The Biggest Election Investigation You’ve Never Heard About

An election integrity group has been conducting a clandestine investigation of the 2020 election since last December. That group has uncovered mountains of evidence that they say conclusively proves what we all suspected about the contest between the most popular president in modern history, and a guy who hid in his basement all last year. This is bigger than the Arizona audit results, which are expected to drop any day now (the audit team reportedly has COVID). The group has gathered evidence in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin and Michigan. This is hyuuuuge!

The group conducting the clandestine election fraud investigation is one you may have heard of: True the Vote.

Full disclosure: I briefly worked with the folks at True the Vote for a couple of weeks on a project that took place about 6 or 7 years ago. I found them to be honest and kind people, with a high level of professionalism and integrity.

True the Vote has been investigating all of those ballot “drop boxes” that were suddenly adopted in areas that illegally implemented mass mail-in voting last year. Get a load of the mountains of data that True the Vote has been gathering, compiling, analyzing and turning over to state and federal law enforcement agencies.


They’ve collected approximately 10 trillion cell phone “pings.” This data provides geospatial and temporal data of specific points of interest such as: Ballot drop box locations, UPS stores, post offices, and some commercial and NGO office locations. You might be wondering what good that data does anyone. Nothing, by itself.

But then, True the Vote has also been submitting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for surveillance video of ballot drop boxes. There’s supposed to be a surveillance camera pointed directly at every ballot drop box to help ensure the integrity of the ballots. And since that video is shot on taxpayer-provided cameras, anyone can get access to those videos.

True the Vote collected one petabyte of video surveillance data, which works out to about 2 million minutes of video. And they’ve been cross referencing the video files with the cell phone ping data of suspected ballot traffickers.

True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht says, “From this we have thus far developed precise patterns of life for 242 suspected ballot traffickers in Georgia and 202 traffickers in Arizona. According to the data, each trafficker went to an average of 23 ballot drop boxes.”

“Patterns of life” is a curious phrase, don’t you think? The ballot traffickers have been found – thanks to all that cell phone data – to have traveled and visited with postal workers, NGOs and others with access to ballots. And then after picking up batches of pre-filled Biden ballots from those individuals and locations, they proceeded to drive to the ballot drop boxes and stuff them full of Biden votes.

Again: They’ve got video and cell phone evidence of 242 traffickers in Georgia and 202 in Arizona. Each one visited an average of 23 ballot drop boxes to stuff them full of ballots.

That’s an awfully big, coordinated effort to steal an election. As for the data from the other states True the Vote is investigating, it looks like they have been stalled by state or local governments that are refusing to release video of the drop boxes.

But what they’ve uncovered so far is massive. Cell phone data combined with video is rock-solid evidence that would convince any jury of a person’s guilt. (I’ve seen murder cases solved like this, with cell phone data alone.)

This is too compelling for state and local law enforcement to continue to ignore it. True the Vote has gathered publicly accessible cell phone data and video evidence of voter fraud on a mass scale. There’s nothing esoteric or confusing about this – you don’t have to have a degree in computer science to even understand what they’re talking about (like with Mike Lindell’s cyber-evidence). We may finally start to see some more concrete actions from state and local governments, once True the Vote releases its full findings. It’s about time!

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52 thoughts on “The Biggest Election Investigation You’ve Never Heard About”

      1. The fix was in for the election and the fix is in on what will happen to any evidence that shows that the election was crooked.

        From the AG down to the local traffic cop the entire law enforcement system is dialed in to keep the swamp rats in power and the average American citizen at a gross disadvantage.


        1. Matthew hopefully in the next election they’ll all be out and somehow we can get that evidence to come to light but I think you’re right you’ll just be covered up because the FBI and the DOJ and the other parts of government is so corrupt but maybe that can change to as an American I’m hoping in the next election cycle 2024 we can do something about it

        2. America is gone ! This corrupt government is one of most evil of all time. No matter what proof is brought to light they just ignore it. They do the same with the constatution.. The greed for power & wealth has no bounds for the democrats. We must take them out fast just like the garbage.

      2. That’s exactly where I’m at lip service get nowhere let’s put some physical effort into it and arrest all of these tastburds

    1. Show this report to Federal Judge Parker who ruled against the TRUMP team just recently.. I guess Judge Parker has a duel role one as a Judge the other as a legislator… Federal Judges should stick to being impartial adjudicators within thee Judiciary..

    2. Their time is coming, for all shall be judged on Judgement Day ! Cater not to the Evil Democrats for their souls have already been claimed by Satan ! Just look at all & who they support. 100% Pure Evil !

    3. Take the house & senate back; Finish the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; English language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama, Biden hold overs and RINO’s & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software in future voting; seize all bank accounts belonging or affiliated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations; stop the resettlement of illegals around the USA. This is my opinion.

      1. Amen, you are a very smart person!! I wish all our present and future presidents are that smart and interested in saving America as you are. God bless you.

      2. Spot on ! I’d like to add public executions for ALL of the Soros/Clinton/Pelosi/Schmuck conspirators along with full asset forfeiture.

  1. There maybe tons of evidence to prove election fraud but will it ever get disclosed? Government officials always find a way to destroy or lose data.

    1. No, in my opinion.. it is the partial Federal Judges who are breaking their oaths and being part of the Democratic party… One just has to view their rulings to see this happening.. Take the case of Michigan’s Federal Judge Parker to witness the double standing..

  2. Good job, nothing can be more convincing then cold hard facts ,backed up with video servalince and phone data. We all knew there was not any chance that Sleepy Joe won, the telling stats of winners in previous elections not to mention for some strange reason the Democrats choice of nominating Joe,
    With out a doubt they surely had a much better more logical nominee to represent the DEMOCRATIC PARTY ..So I truly believe in PRESIDENT TRUMP and his leadership to ensure We The People are empowered by our choices to stand for what’s right,

    1. You must be living in a dream world I never voted for any one but Mr. Trump but I am willing to bet that you have voted for the very same lowlifes that are in office right now. PROVE me wrong.

    2. I have a feeling all these people they found all this evidence within the next few days since it’s announcement of this evidence will probably end up somewhere with the blood cyanide level 100 times the average

  3. Please stop the scam investigation and then throw the investigators out and then make them pay back their paychecks that they have received for the scam investigation. We have been told that even when you find out that THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED AGAINST DONALD TRUMP THERE IS NOT NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE ANYTHING. So why the scam investigation????do you think that the nasty sick lowlife Nancy Pelosi said was not true. Show me a court that’s willing to take on the voter fraud and then reinstate Donald Trump. You won’t find one PROVE me wrong.

  4. Between this voter fraud and so called Durham report, we need all this out before they put Mrs. deplorable Hillary in the WH. I am sick of Democrats and their idiots lying and corruption. I just wonder how many Democrat voters have buyers remorse? Time to make America Great Again ASAP. 45 we need you to stop all these idiots and put law and order back on our streets. Can’t blame me for all Biden as done, I voted for President Trump.

  5. Great job! Thank you for all your hard work on this. Now we only hope that something can be done to reverse the election before this world is destroyed. Impeaching Biden would only leave it in the hands of Kamela Harris which would be no good. We need the election reversed due to the fraud and get Trump back in there as soon as possible. This is incredible Although we all knew it at the time of the election! Best wishes on your conclusion of your studies and resort you can produce that will help all of us!

    1. Get rid of Harris and you get Pelosi the tyrant. If Harris does get in the Dems will make sure more and worse crises happen so Pelosi will look like a better choice. If Harris is smart she will resign immediately.

  6. so when do you plan to release this proof to the AMERICAN public and when will we see impeachment process begin. # impeach the biden crime familyand admin.#impeach pelosi and schumer. These criminals belong in prison. Time for china joe to go

    1. Just like the hillrat was tried for mishandling of classified information?

      Like they used to saw in Vietnam…..Nava hoppen GI

  7. Obviously, the right thing to do would be to arrest Biden, Harris, and the (probably head of the fraud division (or Brains) (Pelosi). And lock them up. Finish investigation. And prosecute them for crimes against the the United States, and crimes against the people of the United States. Before any more damage is done. After all, if they are guilty. Take care of the problem.

  8. AS so many have already pointed out; if there is undeniable evidence, then get it out to the rest of this nation and get these dirty b=stards out of there before it is too late to save this nation!!! We have lost face in the eyes of most of the world, and if the nations of the world are ever going to see just how good a Republic can and does work, it needs to be done soon.


  10. yes it shows what money can buy, its really hard to believe there’s so many corrupt people in the white house with telling America’s one lie after another, or we dont have to answer your questions, and the Afghanistan crisis – just even more people will die because of biden. and what about the coronavirus. biden is no president, no leader, no american, whatever or who ever lives in a cesspool – that’s biden

  11. Get these reports released instead of just saying you have proof – where is it?
    We need to see the reports so we can get busy and prosecute 1

    1. The demonazis are trying to “lose” the video evidence. They’re not turning it over and never will. It’s public records and they will destroy it before ever gets released. Same as they’re refusing to release videos of January 6th.

  12. The majority of our government is dishonest!!
    They are all making millions of $ to keep most of Americans in poverty or nearly in poverty.
    That is the way we are being controlled, Then at election time they cheat to get their croonies Elected or re-elected! Money is the root of all evil! Look and see who has the Money! That’s who has the control. We the people lost our country a long time ago, and Trump was trying to give it back to us! Thats why they had to get rid of him! I am so ashamed of this country right now, but am still proud of our FLAG and what it stands for. Our constitution is being destroyed little by little and the worst part of it is our own government officials are the ones destroying or allowing it to be destroyed!! Prove Me Wrong!

  13. Tired of all the proof! just release it and get it over with and put the right person in the White house to lead our country in the proper way and arrest the criminals that are right there now as they stole the election PERIOD . Don’t proceed to let them be in charge any longer for we are losing our country everyday as they continue to get away with the worst decisions to destroy us period!

  14. what we need to do is stop there programs and bring this junk to a halt not bring those people to justice and hold a special election that last for four years to clean up the mess can’t do it in a year or even two disappointed in Bar and Pence when some thing could have been done.

  15. It’s only lip service! Start arresting people all the way to the top of this pile of gargoyle excrement and then and only then will I believe people care enough to save this country!
    We have 10’s of thousands of afghans coming, 200,000 illegals a month coming, and no one in this government to stop it! I am afraid it will be up to us folks! Daily crisis because of this corrupt Godless government!

  16. All guilty parties should face deportation to a country that works that way. They would surely have jobs.

  17. All counties in each of the fifty states, district of criminals, oops excuse me, cloumbia, and territories need every possible type of audits, investigations, and collections on the 2020 election; the same needs to be done on the upcoming 2022 elections. Claim there is no fraud all you want, let crooked and collusive party judicial hacks refuse to hear cases, from the Supreme Court on down, use all the corrupt officials in the world to deny it; the fact that the election count was halted, massive broken chain of custody ballots used, and very large numbers of invalid votes allowed all combine alone, to have given the crooked marxist/islamist/crime cartel groups 28-37% of their vote tally- nationally! These irregularities, just these alone, should have been looked into by the appropriate authorities, and never allowed to have had their tallies kept in the total counts! Really, this is systemic election interference, period.

  18. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why True the vote would turn over evidence to federal agencies that have proven themselves to be UNTRUSTWORTHY! I hope they have copies! everyone knows how the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the others lose things!

  19. President Trump will always be my president! Biden is only one of Barack Obama’s political puppets. Obama is at fault for the stolen 2020 election, the dominion voting machines, with foreign manufactured software that stole our president from 75,000,000 of his supporters. Barack Obama’ s dream of a fundamental transformation by selling our country out to the far left radicals who love the thought of socialism, socialism will be defeated because as President Trump’s silent majority, we stand up for our united states of America. Barack Obama and all of these politicians, lobbyists and special interests are nothing more than corrupt market capitalists who are being bribed by the radicals on both fringes on the two corrupt majority political parties. Election fraud is being proven in these battle ground states, those who stole our president from us will be held to account! Major fraud! Obama financed this fraud, along with his federal overthrow of our country’s private health insurance market, his attempted destruction of American manufactured energy, among other federal and state by state corruption that he designed. The political swamp followed his lead throughout our country, RE-ELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP IN 2024! ELECT CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS TO CONGRESS IN 2022!

  20. The truth always comes out! maybe sooner than later!! Everything in the universe will line up perfectly, then the cards can be laid out on the table. Proving Election Fraud, amongst many other wrong doings!! Felonies and HIGH CRIMES!!! No Misdemeanor’s here, That for sure!!!

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