Study Determined that Fraudulent Mail-In-Ballots the ONLY Reason Joe Is President – Trump Would Have Won More Secure Election

A study conducted by the Heartland Institute attempted to analyze the true impact of fraudulent mail-in-ballots in the 2020 election and if found that the outcome would have been VERY different without them.

Using data obtained through a Heartland and Rasmussen survey which found that roughly one in four mail-in-voters had committed fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the Heartland Institute determined that these ballots ALONE were enough to help Biden steal the 2020 election.

Researchers carried out a more in depth analysis of the data and concluded that mail-in-ballot fraud “significantly” altered the true outcome of the presidential election.

Effectively had it not been for the introduction of vote-by-mail all over the country thanks to COVID, Trump would have easily won a second term in 2020.


“Had the 2020 election been conducted like every national election has been over the past two centuries, wherein the vast majority of voters cast ballots in-person rather than by mail, Donald Trump would have almost certainly been re-elected,” the study’s authors wrote.

In the 2020 election, more than 43 percent of all the votes were cast by mail, by far the largest percentage in U.S. history as politicians all over the country used the COVID pandemic to make voting this way possible – ignoring the potential for fraud.

Through a variety of different fraudulent means, 28 percent of ALL of those mail in votes were corrupted and should NOT have been counted.

The institute dove into this more, and calculated the impact that mail-in-ballots had in the six CRITICAL swing states that Trump “lost” — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

According to their analysis, researchers found that WITHOUT the fraudulent mail-in votes, President Trump would have won all but two of those states – Michigan and Nevada (both states where there were other types of election fraud uncovered).

In this case, President Trump would have won 289 electoral votes compared to candidate Biden’s 249.

The researchers suggested that their survey provided the “best available evidence” to prove that Joe and the Democrats benefited from the largest number of fraudulent votes in American history.

“We have no reason to believe that our survey overstated voter fraud by more than 25 percentage points, and thus, we must conclude that the best available evidence suggests that mail-in ballot fraud significantly impacted the 2020 presidential election, in favor of Joe Biden,” the authors wrote.

It’s certainly not likely that the election is going to be overturned at this point – or that the Democrats will ever admit that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president – but this evidence suggest we have a very serious problem on our hands that needs to be handled BEFORE the 2024 election or the same thing will simply happen once again.

The authors of the Heartland study have been pointing to their analysis and calling on state legislatures to do everything they possible can to make sure the 2024 election is as secure as possible – namely by cutting down on the number of mail-in-votes allowed as much as possible.

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41 thoughts on “Study Determined that Fraudulent Mail-In-Ballots the ONLY Reason Joe Is President – Trump Would Have Won More Secure Election”

  1. Just think of how our country would be in a great position if President Trump were elected fairly and squarely in 2020! Joe wouldn’t have had his last 3 1/2 years to destroy the great U S A! I could not believe the America I know actually honestly voted Joe in that election!

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    2. So true. But I get A mail in Ballot because I am unable to stand for anything of. I fill the Ballot out at home. Where I can Study it. Then The last two years I have been driven to A Polling Place. The first year was at City Hall. But there were steps that I could not go up. A member of the Staff came out to receive my Ballot from while I was in the Vehicle that took me there. It was Counted & I received A Call of Confirmation. I did have Photo ID Etc. The Midterms we took out Filled out Ballots and took them to a Poling place. Showed our ID & Ballots were Accepted. We were notified. With a Text I believe. The only problem I had was with one of the Candidates running who seemed to believe that someone she was trying to get money for her Campaign had access to my Emergency Phone. I was bombarded with texts constantly. When I blocked her she just used another Phone. This kind of thing needs to be stopped.

    3. I knew that TRUMP would lose, as soon as the EVIL OLD HAG, PELOSI claimed we had to use mail in ballots because of COVID ???? At Midnight TRUMP was ahead by THOUSANDS OF VOTES I went to bed at midnight knowing that TRUMP WON. In the morning BIDEN WON???? I said it was FRAUD right from the beginning because with mail in ballots its easier to CHEAT.

      1. You are correct. I kind of blame Bill Barr. He was saying very early along with Trump that mail in voting and especially the dropboxes would result in Fraud, but why didn’t they do more to stop it before the election? Trump was sounding alarms early, but again, the softie RNC did nothing. The only one who seems to be doing something about it is Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch


    5. I totally agree!…Now in all fairness JB should be in jail for impersonating a President, and Every Congress person, Senator, News Agency, Media outlet, Celebrity, Entertainer, etc, that supported this crap should All Swing from a Tree, as this is Treason. How can we have a New Election, when the last one wasn’t valid?…Showtime!

      1. Facts we all know and knew at 2020. A communist take over of the govt. that sold out this country for money and power. How to fix it is up to true American patriots. Just casting a vote doesn’t work in a fraudulent election. We have to hold the people responsible accountable. PERIOD.

  2. Imagine that. No wars, roaring economy with low prices, low inflation, low unemployment, energy independence, Cartels shut down, no 10 million illegals sucking up money for programs for citizens. No political opponents attacked by federal government. AND no bio weapons attacking our country.

  3. We all knew there was fraud but no one would listen. Now look where the country is, in the toilet and struggling to survive. Crooks have no shame.

    1. Ann, Mary Ann agrees w/you 100%!!!


      1. Mary Anna, BUMBLING BIDEN has been a pathological LIAR and plagerizer since his college days. These were two reasons he was forced to step down from a Presidential campaign for 1988. He was using speeches and essays from Neil Kinook who was a member of Parliament at the time. The man is still a pathological liar and because he is so arrogant he thinks he is better than we the PEOPLE. WE MUST VOTE HIM OUT. TRUMP 2024

      2. The true patriot. We need a way to fix this and the deck is stacked against us. But like President Trump has repeatedly said, we will never give up or our country is doomed. The time to act is now.

  4. History states, “The Romans brought in the Spartans, which eventually overthrew and took over Rome. Why? Because the elites wanted to be in Rome for the parties and “being in the group.” Ruling class like the Romans, like Hitler, like the Democrats/Republicans want to steal the American People from their basic freedoms. We have a situation that will back fire, cause CIVIL WAR, and collapse our society. We are being destroyed from within. However the arrogance of our nation is based totally on the UNKNOWN! And our society will fall.

  5. Just think what is ahead for we americans once Trump takes power. As americans we should assist him in deporting illegal immigrants as volenteers and also help find these criminal
    cartels and serve justice not by deporting them but since they have killed so many
    of our people and are guilty of murder and shouild be finalized. Remember that old saying
    nice guys finish last. Lets make AMERICA safe again.Lots to do.Lets do it.

  6. Now that we know all this, why haven’t they moved Trump back into the White House? It is his rightful place. What is Congress and the Supreme Court waiting for? The people have no problem with it. Only the Democrats do. So, what’s the holdup? The election was fixed. Biden is an illegal President.

  7. Geez, there was so much fraud of all kinds. Among other things, thousands of people showed up to vote an were told they had already voted by mail; dead people that voted; people that voted by mail, despite being ineligible to vote (many reasons); votes “certified” favoring Biden more than the actual votes cast; Republican vote counters sent home while the Democrats stayed on; more.

  8. We all knew it. But seeing as how they went after Trump for questioning the results, We realized our First amendment rights were in danger of being taken. I think people felt powerless. Even though they found several instances where Dems got caught red handed. But the dirty Dems cheat and lie to achieve their desired outcome. It’s sickening.

  9. Unfortunately, when Trump gets elected in November any sort of retribution against Biden and the Democrat machine will look to the world as just more “banana republic” politics. These criminals know it and will continue the destruction of America.

  10. This being known – now what – something has to be done – do we just let illegality go no or does it get fixed ?

  11. Good Morning,
    It is high time that we gave the facts…Biden won, but it was a completely dishonest election. Voter ID is the only way to vote. A valid id showing you are a citizen of this great country. I remember you could only get an absentee ballot for a GOOD reason.
    But putting this all aside. The only way we can change our country is through prayer. Turning to God seeking His forgiveness for allowing our country, given to us by Him to become the cess pool it has become. Our country started to really tank when we took prayer out of school, after that it was a down hill spiral. Sorry to go on and on but we really have to wake up and seek God then pray for Him to remake our country into the great nation it once was . Have a blessed and prayerfull day.

  12. I believe all the comments & also think things need to change in voting so as to get honest results the people want

  13. In this coming election commie diktator traitor joe is going to give American another fraudulent election this one is criminal and against the constitution of the United States because he thinks his commie traitor regime has that right our southern border crisis is about destroying the very foundation of America he by executive fiat which is also illegal is going to give every criminal illegal the right to vote that’s why he’s allowed over 350,000 communist Chinese and that commie government the right to buy illegal land in America so all this boils down to the fact criminal commie traitor joe is going to pull a fast one on America and try to convince he has that right not one of these 8 million illegals has done anything to try and obtain citizenship or even work they know commie joe is stealing taxpayer money for them! Commie China owns pathetic loser joe don’t think for a minute they don’t, it all about the MONEY!

  14. Here’s another bit of info you Leftist forgot about but fortunately for us real people these are the facts of Real Science not some fake snake oil charmer convincing morons of a lie Reality check: DHA can not be altered no matter how many chemical hormones and procedures you under go your DNA is your permanent Foot Print so man up buttercup under your fake boob job and other outward changes for all eternity no matter what you are MAN! I’ll bet your dr or maybe just you did not except that reality or your snake charmer neglected to tell you that because of all that money you were giving him to make you think you could be a woman this is the part where the snake oil comes in all eternity dud your a man! I believe in reality facts is reality not a lie!

  15. Mayorkas got exactly what he deserved he did NOT do his job to secure the southern borders of American against illegal foreign invasion and harris and him stated our borders were secure 8 million illegals later and black market fentanyl being smuggled into this country by gang bangers with Americans dying from illegal cartel drugs is NOT a secure border they lied from the get go every state has to deal with this illegal biden invasion but you refuse to fund the border agents or finish building the wall schmucker shut your leftist pie hole this is a crisis in America and the people who are paying for your leftist lies are tired of your attempted gaslighting you fking demonrats are the problem mayorkas got exactly what he deserved for dereliction of duty to the people of the United States he got himself impeached for constantly lying get over it lefty your no better! Half of that 60 billion your stealing from the hard working taxpayers should go to the southern border not useless never ending bottomless pit war in Ukraine get your head out of bidens ass and stop the steal of our money! That is a lose lose war they will never win!

  16. Reality check for all you leftist morons your not going to let commie traitor joe debate Trump because he couldn’t debate his way out of a paper bag or even talk reality the man is brain matter deficient without a TelePrompTer and lots of notes he just is a pathetic shell Where’s my ice cream man guy! Even without a debate no matter how much you leftist phony’s push your narrative biden is brain dead and nothing is going to bring him back and we every day Americans see this pathetic demonrat side show and the reality is starting with Dr FLOTUS you all are committing elder abuse of the worse kind you are also putting every man, woman, and child in jeopardy in American with you commie hate policies and with your constant lies and that is Treason! Their is not one leftist traitor in this party that is worthy of the highest office in the United States biden is toast and harris is a walking talking time bomb of destruction my 5 year old grand kids speak better than her word salad stupidity she to is a disgrace on the world stage another leftist laughingstock! This is how the world sees this pathetic demonrat party of losers, schmucker your time is up slither into the sunset where you belong you ain’t doing America right your a criminal to loser! Biden is going to lose the election because it is necessary to save America before you traitors get any worse! You lose suckers Go Woke Go Broke traitors!

  17. Treason, fraud deceit that’s what commie joes leftist hate regime is he’s trying to finish the job Obamy started destroying America with hate division enequity, no inconclusion here just racist hate this dei is Woke crap, the country deserves better hate is essentially all they have plus the fact bidenomics is a crushing disaster and commie joe knew this nobody is this stupid that they can’t figure out 1+1=2 hum let me rephrase this biden did until his leftist brain left the building but then we have his corrupt staff and regime destroying things now especially this handler o & mrs dr FLOTUS whose going to be out on her ass soon American mrs aren’t stupid deary nobody wants brain dead to run and fact he can’t handle another term! We the people need a real woman who cares about America and the people in our WH house!

  18. The commie biden machine keeps proving beyond a shadow of a doubt just how corrupt they really are Treason keeps coming to mind that’s what this commie is a traitor now he’s got 8 million criminal illegals in this country that he wants to give the vote to the one problem though is it’s against the Constitution of the United States more Treason! But if the rumors are True and I do believe this one biden wants to cut lose that Albatross that’s hanging around his neck bye bye harris ya ain’t worth a dam as a veep in fact this leftist party can’t wait to ditch ya! If you moderate leftys want America back before commie traitor joe ruins it any further don’t vote for him its that simple 2 choices fix the country or vote for commie joe to destroy it with the help of communist China who he’s beholden to money that’s why he illegally lets commie China buy land here illegally oh just so you know that to is in the constitution of the United States! He is a traitor, corrupt, dishonorable a criminal thief all in the name of Money he’s selling out America except this fact he turned the US over to the UN for I believe 600 million and commie owned WHO by stealing our tax dollars to do it!

  19. Yes Trump should be are president right now, but the low life democrats and there lieing,cheating, stealing ways got old fraudulent crawl-in president Biden in on us . This should of never had been aloud the election race was taken away from the real winner— now look at the mess where all in thanks to are crawl-in fraudulent president, we have illegal immigrants by the millions coming into are homeland and the crawl-in want stop them. Why cause he hates America and the true American people. Look at all he has done to destroy are country. He has not done one thing to help the true American citizens. He uses are tax money to help other countrys but not America. Now the old crawl-in fraudulent president is running again and lieing out his ass about every thing he has done. Know one in there right mind would vote for this piece of shit. This old American hating man. And he is a criminal who has been aloud to be above the law never in jail for all the dirty crimes he did against America. Goes to show you not to vote democrat. This man has committed treason over and over again and he is a Trader to America. But remember he is above the law so no harm will come to him for his crimes against us.

  20. No way did this guy get more legal votes than anyone in history. “They” cheated his way to office. And what an evil little old man we got with him. Foreign policy expert my ass!!!!

  21. Watch your back on June 13 that chaos rally commie joe ain’t gonna run he’s stepping down for another leftist traitor that will be announced at the dnc convention in aug and it’s going to be non other than that destroyer of californikate newsbum their grooming him now to take commie joes place with secret trips to commie China and other locations he will avoid all primaries to walk right in and take bidens place they traitor is already bought and paid for by these leftist crooks you think it’s bad now newsbum will do exactly what he’s told and amerika will be dead! Taxes are going up for middle and lower income households it’s going to climb to 48.6% anyone over 100k can you say 68%+ the UN & WEF ( Klaus Schwab) have said we will take all your money and property you won’t be able to own anything and be happy about it the commie owned WHO will decide your health needs you will have no say in how you feel! This is the communist way of life suck it up buttercup our federal government has sold us out!

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