To All the Non-Legal Dorks Claiming Giuliani Hasn’t Shown Them “Evidence”

I’m starting to get a headache from all the armchair lawyers in the media who are claiming that Donald Trump’s legal team hasn’t shown them “evidence” of vote fraud. I watched the Thursday press conference with Rudy Giuliani and the rest of the president’s legal team. They showed America nothing but evidence for 90 minutes. The problem is that most reporters and even many so-called conservatives who are now abandoning President Trump have no idea what the word “evidence” means. Don’t fall for this.

Full disclosure: I’m not a lawyer, but I go to bed with one every night. She’s friendly and had a bunch of my babies. (Think I’ll keep her.) I’ve found that she generally steers me in the right direction and also picks up on a lot of things that other people miss when it comes to public legal matters like this one concerning 2020 election fraud.

Following Giuliani’s press conference, everyone from Tucker Carlson to National Review is now treating the obvious 2020 fraud as if it’s a conspiracy theory. This is a “mission accomplished” moment for the people perpetrating the fraud. They want us fighting with each other instead of standing with President Trump and demanding that our votes not be disenfranchised.

Just so everyone is clear, here is the legal definition of “evidence:”

“In law, any of the material items or assertions of fact that may be submitted to a competent tribunal as a means of ascertaining the truth of any alleged matter of fact under investigation before it. To the end that court decisions are to be based on truth founded on evidence, a primary duty of courts is to conduct proper proceedings so as to hear and consider evidence.”

Did you catch that?

Evidence is any of the material items or assertions of fact that may be submitted to a court. The court then seeks to make a ruling based on truth that is founded on the evidence.

Every person claiming that Trump’s legal team has showed them no evidence is actually conflating “truth” with “evidence.”


If Trump’s legal team holds up a piece of evidence and presents it to the world, it doesn’t matter if every single reporter at Fox News and CNN looks at it and says, “Oh, well, that’s not evidence.” It doesn’t matter if they look at it and declare that they don’t believe the evidence.

Nothing changes the fact that the evidence is evidence, and nothing can change the fact that only a court of law can legally determine whether the evidence is true.

Look, I get it. I feel just as impatient about this process as you probably do. I passionately would love to know all of the evidence that Trump’s legal team has compiled thus far. But they cannot show it to us. That would be foolish.

All of the evidence will be presented during “discovery” when the Trump campaign takes their grievance to a court. It would be foolish for them to publicize all of their evidence, because if you want to win a court case, you don’t show the other side all of your evidence ahead of time. They’d be a pretty cruddy team of lawyers if they did that.

Be patient. Trump’s legal team has real evidence. They’re gathering more by the day.

Dominion Voting Systems, the company that has allegedly designed vote-flipping algorithms that tossed the election to Biden during the counting process, was supposed to show up for a hearing to testify before the Pennsylvania state legislature on Friday. They bailed. They refused to testify, ran out the door and lawyered up.

Do you still think that Trump’s legal team, especially Sidney Powell, doesn’t have “evidence” after Dominion pulled that stunt?

Dana Perino of Fox News asked why Dominion software is not suing Trump’s lawyers for defamation by this point, after they’ve claimed that the software is rigged to throw elections. We can guess the answer, and it’s the same reason why the company just ran away from testifying: Where there is smoke, there is fire. They don’t want anyone looking at the guts of their software system and that would happen in a court of law.

Buckle up, everyone. There are mountains of “evidence” of vote fraud. And we will get to see all of it when the court cases get under way.

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68 thoughts on “To All the Non-Legal Dorks Claiming Giuliani Hasn’t Shown Them “Evidence””

      1. Give them he’ll. We must fight and destroy all Socialists in our country and never a low them to be in politics again.

        1. Well you will have your work cut out for you, there are already a lot of them in the white house, Like AOC and Omar, or just about anybody that stands against Trump, and our true patriot values. Why would anyone believe Biden got 75 million votes? I know I do not believe it

      2. I live in Hawaii -I voted in person … I voted for Trump and the voting machine changed my vote when I reviewed my voting….I went back and changed it to Trump before I finalized…..,The machines are rigged……

        1. Then i beg you to submit and affidavit adding ti the hundreds, even thousands of affidavits. Drown the courts with credible affidavits! We cannot allow this to take away our American rights to vote the way we want and have it count!
          God bless America

    1. Don’t let the media suppress your optimism that Trump will prevail. The media continues their last cumulative campaign to defeat the greatest and most loved president in our lifetime and that means the defeat of the majority of us freedom loving Americans. The globalist Marxists will not prevail! Continue to support President Trump and the Georgian Republican senatorial races. Our lives and that of our children, grandchildren and all future generations depends upon us. Trump! Trump! Trump! We love you! Every donation counts.

    2. Thank you for your input I just want justice done and make sure the votes are legal and yes it would be God sent if Mr. Trump comes out on top

    3. I agree . Trump and his family are being treated disrespectfull , and from day 1.. Trumps next 4 years was crimally stolen from HIM!! I will always follow Trump. Those who were in for Biden and his MUTT, apparently wants China here to rule.

      1. Hitler , stallen ,musollini , putten , clinton , and on and on must be very proud of their communist,socialist idiot Democratic Party. History
        Will not be kind or proud


    4. I concur with what has been said. No lawyer will present all of his evidence to the public, and again it is up to the court to determine whether the presented evidence is true or not after a thorough examination of the facts. Every lawyer all over the world knows that what has been presented in this article is true insofar as the issue of evidence is concerned.

    5. I love our President. He has fought, often times alone, for America. I am disappointed in Tucker and a host of others at Fox News. One thing about the Democrats, they go down with the sinking ship. I pray nightly for God to take care of this mess.

      1. Amen! I believe wholeheartedly that President Trump had the election stolen from him with such a powerful disdain for all the good he did for the American people and our USA. He has been wrongfully accused, put down, ignored and cheated at every turn.. He deserves respect for staying true to his cause to keep America great and free, and he should have his day in court to proved this conspiracy. I’m praying that he will prevail in his fight to serve us for another four years. He’s beloved by many who appreciate what he has accomplished despite many obstacles which have been thrown his way. God bless our President and bring truth and justice to him as the end result.

  1. This is music and to my ears. I couldn’t get any current news and strayed my support for my President. I’m sorry and ashamed. I love the President and will always consider him the best President we’ve ever had. I’ve supported all the Republicans candidates in the election. Financially and with my votes. I’m not a rich person but I helped them when I could. I can’t wait to see the liberals stew in their own slop. Thank you for all the current news you report. I greatly appreciate it.

  2. I truly believe fraudulent voting occurred in this election with the intent of accelerating one world government. COVID (communist operatives violently invading democracy). Not dismissing the actuality of a virus. The common cold is a virus from which some individuals can and do die. GOD rules. HE is trying to get this nation to turn from corruption and immortality. President Donald Trump is the skilled craftsman HE has chosen. Our President has placed himself at the forefront of the war on our behalf and, I believe, that the LIVING GOD is in total control.

    1. I just had to reply to your post, because I agree with you 100% and those trying to steal the election are socialists and communists. Thank you for being a voice for the truth.

    2. Well written Betty. I believe Donald Trump is God’s chosen leader and with our prayers President Trump will succeed.

  3. This common-sense article is exactly what the democrats and their allies don’t want you to see. Hopefully, the American People can have the president they voted for and the democrats can plan future coups through the 2020-2024 term.

    1. We must win for President Trump in history he been a great President the greatest President we ever had . We don’t want goof balls running the country

  4. I KNEW the night of the election that something very nefarious & strange was going on. I assumed (falsely) that anyone else with an intelligent functioning brain should have been able to see it as well. Trump is our “Truly Elected President & the other side was cheating on a massive scale never seen before in the history of this great Country. I cannot wait to see those involved go to jail!’

  5. I do not understand why the FBI/DOJ are not investigating what appears to be the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. I mean really, 2 1/2 years, $40,000,000 the government spent investigating President Trump for a crime that didn’t exist – no evidence! Yet this voter fraud situation has a mountain of evidence and the Fed’s take no action. I am personally disgusted. Thankfully, we have many good, civic minded citizens who are interested in truth and justice. My only hope is that we will prevail in this struggle between good and evil. God bless Rudy, Sydney, and the rest of the team in their pursuit of justice. And thank you President Trump for standing up and fighting back against these evil doers!

  6. Loved the article!
    Looks like evidence to be shown in Nevada coming in early Dec…then the world will begin to see the truth!

  7. Thank you President Trump for standing up for America and the American people. I’m sorry I can’t donate to the cause, I myself live below the poverty level. Three generations of my family voted for you and we still believe you won the election. We fully believe there was fraud. Praying for you and our country.

  8. We have never given up on President Trump our love for him is unmeasurable. President Trump is the greatest President of all time. We will always support him no matter what. We know their hate for him is so huge that they would do anything which they have to destroy him. But President Trump’s supporters his true supporters know he won and will never accept the he lost the fear is that our so called democracy has all but died faded away with lies. President Trump’s supporters do believe in God and the Bible the hope lies there and we follow God”s word. If the Supreme Court is true and is with real people than the democracy will rise again. Hope President Trump knows that his true supporters have not given up. WE LOVE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

    1. If you people don’t get Trump in office. This country is going to be DESTROYED FOR EVER!! This has been planned for a long time the dems are completely SATON. THER PLAN IS TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY. AND YOU MIGHT NOT NO TRUMP WON FORTY NINE STATES!! That’s why the dems STOPPED THE ELECTION AND THEY HAD TO STOP AND SHIP THE CROOKED BALLETS IN TO DESTROY TRUMP!!! You better believe the dems are not for the country at all!!

  9. Trump 2020 ? So sick of the cake news. They are destroying our country. China has too much control in our country ! This must stop

    1. Not only china and commie, Islamic enemies of the U.S.A. but for past 12 years of dems support for bo, hilary treason and now dead head biden, proved dems are the U.S.A.’s #1 enemy trying to destroy U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights so dems can be dictators !

  10. I believe that everyone found guilty of fraud should be tried for treason. Any one trying to control the people with fear and terror is a terrorist. And terrorists are traitors of our independence. Traitors of all US citizens with this fraud and the changing of laws to suit their purpose, which is to make our great nation into a socialist nation. They shame our forefathers and our military who fought so hard to free us from tyranny. GOD bless President Trump for following in our forefathers foot steps.

    1. YES; “treason” is the bottom line with the dem’s vote fraud crimes & it started with 8 years of bo’s deceitful 78 U.S. Law violations & at least 10X’s defying the U.S Constitution ! Proven criminal treason by dem’s supporting bo’s Benghazi, fast & furious murders are just as guilty and commands execution with all of bo’s deceitful cronies ! The dems vote fraud is now #1 !

  11. I have never given up hope nor abandoned our President. President Trump is the greatest President in all history he is genuine and very smart. The admiration we have for him unmeasurable. We will support him forever. Being a Christian we know to follow God”s word as written. If this is to be the Supreme Court will determine truth and listen to the evidence as long as the court has not been bought. God be with President Trump and America. We love President Trump and his family and stand by them 100%.

    1. I totally agree with what’s being said here! The American People do love and respect President Trump, we need him! Yes, there has been the most corrupt and illegal voting this year, I believe has been done by far the worst in history! Please God help us to keep President Trump in office!

    2. How do we know if the courts have been bought or not? I wouldn’t put anything pass a democrat and in some cases Republicans to.

  12. B L M AND ANTIFA helped democrates disrespect America , I truly believe that they voted many many times for all those undecided voters that didn’t respond to a mail in ballot , so they voted without even knowing . The dishonest democrates strick again . And that’s my opinion !

    1. The antifa, blm, Islamic gang thugs are the same type low life stench nazi hitler created for his murdering gestapo SS & WW2 Germany demise ! A dems copy of hitler by bo & hilary !

  13. We love President Trump, he is the savior of the USA and the world. Yes, this is war between “Good and Evil” and thank God Trump is the “GOOD” one and God is with us and when God is with us, nobody can beat us!!!

  14. We will prevail and President Trump will prove the dishonesty and lies the Democrats have been preaching to people who choose to believe that them and media. President Trump will continue to fight them just as he has the last four years. Sleepy would of ran to hide in his basement had the Republicans treated him this way. Trump deserves this presidential term 4 more years he worked his butt off and he will win.

  15. This is the fight between Good and Evil. In the final judgment “Let Go and Let God” is my comforting words. Trump has worked hard for us and doesn’t deserve any of this. I would love to be at the “Final Judgment” for some of these so called politicians. After all, that’s the Final Word and that is what it is all about. I think they forgot this and when they put their head on the pillow each night, they should think about this seriously.

  16. Oh, Lord God Almighty, we solemnly request that the honest TRUTH will be revealed
    and the fraud of Dominion voting will be brought out in the open for all to see the lies, deception,and manipulation of the Democrats . We’re pleading for your
    POWER and TRUTH to be take precedence. In Jesus name we pray, Dianne Dixon

  17. Give them he’ll. We must fight and destroy all Socialists in our country and never a low them to be in politics again.

  18. Just like any other argument to run and hide, you can run, but you can’t hide. Eventually a court or courts, will summon all guilty parties and have the power, to unearth the evidence and reveal the truth. That is what evidence means. The media which is totally corrupt, would not acknowledge the truth, that is contrary to their political beliefs, even if it was staring them in the face.There is only one source, founded two hundred and forty- four years ago that these brave and courageous lawyers are using as their defense, and that is the Supreme Law of the Land, endowed by the Creator, the United States Constitution.

  19. Thomas Jefferson our third President 1743-1826. He said that Muslim religion was a cult and had no business in the United States.

  20. President Donald J. Trump is the greatest president of our time. He will go down in history as such. What we are facing right now is something very evil. President Trump will over come this and win, win, & win. Thank God for Rudy, Sydney and the rest of the team. If we don’t win this fight right now our world will be changed for ever. Our grand kids will have to live in a world that we see on TV. This can’t happen, we need to stand by our President now. We do not want the Dems to take our lives away from us. Thank you President Trump and God bless your family.

  21. Did not Joe Biden say he supports truth over facts? Well the truth is the Democrats rigged the election using mail out ballots and the facts back that up.

  22. I agree that our President and many others are working Dil gently not to abandon America to Communists Godless Socialists. Thanks Right News for giving us a platform to share our support for the Trump Administration.

  23. For those that did not watch the PA Legislative hearing yesterday one fact above all others is that the PA Secretary of States website posted that 2.5 million people voted via mail. The total number of ballots sent out was 1.7 million. The information was taken down but not before it was copied. That’s 800,000 ballots that were illegal. The perpetrators of this fraud are not very intelligent people. The truth is now coming to fruition. MSM is beginning to implode. ” And the Truth will set you free”.

  24. Thank god now maybe we could put all those no good rats away for good, God bless President Trump and all his team.

  25. I guess I will vent a bit. I was a die hard fox news guy, then it started to disintegrate to the left. ailes dies or gives control to his liberal sons, paul ryan hired, the the turn to the left started.
    shepherd smith, wallace, faulkner (they fired melissa – a conservative – but eft marie harf and faulkner on, I guess liberals) vitert, and now even tucker. they holler and claim, sublimely of course, how it is all trumps fault and he should move fast but it is ok and tolerant to wait for libs to solve or go to court (remember russia collusion – 4 years) but trump has to do in less than three weeks and TO THE PRESS! not even a court of law. Of course everyone hammered us with – “shame on them”, “we are offended”, but … lets wait and see how the courts rule. But with trump, he has not shown ME THE PRESS! so must be a conspiracy. meanwhile back at the SOROS ranch…

  26. I am beyond fed up with the. massive hypocrisy from dems. and the showbusiness crowd who are equally hypocritical. Actually they are one and the same… facts are facts people and you can all spin endlessly but we actually are smart enough to see facts from BS. Amazed at the number of people who are eagerly willing to show the world just how uninformed they actually are!

  27. I know that we were screwed, and I hope to God we can prove it, but I do not trust the courts or the FBI, Judges are just as crooked as the rest of the dems. They will find a way to get around any proof we might have. Sorry for the lack of faith, but most of Our justice systum is corrupt. GOD REALLY NEEDS TO FIX THIS or Our Nation will be sold piece by piece to the highest bidder. God help us all

  28. The issue with the Penn law suit was the accusation that votes were sent out of the US to be counted in Germany and Spain without any proof. Since the Trump team disowned Sidney, they must have agreed with the judge that Sidney had no proof of that accusation. Hopefully the rest of the legal staff won’t make that same mistake in future law suits.

    1. From what I’ve read, the president didn’t “disown” Sidney Powell. She’s made it clear that she’s not part of the legal team; she’s working on her own. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be eligible to become the Director of the FBI.

  29. Well this certainly aged poorly: Turns out Rudy Colludy DIDN’T have “mountains of evidence” and in fact testified in open court that “we do not allege fraud.”

    You right wing nut jobs got punked by the Orange con man. Womp womp.

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