Senate Launches Probe into Hunter Biden Following NY Post Story

It’s October and we are 2.5 weeks away from a presidential election. Traditionally, presidential candidates release an “October surprise” around this time every election that is such a bombshell that it swings the election pendulum. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now with the release of emails that seems to show that Joe Biden used his position and power while Vice President to help his son’s firm, Burisma.

Thanks to this release, the Senate is officially launching a probe into Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings. You thought you knew about this story, but it continues to get worse with every passing hour as new information is dripped to the public.

The Burisma scandal was thoroughly ignored by the mainstream media and the left (still is to this day, ask any Democrat who only watches MSNBC or CNN, they know nothing about it). If you forget the details of the scandal, here is a quick recap:

Hunter Biden sat on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. He was elected to the board with no credentials — other than being the son of the head of the U.S.’s Ukrainian policy. While Hunter earned $50,000 a month as a member of the board, a Ukrainian prosecutor launched an investigation into possible corruption at Burisma. Joe Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian government by threatening to withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees until they fired the prosecutor. They buckled and fired that prosecutor, and the investigation into Burisma stopped.

Joe Biden was asked about the whole thing. He said that he never talked to Hunter about business deals (an obvious lie), and that’s why there was no conflict of interest. He claimed that the Ukrainian prosecutor was fired for corruption. Yet, after the new government was established during the Trump Presidency, investigations into Burisma restarted. The company has since crumbled.


You’re caught up, and now you’re ready for the new information. Some emails have leaked, and they are smoking guns. They show that Hunger Biden introduced Burisma board members to his father in exchange for favors and money. They were dated a few months before Joe Biden stopped the Burisma investigation.

Additional emails show that Hunter is as corrupt as human beings get, but the focus right now is on Joe because he is running for the presidency. These emails indicate he lied about knowing about Burisma and his son’s deals. That escalated this scandal from being an overt conflict of interest to outright corruption. It means Joe Biden used the office of the vice president to make his son money — money that was spent on illegal drugs and prostitutes, and might have also covered up a violent crime.

We now have proof that Biden abused his power and enriched his family in regards to Ukraine. We have long suspected that he was doing the same things in China and Iran. At least Ukraine isn’t an outright enemy of the U.S. If Biden was consistent in his corruption (watch for more email leaks), then we will soon be able to prove that he abused his office to put billions into his son’s companies, and he did it while selling the U.S. out to her enemies. It’s corruption, treason and abuse of power all rolled into one. Some might call that the Democratic trifecta.

There is only one way that Joe Biden and the corrupt Democrats can be held at bay. His name is Donald Trump. He did great with his first four years, imagine what he could do with four more.

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66 thoughts on “Senate Launches Probe into Hunter Biden Following NY Post Story”

  1. There are no words that can describe the corruption and evil deeds done by Biden and son! He should not receive the first vote! If people can read they know Biden should be in prison, both of them!

      1. For the love of God!!! I have no idea why Joe Biden was not castigated for his actions helping Hunter get a high paying job with no experience ! What Joe – mr vice president-
        did to get his son a job is a dishonor to the entire political system! Why doesn’t anyone give a crap ! The present president promised to clean the swamp of these free loaders and
        so far hasn’t come through! Hillary really needs to be SPANKED HARD , but everyone
        owes her something so all mouths are mum. Damn , I HATE our government!

        1. you can not hate our government as it was first set up, you can only dislike the people that have used our country to blind side the people of this great nation. I at first had thought OBAMBA was the most evil but I am learning his VP and others are just as bad.
          Yea we have someone wanting to drain the SWAMP, I can only hope the swamp gets drained after all it has been said the storm is comming

          1. If Trump wins, and I hope so, then the biased fake news on broadcast TV should be
            sued by the government, big time. They should be balanced to all parties, at all time.

        2. Amen, George, your singing the song of an awful lot of us. How ever, we don’t have all the facts, so there is a good possibility that Trump and Barr actually plan on draining the swamp but just want to wait till after the election so as not to rock the boat with unknowns till afterword. We can point indirectly to we the people. We put people into office to represent our states but have no idea what their character is really like. Maybe we need a ridged investigation of candidates by the states, to weed out the sludge, or more “recalls” when they don’t represent us.We should have known what to expect when we dumped God. Good response George.

          1. We need a means of public control. Right now, most citizens vote for the best liar, the one that well meet their needs. After elected they very seldom do what they promise they are going to do. All elected officials should be limited to 50% of their salary, then after 2 years (elections occur every two years) and the public should vote on how good they do their job. If they don’t get a good vote, then they remain with their reduced salary. After 4 years they should make a greater effort on their performance if the want to run again.

        3. Unfortunately, the FBI is on it, sat on it for a year. Same was with going along with not only Hilary’s e-mails, but Hilary’s request to create a Russian-Trump collusion story to divert from the e-mail scandal. Only now, that the Biden story is out, is the FBI looking into it, but wait, it is only the source as to whether it was Russian interference and planting the e-mails, not investigating the Bidens. One of the partners of Hunter has come out and verified the e-mails and shown his computer.

          1. I have no respect for the FBI , the have shown their true colors. Chris Wray should be charge to the full extent of the law as well as Biden and his son Hunter.
            Do not swept this under the rug.

        4. Hey George, the reason you don’t see or hear about what Trump is doing and has done is because the democrstic SWAMP RATS like basement pelosi, biden -hunter, hilary, obama-micheal or to the world known as mishell, and about 170,000 others are being scheduled for indictments and later either GITMO or to be hanged for everything from safistion to treason… not to mention the child trafficking and killing of children and babies to make their drug adrenachrome…. and that about 8 dead young bodies were found on biden’s property….

          No you will never hear about this news because the mainstream media or msm along with all social media platforms are the bitches of the Democrats…. meaning they are following the marching ours from their so called leaders.

          If you want to find out the truth you have to stop taking the Democrats BLUE PILL which keeps us asleep and start getting Red Pilled and learn from alternative groups which you most know now that the big social media companies like facebook/twitter are editing, blocking, suspending and censoring anyone that tries to counter the democrats lies or expose news like the ny post just released about hunter biden and his illegal board of directors position with Ukraine’ burisma company… I heard that basement biden black mailed the Ukrainian Government by threatening to withhold 1 billon in financial aid money if they didn’t fire the one employee investing hunter for illegal crimes at burisma… well they fired the employees to get that money but when Trump became president he had the hunter burisma pride restarted…. and biden not only knew about it he established that relationship… just one of hundreds of crime Trump and the patriots are working on to bring all these SWAMP RATS to justice…. but this take time but where you believe or not Trump will win in 2020 and by March you will see many arrests made because Trump will be also cleaning you the msm and social media or sm… you is calking this clean up operation MSM-Gate and Social Media-Gate.

          If you want the real news goto youtube before they shut our digital soldiers accounts down and do s search for “Santa surfing” and “x22 report…. there are many other digital soldiers like these and once you began listening you will be able to add more people in the know to your knowledge base….

          Don’t believe what news you see on msm take the red pill now or you snd all of us will wish we did if sleepy joe snd fake harris take the White House… they will abolish to entire constitution so no free speech—- which they are proving they already don’t respect… and forget the 2nd Amendment they plan to take our guns and defund police—— which their controlled governors and mayors like ny coumo…ca newsom and that bitch lightfoot in chi town has already shown us…. Trump wants the people to see just how far the SWAMP RATS will go because sometimes you can’t just tell the people they have to see it and live it like this fakedemic has proven….

          The bottom line is… this is not about the China virus it’s about the demon rats winning the election so they can bury their crimes and make sure there is never another uncontrollable man like President Trump in power…,fyi…. the dem have been cheating on the elections for decades… the reason killery was so pissed in 2016 is because even though they cheated Trump still won honestly because the people have spoken in so large of a number that his votes Trumped hers even the additional o e she stole from the Republican Party… this is why Trump has been exposing and suing states for voter fraud and very soon he will be announcing a new and cheat-proof voting system called the quantum voting system or QVS… based on block chain technology which is unhackable.

          So the dirt Dems won’t be able to buy votes from the homeless, ballet harvest force vote by mail only based on the fakedemic hype like assmouth Newsom passed a law on in California…

          It’s time for all the bullshit and abuse on the American citizens to STOP… that’s why billionaire Trump decided to take over and make it happen… so if you continue to listen to msm please note that everything they say about Trump is what they are and have been doing…,

          In impeachment has fake Muller was fake and now it’s Trump’s turn to prosecute. The only difference is they actually committed their coming charges…

    1. Vote and encourage any and everyone you can to do the same! Lay out the what is at stake and the fact that Trump is trying to keep America the way it is at least for 4 more years, FREE COUNTRY!!!

      1. The billionaire are doing more damage to the Republican Party’s than anyone else. They’re using their wealth to put in the cropped democrat in office in all states. This is a Invesment so the swamp take care of the billionaire. And the people don’t have a voice.

    2. Nothing will happen!. he and his shit bird son will walk just like hildabeast did. I want people to know that. I also want people to know.
      George Washington did not sway British intentions with handsome speeches of empty consequence. He shot them my good sir, he shoot them!

    3. Biden is s National Security threat and he MUST step out of the race for the Presidentcy at the very least. Of course Bidumb and the piper Hunter should be prosecuted for their crimes. I have noticed that not One of these corrupt slobs has been held accountable going back to Obama’s crime wave administration. Barry and Mootch weer the most corrupt couple to ever soil the White House.

  2. That Biden’s name should even be on an American ballot is a travesty. He is a liar, a thief and an enemy of the American people. He should not receive one yes vote from a true American patriot. C’mon folks, you now know the truth about the Bidens. Get out there and vote for Donald Trump, a true American patriot and a man you can trust

  3. The senate can put Badin in jail he doesn’t know any about oils. Him and his family they made a good money between China and U K.

    1. No, that was Barry Obama. Bidumb is being used by the Evil Democrats Communists and that includes his wife Jill. The Whole Democrats Party should be prosecuted for High Treason for trying to overthrow the duly elected President Trump. Thats just for starters.

  4. He should be stopped and not allowed to continue as far as I am concered this is full blown treason! He should be in prison along with all his family members involved in these scams!

    1. He isn’t the only one!!! I can think of several career politicians that have literally sold our country our from under us, and we have to stop them so VOTE for Trump and encourage everyone you can to do the same!!!

  5. Not only the Biden’s need to be in jail, but Obama as well. He knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. And after all these things are coming out, you would think Obama & Hillary would start keeping their corrupt mouths shut, but no, they are still slandering our duly elected President! The Obama/Biden/Clinton corruption to our country has to stop NOW! They are all guilty of treason. President Trump needs 4 more years to put them where they all belong, in jail!

    1. the above statement is true to it’s every word, only they are running their mouths hoping to throw up per-say a smoke-screen so people will not pay attention to them,

    2. well said, Sonja. My personal opinion is that Trump is the best at doing what we elect a president for, that I’ve seen in my lifetime. (86 years) He isn’t morally pure, He is feisty instead of being meek, and all the things they try to condemn him for doesn’t make him less effect at running the country and representing us to the world. Every one of us were also sinners till Jesus cleansed us at the cross so who ever has never sinned can cast the first stone. I cringe at the thought of the liberals who are opposing him if they were to win and they hold our destiny in their pathetic hands. Ya, I’m conservative. I believe in the constitution and bill of rights running our country, and God running our hearts. past that, freedom. I liked your entry.

    3. Please remember, Obama and Hillary STARTED the Deep State, started the fake email, and the Corrupt FBI also. Trump should totally revamp the FBI (we cannot trust them any more) and get AG Barr to finish the investigations. I think the Demons are threatening him as they did Sessions (a do nothing candidate). He may be waiting until after the election is done to go on with the investigations. Not sure if Durham is good enough to investigate these problems.
      And I believe the fake press should all be sued, shut down, they are Fake everything, and have put our president through “living hell” with their lies and fake news stories, which our youth believe, and all major colleges are being paid as Liberals to teach our youth, Our future voters these lies. That is a major problem and President Trump knows about the Liberal schools, and will begin to withhold their funds from our goverment until they clean house. They are the ones who started this junk of not being able to speak the truth, or be punished. Many problems because of this media, fake stories!!!.
      Just remember, tell EVERYONE you know to vote for our President Trump. There will be fraud everywhere, Hillary had 3,000 votes from illegals !!!, cried because she DID NOT WIN. Still crying and the hate and lies for most of the problems come from the Democrats, starting with Nancy Bell with her constant lies. I have seen messages where she will lose and most of the RULING Demons will not be voted for. She has fought the group trying to get her impeached, fired, whatever, and that will be a huge vote from the Democrat voters. Vote them out, most are really criminals, got rich from illegal doings.
      Our President Trump donates his annual salary to worthwhile causes !!. So, that is another good thing he does. No president in history has ever done this (that is known). May God Bless the USA and President Trump !! Hope Google DOES NOT DELETE MY MESSAGE. It has happened before, they don’t want the truth to be printed.

  6. As I have commented over the last 8 years American will soon find out how corrupt the Obama administration really was. Frutation is a wonderful thing, now Joey has been pinned down to china and Burisma, and I am sure if it is checked further you are going to find out a list of names of democrats who have been using the Ukraine as a area to launder money for their campaigns. Coruption must stop in this country and it CAN START WITH THEM, THEN THE SPECIALS INTEREST GROUPS.

  7. The silence coming from the Justice Department is deafening. The FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop for months and has done nothing. Big Tech and the Main-Stream-Media are doing all they can to bury the story. This country has never been in greater jeopardy than right now. If the Democrats win this election kiss this country goodbye.

  8. Get all this out everywhere before he gets any more votes. Won’t matter to the corrupt democrats but it might swing the undecided voters

  9. I totally agree with the fact that they are all guilty but you need to remember that as soon as someone gets close to the corrupt Clinton/Obama machine, they tend to either die unexpectedly or disappear.

  10. do you want that CRACKHEAD hunter, sleeping in our white house? lets get rid of this trash now. he might like the male companionship that he will have in jail! he is a true PIECE OF S,,,,T! just like his old man!

  11. Do you really think those treasonous biden boys will be brought down? The deep state has protected them and the Clinton’s, obumas for years and only went after conservatives. Time for the gop to man up and work for the American people who voted them in. Hawley talks big, does he have bite behind his bark.

    1. From previous articles approximately 1 year ago, there was a claim that Chinese money was also being laundered through burisma even though they were in bankruptcy reorganization. We know that monies from burisma were then transferred to the investment trust that Devon Archer, hunter Biden’s friend, established to distribute the kickbacks to those that played along and looked the other way within our government – since the FBI just disclosed they have had a copy of the computer found in the repair shop in Delaware in Dec, just prior to impeachment proceedings getting started, it is plausible the FBI is one of the major players that is receiving the distributions from Archers trust company. Starting the impeachment hearings after the FBI had the incriminating data from the laptop sounds similar to how killiary started the russian collusion hoax to get the attention from her email fiasco. Also similar to Feinstein submitting letter to SCOTUS confirmation hearings about blasey ford’s letter to Feinstein that sat on Feinstein’s desk until she has to redirect attention from herself due to findings that she had a Chinese spy in her employ for 20 years and claimed she did not know he was a spy – he was there to keep her on a leash making sure she lived up to the agreement she had with the chi-coma for the riches they gave her. Just like Pelosi whose husband has multi-million dollar contracts with the chi-coma that can be cancelled at any time if Nancy does not do the chi-coma bidding within government and Pelosi has been on trumps ass ever since he levied sanctions against China and now Pelosi is redirecting attention about claiming trump did a lousy job w/covid response but never acquiesces that the virus originated from China.

  12. i agree that both bidens should be put in jail they are both criminals but joe biden should be thrownout of the running and arested for treason.

  13. Have you ever heard the term, squeal like a stuck pig? If not, pay attention, you are about to see a prime example. Biden and the democrats are about to launch a birage of twisted excuses and defence stratagies to try and justify the actions of their former corrupt vice president and his son. CBS and MSNBC will be on the band wagon up to the point where they almost look complicit. We have seen similar to this before. It was called Watergate, no political party is immune. Watch this dance, if it weren’t so detrimental to our nation, it would be funny. ?

    1. Today’s society is phone or tablet based. The person that has a multi-media computer and a Television (everyone) will see the true news. That is PBS and others, not on FOX, CBS and MSNBC.

  14. So OK, from all the posts plus what I have heard from other sources, we have a problem Houston. IF Biden is removed from running for President, where does that leave us (U.S.). With no Democrat running for POTUS, will that make K.H. the front runner on the ticket and then she will nail someone for her V.P.? The U.S. (Republicans) will be in deeper POOP without Biden, I think it is a foregone fact that Trump will take the victory lap but, without Biden as a loser, we will have another 4 years of the Democrats crying foul or something and he will have another 4 years of investigations and Nancy wasting House time in her personal ball game, i.e. impeachments. Sure, Biden should not be on the ticket but, he is, let him run and lose by a landslide and just get this political crap put to bed and get back to making and keeping America great instead of this damn infighting. Facts being facts, after November, kick some butt and get the charges on file and then prosecute via trial and keep the MSM out of the picture, the Democrats use the MSM to their advantage.

  15. Where is the FBI?..they had this and did nothing. That needs to stop, now! WHO RUNS THE FBI? They need to answer some hard questions now! Arrest Joe, Hunter and any of the involved..There are several crimes here and Treason is one of them.

  16. I cannot believe how many people are so blind to there action on believing that he is a honest up standing man when so much has come out Of his deceit. They all must be drinking the koolaid to belve the lies he is saying.

  17. Obama is the source of all this and probably George Soros too. Senate leaders, yes you too Chucky; it is time to get to the truth. Any patriotic Democrat senators ( If any can be bold enough to stand ) need to denounce the Bidens and the Obamas and align with the Republicans to end this EVIL and restore our country to the Constitutional, Law and Order, Freedom Loving, people that WE are. Government of the people, and for the people.

  18. Draining the swamp is good but setting limited term for elected officials is a must to help get ride of corruption.

  19. Its a shame more people dont know about this before the election. Its because of the liberal media hides everything democrats do wrong and go after Trump for anything and everything.I hope this comes out before election so more people will know what Biden is allabout. Plus he has no bussiness being president even without this story.

  20. Herb
    you must be blind, Wake up,
    if your side would go into the Whitehouse, that would end the way it is now, maybe not the best BUTT a lot better than other countries, we are the greatest nation under God Trump 2020

  21. It appears Biden and his son are as crooked as they come. And Biden has bragged about it on camera. BUT, will justice be served?? One would hope so, but we’ve come to know not to hold out breaths! Too many deep state-both sides of the aisle! We need Donald Trump!

  22. It will be a pleasure to see Biden at the very least removed from any position or, even better, removed from all he’s involved with! Having learned just how corrupt Biden is, one can only hope that we will shortly have seen the last of him and his family! The remaining issues concern their wrongdoings and it’s my hope that are tried convicted on all their offences!

  23. Oh for crying out loud boys and girls… Joe Biden is so innocent and how dare you even think that Hunter could do such a heinous thing with the Ukraine I mean really… I live in San Francisco with my lover he is my best friend and husband to me and I think that everybody should lay off the Democrats because they are the best party on the face of the Earth. I love being a Democrat I love being gay and I love my husband William for all that he means to me. So to all you Republicans go away and never come back maybe you should live in Alaska with that lady what’s the name of the Vice President lady thing. And God bless my American not yours!

  24. Wow. The Biden Crime Family, however, is actually just the tip of the iceberg. There are 535 elected members of the Houses of Congress. Their reported average wealth is 14.7 million dollars. While many of them earned or married into their holdings, many have held no job other than being in government. Similar wealth estimates are not available for the thousands of career non-elected officials but I would venture to guess that the same rags to riches climb is true for them. If memory serves, Barack Obama, prior to his relatively short career in politics, earned around 25K per year as a community organizer. Where are the inquiring minds that seek to know how a career in public service equates to such fabulous wealth? The swamp is not some murky little puddle in the middle of the capitol complex, it is a tried and true path to power and wealth that has been present and metastasizing in the halls of government since shortly after the this great nation was founded. Draining the swamp would eliminate many if not most of those currently in Washington. Should we be fortunate enough to reelect Donald Trump, a good start would be for him to replace every department head under his authority with folks from outside the government.

  25. As Americans we are learning confirmation of abusive political power from our own government, AGAIN our corrupt US leaders + (present/past) Obama, Hillary, Biden, Hunter, Comey etc. They shamelessly make deals through only using their TONGUE, yet our military men/women defend our nation with their LIVES! James 3:8. says the TONGUE can no man tame; it is an unruly evil; full of deadly poison. They get good deals $$$$ and we? destruction!. Yet they continue to sleep in luxury believing that what they do “is for the good of the country” Pray for our President.

  26. Dr. Irv
    The problem is and has been up until now, the media only prints good stuff about Biden, only bad about the President. If he healed a bounce of dead veterans by laying on of hands, the press would print it on page 10 with this added, “However, he did not keep a social distance, was not wearing a mask, AND he didn’t even wash his hands !” I have over three pages of his Works, not his Words, of his accomplishments. Most have not even given back page recognition.

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