ among those who watch TV for their “news” creates the perfect situation for fostering the group mindset that all is well. All is not well and if the steam roller continues its destructive path it won’t be well again in our lifetime. We are weak in our opposition to the works of the Democrats and as long as only discussion and talk is our modus operandi we can expect failure.

      2. With a little work find one of our ‘WE THE PEOPLE” groups that are multiplying all across the nation in all states of the Union. We are gaining new members every week since we started in February. We must do this & it works the same way they did it back in 1776. We are all preparing ourselves to do whatever is necessary to keep our freedoms & civil Liberties intact. Join a group and attend these meetings & you will not feel helpless anymore knowing there is an army like nothing that has ever been built before that is there to back you up. Join & realize you are not alone in feeling the way you do. It is your DUTY for your families future & for our countries future because this treasonous Klan is hell bent on destroying this great country that our forefathers built & died for.

    5. It’s obvious that the Democrats are holding America accountable for Anti-China news reproting.
      Its Alcoholic Pelosi doint what Xi tells her to do.

    6. If Swalwell is one of the best that we got, America is in real trouble. Matt Gates doesn’t hold a candle to Swalwell giving our American Intel secrets to his Communist Chinese concubine. Swalwell is a disgrace to the office he holds!

    7. Not only is he still on the committee, he has remained at the decision and approval of Nancy Pelosi. I’m not sure which one is the most lacking of intelligence!

    1. Ha, ha, ha !!!!!
      Zepher, that was hilarious!!!!!

      I’d been having similar thoughts for years ( jokingly of course) about these two idiots !!!
      Every time Schiff was addressing to the media
      ( during their idiotic impeachment desperate effort)
      these 2 clowns used to walk around almost attached to each other.
      Obviously, Schiff was “training “ Swallwell into becoming as successful and knowledgeable as he was … I called them the conjoined twins !!!
      Scary and weird looking, both of them, probably some mental issues … hard to tell if any treatment would help !!!!!!
      These are only 2 of our “ representatives “!!!!

  2. Gaff afterGaff, Proven Lie after Proven Lie, Fraud after Fraud that Supreme Court will not take it up because of fear! This Democratic Government is non functional. Our Fore-Fathers did not intend this country to be Govered in this way but their first move was to force Cancel Culture on them. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    1. Selecting the dimmist of the dimwits is nearly impossible. The demorat field is littered with ignorance, stupidity and arrogance. How do you pick the biggest loser? Pick them all and cancel them. We are led by a band of fools who need to reside in another country because this opportunity to enjoy liberty and freedom is not conducive to their plan for exclusive power. No other country would allow or accept the vermin we have impounded behind wire barricades. Rise up O Sleeping Giant!

      1. God Bless you, Jeffrey, big patriot!!!!’n

        Unfortunately a lot of us feel the same way you do but since we lost DJT due to the shameless election fraud, our country has no more real leaders !!!!

        We do have lots of America loving patriots in our country but nobody can do anything!!
        The sleepy Giant has been muzzled, lost its job, lost its house, is being told to be ashamed to be white, is being forced to give up all its freedom and not even try to ask any questions!!!!!

        America has been destroyed from within just like the
        Russians and all the rest of communists were predicting!!!!!!!

      1. Carol I so agree with you. Biden and his Family and every member of the Democratic Congress including our “I have had too many facelifts that my eyes are bulging, my brain is shrinking, and my mouth is so tight from Botox injections that I can’t speak properly. guess who? All of the (Demoncrats)are stupid,vicious, and pathetic.They have totally destroyed what true Americans really stand for. It has nothing to do with color of skin, or what one does for a living, It has to do with respect, and thankfulness that GOD has blessed this Country. Whatever happens GOD will have the last word.

      2. Dennis, Please don’t GIVE UP ON GOD. This isn’t the first time the U.S of A has had its BUTT kicked. He has ways to attract peoples attention that are charged with intelligence Motivation, resolve and human Drive. One word that comes to mind is LOVE, LOVE of Family, Country, FREEDOM, The locals formed their ownPEACE and so much more. HOW you ask can we handle this problem? Look back in our history. Go back to the biggest period of our growth. 1860 to 1920. The West was booming, Lots of people not enough Law. The people did for themselves. Not very organized but, they tried to maintain order. GUESS WHAT? they succeeded. I guess this why the Democrats are doing everything they can to erase our History from existence. To many excellent ideas to temp the people of today. Cabish?? GOD BLESS AMERICA. Cheyenne

      3. Dennis, untrue. God did not damn America, WE damned ourselves the very instant that we told the schools to remove Him. When WE took prayer out of schools. When WE allowed the one whispering voice to become louder than ours. When WE allowed the murder of the defenseless in the womb. When WE allowed lawsuits to be filed in the name of separation of church and state. God did not damn America, He simply is allowing US to live out the consequences of our choices.

        1. AMEN—THIS IS THE TRUTH I came up with years ago but people are braindead and GOD said he would close the unbelievers eyes and it is happening. How can GOD BLESS A NATION THAT DOES NOT ASK FOR FORGIVENESS AND KEEPS ON SINNING. The bad thing about all of this is that all true believers will suffer the same consequences of the non forgiven sinners.

    2. The Democrat government is functional. It is destroying everything that makes sense and that works. It has successfully turned Americans against each other. It has successfully stolen the 2020 election. It has protected criminals, violent mobs and illegal aliens and prosecuted innocent people. It has turned a vibrant economy into a dragging economy and a low unemployment rate into a high one. It has weaponized government departments and agencies and used those weapons to harass, intimidate and punish political opponents and those who speak out against them.

  3. C’mon man, you have at least another dozen dems who could fight him for that award!!???But regardless, the moron should NOT be holding that office (or any office)!

  4. Always felt that AOC was proof positive that any member of Congress must have an IQ of 25 or higher…
    But the Dimwits continue to shatter that standard.
    Pelosi should win the award for allowing someone who slept with a communist spy to be on the Intelligence Committee (or lack thereof).

  5. This Is ” THE DEMORATS New Way” ….. Hope All That Voted For Stinky Fingers Joe” Gets to Sleep With Rachel, LOL

  6. By now we should all be aware that the accountability for bad behavior only applies to the friends and allies of Donald Trump, not to democrats who hold highly sensitive positions.

  7. The delusional democrats and anyone that voted for them are getting what they asked for . I hope it bits them on the ass hard for being so damn stupid . All I can say is …don’t blame me I voted for trump

  8. All the crap we see happening to our country we have brought on ourselves. We had a chance to keep things going smoothly and to keep our country strong, but we’ve allowed powerhungry people to get a foothold now and I’m afraid we are going to lose everything that so many have given their lives for. We need to strengthen our military dramatically and get our border under control. We need to get children back in school and get good hardworking people back to work.We need to get older and the most vulnerable people the vaccine.We need to get our election system under control (voter id., no ballot harvesting,citizens voting,not illegals)- We will have a last chance to make the changes this country needs in the 2022 elections. Without sweeping changes in the next few years ahead….we are toast!

    1. Fred – How do you propose we keep the Democrats from stealing another election? All the Democrats have to say is “We have more votes than you” and that’s all it takes. That’s all it took last time. A thousand individuals signed sworn affidavits to the vote fraud and illegal election activities they witnessed. The state courts refused to hear the law suits filed by Republicans and the evidence in those affidavits. The DOJ didn’t care. The FBI didn’t care. The SCOTUS didn’t care and refused to hear the appeals filed by Trump’s lawyers. All it would have taken was four SCOTUS justices to agree to hear the appeals, but Kavanaugh and Barrett would not support hearing Trump’s appeals. I don’t believe these two jurists owed Trump a favorable ruling on his appeals, but I do believe they owed his lawyers the chance to present their case and then decide on its merits.

      1. Wrong! Pence had a chance to overturn the election ? results but he said he didn’t have the authority to reverse the vote certification. That day was January 6! I feel Pence stabbed Trump in the back because he could’ve overturned the results. And what do you know …he attended Biden’s inauguration!

  9. If you actually have awards for dumbest dumbocruds, you had better stockpile a whole lot of awards not only for them, but all the who voted for them, even though the elections were false to begin with! “It;\’s NOT the voter that counts in any election, but those who are in charge of the counting that will win!” Joseph Stalin USSR

    1. Hey. Why don’t we try the cancel culture ourselves. Boycott all advertisers on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS. See how they like it. Then we can help dry up the support the Democrats get from liberal big businesses by cancelling them as well. Worth a try and might save some money too.

      1. Agreed!
        I haven’t watched CBS, NBC, or ABC news for well over a year, unless I want to hear what deceitful lies the Dems are spreading. It’s so sad; they’re destroying our beautiful country!

      2. Doug, i have already started a boycott of major league baseball because of their outrageous decision to move the All Star game out Atlanta because of their opposition of the Georgia voting bill. When sports leagues start to get politically involved in denouncing conservative view points it is time to pull the plug.When they start to denounce the dems. socialists agenda then i might reconsider.Time for real Americans to stand up and fight.

  10. Swallwell, Schifty, Piggylosi and AOC should all be tried for treason along with Biteme biden and Camelhump and when convicted they should be stood against the wall and executed for their crimes against this nation. God save us from these socialist commiecrats.

  11. I agree that we should boycott all advertisers on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS. I have already started with Coca Cola for telling their employees to curb their whiteness, like it’s the fault of people regarding the color of their skin. Can you imagine the rioting, looting and burning if that statement was made to people of color for them to curb their blackness? Boycotting Vaseline for the advertisements the young black woman cradling her distended abdomen telling her unborn baby how sorry she was that it would come into the world having to face such racism.

  12. Does swallow even have enough intelligence to be on the intell committee? We all have viewed which side he is on. He is from the fur side. I bet the voting for the dumbest democrat was split by fractions of votes between swallow, pelosi, chucky, Joe, Barack, Stacey ans last but not least AOC the prom queen.


  14. Senator Johnson recently issued a supplemental to his report that showed Hunter Biden’s close business associate, Rob Walker, received $6 million from a Chinese company linked to the communist regime. There’s yet another link in the chain from the Biden family and their associates to the Chinese government. The report also showed that State Department officials believed that Hunter Biden’s Burisma board membership created the perception of a conflict of interest and “was very awkward for all U.S. officials pushing an anticorruption agenda in Ukraine.” Secretary of State Kerry publicly denied knowing of Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board. We acquired evidence showing that he did, in fact, know about that role. In December 2015, instead of following U.S. objectives of confronting oligarchs, Vice President Biden’s staff advised him to avoid commenting on Burisma’s oligarch and instead say, “I’m not going to get into naming names or accusing individuals.” Joe Biden was running an anticorruption agenda in Ukraine and he pulled his punches while his son was on the board of Burisma. Based on witness testimony, Burisma’s owner allegedly paid a $7 million bribe to officials serving under Ukraine’s prosecutor general to shut the case against him. When he allegedly paid that bribe, Hunter Biden was on the board. These examples are just a sampling from the report and the tip of the iceberg with respect to the Biden family’s troubled ties to governments adverse to U.S. interests. These associations, and the millions of dollars that passed between and among Hunter Biden, James Biden and others, create criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns. That’s why I’ve since written to the Justice Department about the risk that Hunter and James Biden essentially served as agents of the communist Chinese government for purposes of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. After Hunter Biden publicly confirmed he was under criminal investigation, liberal news outlets reported on concerns that his financial associations could create criminal financial and counterintelligence problems. That’s what we said in September 2020 and we were roundly criticized for it. And just over the weekend, a new email was made public that reportedly says Joe Biden and his brother were “office mates” with the very same Chinese nationals we wrote about in our report. Those same individuals were the ones with links to the communist regime and it’s military. Based on all the facts known to date, Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do. I’ve run many oversight operations and investigations during the course of my career. I’m interested in the facts, in the evidence, in the truth. I learned a lesson long ago when I first started my oversight focus and that is: no matter how difficult the media or the other side of the aisle makes it to find the facts – never give up, keep working hard. The American taxpayer deserves nothing less. That’s the attitude and approach I’ve had my entire career and it’s what I will take with me as I continue to look into the Biden family matters and as I move back to lead the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  15. The Majority of your comments have been read … AND agreed with …

    The Scriptures are CLEAR …. you are ALL CORRECT …. “Right will be WRONG and Wrong will be RIGHT … in those Days, the End Days.

    Why fight it … it is NOT Destination, Destiny, Changeable … YHWH-GOD only witnessed the choices that are and will be made by Depraved, Despotic Souls in These Days!!

    We can not avoid or change these CHOICES by persons in our world. They have and will make them with Satan/Lucifer/Beelsabub/The Devil …

    Woe Be to Nancy Pelosi, Nadler, Shiff, Shumer, and the Democratic Spawn of Satan!!

    May they ALL be coronated with the prize of their allegience.

  16. Ha Ha Ha, You aught to put all the Demonrat legislators names in a fishbowl then pick one out each day and write a funny comment on them. It would not be hard. They all vote for the same ridiculous bills then say the dumbest reasons.

  17. all conservatives should stick together and boycott major league base ball,the nba, and pro. football but it seems like a lot of people wants to put these over paid jocks on a god pedestal and worship them. don’t buy coke,don’t fly delta,don’t shop at kroger,don’t shop at bed bath and beyond. take all liberal compaines and boycott their products and soon they will get out of woke politics.

  18. Not only is he still on the committee, he has remained at the decision and approval of Nancy Pelosi. I’m not sure which one is the most lacking of intelligence!

  19. My entries for dumbest Dumbocrap:
    Maxine Waters posted two pictures of Pismo Bay on her website with the caption: ‘We can already see the damage global warming has done’. The pictures were of low tide and high tide. Moron.

    Sheila ‘I stand here as a freed slave’ Jackson Lee asked if the MARS Rover would be near the place where Neil Armstrong planted the US Flag. When told that was on the MOON, she said it was racist of them to correct her.

    I think old Sheila just edges Maxine out.

    My only comment about Eric Swalwell is:
    Fart Fart Bang Bang Fang Fang Nuke Nuke

  20. This is a discussing issue. Why do we let someone like him stay in his position. Are they waiting for him to steal something or get a new disease from China. Where are the brains running this country

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