SURVEY: 4 in 5 Americans Believe Their Country is Falling Apart

A strong majority Americans believe that the United States is in the beginning of a societal collapse, according to a newly released Axios-Ipsos poll.

The survey, which sampled 1,000 U.S. adults, found that 4 in 5 Americans believe their country is on the decline. The study was released in the midst of the political fallout from the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol building, which ended with the death of five people including a plain-clothes police officer.

While disheartening, it’s easy to see why many Americans would feel this way. In just the first few weeks of the new year, left-wing partisans have done everything possible to amplify existing political tensions. Even with President Trump having less than a week remaining in his term, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her acolytes felt it was deeply important to impeach the president for a second time. According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, there’s simply no way the process will be complete before Trump is scheduled to leave office anyway. Democrats did this to smack conservative voters.

Exacerbating this is the way the mainstream media has been reporting on the events of the past week. CNN host Chris Cuomo defended the violence typically seen at Black Lives Matter demonstrations, saying protests have no obligation to be peaceful. This same host condemned what happened at the Capitol building in the harshest of terms. It’s simple: violence is only justified when one political side is doing it.

There are a lot of historical lessons we should be taking in right now — because divisions like this have resulted in terrifying conclusions since the dawn of civilization.

In many ways, the Roman Republic was the first “America.” Stretching across the Mediterranean, the state was unrivaled at the time in terms of military might, economic prowess, and even a patriotic population. Over time, the political divisions between the patricians (think of modern day establishment elites) and the plebs (everyone else) allowed depots like Julius Caesar to eradicate existing social traditions, and replace them with a powerful central authority. Overnight, a republic became an empire — and the freedoms that sustained the state in the first place would slowly erode over the centuries. The civil wars that ensued as a result quite literally tore the citizenry apart.

This should not be America’s fate, but it will be if there is no honest attempt for healing. President-Elect Joe Biden says he wants unity, but this is very hard to believe when he shares the political tent with the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, and every other Democrat vowing revenge against Trump supporters.

We don’t want to believe the poll we’re seeing, but we wish it was harder to.

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54 thoughts on “SURVEY: 4 in 5 Americans Believe Their Country is Falling Apart”

  1. Braindead Biden doesn’t KNOW what he is doing. He is being lead around by the nose by the leftist socialist bstrds………including OBAMA…………who should have left office 5 years ago…………..Nancy and her filthy gang will do all they can to push us to our fall.
    I am sick watching MY country being taken over by people who want to destroy us and it.

    1. I agree with you ! It is sad to watch but they just dont care! Trump tried to fix the problem but the Swamp is just to big !!!!

      1. Well folks , if you look at the past actions of these so called politicians you will see their true selves . They are not politicians they are CRIMINALS nothing more nothing less . They have been robbing us blind for decades . The Obama crime syndicate had 19000 swiss bank accounts accessable to all the capital Hill cartel members to launder the foreign aid we send to corrupt countries and they keep millions and deposit millions in these accounts , your basic kickback scam . Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt politician in Washington . He was found quilty in Ukraine for bribery, extortion and money laundering . The corrupt politicians also run the drug trade and human & child trafficking at the southern border . These operations net ppl like pelosi , the bushes and almost everyone else millions . Again , these ppl are CRIMINALS . It’s time our military defend the oath they took and lock these ppl up . If not , We The People will have to watch our great country come to a end or we stand up , like 1776 , and we fight for it , those are the only 2 choices we have left . There needs to be a complete extermination of ppl like George Soros and his minions along with the propaganda media in this country who are totally responsible for the brainwashing of the citizenry of our country . Time Is running out , we soon must decide for freedom or socialist slavery .

        1. It looks like the only alternative there is right now, is … to watch how our country goes to an end…

          The “ great reset “ is near , unfortunately!!!!

        2. You are spot on my friend.
          As sad as it makes me.
          We need term limits.
          Some of the most corrupt have been in office years and years too many.

          That’s why term limits are so important. It keeps these “elites ” in check.
          If president only gets 2 terms of 4 years, why doesn’t all government have limits.

          Like 2 -2 year terms with no further appointments allowed ?
          I know I’m a dreamer but sure sounds good to me

        3. I’ve been saying nearly the same thing, since before Obama got out of Office, but nobody is listening, or they just don’t give a damn. I think what it’s going to come down to, is people like you and me, organize Militia’s and head for Capitol Hill ourselves, I don’t think we would meet any resistance from the Military, they are Oath Keepers too.

    2. The main stream media (cnn, msmbc, etc.) all need to be cleaned out of the garbage so called journalists, an new center of the road personnel.!!!!

      1. another ROY Right on. We no longer have “News Papers”. They are nothing but propaganda sheets…………..

    3. I completely agree with you, Linda. I didn’t serve my country for 22 years to watch the Demorats turn it into a socialist hellhole. I believe the approval of the American people via vote should be required on any Congressional bill spending over $750 billion of OUR taxpayer dollars. Washington works for us & it’s time we took our country back.

      1. I agree with you Sheely……our son seved 28 years in the Marine Corp and is very upset
        with what the Democrats are doing to this Country………a Country that we stand for and love. But, as long as Democrats are in charge, we may as well kiss it good bye….they are the most hateful bunch of people on this earth………….and I believe they have no love in their hearts and God………….

    4. I agree, these leftists don’ t care about law & order, in fact it seems that they are doing everything possible to destroy the peace in our civilization. I don’t understand why the SCOTUS has denied supporting the Constitution. They have not protected free speech, voting rights or our borders.They should all be replaced with Americans that will protect the integrity of the Constitution.

  2. I agree this is definitely the fall of the Roman Empire. Not sure how we can get it back. It appears if 4 out of 5 people are concerned, why can’t a something be done??? How can we sit back and do nothing??? This happened in Nazi Germany-complacency.

    1. What can we do when. the politicians have given themselves all the authority to have us arrested, shot by police, jailed. Have false charges filed against us and smear us to never have a job yo support ourselves again. Look what those dirtbags did to Trump and even to his youngest son and look at the manufactured lies they used to try to impeach Trump We can wish and hope and dream but we have not the power to command the police and military to arrest all the criminal politicians controlling our nation

      1. Ok, so, let’s see …
        For decades the commies infiltrated our society, our schools, our media, universities, indoctrinated our kids w/ their anti America ideology… nobody did/ said anything!!!!

        We brought so called “ refugees “ from Somalia (communist refugees!!!) , we housed them, feed them , educated them (on our money ), now, they got “ elected” to congress and they show their real anti America face … the left pushed down our throats all kind of new “ laws” restricting our freedom and nobody said/ did nothing … Obama told us he will “ fundamentally transform America “… nobody
        did/ said nothing!!!!!

        Now, after all this time , when corruption went to the roof, when FBI , DOJ act like Gestapo , now we realized that “something needs to be done “????

        We must be kidding ourselves!!!!
        Just my humble opinion: my dear American citizens,
        It’s toooo late !!!!
        America is almost dead and it will be invaded by all kind of people from all over the world, coming here
        for the good life offered by our tax money , and they will be voting for the Satan party forever because
        this would be who would would be in the WH forever!!!!
        Just my opinion !!!!!!
        I hope I’m wrong!!!!!

    2. I have a question??? Where are the so called conservative freedom loving Republican leaders that we elected to keep American a free democracy. We have never voted for leaders who support socialism as we are seeing occur in our country daily! Our representatives who say they love America should be fighting for America. There is plenty of talk but very seldom any action! We do have a large number of swamp creature Republicans who need to be voted out of office. They are frauds!!

      1. Exactly right, Janet !!!

        A lot of us didn’t vote for these parasites, corrupt scumbags, but what happened to our votes ???

        Well, nothing much, they were there but got reversed somehow … you know, the “ democratic way”…
        our representatives ( those “conservatives “… it turned out most of them were just RINOs … so, they fought for themselves not for us !!!!

        Now, it’s funny but are we still talking about future elections and voting out the creeps and crooks ?
        Can we with a straight face talk about fair elections in the future????
        Sorry, but a lot of us can’t !!
        What’s the alternative???
        Unfortunately, is NOT for us to decide !!
        We just have to sit back and watch them giving us orders, left and right…

  3. The political corruption is much worse and more widespread than any of us had imagined
    There are very few top politicians and even Judges of SCOTUS who have not broken our laws against sedition, treason, tyranny , violated our BILL OF RIGHTS and the amendments to our Constitution
    All that are involved have been named yet none of them removed from their positions, none of them arrested and prosecuted nor in prison where they belong
    Maxine Waters instigated her party followers to stalk, harass and even harm anyone who voted for Trump , including an elderly gentleman who was beaten up at a gas station
    The politicians in Congress live in gated mansions and vote themselves pay raises out of our tax dollars from our hard earned money and some of us have back breaking jobs They fail to represent us and should all be forcibly removed from their positions

    1. I’m fully and completely with everything you just
      said, Teresa !!!!

      Who and where are our “ leaders” ????

  4. I absolutely agree with the above opinions. Let’s face it we have real problems now! We have greedy people in positions of power and they will do anything for money and the power that comes with money. We must become pro-active to take back our country. We must band together and refuse being led to slaughter like the Jews. Violence is not the answer as we all know. So the answer becomes clear and that is to legislate new laws in each of our states and then the states need to band together to protect ourselves from the federal over reach of power. That would be the tenth amendment . Yes, we need to protect our way of life by helping each other.

      1. The only hope for the USA is for the “red” states to secede from the Union. They must do this for their own survival – as Texas and the other border states are discovering with Washington’s deliberate strategy to destroy them by way of traitorous immigration policies.
        The “blue” states can be left to sink into their own morass of lawlessness and bankruptcy.
        The situation is irretrievable in any other way. Secession MUST happen without any further delay, otherwise the “red” states will be in an irretrievable race to destruction, right now being deliberatelt foisted on them by Washington.
        Act before it is much too late!!

          1. We have been hornswoggled. Better Luck next time. May God bless.
            Mike Todd of Rio Linda

      2. Neither is our Supreme Court……especially the turn coats that Trump put in.
        They stabbed him in the back……..Rhinos.

    1. So we have all of these comments. What can we do as Americans to stop this tyranny. For those of of us that do NOT WHAT SOCIALISM! I want my freedom. Why did my father fight in World War II ? My Grandfather World War l, my nephew in Iraq? X2 . I do not want anyone telling me what I can or cannot read ! Dr Seuss ! I grew up on Dr Seuss. This country is headed in the wrong direction. Those leaders we put into office need to do the job we put them there to do. FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM AGAINST TYRANNY! Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer waste my hard earned tax money on nonsense for their agenda. What about our rights! Our children’s , grand-children’s future? There is no future with these tyrants in office!!!!

    2. Aside from the great victory the Left has won by indoctrination of 2 generations of useful idiots, they’re also exporting their failure to neighboring states and fucking those up as well. If we don’t put a stop to that, we will be hopelessly outvoted and civil war will ensue when the Left feels bold enough to go for a total domination!

    3. Like James said, it looks like “ secession “ would be the only alternative we have !
      Only problem is that our “representatives “don’t have much power now, the Satan party is trying destroy to make our country into a”one party system “( we are already there) !
      The Constitution does offer that option but it seems to be extremely complicated and when you have corruption everywhere, then it becomes impossible to move forward any kind of proposals/ legislations .
      So, I guess, we can only talk and exchange opinions and frustration but nothing more than that !!!!

  5. I feel ill watching my country fall apart. Just praying ? thi go will turn around d before all is lost.

  6. I have reached out to my Governor of NH already about these issues and the reply was,,, we are very busy with Covid-19 related problems and no time for you. How do we get our fellow Americans in our states together so they have no choice but to listen. And over half the voters in my state voted for these idiot’s destroying our country and human rights.

  7. All the Demonsrats they only care about themselves and their families! They dont care about us. What will happen to all Americans? They want to destroy the United States of America. This Demonsrats are no Americans. They are part of the Communist! Thats why, they are no good for our country. They are here working for the money. They all should be’ removed and replaced. By Honest people we can trust and depend on.

  8. Unless you are tuning in to all the news feeds you really have no idea how truely evil these people are. Why do they want to allow abortions?? Why do they not want people to see what they are doing with the children at the border? Because they commit atrocities with these children. Things that believe me if you knew you would be horrified. What goes on underneath the Whitehouse??? Jeffrey Epstein is not dead! Tune in to Just Face It with Corey and Ashleigh. Pray.pray. Pray. Only God can save our Country! ???????

  9. What ashamed? They’re No good for our country. But a disgrace. Americans should all come together to stop them. Before its to late.

  10. All right guys, for those who are Christians, what has to happen before Christ comes back?
    We are NOW in the end times. I know I heard my parents talk about this 40 years ago, to were it go to the point I quit believing. But everything is lining up for this to begin. God himself said that he wouldn’t flood the earth again. Basically it will be mankind that destroys earth, that or fire. So what’s a few things Jesus said that will happen before the end?
    Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and threats of wars, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must take place, but the end won’t follow immediately. Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world. But all this is only the first of the birth pains, with more to come.
    New Diseases COVID-19 with many other types forming has we speak.
    This stuff was wrote and foretold in the Bible, a book the Democrats want to destroy. The liberals really don’t know what’s in store for them. We might go war with each other but I think it’s gonna be a political war, with a little bit of black on white. And then which ever side is winning I see the losing side, either it be Republican or Democrat I see there party falling and that one party rules until end times.
    For non believers take these words like you do with the media today, but hell is a forever place that you will be tormented with fire and pain, while the save will be with peace, a new perfect body, no pain.
    For those who are lost, better get ready. Cause when the raptures happens and your left behind it’s gonna be years of pain just to show you a little bit of what hell will be like. If you are left behind, DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST, it will be either on your forehead or hand. Don’t hold me to it, but I think you get one more chance to get save, but your procrastinating will be a painful coming to Jesus meeting. Now with that being said GOD allowed Joe Biden to be in power with the United States, we call it election fraud and it looks that way, but God allowed it. He gives people the power to let them be exposed weather its for the good or the bad.
    One thing that I keep thinking about is when we go to war among each other is what will China, Russia, Iran and every other country that hates us, what will they do? Will they set back and let us destroy each other or will they join in the Democratic Party for a complete take over? It’s about to get really interesting folks. Do a little research of end times, and then line them up with what’s happening today.
    But when the time comes, I’m loaded with guns and ammo. I’ll be ready to fight unless Jesus takes me first.

  11. Impeach Harris, get a replacement that is a Conservative leaning Dem, then impeach Biden who is just doing what his Sinupuppetmasters want him to do and he’s making this a communist place.

  12. I remember when Biden stood by his dying son’s bed and promised him he would not run for President……..hell, he cannot keep a promise to his dying son let alone us trust him with our Country……….all DemocRATS are LIARS……….

    1. Well, Mary, can you still believe what you hear about this crook, this pervert, going around sniffing women’s
      and little girls hair ???

      Besides, right now he doesn’t even know in the morning if he’s coming or going… who the heck would even bother to listen to him ????

  13. We are left with only one course of action. Take to the streets, surround the capital with a 5 million man march, peaceful until they mandate otherwise, and become Patriotic Americans one again. This socialist push must be put down for the insurrection that it is. If we are not careful, our grandchildren will be learning Mandarin in Kindergarten. What has been unfolding makes 1984 mild in comparison. We must Fight for our God Given Freedoms as put forth by our Founding Fathers. Force the removal of the DC wall. Go to the GREAT Wall on our Southern Border as a private militia and begin to shoot to kill. It would not take but one day of this to stem the tide of illegals, the cartels, and anyone attempting to enter this country illegally. Come on Americans, rediscover our identity and re-establish common sense. Kick both parties out of DC and start from stratch.

    1. Charles!!!
      My reply to you was a bunch of American flags
      And the thumbs up emoji!!!
      I don’t know why this POS website turned it into ??

  14. Chin Joe is not leading our country. He is a normal President but in name only he is told what to sign and what to say and when to say it. A real President would have addressed the Nation by now and would not have opened up our southern border. Nothing he has done has helped the American People. I believe he will not last out the year. Harris will be sworn in by the end the year. And that still won’t make things better. Many things have to be fixed and 2022 might to late to fix them

  15. The Constitutional Republic as such died with the Biden banana republic installation and not a single shot fired!

  16. Truth of the Matter….America has turned it’s back on God. The Conservatives, Christians, Jews, and Patriots are not turning up the heat against all these abominations that this country is allowing. If you look at America from the outside, we look very wicked indeed….Pride, arrogance, Killing Babies, Supporting Human Trafficking, Supporting Homosexuality, The Gender issue, Murdering, lying, Cheating for more power.. Worshipping the dollar, Pornography, all the Federal Law Enforcement agencies are compromised and corrupt, we have the most corrupt government right now on the planet and it goes on and on and none of this is God’s Will for America… Everything mentioned here is an abomination to God! We must repent all these sins against God and turn back to IN GOD WE TRUST, or we are finished as a nation! God will let Satan have his way with us. God uses Satan like a tool to inflict his Wrath on those that are disobedient to Him…And America has been more than disobedient to God these last decades. We shed inocent blood every day killing Gods children…The horrible corruption in Washington DC is a disgrace to the American people… Jesus Christ is the only answer to all these things….Will America repent and turn back to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Those are the facts of the matter… Open up those Bibles and read the whole story in the Book of Revelation…God tells us how this all ends…Read it Please

    1. That makes perfect sense, Jack !!!
      Of course we heard about the weather underground crowd … the guy that has become a “ professor “ at some prestigious university, sure, he is one of
      Obama’s best friends!!!!!

      Nothing to be surprising anymore… exactly how all the communists got to power, just like Stalin, Lenin,
      Mao, Chavez, Castro, Maduro, Xi , Pol Pot and all the rest of them … of course, their opponents must be jailed or even better, killed !!!!

  17. America must return to the values that made her great in the first place if we want America to be great again! Return to the worship of God in the home, in school and in the work place!

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