Serious Question: What Happens When the Illegals Outnumber the Locals?

In the last fiscal year, 1.7 million illegal immigrants have entered the nation. That’s higher than the population of several American states, including Delaware, where President Joe Biden calls home. The border crisis is leading some Americans to ask what happens when the illegal immigrants outnumber the locals?

The chaos in Del Rio, Texas, in September is a perfect example. Up to 15,000 “migrants,” mostly from Haiti, set up camp under the international bridge after crossing the Rio Grande River. As many as 30,000 illegal immigrants were processed in September in the Del Rio Sector.

The city of Del Rio has only about 36,000 residents. After just a few days of the migrant camp’s arrival, local store shelves were empty and the community was virtually taken over by those illegal squatting under its international roadway.

The scene could be played out in multiple locations soon as large migrant caravans continue their way toward the U.S. Many of the migrants arrive from Cuba and Haiti to Columbia to begin their journey through Panama’s Darien Gap on the way to America. Panama’s leaders warned 60,000 migrants have passed through their country this year.

Instead of one Del Rio, we may soon have four or five at different points along the border. The nation’s southern border will increasingly look like a refugee camp in a third-world nation. The impact will be felt in and far beyond the local communities where the migrants arrive.


One way the Biden administration has sought to handle the mass numbers of illegal immigrants is by placing thousands of them under parole status. Why? It allows the immigrants to remain in the U.S. and to obtain employment. If the left gets its way, these immigrants will be given a pathway to citizenship. Within a few years, the illegal immigrants will become citizens and voters.

Hmm? Wonder who these new citizens will vote for? Maybe the party that let them freely walk in, get a job and become a citizen? It’s a safe bet that any move toward amnesty and citizenship will guarantee Democrats stay in power indefinitely.

That’s also part of the explanation behind flying illegal immigrants to other states like New York and Florida. You can’t leave all the future votes in Texas and Arizona to defeat Republicans. The Biden administration has to add thousands to Florida to pick up the nation, along with spreading out plenty of others to conservative states in the Midwest that have a high number of electoral votes and congressional seats.

Sadly, the same idea may be at work with Biden’s Afghan refugee program. If a plan is passed that leads to citizenship for the tens of thousands of Afghans being resettled in America, several states will instantly have a huge vote shift toward the administration that “rescued” them.

Democrats are radical, but they are strategic. There is a method to the madness, and part of that method is to tilt the numbers state by state until there’s only one party left to run – and ruin – the nation.

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33 thoughts on “Serious Question: What Happens When the Illegals Outnumber the Locals?”

    1. Totally agree!!! It’ time to wake up america that build back better really means tear this country down and put us under the control of the communist party. Well that may have worked in countries that the people were weak and believed all of this bull shit that everything is going to be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They sit there and tell people who are losing their house that wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have the worry of owning your home. Then they take it from you and you can rent it from the government if you can afford to. I for one want MY COUNTRY BACK and get that nut bag out of the oval office. This communist regime has nothing to offer this country and never has. All they have is the January 6th protest and vax if I did have mine I can assure you I would not get one at some point if this vax mandate or loose your job doesn’t work they are holding our food hostage so now it will be if you don’t get the vax you don’t eat. Well Biden has already said that out loud but the put the breaks on it. Well get ready shit is about to hit the fan. Let the revolution begin get you guns out and get busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hell, when does it stop? We do have Immigration Laws on the book, and I don’t believe the President has the authority to override American Laws just because He wants to !!! Impeach Him and any other politician that thinks He’s above the Laws !!!

        1. Can’t impeach, do not have the number to do it, given dems control the house and senate and we have a few rinos…getting rid of the dems and rinos the only answer..then take Biden out of office.

    2. Time to put the commie Democrats in to the bottom of the swamp and cover them up period This is America and we sure in hell do not need Illegals and stupid Democrats giving them our money or any thing time to send them back to were the hell they came from We sure in hell need a new President Biden needs to go home to his basement and lock his ass up period

  1. What did people think, when (I think) the election was stolen, and what makes you think they won be able to do it again? This whole gang of dumb’s a–, should be in jail. But nothing ever happens to them. The son makes millions on the big guy’s position, and he just goes from one scram to the next. Nobody who loves the USA would, stop a pipeline, and then ask other countries to up their production of oil, t and to raise everything, but workers? Stupid is not a big enough word for these fools.

  2. Every illegal needs to be removed…
    but not until
    Those that come
    here illegally and
    demanding entry
    should never be
    given amnesty.

  3. 1619 to 1785 does not apply to American slavery issues there was no America yet so forget about your phoney claims for reperations

  4. THIS IS AMERICA! It is a SAD day when our leaders don`t know how to run a Country. The Biden Administration has proved, they do not know what to do. Well they know how to RUN AND HIDE, when a problem comes. It is time for a CHANGE. THIS IS GOD`S COUNTRY! AMERICANS STAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT THE EVIL! There are too many crimes with the ALIENS in here. They need to be RETURNED to their Countries. Take The Biden Administration with them! THEY HATE AMERICANS! GOD BLESS THE USA!

    1. The correct spelling is: D.E.M.O.N.R.A.T.S.
      It is up to Patriotic Americans to build America better. Start by removing lobbyists and executive privilege so we can fully prosecute the treason committed by our congress

  5. 450k to separated illegals who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place paying up front for future democratic votes talk about a screwed up government ban the Democratic party they are all traitors

  6. This country is being invaded just so the Democratic party can boost there voting base. Biden and his band of idiots are destroying everything this country stands for. Liberty and Freedom and Justus for all US citizens. Our government has subsidized they others countries with Millions and Billions of Dollars to supposable go to improve the citizens way of life by improving there economy, but unfortunately there government is as corrupt as ours. You can bet there has been many of politicians in this country that have become million airs by subsidizing these other countries with American tax dollars, and by doing favors! Like Scum bag Biden and His scum bag Son and Brother

  7. There is nothing right about Biden’s policy for the thousands he is letting into our country. We already had a policy in place for other nationalities to become citizens. USE IT!

  8. The only way we can end this is if F.J.B. , Kamal Harris, Pelousy, and Schumer are arrested, tried for Treason against America, sentanced and sent to prison for life. They have all done terrible damage to the people of this country and to the rule of law and the Constitution.

  9. This is what you get with soetoro-biden and the demonrat, socialist, communist party!! Thanks to all who voted for POS!

  10. Biden doesn’t a clue about what happened with the election in Virginia, he doesn’t his failed leadership had anything to do with out come. He’s thinks not passing the info structer bill would have changed the results. How can anybody say that the spending is necessary for the growth of the country, won’t cost taxpayers a dime, we just showed him how smart we are, and we don’t his vaccine mandate.

  11. EVANGELIZE these MIGRANTS in the way of Jesus Christ and of the WAY of the Founding Fathers, The U.S. Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. Let them know what happens if this nation turns their BACK on God, TO SOCIALISM (then eventually to GLOBAL COMMUNISM). There will be NO turning BACK, and it will be JUST as BAD as CUBA, VENEZUELA, etc.) if NOT worse. Make SURE that they VOTE in a GODLY manner, and that the DOMOCRATIC Party is ONLY using them as PAWNS to promote this GLOBAL SOCIALISTIC scheme with ‘trinkets” that they CANNOT deliver on. Encourage them to go BACK to their Country to EVANGELIZE it. One Enlightened Patriot.

  12. I say the American Governors of the state he is sending these CRIMINAL INVADERS to should turn around and ship them to WASHINGTON DC and the state of DELAWARE. At least 5 thousand each and let them live with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This is no longer God’s country. People who voted democrat in the election, the 80million, and I’m trying hard not to laugh, should each take an illegal fami!y into their own homes. They should be housed, clothed and fed by those who allowed them in. The congress who represent us that are democrats should take two families into their homes. These morons should be faced with keeping them healthy as well as housing clothing and feeding them. I guarantee there wouldn’t be any illegals here in six months! Congress would be sending them back to their own countries by the plane load.

  14. This is the SOCIALIST democrats plan . It’s so obvious the way Perv Biden and the democrats are just turning thier head , knowing the border is flooded with ILLEGALS coming in . Thier plan is to allow about 5 to 7 million ILLEGALS into OUR country , give them all the freebies [ on taxpayers money ] housing , food , medical , money , schools, etc. ,,,,,,,, then eventually give them the right to vote . If the SOCIALIST democrats have been supporting you , which party are you going to vote for , to be able to keep all the freebies ???????

  15. Democrats put their party above America and try to destroy our way of life. They lie, cheat and steal. They break the laws and often don’t get punished. How dumb it was to elect Biden as President! How dumb it was for Californians not to get rid of their governor! When will America learn? Our nation needs to return to God.

    (Revised 10/23/2021) (Far Too Long in Coming)
    Again, and repeatedly I say, wake up people. There is a way to stop all this, and it is legal, peaceful, productive, and now mandated by the perverse actions of those that are evil, self-serving career politicians who control their destinies and “OUR” Congress. Yes, unbelievably, Congress, our “Founding Father’s design” to be the people’s Congress, not the member’s Congress. Careers were never meant as part of serving in “OUR” Congress.
    It is a bit hypocritical, don’t you think, that there is a two-term limit on the presidency, yet Congress has purposely ignored the same limitation on their tenure? Also, is it not embarrassing and self-destructive that the voting public (their constituents) has not realized their role in allowing such a travesty to occur and continue, allowing “THEIR/MEMBERS” in Congress to thrive and “OUR” Congress to become non-existent?
    To have the necessary affect and to permanently stop members of Congress from all the shenanigans they currently get away with and impose upon their constituents those “Term Limits” must be more in-line with the presidential term limits (revise as well).
    Anything longer is counterproductive and allows too much time for a political career accompanied by all the rewards that brings with it.
    TERM LIMITS: Senate (8 years) House (6 years) One term and done!
    The Supreme Court Justice appointments must be under term limits as well. The reason is obvious. Lifetime appointments has led to politicizing the appointments as has been extremely evident during the last confirmation hearings. Supreme Court Justices (10 years).
    Additional Reform: To ensure the former members of Congress cannot yield undue pressure and influence on others in the political and financial arena, they may never serve as “LOBBYISTS” and the existence of the “LOBBY” should have oversight and limits.
    Our “Founding Fathers” had it right but did not foresee they needed to take it one step further with the Constitutional construction of a Congress by including “TERM LIMITS.” They had no concept of a “career politician” based on their individual experiences and the utter turmoil politics caused each one of them while attempting to construct a Constitutional Republic (Democracy) for the USA. They did, however, know that “GOD” was an integral part of that construct and that without “In God We Trust” and “Christianity” as our baseline the construct they established would fail. Heritage America will cease to exist if we ever let those succeed that would abandon our Nation’s construction corner stone.
    In addition, with the removal of political position careers lifetime benefits ae no longer awarded. Members of Congress would be placed with OPM and the Social Security System instead of the extravagant retirement system/package they have designed and voted into law for themselves. That would stop Congress from the daily thievery they commit by taking of SS funds. Implementation of “TERM LIMITS” for Congress removes and halts Congressman, Congresswomen from receiving a lifetime retirement package, removes them from their pedestals (members of Congress are not saints) and places them in the same OPM system as other federal employees. It would also eliminate their autonomy over their wages as they would no longer be able to “give themselves” pay raises.
    There are federal agencies that do not pay into SS, but they have a retirement system of their own which outlines reasonable benefits for reasonable employment periods.
    It is a long-needed solution to an overwhelming, catastrophic, colossal travesty named (Congress) we as voters have allowed to ruin our Nation for far too long. Of course, election reform (real, positive, and meaningful reform will have to accompany “TERM LIMITS”)! Reform of this type provides a reduction in the cost” to conduct and run an election so the average person and woman can run for office and not just those of wealth. Reform must include positive voter identification and proof of citizenship. Mandate (3) pieces of valid federal/state identification (1) with picture of potential voter (2) with subject’s state residency and (3) subject’s presentation of current, valid state voter registration card before a ballot can be issued and completed by the voter.
    There is no legal or logical reason to allow other than law abiding citizens to vote other than a clandestine, partisan effort to stack the deck against their opposition. Eliminate drop boxes, mandate “Vote in Person” with absentee votes allowed only after each state has vetted the applicant for absentee voter status, increase the time to vote, eliminate all voting machines tied to the 2020 national election results which were accessible by intrusion via the internet. Illegals have no right to vote in our elections and should “NEVER” have that privilege! They have no “citizen rights” at all yet the Far-Left Liberals have succeeded in providing illegals with our tax dollar supported social welfare benefits! Legitimate refugees are one thing, illegals another! People, we must demand this “STOPS”! This is our Nation, not “the Nation of Congress,” they are supposed to represent us, do they (I don’t think so) thus “TERM LIMITS”! Some in Congress deserve recognition and kudos for their exemplary work, but unfortunately, they are the minority, too many careerists and partisan members.
    President Donald Trump was a righteous exception because he is a “Patriot,” and he came into office as a “non-politician” and that is why the “partisan political careerist rich” of Congress hated him so. Their not so silent mantra, “A non-politician cannot be allowed to succeed as a President, no way” however, he did and put them to shame! Their relentless onslaught of disdain and attempts to stop and discredit him failed until the 2020 debacle called a “National Election”. AND therein is the reason “SCOTUS” must have ‘Term Limits” as well. The Supreme Court Justices failed this Nation when they denied hearing the valid complaints (lawsuits) of tampering with mail-in balloting, voting machines and the other ballot collecting, monitoring, and counting discrepancies pointed out in those lawsuit complaints. Shame on you “SCOTUS”! AND now Arizona’s state audit has factually proven they needed to act appropriately.
    Currently there is legislation, somewhere in Congress, for “SCOTUS TERM LIMITS” suggesting an “18” year term. In my opinion “18” years a career makes and is too long to accomplish the intent of term limits. My suggestion for a reasonable term on the bench is “10” years, no more. Again a “10” year term limit should eliminate SCOTUS candidates who have reasons other than serving on the highest court for the good of the Nation and its citizens and eliminate the politicizing of SCOTUS appointments by political parties.
    In addition, a reduced term would mandate that SCOUTS cannot procrastinate and place hearings on the “back-burner” causing the case to become lack luster, stale and mostly forgotten by those outside the litigators who presented the case and those directly involved. That scenario is something “lifetime appointments” allows, creates and is their modus-operandi far too often. Remove “life-time” appointments and the “inherent power” it provides dissolves along with the almost impossible task of removing them for less than a catastrophic maleficence.
    A term limit reform for the US President is overdue as well. Eliminate (2 x 4) terms, why, campaigning while still in office is extremely costly and counterproductive for the Nation and the job of the presidency. A (1 x 7) year term makes more fiscal sense as well as eliminating the enormous distraction from the job performance of a sitting President who now, in midstream, must divert his attention to a second campaign. It is time to stop that damaging distraction. A (1 x 7) term places a sitting President between the now revised terms for the Senate and the House which may also have its advantages. This reform is a solution where everyone benefits as it removes all that a second campaign costs in effort, time, workforce, money and especially the distraction it causes the sitting President. A sidebar to this reform is it will allow the less rich and famous to campaign for a one term presidency. Be realistic, how much productive work time is lost over a (2 x 4) term presidency, two years of that (8) years is lost to campaigning, so (1x 7) gives back the lost time two campaigns inherently costs.
    However, people, you cannot sit on your keesters and do nothing, get involved and “WE” by action and involvement can take our Congress and our Nation back from the ruination caused by career politicians, ‘WE CAN DO IT, WE HAVE THE POWER” if we are so inclined to invoke it!
    Share this with all that you believe are concerned and want Congress to be accountable to their constituents, and finally: If we do not take the “AUTONOMY” and the “KINGDOM” Congress has been allowed to create for itself the partisan catastrophe they call doing their job (which will continue at our and our “NATION’s EXPENSE”) unless “IN HEAVEN’S NAME” we stop all this by our involvement and demand change!
    Our beloved Constitution is the foundation for our America’s existence. The Founding Father’s miraculous document was conceived and written based on the tools and the experiences they had at that time. They could not foresee the long-term future and the distortions of partisan politics that would require amendments and reforms to preserve their vision of a “Citizen Congress.”
    We must “DEMAND” Congress be returned to that status, a “CITIZEN CONGRESS!” GOD BLESS AMERICA!
    House (6) Senate (8) Scotus (10) President (7) All one term, no reelections, no autonomy, no lifetime benefits, no separateness from other OPM regulated federal employees, placed within Social Security, years in Congress as years in federal service towards an OPM federal retirement, and no secret service assigned to members. These changes will give Congress back to the people and eliminate any more of these careerists: Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters to name (4) on a list that is entirely too long. “IN GOD WE TRUST!”

    1. I would go even further and require pre and post financial audits on EVERY elected official… if you are capitalizing on your position, you should go to jail. Also I would include a prohibition on stock purchases, a Prohibition on publishing books while in office and a bod cam, microphone and ankle bracelets 24/7 for every elected official… if you want to run for office, you must be forced to give up liberties….during your SINGLE term in office. The Milk MUST be spoiled.

    1. Don’t pity IDIOTS… Call them OUT!… it’s their fault they cast an uninformed vote….they are either IGNORANT or CRIMINAL..and are the enablers(knowing and unknowingly) of the criminal regime that seeks to destroy our Nation from within…No pity for ignorance…

  17. I heard today that 1.7 million illegals have been admitted to the United States so far. In the infrastructure bill is a plan to give all illegals amnesty. Guest they will get the right to vote. Who will they vote for, let me see. Meanwhile back here on the ranch in New Jersey, Governor Murphy was re-elected. Our taxes already went up and they will surely go up again. There are so many stupid people in this country. Keep paying higher taxes to support more and more social programs. Thats funny, i don’t get anything but higher taxes.

  18. Time to put the commie Democrats in to the bottom of the swamp and cover them up period This is America and we sure in hell do not need Illegals and stupid Democrats giving them our money or any thing time to send them back to were the hell they came from We sure in hell need a new President Biden needs to go home to his basement and lock his ass up period

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