Swalwell Honeypot “Fang Fang” Stole the Name of My Garage Band

We have a lot of problems facing America in the 21st century, but at least we don’t have any Members of Congress who are dumb enough to sleep with an obvious Chinese spy. Oh, wait… US intelligence officials have told Axios that Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was in a “close relationship” for several years with a Chinese honeypot spy who worked for the Chinese Ministry of State Security. So, there is at least one Member of Congress who is dumb enough to fall for the “me love you long-time” routine of a Chinese sexual blackmail ring.

Out of the roughly 700 candidates who ran for the Democrat presidential primary last year, the creepy and repulsive Eric Swalwell was one of the worst. He threatened to use nuclear weapons against American states that refused to give up their guns if he was elected. Swalwell was so unpopular that he dropped out of the race before Kamala Harris. He ran for president – and yet the guy is so dumb that he “probably” tumbled into the sack with an obvious Chinese spy.

According to the Axios report, Swalwell was a member of the Dublin, CA city council back in 2010 or 2011 when a Chinese woman named Fang Fang first cozied up to him by posing as a college student who was interested in American politics. Yes, really: her name is Fang Fang. It’s not quite as good as “Kissy Suzuki” or “Honeychile Rider,” but as far as villainous foreign spy names go, Fang Fang is still pretty cool. And obvious.

No doubt thanks to the boost of self-confidence that was provided by an actual girl finally paying attention to him, Eric Swalwell was elected to Congress in 2012. When he ran for reelection in 2014, Fang Fang was still by his side and helped raise money for his campaign. Pause for a moment on that fact: A foreign Chinese sexual blackmail spy helped raise money for Eric Swalwell’s 2014 campaign. She was so well-liked by Swalwell that she was able to insert a Chinese intern directly in Swalwell’s DC office in 2015 – not that long ago in terms of US history.


When the FBI approached Swalwell in 2015 and said, “Hey retard, maybe you should op-stay eeping-slay with the obvious Chinese blackmail spy,” Swalwell broke off the relationship. Fang Fang fled back to Communist China before she could be arrested.

Several news outlets have asked Swalwell’s office whether the congressman was in a sexual relationship with Fang Fang. His office has repeatedly stated that they can’t answer that question, because it’s “classified.” Huh?

Seems like it would be the easiest thing in the world for Swalwell to rehearse by watching old Bill Clinton tapes and then pointing his finger at the camera while saying, “I did not… have sexual relations with that… that Fang Fang woman!” But he’s not saying that and he’s not denying it.

If Swalwell was not playing Chitty-Chitty Fang Fang with the Chinese spy, I’m pretty sure that would be the first time in American history that something that did not happen was classified. So… I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Swalwell was dumb enough to roll in the hay with an obvious Chinese spy for more than three years.

What was the unmarried Swalwell doing in Congress for the three-plus years when he was so shocked that a girl was finally paying attention to him? Oh, not much. He was just a sitting member of the House Homeland Security Committee and the Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Nothing to worry about, right? It’s not like Communist China would want to know any of the classified information that those committees deal with on a daily basis!

Want to know the most damning piece of information in all of this, which undercuts all of Eric Swalwell’s excuses? It’s been five years now since Fang Fang ran back to her commie homeland… and she was still “Facebook friends” with Eric Swalwell’s father and brother as late as Wednesday. That tells you a lot, doesn’t it?

Eric Swalwell probably took Fang Fang home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and introduced her to the fam as his girlfriend. Eric’s dad was probably relieved to finally know that his son wasn’t gay.

Oh, but it gets worse. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) both knew that Swalwell had been in a relationship with Fang Fang for years. They knew that the FBI had outed Fang Fang as a Chinese sexual blackmail spy. And Pelosi and Schiff still okayed it for Swalwell to be seated on the Intel Committee during this current session of Congress. And they hid that fact from Republicans.

Eric Swalwell has been compromised by Communist China. He should be stripped of his position on the Intelligence Committee and drummed out of Congress. How many other Chinese spies are floating around in Congress today, all because Swalwell was too dimwitted to realize that Fang Fang was a Chinese spy? But of course, Pelosi and the other Democrats are now circling the wagons around Swalwell to keep him in office. Pathetic.

If Eric Swalwell is still in office two years from now and runs for reelection, I have a suggestion for his official campaign song:

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75 thoughts on “Swalwell Honeypot “Fang Fang” Stole the Name of My Garage Band”

    1. Right. This is the best article I have read all week. You dumb democrats are always accusing republicans of doing things with no proof that you are actually doing yourself like colluding with the Russians…I mean Chinese. Swalwell needs to not just be removed from the intelligence committee but removed from congress. What a dangerous but useful idiot for the CCP.

      1. He should be put in jail and his dick chopped off !!! i guess we would not have that problem any more now would we and threaten his own county with nuclear weapons what a dumm ass !!

  1. Maybe he was an asset to cia to inflitrate that other guy?that is why he was given the committee appt?
    Just a thought going to get my double shot of caffeine now?

  2. Nothing to see here folks !! It is all TRUMPS fault.!!
    That dumb sleezy MF.. makes your skin crawl !!
    Nothing will be done as usual.. Democrats are the most EVIL slime in this world!

      1. Only a low life democrat piece of garbage can get away with treason. Hang Swalwell.. he’s a traitor to the country.. he must be related to the brain dead Biden’s..

    1. Yes, it seems that America is a lawless country. If Swalwell was a Republican he would be kicked out!! Republicans in the Senate are Chicken livers!! They let the Dems walk all over them!! Pathetic!!

      1. Hell, half of the republicans in the senate are democrats. The belief we have a two party system died with the “Twist”.

    2. Dorothy Foster,
      That dumb sleezy MF.. makes your skin crawl ! not sure what you are really saying. Nothing will be done as usual.. Democrats are the most EVIL slime in this world! fault.!!
      Who is sleezy, why is it Trumps fault and please make sure we understand what you are saying.
      Sleezy = Biden in my books, Trumps Fault ? I think Biden and the Whore of Babylon have been corrupt long before Trump took office. Biden has a record of doing absolutely nohting for 47 years in politics!

  3. This, however, is small potatoes compared to who we have as alleged president elect. Our nation is doomed if this incompetent, corrupt man takes office in Jan. The old corrupt, arrogant and malignant anti- American crew will be back, starting with Susan Rice. What that government did, with the media and big techs help is divert attention to Russia but really, China had been and is more insidious. We have enriched the latter in hopes that we can change the culture and their political system. What these politicians fail to see is they’ve had thousands of years experience in statecraft. We, American voters are hopelessly naive. Of course, the election WAS illegitimate. It was the last chance for the left to stop Trump to propose some measures to eradicate the left thru term limits and real congressional reform, true education reform and cultural reform. There are parallels in human history. Recall in Christianity, President Trump is John the Baptist and perhaps, the Christ is coming. Or a civil war is inevitable or total subjugation just as in communist China. May not happen in near future but if we continue to choose these feckless leaders with promises of utopia, all our individual rights and ideas of self determination will vanish and go thru a dark age. So, the appeals case to Supreme Court MUST be heard. It should correct the election practices if not change the result. Should alert and educate Americans the genius of the designers of our constitution to prevent tyranny of a government .

    1. We are doomed. I also have learned these Dems, e.g., Obama, Clintons, Susan Rice have all been working at Netflix. I’m sure there are more. Time to cancel your subscription folks.


          1. They must not be stupid. Seems to me , at this point in time, they are winning. I hate the path our country seems to be taking. Straight downward.

        1. “History of the World, Part 1”. The Roman Era. Very funny!
          However, on the serious side, I agree with your assessment. The democrat/communist party needs to be abolished in stead of the police. They have been in bed with the Chinese since the Clinton crime family was in office. It only got worse with the Obama crime family. Of course he was also responsible for the state of this country’s racial problems. Especially since he himself is a terrorist and cop hater. IF the slime bag Biden and his communist whore do actually take office, they will be taking orders from CCP and Obama. The same foolish person that told prince William that he was trying to set himself up as king of the USA. It was a real slap in the face to all constitution loving Americans when that non-natural born person was made president of this great country. He should have been arrested for treason when he sent money to Iran in support of terrorists around the world.

        1. Yes of course!! Also do kiddie porn videos on Netflix, “Cuties”. I didn’t see the video, but when I was shown part of the trailer, I couldn’t watch it. What a bunch of sick maggots trying to run the country from the shadows.

    2. The whole mess these past 5 years, prior to Trump being in office, spying on him in 2015, attempted coups all 4 years in office, then Obama, set. Fauci, Nancy Pelosi being at Wuhan Lab, where CV was made, Dr. Fauci of nhi, giving Wuhan lab 3.7 million for? Then after Trump won in 2016, after inauguration in 2017, same Dr. Fauci gave Wuhan lab $10,000,000. Plus, for what pray tell? Then CV from Wuhan lab is unleashed on USA & the world? I truly believe, 100%, Democrats, i.e., Obama, Pelosi, HRC, had Dr. Fauci unleashed CV on us,cl perhaps it got out of hand, but, it’s the only way they could get Trump outta office, that didn’t work, henceforth, wide spread voter fraud in blue States! Much more, following this every day for 5 years, 10-12 hours a day! All IMHO.

      1. I question why that is? According to the Constitution it is the Supreme Court’s duty to settle disputes between the states.
        Are they also tainted by China?

        1. And if the SCOTUS refuses to allow these cases a hearing then we are ALL screwed bc everything will be messed up and Pro-DEMOrats by 2024!
          WE the PEOPLE need to get out there and make some noise for DJT, our duly elected X 2 POTUS. GOD Bless America! Pray for our country!

    3. Also, Kameltoe is a self-admitted – or maybe bragging that she is a communist – and she has already said that if Congress doesn’t do her bidding then she intends to rule by executive fiat. She has always wanted to be Dictator!!

    4. You are so right! In addition to those who say what the chinese would want to set a president for 50 years in the future?… westerners think of the world and our lives in terms of 5, 10, maybe 15 or 20 years until “we retire” oriental cultures bet on generations… they worry about now but with an eye to the grandchildren and further descendants of their culture so, whatever they do, they have always in mind long term. There are many facets in all the cultures in their habitats but it changes to something else when extracted from their homes. Africans are no longer africans, latins are not ony latins, etc., and they change to a multicultural society. USA. we progressed since its inception and now small extreme groups want to revert back. Incredibly ignorant of some.

    5. what a bunch of crooks . can you see what that dummy is up to. wake up true bloodied americans looks like a war is brewing . lock and load.

  4. Omar, Menendez, Taliban, and Fienstein, many other democrats, now Swalwel have committed treason or some type of unlawful felony,but are still there. What will it take to get rid of these characters? Well they always say be careful for what you wish. My wish if that what you want to call it, is may Gods vengeance fall on those, whose hearts are to do evil and oppress the poor and his believers.

  5. Nancy and her little corrupt puppet should all lose their seats in office by hiding this incident from the whole Congress and we need to start a real investigation of any other members who might be in bed with the Chinese as well as Wall Street and other companies who are trying to destroy our country.

  6. The Eric Swalwell Chinese inspired sexually deviant relationship with Fang Fang “the dang dang skanky sluty blackmailing Chinese spy and queen of espenaige” scandal is second ONLY TO the most complex fraudulent Presidential election ever perpetrated against the Constitution and the American people by the Democrats in order to grab complete power and control! Congressional Republicans had better have a plan in place in Georgia or the Dems are going to steal the two Senate seats in Georgia and, if the Dems win……. America and the Constitution are gone, the fat lady will have sung! But, I digress….. so, back to the Swalwell communist scandal and his slut, Fang Fang! As usual Pelosi, the cult leader, knew all about the huge Chinese skeleton in Swalwell’s closet and yet she put him on intel committees with our most classified data and information! Pelosi is one of two things, 1. She is truly an enemy of America and the Constitution she swore to uphold or 2. She is stupid beyond measure and description! At any rate, she needs to be dragged kicking and screaming and bodily thrown out of Congress, with Swalwell following closely behind her! Then, both of them should be investigated and indicted as the law requires…..laws were broken, without question!
    American politicians have made America a pathetic joke around the world! The Dems commit criminal acts and treason without fear they will be held accountable because there a very few sets of cojones among Republicans in Congress! In closing I will state, some of the largest GOP conjones belong to women of courage, who are willing to stand up to the Dem criminals and traitors! However, it may already be too late to close the barn door….the “donkeys” have made their escape! Be afraid America, be very afraid!

  7. So Eric Stall Swill did the F**kee F**kee with the Chinese SPY and thats ok ok with the Dimocrats. Thank God she wasn’t A Russian Spy!!!!!

  8. I am so sick and fed up to what the democrats in Washington are allowed to do to this country. I know there are legal rules in how you have to pursue “wrong doings” committed by those who are suppose to be looking out for the citizens of this country. It has been proven in many ways that this Presidential election was far from being legal and needs to be totally exposed and investigated.. No excuses. When there is proof of fraud to the 3rd degree everything needs to stop and be investigated to the end and not “there’s not enough to change the outcome of the election” NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY AND IN THEIR RIGHT MIND COULD BELIEVE THAT BIDEN GOT 80,000 votes but not to look into this cause all the i’s weren’t dotted is as criminal as the dead people voting, crooked machines more votes from a town then people. RULES WERE BROKEN AND CHEATING WAS DONE AND MUST BE CORRECTED AND NOT PUT ANYONE IN THAT WHITE HOUSE THAT CHEATED AND LIED TO GET THERE

    1. Wilma. The WHOLE Government is Corrupt! ALL of IT! Executive, Legislative, Judicial! ALL of the Government Agencies! Federal, State and Local! The Ones at the TOP ARE CRIMINALS and THIEVES! They have SOLD Their SOUL to the DEVIL! The TRIBULATION is CLOSE at Hand! Look at Venezuela, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, and North Korea! THAT is the FUTURE of America! The NEW NORMAL is Here! America was Fundamentally Changed in 2008 WHEN the SOCIALIST TOOK OVER the TOP LEVEL of ALL of Government! RIP the America we USED to Live IN!

  9. When will the wimpy republican congress and the conservative Americans start taking back our country? The demorats have browbeat us long enough. The corruption is totally out of control and starts in the lousy socialist education system. Get the teachers union out and defund public schools.

  10. He’ll probably run for president in 2024 backed by the DNC pelosi shumer an the gang an they rig that election too !!

    1. Schiff and his little butt buddy Sallows well along with the hag Pelosi should be hung next to the Washington Monument for TREASON…Of course No Due Process…

  11. It is my belief that what Obama, Biden, Hillary and the Democrat leadership has done starting before Trump was elected was a CRIME! I do not understand why there has been no legal action taken against them! Are Democrat politicians immune from prosecution? They not only committed crimes against Trump….they committed crimes against our country and the American people! And now they are perpetrating a fraud in our election and they just may be getting away with it. Due to the fact that we now have so called News Media that create the news instead of REPORTING the NEWS! Years ago when you watched the News, they would REPORT THE NEWS for the first 55 min! Then the News Manager would come on the air and give an editorial on the news….Their OPINION OF THE NEWS! The Democrats & the media know and understand the “POWER OF SUGGESTION”! We have also seen that evolution in our educational system! Today they indoctrinate instead of educate! If we do not address and take action to address the media and the educational system our freedom and our country’s future is in jeopardy!

    1. Yes they are immune from prosecution. They have already bought most of the judges, FBI, and the DOJ. If by chance there is some constitution loving agent trying to build a case against them, then all of his witnesses are then subjected to Arkansas suicide.


  13. Until the ignorant people who year after year stop voting the EVIL, Corrupt, arrogant, lying, hate spreading, racist, filthy, cheating, Demoncrats ???into office, nothing will change. But the ignorant losers that make up the Demoncratic voting block won’t change until they are no longer getting paid for their votes and can’t loot and plunder nothing will change. They haven’t lost enough yet to open their eyes. As long as they continue to believe the lies and false promises they will vote for Corrupt people like the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s and Pelosi, Harris, OAC and the rest.

  14. Whether the Repubs have small cojones or just a rabid FEAR of the media, is not exactly clear. The media is the power behind the Democrats “getting away with all of the Skullduggery”.

    Change or get rid of key players in the media and the Repubs may grow a “back bone”.

    This will be NO easy task since the media wraps themselves in the 1st amendment to suppress all others on their 1st. amendment rights.

  15. Having worked for Chinese here and abroad you just can’t trust them–they don’t like loosing face. Their phiosophy is you can do anything to get ahead regardless and it is acceptable. The dumb ass and traitorous Democrats just wanting to get rich (Pelosi, Waters etc) regardless worries the hell out of me of selling their souls and our country to the Chinese needs some deep cleaning to make our society whole and unified. I fought for this country for a career and it just hurts me what they have done to destroy our great country and the sacrifices made by our military to protect our country. Where do we go from here to protect what has been done all these hundred of years to create our new world.

  16. It looks like Swalwell was perfectly aware of who Fang Fang was working for. That would mean he was probably on their payroll, just like the Biden’s are. Playing the victim does seem to work for the democrats, so in conclusion, he’s guilty as hell and should be hanged as a spy for the Chinese communist.

  17. Since so many of us are looking for a Answer to All of Our Questions about The Corrupt COMMUNIST DEMOCRAPS Along with The SPINELESS REPUBLICANS!!! Our Forefathers foresaw this When they Wrote The Constitution of The United States of America!!! It starts with WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! It has all of your ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!! They Fought for their FREEDOM for Much Less then the CRAP THESE COURRUPT POLITICIANS DO TO US NOW!!!

  18. I hold the media accountable in this shitty event. Track this, while knocking boots with fang fang bang bang, NO national secrets were transferred?????? Really. Well what is the status of the intern? Is it just possible she got a looky see at ANY classified material???? Can his office verify and certify the intern did NOT have ANY access to classified documents or material? Or is that “classified” as well? But as we know nothing will come of it. The gooks won’t let it.

  19. I don’t want Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in the White House because they are both corrupt, greedy and too entitled. They have never cared what the American people want, they only care what they can give us and for them it means more power and control over us. Since all of this stuff is starting to come out about China and the relationship with members of US Congress, mostly Democratic politician with a few Republicans and RINO’s thrown in there and one of those Republicans is Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia.

    All the pieces are coming together and starting to make sense now. Is it a fluke that all of these Mayors and Governors who have the strictest lockdowns are ALL IN BED WITH CHINA? Let’s take California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) wired half a billion dollars — the first of two installments — to BYD, an electric car company in China, to supposedly purchase “N-95 masks” for COVID-19. But Newsom sent the money without voting or approval by the state legislature. When pressed about the details of the deal, Newsom refused to disclose them. Nor were the face masks actually delivered. As of November 2020, BYD has yet delivered a single face mask. This looks more like payoff to me or a money laundering scheme.

    It’s amazing what you can find and research if you don’t use google or Yahoo as you search engine. I discovered they both have algorithm that send you to a page that has nothing to do with your search. When I typed in m search China’s connection to Nancy Pelosi, what I got back was article on President Trump’s adversarial relationship with China. When I used another search engine all of these articles came up on Pelosi and her husband ties and connections to China, I was shocked by how many there were. It was eye opening reading. The Pelosi’s own a lot of businesses in China. So, if she puts a bill that will benefit China, the Pelosi’s make millions off of that decision. They are also deeply invested in COVID. If it sounds shady or corrupt, it usually is. Try it yourself.

  20. I do not believe that Mr. Biden will take office. It is absolutely possible for President Trump to remain in the WH. In the readings, it appears that we have waited for the SCOTUS too long. My God reigns forever and ever. In my opinion, it was an act of God that put him there and it will be an unbelievable act from God who keeps him there. Just keep praying.

  21. Queen Nancy, Joker of the Burr Schiff, Crocked Attorney of the Court Nadler, Smiley Crook of the Castle Schumer, Dishonest Ladies in Waiting Omar, AOC, Waters, Feinstein, Tliab, Clinton, Crooked Past Presidents Clinton and Obama, should all be sent to China to serve as Ambassadors to that nation, with the stipulation that they never return to this great Nation. But on their way to Communist China, they take Romney (Chief Back Stabber of the Court) and drop him off in North Korea, where telling the truth or a lie doesn’t really matter. If these Congressional Leaders want to be Communists, then ship them, but they take nothing with them, any funds/money that may be hidden or in various financial institutions shall be given or used for the poor and disabled regardless to race, color, gander, etc.

  22. And if the SCOTUS refuses to allow these cases a hearing then we are ALL screwed bc everything will be messed up and Pro-DEMOrats by 2024!
    WE the PEOPLE need to get out there and make some noise for DJT, our duly elected X 2 POTUS. GOD Bless America! Pray for our country!


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