The Incredible String of Impossibilities You’re Supposed to Believe about This “Free and Fair” Election

Whoever recorded the election night coverage and caught that huge Biden miracle dump of ballots in Michigan deserves a medal. He or she took a screenshot of Biden receiving 138,000 votes in one batch – with zero for Trump – and it set this whole thing in motion. That first instance of catching the Democrats committing fraud set off an avalanche. We’re told that the first incident was a “glitch.” Since then, we’ve been asked to believe a lot of impossible things about this election. Let’s review some of those preposterous impossibilities.

First, there’s the uncharacteristic quietness of the media. Sure, they’re loud in telling us to accept the election results. I’m talking about how quiet they are about the numbers. “Joe Biden won and that’s all we need to know!”

This is abnormal and it’s impossible for me to accept.

Throw out your intelligence for a moment and pretend that Joe Biden actually won the election with 80 million votes. If that really happened – if anyone actually believed that had happened, the newscasts would be filled with celebratory pieces about Joe Biden’s miraculous victory.

Donald Trump is unquestionably the most popular Republican president in American history. And somehow a man who has never been considered popular defeated an incumbent president with record-high turnout. The media would be doing deep dives into the numbers and analyzing just how that happened, if they really believed that it happened.


Joe Biden supposedly received 80 million votes in this election. And he somehow achieved that with nearly record-low turnout among minority voters for a Democrat candidate. Trump won the highest percentage of minority votes since 1960 for a Republican candidate, while Biden won the lowest percentage of minority votes of any Democrat since 1960. Let that sink in for a second.

The Democrat Party’s Jim Crow laws and segregation were still in effect the last time that a Democrat candidate was so unpopular with minorities. But somehow, despite that dent in the Democrats’ coalition, Joe Biden surpassed Donald Trump’s vote totals by a record amount.

If the media believed this actually happened, they’d be devoting hours of airtime to looking at the numbers. Instead, they are wildly incurious. It would be like landing on Mars and discovering that there are Martians walking around there and the media just kind of shrugs and yawns at it. Ho hum!

By this point in the 2016 election cycle, we had tons of data and news stories about what had just happened. We knew how evangelicals and doctors and suburban housewives and LGBTQ voters and blacks and Hispanics and Asians and Sri Lankans and computer programmers and encyclopedia salesmen and coal miners and truck drivers and baristas and commercial fishermen and beat poets had voted. Everyone wanted to know who was in the Trump coalition that had pulled off that amazing upset victory.

But when Joe Biden smashes the all-time popular vote total, despite not having a single supporter who put up a Biden-Harris yard sign anywhere in the country, the media definitely does not want to look at the numbers. They somehow don’t care who is in the “Biden coalition.”

Media: “No need to look closely at any of the numbers or do any post-election analysis! Can we just skip ahead to the inauguration?”

Does that pass the smell test with anyone?

We are also expected to believe that despite the fact that Joe Biden is somehow the most popular politician in American history, the voters decided they didn’t really want any of Joe Biden’s policies implemented. How else do you explain the way that down-ballot Democrat candidates got hammered?

As of this writing, it looks like Republicans will be trailing the Democrats by 9 seats in the House. The Democrats have a razor-thin majority in the House. It’s the smallest majority Democrats have held over Republicans in the last decade. They’re talking about putting Nancy Pelosi up as Speaker once again, but before this is all over, the Democrats could still lose control of the House! A bunch of races are still up in the air. Meanwhile we’re supposed to believe that Trump lost but somehow the voters were so enamored with Republican House candidates that we gave them big wins?

We’re also supposed to believe that the “bellwether” states of Florida and Ohio, and 19 of 20 bellwether counties in America were won by President Trump – but Biden won the election. These predictive states and counties have determined the presidential election winner for decades now. I know that’s not scientific, but Joe Biden somehow lost all of those bellwethers and won the election? Really?

Anyone who believes this string of impossibilities has to be crazy.

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132 thoughts on “The Incredible String of Impossibilities You’re Supposed to Believe about This “Free and Fair” Election”

  1. What we the people will do about?????? We are asking to put for safety a ? for the Cina virus and we will look Amarica been bought by CINA!!!!!! Merry Christmas ?????

    1. There is nobody above the laws not even the Supreme court justices they need to do their rightful job, as soon as possible , Joe Biden can not take the White House on fraudulent votes.If anyone thinks I believe any of this hog wash they can go to the nut house & get in a straight jacket . First of all Hillary is behind this one she knows about the 18 million she tried to borrow , & the CEO of State farm insurance company, she is a real snake in the grass her husband taught her how to be dirty , she was getting even with Trump for losing the 2016 election, she need to go to jail so does Obama he promised transparency & the only transparent thing there was about his illegitimate presidency is he is a crook extortionist con man just like Hillary a real con lady .using big tech to brain wash the public . it did not work . they all need to be locked up

      1. biden is a crook and liar too besides being to the effect of having demintia or something to this affect. these all need to be in jail. Trump/Pence i pray to God will be in the White house for 4 more years,

      2. The Majority of America KNOWS that Donald Trump WON the 2020 Election! We Also Know that the Government is a Bunch of Criminals! The DOJ and FBI are run by Criminals that are Protecting the Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrats and RINO Republicans while threatening and harassing their opponents! The Activist Courts are Eager to legislate from the bench and obstruct the Executive branch with Judicial Overreach; BUT SCOTUS and Judicial Branch REFUSES to Uphold their Constitutional DUTY to Uphold the Law and Defend the Constitution! The Democrats and the SWAMP Tried to Steal the Election, BUT it was the RINO Republicans that HANDED the Election to the SWAMP. ONLY We the People can save this Country and it will take MORE than just Complaining and Waiting for the Criminals to Surrender and handover the Evidence! REVOLT! No Unity, No Peace and No Surrender!

    2. That dirty cheating POS will not get into our WH! We the people will abd should revolt against that imposter, That loser gave a so called victory speech a victory in what?! How those scumbvags cheated and stole our presidents EC votes?! Then the little troll had the nerve to send our presidentna letter telling him to start packing?! That POS better hide in his basement because he will not be our president!

    3. The real winner in this election is China and the undocumented that’s it in a nut shell.
      I am so sick of all this crap , no one has the courage to intervene and make this right!
      Cowards all of them: the supreme court, all the judges who refused to see the evidence and quickly dismissed the cases brought by the Trump Team…

      1. To Kathleen: It appears that, pretty much, the American public are the only ones not bought off. The average democrat (not a politician) was not bought off because they didn’t receive THAT much in entitlements. Our guns are not enough to really make a change. Evil is too entrenched. It will take divine intervention. All we can do is die.

        1. Hey DAV, you not have been bought off personally, but your still a demorcrat and you vote for this crap , makes you just as bad for supporting them. Brainwashed puppets!!!

          1. You don’t know what in hell you are talking about David Paquette. I HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMONOCRAT, stupid. I gave 4 years of my life in the service of my country during Vietnam. What were you doing?…probably not even born yet. Go back to your video games.
            Are Lie-beral DEMONocrats crazy or evil? I think they are both. They are suffering from the insanity of satanity and are FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH! Who but the insane would undertake to believe what is not true, and then protect this belief at the cost of truth? Truth is beyond one’s ability to destroy it, but is entirely within your ability to accept it.

        2. That’s what you think. There are 100 million gun owners in this country. If they want a war, they are the ones who are going to die!!

      2. I think we all should fly the American flag to demonstrate to the fake news and swamp that we are feed up with lies and corruption
        Let’s us 75 million Trump voters fly so many flags that it can be seen from satellite and show countries
        USA can’t be bought
        God Bless the USA

        1. I fly my American flag year round and have for years right next to it is my Marine corps flag. Too many American people have bled and died for this great country to just hand it over to commies

          1. EXACTLY! They want to count dead votes then let’s add up all of our fallen soldiers that gave their life to protect us and our great country!

    4. I have to challenge the comment about not seeing any Biden yard signs. I won’t put money on it, but I’m pretty sure I saw one as I was driving along a back road late one night. Not positive, but pretty sure.

      1. I agree with you, I saw a few in my community of 170,000. A few bumper stickers too. Nothing like what I’ve seen in past elections. In 2016, there were 6 or 7 along our block (our block consisted of 13 houses). In 2020, there wasn’t a single one of my 13 neighbors to put a sign up.
        Either they were too embarrassed to support such a lousy nominee, or too disgusted.

        1. In Michigan there was 1 biden sign then you would see 2,3,4, Trump sign that alone tells me what happened. Now you see 0 biden and there are still Trump signs out.

          1. My friend had someone come out and put up Hiden Biden signs in her yard. She took them down and left a thank you message for free firewood!

  2. i hope that the democrats are held responsible for this fraud and those in command wear orange for a long time. our elections are our valued performance and to have some snivling thief steal from us in broad daylight to elect a old senile non producing thieving man like biden who served for 45 years and did not accomplish a d.. thing. my hope again is that those responsible get their due and spend a lot of time locked up.

    1. If Donald Trump has anything to say about it they will all be given their rightful punishment imprisonment that’s where they all belong behind bars for multiple things that they have done Trump 2020 Make America Great Again!

      1. This is precisely the reason why Democrats are scared of Trump and want to get rid of him. He has been and continues to be a threat to their money making scheme. If he continues to hold the office of Presidency they know they are cooked. Hateful rhetoric has consumed these conniving traitors. It’s out in the open how compromised these people are with CCP, Russia and Iran. Iran Ayatollah said Biden will bow down to them, Chinese professor saying now that Biden in we can resume what we had going before smerking mockingly. All at our expense take our jobs back to China, industry to another country with cheaper labor also where they pollute and no one to answer to, money laundering, selling American assets for their personal gain and so much more. The idiosy with which Democrats want to lead because they are so compromised. They have no other way it’s pay up time or they must continue brow nosing governments they sold their souls to. My hope is POTUS gets his rightful 2nd term so what he has accomplished won’t be torn down until 2024 where he would have to rebuild. He must stay in office to solidify what has been accomplished and move forward to getting America in the right tract.

    2. Donald Trump even sent the stimulus bill back to Congress because he wants them to give the American people 2000.00 and cut out all the spending to foreign countries TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT ??

      1. Yeah, I don’t understand that. Why are other countries getting some of this money from the stimulus package? This proves that we are just cattle being run under the government. Democrats and Republicans alike! Remember when he said he wanted to drain the swamp back in 2016? Well, the swamp just got deeper and Trump is up to his neck in this shit!

    3. the ONLY way for “democrats to be held responsible” is through the VOTERS – WAKE UP…first, review ALL about ANYONE you vote for (most big time elections involve city, town, county people who have been involved in elections at the base)…we MUST KNOW who the people are, inside and out, that we put IN CHARGE of our lives. We MUST NOT keep electing people purely on party affiliation – deeply review ALL those running! ALL!!! Be determined they will NOT throw a blanket over our eyes & brains again!!!

      1. the ONLY way for “democrats to be held responsible” is through the VOTERS – WAKE UP…first, review ALL about ANYONE you vote for (most big time elections involve city, town, county people who have been involved in elections at the base)…we MUST KNOW who the people are, inside and out, that we put IN CHARGE of our lives. We MUST NOT keep electing people purely on party affiliation – deeply review ALL those running! ALL!!! Be determined they will NOT throw a blanket over our eyes & brains again!!!

        1. I agree with you BUT if demorats end up winning this election there will never be another election, will be a socialist nation they will never allow one

    4. They will not be held accountable for anything, we already gave up this country. When we voted for Obama thinking he would prove to the world that there was no systemic racism. He started the reverse racism and brought the Chicago mentality or street mentality to politics. We have to bring it to them so acting like Dale Evans and start fighting for this country. Like so many wars before we can win only by bringing it to the cheating socialist commies

      1. And he is running the show behind the scene. Why do you think he didn’t leave the Washington area? He is continuing his plan to create a Socialistic form of government.
        The people are deceived.

      2. You are exactly right about Obama. I had so many friends vote for him and was quite sad they could not see that he was evil. He was so dynamic and he was black…the color of his skin was all they saw. He sent this country back decades in race relations??

    5. I agree with you completely, but because the media, the RINOs, big tech (social media), all designated Biden as our next president, what can we do to take these two evil Democrats out of the WH? Maybe too late to do anything because it looks to me like the money people (Soros, Gates, Bloomberg, Buffett, Steyer, and many hedge fund crooks, ups, I mean managers) want them in the WH.

  3. Personally I think it’s a Bunch of BS. They stole the election!!!!!! And the supreme Court is gonna let them get away with it. What a joke

    1. Agreed. Seems like the SCOTUS is abdicating it’s role as arbiter between states. They should be involved or they will be giving up their status as a co equal branch of our government.

      1. John Robert’s is a snake. His hatred for our President is much greater than his loyalty and love for America. The SCOTUS won’t do BBC anything.

      2. Yeah. Remember, each of the 3 justices nominated by President Trump swore up and down they were true constitutionalists, but remained silent and actually voted with the very corrupt Chief Justice Roberts who holds a grudge against President Trump for saying Obama Judge ruled against him.
        Roberts took this personally and told the president there were no Obama, Clinton, or Carter Judges, but each of these judges rule based on the law. We all know that is not true because even Roberts is afraid of Obama. I believe it has something to do with the Epstein express that took many high profile people to Epstein’s private island for sexual escapades. Roberts’ name has been seen on several of the manifests. We do know Roberts adopted his two children from Ireland; why Ireland?

    2. I had an American Flag on my last post and they replaced it with two question marks that’s against America

      1. what “post” are you talking about and WHY did ANYONE allow this…even on a “military base” this is NOT protocol!!! Do YOU not have a strong enough spine to do anything but mention it here? Where is YOUR community action?

    3. HeyDen, here’s a fact that will absolutely terrify all of us. That latest data available on the # of registered voter in the USA is 2018. That # was 163.1 million. In 2020 it is estimated at 213 million. 60 million new voters in 2 years. Where dis they come from? Dominion machines and grave yards.

      1. The 60 million new voters are real and voted for Trump – the Dominin Machine Algorithms across America switched votes wherever they were used but in Most counties even the Dominion software cold not make a difference because there were so few to virtually no Democrat Ballot’s – this is why millions of fake balotts were created after poles closed to steal the election – they knew from accurate pre-election polling that the Dems did not have a chance against Trumps stupendous support – that is why the Criminal Dems went “Alll in” on massive election fraud to perform the election steal.

        1. Most Americans agree with you. However, the Democrat media (who control though process for millions in this country) disagree. The media already said Biden won the election, and the SC sits on its rear ends and do nothing; so what can be done when you are up against such odds??

          1. What can be done is to REVOLT! IF you don’t want a shooting war, then YOUR Revolt would be to NOT watch the major “news” networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc) and REFUSE to buy anything made in CHINA. DO NOT use Facebook OR GOOGLE OR YAHOO OR YouTube!

            Doing the ABOVE will hurt the Democrats and their lies. TELL ALL your friends and family to do the same thing.


    4. Your wright in that this hole election was a ” JOKE ” it’s unfortunate that we the people continue to let this happen, in that we elect people who have no elegance to this “Country “

  4. If this was a court trial about a stolen car, the defendant would’ve already been in jail. But something as important as a Presidential election, there’s not enough evidence???? Bulls**t! And the supremes are quaking in their wingtips at the thought of the usual riots whenever the dems dont get their own way. What a fu**in bad joke!!!!

  5. I hope some one who knows how to do it will start impeachment of 5 SC judges. Let trump pick 5 more. I will vote for it as well as 73 million of my “friends”

    1. Two Justices tried to change minds. Alito and Thomas. The cowards were Brett, Amy and Neil. Robert’s has been owned by the left for years. They have something on him.



  8. Donald J Trump won the election. We as Americans need to fight for our country and freedom.
    Give us the Americans the truth. Democrats need to be honest with Americans.
    We know who won. Face up to the steal and fraud.

    1. Amen to that they need to accept that they truly lost and only won by means of VOTER FRAUD Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are Satans workers

    2. I hope Trump wins but if he doesn’t then the country doesn’t deserve him. He has been harassed and unappreciated for five years and still kept working hard for our nation.

  9. This is a Culture War against Christian in the USA. Throughout history, nothing of any substance has been award to anyone without a war or at least a good fight. I am not promoting violence but the history of protecting freedom has always been propagated by the bloodshed of those who threaten this country. Real Patriots will eventually have enough and this Cue will be stopped. Real Americans do understand that the threat is not Russia, the threat is not racism, the threat is not Socialism..
    The REAL threats are China, the Democrats, and the beginning of Communism. CHINA UNLEASHED THE VIRUS!! and they could do it again and again..Are we going to cower down and just give in to every virus?
    The Democrats are evil. They are historically described throughout the bible. They create hate and division. They are the Lucifer of our times. They will use anyone to get their way by fooling them into submission and create fear.
    We are so ignorant due to our school system being infiltrated by the Chinese and Russian over the past 25 years. In some form, Semi-Socialism has been here for decades, with Joe Bidens Resume we are marching into the first steps of full-blown Communism within the next 10 years. Due to the RINOS and cowardly Republicans allowing the Demon-crats to steal the election..all elections will be stolen from this point and therefore it is over.
    Congratulations to stupidity and selfishness!

    1. Wow. I never write back to anyone, but that was a truly great post, exceptionally well written and the TRUTH. Just the way I think and feel. Thank you so very much.

    2. Well written Harold!! Not too many people realize that this election rigging was planned way back in 2016. I’m told that Clinton didn’t contest the election then because that would have given light to the rigging. This rigging has been planned for years. Don’t know how Trump accomplished so much for this country while being attacked every day. Don’t know how he was able to Focus on the important priority matters that made this a better country.

    3. Thank you for stating the truth. I might add that 4 years ago we were given a gift, an opportunity with Trump’s Presidency to “take back a government” that had become too big, too powerful, that was the antithesis of a self-governing, self- determining peoples. We blew it. We sat back while the Left, who for the past 50+ years had like parasites were eating away at the very core of who we were. And worse, was the Republican Party who failed us every step of the way. They are guilty as accessories to the murder of our Democratic Republic and deserve the same punishment as all criminals.
      Why weren’t the Republicans including Trump and his team prepared with “boots on the ground” for this fraudulent election? The left had been planning and preparing for 4 years thru changing voter registration rules in the states, gerrymandering voting districts,etc. Where were the Repubs? As usual sitting on their hands, too cowardly and feckless to raise their voices and take action. It is only after the explosion do they suddenly start whining and complaining and then it is too late—it is pitiful to watch Trump trying to save what his Party and we citizens should have been doing these past 4 years and going into this election. Senator Tom Cotton, whom I have supported, admired and thought to be one of the new voices of our party just showed his true colors. He will not challenge the Electorial Votes in Congress because constitutionally blah,blah,blah,blah- Meanwhile, the Dems have been urinating on the Constitution and this Country’s’ laws since Trump’s nomination and Sen. Cotton, at a time when this nation is exploding from within, is lecturing us as to what a principled, good boy he is. And we are to blame for these lame, cowardly, secretive swamp members.

      1. I pray for a lone Survivor Event! This will remove 70% of the swamp, then pass out playing cards to our S.O’s service men with the faces and addresses of the ones missed in the event. Just like we did for the terrorist and hunt them down just like dogs they are!
        To include George Soros and all that oppose a free world and a great nation!

        We as as a country are not perfect, there is no country or nation that is! Through unity, standing together with God’s help we can correct our mistakes to build a better country and nation to help lead the world in peace! (Remember walk softly, but carry a big stick!)

  10. Giuliani needs to put out the numbers of voters, how many dead people voted, how many voted who were not registered, how many votes that came out after the election. The election should go back to the times like before, so we know on election night. Mail in ballots should be thrown out. If someone doesn’t want to vote in person, request an absentee ballot. It always worked before. The mail in ballots are the ISSUE! Hello, anyone listening?

    1. That and the Dominion voting machines Antrim county in Michigan already proved that Trump really won there not Biden

    2. You are absolutely right! And yes some of us are paying attention. I just hope there are enough of us left to make a difference. People need to wake up and see what is happening. Too many people just are paying attention.

  11. What are the S.C afraid of. I believe we should take a good look at that. I believe that those responsible for this miss justice should be jailed no matter who they are. Voting is an honor not something to be tampered with. We need to go after the networks as well…

    1. All the ways they cheated were ballot drops,changing votes from one candidate to the other,repeatedly running the same ballots,illegal votes, and making out ballots all for Biden that guy is a Fucking Joke!

  12. I wonder why the Lin Wood report that possibly Chief Justice Roberts flew on Jeffery’s Epsteins private jet “Lolita Express” to Pedro Island is not being reported in the main stream media. Justice Roberts has not denied the allegation – WHY? To many RINO republicans working with the democrats – time for America to TAKE BACK THEIR GOVERNMENT. Go Trump!

  13. If the thieving, illegal Joe Biden is inaugurated in Jan. 2021, our country will be in distress. Therefore, my beloved American flag will be displayed upside down. Join me in this expression of our freedom of speech.

  14. A picture tells a 1,000 words , look at any Biden rally , vs trumps all Biden rallies put together does not = even 1 trump rally . And seeing these mass documented by well over 1000 people truck loads of ballots brought in during the night , extending the days of the ballot harvesting ,without changing the law previously which is Illegal , not even counting the voting machines trumpwas Waay up night after the election then hundreds of 1000 of Biden voresjudt turn up and voting counting 2 weeks later ,when in Tx, Fla they were done on election night ,how can this be absent T voting only would have been the honest way to do it ? dead Biden ,and idiot , hairass
    No chance they won ,and the censored media
    Google,Facebook,and Twitter all corrupt cancers They are not plagued and will crumble the owners are cancers who will feel the rath of God ,just seeing these scum BLM ,Antifa devils makes me sick destroying thus great country .Godbless America and out great American ?? !!

  15. I have never in my life been ashamed to be an American. This conspiracy in our recent election has just ruined our government. Both sides of the swamp need to be put out to prison. The judges are crooked. Omg our whole government is just an embarrassment to the real American people. We need to lock and load, empty the swamp, and let Trump start the whole system all over.

  16. It is not the job of the SCOTUS to police this election, it is the job of Congress. Senators and Congressmen; do your job. They need to take control of this stolen election, expose the fraud and chicanery. There are election laws on the books for these occasions, use them, enforce them. Drag the cheating election officials from each state (especially Georgia) in front of a congressional committee. Make them testify, under oath.
    What if 72 million people quit paying their taxes?

  17. We no longer live in a Democracy. We now live in a corrupt Political Hierarchy. And the reason we do not have term limits is that in1789 when the Constitution was framed, the average life expecntacy for a US citizen was 36 years. They relied on the Grim Reaper to limit terms.

  18. History is not going to be kind to the Deep State that pulled this last ‘so called’ Election! It won’t fly! WE MUST HAVE TERM LIMITS!!! Our forefathers knew this when they wrote the Constitution, but never dreamed we would start raising politicians that were addicted to the Tit that paid them. Six years for Congress and eight years for the Senate! We “so called People” of this great country are responsible for what is going on in this shit-house we call Washington DC! We lost the initiative to go to the ballot boxes and place our VOTE.

  19. Are we to believe that Republican Congress members don’t fear being caught up in the draining of the swamp. While Democrats are so wring, evil and corrupt at least one can recognize them. On the other hand there are RINOs fighting against Trump so they don’t get drained with the rest of the DC succumb. Every honest person who is willing to check closely and really think for themselves is painfully aware Trump won. Trump won not by a narrow margin but by a landslide. If by some horrible injustice Biden is sworn in as President I pledge as an individual American, here in the US legally, working and voting legally, I will do all within my legal power to frustrate and hinder the illegal Biden presidency. I will never accept Biden as my President, NEVER.

    1. Well said Oscar, and the reason we have the 2nd ammendment is to keep our government in check. That is why they want the guns, not because of criminal violence. There was a time when those who were part of the government were afraid to try something like this. We the people out number them and they know this. What would happen if everyone of us who are not dead from the neck up would stand up and give them that fear back? Our forefathers wrote the constitution the way they did so that it would be the people of the nation, not the crazies we have now, would SERVE the nation, not line their pockets and destroy it. Since when did those who are supposed to work for us, start making us work for them? If you have employees, do they have the right to take over and throw you out of your business? WAKE UP, THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SERVING US, NOT THEMSELVES!!!

  20. look the courts not doing their jobs . joe biden is not ihe president of our gre at country all these that vote for dead people need to be put in jail dont play with theses people all of these people need to be put in jail including joe biden he is not my president

  21. The 2020 election is clearly fraud , we the people need to stand together and not allow the responsible people ( Democrats , media , etc. ) to steal our freedom I feel it is obvious the election was stolen in the wee hours of the last night the Supreme Court needs to take this on and get to the bottom of every single crook involve , we the people need to bond together for once and stand together to make this happen for once , force every court in America including supreme courts who work for our constitution and we the people to do so , come on people let’s find a way this time to have our voice heard and not lay down to the left PLEASE before it’s to late

  22. Of course any recount doesn’t show any change in results. They keep counting the same fraud ballots ! Explain please how one State had 11,000 more ballots than voters.

    1. Simple, they just kept putting in the same votes more than once until they had the number they wanted? Dead people can not get out of their grave and vote and that’s a fact.

      1. They were doing this for Obama when he won back in 2008 and 2012. How could they let happen? Oh yeah! His opponents for those elections were McCain and Romney. Enough said!

  23. Election:
    IN person and absentee voting only. You must show proper I.D. Passport or drivers license.
    No mail in Voting.
    That’s it’s, for those who don’t drive, take the bus, catch a ride with someone you know.

  24. The feeling i have inside, not the one i have for the obvious criminal’s, but the one that comes from knowing the people we have installed in the highest office’s in this country, the ones that swore before God an the people to uphold the laws an preserve the rights an freedoms this country, have sold there pride to greed, fear, an weakness. Its that feeling of sickness inside no virus coild ever achieve. Are children an grandchildren will not go through the rest of there lives knowing we did nothing, its time to do the right thing!

  25. If Trump loses we should all fly our flags half staff for the death of democracy and keep half staff until socialism is dead (The Biden convicts) and democracy is restored. I just pray this illegal mess gets cleared up

    1. Actually the flags should not only be flown at half staff but also upside down ! This is the international sign for distress. Then obtain a copy of the Constitution, ad read it, in particular the Second Amendment, then think about,what it actually means and its purpose. Ahh, now you know, what the Democrat Party is so scared about, and why they are trying to remove the people’s right to bear arms. And no, it does not limit the possession and use of military type arms needed to defend the Constitution itself, if it is being ignored by those in power.

  26. This has to be fake this is december 24.2020 these posts start at a time not yet.9:05 a.m.
    And goes thru after 1 p.m. today


  28. We are a Republic not a Democracy! People are not buying. This fake election fake media ! People know this is Fiction! We are not buying all this BS! Time to clean out the pond scum!

  29. Trump all the way, we were robbed, SC better do thier job, thats why they are there, this all started in 1962 when the demorats had their own leader killed by johnson.

  30. I have given up, our elections are a farce, a dog and pony show created for ignorant or uninformed and indifferent voters who don’t understand whats happening right before their eyes. They will just sit in their recliners, scratching their heads saying ” how the hell did that happen?” while the democratic vote majicians walk away with a phony and fraudulent victory. Where’s the anger, the outrage, the indignation over being considered too stupid to see what took place and so predictable that they knew nothing would be done about it because “Mr. Average American voter” will just sit there and let it happen!! I’ve had it, I’m out, to hell with the whole game, at best I have a few years left, just tell the knumbskulls to leave me alone, I want no part of it, just keep sending my duly earned pension checks and leave me the hell alone!!!!!

    1. I completely agree, no more bothering to vote here since our votes have been rendered null and irrelevant. Fortunately I’m getting on in years too and hopefully I won’t have to endure what’s coming for too long. May God have mercy on those who do. Eternally grateful I have no children…

  31. We are all culpable as for 56 years we ignored the warning about Socialism set forth by Ronald Reagan in his nomination speech for Barry Goldwater at 1964 Convention. Everyone works so hard they come home and ask their kids “how was school today”? and not “What are they teaching you”? Many of those students are now in Congress, CNN, & the New York Times. It will be incredibly hard to get an accurate vote count. Mission is to prove that and force a vote in the House to elect by 12th Amendment. Then we need to overhaul U.S. schools. As Reagan said:” We are always one generation away from extinction”.

  32. I am not an expert on election fraud, however I am not an idot. I have eyes and I do have common sense. There’s no way on God’s green earth that Joe Biden won this election. Anyone who believes that this is even possible is only liying to themselves. Listen people if you want to live in a free country, now is the time to stand strong. Any Republican that does not contest the electoral vote will lose my support. Hopefully they will lose your support also. Keep one thing in mind, politicians are there to enrich themselves and their families. So I ask you, Will you support these politicians and their families? OR WILL YOU SUPPORT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Do you have common sense??

    1. Perhaps this is the time to “Reestablish our Declaration of Independence.” The “Charges against the Governments remain the same.” “Our Right to replace them when they no longer Represent The Will of The people”, remains.

  33. A poem, written April 22, 1999!
    To all, whatever your race, color or creed.
    Dare to take heed of those who have stood in/ Quiet Disobedience/ just as the rest of us should. /We must not allow the engagement of a new /”civil war a cultural war, hy-jack our birthrights to think and say what is in our hearts./We must still trust the pulsing lifeblood of/ LIBERTY/ inside of all of us!” /That is what made this/ NATION/ arise from the WILDERNESS it once was./ Today’s “Political Correctness” infringes on my rights and yours; our /FREEDOM!/ Our freedom of speech and thought!/ Freedom to write. Freedom to see and feel and know what is right!/ Those in “control, the liberal media,”/are throwing the blame, (Passing the Buck)/ of our children’s woes and violence on those who Manufacture or own/ GUNS!/ Whose fault is it Really”/ Those who push “political correctness, this mindless cultural revolution.”/ Hug a child and you can be charged with sexual harassment!/ Dare to discipline, teach respect only to be accused of abuse!/ What about PRAYER in public schools?/ “They” say it is unconstitutional./ I chose to stand and I hope you will too, in/QUIET DISOBEDIENCE!/ Children today complain that saluting the Flag and Pledging their allegiance to this/ REPUBLIC/ is just another form of “brainwashing!/ Yes, they are right, “brainwashing of this mindless, politically correct, cultural revolution!”/ Stand firm, guard your/ CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS/ because there are those who would abolish/ AMENDMENTS/ one by one./If one is lost, soon another until all are gone./Our FREEDOMS’ being forever lost!/ “Follow in the hallowed footsteps of the great disobedience of/ HISTORY.” /Disobedience “that freed exiles, founded religions, defeated tyrants and yes, /in the hands of an aroused rabble in arms/ and a few Great Men, by GOD’S GRACE, built this/ COUNTRY!”

  34. Fake Media appoints America’s first fake President with dementia and bought by China – Joe Biden! My fake congratulations to the fake president and triumphant China!

  35. People went to Trump rallies in droves. People were hard to find at Biden rallies. This author forgot to mention that. The election smells.

  36. 213.000.000 registered Voters.
    75. 000.000 Voters for Trump
    83.000.000 Voters for Biden.
    155.000.000 Voters total?
    NO! ONLY 140.000.000 People,
    that means 66% from 213.000.000
    registered Voters Haß taken Part.
    That means, there are about 15.000 graud Voters given to Biden. Dems has stolzen.

  37. Well, I DID see ONE Joe Biden sign . . . on the 3rd balcony in a LIBERAL College town in GAINESVILLE Florida – probably a FLUKE, like this ELECTION, which will be OVERTURNED to POTUS TRUMP’S favor, with him being REELECTED. ALL the NUMBERS DON’T add up to Joe Biden’s election but FRAUD.

  38. President Trump needs to do something drastic AND FAST ! Regardless of whose ‘toes he steps on’ and regardless of their sex, race, or political affiliation. EXPOSE AND GET RID OF ALL CORRUPTOCRATS. THIS is the reset !

  39. China is the only one who won the election poor Joe won’t make it a year in the White House before what’s her name takes over yes I do know her name but I will never say it. If we don’t stop this time there will never be another FAIR election ever. It’s time for the proud boys to stand up not down give the democrats what they deserve and want a divided country where they can control everybody

  40. The United States is already in a civil war whether we want to admit it or not. The lack of truth in dealing with everyday issues is so overwhelming that the average person has to decide if they are part of the lie or part of the truth. In reality, they can not have it both ways. We need to turn off the television, radio, computer and get down to a fundamental human integrity. This gives us only one choice and that is to take up the sword of justice to rout out the evil and destroy it. We must put on the armor of truth until all the battles are won and the war is over. Amen

  41. I have seen television blurbs by CNN, for instance, that the USA is on the verge of a racial revolution because of Republican non-acceptance of the election results. It could well be that the USA is on the verge of a revolution, but it does not involve racial matters; it involves fraud and total dishonesty by the Democrats during the election. It is true that the BLM and Antifa did try their damnedest to defeat the Republicans; however, the majority of the blacks and browns supported the Republicans, thus disputing the thoughts of a racial revolution. If there happens to be a possibility of a revolution in the USA, it will be because of the corrupt Democrats in power through illegal voting procedures. A great majority of Democrats living in Democrat-controlled states, counties, and cities are protesting the manner in which Democrats are governing their states, counties, and cities. Organizations such as the Black Lives Matter is now fully communistic, while the Antifa simply are against anything and everything. If an honest recount of all legal votes cast in this past election were to be hand-counted and verified, the Democrats would be left without a pot to piss in.
    The Democrats have damned near destroyed our Nation! The Democrats have shown they will do anything and everything to win the election process, including corruption, theft, bribery, coercion, threats, and even murder. The Democrats push for socialism and eventual communism. That only shows how stupid and ignorant they are. They should have to live under socialism and communism, and they would then recognize just how it would be to lose your rights and freedom. I’ve been there, seen it, and Thank God I am no longer under those types of government. Stand up for America — don’t let the bastards get you down. From a proud, 86 year old American military retiree, and a Republican at that.

  42. If anybody thinks Biden got 82 million votes, they are only fooling themselves. We will continue to have problems with Elections in this Country; until they fix the Federal Election Commission; which I unfortunately is managed by Union employees!! I will not vote in another Presidential Election in my lifetime; I hope all u dedicated Democrats are Happy!!

  43. article 5 of the consution is needed. there is the constution of the states, they are trying to get this through’ it includes reducing taxes, giving the states back there power, term limits & more, look them up on line 18 states have sign on & they need more people like us.
    A quote:
    Patriotism is supporting your country all of the time! and your government when it deserves it.
    Mark Twain

  44. Here is the math 213.8 million reg. voters in the USA we had 66.2% of reg. voters who voted =141.5 million people voted legally. If Trump won 74 million that leaves 67.5 million for Bidum. This shows 13 million votes for Biden were FRAUD! 74 + 67.5 = 141.5

  45. To all those who are trying to save the country from a total national disaster caused by the nation divided by the distrust of the election results generally perceived as fraudulent.

    PLEASE, declare national emergency right after the holidays, (just do not call it a MARTIAL LAW, it may scare some people) – in order to save the nation from a national disaster, and declare a new election (in person and I.D.) to renew the trust in the legally elected government, no matter what the result may be.

    Take your time to inform the general public in detail, and the reasons why and what you are going to do, and its general purpose of re-newing the nation’s trust in their legally elected government, whatever the results may be – thus saving the nation from a national disaster with incalculable consequences caused by the nation’s division and the general mistrust in the election results, generally perceived as fraudulent.

    Please, spread this message as fast, and as wide, as possible to keep the public well informed, preventing the fake news to take over – TO SAVE THE COUNTRY !!!

  46. Between the verified rigged programming on the Dominion voting machines and the ballot stuffing caught on video I don’t see why this election hasn’t been overturned!! We need to prosecute the deep state for election fraud and the interference in the 2016 election!! When will justice be served!!

  47. When there is 10% being held for the “Big Guy”, receiving money from a foreign country for no real apparent reason, would be a crime if you weren’t a democrat but there are no laws for a democrat only laws for all the rest. The democrats take their orders from the chi-coms and force the rest of us to change what words we use in the communist society they are building. Once they take total control of what we can do and say, their nation will once again have slavery just like they always wanted before they were not allowed to succeed from the United States.
    Democrat: the party of communists, pedophiles, and the family crime business.

  48. For those thinking that legal processes will right this wrong, that’s like wishing for a live unicorn for Christmas. The judges and election officials have been completely corrupted and enabled by a thoroughly corrupt media. If this wrong is not righted and Biden/Harris get into the White House, it’s time for patriots to put things right. Airhead politicians like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi should lock themselves in their homes in fear of appearing in public, as should their enablers: Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, Joy Reid, etc. If this fraudulent election isn’t overturned, it’s either submit willfully to an evil entity that will turn us into another Venezuela or be brave enough to fight for the freedom that so many other Americans throughout history have given their all to preserve.

  49. The media keeps parroting that there is no evidence of voter fraud even though there is video evidence out that says otherwise . Do they think if they keep pushing these lies it will make them more credible ? The media and Democrats are pushing this country to civil war . When we can’t trust what happens at the ballot box we have only one alternative and that’s the cartridge box !

  50. White House will be releasing ALL they have on irregularities today and tomorrow. Based on call with officials in Georgia; their stonewalling raises serious questions about whether they have been compromised. Next 48 hours may require all of us to take a tranquilizer.

  51. I hsve looked at most of the above posts. About Congress, they broke every law they made over the years about impeaching a President and still they got away with hounding our sitting President! They want him gone so bad that they spout off all the ways they want to remove President Trump from the White House and get their PUPPET AND HIS OTHER PUPPET STRING PULLER IN!! As far as I can see we will have a very short term president who will give us as a present to Harris and step aside. That allows Harris and Polosi to rule and Soros and Obama will be pulling their strings! Watch and see how much of our tax money will be sent to these Terrorist Organizations that Obama backed!

    Top Congressional Democrats should have all been tried for breaking their own laws of fairness, but I guess those laws only applied to Democrats and not to a President they could not beat. They made up evidence, refused and did not allow our President to have any kind of a fair hearing. When that didn’t work they tried with Ukraine. Now the Ukrainians want their money back from our treasury. Money that Biden and his Cartel took from the Ukrainian People. They need to sue Biden, not our treasury! They’ll be going after Biden and cronies soon because they have their evidence like “ducks all in a roll”.

  52. This is To All Americans, Do you Honestly Believe That We The People, Especially all of Us That Have Served our Country no matter what your age is , Weather you are Serving Now or years ago are just going to sit Back and Let. People come into this country and Just Take over , Yes Our Cheif and Commander President Trump won The 2020 Election , And If we Have Permission to Help The Police , And Keep Our Country Strong and United and Protect The Innocent Like Children, Old People, Our United States Flags Should Be Flying 24/7 in Support of All Americans , and Expecially Fight to Keep Our Constitution of The United States , So Let’s All Unite Stay Positive Focus on God and Our Freedom & Rights as US Citizens Let’s Show These People That We are #1 The World and Thank you for all That Have Served Welcome Home & Let us Help one another Get Through This Together. United We Stand Divided We Fall
    You mess with one of Us you Messed with Us All. Unity ,Pease. God Bless To All Happy New Year Stay Safe & Healthy

  53. I am so disgusted with the dishonest Dems and Google and Facebook and others! This has to be resolved or Americans will be doomed to socialism and worse!

  54. The Democrat’s turned to Fraud to win now they embrace the CCP. What idiots. Tell to kiss off, civil disturbance is coming, along with a war if they try to outlaw weapons that were legal to buy when bought.

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