One Year Ago: Democrats & MSM Were Worried About Dominion Voting Systems

Think back to those idyllic pre-COVID days of just one year ago. Can you remember what it was like? We had the most blazing-hot economy – thanks to Donald Trump – that most of us have ever seen. Schools, restaurants and movie theaters were open. You could mow your lawn without having to put on a hazmat suit first. Parents weren’t getting tasered at their sons’ football games for not wearing masks. Good times!

And there’s one more thing that you might remember if you think back to just one year ago: The mainstream media and congressional Democrats were downright paranoid that a shady company called Dominion Voting Systems was going to steal the 2020 election.

Hey, wait a minute! I thought you had to be a tinfoil hat wearing MAGA birther who is worried about the gay frogs in order to think that anything was sketchy about Dominion Voting Systems. All the best TV news people of today are telling us that only the dumbest conspiracy whack-a-doodles could think there was anything suspicious that happened in our clean-as-a-whistle elections.

Since the internet is forever, we can still travel back in time to the long-ago days of yore in 2019 to see what the Democrats were saying about voting machines.


A bunch of Democrats in the House and Senate were deeply concerned about Dominion Voting Systems’ and other companies’ hidden funding from private equity firms. These were Members of the US Senate and the House of Representatives on powerful committees, and yet they couldn’t figure out exactly who owns these companies making the voting machines. (And neither can anyone else.)

The Democrats sent a scathing joint letter to a bunch of private equity companies that they knew had a stake in Dominion Voting Systems and other similar companies. They were very worried. First, the voting machines were “prone to security problems.” And second, they stated that “voting machines and other election administration equipment have long skimped on security in favor of convenience.”

Here’s the list of Democrats that were raising such a big stink about Dominion Voting Systems in December of 2019:

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Sen. Bernie Sanders (Communist-VT), Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Big Chief Elizabeth Miracle Whip Warren of the Milli Vanilli Tribe (D-MA), Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI), Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Here is the link to the Press Release on Big Chief Warren’s website. All of those elected Democrats were deeply worried about the shoddy security of Dominion Voting Systems’ machines a year ago. They gave private equity firms until December 20, 2019 to respond to their inquiries. But then the election season got under way and then the ‘Rona came along, and stuff just got so busy that they must have forgotten all about it!

Keep in mind that Senators Warren and Klobuchar were running for president at the time. But all of those Democrats have been oddly quiet for the past few weeks since Dominion Voting Systems appears to have delivered the Biden miracle on election night.

NBC News was all over Dominion Voting Systems last year in December as well. They did a big investigative piece on the shadowy company. And they didn’t like what they found.

According to NBC News, the Dominion Voting Systems machines that are used in American elections are built using “Chinese parts.” In fairness to NBC News, this was back in the days before coronavirus, when it was not considered racist to point out that something had come from China. From their report:

“Chinese manufacturers can be forced to cooperate with requests from Chinese intelligence officials to share any information about the technology and therefore pose a risk for US companies.”


NBC News also noted that the Chinese parts in Dominion’s machines were a major national security and election threat because of the risk of “machines shipped with undetected vulnerabilities and backdoors that could allow tampering.”

You can still read that NBC News report online HERE, at least until they take it off the internet.

Even die-hard commies like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and the mainstream media will toss all their deepest-held beliefs aside if it means getting Donald Trump out of the White House. You don’t hear them complaining about Dominion Voting Systems today, do you?

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28 thoughts on “One Year Ago: Democrats & MSM Were Worried About Dominion Voting Systems”

  1. So why can’t this be proven in a court of law. Where are the machines ? They have proven the mathematical anomalies. WHY can’t they take the machines apart ? Why-why-why and where is the FBI? FOX news seems absolutely giddy about Biden. Newsmax and Talk Radio [Rush,Mark Levin, and anyone else with balls !!!!!!!

    1. It is my belief that the Primaries in 2018 were rigged also! And if the truth were known this is not the first time that our elections are rigged.
      Bush in 2000 and the Florida Hanging Chads, it seems that ” no one voted for him on his second term, but he won! Bizarre!
      Our country has become the land of the ” Saddam Hussein’s” of the world and the worst is yet to come with ” the communists ” in the WH. Biden and Hunter are liars, crooked, and corrupt just like the Saddams of the world. This will take us at least 15-20 years and a revolution to get Socialists/communists our of power!

      1. Florida in 2000 was a National Socialist aka democrats failed attempt to steal the election.
        Every recount Bushes lead increased but was still close.
        Then there was the blatant attempt by the National Socialist aka democrats to throw out all absentee ballots. Which most were from military members stationed away from their home of record.

    2. This needs to go to newsmax for publication. Demorats were so worried about the last election an now they found out how to send all the votes to Biden and skip Trump. Sounds pretty fishy if they thought it could happen and now this year they MADE it happen.

  2. Then they found out they could use that glitch to steal elections so now they defend the Dominion machines because they are now democratic dominions.

    1. That is correct Kay, they figured it is worth a try! And no one wants to believe that this is really happening. We are just too naïve to think that our elections, our governments and our political system is really broken! Our police, our schools, our sports, our churches and our politicians are corrupt! Read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, and you will see that we are at the same point where the Roman Empire fell ! But it should be called the Rise and Fall of the United States Empire! Because we are on the precipice !

    2. No Kay! The machines do not have a glitch! They were built and programmed to STEAL Elections! The U.S. government is a Criminal Organization! It Steals Tax payers Money THROUGH BRIBERY, EXTORTION, and MONEY LAUNDERING! Government GRANTS to Foreign governments and NGO’s are used to Launder the Money and send it Back to Politicians and Bureaucrats in the U.S.! NEW WORLD ORDER! Democrats and Republicans!

      1. If the chinese had any thing to do with the dominion votong system, you can bet it was rigged for Biden. The own Biden and wany him to be president.

  3. The demorats are a bunch of nasty people and the news media as well now fox news has turned it’s back on the republican party wonder what they were offered buy they demorats or soros that nasty wrinkled up prune but God’s judgement is coming on all evil doers that’s why I trust God not man

    1. It’s not just the Democrats. the media and Fox but way too many Rino’s in Congress that are no differant they also are in with the the nasty people and do not love America or our Constitution.

  4. It is not only nasty, they are dangerous! Our schools and churches must be closed ( because of the Pandemic ) but the Strip Joints will open! Does that not sound like communism to you!
    We are not free to have Thanksgiving in our own home with family and friends, but the Democrats are flying to Hawaii,( Newsome ) going to Biden’s Super Spreaders, ( Lightfoot in Chicago)
    and BLM is still practicing their ” Peaceful Protesting ” and God only knows what else is happening behind the scenes to Suppress our Freedom!

  5. I think we should start preparing to what will come these next four years. Its not going to be a ride that we will enjoy.

  6. We need a national election system. One system for all 50 states. Having each state hire its own election system leaves open the fraud and kickback opportunity for state lawmakers. One system, vetted by the FBI and DOJ, should be used – even in local elections. Our democracy depends on it.

  7. What everyone is experiencing now is just a taste of what living in a dictatorship/communist country is/will be like, and I am horrified, that a “group of sewer rats like the Dems” can blatantly lie, censor what info you hear and actually put a treasonous Biden in the White House! The 1st lie of that asshole Biden will be, if/when he is confirmed (God help the U.S.A.) & takes the oath of office swearing to uphold the Constitution that he has been “murdering” for 47yrs already. I do believe, as many “die-hard” Dems who voted for that garbage party are realizing now that it’s to late, are changing their minds and realizing the Dem party wants to totally control the people of what “used to be a free Country”. Look back at the Hitler years & it’s taking on the same scenarios. The “lists” of Trump supporters some Dems are suggesting to compile would be horrifyingly like the prelude to concentration camps and the “final solution” to TOTAL POWER. Remember, history has a tendancy to repeat itself!

  8. Can not say what I really think should be done. Dem’s Repub’s put aside. It’s the big tech. ( Google, Facebook, Twitter…… Etc.. ) and 99.9% of our so call media who are the real cause of the bias division. we have and are seeing. Report the news and or events with no regards as to which side you personally lean towards and let the reader or viewer make up their own minds. To do otherwise is an opinion and not news.

    1. Agreed go right to the top it is the owners of these companies that tell their people believe in my ideology or look for another job if you don’t think like me your fired as far as voting pretty simple get off the couch go to your local voting booth on election Day show proof of identity and vote pretty simple for people that can’t get out to vote and request a mail in ballot show proof of reason that you can’t vote in person (like jury duty) proof of Identity with your request pretty simple I think

  9. I agree with the national voting system for the presidency but not for state and local elections as far as vetting the systems by the FBI you can’t trust them either they have proven that with the Russian collusion lying and deceit it is a sad time in our country but I don’t trust any of our government or the media they don’t deserve our trust sad but true the big question is will they ever win the trust of the nation back only time will tell

  10. Dominion has “Chinese parts”. No doubt the CCP informed the previously doubting Dems how to use the machines corruptly…. Foreign interference in our elections

  11. Being a veteran and historian, I am horrified at what the Dems CAN DO if they are in “power”. My Father was a WW2 vet, my Uncle a Marine, another Uncle a full Bird Colonel in WW2, my Brother and I are both Vietnam era Vets and we who still survive are totally heart broken at the direction this country is heading. If my Father & Uncle were here to see what’s happening, they would be outraged. I’m afraid what’s going to happen is, just like with the Nazi party, a “resistance” will have to be formed to “TAKE DOWN” the dictatorship that is forming in the U.S.A. Think about it people… what better time for our “enemies” to attack and take control of the U.S. when there is/will be major internal turmoil! The world is watching, and those “allies” of the U.S. who practice Democracy are wondering if/when the same scenario can or will be happening to them, all the while our, and their, enemies are sitting back “licking their chops” at the prospect of The United States of America falling into communism and dictatorial control. If you think I’m being drastic…sit back and take a look around people!! There are countries that HATE the U.S. and what better time to “push the button” and destroy, than when there is internal turmoil and rampant corruption within.

  12. All the states that use the machines in question only get a chance of another stimulus check by redoing the elections in their state without fancy machines. Everyone shows proper ID. Even people that go to the local food banks have to show ID & something with your address, rent receipt with address, electric bill with address and such. All LEGAL citizens should be able know that their vote counts. Why not make it a week of voting with no one to start counting untill all poles nation wide have closed. With proper oversight we could start counting & be done in a week tops. NO MACHINES!!

  13. This article needs to be pushed to the front pages of ethical publications for more Americans to read and digest the comments. 2019 the Swamp Rats were worried that the dominion machines were a threat yet they ended up using them in their favor and pushed that horrendous ticket forward. Yet they cover their tracks by calling the President outlandish names and crazy for the accusations about dominion machines. Please hope that the President doesn’t give in until he proves the Swamp Rats are worse that Swamp Rats.


  15. The Democrats screwed up in 2016. They thought they had enough illegal votes that Hillary would win by a landslide. They didn’t have enough votes so Trump won. This time, they were not going to let this happen, so they used rigged voting machines, mail-in balloting, still not enough, so they rigged the counting, refused to let the Republicans see what they were doing. shut down the counting until they got enough ballots printed to change the count from 600,000 for Trump to 300,000 for Biden. This has been the most fraudulent election in the history of this country, and if the Democrats get by with this, ever election from now on will be the same or worse.

  16. Anthony Manzo
    You want the answer ???? It’s right here – ” We have put together the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of the US. – Joe Bidin – as reported by ” FACTS not memes “

  17. Can citizens from other states file suit against states that do not adhere to federal and state voting laws and internal procedures?

    Why does the voting process and systems need to be vulnerable to internet hacking? Can’t we keep them offline for security

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