Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Threaten War with Allied Nations Over Global Warming

Kamala Harris really doesn’t like to answer direct questions. We saw her duck and weave moves very clearly in her debate with Vice President Mike Pence. He asked her will she pack the courts? She spent two minutes talking about everything but her and Joe Biden’s plan to add justices to the Supreme Court.

She also did it when it came to the Green New Deal. Are you for or against fracking Kamala? Because every video before this debate has Joe Biden and you saying you’d ban it.

Are you for or against the Green New Deal? She wouldn’t answer that question directly either. Kamala and Biden have both flipped flopped extensively on the Green New Deal. They say they are against it, but as VP Pence pointed out its still on their campaign website!

Biden’s global warming flip flop was stunning during the debates.

“I do not support the Green New Deal!” insisted Joe as he pounded the podium with his frail, skeletal old-man hand.

Not ten seconds later, Biden declared, “Besides, the Green New Deal will pay for itself!”

To paraphrase one of Joe Biden’s Democrat primary opponents from earlier this year: Did you forget what you just said, Joe? Sure looks that way.

Most of us were so taken aback by Joe Biden’s Green New Deal flip-flopping in the debate that we totally missed him attacking America’s allies over global warming. But our allies caught it – and now they’re mad. Brazil’s MAGA President Jair Bolsonaro called Joe Biden a coward for threatening his country. Great going, Diplomacy Joe!

This is the closest that Joe Biden has come to actually verbalizing a policy this year, so it’s worth considering what he said.

Biden stated that Brazil is “ripping down” the Amazon rainforest. He said that he would come up with $20 billion (from somewhere) and offer that to Brazil to stop “ripping down” the rainforests. Brazil is a different country from America the last time we checked. But if Brazil does not follow Joe Biden’s orders, there would be “economic consequences.”


Just to be clear: Joe Biden is threatening economic sanctions against America’s allies if they don’t follow his insane global warming commands.

Brazil isn’t Iran or North Korea. The country is a US ally. They’re not fighting with anyone and they have free elections. But Joe Biden is going to sanction Brazil if that nation doesn’t do his bidding when it comes to global warming.

Instead of attacking America’s allies over non-existent problems, how about if Joe Biden addresses the looming environmental solar panel catastrophe that’s coming down the pipeline due to green energy? Oh, you didn’t know about that? Pull up a chair, then.

Solar panels DIE. Did you know this? I didn’t know this until I heard about it for the first time a few days ago. All solar panels have a functional lifespan of about 25 years, at which point they go completely “kaput” and die. Back when a certain accused rapist from Tennessee (Al Gore) was vice president, liberals adopted global warming as their new official party religion. That’s when the “green energy” craze kicked off and power companies started building solar panels like mad, because they believed they were saving the planet and because the federal government incentivized this insane practice.

Well, guess what? All of those solar panels that were built 25 years ago are about to start dying. Each and every year, more of them will die.

And none of the components in solar panels are recyclable. They just turn into piles of junk that have to be dumped in a landfill somewhere.

Within the next three to five years, America will begin generating 78 million metric tons of solar panel garbage every year. That’s more garbage from solar panels alone than many European countries generate. (In fairness, Europe was smart enough to build safe nuclear plants.)

And we’re going to have to figure out somewhere to put all of those junked solar panels. Like everything else related to the Green New Deal and the Democrat Party’s global warming religion, solar panels were always a lie.

So, the good news is that we’ve finally managed to pin Joe Biden down on an actual policy position. The bad news is that he’s willing to go to war with America’s allies over global warming.

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86 thoughts on “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Threaten War with Allied Nations Over Global Warming”

  1. Neither one of the two democrats have yet to focus on their own ideas cause they have none.The only thing is they want the power back that the White House brings.So their I said what many won’t they are just trying to figure out how to defeat President Trump.

    1. Guess what you didn’t say ? Their is a lot more junk associated with solar panels , banks of storage batteries that do not last 25 years , timers, rectifiers, and other varieties of electrical device’s needed for the yay of many renewable energh sources.

      1. That is just for a start ! People all over the Country are installing Solar Panels that are “old technology”, as you pointed out they have a short lifespan, and they are in need of constant maintenance.
        Anyone ever put those small yard lights that have mini-Solar panels to power them ? They last a couple of years, when they start to show the signs you mention, low performance, battery aging & corrosion, so what happens to the Expensive Solar arrays on a two story? They will need the equivalent of a “pool cleaner” to come to your home , climb your roof and regularly maintain those panels.
        These solar panels are starting to be a requirement for home construction, and its all on the homeowners dime.

      2. The non-recyclable nature of solar panels certainly raises significant doubts about either the sincerity or the knowledge of today’s environmentalists, doesn’t it? I didn’t know that either.

        Edward Mahle, you wrote about the “yay of many renewable energh sources”. I presume the next-to-last word is just a misprint for “energy”. But what were you trying to communicate with the “yay”? Can’t figure that one out.

    2. People don’t know or it isn’t well known that the Democrats are after President Trump because he’s a threat to their agenda. Some of the Dems may be facing criminal charges and maybe prison time or worse because of trying to oust President Trump by a coup against him. I think they know their end is near. I pray and hope that Trump get reelected and Republicans keep the Senate and win back the House with big majorities in both.

      1. Jerry, are YOU out there doing SOMETHING to ensure Trump’s successful reelection? If not…you need to put your actions where your mouth is…it is IMPARATIVE to a win for society itself that we put in the effort for him…so HE can put HIS effort in for US and us~!

        1. Agree Kath! …but don’t assume that those of us who may see the underlying “reasons why” are not active in supporting and getting support for President DJT reelection. Also, be aware that merely exposing and telling the truth is in itself a liberating thing. It can inspire to action. Thanks for all YOU do!

          1. Maybe yes and maybe no. Better we just quietly go out and vote….as many time as the DNC lets us. Remember….if the Dems think they are way ahead, the less likely they will fill in their ballots. Thanks Hillary.

      2. Jerry, Thank you for this post! You are SO right! I have been telling people this for 4 years but the psychology of it goes over most heads I think, because I get little response and some funny looks, too. As a trained pastoral counselor, I see it when asking probing questions or indicating some truth that someone does not want to admit. It is also true of merely bad behavior that someone does not wish to be discovered or broadcast. In the case of ALL criminally inclined politicians, it is bad behavior too but mostly real crimes they are hiding. Democrat Socialists immediately experienced this syndrome (actually an automatic reflex) when Trump first threatened to “Drain The Swamp” in 2016 in his campaign. It is a psychological reflex that is automatic from the guilty and happens when someone threatens to uncover their crimes. The reflex is “to destroy or nullify the person who threatens to expose them, and eliminate the threat”. It manifests in the group as a maniacal agreement by all politicians who have crimes and other bad acts to hide. The media hypes their lies and accusations (false premises to distract from the truth) and the chaos ensues like a domino effect in exponential proportion. It solidifies into “group-think” – the craziness we see every day from the Left. It started BEFORE Trump was elected, as we now know from all the anti-Trump plans they worked on even during his inauguration! I usually only see it on an individual basis, and have never seen it displayed in such broad scope as this. It is very dangerous for it is based on coverup of crime by leaders in powerful positions. The good news is that they have overplayed their hand being so illogical in every way, and anti-USA, and more people see it for the insanity it is. I am praying too! TRUMP needs to be our President for the follow-through on these criminals, and the good he is doing for USA despite these maniacal attacks every day!

      3. I want someone to be held accountable for the russia hoax on our president, I want someone to be held accountable for all the money spent on the impeachment crap. No president should be put through what President Trump has been put through.

        1. We all do, but did you know that Obama pardoned all those in his regime. Do those pardons cover crooked Hil and the gang from future prosecution? Maybe that’s the sticking point that Don is running up against.

    3. Today’s Democrat Party is an abomination, desperately struggling to find relevance:

      The Democrat Party that lacks the moral values to protect unborn children against late-term abortion is a party that has turned away from Christian values and rejects the sacred words of our Declaration of Independence that proclaim that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are endowed by our creator.

      The Democrat Party that lacks the fortitude to repudiate (and actually condones and encourages) violent anarchists who attack decent law-abiding people in the streets and destroy businesses and personal property is a party that no longer has credible relevance and is an abomination.

      The Democrat Party that fails to repudiate the destruction of churches, synagogues, statues, government buildings and national monuments is a pathetic empty shell of what used to be a proud American populist institution.

      The Democrat Party that supports efforts to eliminate guarding and protecting our borders (ICE) is a party that has lost all credible relevance.

      The Democrat Party that supports open borders, sanctuaries, taxpayer paid free education and health care for illegal immigrants adding to the burden of American taxpayers is a party that is desperately struggling to find relevance.

      The Democrat Party that wants to give voting rights to illegal immigrants is a party that is in desperation to depend on an influx of illicit voters to win elections.

      The Democrat Party that supports efforts of radical groups to eliminate police forces in big cities is a party that cowers down to anarchists with tunnel vision and has not given intelligent thought to the ramifications of such idiocy.

      The Democrat Party that fails to condemn anarchist violence against police officers is on the wrong side of the peace and tranquility espoused by our constitution and the laws of the land.

      The Democrat Party that is more concerned with the safety and well being of illegal immigrants than that of our own citizens, our police officers and our military veterans is a party that has lost focus and will willfully cower down to any radical group in the self-serving interest of obtaining votes.

      The Democrat Party that suddenly wants to eliminate the electoral system of electing the president and change the make-up of the US Supreme Court from 9 justices to 12 justices is a party in a state of panic.

      The Democrat Party that wants to abolish the constitutional rights of law-abiding American Citizens to hold and bear arms is a party with tunnel vision that would turn this nation into violent revolution.

      The Democrat Party that perpetrated all manner of falsehoods to stand in the way of confirmation of Judge Brett Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is a despicable, lying abomination.

      The Democrat Party that begrudgingly refuses to recognize and acknowledge the unpresidented economic success of this nation prior to the Coronavirus pandemic is a shameful self-serving abomination. Had this country not achieved the economic level of success enjoyed prior to the pandemic, the nation would currently be in a serious recession.

      The abhorrent “leaders” of today’s Democrat Party will say or do anything to win the votes of the ignorant, uninformed masses. Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc will lie and perpetrate any hoax in order to advance their own personal agendas. For 3-1/2 years they have done nothing but spew lies, distortions, exaggerations, vitriol and hatred to try to remove our duly elected President of the United States. They are only concerned with regaining power, and not the well being of this country.

      The Democrat Party that was once the proud party of Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt and Truman has become a disgusting abomination.

      1. Wow!! Well said my friend…..sounds like you need to look at running for office….NOT on the Democratic ticket, however!!

      2. Awesome and well said. Too bad the democrats think they are above the law and can do and say anything that furthers their plan. Joe Biden should stay hidden in his basement, he can’t remember anything. Kamala is a snake looking to become president, she is calling it the Harris-Biden administration. She hates the President, hates the people and hates the Country. I will gladly help her pack and send her on her way. We do not need this type of person in this great Country. No-one is stopping them from leaving.

      3. Your post was amazing with so much information about the Democrat party. My prayers are that the blinders are lifted and people will see what is really happening in our Country. Don’t trust the fake media!!!!

      4. I don’t think anyone could say it better! I just hope the wheels of justice, which grind very slow, will grind these Democrat criminals into extremely fine dust. give them the punishment they so richly deserve. JR (just not a Ewing)

      5. Jim Jackson: the Lie-beral DEMONocrats….a syndicate of fake, hate, negate, denigrate, ingrate, degenerate, instigate, agitate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E !

        Go to the light, choose life, and you will be RIGHT.
        Go to the LEFT, and you will be bereft.

    4. They can’t defeat Trump UNLESS they steal it by the mail in voting. There will be a civil unrest like you’ve never seen if the OBVIOUS( A TRUMP LANDSLIDE) doesn’t happen!
      The SOROS bought media adn Dem prosecutors and others are being fed $$$$ by that old SCROTUM FACE EVEIL BASTARD who stole his riches from the German holocaust victims.
      When his name is mentioned on any broadcast there has been recent black out of that and ” we cant mention Soros here”…Basic scum , and the Democrats are hoping they can continue Obamas cut and dry plan to weaken and destroy our USA . He did say Americans are dumb bible toting gun loving idiots. He said manufacturing was NO MORE , WHATS TRUMP GONNA DO WAVE A MAGIC WAND…A quote from a THUG president who wants TRUMP out becawz TRUMP is gonna crawl up his THUG ASS and get him charged and convicted as well as the HILDABEAST CLINTON..All of them including Biden appease CHINA ( THE scum that have always claimed to be the worlds TOP power….well it’s plain to see folks that CHINA has a PLAN and wake up and see it. PEACE OUT TRUMP 2020….TED CRUZ 2024….

        finally someone else has let the Soros’ brand of evil out in the open. For over 2 years, i’ve been writing Senators, Members OF Congress, Fox, Hannity, even the White House asking for revocation of Soros’ naturalization papers & DEPORTATION as a traitor. I’ve questioned his and his father’s collusion with Eichmann & the Nazis when Hungary was invaded in 1944, because Hitler was itching to gas the largest remaining group of Euro Jewry, 50,000 + plenty of Gypsies, Homosexuals & mentally ill. Truly believe what father and son pocketed from the home treasures of their neighbors is the basis of their wealth.
        By the way, they also managed to hold off THEIR OWN FINAL SOLUTION, until Allied liberation, and when questioned, conveniently answered with: “we were forced to” or “we didn’t know” in order to save their own skins. Is that why their fat butts weren’t hauled off to the Nuremberg Trials? George & Family should be paying REPARATIONS TO THE FAMILIES OF 6 MILLION + HOLOCOUST VICTIMS & SURVIVORS. Send him back to Hungary. He’s sure to feel comfy under the new dictatorship there.
        Anf if he can’t be deported for WAR CRIMES, THEN ARREST HIM FOR TREASON & SEDITION, & brought to trial for plotting the violent overthrow of our government, financing rioting, burning & looting of our cities by Antifa, BLM, etc. Some of it with taxpayer dollars. Oh YES, his OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION & other orgs. under his umbrella have been RECEIVING CO-VID AID & are listed at the IRS as NON PROFITS for decades. The Swamp Dwelling Bureaucrats have looked the other way. We’re paying for the rope he uses to hang us. Then there’s the 35 million GIVEN to Ukraine to fight AIDS with our tax dollars which ends up in one of his orgs. run by a guy on TERRORIST WATCH LIST. He sure knows his way in & out of a GOOD SWINDLE OPERATION.

        1. Ralph Pearce: Lie-beral DEMONocrats will not investigate Lie-beral DEMONocrats…Gorge Sorrows (George Soros) won’t allow it.

    5. The Chinese sure would love what creepy Joe recommends. Just like the rest of the Democratic Party continues to be crooked and dishonest, and in Joe, we find the worst of the crooked and dishonest, plus being stupid.

  2. Bill Clinton/Crooked Hilary/Georgi Girl (The Bush’ son, Barack (Hose`) Hussein Obama (Obozo) are going to eat these useless solar panels as they were milk chocolate up their butt ends !!

  3. The DemonRATS love their cellar dweller Dementia Joe. DemonRATS love losers. A life time in politics, with no accomplishments what so ever. Just like the socialist Curmudgeon Sanders.

    1. Gerald, it’s not that they love losers…it’s that they love those who can be manipulated SO EASILY and don’t know it…as too many voters are also.
      Take care, be safe and healthy!

  4. That demented little weasel isn’t the president and he thinks he can threaten Brazil?! I’m glad the president of Brazil basically told this moron to kiss their butts! Stupid littke weasel!

  5. “Pedo Joe” and “Heels-up and Headboard banging whore” Harris, will Destroy America and its History and People!! These two lunatics have only one thing in common….They both have their heads up their own asses!!!!

    1. AGREED.! And after fact-checking “Kameltoe” Harris the other night she lied 24 times–and ask that swinging orgy loving whore who “doctored her birth certificate like they did OBAMA’S (she’s an anchor baby not allowed to be POTUS) none other than JOHN BRENNAN!”


  7. Don’t forget all the roofs that were punched full of holes to install the solar crap. Will people take down the frames or just leave them rusting on the roof?

  8. By refusing to answer questions, these two communists are telling us that they do intend to pack the supreme court, they will enforce ridiculous “green” laws and stop fracking. One thing they were honest about is that they WILL increase your taxes. They will eliminate the Trump tax cuts and return to the Obama plan. (How much did you make last year, send it in). They claim this will only affect businesses and individuals making more that $400K annually. If a business has their taxes increase they either increase the cost of their product to the consumer or they layoff employees. I have never had a job working for a pauper. If you liked your prepandemic life and want a prosperous America vote Trump – Pence. If you want to be Venezuela II, vote for Biden – Harris. My broker is not E.F. Hutton and he says if Biden is elected you should invest in canned goods and ammunition.

  9. President Trump People will Fight! This is OUR country! We will not give up, you demons are evil and in the evil ? hands of Satan. Eating babies and drinking their blood. You don’t deserve to live!!????????????????

  10. My goodness, what is going on, They will cause a war, destroy our relationship, she wouldn’t answer questions, debates are questions and answers, surely hope the President refuses virtual debate with Biden. They can both wear a mask or stand extra distance away, have a glass between them, but it must be LIVE.

  11. Solar panels cannot just be trucked off to a landfill when they die. They contain highly toxic semi-conductor material that must be removed prior to disposal. Processing cost for safely disposing of a solar panel equals the initial purchase and installation cost of them.

  12. Surely there are Democrats who see their candidates as weak, ridiculous, dangerous, and empty vessels. I hope they will truly consider not voting for them and voting for the success of our country instead. These two Democrats are fictional characters. They act in roles and could run America if they do frivolous things. I do believe in President Trump and Vice President Pence. Some people may not like Trump because of his personality, but he’s not going to put you in a bad place if he can help it. He may not give you everything you want, but neither will the Democrat candidates. They will give you a lot of what you never wanted. Just take a look at what the governor of California is doing to his state. That’s an example of wildly unstable Democratic policy. Please don’t vote for Biden Harris ticket for our country. Please vote for President Trump and Vice President Pence.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Kathleen. Our dim-witted Governor, Nasty Nancy’s nephew, thinks that diesel fuel and farting cows are causing climate change. Climate change is an astronomical phenomenon, and Joe and the Ho want us to believe that they can somehow “stop it.” I sure would like to know how they think they can do this!

  13. If lying is all you can do. Why do you want to be the President and Vice President? People get tired of all the lies and phony promise these DEMOCRAT tell! Not one DEMOCRAT has done anything they said on the campaign trail! NO NOT ONE! They just want to help DESTORY AMERICA AND YOUR FREEDOM! SO THEY CAN CONTROL THE MONEY AND POWER!

    1. The Democrat run states/communities have gotten a very slight taste of what is to come if Biden/Harris win the election. Biden will not be in the oval office running this country… he will be on a cot somewhere in the WH and Harris will be running the show. Harris has a voting record as the most Liberal in congress. I thought it must be Sanders.. but no, Harris takes that prize and wants to turn our country upside down. NO THANK YOU!!

  14. They don’t know, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, you must be born again! Why? Than you know who is in charge!! Look at Biden and Harris, washt up, they dont belong in America. They are lost. they dont know love, happyness, and be friendly and they never tell the TRUTH!

    1. All listen up! The end is coming very soon, we are living in the end times as predicted in the book of Revelation. All will be held accountable for their misdeeds in the Final Judgement. Just get a copy of “Cracking the Apocalypse Code” by Gerard Bodson. It is a mathematical analysis of the Biblical book of “The Revelation” prophecies hidden in the heart of The Revelation, using the numerical correspondences of the Hebrew alphabet as their key. This book was published in 2000, and the predictions are right on track as we are witnessing today in 2020.

  15. I am extremely amazed as the left continues to lie every time they open their mouths. The Fake news stations are definitely deplorable.
    The ads for Biden are one big lie after another. The devil is definitely hard at work and the liberals are following his command. Obama is behind this fiasco and is definitely intent on destroying America. M Obama is obnoxious!
    Tired of the SWAMP creatures.

    1. Robert: the MAIN reason Joek Obiden wants to be president is so he can (as soon as possible, but quietly) pardon Hunter, obomma, HiLIARy, and others.

  16. OK Let’s start here. Solar ,Wind , Im’e all for it. BUT Let’s be honest It is too damn expensive. Example Tesla what does it cost ? Do you think for one minute that a single mother with three kids working two minimum wage jobs can afford that ? NO. So much for e cars. I have worked in the energy industry for a long time and I have seen up close and personal how it works. At a coal plant they burn powdered coal and it puts off undesirable emissions. But you have heard of clean coal ( Which Obama stated on national television that we would produce right here in our country and turned around and said he would destroy the coal industry after those chumps elected him ) He flat out lied with his wife and kids standing next to him. He never has been and never will be a MAN. Getting back to clean coal. What has changed is how they deal with the exhaust. What they do is ( you have heard of scrubbers ) What they do is send the exhaust up a 740 foot stack and on the

    1. The cold, hard reality is that solar and wind are not cost-competitive with current technology, if one removes the government price subsidies from the equation, I was absolutely shocked to run the numbers, and they were unmistakable. We have been sold a bill of goods regarding “renewables.”

  17. Trump 2020!!!! We can not let this go any other way. Crazy, sleezy Joe, and insane Harris, what a combination.

  18. I want a president who FIGHTS FOR us regarding those countries wanting to take from us and the demorats freely give it to them.. Look where all our jobs went look what every box says on it ( CHINA ) that isnt an accident… The demorats give them our jobs and future.. you think its bad now wait… Trump is a fighter and he isnt a politician but he tries to show he can be but wont lower himself to their standard… If you really really want to destroy America without a war vote for the Biden/Harris team they are in it together… this country will look like we had a war. If you think toilet paper was hard to get when the pandemic hit you aint seen nothing wait it will be youll be wiping you butts with everything you can find but it wont be toilet paper. Just a sampling of what this country will face with deaths is what the pandemic gave us. More will die more will be living on the streets because thats how the demorats like it.. Trump is for you the demorats are for themselves the politician demorats not the voting demorats they are just disillusioned Americans who are believing the crap the politician demorats are putting into your head because you have been brainwashed for so long you cant think for yourself or know the difference when your being lied to

  19. We, the people have the power to take down the Democrats in power right now with what we know. Petitions do work. People banding together at Congress, works. There will be more of us than their protection police, body guards and military if we get enough of us to do this. Those Democrats deserve to be arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison or worse. Joe Biden is a criminal anyway, so how did our country come to trying to elect a criminal? Brazil does not belong to America. It is no business of Joe Biden to run that country. Joe said he will spend 20 million to save the Amazon. Where is all that money going to come from? If Joe wins the election which I don’t think he will, he will have to print more money to pay for his expensive ideas-and Harris’s ideas and no money will be printed to help the Citizens of the United States or the Americans-there is a difference between the two in case you didn’t know. In the mean time, there are debts to pay off that were already made before Joe printing more money to sanction any country. You will see our country become worse than a third world country. Everything you own will be taken away. Kamala said she will kill every single Trump supporter and I have a video I saved that shows her speaking those very words. The rest of the population will be thrown into prisons, using the prison, jails already here and then using shopping malls, shopping centers, schools to house us for their slaves. Joe and Kamala will stop all gas powered vehicles and stop fracking. When there is no more oil for any machine, or any appliance, or any electric powered machine, how are they going to live? They will have to travel by horse and cart. Oil is used for everything. Nothing works without it. Are they that stupid? I mean really brainless. They are not thinking into the future for what they plan to do. They must have more ulterior motives for their future-not our future, but, theirs. They are acting like dictators with Lucifer thrown in. One big frightening thing is them allowing China into our country. Look what China did to their own country. If any of you know what it is like over there, then your hair should be turning white right about now. You will have not life, you won’t be allowed to talk out loud about almost anything, there will be no more religions, no more food or dry goods staples. All that will go to the dictators in power. There is so much more that they will do if they are allowed into power and none of it is good. Are you willing to throw your own life away? And the lives of your families, children and babies? They also have plans to chip all of us to make us do their bidding. It will change your DNA so you will no longer be human. You WILL be a flesh robot. I do not want this for me or any of you. Why are all of you allowing this to happen? Democrats do everything they can to do harm to us and America, why can’t we do the same back to them? It is possible. Are you waiting for someone else to do this? I think you are. Wake up, people. Stand up for your rights and make sure the Constitution of the United States is protected and followed to the letter because the Democrats are about to get rid of all our forefathers documents and run this country into the ground. What is wrong with you?

  20. Me again, way up they spray a mist of limestone and water called a slurry and what it does is knock down the bad stuff. They do this at multiple elevations. So by the time the exhaust gets out the top it is very minimal. Go look at a modernized coal plat with scrubbers and look at at it. What you will see coming out the top is 98% steam and you will see a little wisp of off color emission. That is the bad stuff. If you take notice to any neighbor that has a wood stove it will produce more than that coal plant does. That’s one house. That plant produces power for millions of homes. It does it 24-7-365 except for outages for maintenance. I have been there I have pictures if you want to see them let me know. Now moving on. Do you have a catalytic converter on your car ? Well guess what they have them too. I saw them being replaced on a shutdown. Hope your sitting down ! They are four foot by four foot by four foot stainless steel with the catalyst in them and they cost twelve thousand dollars a piece. There are 122 of them per unit. You do the math. The one shutdown I was on PP+L spent 224 million dollars. So we have cheap energy and plenty of it right beneath our feet. If you truly believe in Solar and Wind in your heart put your money were your mouth is. Trace your electrical supplier and find out where it is coming from. If in fact there is a coal plant on line carrying the load when it is dark and when the wind isn’t blowing. The only thing you can do to be true your heart is shut off your power!!!!!! Other than that SHUT UP………………………………….. Jeff

  21. Hey RealHuman your right, If those two idiots get voted in your going to see something that will make BLM ANTIFA and all those other clowns look like kids fighting over a video game. And that is one fight that I will attend with my shotgun. America will see the real american’s step up. It’s high time we get rid of these america hating assholes ……….

  22. How would you feel if your wife, sister, or daughter was working on a protection detail for Biden as President and exposing himself swimming in the nude every day? I can’t believe anyone would want this creep as the president or his vise present someone who sleeps with others to further her career.

  23. Loved every last comment. Glad to know about the mistake of solar panels as I did not know they don’t last. I have a log home and will never have solar thank goodness I turned it down. In less than a month we will either continue with the freedoms we now have or it will be the start of the most horrible thing to happen to our America. We need Trump now more than anyone else to fight for the right to be free. The only way Harris will win and for sure it’s a Harris run will be thru cheating every way possible.

  24. Biden is threatening Brazil like he did to the Ukraine when he threatened them so his son, Hunter, could fill his pockets with ill gotten cash. Biden is a stupid crook. Trump 2020.

    1. RICHARD The whole Biden Family are crooks! Joe,Hunter,Joe’s 2 brothers his sister.They all got rich off the American people. The Biden’s are a real crime family!! Sleepy Joe has been in DC 47 years has done nothing for the American people but made his family rich. How he want’s the American people to vote him for President.I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher. Plus the fact that he picked the worst person for VP isn’t getting to help him win.Not many people like Cameltoe Harris even the blacks.If you love your family your country your freedoms your 1st n 2nd amendments The USA is the GREATEST Country on the planet We The People must keep it that way. Go out an Vote RED (remove every Democrat) on Nov.3th TRUMP 2020

  25. “What’s he doing?” He’s following orders from the ‘d33p st@te’, the CCP and UN, that’s what he’s doing! DUH!
    Hunter Biden may have gotten millions for his dirty dealings, but JOE BIDEN GOT BILLIONS TO SELL THE CCP OUR TECH AND MILITARY SECRETS!
    TRAITORS ALL! Biden, Harris, HRC, O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR) are all on the payroll of GEORGE SOROS! They sold our country out to the UN’s New World Order goals and ideals! For profit and power, these SICK people have almost taken down America, the LAST LIGHT OF FREEDOM in this world! This is NOT a conspiracy theory, the evidence has been leaked and the FACTS are there to look up! Ya’ll need to decide if you are COMMUNIST SHEEP or AMERICANS! Vote TRUMP2020!

  26. Unfortunately, your comment about Europe’s nuclear reactors is not completely factual.
    Germany has been shutting their reactors down for a number of years and as a result, because the green energy policy (windmills and photovoltaic panels) is not picking up the slack; German electric companies import a substantial amount of electricity from countries that still use nuclear reactors like France and have surplus energy. And to sum things up Germany will not succeed in becoming energy independent until 2040 at the earliest, so
    much for policies that are not well thought out and planned accordingly. Which is why Germany has the highest electric prices in Europe – I know I live here.

  27. The only thing they ever say P. Trump has already done it. Biden keeps telling what he will do but P. Trump has already done everything that the ole wind bag says he will do in the first place.

  28. Well I will not say alot, other than Biden and Harris, have spoken about nothing that matters, they flip,flop and lie, and laugh at us as we are ignorant, were not!! Come Nov, there is a tsunami go to hit when our President is re-elected!!!

  29. Old Joe does have accomplishments
    None good. Gun free zones, that was Joe, worst crime bill ever devised, that was Joe. List goes on

    1. You all make perfectly good sense and are very informative. Problem is we are all republicans, or at least Trump supporters.
      The uninformed Dems. will never get the true facts about the Dem. leaders or party.

  30. The Dims like to use ‘science’ as the basis of their argument in opposition to ‘man made climate change’ & stating that anyone who doesn’t agree is ignorant because they won’t accept the evidence that science provides, in spite of the fact that there are as many scientist arguing against the concept of our climate change being man made. On one hand they say they have science on their side of the argument & then on the other hand they argue that we have to abolish “fossil fuel” to combat global warming. By “fossil fuel” we all know that they are referring to oil & all of its by products. We have been taught in school that fossil fuel is the result of decaying dinosaurs. You have to laugh at that idea when you consider how many would have had to die to provide the oil reserves that we have today, not to even consider all the oil we have already exhausted. Sadly, everytime they refer to oil as “fossil fuel” they exhibit their ignorance of science. It has long ago been established by science that oil is a product of the continual action of the earths natural elements. So, when they refer to “renewable energy” aren’t they also referring to oil? Check out the article in Wikipedia “Abiogenic petroleum origin”.

  31. Check your history, the globe warms and the globe cools. It did this before there were humans and it will do this if there were no humans. If ‘cow farts’ were the key then every time scum in the ilk of Schumer, Pelosi, Pencil neck and the rest, would destroy the world each and every time they opened their stupid mouths, so send them all to Ca-lee-a-for-knee-ia, place a dome over the entire state and enjoy life with out the fools.


  33. Global warming and climate change are LIES. Eons ago, I worked for an esteemed university science department — typed countless applications for federal funding by doctorate researchers. All scams to obtain secured government contracts for secure livelihoods and retirements. Ph.D. manipulated deceit to foment fear to secure programs, prestige, funding. Ph.D. greed.

  34. Today, (10 October) I read almost all Gulf of Mexico Oil is going to be interrupted by Hurricane Delta. Be prepared for oil and gas limitations and or / price increases. Well no major problem, we can just switch to Canadian oil coming from the Alberta Tar sands via the pipeline we built 10 years ago. Oh, wait a minute, Idiot Obama canceled that pipeline ten years ago. That is what the Racist Demoarats get for for electing a moron for for president TWICE!.

  35. Guess who will be the first the demorats will appoint to the Supreme Court
    WAIT FOR IT. ————————————————————————————————————-
    O-BOZO maybe even ” BIG MIKE”
    Let your imagination take you where the demorats want to DRIVE YOU.


  37. Vote Trump-Pence if you value your life, property and the freedom we enjoy in the USA. If you prefer communism go to China. We don’t want you here.

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