Supreme Court Throws Out Final Trump Case to Change 2020 Election Results

The Supreme Court turned down a suit by former President Trump’s legal team Monday to overturn his Wisconsin loss. The case was Trump’s final lawsuit regarding 2020 voting fraud.

The former president won Wisconsin by more than 22,000 votes in the 2016 election. Current President Joe Biden won the state in 2020 by more than 20,000 votes.

The lawsuit argued the Wisconsin Election Commission’s COVID-19 policies were unconstitutional. This included the use of absentee ballot drop boxes, a controversial change that occurred shortly before the election.

In the unsigned order with no dissent, the Supreme Court’s Justices refused to hear Trump’s lawsuit. That means fewer than four justices had voted to hear the case. Trump’s legal team lost more than 60 cases with only one win following the 2020 election.

Trump’s legal team filed the lawsuit in December with a request for review before the January 6 Electoral College certification. The court rejected the request, turning down the case just this week.

The January 6 Electoral College certification was delayed when protestors entered the U.S. Capitol building. The certification took place late that night, certifying Biden as the nation’s 45th president. Some believe the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol influenced the court to avoid hearing the Wisconsin case.


The U.S. Capitol building remains surrounded by fencing, with some arguing the facility is better protected that the nation’s southern border.

Social media companies have also implemented policies to remove content suggesting voter fraud. Former President Trump’s accounts were deleted or shut down on various outlets after January 6, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Snapchat.

Free speech social media network Parler was also shut down following the January 6 riot. Extending far beyond Trump, millions of conservative Americans had their voices silenced regarding support of the president and against their thoughts regarding voting fraud.

Now Congress is debating H.R. 1, a bill to reform U.S. voting rights. Some of the bill’s changes seek to standardize controversial practices certain states used during the pandemic-influenced 2020 election. The Republican National Lawyers Association has listed the top 10 problems with the current bill. These new requirements would apply to every state, regardless of existing state laws:

  1. Automatic voter registration, including using many colleges and universities as voter registration agencies and registering 16- and 17-year-olds.
  2. Abolish voter ID laws and only require a signature in the polling place to vote.
  3. Online voter registration without protections to verify the eligibility of the voter.
  4. Same day registration during early voting and on Election Day.
  5. Fifteen days of early voting, including minimum hours and requirements for locations.
  6. Restricting election officials’ efforts to maintain the accuracy of voter registration lists.
  7. Automatically restoring the right of felons to vote after release from prison.
  8. No-excuse absentee/mail voting with signature comparison verification available to all voters.
  9. Provisional ballots cast outside a voter’s precinct must be counted.
  10. Congressional redistricting done by an independent redistricting commission micromanaged by HR1’s provisions. (from

Trump is not the only one under attack. It’s clear the left desires to silence conservative voices and change the rules in its favor to win all future elections. Conservatives, now is the time to wake up and stand up for your freedoms. Contact your elected officials, share on social media, and speak out while you still have the opportunity.

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24 thoughts on “Supreme Court Throws Out Final Trump Case to Change 2020 Election Results”

    1. John Roberts is afraid the democrats will pack the court, this is why he is not touching anything Trump related, guess what? Democrats are going to pack the court anyway.

    2. When all is discovered or uncovered about our supreme court, even the cancel culture will be amazed. Who among our leaders hasn’t had touch with Epstein?

    3. I was hoping that God would fulfill His prophecy that He would give President Trump 2 consecutive terms as President, but it’s not happening. Often it seems like Satan is just too strong, like how the radical Democrats stole the election through ruthless vast means that involved many many people that all covered for each other. Now they are implementing all demonic laws and overturning all of Trump’s good work for America. They’ve even got the Supreme Court justices scared for their lives and afraid to rule for the truth, because of the murder of Judge Scalia for ruling conservatively against the Left. Every day they are putting forth more and more evil laws and God is not stopping them. Trump would stop them but they illegally put him out of office. They even conjured up a huge riot by Antifa thugs at the White House to blame and frame Trump and then poured acid on his wounds and tried to impeach him for their frame of him! I wish God would step up and assume His power and truth and authority over their evil, because He is the only force that could stop their complete takeover. It could still happen but only if millions of people would pray and petition Him to. I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen, but that’s our only hope. otherwise we are doomed.

      1. We just need to keep praying. HE will hear us and HE will come at the right time and moment.

        HE will prevail. Remember in the end GOD wins, the devil loses. Be strong, keep your faith in the Creator.

    4. Problem is that the yellow back Republicans are not going to do anything about it because they hate and are afraid of Trump! THEY ARE THE SWAMP!!! Join the 74,000,000 PLUS American Patriot movement coming to a town near you this summer!! And Washington??? KEEP THE FENCE UP!!!

  1. Supreme Court jester’s , your a bunch of frauds , your should be defending fair and honest elections . Yet you have decided to ignore the problem . Justice is a lie . No morals , no consequences , no concerns , no judgements .

    1. Even they have stop following the CONSTITUTION LAW! The sign outside on the building of the Supreme Court read—–THE LAWS BY JUSTICE! And they sold out to democrat supporter who threatened them!

    2. And that’s the truth. Sitting on their Duffs drawing a good income and could care less about looking at what is going on. John Roberts is a traitor if I ever saw one. He will answer for what he is doing; maybe not here in earth but he has to come before the great white judgement for all criminals.

  2. This is playing out like we are going to have a civil war in America! I do not believe it going to stop with these Democrat politican changing the laws to benefit themselves. Now I don’t believe we can over look John Roberts who is the leader in the Supreme Court judge. I don’t care if you are threatened by leftist or other politician. You should be following the CONSTITUTION LAW! So far we are witness these DEMOCRAT HOUSE AND SENATE CHANGED THE LAWS TO SHUT THE PEOPLE OUT! Making it easy to put in SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT CONTROL! Once they get the POLICE or FBI AGENT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS FREEDOM AND LIBERTY IS DONE! WE become like Cuba and Venezuela. So if you want to be able to live FREE AND HAVE A VOICE THIS BILLS GOT TO DIED! WITHOUT BEING PASSED! Or you will be like THOSE THAT DEPENDS ON GOVERNMENT HANDOUT! YOU would think black people would NOT want the government telling them how to live! But they don’t realize they ARE ON THE SOCIALIST PROGRAM OF THE GOVERNMENT. One way DEMOCRAT keep POOR WHITE PEOPLE AND BLACK people VOTING FOR THEM! Without them trying to better themselves!

    1. Your absolutely correct there . The people we elected in Washington need to stand up for our civil liberties. The Supreme Court is a laugh . What have they done “nothing “ . They do nothing can’t make a decision that sticks . A civil war , don’t think that will help . We would become another third world country shit hole fighting fir the scraps of the Washington elite .

  3. Democrats are truly out of control and out to destroy our democracy. Anyone with common sense should be strongly opposed to this proposal on new voting rights Bill that the Democrats are working to push thru.
    I am deeply concerned on everything the Democrats are doing since Biden took office. They must be stopped and all voted out before it’s too late!

  4. One fact that some to seem to look over in many ways it was the RED states that introduced Vote By Mail and in 3 states that is the only way that one can vote. Now where is the fraud in the vote by mail or even an attempt at fraud. The reason that some states do not want vote by mail is that tehy can not make it harder for minorities to vote and Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas are a prime example, putting laws in place which would make it much more difficult for a minority voter than a White voter. The fact being if voter ID is so important why not issue one to everyone for free and if that person is incapacitated, or has no transportation come to them and make the ID completely free, also just cut up states in squares instead of having the legislature divide it up how they please.

  5. article 1 section 4 states that the states legislature shall make the laws regarding elections . if congress wishes to take this power over they must amend the constitution, good luck with passing a constututional amendment

  6. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one to realize what is happening in congress. Pelosi and all her crones need to go.

  7. Wake up AMERICA the only way to clean up this mess is to stop electing lawyers to be elected officials. If we need a lawyer for government problems hire one.
    We dont need lawyers to make laws we only need people with common sense and good values. These lawyers in both parties cannot agree on anything.
    We have a supreme court of lawyers who duck all the important issues put in front of them.
    The supreme court has become a useless appendage of the federal government.
    The supreme court has become favorable to political parties not to the us citizens.
    We make laws and these lawyers bend and twist these laws to their own needs.
    If a law has problems send it back to the house and change it.
    We have to have term limits of 2 terms and out no more career political hacks.
    No more retiring from these elected positions.
    Greatest country in the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA


      1. Totally agree with you Joan! Never realized how many cowards there are in DC… people we trusted to do the honorable thing for our country and people! Nothing honorable by the vast majority to date!

  8. The Supreme court hasnt the balls to fight the radical left,Dont know if its fear,blackmail,threats,or greed.
    If they are unable to be open minded and justice minded,boot their asses out of office.
    How many millions of people does it take for just one justice to get a normal judge with the search for truth ?
    Not about what party,or their own opinion but facts.
    When the time comes for voting for them,lets remember to give them as much thought to them as they did to this

  9. U can’t Blame this on President Trump. U
    can Only BLAME IT ON THE DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE Democratic Socialist Party. With H R – 1 been written to better the Democratic Socialist Party to rig Future
    and ALL Elections in their Favor. That s the reason there Wii Never EVER BE A FAIR & BALANCED ELECTIONS.

  10. The communist party in this government NOT MINE are trying to get ahead of the game to steal the next election. But no matter what they think they can do WE THE PEOPLE can stop them dead in their tracts!!!!! At every pole we need to surround and keep an eye on for those suit cases that show up in the middle of the night. And in every single state we count and recount and verify that every voter has been a resident of that county and that they are actually alive and people only vote once!!!!!! We will make sure they can’t stuff the ballot boxes. We fell asleep the last election but NOT THIS ONE!!!! We will get rid of these communist party pigs once and for all and get this country up and running again!!! They still aren’t doing a damn this to run this country just tear it down so they can do a comlete take over. Read Hitler’s book they are doing what he did in a take over word for word. They will start pulling up with those box cars to heard us in like cattle to take us off to those prison camps but they are now if you haven’t caught it are calling those camps rethinking camps and they are building them as we speak. They want to close prisons in order to teach us rethinking and put people in there. If you think I’m nuts look it up people look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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