Media Claims Biden has Massive Approval Ratings, But Data Proves Otherwise

A new poll this week revealed Biden’s approval rating has reached 63 percent. His handling of the pandemic? 71 percent approval.

But I guess it depends who you ask.

The latest poll the Associated Press quoted its research with is the University of Chicago. Their methodology is telling.

A close look reveals, “Black and Asian respondents were sampled at a higher rate than their proportion of the population for reasons of analysis.” In other words, the poll was not based on nationwide proportions of ethnic groups. Of the 1,842 people who completed the survey, 411 were Black and 344 were Asian, a total of 755, or 40 percent of those polled.

I’m sure there are Black and Asian conservatives in the study, but these groups tend to vote Democrat at higher levels than not.

This doesn’t even address the detail that, “Interviews were conducted in both English and Spanish, depending on respondent preference.” At least some of those polled were primarily Spanish-speaking, another group leaning left.

This is not too far off from those ridiculous CNN polls where 95 percent asked favored Democrats or a Fox News poll where 93 percent hold a conservative view. You ask the audience you want for the answer you want and you’ll get the results you want.


But much to the dismay of the liberal media, all is not well with Biden’s approval rating. A recent Texas special election to replace a House member ended with the top two finishers being Republican.

The true test will be the 2022 midterms. Will Americans support Biden’s agenda by supporting Democrats in the House and Senate? I don’t think so and neither do Democrats, it’s why they’ve resorted to faking Biden’s approval ratings.

Democrats hold only a razor-thin majority in the House. Democrats hold 9 more seats than Republicans, meaning Republicans only need to flip 5 of those seats red to regain the majority. And technically because tie votes fail in the House, Republicans can prevent Democrats from pushing far-left agenda items by flipping just 4 seats from blue to red. Republican strategists are already working for a big upset in several Congressional districts that should help provide a buffer against the Biden administration’s most radical legislation.

The Senate is another story. Currently in a 50-50 tie, even a change by one seat could make a tremendous difference. Of the 30-plus seats in play in 2022, many will likely remain with their current party. But a few key locations, such as Georgia or Arizona, could give conservatives leadership in both the Senate and House.

The shift would effectively block Biden’s worst plans until 2024 when the true test of his popularity will take place in the next presidential election. It’s a gift Americans should give themselves, offering protection against socialist-like policies that will continue to threaten our nation.

We don’t need a poll to tell us our nation is in trouble. Our border is an open door and our economy is on the brink of who knows what. Hyper inflation is knocking on our door. Gas lines are long again like it was in the ‘70’s. While hard-working Americans fight to pay the bills, the left is arguing whether D.C. should be a state and still calling Trump a big Orange meanie!

Our nation can do better. We must do better if we hope to have a nation that really serves as the land of the free and the home of the brave in the days to come.


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25 thoughts on “Media Claims Biden has Massive Approval Ratings, But Data Proves Otherwise”


    1. Biden is NOT President of this country…The election was stolen from My President, Donald J. Trump…The people running this country are Obama, Harris, Soros, and the Deep State…Biden is just a puppet, saying and doing what “they” tell him to say and do. As President Trump said in December 2019: “In reality, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way”…Without President Trump, this country has already begun to start going to hell.

      1. It makes me CRINGE every time I hear someone call that POS “President” He IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT ! He WAS NOT ELECTED , and NOBODY WANT’S HIM ! He has made us the laughing stock of the world . He should be referred to as ; RESIDENT biden , the P is silent . (we will circle back to that)

      2. And besides that you cannot believe the media and their take on the polls because they are lying to the public and showing the American public how incredibly stupid they are going on the air and spewing this nonsense. They would like to think that they are controlling what you think but to the true intelligent people that know the difference can see right through them. We need to focus on the networks that are telling the real truth and quit watching these morons making fools of themselves.

    1. We can’t wait until 2022, Biden will have destroyed the nation by then, he has to go now and the Democrats along with him.

  2. I have believed for quite awhile that the deep state/ swamp/ illuminate whatever it is called now has control of both parties, but that the Democratic Party is more on board with their agenda, so they will send our country to hell faster than the Republicans will.

    In the same way Israel lost its country to Babylon gradually, first The Northern kingdom Israel fell, then the Southern kingdom Judah fell, because of sin, which in turn resulted on God lifting his hand of protection off of the nation as a whole. Though God did keep His chosen people from being totally wiped out, so they could return later and they did, just as He foretold, it could have all been avoided if the people had just listened to the warnings and repented and turned from their wickedness.

    The United States is at the same crossroads now, wake up Americans! Return to the Lord God whose laws, statutes and principles our forefathers founded this great nation on. God still loves us, cares for us, and wants to bless and use us, but if He is willing to allow His Abrahamic Covenant people fall as a nation under discipline and judge their actions, we as a nation shouldn’t think for a moment we shall escape the same. The United States is NOT the new Israel as some seem to believe, we are just a country God has blessed, because we have been a blessing to Israel and because we have traditionally been the home to many believers and followers of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, but that will change very soon. It is time for His followers to look up and lift up our heads, because our redemption draws near. He who has an ear to hear, let he/she hear.

    1. If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14
      America, let’s do this- in every church, every town and city, every community. He will still do this!

  3. Biden and the communists hijacked the U.S. They are tyrants. Everyone who believes in liberty must rise up and destroy these tyrants pretty damn fast, or we’ll be enslaved, destroyed.

  4. Like so many other things in today’s world, polls are no longer even remotely trustworthy because they’re highly politicized and integrity is much less important to those with authority. Deceit is preferred and is employed to skew polling numbers and everything else. The media is so compromised and dishonest that nothing reported in the news these days can be trusted or verified. Anyone with a functioning brain can see that the Biden Regime is wrecking our country with it’s anti-America pro-CCP policies, so poll numbers showing public approval for Biden’s destructive agenda are made-up figures by deceitful leftist propagandists.

  5. If you believe any of the media about anything you have a problem from the start.. the lies told so far should be enough to make you laugh at these numbers.. king biden is no ones friend. Only thing he likes better than is basement is we the peoples money he is spending like loot from his latest heist..big guy still gets the usual 10% off the top..

  6. You all already know this but I am going to write it anyway. The liberals are all saying that Donald Trump’s claim that the election was stolen from him is a BIG LIE. We all know that the liberals are the ones that are lying and they know it too. President Trump was the best President that we have had in my lifetime. If something doesn’t happen soon to stop the liberals, that are in control through FRAUD, the USA is going under. Please pray that Jehovah God will intervene very soon.

  7. All demoncreeps lie all of the time. We can not believe or trust any of them. They are socialist/communist Soros traitors and need to be removed from power asap. All loyal Americans must stick together and help lead our country back to the freedom President Trump gave us. The swamp, MSM, DNC, NAACP, BMI/Antifa must be defeated anyway necessary to save us from total destruction. The CCP, Russia, Iran and So. Korea are lurking on the sidelines waiting to jump us at the first chance they get. We can not let that happen!!!

  8. Amazing that people still think there is a chance the country can be saved. That’s about a day late and a dollar short. When the American people failed to revolt when they knew an election was stolen they gave up any hope of saving the nation. America now is in the hands of the globalist elite communist. There is no turning back from the cliff and Biden, like the fool that he is, is leading the nation over it. Say goodbye to America, it no longer exist. Only a shadow of a once great nation stands in it’s place.

  9. Joe Biden makes whomever you think was the worst President in US history look good. He is incompetent and a disgrace to our great nation. The way he is handling everything makes one wonder who really is in control. He is an Anti Semite to say the least and a poor excuse for a leader. Does he even know what day or year it is? Next time America elect someone with the mental capacity to handle the toughest job in the world. You may not have liked the way Donald Trump spoke but he stood for America and made us great again. Biden is destroying that and he hasn’t been in office a year yet.

  10. Joe sold out long ago for his own pocket. And for the ccp’s power. He cares not even a bit for the people of our America. He says the organ harvesting communists are good people. How can anyone believe those lies. He must be taken down before he takes us all down. He must be removed by force and Harris has to go with him. Those two sick ass people are no where near a president and Vice President.
    I love the ancient teaching that says “ don’t tell me, show me”.

  11. We can point out all the things going on in the country today, but when the corruption and crimes by both sides are swept under the rug and no one is ever prosecuted (except the little guys), imprisoned, and dealt with, nothing will change! We are being played by both sides. From the make believe virus, the masks, the lock downs and the extermination vaccine. CAN’T YOU ALL SEE WHAT”S GOING ON? WE THE PEOPLE ARE JUST USLESS EATERS IN THE EYES OF THE 1% ! If we can’t see it, and ACT upon it we are all dead and just don’t know it! Slow Joe and his cohorts, and the rino’s are all in for killing the sheep. WE are the sheep!
    GOD helps those who help themselves. So it’s all down hill from here! Everything that has been happening has all been planned and carried out by those who think the rest of us are beneath them. Many of us see it, but seeing and acting on it are to different things!

  12. None of this matters if the means of the 2020 theft is not removed, and those who orchestrated and perpetrated the nationalization of the voter fraud and ballot scam measures are not arrested, charged, and prosecuted! Sad to say, while the audits are good, they are NOT being done in all counties. While voter integrity laws being passed are helps, they are NOT dealing with the systemic use of machines, groups, and organizations that have institutionalized the mayhem of the 2020 election theft! Further, the leadership of the gop, including trump, have left those falsely accused of a phony insurrection, staged by the very parties that stole the election for the socialist democrats, hanging out to dry! So these failures, coupled with what is gearing up to be a Spring/Summer/Fall world at war, all but guarantees the firm death of this Republic of these United States of America! Welcome to the hell tycoons, tyrants, and terrorist have at last accomplished. PAX ROMANA has arisen! Heaven is true and hail will be real! JESUS is coming soon….

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