Late to the Party: Media Explodes with BREAKING Trump Binder News

This week has been very strange. The story about the big 10-inch binder of intelligence on Crossfire Hurricane, which President Trump declassified the day before he left office, is making huge waves on conservative news sites all of a sudden.

If most of the information in this story seems familiar to you, that’s because we’ve been covering this issue here for years. Why are these people so late to the party?

Far-left journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger are being lauded by right-wing media for their “amazing” reporting on this 5-year-old story.

To their credit, the two lefties have uncovered a couple of new pieces of information related to the Russia collusion hoax. But the main gist of their “breaking news” story is nothing that we haven’t been talking about here since at least 2018.

President Trump declassified the binder of Crossfire Hurricane evidence on January 19, 2021. That binder of totally declassified material is missing, and the Deep State has been huffing and puffing over it. The binder was what the FBI was looking for when they staged the illegal raid on Mar a Lago in 2022 and rifled through Melania’s underwear drawer.


Even though all of its contents are declassified now, the intelligence agencies want it back. The reason for that is because it contains all the evidence of how the Russia collusion hoax was illegally launched by the CIA.

As we’ve reported for years now, there is no way that the FBI originated the Russia collusion hoax, because they don’t have FBI agents operating in all of the foreign countries that were involved in spying on the Trump campaign.

Here’s some of the new information that Taibbi and Shellenberger are reporting this week—and to give credit where credit is due, this is brand-new info.

The CIA had the “Five Eyes” intelligence league (Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States) start spying on the Trump campaign way back in 2015, when it became clear that Trump could win the 2016 Republican primaries.

We already knew all that. The new info is that these foreign nations were asked to spy on 26 different members of the Trump campaign.

We only knew about George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. Who were the other 24? Were FISA spying warrants ever issued against them here in the US? Were any of them members of the Trump family? We don’t have answers to those questions yet.

Shellenberger and Taibbi report that the CIA asked the Five Eyes group to “bump” the 26 Trump campaign members. In spy-speak, that’s when you’re traveling away from home on a business trip, and a friendly stranger “bumps” into you in hopes of compromising you with blackmail material or gathering intelligence.

For example, Fang Fang “bumped” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), wrecked his first marriage, and probably stole thousands of pages of sensitive classified documents from the House Intelligence Committee.

We know that super-fat spy Stefan Halpert, who was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the FBI to work on the Russia hoax, tried to set George Papadopoulos up with an unidentified FBI whore during a meeting in London. Papadopoulos was smarter than Eric Swalwell. We know that the drunk Australian ambassador struck up a random conversation with Carter Page about Russia and triggered his “What the hell?” radar.

We don’t know what efforts were made to “bump” the 24 unidentified members of the Trump campaign. That data is probably in the binder, and they never want the public to find out about it.

We’ve reported all along that the Russia collusion hoax could not have been initiated by former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, and his lovebird FBI lawyer Lisa Page. Those dorks couldn’t run an ice cream stand, let alone a sophisticated global intelligence operation involving at least seven foreign countries. (Taibbi and Shellenberger mention the Five Eyes involvement, but don’t say anything about the intelligence services in Italy or Ukraine, which were also knee-deep in the hoax.)

It’s mostly old news, but we are intrigued to find out who the other 24 Trump campaign officials were. Paul Manafort, Rudy Giuliani, and Roger Stone are safe guesses. But who else?

All of you people in the intelligence agencies shouldn’t worry about this missing binder too much. We’ll find out everything that’s in it starting in 2025 when new FBI Director Vivek Ramaswamy starts arresting all of you for treason.

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22 thoughts on “Late to the Party: Media Explodes with BREAKING Trump Binder News”

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  2. Vivek as FBI Director would be awesome. Only then would we be able to start draining the swamp!!!!

    GO TRUMP 2024!!!!

    1. good choice- Trump needs to 100% clean house and fire everyone,there are too many infiltrates,some disguised as republicans and agents from different agencies,this is a massive betrayal to the American people by the elite and powers that control gov in order to keep their status quo going and their money coming in.term limits for everyone CLEAN HOUSE.

  3. And the kicker is that IF these people get charged with treason, not much will happen 2 them because they voted Democrat!

  4. Any American that truly had their eyes open knew there was a coup against Trump right from the start because President Trump was good for the United States , Good for the people, he was making America Great and there was many agencies and government officials that were fighting against his doing great j things for this country and other countries around the world ,and those who had power before and influence were not making money off the destruction of wars, and other countries, and Trump opened our eyes to the fact that our government could have been doing what he did but chooses not to It only took Trump four years actually three years and than the cover d virus being released by China? Or our own government to take Trump down happened! I know my eyes were opened to the hate these government officials who fought against AMERICANS. Treason had been committed and people better start to open their eyes to the brainwashing if politicians, and their propaganda media that work against the American people!

  5. GOD said everything every lie will surface and will be expose to the public.remember GOD knows everything,he has infiltrated the infiltrators,people in high positions in the deep state.we have it all and now they cant run or hide,treason for alot and death for much more,you think all this weather change and all the earthquakes, and the waters and eruptions from volcanoes and now eyes are open to see the truth coming out is by climate change lol God is not done shaking this earth.these people has plan more destruction more death, the government is paying some of these people crossing our border for more attacts,much more deadly than 911, they want the war,all of this has been plan from yrs ago but they are not going to get what they want,it will get a bit worse they are desperate and willing to try any type of chaos to keep their power,control,authority and their money,these people will even die for it,we have been inslaved by their system for the longest time and now God has seen enough of corruption and is about to change this world,yes its happening this yr,all of this had to take place so people can open their eyes and see the truth,the news ,media are still getting paid to lie,they will go down to just like the government,IRS,federal reserve,fbi,cia,doj ,wall st,who,youtube google facebook,hollywood,and more.get ready people.and yes trump is are president that will come out to,all these court impeachment will blow up in all their faces,God is returning his select Donald J Trump to his seat but its not going to be by election,remember God is the highest judge of all he has the last word and nothing or no one can change that,God bless our country and the people.

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