President Trump to Boycott Joe Biden’s Fake Inauguration

If the courts don’t stop the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden next week, then President Trump will likely have no other legal options left and will be forced to vacate the White House on January 20th.

Make no mistake, if that is allowed to happen, the corrupt Democrats will have successfully rigged the mail in vote against President Trump. There is also no question that there was massive fraud, as the President originally warned. The window to remedying the situation is closing quickly, as the Electoral College will cast its votes on Monday, December 14.

Since the Constitution places the selection of electors in the hands of individual states, Georgia’s state legislature could decide that the fix was in and theoretically choose a slate of Republican electors. That, of course, would trigger a court fight that could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, who would rule that the Constitution says what it says.

President Trump’s losses in key battleground states were razor thin. Recouping electoral votes from Georgia (16), Pennsylvania (20), Wisconsin (10) and Michigan (16) could reverse the outcome. Following the 2020 election, each of those states kept their Republican majority in each branch of their legislatures, so, numerically at least, the support is there.


Since the mainstream press and the political establishment are fully invested in validating the outcome of a poorly supervised and chaotic mail-in vote, President Trump has stated he will uphold his Constitutional oath and step down.

But don’t expect President Trump to sit quietly while a well-rested Joe Biden is sworn in and asks Americans to put this sham election behind them. We must, Biden will say, get the rich to pay their fair share and live up to the left’s vision that we’re are all racists—even if we’re really not. The American Dream, he will say, is fairness through free stuff, and, once again, he plans to take the money to finance the free stuff from rich people.

It’s hard to imagine President Trump putting himself through such a humiliating ordeal. In fact, word from Trump insiders is that he won’t attend the inauguration. In the final hours of his presidency, he will ride Air Force One to a hangar in Florida for a rousing speech to his supporters.

His speech, according to Alayna Treen of Axios, “could create a split-screen moment: the outgoing president addressing a roaring crowd in an airport hangar while the incoming leader is sworn in before a socially distanced audience outside the Capitol.”

That spectacle could also be a kickoff to President Trump’s bid for a 2024 return to office. That has actually been done before. Democrat Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms beginning in 1885 and 1893.

So, the next four years promise to be interesting as The Donald assumes the role of Shadow President. He will be the perfect foil and counterbalance to a fawning media, who is likely to forget Joe’s sexual assault and Hunter’s corruption.

Whether President Trump becomes a voice in the wilderness or a powerful leader of the opposition remains to be seen. If Georgia voters elect just one of the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, look for a renewed Republican majority with Mitch McConnell holding the line until President Trump’s reelection and a return to America-first sanity.

If the Democrats also steal both Senate seats in Georgia, expect Joe’s laundry list of socialist dreams financed by higher taxes on everyone to become the law of the land. Want more details? Just listen to Joe’s inauguration speech as the cheers and applause of President Trump’s supporters drown out Sleepy Joe and his socialist supporters.

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247 thoughts on “President Trump to Boycott Joe Biden’s Fake Inauguration”

  1. If this election fraud in the presidential election is allowed to happen American democracy will be scrapped. And we will prepare for Civil War.

        1. The Democrats need to be put out permanently we don’t need Socialists running Our Great Country they are only out to destroy everything that we The American People Hold Dear All Of Our Freedom!

        2. The “Democrat Party” of old is long gone,and it is now the “Democrat/Communist party” which is entirely devoted to the absolute destruction of our unique,and special society in the United States of America. The doemo/commies have already got their troops in place,put there by Bush,as well as Obama/Biden like 300,000 Somalis concentrated in Minneapolis,Minn. or the muslim hordes concentrated around Detroit,or the 50,000 strong gang members from central america. The list could go on,but I think you are starting to “get it”.

      1. I hope it never comes to that, but BLM have no problem with rioting and burning, for a not so great cause. We may need to get our guns and fight for a great cause. We know who we want for our President and Biden /Harris/Obama is not them! These Democrats have been pushing and bullying us for the last 4 years. I don’t feel that we should let it continue.

        1. God bless America. Reading this garbage. You sound like 4 years old. As long as you are winning an election, it is legit, but you cannot fathom the idea that people with good morals, are just tired of the corruption in this White House and voted him out!!! Funny how all you keep declaring the Clinton, Obama and Biden folks are crooks, but actually ALL President Trump’s men are crooks and criminals. Where is all the fraud?? Even Republican officials where Trump’s crooked folks are trying to declare could not submit to his outlandish claim. Remember in 2016, the Democrats were told to get over it when Hillary Clinton lost. GET OVER IT. CROOKED TRUMP IS GONE AND THE SWAMP WILL FINALLY BE DRAINED. So embarrassing for the world to see. The US has the mitigating gall to chastise other countries who don’t recognize democratic elections. Dictator governments encourage civil wars when the tyrants they want to rule the county is outvoted. Hmmmmm. Hence, Trump. He loves dictators. He would love to be in control forever. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS.

          Good riddance. I am a Republican. But I am not a cult follower. I am not a RHINO. Just cannot support supidity.

          1. I feel so sorry for you. You drank the corrupt kool aid but that’s okay, wait and see. The proof will be coming.

          2. UR an idiot!!!! I AM a God fearing Christian AND I AM calling U this! ( I WILL apologize to God for this BUT I won’t apologize to U or PEOPLE!) I guess U can call URSELF a Republican BUT I’m NOT sure if UR a TRUE CHRISTIAN? I WILL always LOVE and FULLY support President Trump! He’s a GREAT MAN OF FAITH! Please remember, IF a person is a Christian, THE CHRISTIAN should KNOW we ALL human beings WHO all make mistakes! Nobody BETTER than ANYONE! U REALLY should go READ/STUDY ur Bible! God Bless this ENTIRE NATION! Only God can help us!?????? And to ALL in this world, God IS getting frustrated with the evil and corruptness of many people such as the democrats in this world! And TRULY thanks to all for letting me vent! And to PERSON I responded to, go crazy in responding to me! I don’t have Facebook SO I don’t do this VERY OFTEN or know how to check on my responses, I’m little technology challenged!????????????

          3. You are not much of a Republican if you will submit to the thieving tactics these communists used in this election.they stole our future,if we let this go we will never get it back.

          4. People like you are the definition of stupidity,the Democrats with the help of China fraudulently rigged the election and living in a lawless society with anti American values doesn’t seem to be important to people like you. Trump did more to help Americans than anyone!!! I guess now you will pay the price of loosing our Democratic Society along with the rest of us .

          5. You just did anti American loser your dumbass statements prove your a rhino …switch partys …..cult leader that’s Hillary people … anti American piece of shit

          6. Thank you. I was starting to feel like I had wandered into an alternate universe all by myself. ?????

      2. I am just buying my first ever gun now, and am getting trained for conceal carry. If they want a war, I need to protect my family. I just turned 66, and I will protect my family from these traitors. I am thinking if it gets to bad, the Red States may succeed from the Union. If that happens, I hope President Trump will become our President again. The election was rigged and stolen from the greatest President we have ever had. I have been voting since I was 18 years old and voted for Ford, against the smiling idiot Carter. But of course we lost, but then I voted for Reagan. He was the best until our beloved President Trump won, and he won this time as well. Fraud and treason caused this, and I hope they are all punished, but if not on this earth, God will punish them.

    1. I am so ready for Civil War. I didn’t want it to come to this, but it has. It is amazing that the 1st civil war was to free blacks and the 2bd civil war will be to free us from the socialism that the blacks are trying to force on us. Don’t get me wrong, this will be a bloody, nasty war, but Conservative Freedom Loving Americans will win.

      1. You need to go back and read what the civil war was about not to free anybody but because the southern states what their own country the freedom of the black just got stuck in there please please go back and read your history and get your facts right

        1. There were about 5 causes for the Civil War and I see some of those being repeated in the 21st century. One – Tariffs. The southern states were being charged inequitable and unfair higher tariffs for industrial and farm implements while being paid much less for their agricultural goods. States rights was a big issue with some states opposed while others favored statehood autonomy. There was the issue of economic differences. The issue of slavery was the catalyst that set off the war between the States with the Monitor and Marrimac skirmish that caused one ship to sink being the trigger. To say that slavery alone was the cause for the war is in itself inaccurate, but it was a great contributor.

          1. You are 1000% correct in your statements about the Civil War!! Too many people think that it was about the slavery issue, and they are so wrong! Read books on the subject and learn the real reasons as stated by J.D. Huddleston!

        2. Yes! State’s RIGHTS were trampled.
          My family never owned a slave. They worked hard, praised God, obeyed the Law, paid their fair taxes, and fought to live free of Government oppression.
          Freeing the Slaves was a great byproduct. But not the primary reasons my ancestors fought for the South and their right to live without a Gov. Mandate as to how they conducted their private lives!

        3. We all know it was not all about slavery but about the South pounding their chest and staying they would not be subjected to northern laws . It was more about male southern honor …not about slavery

          1. But also right now as we stand this day it is about Democrats lying since the civil war , killing, burning ,raping, ,and assassination since the civil war . Democrats have always had the propensity to lie, cheat and demand their way into power just as President Johnson had PRESIDENT Kennedy killed
            Democrats will always USurp Their way into power , they cheated ,murdered , and stole their way here today and CHINA WILL OWN IS …COMMUNISM WILL RULE , IF THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT ?? THEN WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM. ONE COUNTRY UNDER GOD ,ONE CONSTITUTION, FOR OUR PEOPLE, ONE PRESIDENT TO KEEP U.S. FREE, ONE NATION UNDER GOD ,.
            SO HELP ME GOD

      2. This is so true, and I will hate it if it comes to that. But to keep our country like it should be, let’s get it on !

      3. Very True Barry! B.L.M. or better known as burn loot and murder and A N T I F A are burning and terrorizing the nation with the help of the Commie Democrats and their billionaire goon corporate axis powers!!!

      4. It’s not the Black Americans. Its the Anarchist, BLM and Democrat spineless CCP supporters like Biden, Clapper, brennan, hillary, schumer, nadler, hillary. There are people of every ethnicity in these groups just like there are in our conservative support groups. The issue at hand is continued freedom from tyranny. A government for the people by the people. Soros should be kicked out of our country for being a traitor and for sedition. That man or his sons have no business in our country. Dems go along with him cause he uses his money for this maniacal influence. JA

        1. Right on V ! We need to let the Democrats know that the bullying and control is done! They tried to impeach Trump, they tried everything they could to get him out of the WH and when they realized that the election was going his way again, they did their dirty dead, and now the Supreme Court, DOJ, CIA, FBI all seem to be missing in action and that is very scary! It just shows that Democrats and China are in the same bed!

        2. I agree with you V. Soros and all these traitors need to go. Some need to go to jail and some to a nasty Communist country where they will take all their money and their freedom. The Democrats are so far left they have fallen off the edge. America is on a slippery slope. Unfortunately, the Republicans are not united. There are a lot of RINOS (Repubicans in name only). They are people pleasers but not standing up for the truth. Pres Donald Trump has done more for this country than almost any other Pres. Democrats don’t see it. They are just waiting for handouts from the government. Some of the idiots in our country don’t understand economics. When everyone lives off the government who pays the bills, who pays the taxes. We need our small businesses back, restaurants to open and for people to get back to work. When people prosper our country prospers. BLM and Antifa are just down right trouble makers supported by Soros and other liberals. They create problems in our country and then they come with the solution. What a joke! If these people had a normal job they would be tired and stay at home with their families or get involved in doing something that would help their communities and not destroy it. We need to work hard to expose this voter corruption and get Pres Trump another 4 yrs. Only then will we see change and save this Republic.

      5. Hi Barry,
        I don’t agree with you on the point of the blacks forcing any thing on the country.
        I believe it is the left wing media, The holly wood group of pampered whining liberals & the corrupt democratic party doing it. Oh yes, lets not forget the over paid sports cry babys.
        The educated blacks along with any other people in this country with any ambition, no matter their race or nationality are not the problem.
        If given the opportunity I still believe that most people would rather lead a productive life & be part of a peaceful society.
        At risk of sounding delusional, & yes, I know I sound that way here, I would rather give the liberals a chance to correct their actions & attitudes before having to take actions.

        1. Well we can give them a chance to correct their actions, but we can still be prepared for actions. If they don’t see the it, then we should still carry on as we see fit!

      6. I consider this more of a Revolutionary War 2.0. It is to fight taxation without representation, which we haven’t had in many years.

      7. Barry, it’s not ‘the blacks’ who are trying to force the socialism on us. In fact, they are just as much victims as the rest of us. The people who are trying to force socialism on us are a small (relatively) group of globalist totalitarians in the top echelons of the Demonrat Party. A few of them are black (Like the Obamas) but most of them are as white as you (presumably) are: Clintons, Bidens, Schumer, Pelosi, etc.

      8. I m behind you 100% we can not let Biden or Racist Harris in the White House! It’s worth fighting for! if it means Civil war bring it on! But as a Christian I pray our Lord will bring Biden & Harris and all that had a part of the voting scam down
        The Rath of God!!!!

        1. Continue to pray , God’s hand is not shortened nor is his judgment slackened. I just may be His timetable to remove the church and all believers in Christ and then let the nation be consumed by Satan for a period of time. We know that when Christ comes with His saints it will be a lawless violent generation . God is still the almighty and controls everything that is taking place . I believe that many Christians are now realizing that this may be our last time to share the Gospel and bring many to salvation before the Gathering out of the Church. We are seeing many mainline churches becoming apostate . Not having the Spirit of God or the truth of His word and laws and statues being preach which is a sign of the last days of the church age. We can talk about civil war but let us look at it this way this is a spiritual war and we better get our act together and be on our news for hours each day crying out for God’s intervention and this nation and every Democrat to wake up and see that judgment will come and that that judgment will begin in the church and then move to Government and finance and division of the nation .

          1. sorry for the couple miss spellings the word should have been knees The other are in the typo was It may just be God’s timetable.

      9. No one want to see a commie revolution in our Nation and that is what it is, not a Civil War two. But it has clearly come to that and China, Big Tech, the Commie/Left/DemoRats have pushed “We the People” to this point and when the dust clears, there will not one left standing..!!! Read the book “The Day The Nation Died” and you will get a good look at what a Biden Administration will do to Old Glory the USA..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

        1. This is what I have been saying on Facebook and these liberal morons are sending me emails that would make your hair curl. They cannot believe that Biden is a corrupt senile crook, and that Harris is a communist! They cannot believe that Soros and Obama are in the middle of this! It was plain as day, for the last 6 months! How foolish can they be!

      10. It may be bloody and nasty, but it will be a short war. The Democrats are so anti-firearm it will not take long to annihilate the BLM and Antifah evildoers while the rest of the Dems lie, suck their thumbs, and cry. We in the South finally will be vindicated.

      11. The next war that we all are going to face is to stand on God’s side to face the Devil.The Bible say’s that when the capitol of Isreal is returned to Jeruaselem the second coming will be the battle between the Lord and the devil. I plan to be on Gods side.


      1. Why don’t we refuse to pay our taxes so their agenda can’t be paid for. Civil war can’t be done by geography but taxes are another way to fight them all across the nation.

    3. I hope this does not happen, but it would not surprise me either. i noticed your post date(12-8-20 at 12:20pm), where are you located?

      1. Bidin…..Obama….HILLARY all had a hand in Bengazi and Seal Team Six murders. And walked. This was the First travesty .The next was all three starting a sex ring trafficking young children to get richer and richer .the bat part was Trump found out about all their schemes . They could not impeach so THEY had to cheat with the dominion. The worst thing to be allowed .The German Chancellor proved that Trump won the election by a land slide, the Supreme Court would not hear the Texas and 26 states proofs of
        Cheating ballots because 3 justices children were THREATENED. ..
        Now America is held hostage by

    4. I hope to GOD that Trump will run them totally RAGGED… NEVER LET UP… GIVE THEM
      TOTAL HELL EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY!! That is exactly what they have done to him!!…. maybe he can lead a coup to government takeover… would love it…

      1. I agreed with all the comments made by Trump supporters……I love our president and may god blessed all of us that he will win otherwise a civil unrest will happen and I rather have that then Biden and his bitch of a VP in the White House.

        1. I don’t want a civil war, at the same time I don’t want Biden and that communist Harriswoman in our White House.

      2. Me Too! Those Democrats are very sick people! I knew that politics were dirty but I never expected our politics to be this bad! This is like a Saddam Hussein Election!

      3. Why not request now by the American people for our good President Trump who is still Commander and Chief of our Military and all Federal Marshals ,Sheriff’s ,police etc, place all them Obama,bush,Biden ,paloski & Sen Shuller etc under arrest for Treason and Federal embezzlement etc and prevent a civil war ,but secure our U.S. safety ,people and country ??????????

    5. My thoughts, exactly. I never thought this catastrophe could happen, but it looks like the BAD GUYS outnumber the GOOD GUYS! Biden will never be my president; he belongs in a nursing home, not the White House, where he will be used as a Judas goat, while Barach Obama blatantly takes his third term as president, allowing China access to everything we hold dear! Justice must prevail!


      2. Not quite. Won’t Harris become our first woman president? If they (the Democratic party) find him incompetent to be president?

        1. You are correct. Find Biden Incompetent and Harris id President. She gets assassinated and Pelosi is next in Line, God forbid.

      3. I fear Obama will become Kamal-face’s VP if she takes over when they get rid of JB. He could serve most of her term if they also make her leave office, which would result in the total capitulation of our country to the Chinese and NWO globalist elites. Unthinkable. We all better pray, and be ready for whatever comes.

      4. Agree with you that clown Biden will never be my President either but what is really scary is Kamalass Harris! She is a pure leftist Democrat Communist goon like A.O.C. Don’t think the Commie Democrats will leave ole Biden in for 3 months and they will depose him.


    7. Totally agree, Biden is not my president. Anyone who has to cheat does not deserve my respect. He can make all the mandates he wants I will live my life free of all the liberal cheaters.

    8. Four years of trying to get rid of Trump with the false Russia bs and it finally comes out it was a hoax perpetrated by democrats with the help of some dirty republicans. Great! Right? So what happens? A couple of FBI people get fired. Why has no one gone to jail? And now that but by the grace of god, we will be turning over the control of our government to these criminals. All of the Biden association with China will be swept under the rug. With all that Trump has done for our military I’m wondering where they will stand ???

      1. Hey Dave,
        Here’s the reason why the Democrats are fighting so hard: President Trump in 2017, passed the Congressional Reform Act, which has a whole bunch of goodies, they (the Dems) hated, like no more freebies for the government, must buy their own health plan & retirement plan. No more voting themselves pay raises, must abide by ALL American laws. Here’s the best—no more outside contracts, they are all VOID.
        Then look up Amendment 28, and see what they passed secretly.
        Let me know what you all think? This, I believe was the main reason for mail-in ballots. So they could rig the election.

    9. Totally agree, we are going to War. Americans not so stupid like democrats fell.
      Just be shure that you have gun under your pillow and do not be afraid to used without any sorrow if you needed!!!

    10. It may already too late to begin prepping James except on a minimal basis. However there is still much that can be done to help secure your loved ones. Start looking around for friends that have skills and resources available and I pray that you have some of both yourself.

    11. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be ‘funny’! Here the Dems pull the worst fraud ever on our country, then Biden stands there asking for ‘unity’!!! The poor hypocrite really ‘does’ have dementia. It could have worked for them if we didn’t have Pres Trump in office. He’s been pulling back the ‘curtain’ on the corruption in our government ever since he took office. He’s still doing it. Now, they’re doing their best to sabotage our Constitution and entire country. They’ve attacked our most precious freedom–the freedom to vote for our leader. Well, it won’t work this time. We won’t stand for it.

      1. That is correct, if President Trump was not in office, they may have gotten away with the Fraud Election, but Trump was expecting it, and he was wise enough to see it!

      2. Like I before, DON’T PAY TAXES to fund their agenda. Civil war is difficult since we Trump supporters are all over the nation. This can be done civil instead of bullets. Snipers can be killed too and we don’t want that probability.

    12. If there was no Jesus and I could get away with it what I would do to every Devil Worshipping Democrat I can not say here … just figure it out yourself …

      1. Love those words! I have been thinking about this sort of hate. I wish all Democrats a Very Merry Covid-19 Christmas, and a very happy Covid-19 New year!
        I sometimes tell myself this has to be a dream, but it is not?! These mental midgets are screwing with us and I am sick of it!

    13. Are these traitors, these dumocraps, these liars so STUPID that they don’t know their egos are going to be destroyed! They are going down in history in disgrace, as vermin, as maggots, as scum and will forever be described thusly in our history books….they are PATHETIC and their god satan will reward them in hell….will HOTTER FIRES!!

    14. No one wants a civil war so stop with that. Trump lost and he should bow out with dignity and not act like a spoiled child (sore loser) Act like a REAL MAN and concede, respect the process. So some votes were stolen but not enough to change the result according to the courts.

      1. A few votes in the right locations is all it takes, remember the Kennedy/ Nixon election was stollen in Chicago. When are WE THE PEOPLE going to stand up to servants of SATAN and send them straight to HELL? Just wondering.

    15. You know, its not even necessarily about Trump. There is a great doubt overcasting our Presidential election. One would think that the democrats would equally want the truth to be seen to maintain the faith of the American people. Well, that is, of course, if they were being honest which obviously they arent.

    16. This is so sad after so much of keep ing country free and it boils down to –those who can—fight for the rest of us.

    17. James: Hello. We need for a 300,000 -person Conservative march to the National Mall, just outside the Capitol Building on 20 Jan 2021, to conduct a “Come Moon Man” , that is an “in your face” demonstration directly at bite-me biden. Yes, MOON HIM while he takes a fraudulent , lying “MISauguration” on the Capitol steps. A day that will live with bite-me IN INFAMY as a fraud occupying OUR White House.

    18. As much as I HATE THE THOUGHT, it looks like another gathering storm. Given the outcome will be bloody, don’t expect teenage sons or daughters to live to see what they are fighting for but remind them that their cause is just. If we can carry a stick we can fight. Let’s pray God rescues us. It will take another 150 years to recover if we do at all.

  2. Great! I am holding to the opinion that President Trump will be going to his second Inauguration. But that’s just me.

    1. Its also time to repeal the 17th amendment and teach the American people why its important for the states to select their own senators per the Constitution

    2. Same here! I certainly hope he pulls it off, however, it’s going to be interesting because Georgia is the key to it all. The fact that people wanted to certify the election in PA first, then rescinded their certification citing bullying and intimidation tactics from the other side… it does make you wonder how many people have been threatened or intimidated in person. If you have as family to protect, it’s easy to see how you would put them first. Unfortunately I don’t put anything past the Democrat Socialist Communists anymore, especially after seeing the blatant in our faces fraud that is being committed, and the blind eye that our politicians are turning towards this, enforcing the fake lame stream media news that there is no evidence of fraud. Problem is, people on the left tend to believe their fake news masters, not doing ANY research on their own, which is very sad.
      TRUMP 2020!!! MAGA Baby & KAG!!!

      1. As we all know money is the root of all evil. Evil in the form of George Soros and other millionaires has risen it’s ugly head to buy the people off to air on the side of Communist, Socialist for the next four years and forever after that. Prayers for Trump 2020.

        1. The complete quote of 1 Timothy 6:10 is, “For the *love of money is the root of all of evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Because people love and pursue money and power (the same thing) they are willing to do, as the Socialists say, “Whatever it takes” to get them. That is corruption.
          (Emphasis * mine.)

        2. MONEY is NOT the root of all evil. The ROOT of all evil is human power and greed.
          Money (just like the wampum beads used by the American Indians) is merely the latest
          “medium of exchange” in human history. And whatever is exchanged varies – it can be my best for someone else’s best (examples: my earned dollar for the farmer’s grown food, or the farmer’s earned dollar for new farm equipment to grow that food) — or money can be used to bribe or to threaten other humans, and the intended outcome is always the same – power and greed. SEE?????? I get sick of hearing about “money being the root of all l evil”. But the human desire for more and more money is simply the desire for control, either over our own lives or to control of others’ lives for our own betterment or grandizement. Therefore, the desired outcome of using money is, and has always been, greed and the desire for power. The ROOT of ALL evil is the same as it’s always been no matter what “medium of exchange” is used – for the dual purposes of POWER and GREED, the ultimate desire.

      2. Danger, that is true. Look back at what Hitler did right under the noses of the Jewish people. They showed movies of happy people in a wonderful camp, laughing and enjoying themselves, while shipping unsuspecting Jewish people in boxcars to death camps like Dachau. That’s what the news did!
        Is this, what is happening in America now, a replay of history with Communist China?
        Interesting question?

      3. If the Democrats get away with this monumental fraud, we will never have to worry about elections again. If they get the WH, Senate, and House, together with an ambivalent Supreme Court who don’t want to dirty their hands with election issues, they will remain in office forever, choosing their own successors if one of them leaves or dies. What about the Constitution, you ask? They do not respect or follow the Rule of Law if it interferes with them enriching and empowering themselves.
        What is interesting is that at some point, there will be an internal struggle for control in their corrupt little group, and they will eat each other alive.

    3. Donald: Hello. You are not alone, hoping that something last-minute will get Donald Trump in the White House for another 4-years of Make American Even Greater Again… as America FIRST. The other alternative, with bite-me biden in is UNTHINKABLE, the destruction and end of Our Country. With bite-me, it would be ” America LAST”, unfortunately.

  3. I’m behind President Donald Trump whatever he decides to do about the inauguration, go or not to go. if President Trump decides to run in 2024 I will vote for him.

  4. Neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris are fit to be President of the United States or Vice President. They will end ruining our Country and as stated above the only actions to resolve this may actually be a “Civil War”. The problem with this is that I am too old to be able to take part in any type of war. Plus I have sold off most of my guns to where I have 1 pistol, 1 rifle and 1 shotgun.

    1. I think that all the corrupt acts that the Demonrats have done , should be brought to light , they should be arrested , all of them , and at the very least be imprisoned for life . That would stop a lot of this criminal activity. Many , Many of them have committed TREASON .

      1. You are so right. Where is law and order and nobody is above the law? Must be if you’re a Democrat in power or you can write the rules to do whatever you need them to do at the time. Thoroughly disgusting to true Americans who believe in fairness, justice and accountability.

        1. The FBI and CIA and NSA are all corrupt. Obama presidentcy made sure of that and he’s still calling the shots from his lavish palatial estate on the Atlantic Ocean.

          1. this is obama’s third term/ now we have a past president in the white house who is a criminal and the “President Elect” Biden who is also a criminal. Both belong in The Jail House -NOT THE WHITE HOUSE. Wondering what name the new WHITE HOUSE will take on as this is considered racist. all in for a civil war.

        2. What do you think the 900 plus FBI files that turned up in the White House map room during the Clinton occupation were all about. Think about it?

    2. You are never too old to defend your rights. I’m a 73 year old disabled veteran (service connected ) and would defend my rights even from my wheelchair. I did two tours in Vietnam defending against communism and I’ll give my life against it in the United States.

      1. Thank you for your service and God bless you for your patriotism!! My late husband was also a veteran, and would be absolutely appalled by what is happening in America today! God help us!!

      2. You are correct. All vets took an oath for life. Not just time in service. Thank you for your service. I’m with you.

      3. God Bless you and thank you for your service, Don Bissette
        And this is the reason that I cannot believe that this has been going on. We fought for years to stop Communism and now it is going to rule us!
        I keep thinking this is a joke, right! or a dream and I will wake up!

    3. Kamala is NOT a natural-born citizen. She is not eligible, let alone qualified to fill either office. She should be in jail for actions she has taken to date. And I am sure you all know where Joe Biden belongs.

      TRUMP 2020, and 2024.

      1. Correct: Kamala Harris’ mother (deceased) from India, was never an American Citizen. Her father from Jamaica, retired professor, was NOT an American citizen at her birth either. Obama’s father was a British citizen as Kenya was still a British colony when Fraudulent Obama was born. BOTH OBAMA & Kamala were NOT vetted & were enabled by Pelosi et al. PRECEDENT: changes the Constitutional requirement that American President must be BORN OF TWO AMERICAN CITIZENS, so anyone from anywhere can now be “president” especially an undocumented illegal minority, just to punish Americans for success.

  5. Why would a duly elected president dignify pure dishonestly and cheating by attending the inauguration of a puppet president put into power by stolen votes- supported by a corrupt media, compromised for bribery or blackmail politicians- and foreign globalist? The few naive voters who actually voted for Biden would also be responsible for this total disgrace and sham. It would never happen. God bless America and God bless the real president -Donald J.Trump!! Wake up American- before you sell your freedom too.

    1. Mary, I hope and pray he does not go to this fake inauguration. He has suffered enough humiliation at the hands of these criminals.

    2. That is what I say,
      Why waste your time, he will only be in office for a short while…..they will declare him unfit in a few months and Harris /Obama will take over. The writing gas been on the wall for months! This was all orchestrated by Soros and Obama, and then he convinced Biden to have Harris as his VP and the stage was set.

    1. You got that RIGHT!!! Plus 2 night vision scopes on my 5.56 and 7.62 including tracer rounds!!! Scopes are sighted for 500 yards!!! Reach out and touch somebody!!! Lets get this going!!! GOD is great!! GOD saw this coming and he is prepping us. Stand firm and stand your ground by any means necessary!!!

  6. Although I’m fairly sure it won’t happen every true conservative politician should boycott any inauguration afforded Joe Biden. The line has been drawn and our nation is sitting on the edge of the cliff. The democrat party can wallow in their successful fraud. But the republican doesn’t have to join them and shouldn’t.

  7. I’m going to boycott everything that Biden doing
    I’m in on the Civil war to keep American the way it has always been
    Let fight for our rights and freedom also the First / second / Third and all of our Amendments
    God Bless America and all of the American citizens

    1. I’m with you John and the 75 Americans who voted for the best President our country has ever had. President Donald J. Trump. He is now and always will be my President.

    2. Very true and I will stand with you Johnny Basham and all other Americans who love this free country and our President!

  8. There are nearly 80 million Americans who willnever accept Biden as their president, me included. We have to stand together and resist the socialists in any way we can. That includes our money, our time and efforts, political power and yes resistance if necessary. They are cheaters and liars and deserve nothing.

  9. I wholeheartedly believe that the election of Joe Biden as President is a terrible smear on America! Most Americans know full well that Biden is not a suitable candidate for President and Kamala Harris is a socialist, which is not what the vast majority of Americans want! President Trump would have won the election had it been honest and the election of Joe Biden will be a farce! Whether it creates a civil war or not, it’s not going to be a heartfelt, positive election!!

    1. China wants Biden as the United States President. They own him. They can do and steal anything from us now. China couldn’t control Trump. They were scared of him. China owns a lot of our top politicians and corporate people. They have the desire to be the greatest country in the world. Intellectually, financially, militarily by all means possible. They are even trying to create a super human military soldier out of some of their own people. China has no limits until they had to deal with President Trump. We are in a lot of danger as a country.

      1. You are right Patricia, They could not own Trump, and that made them mad. They needed a Biden President who is weak, crooked and corrupt!

  10. how can this FARCE, Continue ? WE need to stop LISTENING to The MEDIA.. you don’t Listen, they go down… they KNOW how many listen to their BS on tv !! you don’t watch… NO JOBS. don’t even watch on YOU TUBE … ” IF ” the Fake prez biden…. don’t even watch him…. really, REBEL, as they have done to US, the American People..
    Fuhrer biden, WILL be worse than anyone, Can Imagine…. IN TRUTH….” WHO ” will ACTUALLY, BE IN THE White House………. Shouldn’t BE A ” SURPRISE ”
    I’M Wishing For The ONE, WHO is There Already……… As the Voters’ wishes MAY Be
    Declared NUL & VOID !
    P R A Y …….. Is ALL WE The People Have…. THEN…….. STOP Voting……. It Will Mean

    1. We have to watch them for our own sake. Watch how they manipulate the Constitution. Void it if they want. A revolution is on the way. We have to fight before they take everything we hold so dear.

  11. Why would anyone want to change the greatest country in the world ! Democrates they’ve become the dividers , enemies of our country . When you say we’re going to change America your saying your removing Americans as being important . You have left the door open for the un-Americans politician’s to sway their outrage on all of us , and democrates have fallen in line with them . So now we all lose , every country in the world wants what we have , and now to destroy it , it’s beyond belief .

    1. So sad but very true Zepher Zipping!

      God please help us Americans (who supported our president and love this country), President Trump, and his administration.

      I hope that COVID-19 will kill a bunch of DemoRats!

    2. This division started with Obama!! He was the one to instigate racism, hatred, separation of classes, and incited riots and chaos!! Obama was backed and funded by George Soros!! This is common knowledge among those behind the curtain! Obama started the “Hate America” trend and was happily joined by the radical Democraps!!

  12. i agree whit everyone what happens next wont be what the comunist and socialist party expect if biden and cammila go in.our country will never be the same again they will take every thing we have andwont give a dam about it or you.godd luck to all who voted for them you’ll get what you voted for.

  13. Your calling our government an “American democracy” is an indication of why this country is in the terrible shape it is in. Read through the pledge of allegiance; show us one place where it says we live in a “democracy”. Of course it doesn’t. This is why it is so very important that people study and learn what our forefathers established in THIS REPUBLIC.
    I highly recommend all to google Kris Ann Hall and listen to her teachings re: The Constitution.
    Our public indoctrination system; AKA public schools, has been very effective in dumbing down the past four generations. Paving the way for socialism.

  14. This is where the CONVENTION of STATES as per the U.S. Constitution could come into PLAY . . . by REFUSING to go along with the “Green New Deal” fiasco, FORCED abortion, EXTREMELY high tax rates, etc. by all these RED states coming together and REFUSING to hand over FEDERAL TAXES collected to the FEDERAL government (except what is NECESSARY to keep the FEDERAL government running) until the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT comes into COMPLIANCE with The U.S. Constitution. This ROGUE nonsense has GOT to end, ESPECIALLY if this was a STOLEN election which state SUPREME courts REFUSE to acknowledge. C’mon GOVERNORS, LET’S get together! This is the United States, NOT the FEDERAL States. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  15. Keep the Faith, play that God will intervene. If we must fight to keep our country free we will not stand down. We will rise up and protect our great nation.

  16. It all proves that Joe Biden, his son, Hunter, his wife, Jill, Kamala Harris and all he top democrats are all criminals that should not be allowed to live. They are perfect examples rogue reptiles that want world dominance.

  17. Joe’s not worried about a civil war, he has 80 million supporters right?
    as for me, I only have 1 gun and a bit low on ammo…………
    so I’ll just loot my targets 🙂

  18. REVOLUTION is the ONLY WAY to DRAIN the SWAMP! The Government Federal and State are RUN by CRIMINALS! Their Crimes against Tump were REALLY AGAINST the 78 Million Trump Supporters! This was not a Democratic Election! It was a Socialist Democrat TAKEOVER of the entire Country! REVOLUTION is the ONLY WAY to take Back OUR Country!

  19. It’s time to fight back. No more sitting around and watching our freedoms going up in flames. Begin with getting rid of antifa, BLM, and then draining the swamp. If it takes a revolution, so be it. I’m a senior citizen with not alot of years left, but I will fight for my children, my grandchildren and my country. My father was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed in 1941, and I don’t want his sacrifice for this country to have been in vain.

    1. Affirmative Linda…It’s now or never, if half the people that voted for President Trump would march on Washington they would get the message once and for all. Enough talk…Direct Action is required.

  20. I am proud of our President he is the only President in the history of our country who really and truly fought and is continuing fighting for this nation, that his love and his people. This Radicals want to change the course of THE GREAT AMERICA AND HIS POPULATION. This is the greatest nation in the world who provides the rights to freedom, prosperity, success and opportunities like no other in the world. Immigrants do anything to come to The Great America even the illegal immigrants brake the law to penetrate this beautiful land, to be here and enjoy all the wonders of this beautiful land. Now the extreme radicals, socialist, communist liberal want to destroy America the Beautiful. They are giving and they gave all the power to the anarchist to destroys. But we as an Americans have to stand toll, strong , do not concede to their cheating and despicable lies, fight to the end to take our country back. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE ANOTHER CUBA, VENEZUELA, ARGENTINA, CHILE AND OTHERS. The difference with Argentina, Chile and others the people from South America thoise people have balls and they will fight until their death.

  21. Wow, Biden is so ignorant. He tells people how much of a coward he is. He speaks like a real HOOD. He is a real thief, stealing the ‘ELECTION” HE NEVER WON”. Everyone knows he STOLE the election. We all saw it, all you have to do is see the NON-LIBTURD MEDIA. The Lying Media, keep the Liberals in the dark, by not reporting what the truth is. Just wondering what is going to take place should Biden Steal the position for the USA Pres. He will be the most hateful man ever, as he played his dirty, filthy and crooked ROBBERY. REMENBER WHO OUR LEADER REALLY ARE.

    1. Where is the Justice department, Why is there no investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden, why is there no investigation of the Joe Biden sexual assult.
      Why are all the fraud law suits being thrown out by Democrat and Republican judges even
      though there is video evidence of wrongdoing and a tremendous number of Whistle blowers with compelling stories about hauling ballots by the truck load across state borders and finding suitcases of ballots under a table, Why would ballots be in a suitcase?

      The swamp is alive and well, The justice Department won’t act. Some of the Republican
      Senators are congratulating Biden on his win. Fox news declared Biden the winner in
      States that had a minor majority of votes for Biden with a small majority of votes in during
      the vote count, while they would not declare Trump a winner even when he was ahead
      with the Majority of the votes counted , It seems to me that they knew there would be a surge of Biden votes at the very end.

      It will be interesting to see how the Supreme court will handle all this as I am sure the
      fraudulent ballot packing will eventually go to the Supremes. The Constitution says that it must be vetted by the SCOTUS and the election decided by 1 representative of each State voting for one or the other candidate.

      I doubt that there will be a civil war.

      1. Jerry, don’t be so sure about that. They have tabled it for now (not on the docket. I went right to the Supreme Court website. Have turned down all evidence from battle states, even the one from Texas, and the other 10 or more states that backed up Texas!

  22. I agree a civil war is going to happen if Biden is seated as president. They believe we are total pushovers because we like peace. But they have awaken the silent majority. That is why they want to disarm the people. So they can control you. They are afraid.

  23. I think instead of going to the inauguration, President Trump and all his followers have their own little “party” . Have it all over the country. This also will be a great time to discuss things to achieve in the next 4years. Now if we prove President Trump really won the election, think of this as the biggest, baddest party you can have! It is also a spit in the eyes aimed at the radical left.

  24. YOU STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU FALL FOR ANYTHING!!!! I support the fact that he will not attend the illegal nomination of the most corrupt President in our history and the people who helped get him there. This is the deepest part of the deep state that you never knew existed. Now as people who want this country to succeed 1st Georgia you must re elect Kelly and David, PERIOD, so we can have a balance. 2nd in the mid term you must remove from office any lying sack of sh*t that helped get Biden into office, and as Americans we can ourselves drain the swamp, then in 2024 we take nothing for granted. We don’t need people talking about this type of war or that type of war. You remove them from office the easy way. If they used the dead voters to elect Biden and Harris then get out your family trees and we will put an a$$ hurting on them

  25. we voted for President Trump ,we knew the representatives in both parties were currupted
    I have been a Republican all my voting years and am from the Greatest Generation.
    I am now a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. Biden?? he is just a figurehead for the socialist party and am angered to the true democrats to permit the socialist to take over their party.
    J.F.Kennedy was a good President ,how dare Biden to associate himself with J.Kennedy.
    President Trump is the best President America ever had and withstood all the attacks.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP ,2021 TO 202 !!!


    1. Mr. Jones,the times we all trained for are now upon us in our own country,and although many of us are old,76+ we also have years,and vast experience in deep guerilla resistance. Even if we cant “run,and gun” like we did as younger men,we can still inflict huge casualties by teaching the younger ones to resist effectively,and if we must die in place,TAKE LOTS OF COMPANY with you!!

  27. What If They Gave A Fake, Illegal Inauguration AND NOBODY CAME?! Sounds like a plan to me. If I was President Trump- NO WAY WOULD I GO! That would be legitimizing their crimes, and agreeing to it. (not to mention being with a group of demons that stinks to high heaven) !

  28. Joe Biden was illegally and unjustly elected President. There is nothing more we can do. Still the BLM terrorists, Proud Boys and ANTIFA are still raging for riots and murders with NO let up in their rebellion. And the Leftist Democrats and their cronies STILL want to take their rage and revenge upon 73 millions who voted for Donald Trump. They got their way and still they have plans of murder and mayhem even with a vaccine to curb the virus. Nothing satisfies the wicked of the nation. ALL they want is chaos and death.

  29. As much as I despise the democrats, all of them, Joe Biden is about the worse they could have picked. I wonder if he realizes what office he’s illegally been elected to? Is it the Senate or the Presidency? Don’t matter he’ll screw up either one! Putting a mentally deficient screw ball in charge of the nuclear arsenal shows how much sense or maybe hatred for President Trump people have. Regardless Biden or Harris are only figure heads unlike President Trump. President trump hasn’t threatened one freedom of mine unlike Biden and his ilk. Biden says he’s against abortion but he doesn’t want to infringe on anyone’s freedom of choice! Someone aught to remind this jerk he’s President of the United States with the responsibility that will interfere with a lot of people’s choices! Next take the Supreme Court spineless robed individuals claiming no partisan decisions on their part strictly law. First there isn’t any more law secondly have Kavanaugh and Barret along with others forgot the unruly partisanship shown to them by Booker ,Feinstein and the others that would have kept them from the lucrative positions they now hold if not for President Trump and other conservatives. Where was the law then? Covid mail in ballots riots in the streets all condoned by democrats has put us where we are now. God bless President Trump and thank him for the time he’s given us!

  30. “no” I do not believe this to be true whatsoever. I believe there will be marshall law and President Trump will not allow this illegal criminal fake elect president to come in and be inaugerated. If it goes that far well then he will be the first President to be arrested at his inaugeration.

  31. trump you can stop joe that the right thing to do because he will destroy you if he gets in you must know that by now and this country what do you have to lose i myself would do the right thing i trust in god he will win i support you

  32. You people sound like a pack of bumbling idiots. Sad that the US has proven itself incapable of organizing such a simple operation as an election, and having done so appear to have forgotten basis mathematics. If there was such a huge conspiracy, do you really think that at least one the thousands involved in organizing it would not have come forward and repented (particularly with huge rewards on the table), It is quite clear why Trump would love uneducated and obviously naive voters that are so easily believe whatever fairy tale he chooses to invent on any given dad. Give your head a shake, you are making the nation the laughing stock of the world.

  33. Trump supporters must stand together! Iam ashamed of the Supreme Court, they have been bought and paid for. Georgia is the next steal for the sewer. The Demercarts have gotten bro the young people in Georgia who will vote and they live in a dream world and will vote Demercart, All you people who voted Demercart, let’s hear you how you feel in a year when your life as an American has been turned commust!

  34. Nothing Ever Seems to Get ….Remedied or Corrected Anymore by the Laws that this Country are Supposed to be Going By.!!! Individuals and People, who are breaking the Laws… (Politicians, Government Officials, FBI, CIA, etc. etc. and even the Judicial System) – Has to Be Stopped Somewhere…..Looks like the Leftists, Democrats, BLM aholes, ANTIFA, and the List goes On and On…. These people and groups have Thankfully Brought Us to the Point We ARE AT……. Time to do some House Cleaning and Rid the Miserable Morons and Idiots of this Country. I Just Can’t Understand How So Many People Are “SO STUPID”…!!! Let the Better Times – Try to Roll…..

  35. People keep in mind, in a civil war, you may not just be fight, those in control. Just look at the Revolutionary war, and the French helping us out. If a civil war broke out in the U.S.A there would be more Chinese troops landing in California, and New York. Than one could count, do you actually believe, That the Liberals wouldn’t use any means possible to stay in power. And just who could the conservative, count on. I can tell you one, Most of them has wanted see the U.S. crumble for years. Sure they will fight to come over to, THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, But then try to change it when they get here. What a lot of people dont understand we are in a Civil war, but it’s being fought with the media and high tect. companies leading the way. What was it the Russians said back in the 60’s they would take over America, with out firing a shot. I’m sorry to say, the Commies are in our school systems, our Government, and Big business. I fear they have had success. I’m have seen my share of action I fought for other counties independence, Now that my time country needs me I’m to old. Best of luck to all of you.

  36. Nancy PIGLOSI and Chuck SNUCKER, and then ADD Socialist HARRIS keeping

  37. Surely given all the evidence of Joe being bought by Chinese and other (Ukraine) communists, all POTUS need do is implement the 2018 EO about foreign interference in elections. We need Trump in the White House and the DS in Jail. I personally would prefer to live under a military Government of Patriots under Trump than under a communist (in all but name) government which won by theft. That is NOT the American way and if America falls the world falls. As it was in the days of Noah ……….. one world government. We need a parting of the Red Sea miracle moment.

  38. I sit and watch as history appears to be repeating itself. Antifa & BLM being the modern counterparts of Hitler’s Sturmabteilung; Joe Biden being the modern equivalent of the aging, weakened President Von Hindenburg; Kamala Harris would the stand-in for Adolf Hitler. Biden will step down or be ‘incapacitated’ by a mystery ‘illness’ as Von Hindenburg died & left Hitler to assume control. Harris will immediately crank out Executive Orders limiting or abolishing Bill of Rights guarantees; as in the Reichstag Fire, there may be a mysterious fire or explosion in the US Capitol Building which the Democrats would then blame on POTUS Trump and his supporters in order to enact further dictatorial Executive Orders. I pray I am wrong.

  39. Great News it would only justify their corruption and deceit let the very weak Justice Roberts swear in his asshole buddy and yes their must be some truth to the rumors he made island trips with the Clintons……………

  40. ?& Stand up. Revelations: Asian rule sparks Armageddon; Israel, Jordan, Egypt, USA, & others survive, Christ returns to rule 1,000 yrs, & establish a new heaven & earth. TRUTH, JUSTICE, LOVE win. Clintons/Obamas/Pelosi/Bidens/et al will burn forever.

  41. I am a independent I see everyone complaining about the dem. And how they will ruin our country but not hearing a thing how cry baby Trump has put our country in the shiter i feel all them Rich bastards in office should be removed and put working class in there where money will be more careful on the wasteful spending going on


  43. OUR veterans fought and died to keep OUR country FREE ,,, they did NOT fight and die for SOCIALISM !!! The 2nd Amendment isn’t just for burglars , it’s the right for Militias to FIGHT BACK against the Tyranny of the Government . If the people don’t fight back , I do see China , through Biden , CONTROLLING our economy and DICTATING our lives , first thru SOCIALISM , then thru communism . A civil war is looming , with people setting up Militias around the country . FIGHT BACK for OUR country , our veterans did !!!

  44. The judges of the Supreme Court are people without principles, truthfulness and without honor. They are a disgrace to the US. May my statement support President Donald J Trump to continue his fight against this evil if to end in hell along with that false president Joe Creepy Biden !!!

  45. On the 21st of December, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, which may be seen by looking to the southwest, will once again align themselves as they have done for millennia, creating the wonder “Star”, which shone so brightly over Bethlehem. It may be a sign of a redemption of mankind, which many have waited for, as the Lord returns as He promised. It may not be an immediate salvation. However, we should look for it to begin in the hearts of the people of the world. This alignment occurred in 3 BC, and may be the true year of His birth. So let us all turn our eyes to this Heavenly occurrence and pray for a true redemption from a possible Socialist/ Marxist world. It is only possible with His strength, we all contain within us, but seem to be afraid of to admit it, for fear of scorn from the true devils among us. So, come and celebrate this happy season, not letting the “so called leaders,” put the fear of the Wuhan Virus in our hearts,saying we should stay home and hide in fear. We all have been given freedom of living as good people, by a much higher authority, as mit is wonderfully stated in our Constitution, rather than some governing individual, puffed up by his/ her own ego. May the star atop our trees, shine as brightly as Jupiter and Saturn. And lastly, let us really feel the joy and happiness of the season with smiles, rather than frowns.
    As Tiny Tim said, “God Bless Us, Everyone.”

  46. Sleepy Joe The Abortionist, Will Burn in Hell if Kamilla (another Abortionist) doesn’t have Him “Deleted” before the end of His natural life…
    I’m a TRUE Catholic, unlike FAKE sleepy Joe…

  47. I am from South Africa and I am amazed at the stupidity of some of the comments made by those who refuse to see the truth. Heaven is angry at the traitorous behaviour of the democratic politicians. When judgment is released on the USA and New York is destroyed by a tsunami after the democratic president is sworn in and California’s burns to the ground will these idiots blame Trump

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