Leftists Don’t Like It if You Call COVID Passports the ‘Mark of the Beast’

It’s been said many times that nations turn from freedom to socialism very slowly at first… and then very quickly at the end. It now feels like we’re entering the “very quickly” period of this journey as Joe Biden’s handlers push the USA further and further to the left. We’ve gone from “two weeks to flatten the curve” a year ago, to the suspension of some of the most basic constitutionally protected liberties being crushed over a fairly mild seasonal bug. Who, if anyone, is going to put the brakes on this project before the 2022 midterm elections are canceled by Joe Biden?

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a virtually powerless Member of the House of Representatives, continues to somehow represent the greatest imaginable threat to the ruling establishment. Pause for a moment to reflect on just how much she terrifies the people in charge. Her fellow Republicans ought to take note.

In a diatribe that amazingly has not been pulled down from Facebook yet, Rep. Greene called the “COVID passports” that the Biden regime is working on “The Mark of the Beast.” Biden and Kamala Harris are working with private sector companies such as airlines to impose travel restrictions and other basic liberty restrictions on anyone who makes the personal decision to not receive a coronavirus vaccination.

If you don’t get a COVID vaccination, Greene notes that you will be prohibited from engaging in some of the most basic freedoms guaranteed to Americans. You will be forbidden from traveling on an airplane or staying in a hotel. Carried out to its logical extreme, you will be forbidden from shopping in a grocery store to buy food for your family and banned from having a work permit or participating in the US economy. No job, no food, you can’t go to the movies or go out in public basically, unless you submit to and obey the vaccine tyrants in the US government and the private sector.

Greene is absolutely correct in comparing this to the “Mark of the Beast” describe in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. You should read that passage sometime if you haven’t already. It was a form of mass persecution implemented in an ancient city in order to prevent Christians from participating in the economy. No one could buy or sell without the mark in their hand (the “mark” in that historic example was likely some sort of badge identifying them as non-Christians).

Rep. Greene also correctly identifies this as “corporate communism.” If Biden and Harris were to try to implement these COVID passports through the government, it would be rightly swatted down by every court that considers it. The government can’t force you to expose your private medical records to the whole world in order to rent a hotel room for a night. But if the hotel does it, then it will be more difficult for individual Americans to stand up and resist this assault on liberty.


Who else is speaking out against this attack on our way of life? I can’t think of a single Republican other than Marjorie Taylor Greene in the House or Senate who has spoken out against COVID passports. In a remarkable show of solidarity with a plan that comes directly from Satan, Twitter suspended Rep. Greene’s account on Easter Sunday when she tweeted the words, “He Is Risen.” Can’t have that message getting out! Twitter must have been worried that she was going to follow that up with more remarks about the Mark of the Beast.

At the state level, only one Governor has recognized the threat that COVID passports represent to citizens’ right to travel and live their lives. Ron DeSantis of Florida continues to never miss a beat when it comes to fighting Mark back against these outrageous assaults. DeSantis issued an executive order banning all forms of COVID passports/corporate communism over the weekend. He’s also pushing the Florida legislature to codify the ban into law.

If you live outside of Florida, is your governor or state legislature moving to ban COVID passports? If they’re not, you should be asking them, “Why not? Whose side are you on?”

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59 thoughts on “Leftists Don’t Like It if You Call COVID Passports the ‘Mark of the Beast’”

  1. Just remember HIPAA and don’t give up your freedoms and rights that are guaranteed under our Constitution and Bill of Rights to these communist activities!
    Remove all communist controlled democrats from office! period.

    1. Just how are we to remove all, or even any, communist controlled democrats from office, if we live in a city, county, state or country that is controlled by democrats? “Voting” sure doesn’t work.

      1. I think you really just answered your own question…which is why they want to disarm the law-abiding citizens. However, making the COVID passport a reality or coming after our guns will have the same impact, and with 83 million armed to the teeth patriots for who “Give me liberty or give me death” is still a bone marrow deep reality the outcome would be swift and devastating beyond the leftists wildest imagining!!!!.

      2. Drew, two options left to us! We can hope that letters to our editors actually get published, or perhaps more forceful techniques will be required? That’s why over the years I’ve honed my marksmanship capabilities and 20 years ago developed a keen interest in handloading my own ammunition, just for days like this where the Commie Pinko Liberals just don’t seem to see the handwriting on the wall.

    2. Problem with a lot of people not giving up their rights is that most to unfortunately don’t like confrontation. To put it nicely . terms for dummies in milder .sence never grew a pair. Getting people to stand up is the major issue. Or we would have already been at war. But unfortunately with no more backbone than these act so big an bad boys are more like cowards.

    1. think about Jan 6, and that will answer that question. Google Brown Shirts too. they will not tolerate any infractions from the right. They know how to punish severely and that will worsen with time. So if you do anything remember the consequences. It might be necessary . but maybe fruitess the more time that passes.

    2. Many are standing up. My passion is the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. Liberals and many Democrats want t restrict the purchase and ownership of firearms from law-abiding citizens. They are even proposing confiscating your firearms in the privacy of your own hoes. My lawyer and I are going straight to the lawmakers and anti-gun groups who want to disarm Americans so that they can control us. This is what Hitler did in 1939 and look at what he did with the Jewish people, 6 million of them. NOT letting it happen on my watch!

    3. Because Dems and Reps are the same. Best way to look at them are like 2 diff kinds of homosexuals. The one group is out of the closet loud and proud and other group is hiding in the closet wanting the same thing but afraid to come out and say it. Then of course you have a very few non homosexuals, straight people who do not want the radical communist new world order crap.

      1. What we always need to remember is that the left wing and the right wing are both parts of the SAME bird

    4. Exactly, MB !!!

      Why? Because our so called representatives, the Republicans, are a bunch of cowards, they don’t care about the country, all they want is to keep their position for another 20 yrs( not all of them, but most of them )
      God Bless Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Mark Meadows , Cruz , Greene and another few !!!
      Sadly, not enough !!!!
      In a similar situation ALL the democrats (communists)
      would be out on the stairs at the Capitol, shoulder to shoulder DEMANDING them to stop destroying our country, our Constitution and most of all, naming the
      so called “ Antifa” and BLM , terrorists organizations!!!

      1. ANTIFA AND BLM ARE THE DEMORATS 21st century NAZI PARTY “BROWNSHIRTS’, just look at history! If you don’t learn from History, you are DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Because each and every one of them are scared for their jobs. They ALL have something to hide and don’t want it exposed. They are spineless, gutless maggots infesting that cesspool they call the District of Corruption.

    6. Good heaven STAND on YOUR TWO FEET and vote this all down. Be the person we all put you in office and save our USA-American from the hands that what to do us in.

    7. Those of us who voted for Trump and for Republicans in the last election are yelling and screaming about this. We are also yelling and screaming about the shutdown of the oil and gas pipelines and the 50% increase in gasoline prices since January 1, 2021. We are yelling and screaming about the opening of our southern border, the stoppage of construction on the border wall, and the flood of illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists that have been released into this country without criminal background checks and health inspections and without court dates requiring these illegal aliens to appear before a judge to determine their status. These Illegal aliens have been bussed by government officials at taxpayer expense to various cities across America, without notifying the cities and states of their arrival. We yelled and screamed about the $2 trillion “COVID Relief” bill that was passed by the democrats, where only 9% of that $2 trillion was to be spent paying for the vaccines and their distribution; the remaining 91% of the $2 trillion is to be spent on bailing out Democrat controlled states near bankruptcy. If you happen to live in a city, county, or state controlled by democrats, they aren’t listening to the yelling and screaming and neither are the Democrats who control all three branches of the federal government. These democrats are laughing at all the Republican screaming and yelling, knowing there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it.

      The only time the media listened to the yelling and screaming is when angry Republicans descended on Washington D.C. on January 6th to demand the Senate not certify the election results of certain states where vote fraud was prevalent. It was then that the media decided to pay attention and call the protesters “insurrectionists”. And while the democrats felt no need to fence off areas where last summer’s “mostly peaceful protesters” destroyed public and private property; smashed store front windows, broke into retail outlets, looted and burned these places, attacked and even killed police and counter-protesters, or call out the national guard, these same democrats felt the need to erect 8 foot high chain link fences topped with barbed and razor wire, behind which national guard troops remain stationed to keep out Republican “insurrectionists” that destroyed no public or private property, looted and burned no buildings, attacked and killed no police or counter protesters.

      Maybe, if a few more Republicans in the House and Senate were yelling and screaming about the election theft, instead of denying it; about the closure of our oil and gas pipelines; about our borders being open to any and all illegal aliens; and about the absurd runaway spending of the democrats to expand social services programs and bail out democrat controlled states facing bankruptcy, perhaps there would be less for the rest of us to yell and scream.

    8. I agree with this: Why are the Republicans not yelling and screaming and standing up to ban anything to do with this ?
      WE NEED TO GET ILLEGAL PEOPLE WHO IS FLOODING ACCROSS THE BOARD that is bring Covid 19 in with no broblem coming in to this country??

      1. As I read, and see things going on in this country, it seems as though every newspaper, every internet company, and every news media is scared of Biden and Harris, and Nancy. Why, maybe because the democrats have so much money they are paying through the nose to keep these companies on their side of the fence.We never get the real truth from news media, like Cnn, fox news, yes there are a lot more. I know our governor in Missouri says there will be no vaccine passport in Missouri. Thank you Governor Parson. If something isn’t done soon Biden and Harris will have the United States sold. Then see the commies come and take all our rights away. You know the government already knows when you piss and leave a crap in the stool. Well for me all the democrats can kiss my royal ass. Yes I wrote this. Sue me

    9. There are few republicans that are not pussies. TRUMP AND GREENE are distinct examples of some that are not pussies. which side are you on? Are you prepared to KILL a motherfucker to protect you and your families freedom?

    10. I’m a REPUBLICAN and I laud Marjorie Taylor Greene for going public on this f-ing, overstepping government ATROCITY.
      The ONLY time I ever ever voted DEM was when the REPUBLICAN WAS actually more Commie-Pinko-Liberal than the DEM was. It only happened once as this guy, who was from the RALEIGH NC area (bout 20 years ago) is now dead and gone.

    11. Have you ever been up to Congress? It takes you forever to find your representative unless you’ve been to his/her office before. Even then you may not get to see him, even if he knows you’re coming, Being a DEM congressman is the pits. Can you imagine with all of those useless idiots clamoring for attention? The best, most responsive Congressman was Mark Meadows from NC District 11 before we moved from NC to Peachtree City, GA.
      He eventually became Donald Trumps Chief of Staff due to his “servant spirit” and hard work.

  2. I have not gotten an answer from the CDC if the microchips in the vaccine will work with the vaccine passports the federal government is going to mandate.

    1. Just another step in the leftist communist plan to take control of every aspect of our lives and to force us to comply with their anti-America plan.

      1. You need to read the book Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper. A past Navy Intelligence officer. This is not so much a communist thing but a new world order thing.

          1. There is no difference. Whether it is called “globalism” or the “New World Order” it is nothing more than a politically correct euphemism for “World Communism”. There exists a cabal of very wealthy individuals in the world that consider themselves to be superior to their fellow human beings and who wish to control and live off of them, much the same as former slave owners and dictators. Has anyone ever known of a dictator, be it a socialist, communist or religious, that wasn’t wealthy? Are the Bilderbergers poor? Are the members of the Tri-lateral Commission poor? Are members of the Club of Rome poor? Are any of those who meet secretly in Davos, Switzerland each year poor? How about Putin, or Xi, or Kim Jung Un, or Maduro, or the former Cuban dictator Castro, or the dictators in the middle east and various African countries are any of them poor? These, and those who wish they were one of them, are the S.O.B.s who are selling the idea of a “New World Order” to the fools who think this would be a good idea. If this is such a good idea, why then are people from all over the world fleeing to America, from their “socialist, communist, and religious Utopian dictatorships? When America is turned into one of these slavish hell holes, where will those who want freedom and opportunity go?

      2. They can only force you if you give in . Turning coward is the problem. We have to join together and stand up for our selves. Or bend over and let them give it to you. I will fight til I DIE. . Even if you have to hi-jack trucks or what ever to feed your families and eliminating the cause .

    2. Well; if these rotten turds make it impossible for me and my family to participate in commerce, I’ll simply begin TAKING THEIR SHIT away from them!!

  3. BIDENJoe and fuk face Harris is the Beast in the Bible ,America and other assholes need to wake up before you loose your jobs ,your freedom,and most of all your self respect and be a zombie Lackey like Joe,smoke on the brain Biden and his doosh bag want to be vp.

  4. We have God given rights to travel, speak and protect ourselves in any way we choose. No government, especially a fraudulent, government, can take away our God Given Rights. Jesus is our King and not this illegal fraudulent socialist government.

    1. We have God given rights. This means nothing to those who don’t believe in God or to those who strive to legislatively remove any reference to God in the public forum (including the public schools, and in government settings) based on the erroneous assumption that our Constitution demands a “Separation of Church and State. NOWHERE in the Constitution is there a provision for the “separation of Church and State”.

      The real objection of those who continually insist that the Constitution requires a separation of Church and State, is that if there is no God, or if there can be no mention of “God” in our laws, THEN THERE CAN BE NO SUCH THING AS “GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”, ONLY GOVERNMENT GIVEN RIGHTS. It would be wise to remember that anything given by the government can be taken away by the government and therefore are not “rights” at all, only government granted privileges. If the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are not “God given”, then they really aren’t rights at all.

      I, for one, believe in God and in God given rights. I will resist anyone who tries to take these from me. There have been millions of Americans who fought and died in numerous wars because they believed these same things. Those who seek to deprive their fellow Americans of “God given” rights dishonor and do a disservice to those who gave their lives to preserve these rights. Such people should look for another country in which to live as a subject, not as a free person.

  5. If this happens the People will revolt and that person in office had better watch out, he’s not ready for what’s to come. But, it’s coming and he won’t like it but , the People will win in the end and that will be the end of him and his regime. Pray People Pray

      1. Marie Antoinette had that same opinion, as did the French aristocracy, right up to the time they were taken to the guillotine.

  6. i agree 1000 percent that Biden & Harris are the worst scum bags this country has ever had as leaders of the free world

  7. the mark of the beast is a requirement for people to take a mark. (Hitler used the tattoo.) in this modern age we consider it to be something more high tech. this passport is leading well toward this type control So Green is jumping the gun a little but it is a predeteramined idea in that direction. It did not take place in an ancient city as the article states. It is in our world currently in the future. this last book is a prophesy for the future and it does detail a one world government and we call it now a NWO. It details a one world money system etc. It is H3ll on earth for all who have to endure it. It is God;s Wrath upon us for the evil that prevails. Do read it . If you are not saved you might consider that option. Know Jesus as your lord and Savior.

    1. Communists don’t care about the laws, Constitution or any of that !!!
      All they know is they want the POWER to CONTROL us!!!!!
      People must wake up by the millions and reject communism !!!!!!!

  8. I am at the same time amazed and not amazed at how rapidly we have come down this slippery slope . I have felt from the beginning that because we demanded JESUS leave this place he has. I believe we are on our own and we are no match for satan. I know there are millions of Christains praying for God to intervene but scripture tells us it rains on the just and the unjust. Basically we will suffer the same consequences that the morons that voted for Biden. Our nation is not mentioned as a super power in the end times and we are quickly falling from power. That has to happen before the rapture takes place.

  9. I was seriously considering getting the vaccine, but not so much now. The government does not dictate to me. We are Americans, and we need to stand together. God bless America!

    1. Please review ALL of the info on these vaccines as well as the minimal good and maybe maximal harm they do.

  10. BOYCOT the companies supporting this; campaign against thr Politicians pushing this; remove the Judges that fail to stop this. Impeach, Recall Stop buying – – – let the, feel the anger of the public to their lefty agenda!!!!!

  11. How do we get rid of all the incompetent and worthless Politicians trying to take total control of everyone in our country

  12. I meant to say
    1. the ballot box and,
    2. the cartridge box.
    These are the two ways to get action.

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