Portions of Trump Border Wall Removed to Make Trafficking and Illegal Immigration Easier

If there was ever proof that Trump’s border wall worked, it was found near Tucson, Arizona. The Gateway Pundit reported on Sunday that large sections of the border wall have been removed, making drug trafficking and illegal immigration easier for those seeking to enter the nation.

If walls don’t work, why have large portions been removed? We all know why. Even though a wall is not perfect, it certainly makes travel more difficult. Remove the wall, remove the problem. With Biden’s new open border policies, might as well make it easier for people (and drugs and weapons and who knows what else) to travel as well.

“Drug traffickers only have to cross about 65 miles of desert to reach the city and the endless network of isolated trails along the way provide the perfect path to complete the journey undetected,” according to the report.

“Smugglers are now free to go back and forth as they please, all they need to do is look both ways and make sure there is no agent in sight – and thanks to the fiasco border agents are dealing with, there usually isn’t one,” the Gateway Pundit added.


First, Biden ended construction of the border wall by executive order on his first day in office. The move ended thousands of jobs and harmed the national security of our country.

Second, the president ended nearly all deportations for 100 days through executive order.

Third, he reinstated the Obama era catch and release policy to allow those illegal immigrants who are caught to remain in the U.S. while waiting for their immigration hearing, which is usually two years down the line.

The result? We’re at more than 1.2 million illegal immigrants and growing this year. We’re currently on track for more than 2 million by the end of 2021. That’s more people than the entire of state of Delaware where Biden previously lived.

The Biden administration claims their moves are more humane and compassionate. However, a look at the border area shows increased drug trafficking and human trafficking. Thousands of unaccompanied children live in large government housing centers. Entire towns have been overrun just by COVID-19 positive illegal immigrants in Texas.

This is not compassionate. This is insane. No one who wants a secure and safe nation leaves their door wide open for anyone to cross. That’s why Texas eventually took matters into its own hands. They’re now arresting people at the border, but the numbers are far too many to keep up. Thousands have already been arrested, but then what? Only so many can be jailed.

If they are sent back, they can just try again and hope to not be spotted by Texas authorities the next time. It’s a losing battle, but at least Texas is trying.

Now the state is even working on its own fencing system. It might not stop everyone, but it will help. It’s at least better than cutting down the wall and inviting people to walk right in like the latest scene in Arizona.

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92 thoughts on “Portions of Trump Border Wall Removed to Make Trafficking and Illegal Immigration Easier”

  1. Biden the 3rd anti American president has outdone Carter and Obama on not only illegal dangers imported into our backyards, but inflation is on it’s way up to be #1.
    All three have proved to be anti Israel, but Biden wins with giving weapons to terrorists.
    Biden also set the benchmark with germ warfare on American citizens and buying oil from our enemies. Divisive racial programs WOKE and CRT have hurt America from man to man, state to state and party to party. Biden wins hands down as the #1 anti American of all time!

    1. Biden has destroyed more black lives than anyone in history ever has or will , his 94 crime bill made felons of 1/3 the black males in the USA, he added 60 crimes for the life sentence and mandatory sentencing, he exploded prison building, his 94 crime bill is what BLM blames for the baked in systemic racism of the system, even Kamala called Joe a racist during the primary.

      1. Hope all of you that voted for this ass are HAPPY. The guy is sick an not an American. He was never a good senator. How did they think he’d be a president. He belongs back in his basement. With Jill leading him

        1. what he has done to the USA in the nine months that he had been in office has just about totally destroyed America’s way of life I never would have thought we would have an anti-American presidenthe needs to be impeached immediately along with several others

          1. Amen!!!! When will the people demand it loudly. Heaven forbid what will happen if he stays in office for the remainder of his term. Biden is sick and his handlers sicker. Impeach, impeach, impeach!


    2. Out done Obama or just carrying on Obama’s ideas ? As president of this nation (even if he is illegally in office via vote fraud) he took an oath to defend the people of this nation and our Constitution not open our borders to illegal immigration and drug trafficking . in both instances he has failed this country and violated his oath of office . Impeachment and removal from office should be the least of Joe Biden’s penalty . Treason and Prison possibly death are called for according to law . And this goes for all those who enabled this failure of a leader to achieve his office .These people care nothing about America or Americans . Their only concern is the power they wield and the money that power brings them .

        1. Why aren’t we impeaching this jerk! We need to stop him before we lose this great nation to terrorists and communism. He is totally unfit and a traitor!

          1. its going to take every American to say enough is enough and stand up to our representatives in Washington tell them if you remove him we will remove you

      1. your statement does not go anywhere near far enough. Draw and quartering of Biden, Obama, Harris, Pelosi and others is what they deserve for putting America last and in a position that will be difficult for THE DONALD to correct. In the next election lets make sure that President Trump has all the support he needs to correct the problems created by these traitors.

    3. Yes Biden is the worst of Clinton and Obama , however, the real blame lies on the doorstep of the Democratic Party! The Democratic Party has been shredding our freedoms for decades methodically as Marxist take over occurs .Communism is patient until the right crisis comes about. ie Covid. Eighty plus million citizens who can’t rely on an honest election are helpless and the Democratic Party is keenly aware of what they are doing to freedom loving Patriots . The Democratic Party hates freedom and now they “smell blood in the water”. Power, greed and control is their game. They plan to achieve their objective regardless of the cost!

    4. You could not have said it better. And what is being done about it? Not much. The repubs have to get in gear here and start doing something to get rid of this entire communist administration, starting w biden all the way down the line. I hope and pray that in mid-term elections, that voters use this right, before it is gone, to get rid of those who push these awful agendas.

      1. Who is really gonna trust the mid terms voting after this last rigged presidential vote. Nothing has changed to assure our votes are secure. Nothing has changed to prevent illegal votes from being counted. They definitely have the proof of it occurring all over America!

      2. Sam, That sounds great, but, do you really think that the Midterm Elections are going to be anything different than the 2020 and the “recall” of Newsom? If we ever have an election that is not rigged again, i will be very surprised. I feel that, rigged elections is the ONLY reason that Biden, Pelosi, and all the others that have been in office for years keep getting “reelected” over & over. The only way the Republicans will hold certain positions now, is if we somehow, make sure that elections are not rigged. They did in 2020 and got away with it, so there is nothing stopping them now. Sad to say.

    5. Why don’t they use the non-lethal micro wave vehicles that causes a burning sensation when you walk in front of them?????
      That would solve a lot of problems!
      Line ‘em up along the border and turn ‘em on! No one gets past them!
      And Texas could probably buy them!

    6. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘War Measure Act’ against him.
      With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!

    7. Isn’t that actually illegal, and against our Border enforcement laws ?
      Why are Biden and Harris being allowed to do this? Where is our Justice Department. Irreparable damage is being done to America in every way possible by Their actions.

  2. I pray everyday, many ties. for the return of Pres. Trump and the Republican Party. The Democrats are destroying America. I do believe that the Democrats will burn in hell.

    1. They’re not Democrats anymore. They’re Socialists. Every President of the US before Lincoln was a Democrat. They were true Democrats!

      1. Yes but there still the party of racist and the KKK that you can never take away and they still are there just become good at bullshiting lieing and cheating so much that they make silly people think there not that party but they still are . And thats a fact but now instead of being openly about being KKK tbete just full blown sosclist or communist they are America s communist party . And Trump exposed them and the media for who they are communist and there media propaganda machine.
        Wake up you silly liberals before all your rights are gone and America is distoryed to the point of no return .The drugs poring in init self will distory American youth as it is

    2. The democrat socialist party represents the devil Satan, not the God loving people of the United States and the World at large.

  3. Anybody, with an ounce of common sense knows when you have open borders, you will have drugs, terrorist, gangs and God knows what else coming across the border into this country. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. That is definitely the wrong way. The American citizen should be the number one priority for these politicians. They are the people they are being paid to represent, not some illegal. Illegals have no rights, what so ever to be in this country and shouldn’t be allowed in this country either. They are breaking our laws by being here and should be treated like any other law breaker and deported.

    1. The RINOs hurt the conservative America first effort tremendously. Democrats, save for a couple, have been lockstep with their Marxist agenda. On top of that, some elections will still be a fraud until fixed for good. Please do not stop making demands of our Representatives to keep up the efforts to pressure courts to follow our constitution.

      1. The Rinos are a way the Democrats figured out how to infiltrate the republican party lieing to get elected saying there Republicans but there realy Democrats and once elected vote that way for God sake there corrupt as hell . Anything for power .

      2. Agree and we need to keep that front and center just like what the democrats are truly about. Bush reveled in his limelight on 9/11 and then he showed us what a complicit actor he is in bringing Biden-Harris to power. Bush and RINOS like Romney and Cheney are just as guilty for the arming of Al Qaeda and Isis. They have no skin in the game. They feel they are above reproach. Remember geo and Jeb Bush along with Lincoln’s Project helped elect these buffoons. Future 9/11 remembrances should omit Bush from speaking. He had his 15 minutes of glory and then turned his back on the people.

        1. In this country if you have enough money, you don’t have to worry about the laws or if you are honest or not because the laws to do pertain to you. If you are a previous president, the law does not pertain to you either. This is not what our country was born with. But it will die with it.

    2. Who ever claimed or accused Joe Biden of ever having common sense . Remember this is the guy who once said that to keep Jehovas Witnesses and unwanted callers from your door to just fire a shotgun through it . As Bugs Bunny would say “What a Maroon

    3. Absolutely… Nightmare Biden has destroyed the sovereignty of our country with his open borders so the world can walk in illegally and they are being allowed in here AT OUR EXPENSE…OUR tax dollars are footing the bill for all these illegal aliens.. they are bringing in diseases, drugs, crime and draining our tax dollars and our resources… ANYONE who crosses that border illegally, should be removed IMMEDIATELY and sent back where they came from… they need to be told they are NOT welcome here unless they come legally!!! Our politicians encourage more and more illegal aliens to flood the country with their free handouts to them and more and more they are handing these illegal aliens more of our rights as citizens… STOP all the free handouts and stop catering to them, most will not come … This nightmare administration cares MORE about these illegal aliens than they do the American people… We are just there for them to steal our money for the illegal aliens.. God help us all as this nightmare administration rips apart the country

      1. They don’t love our country. Import voters who show no allegiance to America but are willing to take “our” tax dollars. Illegals will never pledge allegiance to the American flag and our values. They do not have to acclimate into our society. They will become a society within this country just like the Muslin religion. This is a real cancer that is in process of destroying America. Sadly we have so very few “statesman “ in government to defend our Constitution! For those who believe in God he will right all this wrong in his timing.

        1. B, islam is not a religion but a political ideology, aka, shira law. It must be destroyed globally as it’s evil to the core.

    4. And all hes worried about are freekin mask and vaccine mandates for all Americans!!!
      Many of us are already out of a job thanks to this ass!!! JOE BIDEN NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!!!!

  4. This maniac of a president should be taken out of the White House in chains along with giggles his Vice President. I cannot believe Congress is not impeaching this clown! He is systematically destroying the United States!

    1. the democRATS have majority and their heads are up the butt of this nightmare Biden.. GOP needs to get control of the house so they can file impeachment charges and get it through.. they need to impeach the hyenia VP along with Nightmare Biden… This entire administration is a complete nightmare… they are the most incompetent bunch of buffoons in our country’s history… God help us all as they rip apart the country

    2. Congress is a Democrat majority. Nothing will change till the GOP grows a pair and take back the house and Senate in 2022. Pray hard.?

  5. Dear Mr. Biden, even though you are a total waste of skin, you are doing a really good job of destroying this country. Remember you live here and if you keep pissing off the other people who live you had better start watching your back.Every decision you have made thus far has been an absolute disaster confirming your streak for the past 40 years that you have had your snout in the public though. Keep up the good work totally not caring about the people of this country I’m sure they all appreciate all you have done with the southern boarder, the withdrawal from Afganistan. Damn you are not a waste of skin you are a TRAITOR ,a COWARD ,a CORRUPT
    THIEF, a LIAR. What amazes me is how you received any votes in the last election it’s no wonder your democratic party kept you in the basement

      1. He and Hunter had shady dealings around the world. Biden got paid, and I wonder what secrets he told these countries???

    1. don’t think he won the election, it was handed to him by the cabal, stolen from, the actual voters… paid for by fraud/and globalist A ONE WORLD ODER is now here by these demonic people…don’t forget what BUSH SN said

      1. We need to pass laws to get rid of people like Soro’s who is banned from many nations for having any funding to influence their political system. Then we need to get VP for her issue of a free get out of jail card. I would think that the very cat she did this would be enough to impeach her since she is literally endangering the public and against her other of office. Biden on the other hand there is so much he can be impeached for that we could hold hearings for years.

    2. AMEN!!!!!!! He got some votes because of his lies. And the rest were stolen, came in the backdoor, filled out by DemocRATS and any other illegal way they could steal the elections.

  6. OMG, is he out of his mind…… We don’t need all these illegals running around in our country unidentified as to who they really are! My God what has happened to our America!

      1. In case you don’t know the Bible satan is the “prince of this world”. What you see in the moral decay in the world is satan’s work.

  7. seems our country has been given to all foreigner’s and we are no longer welcome.. so where do we go from here?, where would Americans be welcome..This man is talking about taxing the hell out of all, So I think we are being pushed out? what about CANADA?..WILL DO SOME RESEARCH…boohooo time to leave

    1. Time to leave ? I don’t think so ! Part of my ancestors were here long before the first Europeans arrived on these shores . Some probably died resisting European incursion . Later some fought to preserve the union and then to help save the world . No I don’t think Canada is an option . And I would venture to say we would be viewed much the same as those crossing our southern borders .


  8. We all know walls dont work. That is why walls have been re-erected again in Washington DC. I guess our southern border is too far away from DC and our precious law makers.

  9. Pervert biden is a national disgrace….but some of you forget he is being led by the nose by obama who hates this country!!! He is a muslim to the bone and will destroy America as he hates it like his mother and maternal grandparents did. he was taught in the cradle that America is no good and should be destroyed… big bucks are lining his pocket from Soros and the scum like him…where are our senators/congressmen who have vowed to up hold the constitution???? Hiding like scared rats??? Hmm-mm??

    It goes with out saying over and over again that Biden is a yes man for the far left and has no ability to proform the job , #2 is worse than Biden And #3 is worse and all need to be in prison for failure to protect American Lifes


  11. Biden has the help of our congress and senate in every thing he does,either by them Not speaking up against his dictatorial speech ,his incompetent actions or his absence in areas in which he is expected to represent our nation. What happened to our safeguards against this take over of our government?

  12. I can’t Wyatt, I am too much of a lady but I do know the demon-rats need to be brought before a judge for treason and stand before a firing squad or sit in the Rosenberg chair!!

  13. What kind of president(I use the term loosely)dictates mandates for his citizens while he let’s all kind of illegals roam free throughout the country spreading who knows what diseases,its past time congress steps up and removes this mental moron from office

    1. I so agree with you. I questioned the same thing. I can’t believe so many agree with Biden’s mandate to vaccinate, and mask, everyone; yet the idiot allows illegals to come into our country. Has he never thought to contain the spread of Covid? With his stupidity, along with his administrations, I won’t agree with anything they say and I don’t believe anything they say. I DON’T TRUST ANY OF THEM!! Sadly, they don’t care.

  14. Every section of Wall, that is removed, needs a few guards with machine guns and unlimited Bullets, 24-hours a day.

  15. Good neighbors strong fences make(amish quote). Why not catch and release into FEMA camps to hold them till their hearing?? What evils are coming in along with all manner of diseases. Make them get the shot like Bidens mandates for US citizens!!
    Dale Breed

  16. Biden and his administration all need to be brought before a judge and not a dumboRAT judge and charged with treason. I agree that the only way that we will be rid of this senile pervert is to stand him in front of a firing squad and make sure Obama and Clinton are in that line

    1. How about Gitmo as an alternative to a
      firing squad. They need to suffer for what they have done to America. Don’t forget Hillary , Erick Holder, Schummer, Pelosi, etc.

  17. OMG !!! There are no words. The present administration should be held accountable for all the damage and destruction caused by the illegals not to mention the deaths that will come by allowing deadly drugs into our country. This is just so wrong. The dems are allowing this, there is no protecting our country under these fools.

  18. Lock up this fool Biden now. He is destroying America and wasting all our money. Obama is his master and does the work for him.


  19. 2022 All “Rinos” up for reelection must go! All Far left Socialist, Marxist, Islamist Democrats must go! Careerists that have shown their ugly, true colors over the past 4 years 8 months must go! Term Limits must be mandated, and legislation voted on and passed and those that balked must go!
    It is our long overdue time to act and ensure that all those we know that have been and are now very, very concerned about America get involved, and if not registered do so and insure you and they vote to save our Nation or suffer the “very negative consequences” which have already started with a vengeance.
    Today: Joe Biden has committed violation after violation of “The Rule of Law, Constitutional Law, Congressional Law, International protocol with our Allies, Immigration Law and State’s sovereignty. His actions are nothing short of that of a “DICTATOR” as all his Executive Orders, and clandestine coercion of both friend and foe are all geared to remove and replace all that his hated non-politician predecessor accomplished and put into place for the good of the Nation. AND did you know Joe Biden has issued yet another Executive Order to “TAKE DOWN PORTIONS OF THE CONSTRUCTED WALL IN ARIZONA”? Joe Biden has no conscience and no morality and an enormous hatred of all “that is right” with America yet America gave him all that he has!
    The following comments written before the current Biden debacles occurred (Afghanistan being the most egregious) and ongoing aiding and abetting the spread of COVID-19 via his open borders because of Biden’s violation of our national immigration laws and the thousands of illegals now roaming our states, spending our tax dollars that they are lavishly given by Joe Biden’s Administration.
    Biden (Enemy of the State)
    WH Protestor incarceration without due process. “Theft of Private Property” (800 private lockboxes) without due process and a legal warrant. Permanently closes/shuts down a legitimate USA business and uses the FBI to do so. Marxist Dictator anyone. You who voted for this man and those who aided and abetted him in the theft of the national election may not be so happy when he comes for you as well. I didn’t think we could do any worse than Obama, but Biden has topped him and in less than (4) months. Update: Now 8 months.
    Comments on Biden’s so-called “address to the nation” (in lower case to represent the fact that Biden has “not one honest bone in his body” and for the utter disdain I have for him and his socialist political party).
    However, he did, in no uncertain terms let us know he has no intention of doing anything for the good of the hard working, industrious American worker, quite the contrary.
    Hey, do you who voted for this miscreant now realize the error of your ballot casting? Are (8) months of his actions a nightmare enough to wake you up! Here are your Biden Administration rewards so far: You have the chance to redeem yourselves and to show America you care about our heritage coming up in 2022.
    1. Border crisis, largest number ever of refugee/illegals crossing our southern border in any President’s first 3 months in office. Biden assigns his VP KH to oversee “the border situation” and both refuse to call it a ‘border crisis” refusing to “go see for themselves” when everyone with any “common sense” and is being affected by “the border situation” is beyond flabbergasted and annoyed (to put it politely).
    2. Those refugees/illegals being forced on US States that do not have the budget or facilities to pay for and accommodate them, unfair on all levels; extreme monetary burden besides the heath issues they bring with them! Holding areas are overwhelmed and health issues explode along with the fact that many of them are COVID-19 untested or already have COVID-19!
    3. XL Pipeline shut down, extreme loss of tax dollars and good paying jobs. Biden’s illegal Executive Order defies Congressional legislation funding the project. Where is the outrage from Congress, affected States must sue Biden to reverse his “Exec’ Order? Time is money, when will the lawsuit outcome be determined? And then Joe Biden “BEGS” OPEC for more oil!
    4. Existing oil pipeline “hacked” causing 15,000 gas stations to go without gas. Biden’s Exec’ Orders had already caused gasoline prices to rise Nationwide which will now continue for who knows how long. The “hackers” were emboldened by Biden’s foreign policies which have made America look timid, weak, and accommodating to those who would challenge him; (China and Iran anyone)? Oh yeah, the “hackers” are known to the FBI (?) and are, even though supposedly not part of the Russian Regime, are based in Russia! Instead of pursuit, international cooperation and incarceration, the “hackers publicly admit the crime”, announce they are not done and are “paid handsomely by the ownership of the pipeline” for their illicit crime against America. WOW, and who said crime does not pay?
    5. Biden enters the Oval Office and strikes (18) Executive Orders in his first (24) hours and all of them have proven to be hurtful to our Nation and its’ citizens. His motivation, most assuredly to reverse all the good a non-politician Donald Trump) was able to do for that same Nation and its’ citizens.
    6. Biden and his cohorts in Congress (mainly the House) are increasing the National Debt by “TRILLIONS” and apparently believe in the “good fairy” or the Leprechaun’s “gold at the end of the rainbow” oh, not so? I know, Biden’s promise will be reversed as nearly all his campaign promises are or will be ignored, spun, or just flat out denied (the Democrats are good at that). Because guess what, Biden knows where the money is going to come from, working America and our struggling corporations via tax hikes and then subsequent tax hikes, oh yeah, they are coming!
    7. Biden is a pariah and an extreme threat to (the list is too long) as are the counter productive and costly actions he has already implemented and unfortunately, he is not done unless we stop him. (2022) we as voters can insure, he becomes a “LAME DUCK” President and if we don’t his first term will be the most destructive, we have ever experienced and I thought Obama held that infamous title, Biden has taken it from him in less that (4) months!
    AND there it is, the transparency and the bi-partisan cooperation Biden promised, however, in a completely different context than his campaign promises represented, meaning it is non-existent.

    1. Kudos to David V. Lofton ; this is quite a good summation of our national tragedy now being led by Joseph R. Biden, the current fraudulent “President” of the United States Of America !!!!! As pointed out by David, above, Joe Biden has now proven to be the WORST President of this nation, SO FAR. His handlers, PULLING HIS STRINGS, (perhaps Obama, Harris, Schumer, Hillary Clinton, et al) are taking America rapidly into the pit of very deep destruction ; funded by George Soros, Communist China, and possibly Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini (who is the apparent holder of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s ultimate allegiance !!!) Republicans and other Conservatives must stop waiting for “someone else” to step forward in actions to EFFECTIVELY counter this nightmare of an American “government.” We are approaching the point of no return, the vortex into the black hole of gravity from which escape will become no longer possible !!!!!

  20. IMHO, From what i have gathered in the past is, that the deep state, democrats, bill gates, etc, like to do the real dirty deeds under the cover of a distraction. The get us all worked up over things that affect us personally. Then we clash with our fellow citizens. We fight amongst ourselves. That’s’ what they want. Think about this, could a man that has done the incredibly assnine stupid harmful insane things biden has done, be able to even dress himself considering his present posiyion with out someone somewhere with the ability to stop him or divert him? Could he just be “playing” stupid. Yes he is a puppet , and he puts on a good show or “distraction”. Consider this… the clip they showed of the Afgan airport with all the people running along side of it. First ,assuming that its moving under its own power, the exhaust from the engine can literally send a car flipping end over end. Second, about midway through the clip, a man looks right up at the camera with a big smile on his face and raises both his hands, seem a little out of character? Last the number on the plane is ” 1100-09″ (what are the odds?) and the cockpit windows are completely flush with the skin of the fuselage, its an inflatable plane. The military uses them to make it look like we have more of a presence than we really do, they have fake tanks too. Maybe l’m wrong , and i could be. But those video clips came to us via the main stream media, and like the other BS they want us to believe, is fake. Just like 9/11 , no planes, just pre-planted explosives, like the ones a DEMOLITION CO would use to bring down a building(s) at close to freefall ? The out line of a plane left in the side of the building like Wile E Coyote leaves when he runs through a wall? Really ? I wouldn’t be surprised if the World Trade Center wasn’t built FOR 911. They have been working on this plan for maybe 100’s of years. this whole event(s) runs very , very deep. Our saving grace? They know that there is more of us than there is of them, and it scares the shit out of them. Now is the time to take a stand for our kids, grandkids, and most of all our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  21. There is a lot to be angry at right here….one) They wasted our tax dollars by doing that -(and it isn’t the first time…nor will it be the last under this “pretend and incompetent” administration) And two) it shows their hatred for the American people by disregarding us in that they endanger us with the amount of evil allowed into this nation… the diseases, drugs and sex trafficking, rapists, ex-cons or wanted people. Maybe the reason this is all happening is because we, the people deserve it by allowing this criminal administration to pretend they won! It is ludicrous!! Are we mad yet??? I understand we will have a lot to be thankful for when we show the fraud…eject Biden and the fakes…and place our legally President back where he belongs! And NO! We should not have to wait until 2024! A new Trump administration should be sworn in by Jan. 20, 22…and anything less will be unjust and criminal after seeing all of the cheating there was. HE WON…hands down! (And all the judges have to do is take the blinders off and LOOK!!!) The evidence is overwhelming!

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