Military Purge: Biden Locking West Point Cadets in Solitary Confinement

Morale must be positively miserable in the US armed forces right now. The Biden regime has put a bunch of woke social justice zealots and trannies in charge of the Pentagon. The main mission that they’ve been tasked with for the next four years is to purge “extremists” and “white supremacists” from the ranks.

And of course, “extremists” and “white supremacists” are defined as “anyone who may have voted for Donald Trump.” How do you tell if someone is a Trump supporter? Well, unfortunately, there is more than one way to do that, as the cadets at West Point are finding out this summer.

For those who are unfamiliar with US military academies, they are the officer training schools for branches of the military. If you attend the Naval Academy in Virginia, the Air Force Academy in Colorado, or West Point in New York, you’ll receive an amazing four-year education, at the end of which you’ll be commissioned as an officer in your branch of the service.

It’s extremely tough to get into the academies. You basically need to be a great athlete, have straight A’s in high school, and need a written recommendation from a Member of Congress. Each Member of Congress is allowed to recommend two students per year to the academies, so there are a limited number of slots – and the competition is extremely tough.


Imagine showing up for your summer classes at West Point – the US Army’s training academy – only to be locked up like a Trump supporter who protested at the US Capitol on January 6th. That’s what is happening to dozens of West Point cadets right now.

Why is this happening? Because the young troops haven’t taken the experimental gene-altering medicines that we’re calling coronavirus “vaccines.”

As I’ve written previously, the courts have ruled that the military cannot force the troops to take an experimental vaccine or medicine without their consent. Period. But in the case of the West Point cadets who haven’t taken the COVID shot, the Biden regime is psychologically torturing them to try to coerce them into taking it.

If you show up for summer classes at West Point right now, you get locked in a cell in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day if you haven’t taken the COVID shot. Unvaccinated cadets are allowed to leave their cages for 1 hour per day to run or walk around outdoors, but they’re not allowed to come into contact with anyone else during that time.

Sound familiar? It should! Because that’s the same treatment that the jailed Trump supporters who walked in the US Capitol on January 6th are being subjected to.

If the cadets want to get out of their cages, it’s really simple. Just get the shot! Because that’s not coercion at all, right? The other option is to quit, which a number of cadets have sadly done already.

As a whistleblower from West Point told National File, “They’re being treated like criminals.”

Yeah. That’s the point!

This is so absurd that it’s almost beyond belief. The cadets at West Point are all between the ages of 18 and 23. They’re young, healthy, athletic types who run 3 to 5 miles every day. All of the science indicates that they are basically at zero risk of dying from COVID, if they even show symptoms at all. Their daily routines are restricted to campus anyway, so even if they were sick, it’s not like they could wander into a nursing home as a favor to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

According to that same whistleblower, there are about 50 cadets at West Point who are currently being jailed in solitary confinement. Their parents are currently organizing a lawsuit against the Biden regime and West Point, because this is a clear-cut case of medical discrimination.

The assumption of the Biden regime is that people who refuse to take the untested gene therapy medicine for COVID are all Trump supporters. This is obviously false, since so many members of the black and Hispanic communities in America are refusing to take the shot. But they are assuming that West Point cadets who have made the personal decision to decline “vaccine” are all Trump supporters. If this is how poorly the stellar young officer candidates are being treated by Joe Biden, imagine how bad it must be for the poor enlisted guys and gals.

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44 thoughts on “Military Purge: Biden Locking West Point Cadets in Solitary Confinement”

  1. If that is truly how these cadets are being treated then this administration is guilty of crimes which can be carried into the court system for correction and punishment. It’s called false imprisonment and kidnapping and if Biden has coordinated this then he is guilty. These cadet’s parents should be taking action if this is indeed happening.

      1. I agree, Tim!
        This imposter NEVER should have been put into the West Wing in the first place. I think it’s time to invoke the 25th.
        The guy is an embarrassment to the office of the POTUS!

    1. I agree w you Slim!
      He should be charged w several counts!
      Last time I knew, you could not be put in prison because you did not
      agree with who the Dems and the president want to be in office.
      This is definitely a suit to be filed. And if the courts don’t want to hear it,
      Then we really need to start looking into who is violating the laws and have them

      before you create a problem you won’t be able to control.

  2. At this rate, the only people who will sign up for the military are the ones that cannot run a hundred yards, do ten push-ups, and need help to sit up. These are the same ones that will start crying when yelled at, and start looking for their safe space. Yep, next we’ll see rainbow camouflage.

  3. Suit should accuse Biden regime of unlawful retainer in a class action,get a cease and desist order,have cadettes records expunged and return them to duty without repurcussions.

    1. And the officers responsible relieved of duty and summarily reprimanded!
      These are NOT orders that are normal OR valid, even IF Bidet actually gave them, which I highly doubt!
      Especially with ALL the evidence coming out that PROVES the vaccine is killing people in high numbers!
      Especially airline pilots that are getting blood clots! That’s just what I want a commercial airline pilot getting a blood clot in mid flight at 40,000’!

  4. This guy is crazy he needs to go I can’t. Believe what’s happening to our America. Leave the military alone I was in the service 1943 to 1960. In the south everything was segregated except the armed service. It didn’t. After what color you where because you protected each other now you democrats believe black people areidoits they can’t vote you are nuts stop the bull shit

    1. Spent four years in the Marines and We were one color– Green . We were told in boot camp that the Marines looked at the color of Uniforms only .

    1. I was just going to reply that same thing myself! I hope the rest of the premise of the article is correct (or actually, I don’t!)!

  5. They need to put a stop to this we’ve never had a president act like this it’s unconstitutional he needs to go it’s communist tactics get him and. The giggle box out soon as possible

  6. The United States Naval Academy is in Annapolis, Maryland. Obvious misstatements do not lend credence to your message,

    1. Milley is an opportunist and will put his finger in the air and see where the wind is coming from. That is the direction he will go. Obama is running the Democrat presidency because he has placed his acolyte (Lloyd Austin) in charge of the Pentagon and he is carrying out Obama’s racist policies designed to make black supremacy predominate in all elements of our society. This is usually done by starting with the military and carry over into the civilian populous. Austin, if you will remember, immediately locked down the military for 60 days to route out extremists amongst the ranks. He never identified what extremists were, but we suspect he meant anyone who supported Donald J. Trump. Republicans must regain the House in 2022 to stop this sort of action. Lloyd Austin must be fired, the sooner the better because our military is being propagandized to be good liberal socialists who supports only the Democrat Party. This wrong on so many levels. Come on Republicans, you must file law suits to stop this unlawful actions.

  7. If Biden’s daughter’s diary is to be believed about him taking showers with her, that makes him an incestious pedophile! would you expcec any less from a POS like him? Oh yeah he also raised a crack head son!

  8. This is Socialism ! Biden-Harris Administration’s top priority is to get as many of these jabs into as many people as possible including children just so he can say he “Got His 70%” ! People – You Do Have Immune Systems !!! This is America and every American still has the right over their own body. “Hats Off to All of These Brave Cadets” !

  9. Biden is a DICTATOR, taking orders from the CHINESE COMMUNIST PRESIDENT, PREMIER, what ever he is called. CONTROL of the PLANET is what this leader wants.

  10. Pretty funny, as a Vietnam Veteran, life member of VVA and VFW, I believe 90% of all active duty military and Veterans are Right Wing Republicans and fully support Donald Trump. I have not met any Vet or Active Duty Military who believes Biden is worth anything and is merely incompetent and was put in office illegally by fraud! I can surely understand why Biden would like to out all Conservative Military and Veterans, but that would leave him a mere 10% to serve – shame on the mentally ill fool and his slut VP!

    1. As a retired Veteran I agree with you 100%. The majority of people who are desiring to serve our country are doing so because they want to preserve our way of life and are not in agreement with the leftist and socialist agenda being pushed by the Biden Democrats. Most liberals are willing to express their opinion as long as it doesn’t cost them anything or put their own lives at risk. This is not a new idea. Those who have fought and died for the American ideal from the very beginning were not liberal in their thinking; they were Patriots devoted to the cause of freedom regardless of the cost.

      1. Well said Terry. Thank you for your service. We need more people to stand up like you and get that message out.

  11. Welcome to Communism/Fascism/Nazism/Socialism, the promise of the ultimate utopia. That is until the “STATE” declares “You are obsolete” that is determined by the “STATE”. Do you like this? Does it feel good yet? Does BLM and Antifa look like the enforcement arm of Adolf Hitler known as the “Brown Shirts”? In the words of Karl Marx’s collaborator: Friedrich Engels “We do not promise any freedom, nor any democracy”.

    The Democrats have found the new “JEWS” of the 21st century to blame for everything – the White American Male. In the 1930’s no one in the German media would defend the Jews and no one in the American media today will defend the White American Male, not even our Founding Fathers.
    Get out while you still can before the “American Holocaust” begins.

  12. Our elected officials should do something about this .
    It is not on the news…why not?????
    Members of congress get on the ball and do Something!!!!!!!!!!
    These are our future heros of america.

  13. Outrageous!!!!!

    None of them, Biden, Obama, Clinton served in the military. Ah, these brave country loving patriots. None of them accomplished anything of importance or significance in their life other than mostly living off the taxpayers purse.

    But they have the gall to point at President Trump’s bone spur exemption which is actually a legitimate condition to avoid the draft.

  14. This story on West Point is very disturbing and just a small part of what Democrats in Biden’s (Obama’s) circles will try to inflict on Americans. This admin. has no scruples and cares not for America…we need to dump as many democrats from the Congress and Senate ASAP…or suffer the underhanded likes of them all..And there are far too many of them in office now….wake up folks…pls.

  15. i love my country and the people in washington are destroying this country.we the people not the folks in washington have to get of your butt and vote for what is right for for the usa

  16. The goal is to get rid of true patriots and keep the people that will turn against the America we have now and it’s people, soon there will be a push to federalize the police like Russia and China.

  17. Hopefully I’ll be dead before either it is a total take over by the communists or The People have a revolt.

  18. I have no familial relationship to anyone in a military academy, still I would gladly join in on any lawsuit. The tyrannical actions of this administration, in a variety of decisions, are criminal. Biden and his cadre of comrades and fellow travelers, and Obama and his loyalists, act in a manner that qualifies as “Rulership,” which is understandable when one considers that this administration did not result from an election but a fraudulent operation against the nation and its citizens. I would recommend that this administration contact Hugo Boss and have some smart uniforms made for daily wear, instead of gutlessly portraying themselves as “working for the American people” . . . my a$$.

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