Traitor! Bill Barr was Fast Tracking Biden’s EOs While Slow Walking Trump’s

Everyday Americans celebrated the change from former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session, but it turns out that William Barr wasn’t a better choice, in fact its obvious now that Barr was a deceptive Deep State operative.

Reportedly, following the Nov 3rd election, AG Barr slow-walked every executive order prepared for the Trump administration. The Department of Justice typically signs off on executive orders after vetting them to ensure they meet statutory guidelines. Between the November election and former President Trump’s final day in office, many suspiciously got bogged down at the DOJ.

“We had over 30 executive orders queued after election day, ready to go,” former White House economic advisor Peter Navarro told Maria Bartiromo during an interview. “But we kept running into all of these roadblocks and roadblocks and hurdles.”

Among the ones slow-walked by AG Barr were executive orders that would have prevented China from stealing millions of U.S. manufacturing jobs the Trump Administration fought to bring back. Working families know that President Trump’s America First policies restored the country to full employment before the pandemic.

We also know that Joe and Hunter Biden got into bed with the Chinese communist party during the Obama years. Biden’s family members enriched themselves by working hand-in-glove with high-ranking communist finance officials. As the New York Post reported before the election, Hunter Biden was to receive a $10 million per year deal to peddle communist influence to American politicians and business leaders. And 10 percent was to go to the “Big Guy,” who investigative journalists identified as Joe Biden.


In what may be the most disturbing Deep State coup history, Barr was secretly working for the incoming Biden administration. Even before Biden was certified by the Electoral College as the 2020 election winner in December! Barr reportedly was slow walking President Trump’s executive orders because he was too busy working on approving the Biden administrations executive orders. That’s why on his first day in office Biden was able to sign no less than five executive orders and have more than 40 ready for his signature in the first week.

Barr stabbed the American people in the back as President Trump was preparing executive orders to protect national security against communist infiltration. It appears Barr may have leveraged back channels to subvert the leadership of a sitting president.

“We did a beautiful executive order…to basically prevent the Communist Chinese from selling bulk power equipment into our electricity grid. If we ever have a conflict with China, they are much more likely to pull down our electricity grid using cyber-attacks than dropping a bomb on us because that’s modern warfare — Chinese style. One of the orders that Bill Barr helped Joe Biden do was to basically unwind that order,” Navarro reportedly said. “It turned out that Bill Barr’s office of legal counsel was fast-tracking all of these Biden (executive orders), and basically it was a Deep State coup.”

Biden was able to set new records for signing executive right out of the gate. During Biden’s first three days in office, he signed a blistering 30 orders. The overwhelming majority killed American jobs and rolled back protections against rival nations such as China. None of these anti-American actions could have been possible unless Barr and his Deep State cronies worked tirelessly to vet them all before Biden seized control.

“Trump’s last Attorney General actually also turns out to be Joe Biden’s first Attorney General,” Navarro reportedly said.

Watch Peter Navarro’s full interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo below:

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92 thoughts on “Traitor! Bill Barr was Fast Tracking Biden’s EOs While Slow Walking Trump’s”

  1. So Bill Barr and Biden as well knew that Biden was going to win the election and would need the EOs on day one of his presidency before Biden was even nominated? If that isn’t proof that the election was going to be rigged then I don’t know why it wouldn’t be! There are so many traitors and liars in our government that it is perfectly reasonable that President Trump would ask Comey if he would be loyal to him. If you are going to work in government and a security clearance is required then you should be loyal to the president you serve. If you can’t be loyal you have no business working for the president. In my opinion Barr and a multitude of other people need to be tried and punished accordingly. It is sickening that we finally have a good man who worked hard for all of us and he was treated like dirt by the democrats. All because of their egos and their greed. The whole world has been watching and they have seen what the democrats have done and how crooked they are. If I ever had the bad judgment to be a member of the Democratic Party I would be so ashamed of myself.

    1. Biden cause he was the one that the ?Demos could tell what to do. And he is just keeping the chair warm for AoC’s pick for VP can take over. Watch when they turn on old sleepy.

    2. So I guess members of our own PARTY HELPED BIDEN TO CHEAT AND WIN! Wow! I like the point about Barr and probably many others knew the OUTCOME SINCE IT WAS RIGGED!

      1. That dirtbag Mc Connell knew! He has ties to China Joe and China! He cares absolutely nothing about Americans or this country! He is a liar and traitor!

        1. McConnels in laws own a shipping company. The loan is held by China!!!!!! So now we know why Turkey neck is protecting China. Many GOP will be voted out after betraying our trust. Rhinos are as bad as the Demorats.

          1. Thank you for calling the rats -what they are Demorats, I have been saying and writing that for years- Well done -we all must call them demorats.

      1. It’s absolutely stunning how corrupt DC really is. Of course Democrats are at the top of the heap for corruption but sad to say it seems there are just as many Republicans in league with the corrupt democrats. Disgusting! And our taxes pay their salaries. I other words we pay them to screw us…and I thought prostitution was against the law?

        1. Îs îs Second time to speed people Many For implici Trump aproximativ 100 Mi with senil Muler investiga?ion ,îs time For u? to. Ask For These many to be pay For people who suport and sing For this MASCARad

    3. What does it take to be charged for treason ? Excepting money bribes from communist parties. Bearing false witness against the President, and getting paid for the impeachment process on top ! We need to stop pointing fingers at Democrats and Republicans. Make a list of people with the proof and copies of their crimes and put them before a judge and jury. This B. S. has gone on far to long. We are Americans not Democrats and Republicans. Those are terms for parties of people who are supposed represent WE THE PEOPLE. Is there proof that can be used or not ?

      1. I agree you are absolutely right. This is what needs to be done. Enough is enough. Or its only going to get worst. Hell people don’t even know if their votes are even being counted anymore. Damn shame.

      2. I agree with you Verne. The sad fact is finding an honest, unbiased judge and jury for a trial. They’re all corrupt!

    4. I said from early on Barr and Wray and Haspel were deepstate. I have no idea why he kept them. When Barrwas absent during the election fraud and didn’t feel there was a need for a special council for Hunter that was it. We all knew Hunter and the rest of the Biden’s weren’t going to get prosecuted. Wonder where all these republicans are? Why aren’t they putting out lawsuits like the democrats did with all of Trump’s EO’s? Barr was too busy with the election because he was doing Biden’s bidding. I remember Trump saying during one of his rallies that he didn’t realize how deep the deepstate was! The republicans RINO’S are coming put now. It’s up to us to get them out. Sickening what they’re doing with Trump. Obama and Clinton’s and Bush’s were more guilty and anyone. Glad the Bushes are going to be hurting in their oil business. They got us in the war over oil. I don’t care what anyone say. I know he is a Republican, more like a RINO, but he’s always been afraid of the democrats. Is there many republicans we can trust anymore or are most involved in the government takeover? The few that actually support us are very few indeed. If we do get a “ honest president “ who is honest to run the departments.? Also we all know the Durham report will fade into the dark. They’ve had so much evidence to convict the major players who perjured theirselves and didn’t go to jail. This is why Stroyk smirked the whole senate hearings. Graham gave everyone the same question “ if you knew then what you know now would you gave don the same “? He gave them their out. They want Greene out because she’s not one of them. If the republicans gain the house and senate, will they impeach Biden? Will they kick Swalwell and Schiff, Nadler, Water’s,etc off their committees? They had the power to kick Pelosi off but didn’t. They’ve had the power to get rid of 230, but didn’t. Even other countries such as Australia and Germany want them stopped. But they’re controlled by China just like the majority of our so called elected officials. What a joke America has become. The laughing stock of the world!

      1. Amen, Well said. You are absolutely right. And all of this right in front of our eyes. Its time to vote these sorry losers out. Enough is
        enough. Or it will get worst.

      2. The Republican party is no better than the Democrats. They’re all corrupt. That’s why it’s so important to vote for term limits. That way these scum bags cant become career politicians. Lindsey Graham is a POS and is right up there with Barr, Pence, McConnell, and the list goes on.

    5. Unfortunately nothing will happen, they are all in on it! Most are paid off and most are traitors to the American people, what a scam and shame! The world just saw the most fraudulent election of the supposed to be transparent government of all and we prove to be no different than China, Cuba, Venezuela and so on. I am shocked by the nothing burgers, and of course the Durham investigation was another scam! Check this out if haven’t and forward it to as many as you can, this is scary, Best wishes…

    6. Excellent post Lillie and ALL TRUE. No Wonder ‘the Traitor Barr’ was reviewing the E.O.’s as he DID KNOW that the “Fix was in for Biden” as Barr had claimed during the election, that WAS BOGUS, that “I looked at the evidence and saw Nothing that this was a STOLEN ELECTION.” Well, IF this Traitor, did look with his Eyes Closed, because he did NOT want to find evidence-America knows WHY! He is a disgusting, Deep State Operative, and was Mueller’s Pal, and apparently Biden’s/Obama’s, etal. So HISTORY will NOT BE KIND TO THE ‘TRAITOR, BILL BARR’…SO HOPE HE GOT ENOUGH MONEY FROM SOROS, OR WHOMEVER’S BOOTS HE LICKED-TO MAKE HIS ‘DIRTY HISTORY WORTH IT!”

      Guess “being a Con Artist/Liar is a prerequisite of Any Corrupt Democrat Member” showing they ALL STICK TOGETHER. We know that D.C. IS A CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION- AND THEY ALL HATED THAT TRUMP GOT ELECTED TO DRAIN THAT SMELLY, SLIMY SWAMP-when he shined a light on these Swamp Dwellers.”

      Too bad, Trump had to trust these Corrupt Politicos-(as it was not his profession) prior to WE voting him into office to clean up this FILTH, of which Barr is just One More Filthy Player!

    7. You are so right, Lillie. I wonder what Mark Levin thinks of Barr now. I think he held him at a very high standard, like many of us did, unfortunately. What a traitor and a hypocrite. I hope the “good” Republicans can do something to make him pay for his betrayal to the president and the American people. Why would anyone could even consider betraying a sitting president knowing the damage that would cause to the country? Only someone without a conscience or a monster can do such things. Then again, we can say the same for Democrats who are consumed by hatred. Sadly, hatred is the glue that keeps them together, but I hope one day they all pay for their evil acts towards President Trump, and damages to our country and people.

    8. Am so pissed at his backstabbing of Trump, I even believed him. Apparently he is a commie right along with the rest of most the whole kit and cabotle. So ashamed of Barr, go to hell.

  2. What happens when the GOP continues to prove how the election was given to joe biden. Nothing happens to these traders, while people like the General has to fight for his honor for years? And what makes anyone think the Demos will not pull the same thing in every election? It’s been proven to me that they stole the votes of people, and now how much is the Chania gov paying one or more of the bidens now? And what happened to those women in GA caught on type re-counting votes? God better step in cause it doesn’t look like our elected officials are going to do anything,buy bail out NY,NYC CHI and CA.

    1. Most dangerous people in Washington DC!
      Mitch McConnell , Linsey Graham & all GOP rhinos, DOJ Barr all worthless lawyers, FBI director Wray and all agents, CIA director and all agents, John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice and other 8 , head oh Miltary all working for US Chamber of Commerce cummunist China Money and GLOBALIST Bush family.

    2. Brady: Nothing happens. I know you have been watching so this is not news. I smelled a rat before the election when the lawyer from Connecticut was supposedly put in charge of this big investigation that would get to the bottom of the “Russiagate” mess.That’s another one of Barr’s phony selections.This guy (Durham) could not come up with a report before the election? OK the demorats are right. We really are a stupid electorate. Anybody else not a member of the swamp want to run for President? I thought not.

  3. Why hasn’t this story reached the media . ( OAN, news’s max ) get it out to the people . They will listen .

  4. Barr another disgusting creature of the swamp. My guess is that two thirds of all politicians are bought and paid for pawns of the CCP and one world creatures like Geo Soros. Pray for Divine Intervention, its our only hope.

  5. Biden is the biggest fraud in history hoisted by the democrats on our great country. Total buffoon and puppet. These treasonous democrats need to be held accountable.

    1. You are 110% right! They all need to go including Cheater Joe & his so called VP who is waiting in the wings to take Bidens place! Plead God, don’t let that happen!!

      1. As I understand it, Obama has Many of HIS corrupt Admin. in Place-and Susan Rice is now
        in charge of “shadowing Biden, who suffers from dementia(obvious) JUST as Obama Kept Biden in the Basement during the campaign to STOP him from ‘blurting out things they did NOT want the Americans to Know.'(dementia addled people, DO blurt out things, just like little kids) and it was Biden HIMSELF, blurting out: “Obama and I have the BEST PLAN of VOTER FRAUD EVER.” He smiled when he said this, as ‘the Shadow Gov’t Obama was running out of the D.C. home he/Michelle shared w/Valerie Jarrett, was Already doing “Voter Harvesting, Setting up all the Corrupt Judges/Gov’s/Mayors, etal. they could, while Obama’s Puppet Master, Soros, was busy pushing his billions into this fraudulent election to INSURE A BIDEN TAKEOVER….IT WAS NOT A WIN, IT WAS NOT A LEGIT ELECTION, BUT BARR, ETAL. “ignored the sworn witnesses(even a few Dems) who came forward, along with videos, showing the “Very Late Biden Votes being brought into the Voting Polls in a no. of states to “FILL IN THE BIDEN COLUMN-they KNOW this was a STOLEN ELECTION…as they PLANNED IT!”

        This, with the former Obama people, is Obama’s Third Term-The Dictator Returns……

    2. And a cheater and plagiarist. Nothing ever went forward on the rape allegations even though there was proof. He is behaving like a Dictator with all his EO aided by Barr and Rhinos. It’s up to us to vote every last 1 of them out. We know why McConnel and all Rhinos didnt support nor push the election fraud claims. All want to return to screwing WE THE PEOPLE and lining their corrupt pockets.

  6. Trump is taking his own medicine. He is still played by Kevin McKarcy today. In today’s politician in DC, you will loss forever if you are not a fighter! Liz, Swllow, Maxsine are still at the same position in Congress even what they did or said were so damaging. As long as we have republicans like Kevin as the leader, we will never win! Wake up Trump! Wake up true republicans!

    1. You forgot Adam Shitf who quoted a Presidential phonecall with the President of Ukraine in an official capacity in Congress. Fortunately, the President played a copy of the entire conversation. Shitf belong’s in Leavenworth with Swallow-well (sleeping with Chynese spy while in Congress and on House Intelligence Committee). Most of these people in Chyna would have already been taken out back and asked the final question, “Mask or no mask”? And I’m speaking about an “eye mask”.

  7. Bill bar is disgrace all other the evil crooked Democrats! They should all be removed and charged with treason to our country!

    Why are these things being published but never any charges being filed against these UN Americans ?

    It is a shame that we have elected people who are crooked, evil, treason, working with foreign countries instead of Americans who are paying them. I say we should boot everyone that are currently known to b swamp dwellers out of office and the people take back our country as our president Trump had started doing before all of the crooked corruption is taking place!

    It is just sad, to watch what is going on and I would be ashamed of People that voted these morons in office!! Also I’m ashamed of the turncoat Republicans that were vote back in also.
    What do people think they are going to gain when this administration ruins this country and already free speech is on the way out! Losing jobs one day one of this dementia raddled president Biden and that unqualified VP.

    1. People get out and vote to get these damn democrats out of office along with these rhino Republicans who are in the for these electronic machines throw the damn things in the recycled bin and go back to paper ballots. I’m sick of hearing the Republicans going into the camera and telling us they are working on fixing problems.

  8. I am shocked about DOJ Barr , but now you can see it clearly. The Biden camp is not smart enough to have come up with these orders on their own . I actually feel bad for Pres. Trump and all others that worked “with” him to protect the American People. The foolish people that didn’t see all of the good work . Isn’t there anything legal that can be done against Barr . It sickens me that with people like him ( a sheep in wolf’s clothing ) have forced our path down this Chinese road . Talk about Traitors . Biden is not protecting us , by opening up these borders in a pandemic and then giving them a pass to commit crimes without repercussion .

    1. It has been said and written many years ago, “IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME, will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their lands. 2 Chronicles 7:14.
      These are very clear directions given to find healing for America! Until we, as a Nation, remember how and why we were founded; under God, with Liberty and justice for all, we will struggle and never find the Peace that God has for us. It IS OURS, but comes with the action on our part; humility; admission of sin committed. Then turn from that sin to recognition and worship of a True Creator God, the one and only; only then will we experience the Love and Peace toward each other. Our America will return as a beacon of light, a “city” set on a hill for the World to emulate”. Not for wealth, monetary gain, but an inward Rest and Peace will be ours again as our founding Fathers fought and shed their blood to establish for generations to come! It is worth the sacrifice to move forward, forgiven and “healed “by God All Mighty!

      1. I might add this to the above; it is impossible for us as humans , to KNOW the hearts of every evil person mixed up and deceived by Satan himself. But God knows exactly who has compromised themselves, given in to either greed or promises of future elevation of stature. Each have their own reason WHY! The true and Righteous Judge will be looking at those actions and pass judgement. The end is to be eternally sentenced to a place of punishment, separated from God! We all have a choice; either for good or evil. You can make that choice TODAY!

        1. Thank you Neil L Masto for you quotes from the Bible. It is ONLY way our Country will survive. May God have mercy on all of us that PRAY and ask HIS leadership within our Country. May God Bless America.

        2. This is the only right answer because JESUS is the only answer to this worlds problems, not humans deceived by satan.

    2. I feel bad for the American People more than President Trump. We will be the ones that will have to put up with China Joe destroying everything that President Trump did for America and the American People for the next 4 years. And hope the America will be able to recover from the destruction that will happen.

    3. Is it possible that it wasn’t Barr but radical members of his staff staging a coup in the form of a slow down by a group that includes federal employees known as ShutDown DC??

      They are deep state radical democrats possibly even anarchists.

      Federal Employee Activist Tactics For Sabotage In Bureaucracy

  9. Barr is another one I like to hook up to a LIE DETECTOR and ask Questions! Deep State is Rampant in all government agencies and needs to be PURGED! People needs to start losing PENSIONS! 6 months probation for a email alteration to keep an investigation alive ? Is that what the Federal Guidelines Says! Clinesmith should get at least 10 years for deceiving American people who Pay his SALARY!

  10. The deep state is deeper than conservatives knew. Trump had so many cards stacked against him it’s amazing he was able to get so much done. And he ends up hated, not respected and being punished for all he accomplished. Our government is in deep trouble. Many have identifed the issues but who will solve the disparities? Something must be done. GOP?, Supreme Court?. I didn’t think they have the intelligence, strength, or courage to fix the corruption of the liberal left. Men and women fought for our freedoms and liberal politicans and government are slowly taking our freedoms away. It must stop.

    1. Amen to that.
      Keep praying asking God to enlighten good
      Men and women to courageously work to
      Step forward and expose the corruption “

      1. They dont care about Americans or their country. Is all about money they want. They only care about themselves and their families.

    2. Dont you see they are Demons all over Demoncratics. They all looks like money written all over their face.

    3. All this time I kept thinking how barr would have “buyers remorse” for allowing what happened. Now I see this is what he wanted and aided all along. I think the whole city of DC is corrupt it keeps showing itself everyday. I just can’t believe it. If there is an answer to this I sure don’t know what it is.

    4. Excellent post Marge, and Very true. POTUS Trump is the First POTUS, who Actually did Promise our Citizens that he would make a difference in their lives, and HE DID KEEP HIS PROMISES. Of course, being a part of the “D.C. Cesspool of Corruption, No One DARED point this out, EXCEPT Trump, but he DID STILL MANAGE to do Many things FOR America.

      Unlike former potus- Obama, who did so much AGAINST AMERICA in his quest for a “One World Order” of Elitists/Globalists who like his puppet master, Soros, would become OUR RULING Class and we citizens protected by our Constitution that Obama shredded on a daily basis, was to “Protect American Citizens FROM GOV’T OPPRESSION” and it was Obvious what the Dictator Obama did Against America to TAKE AMERICA TOWARDS HIS MARXIST AGENDA-AS HE RULED BY PEN AND PHONE. Many forget what he said when he first ran: “We are going to Fundamentally CHANGE America”…He did-for the worst-even “Aiding and Abetting our Enemy-Iran w/giving them billions to continue their agenda of Nuclear Weapons…EVEN as they chanted: “DEATH TO AMERICA”.

  11. Amazing how Barr fooled all of us when he admitted the spying and false accusations of Russian collusion. The administrative state then took over to continue sabotaging the president.

  12. We all know that he was backstabbing the president Trump, just like Mike pence he even backstabbed the PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. they all did. that’s because the democrats were paying them and even though the election was fraud. so what makes any difference. how can you rely on your own country when the one who suppose to be running USA are crooks.

  13. Of coarse Bill Barr betrayed President Trump! This RAT?BASTARD worked for George H.W. Bush, and was in there for pay back against all the criticism Trump through at the Bush’s! However, it doesn’t matter, President Trump will not be convicted and will come out the door with guns blazing! First he will call to primary all RINO’S, and then he starts his campaign to take back Washington as President in 2024! Stay tuned! MAGA?????????

  14. I did know Barr was bad for us the same as I knew Comey, Brennan and Clapper and Wray. What I didn’t know was how bad. I also never thought in million years Americans who we voted for and trusted would get the system so manipulated that I doubt anyone could have untangled it! What I have is no trust in anyone. Not that I did before, but it’s even less, if that’s possible now! its embarrassing to have to listen to the lies told by democrats every day. Its has now become embarrassing to say I’m Jewish with so many crooks around, such as Nadler, Schumer, Schiff, etc. But it is equally as bad to admit that I’m part of the human race with Pelosi in charge of screwing every living person while she makes boat loads of money, lives her own agenda and kow tows to a silly histrionic little girl known as AOC. It is also excruciatingly painful to have to listen to Tlaib, Omar, and Presley while they live for everything muslim, hating us more every day. No thank you from them that we took them in and have given them the freedom we have known for years, and allowed them into our government not knowing until they got voted in how they hated us. We will.learn from this and from our own too! It won’t matter to me as more than likely I will be dead when this is all sorted. I’m old you see! What will I do meantime, punt I expect like we will all do. Democrats unhappy whether they win or lose! Selfish people are never happy!

    1. So true, Before the election I made a statement that there should not be one Jewish person in this country that didn’t vote for Trump. Well the tyrade of bias was amazing I was called a bigot by many. I meant no harm but to let people know basically what you just commented. I was surprised by the reaction.

    2. You are so right, mbr 722. I’m shocked at Barr. I could tell which others were bad. I did notice that Barr went from looking down and tired, to fresh and revived not too long ago and I guess that’s when he made the deal to work on Biden’s incoming instead of Trump’s outgoing Executive Orders. I miss Trump so much. Biden is so boring I can hardly hear him and his wife has to handle the dogs they have! I remember Biden flip-flopping from years ago.

  15. Barr wasn’t the only traitor to try and stump President TRUMP. Barr should be locked up so he can’t do any more damage to the American people.

  16. Of course Barr was a traitor, in my mind there was never any doubt he was a Deep State Operative. By the way Durham also is. I liked Matt Whitaker, he seems legit. Also I suggest watching Mike Lindell’s video, Absolute Proof, it about election fraud.

  17. Why O Why has there’s been NO action against Hunter Biden, Hilleary Clinton? With all the evidence we have on them WHY has there been NO ACTION?
    Can someone Explain it to me?

    1. Dont you see all of this demons Demoncratics they are all comes together. Since they took over. I hope Simeone or somebody will do something about this demons democratica. They are no good for our country. I wanna see brave enough to stop them.

    2. It’s very difficult to get justice and we will probably never see it in our lifetimes because of the deep state. They have it all covered and won’t allow “their choice” to be taken down. When you have ALL the prosecutors, politicians .lawyers, judges, cops and everyone in between corrupt you don’t stand a chance. I tell my wife while we have been out working everyday to get “somewhere” and not paying attention to gov’t dealings they have been stealing our country right from under our noses. As someone said in an earlier thread I am too old to see the end of this and I am glad I won’t. Too sad.

    3. A totally corrupt ,DC called a deep state ,that has formed over the years made up of filth from both sides of the aisle ,the Good Lord will eventually get to sentence this scum for their crimes against humanity ,all for financial gain God Bless America

  18. Bill Barr is the lowest of the low.He accepted the job of DOJ from Trump.He always acted so saintly,so honest.Turns out he is the sneaky,deceitful snake,even worse than the others.I wondered how those Executive Orders were prepared so fast,I knew they had to be done in advance.He resigned short of a few days after he had completed his “dirty,sneaky”work.He is the worst!!!

  19. BIL BARR IS AFULL BLOWN TRAITOR and SHOULD TAKEN TO THE BRICK WALL and SHOT TO DEATH then dragged to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and dumped in the chambers. Here this is what happens to traitors NO ACCOUNTABILITY NONE this is why we are where we are ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOUNTABILITY WHAT SO EVER NONE.

  20. The entire government is infected with these vile self loving bugs that pose as people. I am convinced that the bureaucracy is laced with sexual perverts and pedophiles and that the the ”suicide” of Jeffery Epstein is simply a coverup by the Clinton and Obama cabal when their perverse tastes were revealed. They are all involved in massive sexual perversion and are protecting each other. I fear that we are doomed. Washington DC has become Sodom and Gomorrah of America.

    1. Micheal , I agree with you 1000% , It took me only a few weeks to figure out that fat ass Billy Boy Barr is a deep state communist scum !!! I also KNOW that these people got to Epstein with the help of our corrupted DOJ ,FBI ,CIA ,,it is a total shame to realize that there are so few ,if any honest people in our DC government, you never hear about the guards at that NY prison ,and to top it all the warden of that prison was just promoted to run a newly built prison ,it would not surprise me one bit to have the good Lord burn this country he once gave US to the ground,Hillary for PRISON Paul the Jarhead USMC 79-82

  21. Bill Barr, TRAITOR, COWARD, LIAR and a miserable disgrace to the many men and women in this country who have given their lives to keep us safe. Bill you must go to the same catholic church as Biden and Piglosi. You and Mueller should be arrested, tried and sent to prison for a very long-time. MSM stop with the plaudits for these liars. Remember “no man/woman is above the law” so would someone in law enforcement (a joke) enforce the law. Arrest Cuomo while you are at. He killed 15,000 elderly, sounds like a holocaust to me. And the far left buffoons in DC are trying to impeach President Trump?

    1. No justice for the good people of this country ,Biden Crime Family = Verdict ,Innocent ,,,,Hillary R. Clinton =Verdict ,Innocent Comey ,Clapper crime spree = Verdict ,Innocent , this guy really makes me physically ill; John Brennan ,Obama appointed this known communist that OBAMA appointed to office and this guy spreads a HOAX about Russian collusion = Verdict, Innocent , B. Barr= Verdict ,Innocent , everyone one of these INNOCENT people should be sitting in a cell for treason

  22. We the people need to take back our Country. I just don’t know if we have time to wait until the 2022 elections and even then the elections will be manipulated with fraud. Where to go in such trying times.

  23. How can it even be legal for Barr to work on things for a potential future president while he is in office for the other party? There has to be a law against that. It shouldn’t be possible for him to spend his time on Exec Orders for Biden before Biden is even elected.

    Am I looking at this wrong?

  24. How deep is our state; really amazing….we hear the President of Domion tell the Michigan
    Lawmakers that all they need is for the counties in question to do Forensic (Science) audting; The same in Georgia with the Forensic expert, but we do not because it might expose the truth. Truth would have set us free on the whole matter and we would not have had the division in our country, we would be unified to fix the system if needs to be fixed, it would not be just swept under the rug to move one sides agenda over the other.
    Remember when the truth really comes out it seems late, however God is never late but He is always on time. May we looked to Him not even a Partial DOJ that is disappointing.
    The truth will prevail and come forth. We contiually see how corrupt our system is with
    half narratives to move an agenda or keep certain people rich and others poor. Think about the $15 an hour thought. It would bring people above the poverty level, but then they would lose free programs…they would still be poor or even poorer. Good Jobs in our country would give the government more in taxes and help them get out of the povery level for sure.

    1. Actually I think they would be way worse off. Employers could never afford to hire them. Some job is better than no job.

  25. It seems to me that if a Republican is ever elected president again (I have my doubts) the first thing they should do is fire every government employee, bureaucrat, in Washington that has any power over others and replace with people they can trust.

    1. You can’t trust anyone in Washington ever..they will pick your pocket while stabbing you in the back in one swift motion..

  26. Barr is a liar as is all his counter parts in DC.. I thought he was going to be a straight shooter ,But was I ever Wrong about him….one big liar, back stabber sob

  27. President Trump’s greatest achievement in my opinion was exposing the true, and still unknown, depth of the corruption and deep-state.

  28. I’m so glad to receive this. Not many people will publish the truth, and this fills in the gap I have from information on TV.

  29. We the people need to take back our government !! We have to pray to get the knowledge of how to do that without violence but unfortunately I believe the only answer is to kill off the main characters.. First Hillary, then Obama then Pelosi, Biden,Harris and Shumer and Barr. one by one then our country will be free from Satan !!!!! this needs to be done soon. I pray every day for them to die because that is the only way out of this mess that they rigged !!!!! Trump knew all of this that is why he fought so hard and tried to make the people see but they were blind !!!!!

  30. Thats why Bill Barr said ther is no fraud in the election because he was for Biden. If Trump wins again I will fired everyone that work for Biden and Obama in a heart beat. Barr was a spy for the Democrats ,he probably was the one leaking information to the news.

  31. Barr needs to have his license recalled. It would be interesting to find out who paid him off. Barr doesn’t deserve to ever practice law again. He is probably the reason none of the cases about the election ever made it to court, Big Money has been involved, an EVIL man.

  32. So please tell Republican voters what happens next
    And what happened with investigation on Hunter. Did FBI drop it and why.

  33. All honest and deistic American people pray to God, that he will punish this dastardly traitor William Barr – a conscienceless and compliable abettor of the deep state!

  34. I heard a Fox Contributor, last evening, on
    Fox News say; whomever is the first to have
    President Trump (yes, I still call him President, because legally he is) as a guest is going to be
    very lucky. I can’t wait to see President Trump
    once again, have rallies and appear on TV. It is
    so unfair he has been banned from communicating
    with the 75 million who voted for him. I pray
    he runs, again, in 2024???

  35. To play in washington you must play the game .new world order the deep state goal.the first bush called it .trump proved an outsider in washington doesn’t have a chance.the question is how much more of this are the American people gonna take .politicians getting rich and we’re loosing more rights every year.its not just democrat either .it’s all of them

    1. I have just read so many comments from all of you and I am feeling so disgusted with both parties. I want to run and jump in a ravine. I am so overwhelmed and extremely sad about what is becoming of our country. We need to clean Out the swamp but I don’t want to wait til 2022. What are we to do? It is not fair what happened to President Trump. All I can do now is continuing to go to Mass every day and say the rosary as many as I can for all of us who love our country.

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