MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Downplays 13 US Soldiers Killed in Kabul Bombings with Shameful Tweet about COVID Deaths

MSNBC host Chris Hayes dishonored the deaths of a dozen U.S. military personnel when he tweeted on Thursday, “Again, probably a THOUSAND people are going to die today from Covid.”

He later added, “This was an underestimate, unfortunately.”

Though the statistic was true, the attitude was disrespectful to the 13 families of those who lost loved ones, our military and our nation. Simply put, Hayes should never represent American media again.

Hayes’ immediate attempt to minimize the deaths shows he is not a journalist but rather an apologist for the Biden administration. It doesn’t matter how many people died from Covid in a day when we’re talking about the loss of U.S. military members—especially considering none of these people had to die if President Biden would have evacuated all Americans from Afghanistan before he pulled the troops out and surrendered 10,000+ people to the Taliban.

How would Hayes like it if he had a family member or close friend die and someone said, “Again, probably a THOUSAND people are going to die today from Covid”?

The feeling would probably be a bit unsettling, right? Just like the feeling many Americans had reading those words from a person paid by MSNBC to tell Americans what’s important in our world.

One Twitter user sarcastically replied, “Can you update us on how many people died today from heart disease, cancer, murder, or basically any other form of death? I know it would mean a lot to the families of the service members who died today.”

“This tweet sucks dude,” Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy reacted.


Could you imagine a conservative host saying the same thing? Imagine Tucker Carlson or Greg Kelly tweeting the same words and picture the heat they’d receive from America.

Why does someone from MSNBC get away with disrespecting the lives of dead military members? Instead of mocking those who died and talking about Covid 24/7, maybe grow a conscience and show some empathy for those who died. AND STOP CARRYING WATER FOR THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION!

We’re not talking about people who got sick and died. These were people serving in Afghanistan to protect our lives. This was not vacation and they did not get to pick when and where they served. They were forced by an incompetent Biden administration to give their lives so activists like Chris Hayes could rant about Covid numbers. At least have the decency to mourn our lost military lives! Especially when they didn’t have to die.

And by the way, not a word about the terrorists who killed them? Hayes can talk for hours about his concerns with Americans who won’t take a vaccination, but not a word about terrorists who blew themselves up in some messed up attempt at martyrdom.

And while we’re at it, Hayes isn’t even the only one. His MSNBC buddy Malcolm Nance tweeted, “20 YEARS- FYI there have been terrorist suicide bombers killing civilians nearly DAILY in Afghanistan. This ain’t new. It’s why we are leaving. #DealWithIt,” Fox News reported. Thank God, Nance later deleted the tweet.

But Hayes? Nope. Just one of many offensive posts the host continues to make to display hatred for his nation and American values in general. If you’re still wondering if mainstream media is really progressive or not, just take a look at this post from Hayes. You have all the evidence you need.


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65 thoughts on “MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Downplays 13 US Soldiers Killed in Kabul Bombings with Shameful Tweet about COVID Deaths”

  1. There’s a 98 or so percent that those thousand people will survive Covid.
    What’s the chance of survival against the Taliban and Isis x???
    How stupid he sounds.

    1. Who, with even a modicum of intelligence, watches MSNBC or any of the MSM? Newsmax and OAN are my go-to networks. Local stations for weather.

    2. Chris Hayes is trying to cover for Joke Bribens continuous screw ups.

      We will get to watch the taliban chopping off heads on tv here pretty soon. Thanks for the gore fest Biden administration and democrat news media. We are so happy you all love being murderers.

      Hey remember when the lefties were screaming trump was a murderer for not shutting down travel faster? What happened to all that now that Biden is letting millions of sick people across the southern border?

      1. Unfortunately the morons who voted for bumbling biden. They are the only ones stupid enough to believe the lies of msm and biden. These people have stayed so far from the ethics of journalism they wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit them on their ass.

      2. who watches MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, or any AP news outlet. they are all just democrat news media outlets. I can;t remember the last time any of them told the truth.

    1. He’ll be crying for his mommy and pleading for the US to bring him home…sorry Hayes, if you die, remember what you said…covid is more important than our soldiers that were murdered. So the same would go to you…YOU AREN’T IMPORTANT ENOUGH

        1. Actually Chris Hayes is a liberals who is desperately screaming look at me look at me.

          the democrats think they are less negative on the covid issue then the Afghanistan issue so they are trying to push everyone to focus on covid. that is why all the new mandates and mask BS is showing up.

          1. Nailed it. With a magician’s sleight of hand, dems are busy trying to make JQ Public focus their attention on anything BUT the taliban…hocus pocus, eyes can’t focus:-/

        2. I agree, he should be fired and now. Our country needs to send a message to all broadcasters, politicians etc. This is our country and you all can and will be replaced if you don’t start protecting America and its people. COVID is an issue, one that science is trying to fix, how do fix a bomber who just wants to take as many innocent people with him when he dies. This man is an ass and hopefully, he will be fired and will the top three ruining this country. Americans will take a lot but we are now at the point of WE ARE NOT going to take this any more. We voted you all into office and by the grace of God, we can vote you all out if you can’t do your jobs and represent all of the American people and you need to start by getting rid of the three top people and NOW. I wonder if any of the politicians read any of this sites to see what America is thinking. It would be great if they actually took the time to see what America thinks of this administration. They have the tools, do they have ability to read?

  2. While the Chris may unquestionably deserve the “Herostratic fame” (and probably share the Herostratus destiny), this time the more important question would be whether he deserves the MSNBC, or MSNBC deserves him?!

    1. They don’t have senses enough to pour piss out of a boot , I bet you if it was some of his family it would be different all the networks are idiots and their not going to fire anyone because the owners are just like them how do you think they got hired, I think it’s time for all of them to be shut down big Tex also

  3. Until idiots like this guy in the media, and in particular the leftist media get assassinated, nothing will change. One assassination, or at least an attempt, will get that whole profession’s attention.
    God help us that something that drastic will never happen. But in this climate, I’m afraid it’s a matter of time.
    I thought growing up that journalists or media types where respectable professionals. They are no longer that. More like sewer rats. And nothing against sewer rats.

    1. I totally agree. I call them raggers. Remember those magazines where they printed the most outrageous crap, anything to sell the magazine. Well that’s what they have become, pure bs artists that will lie, lie and lie again to get their moment of glory. They have no concern for who they hurt or what damage they do. CNN MSNBC, they are all alike. And their loonie tune reporters are just as bad. The things they come up with! I swear they try to outrageous one another. Some day it will be come back to haunt them and it can’t be quick enough. This pig is beyond belief. He should have to go face those families and repeat that dispicable line.

      1. He probably would go , because he doesn’t have any shame !
        He is part of the Marxist crowd who hate the military, don’t care about our kids going to wars and die for POS like this subhuman, so he could spew his venom on TV… he’s getting paid by Soros and alike, making sure to destroy America.
        It makes you wonder, would there be anymore kids willing to enroll and go to war for these thugs ???

        America is going down, being destroyed from within, just like the commies ( Stalin, Chavez, Castro, Xi ) predicted !!!!

        Thank you to all the traitors from our government who allowed that to happen!!!!

      2. I took journalism as my college major and the first thing I was taught by my instructor was one simple truth. As a reporter, it your job to report the FACTS. It is not your job to report your opinion, IT IS your job to report the facts, and nothing but the facts. It is the job of the reader to decide how they feel about the facts, not the reporter. Guess they changed things since I went to college.

  4. Like most journalists and politicians . They are out of touch with today’s life and struggles of real-world people. They don’t know what it is to be a real American and give thankless sacrifices in the name of freedom for all. It’s time to purge these commies and remove them from our society. Let’s see how this arrogant douchebag operates without. big media to hide behind and fire his ass. People like him and buy them instructions going to find out that the American Spirit cannot be so easily beaten. We will have Justice for the crime of the century the 2020 elections theft . Traitors will hang God’s will be done. God Save America

    1. Unfortunately, the problem is that those POS so called
      “ journalists “ are not out of touch, they live under the Marxist’s agenda !!!!
      They are the “ elites”, we are the “ peasants”
      They must give orders, the peasants must obey !!!!

  5. Chris heys is a piece of garbage anyway I’m praying for another 9 11 in New York New Jersey I pray it Hits all the News media Manley CNN CMBC daily News New York times those anti Americans definitely deserve it

  6. All this talk and our so called representatives don’t hold up their responsibility to the people of this country that work hard everyday and have made them and their pet projects rich!

  7. Relax folks, he’s on MSNBC…which has like…zero viewers. I am not shocked by MSNBC anymore. MSNBC stands for Mean Spirited Non-Binary Communists. American Pravda.

  8. You Heatless Bastar#, he needs to be fired from his job today!!! This isn’t what news casters should be saying this is a vile ugly crazy person talking & taking up air time on the news!

  9. A 1000 people may die of Covid, that is true, but at least they weren’t abandoned by their Gov’t, nor tortured, nor beheaded, nor bombed to pieces, nor required to go into a botched withdrawal and lose their lives cleaning up their Govt’s mess, nor will they become the laughingstock of the world.

  10. When i was growing up journalists actually told the truth. Now its like they say what the democrats tell them to say. He looks like a fag robot for biden. He needs to be hung for what he said

  11. That little pipsqueak twerp is a disgrace to America and to journalism. He should be taken off the air and never seen again. I can’t stand the sight of him.

  12. I’d say send him to Afghanistan, but don’t want to saddle our soldiers with having him there. Except oo bad he wasn’t assigned to bring the wounded and dying to the hospitals there, and picking up bodies and pieces they hope to identify. At present there are 132 too mutilated to identify at all, news reported. NOT HIS “news”. Perhaps being exposed to this would change his Grinch, shrunken heart. He’s almost as cold hearted, unfeeling, and self-centered as Biden/ Harris/Pelosi, Blinken, Schumer, AOC, Squad, Obamas, Hillary, Soros, et al.

  13. Would the 6 people still watching this propaganda network stop? Please! It needs to go in the crapper immediately.

  14. It is a shame that Chris Hayes isn’t one of the 1,000 who will die from Covid today.

    That said, we have a befuddled, old, progressive fool for a President. Don’t think what has happened in Afghanistan is because of his incompetence. In this American Marxist revolution we are in, Biden is a key player and diminishing the USA while brining in 200,000 refugees who will need government assistance is part of the plan. This is all being down to the USA by design. The USA is Rome in 540 AD.

    1. I believe that 100%. I believe Obama is the puppeteer behind all this. He wanted to destroy this country when he was president but could not quite succeed. So this is his third term and this was the plan in Afgan… Done on purpose so they can bring in more chaos and terrorists into this country to destroy us.

  15. Poor Chris. He must say something outlandish to think himself relevant to some thing. Comparing Covid deaths with deaths of our soldiers serving in Afghanistan is moronic and stupid. However what can one expect to come out of an a-hole with teeth?

  16. I never cease to be amazed by the liberal media and their continus efforts to demonize America. The same America that preserved their right of free speech and the freedom’s they enjoy. The utter ignorance of their efforts to make America a communist/socialist country will have a major impact on them. Do they actually believe they would be free to report or say what they feel. Once the socialist/communist confiscate all the guns they then take controll of communications and the media so their is no freedom of speech. The narrative the liberal media promotes in demonizing America should make all liberals shake in their boots, or maybe their are so ignorant and brain washed, they want to be controlled.

  17. to look at this moron says it all. he looks like he is on drugs. vacant eyes. people like this want attention, and he found a way to get it. if no one reacts, and considers the source of the comment as moronic, he will fade back into the woodwork. what a useless piece of Schiff.

    1. He probably is on drugs, but it doesn’t matter, he is part of the Marxist crowd and everything goes as long as it’s part of the agenda of “ fundamentally transforming America “… this is what Hussein O., their mentor, promised to do and he’s doing it on his 3rd term , behind the curtain!!!!

  18. This is why i don’t mess with mainstream media especially msnbc and cnn bcuz of disgusting crap like that and we all know they paid by the media

  19. Or maybe they will die because they took the shot or got a flu and treated it for something it isn’t! They killed my bro in law because they treated him with cdc guidelines instead of what he needed! PCR tests are a scam and regular flu treatment could have saved him! bunch of dirtywords!

  20. Covid 19 deaths and wartime deaths are two entirely different subjects. Anyone using covid deaths to compare them with soldiers dying is giving the impression that people are dying every day. So, why worry about soldiers’ deaths that could have been avoided. (cold hearted) Covid deaths could be avoided as well. The president, Democratic house leaders’, and senate have not been promoting realistic plans to combat these two crises. That is how his statement bits, because he basically saying the democrats are doing a bad job. Sorry, this is just my opinion.

  21. How insensitive to the families of these soldiers! The Influenza C (what I refer to the so-called Covid) is just like what the Influenza A & B does. For those who are sensitive to the flu (per immunity deficiency, heart problems, etc.) this happens every year without fail from the regular ol’ flu. It is hype for political purposes…the control and depletion of the masses, unfortunately. Gates was involved…red flag! Wake up and smell the roses, folks! brave and just get the Covid (almost 100% curable)…get cured with the many GREAT remedies on hand – at least in FL) and get Herd Immunity. Then live life as usual!! Life is too short to remain imprisoned and afraid.


  23. This guy is really out of this universe! He is a self proclained idiot that has no busiibess doing what he is doing by attempting to mislead the sheeple! Fire this idiot…cancel his credit cars…flatten his tires…give his kids extra homework…let the beauty salon use the wrong color on her hair!

  24. Chris Hayes the fool of lies! Does any of these liberals have any idea what they are talking about? Or are they reading another dumb fool message? Still waiting for DR.FAUCI AND CDC prove you can get the COVID19 IN THIS SUMMER HEAT! Have not heard anything about that! Because YOU CAN’T! All this is to help these DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS get their far left SOCIALIST RULE MOVING! AND SUPPORT FOR THE FAKE GREEN NEW DEAL! Any one remember AL GORE? First Vice president to get on board of a PHONY GLOBEL WARNING, WHICH IS NOW CALL CLIMATE CHANGE! You got to be STUPID TO BELIEVE ANYBODY THAT TALK ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE! Just as you have to be dumb enough to fall for this COVID19! IT ALL ABOUT POLITICAL. Hayes would be best to commit suicide for his lies on the 13 dead troops!

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