Massive Numbers of Fake Voters Uncovered on the Voter Rolls in 20 States

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on the group Omega4America to see how their election integrity efforts are going. The more that this volunteer group uses fractal programming to examine the voter rolls of individual states, the more problems they find.

Election fraud is a bipartisan problem across many states, and our elections are completely fake at this point, for lack of a better description. The group has recently found 180,000 voters on the Wisconsin voter rolls who all have the same voter ID.

It doesn’t look this way to any outsider. It turns out that the people who run Wisconsin’s elections use an invisible character in their voter rolls. Their software can see the invisible character, but no one else’s software can. Which means that whenever any independent body tries to examine Wisconsin’s voter rolls, everything looks normal.

Can you think of any possible reason – other than outright fraud – why a state would use invisible characters in its voter rolls that outside entities cannot see? When Omega4America found those invisible characters, they discovered there are 180,000 voters with the same ID.


The group is finding anomalies in every state where they examine the voter rolls with fractal programming. They’ve examined 20 different states’ voter rolls since the 2020 election – states controlled by Republicans and Democrats – and say they’re finding an average of 200,000 anomalies in every state.

One of the ways that it would be easy to achieve transparency and clean voter rolls would be if states simply make it free for outside groups to get a copy of the voter rolls. Some states do this, in fact. You can get a CD-ROM of the entire voter roll, for free, once every 30 days from these states.

Other states charge an arm and a leg, to prevent the public from seeing the voter rolls. Wisconsin charges $12,500 before they give you a copy of their voter rolls. Alabama charges $30,000 for one copy. If you wanted to look at the voter rolls in Alabama on Election Day and compare it to the voter rolls 30 days after the election, to look for suspicious changes, it would cost you $60 grand. That’s not transparency.

Omega4America did manage to come up with the funds to examine Alabama’s voter rolls, and guess what? They’re dirty. The voter rolls have scores of people who have registered to vote in the past two years who have birthdates older than Julius Caesar. Does anyone have a problem with this?

Virginia and California will prosecute you if you look at their voter rolls as a private citizen. You have to either be a political candidate or a political party to look at their voter rolls.

Omega4America says North Carolina election officials insert staggered control characters into their voter rolls periodically, so you can’t compare the voter roll from today to the voter roll during the last election. What’s the reason for that? It’s either total, blazing incompetence or election fraud. Take your pick.

When Omega4America compares state voter registration files to county voter registration files, they find 5 to 10% discrepancies every time. You might expect the difference between those files to be within a reasonable margin of error, such as 1 or 2%. But 5 to 10%? There’s no way something sinister is not happening there.

When the researchers compare state voter rolls to county tax rolls, it gets far, far worse. Each legal voter has to be tied to a valid residential address, so that should be a slam dunk. If your state’s voter rolls match the county tax rolls, you have a clean voter roll. But in 20 out of 20 states that Omega4America has examined, they’ve found an average of 200,000 “voters” tied to addresses where no voter should live.

All 20 states have people registered to vote at vacant construction lots, DMV offices, RV parks, hotels and other invalid addresses. They compared snapshots of the voter rolls in Nevada and Arizona for several months, and this was the case. And here’s the kicker.

In the months leading up to an election, including the 2020 election and the 2022 midterms, the voter rolls in Nevada and Arizona start to swell. The number of people registering to vote prior to an election goes up. And then 30 to 60 days after the election, those phantom voters start to disappear from the voter rolls – like they never existed except to cast a vote for Joe Biden or Katie Hobbs or some other Democrat.

Omega4America has the goods, but not one single Representative in Congress has talked to them or is willing to investigate the dirty voter rolls across the country. This needs to change. If your Representative in Congress is a Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, call them or shoot them an email. Ask for an official public investigation into the findings of Omega4America. If House Republicans refuse to look into this now that they control the majority, what does that tell you?

You can check out Omega4America’s amazing findings HERE.

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18 thoughts on “Massive Numbers of Fake Voters Uncovered on the Voter Rolls in 20 States”


    1. Yeah, that’s why he didn’t have to campaign; because the DEAD couldn’t hear him anyway! Remember, he said he had the best voter fraud organization in history, which I believe is only thing he’s said that ISN’T A LIE! LET’S GO BRANDON!


    1. Exactly they will keep on Cheating until something is done arrest them immediatly! we already LOST our Nation under Joe Biden Killing America off as fast as he can why wouldn’t they listen to us we know it was stollen we had all the video proof live feed while they were doin it! and still nothing was done they silenced us and paid off the media to keep us quiet now it’s to late to re-cover our once great Country! We were told we were the terrorist even sugesting it was stollen.

      1. Hello.

        No, it is NOT TOO LATE — if the People get off their [—-] and start kicking [—].

        OK, People, get your [—] in gear and do what you are suposed to do in such circumstances.

        PS: I do not have the “pull” that the circumstances require.

      2. I read Germany suspected fraud in an election that was almost 2 years previously. Possibly influenced by the tragic things happening to America since Biden was put in office, besides wanting to stop fraud, they decided to throw that election out and have a total revote. The amount of fraud they had found was tiny compared to what our 2020 election shows. Other options are to say millions of fraud votes are enough to throw the election out, remove the NONWINNERS from office, and just replace with actual true winner. Period. Not even a revote needed.

        There is precedence for the later option right in America, in the 1960s. Nixon had supposedly been defeated by a very narrow margin by Kennedy. Kennedy was sworn in and functioning as President when the FBI came to Nixon and informed him of the fraud and that he was the actual winner. They stated Kennedy/LBJ were going to be REMOVED from office and Nixon would become President. Nixon decided, unfortunately, that he didn’t want that, that Kennedy should remain in office or American voters would lose faith in the elections. He declined being put in office and wanted the whole situation to be kept secret. In fact it was and not known until just a few years ago, before 2020 actually.

        Nixon made a wrong decision that enabled the 1960 Democrat fraudsters to know they could get away with it and allowed it to be perpetuated.

        Biden et al should be REMOVED from office, not even a revite required as already fraud already proved he was not elected. His Cabinet goes, judges he appointed around the country get pulled out, Executive Orders disappear, his bills, treaties, and all other actions by him and his Cabinet, DOJ, FBI, Milley and other corrupt military all go away and appropriate ones prosecuted for fraud they participated in and perpetuated.

        President Trump moves back to the White House and starts the difficult process, one he has shown he is capable of, overturning the destruction that America has been assaulted with for over 2 years. He does the MAGA. AND states rules must be changed so their voter rolls ARE transparent and available before, during, and after elections. They will not be allowed to NOT clean up their voter rolls, as they did in 2020 even regarding dead voters from the last 120 years that some states did refuse to do.


        Even other world leaders know it was a fraudulent election, and much of it being used again in 2022.
        SO DO WE. SO DO MANY POLITICIANS, if honest about it.

  2. State want to cheat! Has no business breaking laws! They should lose the federal fund that is pay to these state. If they can’t run a clean election. Don’t care what they say, if they saying save time! Florida counted their in one bight! If you can’t do that. They you have rig the state election. Time to return to paper and counting!

  3. All we the people had left was our voice in the Elections Now the Dirty Dems keep overturning our Elections by over bidding after finding out what the numbers are and extending the Election date’s beyond the set date is called Cheating! Stop the fraudulant Elections and cheating or we will never have a country left.ASAP Arrest people involved.

  4. One huge thing that is messing up the voter rolls is the Highway Patrol regeristing voters. Only county clerk should be able to regerister voters.

  5. With out advanced technology we cannot come up with a sound and just system to vote?? Completely unbelievable. 1. Voting has to be done in one day, absentee voting is counted that day. There is no excuse why people cannot vote on time.
    2. All people have to have a valid ID. and has to be shown and checked by someone who can spot an invalid one.
    3. Other than military people and convicts and people in jobs where they have to use mail voting no one should use mail voting.
    4. Of course, no illegals..

  6. … and now we hear that 162 congressional democrats voted to grant illegal aliens the right to vote in our elections. Wake up America!

  7. If they really check all states they would find that there was cheating and stealing of votes in every state. In Maryland I have had people who voted early and when they checked to make sure that their vote was counted, only to find out that their vote was changed from Trump to Biden.

  8. It seems that it would take a lot of Folks to pull this off. Your Friends, Your Neighbors, Your Relatives, Your Dog…
    So How many People are really Crooks here?
    Who is Paid? Who is that Dishonest? What is the End Game?
    Where Does this End?
    We are All Guilty of being Fat, Dumb and Happy for allowing this to happen.
    God Bless US

    1. Tom this is the most incredible article I’ve read about election fraud. I want to believe these figures sighted can be proven by Omega4America. If so hope you can not only start a movement to bring this to Congresses attention but that we can reverse this tragic election loss in Arizona where Lake got the governors race stolen from her by Hobbs. With these light 2022 midterms, it would be great to use this election software program to once and for all uncover the fraud that’s been happening around our country!!

  9. We need paper ballots and counted for the one day of the election! Voters need to be registered with their counties! No mail in ballots unless you are in the military and away from home! Fraud in our elections needs to stop! If you can’t make it to vote then shame on you!

  10. Since we’ve not put anyone in jail, prosecuted anyone for cheating in 2016, 2018, 2020 does anyone think we’ll have a fair election in 2024! None of our elected politicians have done us, we the people, any favors by stepping up. The proof has been shown yet nothing’s been done. Anyone who’s been in office since 2016 should be ousted.

  11. There are several things that could be done to stop this madness including no mail in, paper ballots in person, counting only on day of. But I think all of them would require the dems to agree. The weak republicans cannot unilaterally do anything regarding election reform. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Pray, pray and pray for devine intervention.

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