Matt Gaetz Fires Back Against Fake News Accusers with Both Barrels

The same mainstream media that lies to us about everything would really appreciate it if you would believe them when they claim that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) traffics underage girls across state lines. And if you won’t believe that, don’t worry. They’ll make up even more outlandish lies about Matt Gaetz!

Rightwing TV pundits – who should really know better by now – continue to treat Congressman Gaetz as if he has the plague. What would it take to convince people on the right that the media is lying to us, just this one little old time in an extremely rare instance of dishonesty? How about if the media admits on hidden camera that it’s fake news? Well, I have great news! That evidence exists!

It’s been three months since the Matt Gaetz smear began, and we still don’t have a single shred of evidence that it’s true. The media claimed that Gaetz was under federal investigation for trafficking a 17-year-old girl across state lines for sex. I’ll shout it from the rooftops again:

That is a lie.

Have you noticed that when any type of #MeToo allegations that are TRUE come out, the witnesses start crawling out of the woodwork? Imprisoned Clinton donor and fern appreciator Harvey Weinstein had hundreds of women accuse him. Nursing home killer and Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo had dozens of women accuse him of improper sexual harassment.

Total number of Matt Gaetz accusers after three months: ZERO!

George Soros owns a huge chunk of the New York publishing industry, and he’s been handing out $2 million book advances to anyone who will write (or ghostwrite) a book smearing anyone in Donald Trump’s inner circle. Everyone from Bill Barr to Hunter Biden has taken Soros’ cash. Yet not one woman who knows Matt Gaetz has taken that offer? Please.


After three months, no woman who has ever witnessed improper behavior from Matt Gaetz has come forward. No woman who is willing to state that Matt Gaetz harassed her or paid her for sex has come forward to share her story with the New York Times for a couple hundred-thousand bucks. In fact, every female friend of Gaetz’s who has been approached by reporters has informed them that Matt Gaetz is entirely professional and a perfect gentleman – and that this story is a load of crap.

Here’s what CNN technical director Charlie Chester had to say about the “Matt Gaetz sex trafficking” story. Oh, and by the way, CNN technical director Charlie Chester said this on camera to an undercover Project Veritas reporter:

“[Matt Gaetz is] a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative and he can cause a lot of hiccups in passing of laws and what not. So it would be great for the Democratic Party to get him out. So we’re going to keep running these stories to keep hurting him and make it so that it can’t be buried and just like settled outside court just and like, you know, if we keep pushing that, it’s helping us.”

I’d love to know what all the rightwing pundits who are shunning Matt Gaetz think when they see that clip. And you know they’ve seen it.

Let me see if I have this straight. The mainstream media lied to us for four years about Russian collusion and the Russian potty dossier. They lied about the Ukraine quid pro quo. They lied and continue to lie about January 6th. They lied about “two scoops of ice cream!” They lie about Joe Biden’s mental acuity. They lie about Kamala Harris’s verbal acuity. They lie about the 2020 election results, and they lie about the ongoing audits of the 2020 election. They lie about the baseball field shooting of Steve Scalise and the Bernie Sanders supporter who did it.

But they’re suddenly telling us the truth about Matt Gaetz this one time, while providing absolutely no evidence to support the claim, and there are no corroborating witnesses and everyone who knows Matt Gaetz says he’s a really nice guy?


Meanwhile, Gaetz has released a treasure trove of text messages, emails and voicemails from deranged reporters trying to corroborate anything. The reporters are stooping to threatening acquaintances of Matt Gaetz to try to find someone – anyone(!) – who will share some dirt with them.

Let me just say this one more time: The Matt Gaetz allegations are fake news. It’s a hoax.

To give you a taste of just how deranged the media is when it comes to “getting” Matt Gaetz, how about this:

Matt Gaetz is a bisexual serial killer who hides the dead bodies of his victims with the help of his father (a well-respected former GOP state senator from Florida). Oh, and bisexual serial killer Matt Gaetz is being blackmailed by people who have a bunch of sex tapes of him.

NOW do you believe the media?!

That obviously sounds way too crazy to be true, but that’s the message that a reporter left on a voicemail to one of Matt Gaetz’s former staffers.

Since you won’t believe me otherwise, give it a listen before YouTube takes it down. Here’s reporter Matthew Phelan from Mother Jones with his big scoop about Matt Gaetz being a bisexual serial killer:

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37 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz Fires Back Against Fake News Accusers with Both Barrels”

  1. I just think it is tragically hilarious that the party of Bob Menendez the guy that procured underage Latin American party favors for the Democrat Party actually has the nerve to attempt to frame Gaetz.

    1. Democrats have different ”standards”. BTW, how is the Trump-Russia collusion story coming along?

    2. The law really needs to be changed that these organizations can be sued for spreading false and liable stories.

      1. I agree something needs to be done to make sure they are held accountable for all of their lies that they spread.

      2. Isn’t there defamation laws already. I would think that someone cant publicly defame you with lies and no facts, or does that not apply with the presses free speech. Let you or I try it.

        1. Someone has told Gaetz to ignore all of this and it will go away. That will never happen and if he ignores this and doesn’t fight back he will be forever tainted which will be tragic. Stop whoever it is giving him this advice. This person is not his friend.

  2. CLN stands for the “constant lie network”. it is also called CNDNC. at least it has a better grasp on reality than the MSLSD.

  3. Anything the MSM produces should be considered a lie. All, everything they put out should be considered a lie and/or propaganda for their corrupt purposes. No one conservative should consider anything they put out reliable. They have created the stink of the smell test they fail.

  4. Why is George Soros not in prison for all his seditious, deceitful, worldwide troublemaking? Answer: Greed. The love of money is the root of all evil, and Soros has a lot of it. Since we mere and very greedy mortals seem to be unable or unwilling to rein in Soros, the Living God will give him his comeuppance.

    1. They should deport him back to hungry. Did anyone see that that is how he has all that is because he has done this to other countries. I read about this but I believe it.

  5. The Democratic’s don’t care who lives they ruin.
    As long as they get what they want.
    Republicans stay strong and fight.

  6. PERSONAL destruction of individuals they don’t like has been the MO of the Democratic party for some time. Now they have the media to do their dirty work. I recall the Atlantic story about Trump which turned out to be a lie from “Anonymous” sources. Anytime you hear that, just assume its a lie. So many lies. You are a fool if you trust ANYTHING the propaganda media says. Its unfortunate that good journalism is dead. There still a few out there like this one but for the most part, we live in a world of lies.

  7. Soros time is coming, along with Nancy, Chucky, AOC and her terrist squad, and Waters. I think they fall and fall hard…. GOD BLESS THE USA

    1. If we just wait until those POS “time comes “, our country will not exists anymore !!!!
      It’s already on “ life support” and those thugs keep on pushing and pushing to make sure America will become a communist dictatorship very soon !!!
      You don’t believe???
      Listen to what almost 50% of the kids who got their
      so called “ education “ through our public schools think about America ( they are completely brainwashed with marxist propaganda)!!!
      Parents, who paid hundreds of thousands of $$$$ towards your kid’s education, WHERE WERE YOU ??

  8. If these low-life’s Actually Did Their J O B /S…. THAT THEY Are Suppose To Actually Suppose To Do ! thei’d have little time to act like T E E N /S !! think about this in 2022
    when The House of Representatives !! meaning ALL are up For RE-ELECTION !! OR NOT !
    check out what they actually they did for 2 Y E A R S !! then VOTE Accordingly !! YOU can
    Make The Difference…

  9. The only good thing about soros. pelosi and biden is they are old as dirt and will die soon if we are lucky, They will go down in history as communist.

    1. … if we are lucky !!!!
      The problem is that these thugs got infiltrated into every aspects of our lives, they have the marxist media on their side and all the $$$ in the world in their pockets !!!
      Do they really care how they will go down in history??
      ( besides, they work hard to destroy all the real history and to “ reimagine it”, meaning “ re-writing it) !!!
      Look what happened to the worst criminals of the world ( Stalin, Lenin, Mao, etc) … they are still on the
      “ pedestal” for the people to be seen, we have extremely violent groups calling themselves “ Antifa” who are going around terrorizing the people, killing cops, destroying property, acting just like the Nazis used to … government’s reaction????
      No reaction whatsoever!!!!

  10. I always knew from the very beginning that Matt was innocent. After the witch hunt for years on President Trump, everyone should of seen the tell tale signs. They will go after all of their political enemies! Always remember innocent until proven guilty. May God watch over all of us as we are in perilous times!

  11. The DemocRAT party and their affiliates along with their MSM gaslighting propaganda machine are all 100% Domestic Terrorists and should be treated as such!
    Why are they still in America? They’re a much better fit for the CCP in China, North Korea or Iran where lies and propaganda are the norm and a way of life…

  12. One thing about CNN, sorry forgot what it was, but I personally have not watched anything they say, since President Trump’s Last debate and the TURD BOY, responded on it referenced Trump, but the real issue was, the debate was what it was, like it or not, but to call a runner at Turd Boy, not acceptable by me. My problem was Jones didn’t check the mirror to see who was closest to looking like the real thing, A TRURD, or he would have thought twice how may were really affected by that. Well I was and I have no respect for anyone who acts like a child, and he did. That cost them, as I realized that later on after the y educated everyone, the everyone started fact checking and now they do, except the Domestic Terrorist that have given what you see today. The real losers are you and I, but now it is time to FAKE EM AWAY. One day China will take that station away with others, if your FAKERS have not woke up in time.
    You got the message STILL FAKE, No real Facts, and we all know it.

  13. The Democrat Party and those that support this racist group are simply anti-American. The American people must get out of their coma and rise up in November 2022, and kick the Democrat SOBs to the curb.

    1. “ America people must get out of their coma and rise up in Nov 2022 “…
      with all the marxist garbage already becoming “ laws” thanks to the leftists who will pass them through Congress and Senate, the Nov 2022 will be just another Nov 2020 !!!!
      Sadly, It’s already too late !!!

  14. I do not understand how these people can
    live with themselves; knowing they are
    destroying a young, intelligent man’s
    reputation and future. All because he is
    not a RINO and supports President Trump.
    They should start looking a little closer at
    some of the men in the Democrat Party they
    refuse to expose.

    1. … “how could these people live with themselves “ ??
      First , these marxists are not “people” anymore, ones they get into the mindset of getting the power to control the population and getting $$$$ pushed into their pockets from monsters like Soros and others, nothing matters to them anymore!!!!
      Let’s remember what happened during Mao’s cultural revolution … kids in schools were being told( forced) to denounce their family, friends, neighbors who dared to oppose the Mao’s regime.
      Immediately they all got arrested, and no one ever saw them or heard from them anymore …

      Same during Hitler … Stalin, Lenin, Castro etc !!!
      That’s history and this is why these monsters wants to
      get rid of it and re-write it !!!!
      That’s the global dictatorship in the making !!!

  15. Hi,
    I watch from afar [Australia] to what is happening in the USA and you are not alone. We are copping the same in Aus – the same so called main stream media are so woke leftist. They go out of their way to entrap good people with outright lies. And, yes SOROS is behind it all!!
    Keep strong America – It’ll be a hard road ahead but we’ll win in the end. God Bless.

  16. I have NEVER thought any of this was true. I know Jim Jordan and he said it wasn’t true. I’d believe Jim any day over the News.
    Keep up the good job you do Matt, I’ll keep praying for you.

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