On Ballot Measures, Trump Crushed Biden Even in California

We may never know the true outcome of the 2020 presidential election. No one is going to bother to check and see whether voter fraud took place in states like New York and California. What do you suppose auditors would find if they did look at those states, which everyone sort of assumes Joe Biden naturally won? People were looking at me cross-eyed two months before the election when I was saying it looked and felt like Trump was going to win California. Biden support was invisible, while Trump support was boldly visible everywhere (except San Francisco). Take a look at how some of the ballot measures were decided in California and then ask yourself: Does it sound like Joe Biden won California, or Donald Trump?

Prop 15: This would have raised commercial property taxes. Many businesses in California are still under partial shutdown because of Governor Gavin Newsome’s insane leftist policies. But raising taxes on those businesses was on the ballot. All of the polls predicted it would pass by a wide margin. 52% of voters rejected it. Fun fact: Governor Newsome is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. Makes total sense now.

Prop 16: This was the wokest of woke politics measures: It would allowed racial discrimination in hiring preferences and would have brought back racial quotas in hiring. White Americans are already second-class citizens in California due to mass immigration. But Prop 16 would been the next step before marching whites to the plantation. Polls predicted it would pass by a wide margin. 57.1% of voters said “Nope.”

Prop 17: This proposition would have restored voting rights to people on parole – you know, like President Trump’s criminal justice reform bill? 58.6% of voters in California supported this “Trumpian” policy.


Prop 18: This would have lowered the voting age to 17. While it’s not quite lowering the voting age to 16, which Kamala Harris wants to do, Prop 18 came close enough to earn her endorsement. Voters rejected it, 56% to 44%.

Prop 21: This proposition would have expanded rent control in California, by imposing a 5% plus CPI on all multi-family homes. It was basically a tax increase on the upper middle class, which would also have the effect of increasing everyone’s rent in order to… um… defeat the patriarchy or something. California voters ditched yet another tax increase, this time by a margin of 60% to 40%.

Prop 22: The California legislature banned independent contracting back on January 1st of this year. While the bill was ostensibly an attempt to create another giant Democrat-Party-funding labor union out of Uber and Lyft, the effect was to instantaneously demolish the entire gig economy. More than 300 freelancing careers were banned overnight by government fiat. Prop 22 was the voters’ chance to push back against this insane new law that made “making a living” illegal for more than 10 million people. Prop 22 passed, with 58.6% of voters flipping the California legislature the bird.

For those who are paying attention: That was Joe Biden’s platform.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party want to raise everyone’s taxes. They want racial discrimination allowed in hiring practices. What did everyone think they were talking about when they ceaselessly praised “diversity” at the DNC Convention last summer? Joe Biden authored the 1994 Crime Bill, which Trump’s criminal justice reforms rolled back.

Democrats want to lower the voting age. It would give them a giant batch of teenage voters whose heads have been filled with years of socialist mush and propaganda. Likewise, Democrats want to destroy the suburbs through rent control, building section 8 housing in their neighborhoods, and other similar policies. If they could move all of the homeless camps in next door to you, so much the better. Serves you right for not voting for them.

And of course, it is the Democrats who are pushing the PRO Act in Congress. That’s a bill that would impose a federal ban on independent contractors. You can’t operate as your own small business if that passes into law. All freelancers must join some sort of union, which naturally will funnel dues straight back into the Democrat Party. Too bad about your family and your livelihood, though.

No one’s ever going to check the integrity of the vote in California. But looking at how the ballot measures turned out, who do you think really won the state this year?

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75 thoughts on “On Ballot Measures, Trump Crushed Biden Even in California”

    1. I think the whole 2020 election in the controversial states should be repeated. If anyone thinks there was none, wake up and get a life.

      1. Seeing the Pro Trump gatherings of huge numbers and hearing voices supporting Trump, I honestly believed CA voting for a republican was a probability.

        1. YES! I saw the boat parades and the rallies….huge! And all who want to encourage the Supreme Court (and President Trump) should write a letter today, asking him to encourage an audit of all 50 states…ALL of them! We need to know exactly how prevalent cheating was….who did it….and then punish severely those involved in this. The address is: President Donald J. Trump White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20500

          Please do this ASAP so he can present these letters to the Supreme Court….the more letters he gets, the better for all of us.

          1. Sono italiana e seguo con ansiae paura le elezioni in USA! Siamo sbalorditi e affranti per la truffa elettorale ai danni del grande e amato Trump! Molti di noi lo considerano il futuro salvatore dell’ umanità perché il vostro nemico è anche il nostro e di quasi tutti i paesi del mondo! La cabala , il NWO, il deep-state hanno comprato tutto e tutti! In italia stiamo vivendo una dittatura democratica, i governanti di destra assassini comunisti calpestano tutti gli articoli della nostra Costituzione: siamo in una dittatura peggiore di quella fascista! Hanno causato la distruzione dell’ economia milioni di persone hanno perso il lavoro e dipendono dalle associazioni di benefattori per sfamare se stessi e i propri figli! Anche nella mia famiglia qualcuno ha perso il posto di lavoro e non ci sono prospettive per un futuro migliore!!Siamo agli arresti domiciliari: possiamo uscire solo per necessità con un’aitocertificazione e non possiamo vedere né parenti né amici! Il governo spende o nostri soldi o per loro o per migranti o per cose inutili,ma alla gente non da neanche la cassaintegrazione dal mese di marzo! Dà i soldi al maenstream per fare pubblicità al coronavirus e vaccini e terrorizza psicologicamente il popolo! Carabinieri , polizziotti militari in giro per l’italia ha controllarci e dare multe da 400 fino a 3/4000 euro , che il popolo non ha, hanno portato anche un ragazzo di 15 anni in questura e picchiato ! Portato in ospedale gli hanno dato 15 giorni di prognosi! Le denuncie si fanno, ma molta magistratura è corrotta! Hanno liberato dal carcere mafiosi e la polizia controlla noi e non i delinquenti! Siamo disperati! Vogliamo Trump come presidente perché ci aiuterà, non permetterà che diventiamo una provincia cinese! Trump ama gli italiani e l’italia, come noi amiamo lui e gli americani che ci hanno salvato dalla dittatura nazifascista! Sidney, abbiamo una piovra con tanti tentacoli pericoli e mortali: portaci il kraken per farla morire!? W TRUMP 2020?????????

    2. I agree 100% NULL and VOID No question about it is so bad that the DEM’S should be ashamed of themselves for CHEATING. But they don’t and that is why we should do this all over with the proper measures.

      1. If we don’t do something now about all this election fraud and Biden & Harris take over, our Country will be just like Nazi Germany in the days of Hitler.

    3. You are right i. We all know that Trump won in a landslide,. Disqualify the the Communist pig Biden,. And all of his comrades put him in prison death penalty for treason,that’s how it used to be done.,years ago.

      1. The more reason for the Californians to get Pelosi and Feinstein out of their seats. Haven’t they not stolen enough to line their own pockets. Time for the silent majority to speak up and not stay in the shadows. Claim the Golden State Back and close your borders. Mexico is doing great it is the other yahoos that wiggle their way in. Make sure you throw that governor out on his ear.

        1. For all we know, Pelosi may have been voted out. Maybe the republicans own both houses. In democrat run states I’ll bet they won all their seats.

    4. It’s not just about the election anymore, it is about reclaiming the American way of life and keeping what you have worked for. The videos of the TRUMP Rally in DC shows you exactly what you will get with the Criminal Biden and Commie Harris in office.

    5. what should be nul and void are the phony ballot counters… the fix was in,joe biden with dominion voting machines ( and i hear they were routed to Frankfurt, Germany ) donkeycrates, just has to cheat.. in stead of the democrate part, change to The Cheat Party ……

      1. Well Biden in one of his interviews/rally’s said it plain and simple “I will do anything to win, steal, lie and/or cheat” doesn’t that say anything other than “I do what I can to get there”
        People have lost the art of hearing or just are to scared of what that administration will do to them. We all can now say America I’ll cry for you. Yet you asked for it and you got it. It will be 4 years of tears shed. The question is will America recover for the blunder of trying to get communism to rule.

        1. Joe Biden said this in October. The media passed it off as a “gaffe”. Yet Biden likes to pass along information (bragging) that he feels he is in sole possession of. Re: his taped confession to a quid pro quo with Ukraine.
          Biden: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said in a clip posted to Instagram Oct. 24.

    6. Agreed!!! They called California to Biden, but after that I saw a video of 2 Spanish young men getting out of mail-in-box vote, a lot of votes. They had 4 traveling bags & a plastig bag full with votes. Now they said, “we taking them to LA.” That happened in Orange County, so why they were taking them to LA? Um, Um, Um.

  1. I believe that the democrats thought that they could show their true hand. That is what they wanted for the American people. American people showed in full force that they want what President Trump see America ?? to be. The Proud strong freedom fighting God fearing nation that we were.

  2. Good Morning i have to say nobody’s checking cal.n.y.n.j.because they’ve always been blue states but think why would everyone want taxes going up ?losing job’s going back to china the one’s that are responsible for this virus which the dems are afraid ?to say I’ve said enough we’re Americans and we must stand up ?for what’s right President Donald J Trump

    1. Some members of the Democrat party are indebted to China and Russia due to monies given to certain people along with questionable business dealings. They have had to act desperately and irrationally with elections, coup attempts, compromising our country and its people and everything else through lying, stealing & cheating to cover their tracks. Our President did win this election and they knew it before the elections. That is the reason all these drastic measures taken DVS, ballots to non residents as well as dead people and everything else. Despite all these measures taken to steal the election we all showed up and supported our president and the numbers showed.
      President Trump must not concede until all legal votes counted and tallied showing a Biden win otherwise he has the 2nd term. Obama & the rest must wait like the rest of us. This country is divided because certain party members have aspirations to take America down and fuel the flames of discord to turn citizens against one another. There are some RINOs who because they don’t like Trump have turned their backs on what this country needs, by helping unite to make this nation a better place for all people.

  3. Why aren’t they looking at California. It has 55 electoral votes. I thought something was not right when Biden won California so early. California never reported a win before any other states before usually the next day or week early hours of the morning after. They were always last. That should be enough for someone in charge to question. Why haven’t they????

    1. Democrats did not allow true voting, they just handed the moronic Harris/Biden the electoral votes while he was hiding under his bed playing with himself.

    2. I live here in CA. I call bs on the election results here and nationwide. CA was called less than 5 minutes after the polls closed at 8 pm. DemonRATS stole our vote. I want to see a nationwide new US election—in person only, voter ID required. No Dominion or other rigged software allowed. Mandatory supervision of ballot counting by both political parties! If the dead show up at the polls, let them vote.

  4. This election was corrupted. I don’t trust these electronic devices at all. Lets go back to handwritten ballots and lets get Voter ID’s with pic and thumbprints.

    1. When I first started voting (and later my wife began) we voted on paper ballots that were counted by hand with few, if any, problems. Then came the punch cards with the “hanging chads” and up to what we have now. And problems have increased and now we have a vote counting system that is 60% owned by the husband of Not-So-Feinstein. We need to go back to the paper ballots counted by hand!

      “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
      – Josef Stalin

      1. How true is this statement. Democrats have been following the Marxist/Socialist/Communist playbook for the last four years. It is high time the entire election be thrown out and redone. Anyone with ties to Dominion and related tabulating software should be arrested and charged with treason. The biggest problem all Americans should be concerned with is that even when the Washington elite is proven to violate the law no one is prosecuted. Time to change this but only we can do that.

    2. I think that is a very good idea, with samples of handwriting, special voter ID with picture, thumbprints, proof of citizenship, and residence!

    1. l sgree Scottie. Obama is the biggest hypocrite ever. l hate 60 minutes they are so bias they bleed blue. Obama thinks he’s getting away with his deep corruption and capitalizing on Trump bashing on his book. Wifey did the same thing. l wish they’d just shut up and disappear.

      1. maybe they will, for treason ! talking about that phony obummer .. i believe IF someone would really look into obummers birth certificate, He WAS and Is Not a U S Citizen, the phony job doing a do over on it was proof … then just like that it was dropped ..
        but his Brother, Malik said obama W A S born in Kenya, Africa !! so can you actually see
        what would have to BE UN-DONE, He DID !!
        well, i’m hoping when they come to put his bracelets on, and yell’s his citizenship to Africa
        he’ll kill himself, right there ,, more Biggies going down !!

  5. I agree with Louis Sanders. If these states are suspected of foul play, then all means, why not have another election with all the votes hand counted. I can’t believe states like Pennsylvania refuses a recount, that right there tells me that the election was rigged. Furthermore, not only myself but many many more people have agreed not to ever vote again, especially when they know before the election who will be the winner. Biden and Harris are corrupt and there is no doubt about it. I never thought my Country could ever be this low down, but now I do. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. Looks like we need a 12th Amendment move since this one was/is this crooked. SCOTUS should void it and send it to the Senate where the Senators would be required to vote their party label. It would be neat to see Mittens having to vote Republican for a change.

  6. If this travesty of voter fraud is ignored by the courts in spite of his deeds of thousands of pieces of evidence being presented by concerned citizens who WITNESSED irregularities then our great nation truly has no hope of ever having a prosperous economy like we enjoy today. Your life savings can be stolen, your jobs made into meaningless low paid wage jobs, and our people becoming yet another corrupt, starving nation.

  7. Free people deserves clean elections. Elections must be held again to show to the citizens that they come first .not the politicians or great multinational companies.

    1. no re-election, won’t happen you need to know by December 3, 2020 this ALL need’s to be done!! next time voter ID, with a number, picture, finger-print … and Drivers Livense or ID from the DMV from that State. and put into a slot, to prove the Voter had Voted where they can’t vote again or there id and stuff taken away, 5 year’s in jail. $ 25,000 fine and can’t vote again for 10 Years
      this may keep the dead from voting.. then there is a state, that it’s ok to let the dead vote.., said this stupid judge !!

  8. People will realize what has happened when their rights are slowly and methodically taken away. Gun control will be on the agenda so freedom loving people cannot rise up against a socialist government. There is talk of a civil war and that very possibly may happen as America is torn apart by a socialist agenda of people control. Grow up America, your adults and know the difference between right and wrong so start acting like it. Research everything and demand real answers when you know something just is not right. Fight for your country, your freedoms, your right to be heard and provide for your family. America is a great country but it will take all of us to keep it that way.

  9. every move we make to defend ourselves cost sloads of money, they don’t want us to vote so they can get in easier! they want us to quit they want us to give up , we all need to keep standing up with Trump and stand strong fight against these a holes because then they’re gonna lose! God and his army led by President Trump and others have got this! We all need to just keep standing up together and don’t lose faith! Demons puppets are gonna lie, telling all sorts of bull because that is what donkeys are good for ” carrying and spreading crap!!!” heehaw jack$&@” Support President Trump and our nation and our freedom with anything and everything you’ve got money, strength, voice, power, Balls!!! Punks are just trying to scare us! God has got this!

    1. Please understand that GOD helps those who help themselves. Satan is coming at us in forms of hatred. Back to praying folks, back to having prayer in schools, in public places, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with right hand over our hearts. When some thugs knock you down and kick you senseless, or burns your stores and livelihoods, we must stand firm and resolute and protect ourselves and our properties. God bless Donald Trump ! Voting may not be the answer, standing firm arm in arm in great numbers praying and defending ourselves will push the evil from our streets. The change the left wants is an evil change to Marxist/Socialist ideals. We cannot let that happen. #4 more years!

  10. When you see all the things that look as if President Trump WON the election in a landslide- these items in California appear to show that President Trump may have actually WON this state- but no one ever looked because it’s always assumed Democrats carry California and New York… but when you have such rampant fraud and corruption with stolen ballots, uncounted ballots, destroyed ballots and switched ballots- via what appears to be a machine with software that systematically changed Trump votes to Biden. Voter laws changed just prior to election, done illegally by state supreme courts that DON’T change laws- Legislatures do. So the overwhelming abundance of evidence that supports potential fraud and voting corruption, tainting the entire election process, leads to the possibility that President Trump may have actually WON the election by a very wide margin… BUT WILL WE EVER KNOW? If we had a real unbiased FBI, DOJ and Attorney General with nerve and guts, Republican Congress Men and Women who weren’t afraid to do the hard job of holding the colleagues across the isle accountable for illegal, unethical behavior, and lastly, if we actually had a FREE PRESS… once proud, once respected for their professionalism, courage, tenacity, integrity and fairness. Instead of the 100% Democrat biased, unethical, irresponsible, deceitful, unprofessional media we have today. Had these EXPECTED things been the way they should be, the way they once were, WE MIGHT ACTUALLY KNOW THE REAL RESULTS OF THIS 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, as well as the fake, fabricated Russia Collusion hoax, the phony dossier, the fake fabricated impeachment proceedings using a fabricated, made up phony Quid Pro Quo charge that was merely a COVERUP OF THE REAL QUID PRO QUO COMMITTED BY THEN VP BIDEN WHEN HE THREATENED TO WITHHOLD A BILLION DOLLARS IN AID FROM UKRAINE IF THEY DIDN’T FIRE THE PROSECUTOR THAT WAS INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION IN A COMPANY CALLED BURISMA THAT JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE HIS SON HUNTER WORKING ON THEIR BOARD AND BEING PAID ROUGHLY $83K PER MONTH WITH ZERO EXPERIENCE AND ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF THE BUSINESS. Just a coincidence that the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED MEDIA BURIED THIS STORY and when it surfaced on the internet, within days, the Democrat leadership brought the very same charges of Quid Pro Quo against our PRESIDENT. Fake, made up charges, with fake made up witnesses- of which none with the exception of a biased, Trump hater Vidman who by playing for the democrats ruined his career. The transcript of the phone call transcript between President Trump and the Ukraine President – of which the Democrats never thought President Trump would release, caught them completely off guard and thus started the democrats rush to fabricate whistleblowers left and right… all discredited immediately and none proved credible- not even Vidman… Then the most dramatic, compelling evidence that this entire witch hunt, from day one, the democrats attempt at removing our duly elected President Trump from office by any means- reared its ugly head when their leader during the impeachment proceedings compulsive liar SCHIFF, CHANGED THE WORDS OF THE PHONE CALL TRANSCRIPT BETWEEN PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE UKRAINE PRESIDENT AND THEN READ HIS VERSION TO CONGRESS AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE- BLATANTLY LYING TO ALL! and with ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY AND ZERO CONSEQUENCES…. something we are getting accustomed to witnessing. SAD… but unfortunately TRUE. So…
    WHO REALLY WON THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION? I would venture to say that if an alien landed on earth in the United States, looked with UNBIASED EYES, at all the evidence at hand, LISTENED WITH UNBIASED EARS, paying close attention to what was said and by whom over the last four years… this “visitor” this completely UNBIASED being, may come to the very same conclusion as most with COMMON SENSE have already, that President Trump probably WON the 2020 Presidential Election… and it wasn’t even close.

    1. as of 11 – 17 – 2020, NO ONE has WON ! that’s right… 1st off, the Ballots Need to be
      Certified, none have, yet when they do, they go to the Electrol College ( which is actually
      Congress ) then they are Re-counted ( ALL 50 States ! ) they actually PICK the President !
      … what i mean is this .. YOU VOTE . that Vote is telling the Electrol College who you want for President …. … no hate mail… it’s in The CONSTITUTION, Believe It Or NOT Even Voter
      Fraud !! the FOREFATHERS, sure knew what was coming ahead..
      so those who may think the media pick’s the prez, like FOX did when it came to Arizona ..
      from what i see… Congress, should but a Trump -Train of DEPENDS, maybe Our President Will deliver … of course that may be about the Time HELL Freezes Over .. God Bless America, and Everyone, and the U S A..why stop there… The W H O L E World..

  11. This election was like complete fraud. It was designed for Biden and his crooked based crime operation. No one will respect anything out of Biden’s mouth ,he is just a corrupt politician out for his own.
    If we have a fair election we all know President Trump will win.

  12. Guy and gals , this election was a con job from the beginning . From the time that Trump won in 2016 , the Dems were gearing up for this election cycle with the dominion voting machines and getting the programming prepped for vote changes from Trump to the dem candidate to ensure they would win in this election cycle . The energy leading up to this election was overwhelmingly clear for Donald Trump , as all of his rally’s were overcrowded with 1000’s waiting outside everywhere he went , with capacitys never seen before , even in 2016 . Biden would have 25 cars beeping their horn at his ralley’s , it was comical actually . Its time for us to rally again but in a more aggressive way , with the intention of being heard to standpoint of , demanding a new election with complete oversight by both parties to ensure a correct count . No doubt this election was rigged nationally for Biden . If we do not demand a new vote the dems win and we lose the integrity of all future votes and FREEDOM . ITS NOW OR NEVER , ITS GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH TIME .

    1. You are right! I knew it was the software the day after the election. I could smell it! Biden didn’t have to rally because he knew the fix was in! God help us if he gets in! Have an election do over. No mail-in ballots! Check CA, NY, NJ votes also.

  13. Being a California resident, I and a lot of people here think Trump flipped the state. If you look, only the big cities are blue, the rest of the state is red. I’d be willing to bet the big cities aren’t as blue as we are led to believe. This state (Newsome) has no idea of how to run a state. The homeless in L.A. are unbelievable. Guess San Francisco is just as bad. They both look like third world countries. This is called the Golden State. It was referring to sunshine now it’s human waste on all the streets in the bigger cities. God help us.

    1. I agree. I live in a rural area of Northern California. The homeless problem is everywhere—even here. Last night at a meeting someone reported the homeless population are burrowing into the levees which will cause massive flooding if we get significant rainfall. This election was a demonrat orchestrated fraud. We need a new election—in person, voter ID and thumbprint! “Walking dead people” (and other democrats) must vote in person.

  14. The Supreme Court should award the presidential election to President Trump based on the fraud by the Democratic Party!

  15. Every citizen in the United States of America has the right to exercise their rights to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill Of Rights which are the amendments to the Constitution. If all of you would only read both documents that you can Google up to read you will find the answer to this voting problem. It is in the Bill Of Rights and it is calleds the 14th amendment. This amendment gives YOU the right to contact your governors or Senators to give YOUR voice to stop this election. YOU CAN tell them you want this election to be stopped, that YOU want all votes thrown out and call this election null and void and REQUEST a brand new voting of ballots for this election. It is up to us to take control and the 14th amendment gives all of us that right. So stop acting in shock about what is happening and stop complaining, Do something for a change unless you want to be under communist rule because if Biden does win, that is what is going to happen. You can get the governors or Senators phone numbers just by looking their names up on Google All the information you need is right there. Sometimes I think all of you only want to complain to have your thoughts appear in print and sometimes I think you all are stupid and do not want to be a true patriot so you are acting as in a form of treason. DO THE RIGHT THING! Call and make your voice heard before it is too late. Time is running out.

    1. I did what you said just now and contacted my state Senators and ask for a new election based on the fraud of this election not giving us a means of trusting any recount they come up with . We need oversight by both parties in a new vote , and this one needs to be overturn .

  16. California and New York
    We all know the cheater party has been cheating for years!
    A new election conducted on paper by the military is a must!
    Democrats have protested in the streets and turned it to riots and murder
    It’s time America turned to the street And demand a new and fair election
    Trump should continue to run our country until such time as a real vote is accomplished!
    Democrats all but shut down this country for four years
    What greatness would America be at right now had Trump been allowed to be President these past four years
    Democrats owe Trump four years America needs to demand in the streets and at our capitals a new and honest vote!
    Anything short of a new and legitimate vote is treasonous

  17. Without the blatant cheating, these buffoons on the left would never win any election. Until they are held accountable by law this will progress into the norm.

  18. I just have to tell this, our daughter works and at her work they hand out like surgical mask for the workers and visitors. Guess what….??? I picked up the box with mask and saw printed in big letters MADE in China. COINCIDENTLY ALL OF A SUDDEN WE ARE IN A SECOND INCREASED WAVE OF THE PANDEMICS. Inslee the gov of the State of Washington just ordered a whole bunch of shutdowns again. Made in china = Wuhan = comes to mind, increased hospital patients whether covid-19 related or not, are treated as covid-19 patients. and the shutdowns are called earlier than everywhere else. Made you think what’s up. Is our Gov. brown nosing the Biden administration for a position in that administration.?????

  19. I live in Hawaii a Democratic State. I voted in person the day before the election. I know what happened to me. When I began to vote I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find Trump for President. I pressed on it and went to the next one. When I went to view my results the computer had changed my vote to Biden. I had to go back and change it back to Trump. How can I prove what happened. I can’t —-but I know what happened. The election was stolen from President Trump!

    1. Linda, It happened to one of my friend, he told me the Democrats in Hawaii is playing their games again, he remembered about Obama, how can a person having ( 2 ) Birth certificates, I guess if you are a Democrat, the impossible can happen? He got tired of the Hawaii Politics games and move to Ohio 3 days ago. he and I are strong Republicans.

  20. There never was a doubt in my mind, had California been governed by an unbiased party, bipartisan cooperation would had transformed the state to settle unconstitutional issues, that would have benefited everyone. Newsome, a democrat and nephew of Nancy Pelosi share a mutual appetite for power and control. They have no empathy for the people and subject draconian rule over the people, besides ruining the economy of that state. China has for years have invested in immense land acquisitions and has funneled millions of dollars to most favored citizens, who are in align with the Communist doctrine of Marxism. When elections in California come up, the people will decide a change, that will remove this administration and all exterior influence in that state. And yes, there is no doubt in my mind, President Trump won California and he will get his second term in office. God Bless America and the people stay forever vigilant.

  21. The Law is all legal Documents must be Notarized, if that is so, All votes turned in is not legal, it said you must sign it, or it doesn’t count, it did not required it to be Notarized, this voting form is illegal, according to the Law, need to go back to the old ways, Americans should be allowed to vote again, the legal way.

  22. Hawaii is a Democrat state, I don’t agree with the voting system was done on the voting day, a person can register at the counter and after given a voting form, how do they know this person is a not a X-con? the Law is no X-cons can vote!!!

  23. I agree, the election was rigged from the start and I think someone should look at the electronic “switching” of votes. A graph of vote counting shows Trump with a “growing lead” over Biden until 6am on Wednesday and in an instant the vote count changed to Biden leading Trump. It is statistically impossible for Trump to be ahead of Biden and pulling away and in an instant the graph changes to Biden ahead of Trump. Someone had to have “flipped a switch” and changed a bunch of votes instantly.

  24. I live in California and was pleasantly surprised how the ballot propositions turned out. Maybe we should audit the ballots in California for President. We were all sent ballots this year which is not normal, usually you have to request one. There might be some hope for this State after all 🙂

  25. George Soros is behind the Voting System fraud. There are 234 PAGES of Sworn Affidavits by employees who actually saw the fraud going on! The media is reporting that Mr. Trump has to pay lawmakers 8 million dollars to get a recount from Wisconsin??? Isn’t that called “blackmail”? If the damn Democrats had NOT backed BLM, ANTIFA, ILLEGALS and screamed since 2016 about Trump’s win WITHOUT doing anything for the people of America…..WE WOULD HAVE BEEN OK EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE TRUMP. I did not vote because of hate, I voted because I have seen the Dem Party’s corruption since 1960 and I’m sick of it. I was a Dem but gave up on them and I won’t go back! Trump has done more FOR THE PEOPLE of America (including us poorer folks) than any President since Kennedy! Check out Frank.com to see his accomplishments! ‘Nuff said.

  26. I live in Oregon a dem state we have tried to recal our governor with no avail funny how you here from other states not involved in the recount thinking maybe they should be it’s a cesspool of deceit and lies I think trump got screwed the machines were rigged voters were threatened on how to vote dead people voting Illegal votes counted it took the power of the vote from the people and handed it to a few that would do anything to win at no concern of there’s they should be put in prison or executed for there travesty to the American people I agree we should not accept this election and it should be redone and we should support and defend Donald j trump

  27. ???CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen???

    1. CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US Elected/Reelected Landslides
      Amen & Amen

  28. i live in oregon demo state was a demo but switched in 2016,because i woke up and saw what the demos was all about.hillary got are boys killed in bengazi,this election is a complete farce.the so called free press,no longer exists.what has happend to our population?? why cant they wake up and see that almost all main stream news are owned and run by demos.take some time and look up the owners and their party affilation.

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