Trump Warns Against Democrats ‘Unlimited’ Funding for Afghan Refugees

Former President Donald Trump scorched the Biden administration in a statement on Thursday, arguing Democrats are sneaking “unlimited” funding into a spending bill to help Afghan refugees.

“Snuck into the government funding bill, or CR, the Democrats are trying to pass, and just found, is unlimited money to random, unscreened, unvetted Afghan nationals. Republicans can’t let this happen,” Trump said in the statement.

“This is a further insult after Biden’s humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, that needlessly killed 13 Americans,” he added.

The proposed $6.4 billion for Afghan refugee resettlement in a proposed continuing resolution “would allow for the tens of thousands of Afghans being brought in to quickly apply for permanent U.S. residency,” according to a Fox News report.

The resolution would allow Afghan refugees access to a green card within a year. A green card holder can then apply for U.S. citizenship within a few years, according to the report.

The former president called the policy change “a major immigration rewrite.”

“This is not a ‘clean’ government funding bill. It’s a major immigration rewrite that allows Biden to bring anyone he wants from Afghanistan for the next year — no vetting, no screening, no security — and fly them to your community with free welfare and government-issued IDs,” Trump said.

Concerns with some Afghan refugees have already been discovered, according to Trump’s statement.

“We’ve already seen some of the horrible assaults and sex crimes that have taken place. But these terrible assaults will just be the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming if this isn’t shut down,” Trump said.

The former president even referred to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as “an incompetent radical,” saying the bill must be opposed.

“The CR even covers people who don’t live in Afghanistan and haven’t in many years, as long as they used to live there. So Biden and Blinken can load up planes of former Afghans from Pakistan or elsewhere without any limits, checks or even a lawful visa or refugee status,” Trump said.

“The only ‘rule’ is that Mayorkas — an incompetent radical — give them a green light. This bill must be opposed!” he concluded.

Trump is right. It’s one thing to help Afghans in need. It’s another to provide virtually unlimited support with U.S. tax dollars, including a fast path to citizenship.

The Biden administration is importing voters from both the south and the Middle East as it has already resettled over 37,000 Afghan refugees in America. Even more are in processing, with the potential for nearly 100,000 – or more – by the time the resettlement program ends.

Who is paying for all of this? You are. Your tax dollars are funding the entire leftist agenda at the moment, revealing the need to step up and support conservative action that opposes this wasteful spending. Now is the time to act, not in 2024 or 2022. You can contact your state lawmakers today and let them know where you stand on the Afghan refugee issue.

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55 thoughts on “Trump Warns Against Democrats ‘Unlimited’ Funding for Afghan Refugees”

  1. If this keeps going on it will no longer be free American. It will be Communist American. This is no longer for the people by the people. The politicians are spineless. They line their po kets and lea e us out to dry.

    1. That is what is wrong with many elected to any office, they are “SELF-SERVING”?! “What’s in it for me”?

      1. I agree. We are very close to a Marxist government. Look at what’s happened in just 8 months. Will our Constitutional Republic last until the mid-term elections, it’s very doubtful, plus the American people don’t seem to care. The present government is brainwashing our children, destroying morals, rewriting and destroying our history, heritage, culture, etc., filling our Republic with illegal aliens whom they don’t even know who they really are, are they terrorist, criminals, Drug Cartel, many illegals with COVID-19 and other diseases, Also bringing in thousands of Afghan’s into the U.S., claiming they were bringing out Afghans who worked as translators for U.S. military and even fought with our troops, turns out many were brought to the U.S. with no proof they worked for the U.S. military, many couldn’t even speak English, men even brought out their child brides, many of the Afghans are on U.S. military bases, which is a major National Security violation, seems more men were brought to the U.S., how many are Taliban, Al Qaeda or even ISIS? With the borders wide open our national security is in danger. We are also a Sovereign nation. How many more laws and violations of the Constitution of the U.S. of A. is Mr. Biden and his handlers going to be allowed to violate? Besides making it easy for terrorist to get into U.S., Plus, leaving billions of dollars of arms, aircraft, vehicles, etc. to the Islamic terrorist. And what about Bagram Air Base? Why wasn’t it burnt to the grown, all weapons, aircraft, military vehicle, even SUV’s, etc. destroyed? It could be done in a short period of time by a hand full of troops. Why wasn’t the runway destroyed so no aircraft could land or take off. Why was Bagram Air Base left in good condition, Biden’s allies, Communist China got the air base. Isn’t that odd? Also why were Americans waving U.S. passports left behind outside the gate of Kabul Airport, after troops were ordered to look the gates and not allowed to open them for the Americans. Troops reported several airplanes left only half full or less near the end of the operations at Kabul Airport, so why Americans left behind? So, why is Secretary of Defense Austin, General Milley and others still in control of the military?
        Remember, the main concerns Secretary Austin and General Milley just prior to the botched Afghanistan pull out, was forcing Critical Race Theory and the members of the military, Now, their planning on lowering the education standards at military academies.
        What’s next America?

    2. Do not allow Biden to turn this country into Communist American with the passing of this bill that will fund thousands of Afghans through our tax dollars.

      1. I agree. But, now it will also fund hundreds of thousands of Haitians, more Afghans, probably millions since Biden has opened the borders wide open, so more illegal aliens from the rest of Central America, South America, Africa, Middle East (easier for Islamic terrorist to get into our country), etc. Even if the Marxist does get the bill passed, they’ll need more and more funds for housing, welfare money, food stamps, health care, schooling, to including free college, etc., what next free cars? Then Bidden and his handlers, Pelosi and Schumer will want to take Social Security from the elderly, veterans benefits (Which V.P. Harris recommended), maybe even what Communism does, take your homes or if big enough move illegals into Americans homes, etc. We’re going to be in for a very rude awaking, if Americans don’t wake up soon. I sincerely don’t think we’ll make it until 2022 elections, if even then, to many of the young people and a lot others wants all the freebees, the Marxist politicians promise them, not having to work for it.
        To many most Americans don’t have the blood and will our ancestors had to get and keep freedom. Many people have the attitude that our Constitutional Republic can’t fall.

    3. I agree with you that the politicians line their pockets and leave us out to dry. If they pass this bill, the money will run out fast. AOC wants more than ten trillion dollars to continue this charade. They will keep shaking us down until they bankrupt the whole country and create another Venezuela, leaving all the American people poor with no property ownership and very little food. They will cut out all the welfare and aid they are giving to the refugees once they gain the power they want. They will not keep their promises to them as they are only bringing them here to use them for their own political power and financial gain.

  2. Do Not pass this bill to bring more refugees into the the United States. Stop the spending of 3.5 trillion of our tax dollars. Save America and help reverse what has already been taken from us during the Biden Administration. Praying for God’s help at this difficult time to restore our Country to his leadership. Amen

    1. This proposal of Biden’s is one of the most ludicrous, insane attempts at control of
      the government & it’s people at unlimited cost to the citizens of the United States of
      America. Biden is acting like a Dictator. If it passes we will see many of our citizens looking for another country to live in because the U.S. will no longer be the America we have always loved and been proud of. I pray God will intervene & bless this nation before this idiocy passes with some way to block all this nonsense coming out of this so-called Democratic Party. We are constantly bombarded with more insanity every day. It is totally
      out of control.

      1. The Democratic Party is now the Marxist party. I ask middle line democrats to split from their party and force Biden and his lunatic socialists to create a new worthless socialist party. He’s a total traitor and if you voted for Biden you by association have joined an anti-American socialist party. Line up for welfare checks and rationed food while the immigrants brought here by Biden get all they want for FREE at your taxpayer dollars expense. Ashamed of our country and of the socialist democrats, they are so woke, they just a joke!

    2. Do not pass this bill. My grandparents on both sides immigrated from two other countries and went through the normal process to achieve citizenship. No shortcuts Please! No free lunches! Take care of our needy senior citizens from America First!

      1. In the old days immigrates came to America with very little money, had to go throw Ellis Island, fill out papers, had to take a lot of medical exams and if a health problem was found they stayed on Ellis Island until healed, if it couldn’t be treated and was dangerous to others, sent to their home country in most all cases. Those allowed to enter the U.S., had little, but found jobs, they wanted to work and fit in like Americans. They wanted their children to go to school, had their children to obey teacher and all laws, if they couldn’t speak English well or at all, they wanted to learn to speak English, teachers volunteered to teach classes on their own time, the YMCA and YWCA had classes and Churches offered English classes. Many would even have American flags to put out on holidays…..Basically, they wanted to become Americans, they wouldn’t expect handouts from the government, they were loyal to America and not to their old countries politics, etc. Unlike today, the illegal Aliens comes to America, expecting the government (American taxpayers) to support them, many expect it forever. Such as the many illegal aliens and the aliens, such as the Islamic Muslims got to America due to the U.S. government to get them out of war torn countries, such as Somali, Iraq, now thousands from Afghanistan. Now, many of them have taken over districts of cities, such as Minn. where the hater of America, member of Congress, iLHAM OMAR was elected and in Dearborn, Mich. headquarters of the radical C.A.I.R., most all Islamic schools in America don’t teach the Constitution of U.S., etc., they teach Islam and Sharia Law starting with 1st to 3rd grader boys. Many believe that Obama is one of the key handlers of Biden. Obama as President also armed the Islamic terrorist organization HAMAS and later brought HAMAS to many U.S. towns. Obama is of the Islamic faith, per his own Obama grandmother, as is all the Obama family in Kenya. His grandfather was put in prison as a radical, Obama’s cousin ran for President of Kenya in 2008, to change Kenya to an Islamic nation, rather than a Christian nation, but he lost the election, even with an endorsement of U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama, his own cousin. If you remember, Obama in his book, wrote how he hates White colonized countries, Whites, the U.K. (Remember, Obama as a new President gave the bust of Winston Churchill back to the British government official from the British Embassy who came to the White House to welcome Obama as the new President of the U.S., that the U.K. had given to the American people after WW2 and been in the White House for many years). Many believes Obama is one of Biden’s handlers and wants to destroy America. After what Biden did to help the Taliban in Afghanistan and bringing more Afghans into the U.S., than actual Afghan allied and worked and fought with American troops. Many brought here couldn’t speak English or had official papers. And put on U.S. military bases in America, then many slipped off the bases, who picked them up? Fellow Islamic terrorist already in the U.S.? Remember, these Afghan aliens had no money, some couldn’t speak English, etc. to survive alone on the streets, etc.

        Is Obama a key handler of Biden, is Obama, a hater of the British, still determined to destroy all White colonies started by UK settlers and their descendants? Read his books. And remember, in his earlier days, Obama worked as a community organizer, for Hillary R.’s, later Clinton, mentor, Saul Alinsky, the well know Communist leader and taught that “Revolution” was the only way to destroy the U.S,
        Biden and Pelosi’s illegal aliens and their domestic terrorist organization, Marxist BLM, which Pelosi and the other new government leaders still has never condemned the weeks of riots, arson’s, deaths and injuries to innocent Americans, destroying businesses and looting (Stealing), etc. And Biden has since ordered the Marxist BLM organizations flag and/or banner flown at U.S. Embassies and U.S. Consulates to honor them.

      2. You are absolutely right. Some of our senior citizens have paid too much for their taxes and healthcare. There is often nobody to help them when they cannot afford their high medical bills. Some would like to work to raise the money but there is discrimination in hiring for older people.

    3. This is just as absurd as it gets to allow people undscreened to settle in our country without our consent and paid for with our tax dollars. I strongly oppose this and will not accept it as the normal.

    4. I am angry that I have struggled my whole life to work hard for my money to pay my taxes. I am also angry that Biden, Pelosi, Schummer, and Schiff ( and the big mouth incompetent stupid idiots that compromise the “Squad” who are paid by our taxes take our money and squander it for items we do not support. They spend our money like it grows on trees. This money should be spent on items that benefit the American people who work hard. This is supposed to be a capitalist democracy. Most Americans do not support a Marxist or Communist government. These politicians who are not satisfied with our government( as it is) should leave this country to go back to the communist countries of their choice. Do not force Americans to accept a government which we do not want! Do not treat Americans as an ATM machine to fool us by misrepresenting the 3.5 trillion dollar bill as a fraudulent way to rip us off. You are laughing at us all the way to the bank. You will have bad kharma to punish you for wasting our hard earned money and treating us as second class citizens.

  3. Another step by the Marxist Communist invasion through Joe Biden and his traitors in the Administration ruining our beautiful American way of life. I am outraged and if Americans passively wave as this continues, we will all be in the atmosphere of Chinese culture.
    This as well as ALL his outrageous agendas to undue what President Trump achieved is an evil plight we are allowing.
    Starting with the stolen election during a Pandemic that Joe Biden gave China the “GO AHEAD” on to get him into office that caused death and disease.

    WAKE UP AMERICANS! This man and his administration are on a TAKEOVER. They are evil power hungry demons permeating our very lives!!!


    The original Constitution allows for TRAITORS and BARBARIANS to hang in the square.

    1. Hang them high and often. Start in DC and then let’s go to IL, NY, CA, NJ, OR, NV, WA and GA. That’s where the swamp is deepest and the most polluted with traitors and Marxist communists. Do not pass Biden’s bill and save this country and if you are wise, your own lives.

  4. Democrats will sneak anything that will help themselves to hold their offices or under the table fund their own campaigns, if possible!

  5. BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION – Absolutely the “Most” disgraceful, lying, deceitful, shady administration America has ever known. All I can say is “Not On My Dime – Not 1 Red Cent” going to illegals entering my Country and paid for on the backs of U.S. taxpayers !!!

  6. Use the money for helping the homeless Americans that we already have. The money that will be spent on resettling these immigrants should go to resettling homeless veterans who are real Americans.


  8. Somebody needs to shoot this SOB and do it quickly. I didn’t pay all my taxes just to let this idiot ruin my country

    1. I love it somebody that wants the same thing I do I want them executed for this and I want those immigrants out of here I want the Army and the National Guard to go find these people and get them out of here and plus some I want all the immigrants that have a bad record criminal record to be ousted out of here first and then maybe we can keep some of them but those people have to go I’m not cruel you know I don’t hate children but these immigrants that came in here I want the criminals out of here everyone we can find that’s illegal you don’t have laws and rules here this is not a country anymore and the American people don’t want that we don’t want to s*** hole for a country and that’s what they’re trying to do the Democrats are trying to make this a third world country and it’s not going to happen we’ll get him out of here don’t worry I want to get rid of the Democrats as well should be more on a permanent basis black people are going to have to wake up stop voting for them as Democrats that is now they’re going to vote for a republican African-American you have my vote

  9. I oppose this spending and also allowing thousands of Illegals into our Country .
    I’m on a fixed Income and can’t afford to support Illegals on my Money that I’ve worked for all my Life . Taxes for everything is high enough as it is . The only thing I can see that it’s helping is the Politicians that are becoming Millionaires on our Taxes . Aren’t they supposed to be working for us ? If any Money is spent it should come out of the Politicians Salaries.

    1. That is so true. Those people in washington DC are all crooks they make their billonairs by cheating and insider traiding. All the one over 10 years in office have to leave and we get new blood in office.

  10. From the first moment that cheating incompetent moron took control, everything he has done has been to destroy America & our freedoms we all love. And something even scarier is the fact that if something happens to Biden, the wretch known as Kahmala Harris will take over & she’s even worse than Biden ! Our once great country is in deep trouble & something has to be done to save it !

  11. The 2022 election is our only “light” to change the directory of our country. Never before have we seen treason being implemented through our so-called leaders. The Marxist’s movement is undermining our Constitution through the underpinning of lies. President Biden’s cognitive decline allows his destructive policies (the come-on-man attitude) to allow headway for Communist Bernie Sanders and his Marxist “colleagues” (AOC, Omar, and the remainder of the squad) to be able to violate our foundational rule of law, the CONSTITUTION!
    Impeachment is demanded by this American Citizen! Oh, write your state leaders and demand this while denouncing approval of the $3.54 trillion bill. $64 billion dollars for Afghan refugees to “settle” here and become citizens and other hand-outs allows this reconciliation bill to be all the left wants it to be: a way to expand governmental control and diminish our way of life as we have known it. The SWAMP is alive and well, unless we vote in 2022 to oppose.

    1. But, what’s scary is will our Constitutional Republic last until 2022? Just look at how far Biden and his handlers, Pelosi, Schumer and Biden or his handlers hand picked Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland, Secretary, General Milley, etc. has done already toward making our Constitutional Republic a Marxist/Communist country! They’ve done more faster than than Hitler did to Germany and Lenin did to Russia. Two things the New Democrat Marxist Party has to do to destroy our Constitutional Republic, pass HR1 and destroy the Second Amendment and leave the loyal Americans defenseless (Which many feels won’t happen without a fight), but with what Americans has already allowed so far to happen, what will it take to wake up Americans? By then it will be to late! Making it to the 2022 elections will be the big issue if we survive till then. “NO SURRENDER”

  12. Well this is what the stupid that didn’t vote for Trump and voted for biden gets !!!!
    They are just spineless just like the dem/ socialist, liberals, and communist politicians who wouldn’t stand up for the real President
    Our President Trump woul have never let this happen and now that it is they are setting wringing there hands and crying alligator tears that it is and saying some one needs to fix this
    Will when those spineless people stand up and grow a backbone like or patriot forefathers did and take back our country
    Then it will get fixed

    1. Your 100% right! The State politicians needs to start following the 10th Amendment, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the “Constitution”, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
      And if the new Marxist government continues to violate the Constitution, violating our Sovereign country, by violating laws related to aliens entering our country illegally, Biden has and is violating laws and putting our National Security in serious danger by allowing hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of illegal aliens from all over the world into the our Republic, including Islamic Muslims, mainly males non of these illegal aliens backgrounds has been fully checked out, if any, even prior to the Biden and his handlers blunder in Afghanistan, the U.S. Border Patrol agents have captured known Islamic terrorist trying to get into the U.S. who were on “no fly” list. Now, we have many Afghan males brought into the U.S., who lied about being translators for U.S. troops, some couldn’t even speak English! How many were Taliban, Al Qaeda or even ISIS plants on these airplanes leaving Kabul Airport? One one airplane an ISIS terrorist was arrested prior to landing at a U.S.A.F. base in Germany. One Afghan man had bomb making material in a suitcase, found, it wasn’t found until an airplane landed at the U.S.A.F. base in Germany.

      And now Biden, Harris, Pelosi and other Marxist leaders in Congress and Senate are even talking about making illegal aliens U.S. citizens by the stroke of Biden’s pen!
      We already have two anti U.S. radical Islamic Muslims in the Congress from large Islamic districts in large U.S. cities. And there are several members of Congress whose not Islamic Muslims, but support the Nation of Islam and Waters openly supports ‘Sharia Law.

      If Biden orders all illegal aliens made U.S. cities made instant U.S. cities, besides being illegal, but very dangerous effecting National Security, etc. Wake up America!

  13. It is a plan being carried out, and it is to destroy America. Each border state has a Constitutional right to protect their borders. CLOSE THE BORDER. 100%, no more illegals in at this time. Not one. States can call in a PORTION of their Nt’l Guard; beyond that Biden can nationalize their assignment. Will the Constitution favor the state need? Don’t know that. Cobstitutiobal lawyers out there?

    Let’s identify some of the destruction helpers, who may be teaming up in some efforts..

    The Obamas, even Michelle, publicly said they hated America and felt they had to apoligize for her actions and existence. I disagree. Do not support their agenda and comments. It is very possible they are often working with Soros; they photo well together, as does Pelosi with Soros.

    Soros. Frankly a very nasty, crazy person, hated the UK and tried to destroy her financially, and he obviously hates America, on his makes him happy destroy list. Creates and funds Antifa and, with Obama, manages their asignments and locations. He pays millions for campaigns to help elect renegade radical State AGs and governors, etc. When Antifa violent rioters are arrested, including their 1/6 rioter captain John Sullivan, DO NOT RELEASE THEM IN 10 MIN. Deny bail and hold them until they finally give up “bosses” and work up the chain until you get to the top so you can arrest and prosecute them for numerous crimes, incl coup attempt, property damage, hurting people, treason, etc. Soros doesn’t want them held and possibly lead to his arrest; bail is apparently immediate. He also bought a place on a non-extradition island, and a bank to hold the bulk of his billions. Ready to escape, possibly resides there much of time.

    Pelosi. Possibly with ever ready fraudster Hillary. Likely very Involved in planning the 1/6 “riot” set up with actions to use against Trump and supporters. Enlisted help from FBI posing as “rioters” and even Gen. MILLEY. It’s called treason. Anyone ready to charge and convict her?

    Squad. A problem. Don’t vote for these people. Elect replacements! Try to remove them from office for their own actions is possible. Omar even led protests in support of two ISIS groups in MN, and both large groups convicted of terrorist activities and training. Omar can be convicted pretty easily of two felonies, which removes her from holding office, ever. First: immigration fraud re her marrying her brother to get him here from England. DNA check already done by FBI and proved they did it. Second: voter/election fraud. A Veritas video, proven legit when used in another case, shows a man, possibly related to her, stating she was paying him and others $200/ballot (2020 election) brought to her, and even showed that one car was filled with thousands of ballots. Both felony convictions. AOC likely involved in helping plan 1/6 “riot” judging by her actions at a separate building that day, witnessed by other Congress people. Tilaib and Pressley: may have commited crime as landlords when didn’t allow their renters moratorium to not pay rent last yr. $15,000 – $20,000 each.

    BIDEN/HARRIS. Harris said on news interview that she supported everything Biden haas done, here and in Afghanistan, so she can be indicted, too. Crimes Against Humanity here and in Afghanistan. Possibly even for not notifying our allies there, resulting in loss of lives of their citizens and aides. Thousands affected, besides our own. Disease brought here from many different countries. Financial hardship for our citizens and states for over 2 million illegals allowed in, slated to be 400,000+ this month and hereafter. TREASON. As Comnander in Chief, Biden is guilty of TREASON for leaving $86.5M plus millions in cash in Afghanistan, that can be used to attack our citizens and America.

    Keep investigating 2020 election and decertify state vote results as found. Flip election when electoral votes fall beow 270. No more nice guys. Indict all involved for fraud and treason, and convict.

    1. Add Pelosi, Schummer, Schiff, ‘The Squad”, Harris, and Hilary Clinton to the jail list. Also Dr. Fauci, a co-conspirator of creating the Covid-19 killer virus.

  14. With eyes wide open many republicans in congress and the senate are aiding and abetting this crook biden and harris are destroying the United States by a thousand cuts, it has been nine months of continual sabotage of the constitution and they go about this RIGHT IN YOUR FACE WITH A SMILE, while those in Congress do nothing to stop them all but a very few. Pelosi and Schumer are communist assets along Biden and harris , do they really think that they are going to be welcomed into the fold of Communist China if they succeed in their treachery, BOY ARE THEY IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING, but we MUST NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ALOWE THIS TO HAPPEN, PATRIOTS MUST PREVENT THIS AND WITH THE HELP OF OUR FAITH IN GOD WE WILL OVERCOME THIS OBORANT EVIL, STAY THE COURSE, LIGHT THE LIGHT SO OTHERS MAY SEE THROUGH THE HAZE THE DEMONRATS HAVE CREATED,FOR WE ARE THE TRUTH THE LIGHT AND THE RESURRECTION OF THE SOUL OF THIS OUR BELOVED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

  15. Biden has been in the Senate for 50 years. Every decision he has EVER made has been a SCREWUP. The whole Biden Administration should be put in the DC Jail FOR LIFE, for their CRIMES against America! I am an American Patriot. I stand for the Flag and Constitution. It is our God given right to Fight for our Country. Our Police Officers And MILITARY fight for us everyday. I will not GIVE IN TO the Biden Administrations EVIL! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  16. Wow. I am impressed by the frank, honest reactions to the worst “president” and “vice President” in the history of our country. Lies, incompetence, pure stupidity, dictator mentality, absolute disregard for the citizens of America and the freedoms we have fought for and earned since 1776…in the agenda of the new socialistic left wing fanatics. I am sick of all the “dictatorship” and unAmerican actions of the mentally challenged “president” and his minions. I’ve seen the hateful attitude toward previous leaders, who actually achieved presidential goals, for the people of the United States, which has become more obvious with each passing day. Now, filled with more complete lies and the stupidest decisions I’ve ever seen, all because the fool biden hates president Trump, and his accomplishments. Failure after failure, lie after lie, the current administration is an utter embarrassing stain on the world stage with each passing day…as it falls into the dark depths of communism, denial and hateful ideas towards actual citizens who will not obey and comply with the new dictatorship of the leftists bent on bring our country down to the depths of a “third world country.”

  17. This must stop. How long can we keep talking and not acting ? Protesting and marching would be a place to start, If we just sit back and let this continue it will be to late. Where is our leadership?

    1. Well said! Americans today just don’t seem to have the will or blood of their ancestors, who fought and died for freedom. Where’s the 73+ million Americans who voted for freedom of religion, morals, real education for children, not the present brainwashing children against our country, religion, family unit, police, CRT, immoral lies about sex, our flag, etc. etc. Also, for the rights for born females, not born men to play in born women’s sports, etc. Can’t people see that these new Marxist government are even trying to destroy the facts of science and morals, besides our history, heritage, culture, etc.

  18. Bravo to all the well written thoughts prior to mine. It just shows that America is under some destress and we have to reverse the path of Biden and his minions. It is all about voting for the sake of America and not letting evil ideas take over our future. It takes money now to get the correct message out to voters. That’s only a start though… we have to ensure we get stronger leadership elected .. obviously people need to be replaced at many levels in many capitals around our country. If we don’t get it done in 2022…we may not get another chance. The sooner we stop Biden and his cohorts..the better. Call the good Conservatives in your home states and let’s get this ball rolling…only nine months into this administration and we are way under water…we need to get things changed now. Please call or write your Congress people and your Senators .. let them know it is time to get Biden and Pelosi and Harris and the Squad out and to the curb.

  19. My memory may be bad, but I thought that any criminal illegal alien who has entered the USA is not supposed to receive any housing, welfare, food stamps, healthcare, education. All of this illegality is by design to overwhelm the systems, and break the bank.

  20. The trouble is, many American today don’t wants handouts and government freebees. Many of the young Americans wants Socialism/Marxism, not even knowing the history of and what Socialism/Marxism really is. And now the Biden Administration and school boards are even allowing a self admitted Marxist organization and domestic terrorist, BLM, to supply many schools with Marxist education materials and Biden has even allowed the Marxist BLM flag/banners to be flown at U.S. Embassies and U.S. Consulates world wide. And the second big problem is, many Americans just cannot believe our Constitutional Republic can fall. But, we’ve never had all three branches of government in control wanting to destroy our Constitutional Republic, to no longer be a sovereign nation, destroying our national security by filling our Republic with millions of illegal aliens from all over the world not even knowing who or what they really are, how many are terrorist. Look at the Afghan aliens brought to America and put on U.S. military bases, many weren’t even employed to help the U.S. military and fought with American troops? How many of these large numbers of Afghan aliens, mostly Afghan men are really Taliban, Al Qaeda or even ISIS? And to control the American peoples lives. Wake up America or loose all freedoms.

  21. It’s also a major National Security threat, having thousands of illegal aliens housed on U.S. military bases and illegal for illegal aliens to be flown or bused illegal to U.S. cities in the dead of night and released in U.S. cities, how many of these illegals has COVID-19 and/or other dangerous third world diseases, are terrorist, hardcore criminals, etc., the government has no idea at all.

    How many innocent Americans will be murdered or disabled by illegal alien criminals and Islamic terrorist (which more than likely will happen) or American children will die from dangerous drugs, it’s already happening. Why does the Biden Administration and Pelosi’s controlled members of Congress look the other way when tons of dangerous drugs are coming across the border and looks the other way while young children are being brought across the border to become child prostitutes in U.S. cities……Why? Many has a good idea. Maybe gifts possibly from the Cartel, is also how Communist China became allied with the new U.S. government Administration and several California members of Congress?????

    And now Biden has even made it even easier for illegal aliens to enter the U.S., many from around the world are headed for the U.S. Whose going to pay to feed them, house them, get them healthcare, etc.? Guess, Biden will cut Medicare benefits for Americans, veteran benefits (Harris has been mentioning it, higher taxes to continue to support illegal aliens, plus housing illegal alien criminals care in jails and prisons, etc.

  22. I don’t support the leftist. Biden is putting a ruin to America. Got to put a stop to his insanity . He needs to be helping the Americans that pay taxes. Need to put a stop of leaving illegals into our country and secure the borders. He is trying to break the bank of support of immagrants. Housing, healthcare, food stamp, welfare and education.God Help the American people!

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