Kraken Released: Sidney Powell’s Georgia Lawsuit is Amazing

Sidney Powell is downright mean, but she’s mean to the sorts of people that deserve it. Everyone on the Biden legal team thought they would settle down for the Thanksgiving holiday and get a few days of R&R. Some had presumably even boarded flights. I keep picturing a Biden campaign attorney who flew from DC to California late Wednesday; after picking up his luggage in L.A., his cell phone rings and he screams, “Sidney Powell did WHAT?!” She filed the mother of all election lawsuits and she waited until late Wednesday night, thus ruining the Thanksgiving holiday for a lot of rotten people.

Sidney Powell’s lawsuit in Georgia against the Governor and Secretary of State is nothing short of amazing. You can read the original 104-page filing HERE.

The most incredible revelations are hinted at on Page 9, Paragraph 14. She has an affidavit from a “white hat hacker” who works for US military intelligence. I’ll go into that in more detail in just a sec. Here are the other highlights from this deeply serious case, about which Tucker Carlson bleated that Sidney Powell had “no evidence.” None of these points are speculation. All of the data you’re about to read is signed in legal affidavits under penalty of perjury.


There was no chain-of-custody for large batches of ballots and often, no chain-of-custody on the voting machines themselves. Relevant quote from one affidavit: “We were asked to sign the chain of custody letter on Sunday (November 1), even though the machines were not delivered until 2:00 AM in the morning on Election Day.”

GOP poll watchers were kicked out of counting stations and threatened. Georgia also had unprecedented “pauses” in vote counting. All of these are illegal procedures in the State of Georgia and Powell has a ton of evidence to back these claims up.

Only 30 absentee ballot applications in the entire state were rejected for invalid signatures. Relevant quote from one affidavit: “Hancock County… rejected nine absentee ballot applications for signature mismatch. Fulton County rejected eight. No other metropolitan county in Georgia rejected even a single absentee ballot application for signature mismatch.”

You’re probably aware of most of this stuff from Sidney Powell’s media appearances and from news reports. Georgia had a lot of obviously illegal and shady things that went on in this election, as did Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states.

Here’s the part that none of us knew. All of this information comes from the affidavit from an electronic intelligence analyst from the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion. I highly recommend that you read his 14-page affidavit in full HERE to understand the scope of the election crimes that the Democrats committed against America. It contains a lot of graphs as evidence, so it’s a quick read.

Sidney Powell’s hacker provides rock-solid proof that Dominion Voting Systems is tied to a group of programmers in Serbia. The polling group Edison Research is tied directly into DVS’s network and has a direct back-and-forth link to servers in Iran. The owners of Edison Research, which is situated smack-dab in the middle of the DVS servers, also have direct access to all of this through a virtual private network located in Pakistan.

GoDaddy registered the website “” to a host located in Hunan Province, China.

Serbia… Iran… Pakistan… China… Does anyone else have chills down their spine yet?

The hacker then traced Iran’s involvement in Dominion through servers in the Netherlands. He also lays out the fact that Dominion Voting Systems is using “scorecard” software as part of its methodology. Scorecard is the new name of ACORN. Remember them? Obama’s ACORN scandal was the biggest voter registration fraud in US history (until now).

All of these various foreign countries had the ability to watch the vote counting in real time and the ability to switch votes from Donald Trump’s tally to Joe Biden’s tally.

I can’t explain it any better than the Military Intelligence hacker does in his conclusion:

“This affidavit presents unambiguous evidence that Dominion Voter Systems and Edison Research have been accessible and were certainly compromised by rogue actors, such as Iran and China. By using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, these organizations neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020. This represents a complete failure of their duty to provide basic cyber security. This is not a technological issue, but rather a governance and basic security issue: if it is not corrected, future elections in the United States and beyond will not be secure and citizens will not have confidence in the results.”

Kraken… released!

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165 thoughts on “Kraken Released: Sidney Powell’s Georgia Lawsuit is Amazing”

    1. I think Tucker Carlson jumped the gun rattling off at the mouth that Sidney had no proof, as 0n 12-01-2020 he never mentioned her, Trump or Rudy all with strong cases of fraud in this election, watch Hannity and Ingraham on Fox but change to Newsmax much more conservative as Tucker always gave more time on his 1-hour show than Trump or Republicans, he is 2 faced with Democrats now.

        1. Sorry Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham and all the other Fox personalities that we have trusted, followed, put our faith in! If you don’t take a stand against the radicals on the Fox board, if you dont lay down the law against their deceptions of being the conservative voice of truth, then you are as bad as you bosses. Until that time, I am 100% migrated to NewsMax, which is no compromise by the way. Greg, Grant and Sean Spicer and Lindsay Keith are the voice of my heart, who I know are trustworthy !

          1. Go Samuel, Fox was bought out by an Ultra Leftist, no surprises there! As far as I am concerned Donald J. Trump is and will be the standing President until the “Fraud Issues that Never Happened” as Tucker Carlson’s lying no fraud claims are resolved! Did you ever wonder where this faux news agency got it name FOX? Everyone should know that In Chaldean Numerology F=6, O=6, X=6. Coincidence? I think not. “President Trump don’t step down until the massive voter fraud, which is an act of treason is totally exposed and adjudicated by the Supreme Court. Furthermore, Mr. President do so with the 82nd and 101st Airborne at your side. Biden committed treason! The 2020 election is “Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941!” America is under attack by the deep state. We are at War People! Fight back! My apology if I am being a bit vague.

          2. Well stated narrative. I will miss a few still at fox, but will not watch. Newsmax is my go to channel now. Fox betrayed all it’s Patriotic viewers. Amazing that they were the first to call the election in AZ and set up the steal for Beijing Biden. This election fraud will not stand. Patriotic citizens will not accept this coup de’ stat. Many took the oath to defend the Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies and that is all Military and many law enforcement. That oath has no expiration. Hope we can hold the Traitors accountable with our laws. We will know soon. Pray for a fair election result. Once The Kraken is set free all the Traitors will fall.

          3. Hannity is showing video of election fraud hearings in the states which are having hearings; namely, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, WI, Utah, And Virginia wants Trumps Team to come to their state.

            Several Generals knowledgeable of cyber crimes have joined Trumps team and President Trump will be our president for four more years.

        2. Tucker needs to learn from Sean Hannity. Hannity does not rush to judgement and in SOOO many cases, his willingness to come in late, has kept him from getting egg all over his face when the mainstream has jumped in before all of the facts were known. Tucker actually asked a lawyer to lay out her case on his show instead of in court? That would have taken Sidney Powell’s leverage and dirty trick away. Where is the fun in that when you are dealing with bullies and thugs?

          1. I am disgusted that fox sold theirs souls when so many trusted them? For what? The almighty dollar. New max all the way!

        3. Tucker’s bosses are pulling his chain. Fox has lost their was as a conservative messenger. I do not watch them any more

          1. I do not watch Fox any more or less .I was pulling away from Fox a year ago ..I would watch Tucker and Hannity could not take Ingram and her talking through her nose.Now I am a OANN and Newsmax watcher.

          1. If they did and he sold out than he deserves to lose all the viewership he’s getting because of it. He’s so full of himself!

        4. Mine also I stopped watching Fox News the night of the election Watched them for 20

      1. Carlson is some kind of Stupid… In his simple mind does he really believe that a lawyer is going to reveal their evidence in an ongoing case to him on his show???… That’s just one more reason I dropped Faux News like a hot potato after they betrayed our President. I will NEVER go back to Faux…They are now Fake News and share bottom feeder ratings with cnn and msnbc. They are toast. The Boycott is working…Keep up the good work !!!

        1. Tucker at that time was the best of the best. He blew it by thinking he was right and not doing his homework. I too was saddened about Tucker and his actions. He lost a lot of creditability. I hope Tucker learned his lesson.

          1. Tucker needs to do some apologizing, back tracking, and explaining and MAYBE we will forgive him. Everybody makes mistakes and he has always been honest and reliable.

        2. He thought intimidation would work on a woman. She showed him. She said she’ll NEVER give him evidence ahead of time. He blew it with her in the case that will go down in history.


      3. ditto
        but done with hannity and laura too
        no one even mentions the Penn and Arizona hearinhs
        revealing all the fraud!
        Leave Fox altogether
        don’t support Murdock who is a corrupt Democrat

      4. Agree! I couldn’t believe he was demanding she give him evidence like she owed him anything. She’s a lawyer! She’s not going to show her hand before it’s played! I’m not watching him anymore. He was so arrogant over the whole thing.

        1. Agree, OAN is terrific, on message. Not sure what occurred at Fox but I cannot watch Neil Cavuto or Fox generaly!

    2. Get those dominion machines for a complete Forensic Audit before they disappear !!!… This is where the bulk of the Fraud lies. Get those machines NOW !!!

      1. Why are many machines out of our country?
        Col. Waldron’s answer was “We would not have the legal jurisdiction to seize servers located outside the country.” So, if you wanted to ensure you didn’t get the servers seized you would keep the servers outside the country.”

        1. These foreign countries are involved in the Fraud of our election. There has been a lot of information released on this.

      2. You are right! How hard can that be to do? People refuse to see the FACTS of voter fraud, Why isn’t the FBI & DOJ fervishly looking into this?????? What could be more important than THIS??? What happened to Bill Barr’s usual good judgment? WTF??? If Biden succeeds in stealing AMERICA’S CHOICE (TRUMP), then Republican;s had BETTER vote against EVERYTHING Dems want. Sound FAMILIAR?? We Republicans need to give Dems a GOOD dose of their own medicine. If they don;t we will vote YOU OUT TOO!!!!!!

        1. Amen!! Sandra we must keep trump in office and defeat all the democrats. They are evil and I do believe they wish ill will on all republicans. Actually I don’t think they like anything or any American. I wish they’d just leave our country.

    3. May God and Sidney Powell’s legal team save this country’s voting freedom and voting choice,what the Dems.have done is evil and Obama is the head of it.

      1. Machines owned by Soros in las vegas did the same thing by changing your vote way back in 2012. Of course Obama won,Romney lost. I never believed obama won he’s second term legally.

        1. No loss on that one. Romney is clearly the same kind of sleeze as Biden, Obama, Clintons, Soros, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, the FBI, the DOJ, Congress in general, etc. Once again, Trump has almost nobody on his side except for working class voters. Washington (Democrats, Republicans, and bureaucrats) simply do not want an outsider in their midst that could expose the fraud and treason that they have been committing against their employers (the taxpayers) for many years now…

      2. Absolutely! Ever since OBUMMER came on the scene, this country has been divided. He is the biggest RACIST that ever lived, and his ugly wife is just as bad. They should be THANKING Americans for giving them a chance, but they BLEW IT ROYALLY!

    4. Yes, she is Amazing!!! President Trump won this very “FRAUDULENT” election, when she is through Trump will be our President for the next 4 years & hopefully Lying, Scheming, Thieving Joe Biden will be locked up!!


    5. The immediate benefit is this will stop Georgia from miscounting the January 5th Senate runoff ballots like they did the original election. Then it will eliminate the illegal agreement between the Secretary of State and Democrats allowing not verifying signatures on absentee ballots, etc. because this violates the State Legislature authority to control election procedures. Next, it will get Dominion properly investigated and GA buying their machines 9 months before the election without taking any bids, but with potential kickbacks to GA employees. This total corruption must be made public knowledge and felons must go to jail.

    6. Damn , you go girl????I think republicans are in shock ! We know it was fraud but they knew no one would believe ?they’ve been setting him up since the beginning/?

    7. Has anyone thought about the fact that if they hacked the president voting what about the down ballot “the Republicans have really won the Senate and not needing to runoff or at least one of them just a thought
      Fred P

    8. Wonderful news. A fair and honest election is the hallmark of American peaceful transfer of power. Without it we are just another 3rd world country. Pray and pray hard for the disclosure of all illegal behaviors and the punishment due to be dealt out at its conclusion. God bless America and our attacked, pummeled and debased President Donald Trump and all who stand with him his family and his staff.

    9. No longer watch. FOX. News. Newsmax or Q
      For me. Very disappointed with. Tucker.

      God. Bless. Trump & keep fighting.

      1. I fly my Trump flag along with my “Stop The Steal” Flag… We Can Not Allow this to happen to our Country… Fight …Fight…Fight

    1. And that will set the example and stage for others to consider prior to becoming involved in Treason in the United States of America. One Nation Under God, with Liberty and Justice for all. Amen

      1. It still bothers me that no one seems to take exception to the fact that Comey (a law enforcement agent employed by us to investigate) was able to be the judge and jury with his announcement that “Hillary had no intent”. Shouldn’t charges have been filed and then evidence be presented in court for a judge and jury to decide? The taxpayers that allow the existence of government jobs (elected or bureaucratic) should be allowed to see the evidence and decide for themselves.

        In Hillary’s case there was clearly evidence of intent when she purchased the servers and hired the service providers that setup and maintained the servers. Such a simple argument, but never once brought up by the media or the DOJ.

  1. I have been watching this whole fraud debacle since Election Day, and I am convinced that Joe Biden did not win the presidency. It’s becoming clear that even some democrats can smell the corruption.
    God Bless President Trump and God save our country.

    1. Wonderfully put, I so agree with you. Thank goodness our GREAT President Trump is a fighter and we love and respect him for that.

    2. If they do give the election to China Biden I hope they come out with a t shirt Trump is our president never Biden

    3. Thank you for your comment. I sat through the hearings in PA and AZ and it became so obvious we had been cheated. However, I can’t say I was surprised after all the things they tossed at him this past 4 years. As you said, God Bless Trump and God. The truth will set you free

      1. everyone needs to watch the hearings from start to finish in Penn and Arizona
        and the one tomorrow in Nevada!!!
        they are on youtube but for how long?
        it gives you faith in our good patriotic Americans out there!
        Both legislatures in those states were sickened after hearing all the witnesses and evidence they showed!
        they now have to stop the corrupt Dems who ran the elections on their own

    1. Keep up the great work Sydney Powell. Bring all the crooks to justice. When found guilty they will receive the death penalty for treason. Then they will either be hung in public or sho by firing squad in public.

  2. God is on His throne and He’s in control and this election will not be stolen from the American people. President Trump won and will remain President for another four years!

    1. John Lee you got that right I STRONGLY AGREE. The Demon craps need to pay for their WRONGLY AND TREASONS ACTS.

  3. Every honest American voter knows that this voter fraud complaint is for real regardless of the attemps of the news media to convince us otherwise. There is evidence of “Treason” pure and simple, of big money pay offs for illegal servives rendered.. its time for America to stand up and demand better than this andd make a bunch of heads roll because of what took place during this election farce

    1. Agreed…. But does The Supreme Court have the cojones to even take the case???….and much less, to rule in Trumps Favor ???… I have my doubts…… Trump Voters All need to gather and March to the Supreme Court to show the magnitude of Support for our President.

      1. The lower courts have to hear each case to reside if it goes to the Supreme Court .
        This is where the problem arises lower court judges are not all honest. Or fair.

        1. you are right about lower court justices but what about supreme court John Roberts? He is a democrat and a trump hater. We can all complain but what can we all do about it. Biden is not our President. A machine picked him with corrupt people managing this machine. God Bless Sidney Powell. I hope and pray that God will guide her. What has happened to all the people at the Presidents rallies? How come we all can’t ban together and hold rallies? I am 88 yrs old and feel so helpless and discouraged. I never thought this would ever happen to us and with such a strong and wonderful President.

    1. I have Trump signs in my yard and they will stay there until he is declared our President again. We know they cheated and President Trump was re-elected. I pray every day this gets proven

      1. It could all strictly be for optics. After all they claim to be fair and balance. I say this definitely for Sean who is no doubt in tune with the Great Awakening spearheaded by the QAnon and The Patriots. For me the jury is still out as the future will prove the past.

      2. POTUS had to lose for him to win via the SCOTUS. And guess who are there to give him an assist, Alito, Kavanaugh, Thomas and the newest Barrett. Trust The Plan and trust God who I truly believe picked POTUS to fulfill His agenda for all the freedom loving people of the world

  4. You get on their ass Powell take them down you got 160 million Americans behind you and we are ready this fraud bullshit makes America look like a third world country

  5. It’s time to take back our country , NOW.
    WE THE PEOPLE run this country and even our enemy’s get caught due to great American due diligence. Here here for Sidney Powell this lady is an American a true fighter.
    4 more years for president trump we voted for him and to jail with all who took part in this debacle

    1. I wont say 4 more years but i will say 20 more years for donald trump. He has done a super fantastic job for the usa. As for these democratic lunatic monsters lets put them all in a rocket and shoot them all to the far reaches of the universe preferably hell.

  6. Give the election to president Trump. He won it in a landslide. Charge and prosecute all those involved in this communist coup. Those in our state and federal governments that aided this coup committed treason. Charge them, prosecute them and execute them. Put dominion out of business and remove all special benefits from Facebook, Twitter and such social media. Hold their CEO’s accountable. Hold the upper management of the MSM accountable for aiding the coup. Impeach every single judge that aided this coup. Term limits for the US house and Senate. Impeach every congress and senate member that has carried out this prolonged attack on our president and country and bar them from ever serving in a government post for life. Send the ring leader, Obama back to Kenya where he was born on pain of death if he enters the US again. Abolish his president retirement and freeze all his assets.
    God bless America and President Trump.

    1. Bob I am with you I think we need to form an American Coup and move them out of America for they have hurt our country !!!

    2. Keep on pushing President Trump and thank you Ms. Sydney Powell these Demon Rats have to be locked up. They have been selling
      out American for years it’s time for all the reconciliation, don’t let the Clinton’s off the hook or Pelosi’s there deeper involved than any. We need to clean house term limits all the lifers must go period. Use your head and facts when casting your votes. Most of all vote.

  7. Tucker, and all of Fox News have given in to the communists! I refuse to even watch Fox anymore, they have little or no credibility. To say that there is no evidence of voter fraud in this election means that you are either a liar, or dumber than a box of rocks!

    1. Thank you Susan for spilling it out that Tucker Carlson and Fox News are no longer the news you can trust , they are now CNN and MSNBC Controlled by democrats that’s why I don’t watch Tucker Carlson anymore.

      1. I left Fox News, so switched to News Max. Fox is just like the other fake news stations. What a shame!!!!!
        How can Biden run our country when he cannot put together a coherent sentence and that reading from a teleprompter and notes he has in front of him.. He is a joke.
        God Bless President Trump. We are behind you 100%

        1. Harris only received 3% in the primaries which is why she had to drop her run for president. When she can’t answer a question, she kackels like The Joker… so when she fails… Nancy Pelosi becomes president… It’s all in the plan…

  8. The Left has exploited our States’ terrible voter roles by utilizing voters who are either dead or moved from the State. These roles are not kept up to date. Fake ballots were made up by the prompting of the voting machines and votes were automatically flipped. That’s why in every swing state where trump was up, there was a delay while they waited for fake ballots to arrive. Poll watchers were systematically denied access to seeing ballots and signatures were not verified. Poll workers were told to do things that violate election laws. The media is ignoring all this. There is no way the majority of the American people voted for a man who didn’t campaign, barely left his house, was asked no tough questions,, didn’t present a coherent policy, said our taxes are going up, plans to destroy the oil and gas industry and manufacturing, open the borders, turning loose illegals, funding abortion, making America less again and getting us into foreign wars..just to name a few things.

    1. Exactly what I’ve said since before the election. It just doesn’t make sense. God Bless those who fight for our rights and our Country. God protect those brave and willing people that are setting things right. Prosecute those that have so blatantly tried to steal this election. Being nearly 80 years old and I’ve never seen anything like this and can’t figure out why the bad actors would want to live in a country they are trying to create. They are free to go to anywhere they want. Just leave us alone.

  9. The Fraudulent President of the United States Joe Biden and his children are crooked and totally corrupt, just like the Clintons. It seems that if someone has been in Washington D.C. they become like the old saying -,”Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely !”. In my opinion the politicians in Washington D.C. care nothing for the common man or woman -, except how they can fuck them over

  10. GOD is the only answers to all corrupt democrats , we have GOD on our side and HE will prevail !!!
    Thank GOD for he’s wonderful promises that never fail and will never leave us nor forsake us because the truth will come out

  11. Biden is a lifetime phony. He is not smart enough to have manipulated this election. We are going up against Obama and Hillary. Kamala will be the President and Pelosi the Vice President if they have their way. Someone said recently”Biden needs to watch what he eats.” Please keep up the fight, Ms. Powell, for truth to prevail and keep Trump for another 4 years. Godspeed !

    1. Trump was robbed by the crooked democrats
      This should never be allowed to happen. Biden should be ashamed of himself and his party.he should be embarrassed but evidently he’s not the media and democrat party are a sham
      Our president Trump is the duly elected President god bless the most honest man we will ever have Shame on America

  12. Now, if we only get the “do nothing” Republicans to grow a BACK BONE and do something about the corruptions that the Dems commit & get away with thru there LIES & DECEPTION. The Republicans are all talk & no action, where is John Durham? He is nowhere to be seen or heard from!!! Trump is the only Republican that has the “BALLS TO TAKE ACTION”. THE SWAMP NEEDS TO BE DRAINED”. OBTW, where is the FBI OR CIA? Oh, they are part of the “SLIME OF THE SWAMP”.

  13. Now is the time for all these bozos, to ‘LEARN” and see that when you PLAY, you will PAY the PRICE. JoJo has had his time to play with the mind of the people, by declaring he won the ELECTION. He cheated and ”STOLE THE ELECTION” and had the nerve to say he won. JoJo, how dare you declare you won, when you have not….YOU COUNTED YOUR CHICKEN BEFORE THEY HATCHED. You’ve never done anything but bad. Are you really the BIG GUY, AKA, “THE BAD SEED”. You’ve done nothing for the last 47/48 years you’ve been in politics. Our 45th President Trump, did in 2 years what you has done in 47/48 years. Merry Christmas everyone, and know that God does not like ugly.

  14. Paid-off and blackmailed politicians, bureaucrats, CEOs, colleges, universities, media moguls and fake ‘journalists’, law enforcement leftists, and many other lower level treasonous citizens have infected every level of our government and culture. Only the Living God has the ability to destroy the vast and entrenched spider’s web of corruption and criminality that has gotten a stranglehold on America and the world. God is watching and waiting, ready to pounce on all those arrogant, emboldened, ungodly, cheating, lying, anti-America, anti-Israel, pro-Marxist election stealers at the perfect moment. The hammer of justice is poised in God’s mighty hand, and it will slam down on all those traitors at the right moment. Pray and believe. Liberty, truth, and justice will soon be restored. Trump is still our president. Corrupt Joe Biden is not now and never will be our president. David killed Goliath. Daniel survived a night in the lions’ den. Pharaoh’s mighty army drowned in the Red Sea just in the nick of time. And God the Father and Yeshua our savior will not allow Satan to win the battle for America. Trump 2020-2024! Amen.

  15. God Bless Ms. Powell for all of her hard work and dedication to this great Republic and to our Great President. We all know President Trump won in a land slide. Didn’t Biden say we have the best fraud team ever. No wonder he sat in his basement. He is mentally deranged and is evil. Hopefully these traitors will get their just punishment, and then get their just punishment from God above. Trump 2020! I have prayed for his winning every night.

  16. No other President other than Donald Trump could have exposed all of this fraud and treasonable acts. All co-conspirators will be brought to justice for all these treasonable crimes against the American people. All loyal and patriotic intelligence and military personnel have been in place, ready to strike at the orders of the President and find and eliminate all deep state operatives. By the grace of God, HE will guide us to these places of hiding and proclaim HIS Justice has been served.

  17. Any sane person can see that this election was stolen by the cheating dems. Their agenda will destroy this country for decades to come. Stand by President Trump and encourage him to stay in the fight all the way to the SC if necessary. God Bless America and God Bless our President!

  18. So are conservatives going to roll over yet again and let the progressive left shred the Constitution that is the framework for the greatest country that ever existed? They are running roughshod over institutions that made the USA a place everyone around the world want to emigrate TO. NO ONE, except MSM talking heads, Hollywood elites, professional sports team members, educators, social media platform CEOs, radical socialist/communist- loving politicians, union bosses, talk about LEAVING the USA! After President Trump’s election, and with every subsequent success of his vilely and unjustly attacked administration, people like these threatened to leave the USA, but to the best of my knowledge they are unfortunately still here spewing hated and lies. Chuck Schumer openly spilled the beans when he said “take Georgia first, then we will change the Country!! So, at least this may partially solve the mass migration of illegals across our border. Change the country, and eventually there will be no reason to come here.

  19. Democrates have been doing this for a long time , it worked so well in the past ! But now President Donald Trump is no pushover and neither is the Republicans . We only asked for a fair and honest election , but that was to much to expect from democrates . And biden a bozo that nobody likes ! A moron who said I’ll raise your taxes , I found one of many ways , sell your house a 44% tax WOW , and that’s just a sample of what to expect . The strong arm of the law has been silent , but all this is to much to avoid . The democrates violated election process , and should be held accountable . Not should but Will be held accountable .

  20. Thank you again Sidney Powell and your team for all the hard work and compassion for America and our constitution. This news is a travesty of corruption. Keep it coming and stop the Democrats from taking over and destroying our constitution and America. You have uncovered more and faster than Bill Barr and the other guy and after all this time of their investigation they are STILL SITTING ON ALL THE CORRUPTION. SHAME ON THEM.

  21. It amazes me that after all the crooked things done during the election that Biden and Pelosi haven’t been escorted out of Washington. I will admit that president Trump can be a bit much at times but I also believe he is the man to get the job done as he has already proven. You don’t have to like someone as long as you don’t let that cloud your judgment as to the job a person is doing and how much they accomplished in a very short time. He knows how to get the job done and it’s about time people realized that Biden will wreck everything Trump and accomplished.
    The Democrats have a reputation for caring more for themselves than they do for there country

  22. As we pray, hope and wish for an election turnover….let us add (” LET GOD’S BE DONE”). God may have bigger and more encompassing plans for the swamp people and their kind than we can envision!

  23. We pray for President Trump and Ms. Powell daily!!! God bless all the True Americans that are fighting for our country!!!
    Let’s clean house!!
    President Trump should use his phrase “Your Fired” . With God’s help remove all evil from our great country!!!!
    Justice WILL prevail over all that have wronged America!!!!

  24. Amen to all of the above blogs, opinions and statements!! I agree with all of you patriots who declared the current crisis and fraudulent activity of this election as they really took place in certain states. And Sidney Powell, to you and your team go many thanks for uncovering much of this deceptive action by our Democrats, a party that I cannot trust or believe any longer! May God bless and reward President Trump with four more years in the White House as our president. And I do hope that our freedoms and constitutional rights continue to endure in the USA and that the lessons of “crime and treason” do not pay have been learned by those responsible for this 2020 rigged and unfair election.

  25. President Trump needs to sign an executive order. Anyone tampering with any Dominion voting machines will get an automatic 10 years in federal prison. These machines will start to disappear from everywhere. Just watch and see what happens.

  26. Dear God in Heaven, We the People thank you for providing the wonderful and necessary resources to the courageous Sydney Powell and our great President Trump to save America!! In Jesus Christ Amen

  27. In God I trust and this dear lord is what I wanted. Thank you Sidney Powell and President Trump. Never leave us to this wicked man of Biden and his followers who are demons. Trump is not going anywhere he’s our President. Get the heck out of our Presidents house we voted him in for 4 more years. We the American people voted for Trump not Biden. Biden cheated and we caught you!!!!

  28. This is the greatest crime in history and time is not on our side. I find it hard to believe any court will overturn this election even with smoking gun evidence. They may sanction election officials, but a revote on PA, GA, WI, NV, AZ, MI are the best we will get although state legislatures could fix it.

  29. Denver Colorado Should Be Added To The Affidavit That The “Kraken” Sidney Slapped The Georgia Court With The Dominion Voting Mechines Main Corporation Are Based In Denver Colorado, Which Is Another Demoncratic Communistic Dictator’s New World Order Agenda Ran By Governor Polis, & The Same Night Of The Presidential Election (Rep)Cory Gardner Was Lost To(Dum) Hickenpecker For Senator Seat Against Garden Hickenpooper
    Was The Governor Of Colorado Beat By Polis Which Is Totally Krazy Because Gradner Was An Awesome Senator & I Can Tell You Now That The Results If That Election Were Totally Set Up Because The Tally For The Senate Seat Was Called At 7:30 pm On November 3rd, But On The Local Lame Stream Media News Stations Channel 7,9,20, Fox 31, They Showed That People Were Still Lined Up At The Voting Center’s At 10:43pm With A News Camera & Reporter Were Saying They Will Have To Start Counting Again Tomorrow On The 4th Of November In The Morning Around 9am Denver Time
    They Showed These Lines Of People Standing At Two Different Voting Center’s, They Still Weren’t Closed Until 11pm That Night So How Could Hickenpecker Win Over Gardner If The Voting Wasn’t Counted Yet , & That Applies To The Presidential Count Too , Because I Know There Were Alot Of Trump Supporters Voting Here In Colorado I Was One Of Them, These Far Leftists Demoncratic Communistic Dictator’s Whom Only Want To Ensight Our Country Into Enslavement For Their Continued Political Super Power, Over Wealth Pay To Play By Letting Other Countries Buy Up Our Land & Resources, & The Demoncrates Leftists Globalists, Haven’t Given A Damn Even Before The COVID-19- Virus, Even Before Trump Ever Became President, The Clinton Administration, Invited The Chinese Socialist Here To The United States & Gave Them All Of Our Military Secrets, Plus Let Them But Hollywood, & Several Farming Lands To Invest Their Money In Ownership, At This Stage This Historical Time In Which Will Live An Emphamy , If Slow Choke Biden Is Angurated We The People Will Be No More, & America Will Be Put On It’s Knee’s Our Economy Is Going To Hell Because Of The Lockdown’s That Are Being Mandated Unlawfully By These Evil Inhumane Treasonous Bastard’s Satanists Baby Killer’s, They Need To Stopped At The Root Before It’s To Late To Change This Situation, We The People Need To Take A Stand For We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Darkness Without A Fighting For Our Freedom & Civil Liberties Which Are Guaranteed By Our Constitutional Bill Of Rights & Given By Our Father God In Heaven, So Call Your Senator’s Right To The Supreme Court , Tell Everyone About That Something Wicked This Way Comes !!!!!

  30. Treason is Treason ! Laws are Laws. Enough ! They should all be shot in the face same as during the revolution by a military Firing Squad.No exceptions. If not then America’s Law enforcement is useless and Americans need to get it together as the last bastion of hope and freedom. Traitors all, and sell out criminals.


  32. Wray, Comey, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama’s, Bushes. Clinton’s, Barr, FBI, Loretta Lynch, Adam Shift , Donna Brazille, McCabe , Comey, Page, Strzok. Bruce and NELLIE Orr, All swamp rats

  33. Sidney Powell is getting ready to drop the MOAB.Military tribunals are up and coming. Everything from the local,state,federal governments,foreign states and actors,to the media and social media will be changed after for being found complicit in the act of treason.

  34. TREASON!!! What does Carlson, the “blue eyed boy” of FOX has to say!!!! I stopped watching these charlatans a long time ago! I could tell by their body language that they hated the GOP….. they were “wolves in sheep’s” clothing!!! And BARR said that there was nothing that the DOJ and the FBI could find that was fraudulent about the Elections!! He’s a Trump appointee… a TURNCOAT, much like ROBERTS of the SC …a Conservative, a Bush appointee!!! I pray that all who are involved will get what’s coming to them!!! Prayers are being answered, God is still on His throne and He is the one who elects the leaders of the world. Whatever the outcome it is God’s will … the Election Fraud is now out in the open!!! I wonder what the sceptics have to say!!!!

  35. at this time i believe that tucker was given the same deal that they tried to get diamond and silk to take but they refused and left fox 150k and their soul to change their view on trump.

  36. There is more at stake here than just this election. President Donald Trump may well be the last “elected” president of the United States. If this massive and obvious fraudulent election goes through, then justice and honesty is forever gone. It won’t matter how citizens vote because the votes will always be manipulated to follow the controlling party, in this case the democrats. Our rights under the Constitution will be a thing of the past as our new rulers will do anything they want. The only thing standing between us and a tyrannical government is the Supreme Court, but how quickly can it be packed with more lackeys. The Second Amendment was written to protect us from tyranny in that it made us an armed citizenry capable of standing up to a corrupt government. It didn’t limit that tyrannical government from outside our borders either, it included our own heads of state as well.
    Adolf Hitler said “to conquer a nation, first disarm it” Joe Biden said, ” I’m coming for your guns”. There is an old saying from somewhere I can’t remember, ” Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    Fellow American citizens, we are at a crossroads. If we allow our government to seize absolute power in this election there will never be another honest election or a government for the people…ever again. This is it.

  37. Remember when we all asked ourselves who is this guy Obuma ? and asked, where did he come from? and his being a person who is running for President? Then we were told by him his expertise was a “community organizer” now we know what a community organizer is don’t we. Right out of the late 60’s and 70’s along with Hillary defending and winning a case for a black panther party killer!I could go on and on….Fox WHO? Baby steps, baby steps! May be the “Good Guys and Gals” will finally win this one” Go Team Trump, GO!

  38. Amazing – all military overseas ballots were counted for “BIDEN” That’s total fraud! There is no way the military would vote for that fool!

  39. I pray always for President Trump and all the good people who honestly work with President Trump to be protected by the will of The Father and Jesus Christ. Al;l the dems are going to have to answer to God for their Stupidity.

  40. I am afraid that this might be too little, too late! I do not have much confidence in the State Legislators or the Courts to take the hard right over the easy wrong and allow the House of Representatives elect our President. They will state that there were voter irregularities, but not enough to change the outcome of the election. It will be years from now before the American People will learn what really happened, if ever in our lifetime. I was highly disappointed in FOX News, they have stepped over to the dark side! After the father died, I knew it was only a matter of time before his Leftwing Loony son would destroy the network. In 2012, it was reported that 70% of the Staff that works at FOX News donated to the Democrats! The only show that I still watch is Greg Gutfield, but lately they have been hinting it’s over and Biden is the legitimate winner. Soon they too will be on my “No Watch” list. I like Newsmax, I just wished that they had more News Shows and less History Documentaries.

    1. I have never been so dismayed at the way fox kept telling us in prime time that Durham would have report done way before election.I’ve quit watching Carlson,Hannity and Ingram where’s the beef haven’t heard 1 thing on this lately.Joe Biden China,Ukraine no beef,Hunter no beef,Chinas stock market fell like crazy when President Trump was leading in election.When Biden leading Chinas stock market straight up America sold out again by money makes me shake my head how this election was done mail out to everyone ballots and how many had moved that were sent ballots and someone else filled ballot out

  41. After reading all this that has happen here in AMERICAN – GOD GIVEN – AMERICAN.

  42. dr 15oct20
    Here’s a known fact, sleepy Joe (?) Biden of 47 years in govt., is the founder and creator of the Swamp Creatures, as the nemesis of justice shall prevail upon these liars n cheaters and his cohorts the democrats, some republicans, Obama judges, MSM(msmafia) etc. This nest is huge and will unravel all those involved in the government. WHAT IS A.G.BARR DOING ABOUT THIS CRIME, HE’S RUNNING AROUND MAKING ARRESTS NOT RELATED TO THE MAIN CRIME SCENE OF UKRAIN/RUSSIA, WHICH HE TOTALLY IGNORES FOR AFTER THE 03NOV. The democrats/cohorts have induced so much fear by intimidation and, their gimmicks they shower on those who do not surrender to their Political Evil and bully tactics are threatened after 03nov is what they can expect if dems. win by hook or by crow. To this I inject a change in the Top Military Command and DOD, who should work at the pleasure of the President CIC of the Armed forces with the mandate of the people and not otherwise, and not some nitwit statements made by thieving democrats who do not practice what they preach but accuse PTrump for all their immoral and unethical behavior as reported daily by few honest news media. Democrats have the qualities and characteristics of criminals; they can sugar-coat their words to you, into believing all they will tell you, that they will do for you and never will, if elected.


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