Joe’s New Plan: Treat Illegals Like Student Loan Debt

Who is paying for the massive flood of illegal aliens pouring across the US-Mexico border today? The money that the drug cartels are raking in per illegal is staggering. Yet Joe Biden has now supposedly come up with a brilliant liberal plan to finally stem the tide. An easy fix would just be to reinstate all of Donald Trump’s policies, but that would be icky. Instead, Biden is going to treat the record-breaking number of illegals like student loan debt. After all, government intervention in student loan debt in the 1990s worked out great, didn’t it?

The average range of payment to the cartels is between $6,000 and $10,000 per illegal, according to the Rand Corporation. Consider the cost, then, for a family of six from Guatemala to make the trek to our southern border. If you want into the US, you’re paying the cartels. Period. Ask any American border resident in parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and they’ll tell you the same thing: Anyone who doesn’t pay the cartels for passage doesn’t live to make it to this side of the border.

So, that Guatemalan family of six will be paying between $36,000 and $60,000 for passage through bandit country and into the land of milk and stimulus checks. Where are they getting that kind of cash? More than half of American families now say they can’t scrape together $400 for an emergency car payment. But families of unskilled, illiterate Third World migrants can somehow scrape together up to $60,000 to move to a different country?

Someone is obviously paying them. We’ll give you one guess as to which giant communist nation that wants to see the US brought to its knees might be doing that.


Biden’s newest big plan is to outbid his own Chinese handlers. If “poverty” is what is driving the border crisis, and spurring people to make the journey here, then the “obvious” liberal solution is to give every poor person in Latin America enough stimulus money that they won’t be poor any longer.

Problem solved!

Back in the 1990s, President Bill Clinton ushered in a massive expansion of student loan debt. Any student, no matter how dumb, poor or incapable of getting a college degree, could just get a federal-backed student loan to pay for school – no matter how utterly pointless their chosen degree might be.

That was a great plan, because it ended poverty and racism, just the way that Bill Clinton intended! It also stabilized the cost of tuition. Right? Tuition hasn’t gone up since 1998, right?

So, what does it cost for a young person to get a bachelor’s degree in Hungarian transgender pottery styles these days? Who cares!? The point is that it’s “paid for” and that as soon as a person has a degree, they will be making at least six figures a year with that degree!

Obviously, this is ludicrous and more than a little sarcasm on my part. Whenever the government subsidizes a problem – rather than fixing it – you get more of that problem. Subsidizing student loans has led to a massive student loan debt bubble in the US. We have millions of young adults saddled with six-figure debts they can never pay back, because they got degrees for which there are simply no existing careers.

Subsidizing impoverished Third Worlders will not make them suddenly want to stay home. The drug cartels will simply start charging – and getting paid – much more for smuggling migrants across the border. And China will laugh their heads off as another one of the plans worked perfectly, thanks to the puppet ruler they installed here.

Biden also put Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis, which is working swimmingly. Where is she these days, anyway?

Harris has never bothered to travel down to the border to see what’s happening. She was last spotted “getting a snack” in the Chicago area, according to Joe Biden’s press secretary.

How much money does Biden plan to send every poor person in Latin America, to try to entice them into staying home? He hasn’t said yet. The plan is still in the works. But you can rest assured that the drug cartels and China are watching the situation more closely than Kamala Harris.

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48 thoughts on “Joe’s New Plan: Treat Illegals Like Student Loan Debt”

  1. If Joe Biden isn’t removed soon America is going to be in dire financial straits! Given his proclivity to spending as much as possible on everthing he believes Americans need (even if they neither need or want what is being offered!) is a very costly imperative and it seems that there’s no plan to stop this hugely costly decision!
    Americans had best open their eyes to what Biden is doing to their country before it’s too late!

      1. Many of us think that was the original plan. Declare J B incompetent, remove him and GIVE the presidency to Harris. She and Hill-ary could be twins in their evilness and deceipt.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Frances! Our President seems to think that spending taxpayer money is his right as U.S. President. Vice President Kamala Harris seems to think she can go along as she always has done – and most of us have no idea what that was! Phew!! Who steps in and counsels them?

      1. You know who WILL pay, we the people if he can spend so much many absolve the student debt,
        Give all those on H nW, , unemployment , receiving stimulus check’s, those who are poverty stricken, homeless, etc here in this country then / same amount substantial that is being used for// considered For those who are coming here would make sense(?)
        But no we have to give away our standards of free freedom and livelihood and ignore our peoples plights.

      1. But how could the 80 plus million that voted for Biden, been do wrong while most of them were so motivated that they waited so they could cast there votes at 3:30 in the morning out of the back of a truck that pulled up in the voting counting station using Pristine mail-in ballots with Only Biden’s name checked, they didn’t even take the time to Vote for anyone else on the Ballot, Just Biden… And that worked out so well that the same Voters… Voted the same way in Georgia at 3:30 on the morning.

    2. It is amazing that with all the psychos the Democrats insist are out there and shouldn’t be purchasing guns, surprising that not one of these nutcases hasn’t tagged Biden. Like the Deep State knows, it’s all programming. But that mind “program” isn’t available only to the Deep State. We have an illegitimate president, an illegitimate vice-president, and an illegitimate administration. The Not-So-Supreme Court is responsible for this. The Democrats are guilty of this. And no one pays but the Americans.

    3. But this is what “the people” apparently VOTED for…right? All the democrat lemming voters and the suburban female “never-Trumpers” who would rather suffer under communism than have the greatest President that we have ever had (President TRUMP) continue to restore our country for 4 more years…..and if you know any, you can “THANK” them for what they have wrought…

  2. To remove Biden we’d need the house & 2/3 of the senate,a bridge too far. Besides then we’d have Biden under another name,Harris, still run behind the scenes by the traitor Obama.

    1. Biden reversed around 14 laws that president trump put into play regarding the border. I can’t believe that Biden is getting away with this. This is the worst surge of migrants in our history. I don’t think it is goi g to turn around. I read there ate law suits regarding this, but it will take a lo g time to resolve. This surge of migrants was in the making for a long time, and they got a lot of help getting here. This is a disgrace.

    2. Who voted for them? Only thing I can say is they knew nothing about them. I think the news media elected them!
      God Bless America

  3. It’s more than a lilttle unbelieveable and very surprising that Americans haven’t yet chosen to remove Joe Biden from Congress! Given the mess he’s made re illegal aliens pouring across the US-Mexico border and his decision to treat all these illegals as “student loan debt” should leave Americans in rather dire need! There’s only so much money in the coffers, and if most of it is going to take care of illegal aliens, one has to wonder where the money to take care of Americans will come from! Time to remove Joe Biden!!

  4. The hold idea is to bankruptcy the country! Beverly it or not! China is going gain more power as long as these democrats and leftist politicians are pushing stupid laws on the people! It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, Liberal or conservative. You are going to get the same treatment from these LIBERAL LEFTWING POLITICIANS! But you are to dumb to put two and two together! China know it! Biden is an old fool who should never been elect by the stupid people of Delaware. But they can’t help themselves because their intelligence is fry like an egg! You want SOCIALIST? Tell me where the money going come from once it run out in the government? No jobs no way of paying taxes! Which is the money to support the country! Higher the taxes more you LOSE! THEN THESE CEO WILL MOVE THE JOBS TO CHINA!


  5. This is ALL illegal. .get him out of office NOW ! This is criminal !HE IS NOT A AMERICAN PRESIDENT ! All is unlawful.

  6. Another chance for the current administration and fellow democrats to further enrich themselves by stealing these funds.

  7. If there’s one thing we don’t need it’s another Biden “plan”! He obviously has no head for numbers. He should start counting to 1 trillion, 1, 2, 3,….that would keep him busy for the remainder of his illicit Presidency (if he makes it that long) and the US would not have to suffer any more of his (or maybe someone else’s) stupid ideas. He should have had the easiest job of any president – just keep Trump policies in place!

    1. The Biden Administration is the worst possible for all Americans. We will end up with our taxes and Social Security system decimated and our internal homeless situation without any hope at all. Angry for losing the presidential bid three times, it is clear to see that other tactics were employed to ensure a falsely orchestrated campaign to stop progress in America and to drive our country into a dictated entitlement condition. No constitutional rights are being considered as valid and the very signs of a dictator style government are growing daily. We did not pledge allegiance to the President, but to our flag which stands for the rights of ‘every’ American.

    2. Biden reversed around 14 laws that president trump put into play regarding the border. I can’t believe that Biden is getting away with this. This is the worst surge of migrants in our history. I don’t think it is goi g to turn around. I read there ate law suits regarding this, but it will take a lo g time to resolve. This surge of migrants was in the making for a long time, and they got a lot of help getting here. This is a disgrace.


    1. Thousands and thousands are sneaking through the border, and we are in a pandemic. Why is impeachment of Biden not on the table. I and many can not believe this is happening at the border. What is wrong with the Republican party. We also have to deal with the BLM and the neighborhood thugs destroying cities. They seem to be getting away with the destruction of cities. The riots over the summer, over 2 BILLION DOLLARS in damages. It is still going on. Our dam Government is not doing anything to try to stop this.


  10. I just hope all of the MORONS that voted for Biden and Harris read articles that actually give them the truth about their historic screw ups!!!

    1. I agree, the idiots that voted for Biden, need their head examined. BIDEN NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED.

  11. This probably won’t get posted. Biden didn’t win. The dumbocrats stuffed the ballot boxes. If the ballots were properly inspected we would find out most were fake. When the Democrats stopped counting for the night in Georgia, because they had an imaginary leak in a restroom. As soon as everyone cleared out and with no one to watch them the Democrats brought out suitcases of ballots, our wonderful President lost Georgia and Senator Perdue lost his seat.

  12. It’s not too late. We need to speak up publicly and stop being cowed under by the misinformed liberals. Fly the Blue Line flag proudly.ours was slashed so we bought 3 more!

  13. CCP saw it coming as long as they provided Biden an in to the presidency & seeing how the goal of dividing America had been accomplished. Yes CCP is rolling on the floor of laughter at how Democrats were doped as the Chinese professor was telling his students in a Chinese University. How we get out of this sham that was brought upon us is going to be a challenge. Too many Democrats & leftist still have their blinders and earplugs and only have eyes for China.

  14. The past protesting, Corona virus 19, , the fact that a Chinese scientist warned his fellow co-workers of what he thought had the potential power to produce a pandemic , Then told to cease his action of communication to the other lab scientists, followed by his death within a week after he ended up in the hospital, The WHO failing to notify the public due to the China secrecy, Biden Jr’s employment with a corrupt company- Biden Sr”s openly expressed out loud statement on camera bragging about offered American money to be given” if “The D.A investigating the company was gotten rid of ,and Biden Sr’s boasting to others with” fist to knee” along with Biden’s unprofessional use of profanity to emphasize his power of using American money, OUR youth does not need an example of a swearing president of poor quality of Dignity .
    All this and more to clearly direct destruction of America’s “public confidence” in Trump as OUR American President . THE DEMOCRATIC BARAGE AGAINST TRUMP LEAVING NOTHING UNDONE WITH WHAT THEY TRIED TO CONJUER UP AGAINST HIM, USING “Taxpayers funds” of AMERICAN MONEY TO TRY NOT ONCE BUT TWICE coping with his presentation of bulldozing decision by blatantly removing immigration controls added by the majority of American voters to elect Trump to position to help make America Strong and most importantly. “Proud and respectful of our politicians ”
    BIDEN’S reckless popularity plan to hit Texas a Republican state (with out any forewarning to or with Border control) or to American’s who are Victims of his power grab leaving them as well as desperate immigrants in the Path of cruel vicious smugglers, who survive and deal with evil consciousness. The Aftermath is used for Biden’s diversion to appear to be kind when it is clear that he is making it a power pull for his own gain using Texas funds and Our Tax dollars to clean up his mess and believe it -it is a mess that will go on leaving lives destructed by the action’s of a Narcistic Presidental impowered president powered by a “Party Following”- that used Taxed gained money to even bailout protesters after a illegal protest. THE DEMONCRATIC’ party’s actions and bullying of our Democracy has changed my support to The Repulican Party forevermore.

  15. cut off the head of the snake and stop this madness.The one way to stop these fools is to get the truckers to protest and stop driving for 1 week this would bring these clowns to their knees,

  16. 50% of Americans dont have a clue whats happening to the country, all Biden supporters.
    Its the media, they will not tell the truth or explain what is happening, they run cover for Biden, nothing has changed. They are trying to destroy the economy, crash the dollar then they will announce they must run the country and economy from D.C. The fat lady will singing. Socialism will start and morph into Communism, better prepare your self and family.

  17. Fake election, fake presiden,t bought and paid for by communist China: King Biden legacy, it’s true he has never had an original thought of his own, currently all his plans come from the left, the man who wanted to be president, really never had a plan of his own, or any dream for America of his own, except too destroy Trumps accomplishments. He is mentally unfit to be our President, this guy spent a life time of lying or stealing others ideas, he is a relic from the past who should have stayed there, not any new ideas, only spend and tax, spend and tax, this does not solve problems, he can’t solve problems because he is not a leader, only someone who can cause real problems as indicated, by his current border policy. I’m still convince 90% of his smoke screen BS are attempts to hid the money the Biden family “his son” received from Communist China. After all 200 million dollars is no small amount of money, what did the Biden’s do to earn it? or is it being earned now? Why does everyone in DC think, that flying around the world on tax payor monies, cutting personal deals to make money OK? this is sick, where is the report he is fit to serve? His actions are not reflective of American values, trying to bankrupt our Country, and hope all of his actions take away from the fact, his family [son] got the 200 million from communist China. Defunding police return us to days of vigilante justice, radical democrats, this will open a Pandora’s box of righteous justice extremist, seeking their ideal of justice, instead of established law, provided by our courts and society. If law and order is not allowed to continue, the radical left “under Biden” will destroy out country from within. these deceivers attained a political voice, positions of authority. must be removed and voted out of office, they are not true Americans, and don’t abide by American values, or our American Justice system. Democrats in office now, lack any ability to govern, again, tax spend policy does not solve problems, without the police force to serve, we will have total chaos in society.

  18. I agree with everyone. Our country is being distroyed from the inside by the leaders, Biden is not really a leader, he is a puppet of Obama, Pelosi and Harris. None of them want a real president. This will end in a civil war that will be bloody. God helps us all.

  19. I seem to recall Mr. Trump saying that one of the reasons the illegal migration slowed during his administration was that he STOPPED sending foreign aid money to the countries from which the illegals were coming. Dumb dems have to do the opposite of what Trump did even when it worked! At least the dems have said they will continue work oh the wall. Is anybody this side of the Rio Grande getting a cut from the traffickers?

  20. It’s easy for him to give away money that American workers earned and paid into the government in taxes. All he is doing is encouraging more and more to come including the cartel. Mexico should tell the U.S government to stop. Who will raise these children? Traffickers in the U.S.?

  21. 1. COVID survival/never infected rate is 99.84% in the US and 99.97% worldwide: NOT a pandemic. The Black Plague in the Middle Ages killed one in every three people. That’s a survival rate of 67%: pandemic. A hoax that worked. Skewed an election, allowing attacks on our Constitutional guarantees and our civil rights and liberties.

  22. 2. Look up Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, IT genius hired to audit Dominion voting machines in AZ. He was offered $10 million to REFUSE the job. MASSIVE FRAUD. Machines hooked up directly to the internet (illegal), others transmitting data to Russia and China, still others tampered with to add or delete votes, shredded votes, rich. Going to Georgia now. Oh, yes-the election was stolen!

    1. 2. Continued: the odds of Biden winning fairly after Trump being hundreds of thousands of votes ahead until a massive dump of Biden-only ballots at precincts in all the battleground states at the same time with only Democrat polls workers there: 1 in a quadrillion. That’s a thousand trillions.
      Estimated true count: 90 mill Trump, 60 mill Biden.

  23. 3. Illegal aliens. Highest levels ever recorded. JOBama and the socialists want open borders and ignorant Den voters. Not only that, O’Biden wants citizenship for 22-30 million current illegal aliens. Great. Give them our Social Security and Medicare.
    Right now, an illegal family of 4 with at least 1 kid who crosses the border into California is immediately eligible for the following (per family per year):
    $44,000 Medicaid
    $27,000 HUD housing (60% is occupied by illegals while we have 2.5 million homeless American CHILDREN)
    $12,000 food stamps
    $12,000 cash assistance
    $12-$22,000 per child for public school education
    Free utilities, free legal services, free childcare, free ESL, free illegal-only scholarships
    Add it up: over $110,000. For at least 4 years. How many if you get $110,000 a year for NOT working? Only the teachers, right?
    Now take that approx $100,000 and multiply it by the 210 million Mexicans and Central Americans who want in on this deal! Who pays? The government? The government has zero money. It’s all taxpayer money. Dems just print worthless money until they run out of paper, then they tax the working class and middle class Americans to death. That’s EXACTLY what the socialists want.

  24. 4. Here’s a novel idea, Old Gropes and his merry band of socialist puppeteers: instead of sending unending billions of taxpayer-funded welfare dollars to all of Central America (150 million people-BTW, there are only 170 million Americans who pay any taxes at all), how about some of our big- mouthed corporate overlords like Coke and Facebook and Google and Amazon put THEIR money in with a lot less of our money and build factories and industries so people can have jobs and food and housing in their own countries? I know that doesn’t make sense to the party of welfare, but give it a try. And stop sending OUR money to pay for foreign abortions, too!

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