Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Saved Millions, Produced COVID Vaccines at Record-Setting Pace

Experts predicted that more than 2 million Americans would die from the coronavirus. Under any other president, that figure might be a low estimate. But President Donald Trump took this plague seriously from the start, he made quick, decisive steps that saved millions of lives. He has the distinction of being at the helm

“In the past nine months, my administration has initiated the single greatest mobilization in U.S. history — pioneering, developing, and manufacturing therapies and vaccines in record time. Numbers like nobody has seen before,” President Trump reportedly said as a pair of vaccines are headed for FDA approval. “No medical breakthrough of this scope and magnitude has ever been achieved this rapidly, this quickly. Operation Warp Speed is unequaled and unrivaled anywhere in the world, and leaders of other countries have called me to congratulate us on what we’ve been able to do, and we’ve helped many countries with their ventilators and all of the problems they were having.”

The fake news media did everything in its power to make it appear as if the president and his team of top advisors did not have the pandemic under control. But the facts prove otherwise. In mid-November, less than 250,000 American deaths were attributed to COVID-19, which is approximately only 10 percent of those predicted.


The Trump Administration also worked at warp speed to replenish the mask and PPE stockpile shortage left by the Obama-Biden administration. The president used his powers under the Defense Production Act to prompt private-sector businesses to produce masks, protective gear, and hand sanitizers at a staggering pace under Operation Warp Speed.

But the lynchpin is the two vaccines that have cleared trials and are expected to be distributed before the year’s end. Pfizer and Moderna are prepared to send their different, but highly effective, vaccines to the FDA for expedited approval. Upwards of 20 million doses are being fast-tracked to deliver America “herd immunity.”

What the fake news media doesn’t want everyday people to know is that viable vaccines for this level of contagion have never before been created and distributed this quickly. These are some of the remarks made by establishment media outlets that were designed to create a sense of hopelessness.

  • In the history of medicine, rarely has a vaccine been developed in less than five years. Among the fastest to be developed was the current mumps vaccine, which was isolated from the throat washings of a child named Jeryl Lynn in 1963. ~ New York Times
  • Once upon a time, developing a new vaccine was a step-by-step process that went from concept, to design, to tests in humans, to regulatory approval, to manufacturing. It was a process that could take a decade or more. ~ NPR
  • Japanese biotech AnGes Inc expects its coronavirus vaccine to be ready as early as the first half of 2021, if it can overcome supply chain and production hurdles, the company’s founder said. ~ Reuters

The facts are that on President Trump’s watch, vaccines with proven success rates of 95 percent will have gone from infancy experiments to production and distribution in about 9 months.

Experts were right to predict that more than 2 million Americans would die from the disease if Biden and Obama were still in office. Under their “leadership,” 57 million Americans were infected by the Swine Flu in 2009. If it had been as deadly as COVID-19, more than 5 million would have lost their lives. The Obama-Biden lead-from-behind failures resulted in India and other countries — not the U.S. — developing the first vaccines.

The mainstream media will most certainly try to rewrite the history of the pandemic. But the true facts are that without President Trump’s leadership, millions would be dead, and we’d be no closer to eliminating a once in a generation plague.

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65 thoughts on “Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Saved Millions, Produced COVID Vaccines at Record-Setting Pace”

    1. OK guys are we tired of Winning!!! My President; the most successful in history, has done it again!! President Donald Trump has kept ALL his promises and that is why millions of Americans voted for him in 2020. This President won on Nov. 3rd 2020 and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!! This is why the Dems are losing their minds because they see how popular the President is. We will never know the true number of voters that turned out for him; I believe it could be as high as 80 million or so even more would not surprise me.
      “We the People” have the right to vote for who WE choose to represent us on the World Stage and as sure as I’m sitting here typing this message. IT WAS NOT JOE BIDEN!!!!!
      They cannot shove Mr. Biden down our throats we will NOT STAND FOR IT. PERIOD,,,

      1. I’m so glad u responded, I think President Trump was the most productive one we have had in a long long time. I think most of the American people understand who made this vaccine available to us, even though the press thinks by ignoring it we won’t know about it. I wonder how many of us no longer pay any attention to it anymore. In the one paper I take one of the weekly contributors (Eugene Robinson) used to have a very interest column every week until he decided it was better to just bash Pres Trump. After Trump lost the election I thought well they will start writing about other interesting things, BUT nope just the same old junk about what a horrid bad president he was. Guess their hatred will never stop til Pres Trump is out of the white house. Wonder how many Americans feel the same way I do?

        1. More than enough to show President Trump won the election. We only get to see the rigged election results. False ballots and the voting machine software is the only thing that will get Biden/Harris elected.

          1. So thankful to say WE’RE WINNING SO MUCH MR. PRESIDENT. We know POTUS TRUMP had a landslide win despite Biden’s wishful thinking rigged election. POTUS did mobilize at warp speed to get the vaccine, ventilators, mobile ship hospitals to east & west coasts, ppe and more. What could have caused many more to die was averted by this president’s management skill that no other could or would have been able to manage in same time frame. History is testimony to it.

      2. It wasn’t Obama either – it was dominion voting systems & Smartmatic software then transferring the data to Sictyl in Germany whom manipulated data in real time. That is why Wisconsin had more votes than those registered robot bc Michigan and Wisconsin are in same time zone and to keep the MSM voting tallies updated, they made a mistake by adding too many votes in Wisconsin while handling Michigan at the same time – plausible. With the servers in Germany supposedly in the hands of the US military, these timelines will be reconstructed and evaluated. Gitmo Will soon be over populated with inmates.

      3. Very well put. I must agree 150%. Biden, Obama had no control of the pandemic they encountered and here we sit with Trump taking control of this situation. He has come through with his promises and has clearly been the winner of this 2020 election.
        Piglosi and her dems. set him up for failure in the election with this b.s. mail in voting scheme. I knew from the beginning that it was their plan to stack the deck against him
        With in person voting and absentee voting as normal, it would have been a landslide.
        Maybe the dems are trying to bankrupt him as he spends his fortune proving this to be true.

      4. The #1 enemy within U.S.A. is a dem’s support for bo, hilary treasonous 12 years & now biden with his marxist, Islamic terrorist cronies to create their totalitarian dictator regime ! The #1 fix for a dem dictator invasion to destroy U.S. Freedom is to eliminate the far left ! Proof of the dem’s wannabe dictators is their support for antifa, blm, lslam terrorism that is another type nazi, SS, gestapo murdering gang of low life stench created in bo’s 8 years !

        1. Don’t give up yet God is still the one who has the final say in all things. The corruption that is and has been in the Democrats for a long time will come under full judgement . I has ve the feeling that Biden and all that they are claiming will come under the watchful eye of God and they will never serve , unless it is within God’s time table to say enough of this rebellion and take real action in all of Satan’s activity with in the government

      5. I totally agree with your comment Kathleen. President Trump absolutely won re-election.
        My understanding is that Joe Biden statistically underperformed Hillary Clinton in all states except for the designated areas in the battleground states, so no way he defeated Donald Trump. Also, there is no way Biden got more of the black votes than Obama. It was a deliberate and organized plan to steal the election from Donald Trump.

    2. President Trump did everything from the beginning that he could do any did it right. The media wants people to believe that President Trump didn’t do anything also the Democrat leadership lie to the American people time and time again. President Trump took action from the start and he hasn’t let up that he won’t not until that vaccine is out there. The media along with Democrat leadership have been lying to the American people time and time again and what they say is you tell the same lie five times two people and it starts to sink into them that the LIE is the truth. This is what the Democrat leadership has done to American people. Open your eyes throw away your hate your prejudice open your eyes look at facts look at truth.

    3. They will just block it. They are currently blocking Sidney Powell’s website since she just filed a massive lawsuit in Georgia challenging the election. They also blocked all mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Social media is no friend to America. We should boycott them all.

    1. Oh, Slo-Mo Joe would have done exactly the same thing, but better, cuz He would have done it. (Remember, Biden is a pathological liar serial plagiarist, not to mention a molester of women)

      1. Typical dictator; promise all give nothing & steal all for their own greed ! Socialism the 1st step to a totalitarian dictator regime in hell ! Only suck ass cronies have anything until the tyranny kills them like hitler did to his generals 1938 ’cause they knew too much about him ! Hellywood asses & libtards beware of your created demise if dems take over as dictators !

  1. President Trump should be congratulated. These radical Democrates just don’t want to admit that he has done something positive for the American people.

  2. Myself, I think China is responsible for Germ – Warfare and should counter the World with a vaccine and pay the people infected plus compensate for any loss of life.
    Pitiful Joe has met with China and Labs on the subject there and might have bought in on
    bad business conspiracy. Would be a Big Profit. We’ll have to see how it works out.
    Uncle Albert

      1. All dems are now the enemy after supporting bo, hilary treason for 12 years and now brain dead biden with all his asinine dem cronies like the slimy squid 4 stench of stupidity !

  3. Why the f… are these people busting their ass to produce a vaccine for a virus with a better than 99% survival rate?
    This is B/S. I’m not taking any vaccine.

        1. That too is a dem conspiracy that cannot be ignored especially after china and dem’s created the germ warfare in a china lab illegally funded with$’s by bo in 2016 !

  4. Trump deserves credit. Even if the fake media will not acknowledge this. We will make our own decisions whether or not to be vaccinated

  5. We will have to be more proactive under Biden in the resistance to his draconian rules!! Including lockdowns. He can put us ALL in jail!!

    1. Totally agree with your comments. We the people need to be as proactive as the BLM and ANTIFA terrorist are. Whoppi was on TV crying how we have to be civil, but it has been four years of harassment and bitter lies. The entertainers have provided millions of dollars for the slut Clinton’s resistance and the destruction of the cities in the name of being civil. Don’t depend of the republican congress to help in anyway. They are a bunch of cowards and sheep. Since we are heading for a dictatorship government who needs the republicans. If we don’t fight back as hard as they have been fighting, we will just be a bunch of slaves to the left wing dictators. Good luch.

  6. The bleeding heart liberal mews media will never give trump credit for the vaccine. Hell They won,t even report the truth about the MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD that took can Trump be up by 800,000 votes on election eve then loose the election.You do the math
    I will never call joe bafoon my president. dumbacrats have ruined yhis great nation. We are getting close to becoming a banana republic SHAME SHAME SHAME

  7. And who care about that damned liberal medias, NO BODY

    ???CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen???

    1. Watch the news on either Newsmax of One America News They both just report and aren’t very big on handing out opionons

  8. And who care about that damned liberal medias, NO BODY

    CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen

  9. President Trump is a president that loves this country unlike his predesesor who wants to re-make it (destroy) He actually works for us in light speed and politicians (lifers) pander to us talking smooth and smart but no results, and of course they are leaving office multi millionaires, (money under the table,,,dark money) look at Obama if you can,, corrupt as they come like the democommie party, I hate this BS that the media pushes on us , the rinos the corrupt governors , the terrorist parties like BLM, black panthers, Antifa and of course the democommies,,if Trump would have gotten elected that crap would be cleaned up, he took care of the cartel 13 & illegal immigrants, be ready to go into a recesion or worse when the demos open the flood gates,,lets start a recall on biden and harris and polosi, schummer

  10. It’s so nice to hear something positive about President Trump. Hopefully he will become our president in 2020 so we can continue to get things done.

  11. It looks like the “media” is the true ruler of this country. Although it’s closesly aligned with the democrats, I believe it’s the real power behind the throne.

    1. The major mass media is owned by 6 international corporations whose loyality is NOT to Red/White&Blue but rather to green at their bottom line

  12. Thanks to President, this vaccine has been manufactured, tested, and proven. No one else I know could have accomplished this fine quality product in such a short amount of time. BUT, as we all know about our President, when he says he is going to accomplish (or, in this case, get it accomplished!!), why then, he goes to work AND DOES IT!!! NO ONE in the US could have accomplished this feat accomli!!!

  13. Question: Why do we keep watching and paying attention to the MSM? I quit paying attention to them twenty years ago, and I’m better for it. I would most likely have died years ago from depression.

    Tell everyone who’ll listen to STOP WATCHING THE NEWS, and not only that, but inform them that you will also contact their sponsors of the same, and JUST DO IT (apologies for that commie slogan, but it works).

  14. When the vaccine is available, I would deny the vaccine to all of the media assholes, as well as Kamala Harris and all of the other dick heads who said before that they did not trust any vaccine from the Trump administration. Let all of those SONS OF BITCHES SUFFER. If they die we will have less scum on the planet.


  16. If we can break down the liberal media we can finally get the truth out to WE THE PEOPLE, stop your news paper, stop watching liberal tv shows,stop wacthing liberal holly wood actor shows enough with all this crap take back our USA now

  17. Our President did not have to take this job. He did so in order to pull our country out of the toilet after Obama put us into corruption and despair. Obama allowed so many bad things and bad people to come into our country and destroy it. Also he took advantage of his position and continued to give himself and all government officials raises? How many raises during his 8 years? More than he should have, as he did not deserve any! Not to mention he and his family taking air force one and going wherever they wanted whenever they wanted. Even if we were in crisis which happened how many times during his 8 years? He continued on with his trip, or game (golf or baseball) and did not put us or our country first. Not to mention Michelle taking taking the girls to Paris and where ever to go clothes shopping? REALLY? That was not right that we had to pay for that?? And of course Isis. I know Obama was in charge of them and bringing them over to our country as well. Now we have President Trump who comes in and has had to do so much clean up over a 8 year destruction. Its amazing what one man and his team can do for the well being of we the people and our country in just 4 short years. Honestly I do not know what it is that they hate so much about this man! Is it because he is Donald Trump? Is it his wealth? Or is it because he has worked so hard and succeeded in doing most all that he promised to do in such a short time? It is because he cared and he has worked 24/7 to help we the people and our country. And he did it all for FREE and never once asked for more money? He donated his checks to whatever charity or group that needed help. That alone says a lot, for what a loving and caring person he is. I do not understand how so many can be so blind to all the good he has done and instead they want to believe in fake news or the DemocRATS!! Can people not see that they started all this mess, all the chaos, rioting, antifa, BLM, and all the affliction between to the two parties? Instead they blame it ALL on our President when he has done nothing but try and clean up all this mess. The DemocRATS say NO LEAVE IT ALONE! They want this disruption this chaos! They want the divide between all of us. I would not be surprised if they had something to do with the person going over to China and bringing this covid-19 over here?? They have done everything in their power to make our President look unfit. Only we the true people know of ALL THE GOOD he has done for ALL of us and our country. As far as the election he won it all fair and square. The only reason ole Joe and Harris have higher counts is not because they won them by the people, they won them by the machines, the mail in ballots and by blocking the Republicans to be around to be sure that all counting was done fairly. How many people did NOT get to vote because they told them they had already done so, or because it showed that they were deceased? I know of several cases. Then I cant remember which state it was but the people working at the polling place that kept bring in the same people how many times to keep voting for ole Joe and or that helped them fill out their ballots? Yep this election was definitely STOLEN from our President and was NO WAY WON by ole Joe. Hopefully Amendment 12 will come in place and they will see that President Trump will continue to be President for 4 more years. He worked hard for it, he so deserves it. I cannot believe that he would even want to go another 4 more years knowing how badly he is going to be treated. Just goes to show you that he is a good man and he is putting us and our country before the crap he will go thru. And for Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Cortez. Omar, Hirono, Klobuchar and the list goes on to treat a president so badly is so despicable! And last but not least, being a pharmacy tech and knowing about drug manufacturing it can take 8 to 12 years to develop medication. Our President cared so deeply about our country and saving all the american lives that he worked hard and diligently with these companies to see that they could get this done ASAP to save lives. And yet they say he created all these deaths and did not care about our country or we the people. SHAME ON THEM. And for ole Joe to come in and try and take credit for this, them man is crazier than I thought. And now he wants to give away the first doses to other countries to try first? This man is double trouble. How fast people forget. They could not get rid of Obama fast enough and complained about all the damage that he did to our country and we the people. They swore they would not vote for another democrat and therefore we have our President Trump. I have news for them, Biden and Harris are going to be 2 times worse than Obama ever was. We the people and our country are going to loose everything. We are going to loose our rights and our freedom. Mark my word. And I can hear it now when all our tax’s and prices go up, when we cannot go to a doctor of our choice and maybe not even have a medical procedure done that we need.They want to take away our automobiles, our guns,and lord knows what else. We all better pray that they find all the falsified ballots, the bad machines, and that amendment 12 takes place and our President remains our President.

  18. Most everything has been said in the above messages. The one that really struck me was that Trump was up 800,000 votes when polls closed and he looses. This does not make sense. Something is fishy happening.


  20. Trump won the election but the Corrupt Dems have done their best to win by Fraud. It ain’t gonna work you morons. The court has already called foul on Pennsylvania. I live in GA and I can tell you, there is no way the Dems won GA. That may be their biggest lie yet.

  21. Get it straight: it was Trump’s strategic vision, Operation Warpspeed and it is Pfizer’s, Moderna, et al vaccines.

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