The Masks Are Off: The Liberals Really, Truly Want You Dead After This Election

At long last, the masks have been removed. Not the commie face thongs that allegedly protect everyone from COVID. You should keep wearing those, especially if you have a pothead Democrat for your local mayor. Otherwise you might get tased at your child’s football game by a fat rent-a-cop, like that young mom in Ohio. No, I’m talking about the other communist masks. The ones the Democrats have been wearing for years while pretending that they’re just Americans with slightly different opinions than normal people.

Democrats plan to go full communist if Joe Biden wins in November. They plan to abolish the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court. And then they’re going to pack a whole bunch of other courts with “judges.” All those additional judges will be needed in order to hold “fair” trials for all of us icky Trump supporters before they hang us. They’re saying this right out in the open.

Sounds outrageous? Don’t believe me? Keep reading for proof…

Chris Hayes is an anchor on MSNBC. When someone expressed skepticism about masks to protect against coronavirus on Twitter the other day, Hayes wrote this:

“The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”


The medical “experts” have flip-flopped on masks since day one of the pandemic – but we’re supposed to be put on trial for doubting them now?

The most famous Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which is probably where Hayes got his bright idea, was the Nuremburg Trials after World War II. You know, where they hanged all of those Nazi concentration camp guards? Because that’s what you are (a Nazi guard) to Democrats if you doubt for a second that your little face mask isn’t 100% effective.

Not to be outdone by Hayes, tv host Keith Olbermann announced the liberal plan for Trump supporters on his show with even more detail. After Trump is defeated at the ballot box, Olbermann states:

“Then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lees and the William Barrs, and Sean Hannitys, and the Mike Pences, and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it.

You should re-read that paragraph a time or two to really let it sink it – because Keith Olbermann is talking about you. These aren’t the fringe rantings of that weird sociology professor at the local community college. Olbermann and Hayes are prominent enough liberal figureheads to have their own TV shows. And they still have more viewers than CNN.


This is what liberals are actually talking about in their cocktail parties together. Chris Hayes and Keith Olbermann aren’t smart enough to come up with these ideas on their own. They’re hearing these ideas from their elitist “betters.”

“Jacobin” magazine is supposedly the leading socialist print magazine in America today. The other day, the founder of the magazine, a guy named Bhaskar Sunkara tweeted about the practicality of murdering the children of Marx’s political enemies.

He tweeted:

“The question isn’t what we think justice demands. I think killing little Romanov children was justified. But it’s not surprising why these views are controversial given most people’s ethical and moral frameworks.”

No matter what your feelings were on the dynastic royal family in Russia more than a hundred years ago, killing the little Romanov children seems… a bit insane and over the top.

In case your history class skipped over this part, a communist assassination squad murdered the entire Romanov family in their basement during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Tsar Nicholai and his wife were gunned down. So were their four young daughters and their toddler son.

Since the killers were communists, they ran out of bullets (naturally). So, they had to chase the children’s nanny around the room while bayoneting her in the stomach more than 30 times. Little Alexei was moaning from his wounds and clutching at his dead papa’s coat, so the leader of the assassination squad stuck his pistol in the toddler’s ear and pulled the trigger. Twice. Their daughter Anastasia fainted when the shooting started. When she woke up, they finished the little girl off with their rifle butts.

Kings have been murdered plenty of times throughout history. But killing the Romanov children was such a savage, vicious historical event that many people around the world had to make up a conspiracy theory that Anastasia had lived in order to cope with it. (DNA evidence in 2004 finally put the conspiracy theories to rest.)

That’s the sort of historical event that the communists running the Democrat Party and the mainstream media today are casually chatting about. If they can just sweep into power this November, they plan to get the big party started.

We should be glad that the masks are finally off. This is who the Democrat Party is, and this is what they plan to do to Donald Trump supporters, if they should happen to win. At least they’re finally being honest. This isn’t Russia from 100 years ago. It’s America. Let them make their little threats. Our side has hollow points.

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37 thoughts on “The Masks Are Off: The Liberals Really, Truly Want You Dead After This Election”

  1. Yes, we do not need to conform to Geneva Convention standards. Hollow points and soft points are widely used by American, redneck hunters. I saw what the damage looked like when the would be killer of Kyle Rittenhouse lost a chunk of his arm. Being descended from the same families as the royal family in Britain and the UK, my family has come a long way since many of us immigrated here in the 1700s. I do not care for Communists, Socialists, or Nazis!

  2. In my opinion, we need much more law enforcement then we have now, these crazy people who ever they may be have gotten away with way to much already and they have to be stopped this is America The Land Of The Free and the home of the BRAVE, don’t dare defund the police hire more and more and get rid of these nut jobs who think they own the world by, first by punishing them and then with a death sentence and a fast one.
    Have a great day every one

    1. Lorraine, your appeal to law enforcement will do little good, since they will be the LAW, and law enforcement will be enforcing their laws. The police will be following orders from their new rulers.

  3. The demon-crats have been changing our country for 50 years when they were in power. Our schools and universities have brain-washed our children. They have made killing legal both unborn and newborn babies and the elderly. This has come about because of the American voter, the voters have elected demons and continue to elect demons. To save our country, voting rights need to be only for the quailfied voter, one who can pass a test on our Constitution and the candidates. Enough of every tom dick and harry voting and illegals. Enough of mail-in ballots, voting must change to in-person voting over a period of three or four days, in dense population areas, open more polls.

    1. The idea you espouse – that “only qualified voters” be allowed to vote. EVERY CITIZEN should be allowed to vote – if they have lost their voting right by committing a crime, that is on them. BTW the brain washing of our children has been going on since the late 1950s. I have been first hand witness…lived in the DC area, went to college at University in Midwest & DC and saw/heard/studied under these “teachers”. They start BEFORE kindergarten and don’t stop until AFTER GRADUATE school – and parents were clueless and now don’t know what REAL teaching should be…sans political correctness & political indoctrination. The mantra of “think for yourself” was used to make valid convincing students to oppose their parent’s ideals. Instead of reinforcing families they were already trying to dissolve families. We DESPERATELY need students to maintain conservatism through all years of school and to get teaching degrees and begin changing society the very way liberals took over society – and it WILL take at least two generations – someone must start somewhere!

  4. My father and father-in-law were WWII veterans who fought for our liberty-fought for our right to worship in whatever religion we choose-fought for the lives of so many In this country and watched many of them die in battle.
    They were true examples of patriotism and love for this once great country.
    Now there is disrespect for the law, a push toward socialism which I believe will be communism in the end, and a total disregard for the legal US citizens. Yes, legal. My grandparents came to the US from England and Germany and became legal US citizens. They spoke the English language, worked hard, and raised a family.
    If Biden/Harris get elected, this country is finished. Communist members of the democratic party will take over. Our hard earned money, social security, and pensions will be taxed at ridiculously high levels and we will be living on the street. If you don’t agree with and support these people you will be dead. Civil war is coming next week. Start looking at other countries. That is what we’re doung-if we can escape.
    My father and father-in-law are turning over in their graves. How sad for them and for us.
    God bless the United States if America. Soon it will be the Communist Republic if America. God help us.

    1. The military has taken an oath to defend America and our Constitution from ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. Right now, we have a heinous number of both, both in government as well as living among us. They’re actually calling US out instead of the other way around. I say let’s accommodate them to the Civil War they so desire! And when they get the brains and guts of THEIR loved ones all over their clothing, they’ll need to ask themselves, “Was this really worth it?”
      We’re going to make damned sure the liberal communists are the ones bleeding the most.

      1. War only brings on MORE war…we need to learn THEIR tactics and engage them the same way the were successful in bringing our society down to this level. It started when they first taught kindergarten students the PC’s of “life” and expanded into upper grades then evolved into “think for yourself” became the mantra for liberalization of thought. “Question authority” became the call to action and warped view of what society should be…Academia lead and is STILL leading the charge…War will NOT fix it – the changing of minds will…and that has to start young, very young. Liberal teachers from even pre-school up and through graduate school MUST reflect conservatism and the only way to do that is to replace liberal teachers and professors.

  5. Don’t these idiots like Hayes and Olbermann know that when this country goes communist, they will no longer be needed as propaganda puppets. They’ll be the first to go!

    1. No, they’re too stupid to realize that, followed by the useful idiots in Hollywood, who, at the very least will lose their fortunes, to begin with.

  6. Hatred is what is driving this election and hatred will result in communism. Hollywood liberal ignoramuses will lose everything. They will be insignificant. Actually, they are insignificant to me now.

    1. Have you noticed however that we’re seeing – at least I’m sent lots of information – CLAIMING all the Hollywood folks have IQ’s higher than the average person? They are trying to convince us that they are so smart, we need to listen to them and follow them blindly. Look PAST what the “high IQ” people from Hollywood are saying and think reasonably and concentrate on YOUR issues and what CANDIDATES say and do…The push that is constantly being shoved at us about the IQs of Hollywood “idols” has a nasty purpose…If they’re SO smart, why do they have to play “make believe you’re someone else” all their lives…if they’re so smart they should know that a better society comes from…curing cancer…finding how to live on Venus or the Moon…finding a cure for polio or even the common cold…if they are SO “smart”???? They are NOT “that” smart…

  7. Why are these idiot “newsmen” allowed to spout such hatred? If a Conservative spouted such crap they would be trashed and fired, their shows taken off the air! Let me tell you, they come after me and my family they will find a fight they never saw coming, assholes!

    1. That’s what I have been saying. If those bastards come at me or my family, DEADLY FORCE WILL BE A FIRST STRIKE WEAPON!!

  8. Keep these leftist liberals out! They are ruining OUR country!! They want to control your lives, & take your freedoms away from you! THE PLAN is to get Biden elected & replace him shortly with Harris! Joe didn’t pick her, the party did! That will be a SAD day for this country!! You have to be able to see this coming with the rioting, looting, & burning? The Dems didn’t say a word about this during their convention? They say those were “Peaceful Protests”?? You KNOW the difference!!

  9. Absolutely. We voted for President Trump already and are in a circle of friends and family praying for his re-election. Hatred has led to the civil unrest now. Imagine what they’ll do when he gets in. We’ll be locked up in our homes. They are haters and killers. Along with the rest of this they want to murder unborn babies up to full-term. They are Hitler all over again.

    1. These liberal communist bastards are using the very tactics Vladimir Lenin used;
      “Call them what YOU are, then LIE.”

    2. The historical record reveals that the first law passed by the Nazis pertained to legalizing abortion in Germany.

  10. We can do the same thing to them. Be prepared to take THEM down. Save ourselves. Now after that statement, Criminal Joe will not win the election anyway so we don’t have to worry so much. The Democrats have tried 24 times since 2016 to assassinate Donald Trump. Do you see the point here? They fail every single time and we are smarter than they are. We know what dirty tactics they have pulled and we can use that against them even if Trump wins because the Democrats are not going to stop making our lives miserable after Trump wins. We also must be on alert for the 2024 election because Trump cannot get a third term. All of us need to stick together. Form in person conferences to make plans for what can happen in the future. If, by some crazy chance Joe wins the election and I don’t think he will due to him being arrested before November 3, 2020, then with him winning, there will probably mass suicides, then mass immigration-of Americans immigrating out of the US. During that time, the Democrats will be sending the troops to murder all of us. That is IF the military responds to the orders to mass murder people in the US. They will be fools if they do. Many of the military people have relatives that are conservatives, too and they may be conservative, too. I think they will think twice about orders to kill us. I do have a video that I saved that has Kamala Harris telling us she WILL kill us after she wins the election. Do I need to say more?

    1. This video you saved, where can I find it? I had heard she tried to do a recant, but the cat’s already out of the bag! They are modeling themselves EXACTLY after NAZI Germany! We the WHITE people, and Constitutional Conservatives, regardless of race on that one, are the modern day Jews;
      To be persecuted and put to death for our ideological beliefs.
      My suggestion is this; no matter what kinds of threats they make or fearmongering they do, no matter what kinds of extortions they make, DO NOT COW DOWN TO THEM!
      Never surrender your weapons, never surrender PERIOD!
      The democrats are “The Party of Treason”, and are NOT our legitimate government!
      When all hell breaks loose, and believe me it will, SHOW THEM NO MERCY!

    2. The Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crats are intellectially-advanced, spiritually-dead animals Their leaders are persons professionally-educated to do harm.

  11. Bring it on you left wing commies. You will find that the right wing Americans are better armed and better prepared than you think. You people who follow the left wing commies are going to fall into a pit you will never get out of. You have become slaves to your left wing commie leaders with their controlling laws and restrictions. You will see what a left wing commie dominated life is like. God help us if Biden wins. All people who value freedom and being able to live your lives as You Choose GET OUT AND VOTE TRUMP/PENCE.

  12. why are all of these date and time stamps on these comments future times?
    It is 11:10 Eastern time currently.
    I’m sure all of these comments are the sentiment of true patriots, good to see those who of you that are left are united we stand.

  13. I personally don’t like Trump – but I am not voting for him personally, but for his stand on Israel, the unborn, and the US Constitution. Considering all the problems the Dims/Libs gave him the last 4 years I think he did a great job. Voted for him in 2016, voting for him in 2020.

    Stand tall proud Americans. Fly the flag. Pray for our country. Be prepared to defend our rights.

  14. Interesting that those who preach tolerance are themselves very intolerant. When Communist thug Lenin discovered that Russians HATED Communism, he declared that Communists had to begin “The Long March” through the institutions of the West, destroying them and corrupting them so that Communists could take control without much opposition. Harris & Biden with their plans to pack the Supreme court, add Democrat jurisdictions to the Senate, and eliminate the filibuster in the Senate clearly want to establish one party rule in America.
    “God help us if they ever get power.” These
    were the words spoken by Senator Lindsey Graham during the Kavanaugh hearings
    in 2018, and they hold true today.

  15. By the year 2030 I will have all fossil fuels gone, including oil, Joey Biden 10/22/2020, game over, you can’t turn over reliance on fuels in 10 years. Also Joey quick question: electric fueling stations all over America to refuel electric cars, What fuel Joe are you going to use to power the power plants to produce electric Joe. How are the American people going to afford to retrofit there homes for energy savings based on your plan Joe, we all don’t get subsidy money from China Joey, most of us all work for a living

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