Look at This List of Democrat Jerks Who Don’t Think COVID is a Big Deal

Every infantry leader in history can tell you how to lead people in the most dangerous situations: From the front. You have to lead by example, otherwise it’s not leadership. No US Army private is charging an enemy machine gun nest while his lieutenant is stopping by The French Laundry for a $27,000 meal with friends. Democrats want the rest of us to take coronavirus seriously, but they don’t seem to take it seriously at all themselves. Just take a look at this partial list of Democrat jerks caught breaking their own rules.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz: The married mayor of Anchorage, Alaska was forced to resign in October after the TV news anchor he was exchanging nude pictures with… wait, WHAT??? How did this story not make national news!? Anyway, the news anchor had a meltdown and announced to viewers that she was going to expose Mayor Berkowitz for raping kids. She never got to make that blockbuster report because she was arrested in the parking lot of the Anchorage TV station where she worked.

What’s that have to do with COVID? Well, nothing actually. But earlier in the year, when Berkowitz closed all indoor dining establishments in Anchorage, he roped off an entire city street so that the wine bistro that he owns could set up tents for outdoor dining. It’s good to be the king. Until that TV news anchor that you’re sexting with starts posting pictures of your bum on Facebook. Again… how was this story not national news?!

Mayor Michael Hancock: The mayor of Denver ordered everyone to follow his example by canceling their Thanksgiving plans. Then he jumped on a plane and flew to Mississippi for turkey and stuffing with his relatives.


Mayor Steve Adler: The mayor of Austin, TX really sort of takes the cake on coronavirus hypocrisy. He told the residents of his city to stay home, otherwise he was going to have to shut everything down again. He recorded the announcement on location at his family’s time share in Cabo San Lucas, where they had flown after attending a 20-person wedding at a hotel in Austin. Classy!

LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl: Ms. Kuehl – a Democrat, obviously – voted to shut down all outdoor dining in Los Angeles County. The order was set to take effect in 24 hours, so she made the most of it by driving to Malibu and having a nice meal. Not cool, Ms. Kuehl!

Mayor Jim Kenney: The mayor of Philadelphia shut down all dining in his city and then promptly flew to Chesapeake Bay, where he was caught having dinner. Indoors. Without a mask or social distancing. Because the COVID is so dangerous, ya know.

The Cuomo COVID Kooks: Governor Andrew Cuomo told everyone to cancel their Thanksgiving plans, then bragged that he was having Thanksgiving dinner with his elderly mother. When he got called out for it, he supposedly canceled his Thanksgiving plans. (But did he?) His brother Fredo at CNN is even worse. He allegedly caught COVID and then wandered around in the Hamptons with no mask on, spreading his Cuomo cooties everywhere. He’s also been photographed dining out and getting his hair cut.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot: First, the mayor of Chicago got caught getting her hair styled during the first lockdown, when haircuts for everyone else were banned. Then she went to a mask-less street party to celebrate Joe Biden’s fake election victory.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: After dazzling us all with her personal COVID sacrifices by staying indoors with her $20,000 luxury freezers and gourmet ice cream, Pelosi got caught getting her hair done in a San Francisco salon (when all the other salons were shut down for the general public). Actual quote when she got caught: “It was clearly a setup. This salon owes me an apology.”

That’s quite a list, and we didn’t even get to Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew – the Governor of California – or Sen. Dianne Feinstein, or New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, or that kooky governor in Michigan Gretchen Whitmer. There are probably a few others as well.

The point, though, is that none of these tyrants who are destroying the lives of their constituents seem to take coronavirus seriously. If they actually thought it was a deadly serious disease, they’d be following their own rules and leading by example. Must be nice to be in charge and boss everyone else around like that. As every single one of these COVID kooks moves to now ban Christmas, we can all rest assured that they will courageously not let the virus interrupt their own plans.

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60 thoughts on “Look at This List of Democrat Jerks Who Don’t Think COVID is a Big Deal”

    1. Well, not hangings…but public shaming, yes! Remember the head & hands stocks of old? When someone did a shameful stunt like these, they were put into one of these in the public square where all in town could walk by and shame them. THIS is what should be brought back! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillory

      1. I agree because that’s probably the only way their ever going to see their own mistakes.Your truly hit the nail on the head.

        1. As Ebenezer Scrooge said”they should be boiled in their own pudding with a stake of holly through their heart”

      2. No hangings but you cannot shame these people either. To do that they would have to have a conscience and obviously they don’t. I say immediate removal from office and a stay at Club Gitmo.

        1. HANG’EM HIGH !!!!
          I don’t want my tax dollars going to keep them in PRISON for the rest of their SORRY ASS LIVES!
          In fact, we need to bring back PUBLIC HANGINGS.
          Maybe then they wouldn’t want to be a CROOK.

    2. A Democrat politician, who professes to have the interests of, “The People”, and follow “THE Science”, a blatant HYPOCRITE?

      Say it ain’t so!

      1. It’s been a lie…. There using the Covid excuse to get you to do exactly what they want.
        Why do you think mail-in ballots were so popular this year?.. It was all planned out over a year ago…..

    3. American Patriots, you are pathetic for on standing up for what the left is attempting to do to this Country! They think they have got away with stealing this election and if you let them our Democracy is LOST FOREVER! And every military person who gave their lives will be all in vain!! Please before it’s too late. STAND UP AND BE HEARD!!

      1. We DO stand up and speak! But who is listening? Trump who had 4 years to do something about election fraud and over a year to do something about this Fauxvid scam? But did NOTHING? The GOP? LOLOL! Nobody in a position to act has done a thing except meekly go along with the take-over!

      1. We need to start by removing cipollone and meadows from the white house! Now! They do not believe our president won! They need to go!

  1. These politicians clearly think their above the laws and rules of our great nation. They turn a blind eye to their own behavior, lie and blame others when caught. But yet illuminate others behaviors when it’s promoting their agenda.

    1. I don’t believe they have the power to make any law, the legislature only has that power, since I read that how about checking this out and print it loud and clear.
      So far the virus hasn’t killed near as many as the flu. Half of one percent says Harvard University. So how about checking out the laws, print them.
      I think all the mayors and governors should be arrested and charged, then sent to prison, they are trying to destroy this nation….we need to ignore them and open up…

      1. Amen! It is the CONSTITUTION LAWS! Only state LEGISTIVE CAN VOTE for laws! No state governor has that RIGHT! Their excuse is the PHONY coronavirus! Best example is in 2009! DEMOCRAT had CONTROL OF BOTH house and senate and PRESIDENT SEAT!(OBAMA AND BIDEN) during the N1H1 AND SWINE FLU they didn’t shut down the economy or close school! In the first three months 12 thousand people died! Now why they refuse to work with Trump? Or open their state economy back up??? It ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND POWER!

  2. Well that’s what you get with the democratic party ! Morons , and they played you all like a fiddle , lying , cheating , faults accusations , immoral unethical practice . That’s why they were voted out before , but you forget do easily , and they depend on that .

    1. DEMOCRAT know how to twisted the TRUTH! But republican just stand down like a dog that got kick! If these REPUBLICAN CARE ABOUT AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE COUNTRY they need to fight back! But most are PANTYWAIST boy!

  3. I think all the democate gov. and mayors should be fired. They do what they want but heck with the the people. Their all such hypocrites. But all the judges have a blind eye when it comes to democrates.

    1. The election process is INTENDED to fire them, Shelia.

      But when we have blatant corruption ala NYC of the 19th Century’s Tammany Hall, and it’s rubbed in our faces, what IS the alternative? I know what it is, but I don’t like having to take that drastic a measure…as I SHOULDN’T…but that doesn’t mean that I WON’T!

    2. Who the hell is going to fire them? Too many ignorant people keep voting them in. Their words are heard and are believed but their actions, for some reason, are ignored.

      1. Yes I believe alot of people are ignorant when it comes to voting these democrats into office but I also believe alot of cheating goes on so the total blame isn’t the voting public.

  4. Civil war,KKK,segregation,and what party shaved the heads off young men who could not afford to go to college and sent them to south east Asia.I could go on.If political affiliation was taught the Democrat’s party would not exist it is the party of the ignorant

  5. Why can’t we do anything about this. Do as i say not as i do. For i am the chosen one. Bs. All the talk about these ass wipes makes all the people want to take their turn at a kick in their pants. How about all those who think they will died from covid stay home all others go on as usual. I don’t know where bidens gang will get the money for his stupid ideas for this country. No one is working now so no income for govt. Something has to give here. And it sounds like it will hurt all our childern future.

    1. Good question. Why have tests if everybody, whether you test positive or negative, have to wear masks, social distance, stay home. do the same things whether you have the virus or not? You might as well not do the tests, just treat the people who get sick. It doesn’t matter how you tested you have to do the same things. Wear masks, social distance. These are supposed to be the things that prevent the virus from spreading and although we have been doing it for months now, they say it is getting worse. Are they lying? You better believe they are. It can’t be both ways.
      When is it going to end? Never, if the politicians have their way. Whenis this country going to hell? Any day now.

      1. the fake news media has to stand up for us Americans and put down the dumbocrats they all should be kicked out of office starting with Peloski and shity shummer send them all to califorina where all the shit is. stand up America and say enough is enough

    2. Biden and gang think when America goes down the drain they the chosen few will be on top of the heap. When the commies of China take over American the Democratic party will be the peeons eating rice licking their boots.just remember no one trust a traitor especially the commies.

    3. The money, I hear, will come from any savings and retirement accounts that will be taken from you and me by the brain dead biden and hustler kamala. So enjoy your savings while you can then join the bread lines!!!!

  6. These POLITICAN don’t care about anyone else but themselves! People need to have common sense or they are going to end up DEAD! There is NOTHING these POLITICAN care about in AMERICA than changing our country into a SOCIALISM COUNTRY! If you think you know what SOCIALIST mean go back to the library and read about it! Not on some websites! There is NOTHING FREE IN THE WORLD OR IN A FREE COUNTRY! So go to library and do your research! In a SOCIALIST CONTROL COUNTRY the money is in the GOVERNMENT CONTROL NOT YOUR! They pick and choose what to spend it on! If you ever study the truth people in these country live lot worst than people in free country! Not able to speak their mind on the situation. Or they will be hang or kill by faithful follower of the RICH POWER POLITICAN WHO CONTROL THE MONEY AND COUNTRY! Even the food supply is control by these POLITICAN. Look at North Korea and China. The people are starving for better eating and more food. But these two rather FEED THEIR MILITARY FORCE THAN THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY.

  7. Can anyone see what has been happening in AMERICA LATELY? Since fanny mae and freddie mac when under in the housing market. THANK TO THE DEMONCRAT HOUSE AND SENATE AT THAT TIME! Home price has gone skyhigh and hard to buy! But WHAT HAS POP UP MORE ? If you drive around in your city you can answer this question. APARTMENTS are being build more! A little 500- 900 sq ft. Two bedroom for 700-2000$ ! With NO END ON THE RENTS MONEY! Do the math there are people out there who are taking advantage of other people to GET RICH OR RICHER! Does this make you wonder if the POLITICAN trying to push people from living in the country into the city? Having a piece of property PAY FOR IN TWENTY OR THIRTY YEARS? You see small town folding up! Business closing in these small town. People having to move to find jobs and a places to live. Been going on since the 1970! All to CONTROL THE PEOPLE and COUNTRY! IT THE SAME WAY IN THE CORONAVIRUS! POLITICAN know who and how to BUY SUPPORT! TO PUSH SOCIALISM CONTROL ON THE PEOPLE! IT BY THE MEDIA! NOW IT BY BIG TECH WHO CONTROL THE SOCIAL MEDIA! THE TRUTH WILL NEVER BE TOLD! WHEN YOU CAN NOT TRUST THE MEDIA!

  8. Politicians. Some do their own thing while making others follow the law for safety. These are those who control the money. They want to give it to other countries, big business but not to the working people, we are last on that line. Maybe be the monet should be taken from their income.


  10. Does anyone remember the old Superman comics where he would find himself in a place called Bizarro World? You know, the place where everything is cracked, people do everything backward, down is up, right is left, etc., etc.? Welcome to Bizarro World!

  11. If a DEMONcrat or a LIBERAL offering you five thousand dollars. Would you take it? Only thing is you got to say what they tell you to say . That what is happening at the hospital with their staff! Getting a million dollars to claim every death is by coronavirus. But where are the grave?

  12. These officials aren’t leaders, they’re tyrants. They have proven themselves unworthy of the positions they hold.

  13. The ONLY way this nonsense Agenda 21 stops is ” We the People ” need to simply ignore these criminals. They have NO power over us that we do not give them. There is no pandemic, less people died in the U.S. this year than last year, look it up! Go on with your lives as is your God given right. We do need to execute Bill Gates and Tony Fauci for the population control shots that are killing and maiming millions World wide. Stop being sheep.

  14. Old west law. Get caught cattle rustling the ones steeling the cattle we’re hung up at the nearest tree no trials. Good and proper end to this problem. Let the buzzards clean up the mess. Possibly a fix for this problem we are in today trials are a joke. Courts are another money pit for judges and lawyers were nothing gets done and the rich go free. Trump is the only non-lawyer in government. Fat chance people rebellion is just a shot away pick your side.

  15. I think we ought to take all their pay and medical away from them and if they are truly for the people this won’t matter to them. They are all getting filthy rich from us and then telling us what to do!!

  16. I agree with Mona…she’s got the real solution. We simply cannot allow a clearly corrupt election to determine the fate of our Country. I’m disappointed with the Republican Party for not standing up for President Trump, the Supreme Court for not doing their job and even hearing the case and, there needs to be major consequences to news media who clearly tried to hide the facts or pass them off as conspiracy theories.

    Media: There needs to be consequences for hiding the facts. It’s nothing more than lies of omission. Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are monopolies with no rules – they violate the First Amendment without any recourse and are seriously in violation of our Antitrust Laws. They need to be broken up and rule 230 abolished.

    With all reasonable remedies denied through corrupt elected officials both Democrat and Republican with respect to the election; we should DEMAND this election be overturned in Congress and the Electoral College results be denied this January!

    If you don’t think this election was corrupt you are not paying attention, living in extreme denial or just plain ignorant. It’s past time to stand up for our Civil Rights and our Constitution. Clearly our elected officials aren’t going to do it nor is the Supreme Court. They’re all worthless!

  17. Typical Communist Party Bosses. Dictate to the peasant masses then go off to their private dachas to live the high life of ease and luxury. It was a trademark of Russian Communism and present day life in Venezuela. But, present day American Democrats are determined to run underneath the crushing hooves of their own Party Bosses. Truth, logic and reason have no place in their lives. All they see is that magic glowing carrot of “Free Stuff” hanging before them. Right, “Free Stuff” that comes with an unpayable price tag!

  18. Check out the CDC information – only 6% of deaths are actually CO-VID. States are counting heart attacks, cancer, auto accidents, suicides as CO-VID!! This is all a scam to force people to follow ridiculous orders (masks, closed small businesses, no family gatherings, etc)

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