Senate Democrats Plotting to Prosecute Trump Because They Can’t Beat Him

The Democrats have wrecked the American economy so badly that they know Donald Trump will be unstoppable in the 2024 election. They also know that because an army of volunteers will be watching the 2024 vote counting like hawks, to prevent a repeat of 2020, that they will have to face Trump in a fair election. They wouldn’t dare try to pull a repeat of 2020.

Since they know they’re facing electoral doom for their party, they are getting increasingly desperate. Democrats in the Senate are openly colluding with Attorney General Merrick Garland to try to prosecute President Trump, in order to take him off the playing field entirely.

We all know that Trump will be close to unbeatable in 2024 in a fair election. The Democrats wrecked the economy after just one year of having the imposter Joe Biden in office. This has given the voters such a stark comparison between the two governing styles – America First vs. America Last – that even a child could tell the difference.

When Donald Trump was in office, Americans had money in their pockets. They had jobs. They had the dignity of work and too many jobs to choose from. Gas prices were stable and cheap. Other than during the great COVID Toilet Paper Panic, store shelves were never empty when Trump was steering the ship. Other nations, including ones that were hostile to us, did not dare to cross any red lines.

Under Joe Biden, more Americans are leaving the work force every month. Gas prices will hit a national average of $5 a gallon at some point this year. Store shelves are empty in many parts of the country. Inflation has outstripped all of the wage gains that were realized under Trump. Russia is close annexing part of Ukraine, and China will likely retake Taiwan simultaneously, because both nations know that Joe Biden is weak.

The lives of everyday Americans are far worse today under the Democrats than they were a year ago under Donald Trump. With such a simple side-by-side comparison as that, Trump will be unstoppable if he runs again. To prevent that from happening, Senate Democrats are now plotting to have Trump prosecuted for the January 6 peaceful protest.


Crooked Hillary’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), says, “They have all of the evidence at their disposal.” Kaine claims that by trying to delay the certification of the electoral college vote, Trump somehow violated federal statutes (he doesn’t name these mystery statutes). Never mind the fact that every time a Republican wins the White House, Democrats in Congress go to extraordinary lengths to try to stop or delay the certification of votes. They even did this during Trump’s certification in January 2017, but that was somehow not an insurrection.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says there is a “lot of evidence” that Donald Trump was complicit in causing the January 6 protest. Here’s a crazy thought: Maybe the Democrats should have presented some of that “evidence” when they tried and failed to impeach Trump over January 6. The Democrats are always telling us that they have reams of evidence against President Trump. Why are they so bashful about sharing it with the public? Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told us that there was a ton of evidence “hiding in plain sight” that Trump colluded with Russia. And yet the Mueller witch hunt failed to find any of it.

C’mon, guys? Where is this evidence? Why don’t you ever use it when it could really make a difference?

Sen. Brown added, “I think anybody who it’s proven had a role in the planning of [Jan. 6] should be prosecuted, not just the people who broke in and smashed the window in my office and others.”

Since the media never bothers to go back and check claims like this, here’s a quick reminder. A glass coffee table was shattered in Sherrod Brown’s office on January 6. His window was just fine. I guess it sounds more dramatic and serious to say that his window was broken, but this is a lie – just like everything else the Democrats have to say about January 6.

I keep coming back to the fact that the Democrats impeached Trump over January 6 and failed to convict him. What in the world do they think Merrick Garland is going to do with a case against Trump, when he’s already been falsely accused of the crime and exonerated?

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33 thoughts on “Senate Democrats Plotting to Prosecute Trump Because They Can’t Beat Him”

  1. I do not remember the Democrats being the party of HATE, yet that is their calling card of recent times. Promoting riots, destruction and harm to anyone in their path to power. I have news for these terrorist, We are Americans and we cherish our freedom. The worst day in the life of a Democrat will be the day he/she tries to take our freedom, it will not happen. Americans will stand united, no matter the color of their skin or their background. America has no skin color.

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    2. Why is Garland trying to do this? What he is doing is called double jeorpordy. You cannot try a person for a crime if he was free the first time no matter what it is. If heshot some one and was cleared even of that they could not charge him again for the same crime. We are listining to 2year olds playing in the sandboxtrying to best one another. If enough of us write our congressmen whether they are reps or dems not all dems are stupid. How would any of us feel if they was trying to charge one of us for something that never happened. Me I would befithing them tell hell freezes over. This is America the land of the free so why are we letting them take it away from us?We out number them come on people fight back

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  2. In all fairness to former President Trump why don’t we invert back to the 2020 sham of elections? We’ve already dissected election results to uncover the fraud of dead voters and middle of the night huge ballot dumps. Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, now Wisconsin, and statewide fraud in Michigan. The Republicans won 2020 hands down, and the sad part there was no transparency for closure. Our constitution clearly says, if there is dereliction of duty that these officials can be & will be removed. This is truly what America wants, we went from America first to America last by the Joe Biden & administration, very sad days in America, the democrats have turned this country into a disaster….

  3. These Democrat politicians don’t have anything call evidence. Just their lying mouth as it was show by SCHIFF! Trying hard to make up something to STAY IN POWER OVER THE PEOPLE AND REPUBLICANS POLITICIANS WHO ARE COWARD LIKE MITCH McConnell. Try anything! But they will NOT BE ABLE TO STOP THE VOTER! WRITE- IN IS ALLOWED! Just as they allowed as CRIMINALS TO RUN FOR A DEMOCRAT SEAT!

  4. We need Biden out,, Trump back on. I think Trump won 2020 by a huge amount and the Dems used fraud to flip it by a few thousand votes in many states. The fraud covered up Trump WINS in those states of 100,000, 500,000, all landslides. Get your state and national lawmakers to put this forth and decertify this fraud election now. EVERY DAY BIDEN piles more disasters on America. It’s time to start unloadong those. Everything a fraud Admin has done gets thrown out, reversed. Border closed, pipelines back up and others being built again and gas price coming down again,, supply chain caused by Biden/Harris reversed, hard line against fraud and treason participants. Deport the few million illegal aliens and terrorists mix. STOP THE BORN IN USA GIVES INSTANT CITIZENSHIP POLICY,, of which CHINA is largest user, as gives citizenship even to babies born here to parents JUST ON VACATION HERE FOR A WEEK OR TWO. INSANITY.. No more letting murderers out right away, prosecute violence, theft, destruction.

    ETCETERA. Get on your Governors and state officials and federal Congress people.

    1. Spot on!!! All of these changes need to be done now! We need our America back. It’s time to take the garbage out!

    2. I agree put all of President Trumps policy’s back in to law. And Governors. You know about the votes. Make it right.

    3. Well…Oregon has a lying, cheating , vote stealing Democrat Governor that thinks she is Hitler reincarnated!! Recalling the vote would never get off the ground here! She has taken away the people’s right to vote in this state for anything more than school boards and city and county officials!! She makes up a law and just signs it into law against the will of the people of Oregon!! She even changed the law in this state that you can not impeach a Governor!! The only way to get rid of her is to do recalls against her…we have tried two recalls now, but she changes the rules after the petition has been approved for circulation, and every time she raises the number of signatures required to an astronomical number making it nearly impossible to get rid of her! This state, along with Washington and California went flaming Red in 2020 election but it was altered just like all the others country wide!! Kate Brown says Oregon did not use Dominion machines or their software, but my bet is she bought a same version just put out through another country under a different shell corporation name!!!

    4. I totally agree. Most intelligent Americans are sick of these stupid people in power who are trying to impose tyrannical rules on the middle class and honest hard working poor people just so they can make obscene greedy business deals to line their pockets. They are not doing the jobs they were supposed to do in representing the best interests of the majority of people who pay all the taxes. The truth is that they do not care about the majority of Americans at all. We the people have no say on how this government is run and what policies they are forcing us to accept. And you call this rule by Democrats a democracy????

    MILITARY. IT”S HEARTBRECKING TO Watch what’s happening and how are freedoms are being distroyed.I LIVED IN THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.Today I turn 79 and pray that our country goes back to normal. God help us.

  6. President Trump had nothing to do with Jan. 6th. There’s plenty of evidence the Democrats did. Let’s take Trump offering Pelosi 10,000 national guard to protect the capital and she turned it down. She really thought that measly amount of cops could do anything? It was all planned by the Democrats and almost all Americans know it except for the “woke” people that are still fast asleep into what’s going on. And then there’s the cops opening the doors and letting people in. If it was an insurrection why are the cops letting the people go in. Plus there’s witnesses that saw BLM and antifa changing into Trump supporter clothes. So there’s plenty of evidence pointing to the Democrats.

    1. I agree with all off this. The Dem politicians are evil people. They hate Trump and it is so obvious from all they have tried to do and failed. Jan 6; Trump authorized 10, 000 National Guard for that day Nancy refused and Security is her job. Trump knew that his supporters were upset about the election but this supporters are not violent people. The Guard was for crowd control and Joe told his supporters to March PEACEFULLY to the Capital to have their VOICES HEARD.

  7. I still want to know what Pelosi & her police did on 1/6, how much did they connive, & why didn’t Pelosi take President Trumps advice when he suggested she bring in National Guard to control such a large group, what about all the photos showing the police letting people in? Too many Antifa dressed as patriots.

  8. REMIND America how you were attacked with “a” phone call (AND IMPEACHED) to Ukraine whereby Biden wasn’t held to the same penalties/standards??? CRAP!! You were penalyzed, time after time and he has not been and his behavior has been beyond what you ever did! HOW IS THAT?? America has to know (give America that honor…) that your presidential time was and will be always held to the highest REGARD!! You will not let America down as always!! You know you are needed and know America will prosper again as we were before Biden
    was illegally proven elected! No thanks to the haters and liars!!
    WHAT the media won’t admit, most liars, haters and unhappy Americans HAVE NO ACCESS TO THE MEDIA AND NEWS!!
    THEY just go with the worst information they get because that’s all they have to relate to!! And do what the real liars tell them to do.. They have no clue what they’re thinking or replying to.. IDIOTS!!!

    THOSE DEMOCRATS will lose their income and their power if THEY DON’T WIN!! THAT’S WHY THEY’RE DESPERATE TO WIN!!! THEY will say or do anything to win!! America has to get smarter and stop believing those crooks!! That’s been the most destructive issue for America!! WE’ve ALL BEEN
    VICTIMS OF LIES and HATE!! BELIEVING whatever the left or crooks SAY OR REPORTS!
    President Trump has been the ONLY ONE TO RESOLVE MAJOR PROBLEMS!! RESEARCH!!! America needs him NOW!!

  10. Sen. Sherrod Brown says he wants everyone involved with the January 6th Democrat lie to be prosecuted.
    Does that include BLM, ANTIFA, CIA, FBI and democrat operatives like Nancy piglousey and RINO China Mitch?
    Probably not….

  11. This is why the liberal asswipe clowns running the Jan. 6th circus are going way overboard subpoenaing anyone and everyone just trying to dig up SOMETHING on President Trump !! The GESTOPO of the democratic party and all their little NAZIS like having all the POWER and CONTROL , but they’re using it to destroy OUR country .

  12. We the American people want to keep our freedom and we need to read our constitution more often. We need Donald Trump back, we need to remove these sick individuals like Obama and soros and fauci and Pelosi and Schumer and waters and Nadler who hate us all. We need to stop paying there paychecks. All these people must be removed and bought to justice for the crimes that they have committed. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and others must be charged. The American people are sick of all these people who keep getting away with their crimes. They all need to be punished fully.

  13. The Democratic Demonic party will not destroy all the blood, sweat, tears, prayers and wisdom of our founding forefathers. This land is sacred and God is getting ready to take you back behind the woodshed and it’s not going to be pretty. You had better repent and ask God to forgive you. Philippians 2:10, That at the name of Jesus every Knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
    Father God, Lord of heaven and earth, if it is your will, I pray President TRUMP is reinstated back to the Whitehouse and that nothing and No One can stop it from happening. And, that the dirty Rat, devils and mockers will be removed and that the Marxist state media will be completely shut down. Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay, it’s Independence Day!!

  14. People get executed for committing crimes like JOE BIDEN, KAMALA HARRIS, FAUCI AND POLOSI WHAT IS WRONG HERE. We the people need to take charge and bring them to justice make them pay for what they are doing to us talk is cheap ACTION IS WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN

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