Tucker Carlson Says the US Government Stopped Him from Interviewing Putin

Tucker Carlson continues to offer up some of the most interesting content in the news world today. Since his firing at Fox News, he’s been traveling the globe and talking to fascinating people about stories we don’t otherwise get to hear about from our next-to-useless, hot sidewalk garbage that we call the “media” in America.

He’s also giving a lot more interviews to interesting outlets and individuals, where he shares many more of his personal opinions than he was allowed to on Fox. In an interview with a Swiss newspaper, Carlson just announced that the US government prevented him from interviewing Vladimir Putin.

The Swiss newspaper is called Die Weltwoche (“The World Week”) and the interview is simply titled, “They Are Afraid” – a reference to our cowardly media that never holds the powerful to account these days, but instead does the bidding of the powerful.

Now that his Fox News leash has been removed, Tucker is able to interview whoever he wants and say whatever he wants. It’s been hilarious and sometimes shocking. Earlier this month, he published an interview with Larry Sinclair, a man who has alleged for more than 20 years that he smoked crack and had gay sex with Barack Obama when he was an Illinois state senator.

Tucker was fiercely attacked for that interview, and most of the MSM that didn’t ignore the story claimed that he was attacking Obama. Tucker tells Die Weltwoche, “Since we’re so fanatically pro-gay, now, and everything gay is good, why is that bad? ‘Obama likes dudes.’ Why is that an attack on Obama?”


Interestingly, Elon Musk (Mr. Freedom of Speech) throttled that interview on Twitter to ensure that as few people as possible would see it. Tucker’s trailer for the Larry Sinclair interview actually had twice as many views as the interview itself. The elites really don’t want you to know that Barack Obama is an effete gay man, whose marriage to Michelle is a total sham.

Die Weltwoche asked Tucker why the American news media seems so willing to go along with corrupt government officials and their propaganda these days, rather than pushing back against it. That question was what prompted Tucker to announce what the US government just did over his planned interview with Putin.

“I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, and the US government stopped me,” said Carlson. “So, think about that for a minute. By the way, nobody defended me. I don’t think there was anybody in the news media who said, ‘Wait a second. I may not like this guy, but he has a right to interview anyone he wants, and we have a right to hear what Putin says.’ You’re not allowed to hear Putin’s voice. Because why? There was no vote on it.”

Why aren’t we allowed to hear what Vladimir Putin has to say about the war in Ukraine in particular, which is what this is really about? You know why. The Biden regime has been lying to the American people the whole time, about every aspect of the war. Biden blew up Germany’s Nord Stream pipeline and plunged Europe into a recession. It was Biden’s insistence that Ukraine be brought into NATO (which shouldn’t even exist anymore) that forced Putin to invade in the first place. I think it would be interesting to know what Putin thinks about this whole thing. Don’t you?

Here’s what’s incredibly scary about the Biden administration stopping Carlson from interviewing Putin. The only reason we now know this happened is because it happened to Carlson. He’s not afraid to air the dirty laundry by saying the US government prevented him from interviewing Vladimir Putin. If any other journalist was shut down by the State Department and prevented from interviewing someone, that journalist would never admit to it. They’d just lie about it or ignore it.

How many other stories does the US government simply shut down, and we never hear about it? I’m guessing it’s probably a lot. When can we see the Nashville transgender shooter’s manifesto? How about Jeffrey Epstein’s client list? Kind of makes you wonder.

The full interview with Tucker by the Swiss newspaper is very interesting, if you want to read it for yourself. He riffs on Joe Biden showering with his daughter, and offers indisputable proof that Joe Biden was running the family’s shady influence peddling operation while he was Obama’s vice president (Hunter was an idiot and was never in charge of anything.)

You can read the full interview HERE.

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32 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Says the US Government Stopped Him from Interviewing Putin”

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  2. Again promoting a scam employment oppurtunity after an article showing the length this
    Administration will go to validate this Puppet of a President .

  3. We do not have freedom of speech, religion, right to assemble or to defend ourselves according to the very corrupt Biden choke hold. We have two justice systems now, one for Biden and cronies and one for those who do not support Biden and is evil ways. The open border is the best reveal on Biden’s hate of the America our constitution created.

    1. Biden was always a very evil man and his son is a Minnie evil man. They both need in prison and soon ** Biden needs hanged for treason against the United States of America. He is an inposter in our white house , in on thousands of fraudulent ballots not our true elective President ** should be out for that but we have above the law people in our DOJ and FBI SO Biden want get put out for being an imposter in office ** we the people need better so hopefully we can vote them out in 2024

  4. Its a sad sickening day when a independent journalist can’t interview who he wants if the other party is willing. Whats happening to America is straight out of Karl marx playbook, and no one is saying a darn thing to stop it. Either folks are scared, or they just don’t care anymore. I think a little of both are to blame. At least Tucker isn’t scared to say so, the last of the last real fighters in this country who AINT afraid to speak his mind.

    1. I watched the entire interview with Lary Sinclair and found it be an affirmation of what I was commenting on on other venues and was for the most part called a variety of obscene names “How dare I soil the name of the New Messiah” and this and a hundred other situations that were at the tome condemned but later became TRUE…The “Russia Hoax” was the big one that few outlets and sides gave single sentence to and then…NEXT SUBJECT…”Trump Indicted” so you see the fix is in and going to get worse in the.

    1. Biden is the FACE of the Presidency…and at his irregular talks has a paid-for cheering section…he certainly vocalizes all the both correct and imaginary platitudes, and then cheering…that must be an inserted cheer or they are watching cards that say “Cheer or Clap Loudly…and so on” To quote Tucker carlson from the Larry Sinclair interview, the subject spoke in such specific terms, that whatever was left unsaid IS most likely TRUE. Yes, Barry Soetoro at Columbia was a “Foreign Student” that hung with the GAY-POT crowd and was OBSESSED with Islam. He is a fervent Muslim, while at the same time indicating before Presidential run he was “A devout Christian” changed his name to BHO after Grad…to honor Islam as a man of principle not afraid to speak, and yet fulfills Clint Eastwoods contention that Barak Obama “is the greatest HOAX ever perpetrated on the American people.”

      1. I will NOT get into the fact of Michael Levaughn Robinson is actually Michelle, as i have seen clips of Obama referring to “MY MICHAEL”…er…Michelle (The name is Hi-French feminine for MICHELLE.) I now leave the scene.

      1. And speaking of dogs ~~ Glad that Commander finally got “impeached” and removed!
        Now his loathsome owner NEEDS to be impeached and removed, too!!

  5. Yes the news media is crooked, ever since Joe Biden took office the hole `media circus is down playing for the white house.. They mucn all be democrats!. Tucker Carlson is the best at telling the truth.

  6. CNN and FOX news stations are big news outlets that are all one-sided, they tell the news like biden lieing is truth.! They lie on Trump all the time . But they run over anyone who says there bias. I Don’t watch the big news stations anymore. They lie worse than biden !!.

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  8. This should be a wake up call for ALL AMERICANS! Who do these people think they are? There no way they should be telling us what we can do or say! That not their place. Biden is out to destroy America for CHINA! And if you don’t believe that. Then you are a dam fools! Obama was put in the president seat (illegal) to keep blacks on the DEMOCRAT PLANTATION! Was told his job was to DIVIDE THE COUNTRY! That WHY TRUMP CHANGE PARTY! Put two and two together. All was done because DEMOCRAT needed BIDEN TO BE PRESIDENT! They force Obama to pick him! We didn’t hear much about Biden the whole 8 years of Obama (illegal) president! All due to him doing work with OUR ENEMIES AND FOREIGN LEADERS! Biden was already making plans with them. But you DIDN’T HEAR FROM ANY MEDIA OUTLET ABOUT IT! That because DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS kept it underwater! Today you see the truth is NEEDED TO BE TOLD! You can get on board with TRUMP IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH! There is NOT ONE CANDIDATE IN THE REPUBLICANS PARTY THAT WILL TELL YOU! How do I know that? Take a walk down memory lane! Back to 2008 and 2012! If you remember! BOTH REPUBLICANS RUNNING AS PRESIDENT CANDIDATE DID NOTHING TO FIGHT AGAINST OBAMA! They both were RINO! When along with what the GLOBALISM WANTED! And if you recall they ATTACK PALIN FOR TRYING TO WIN! BUT MCCAIN SHUT HER DOWN! Same thing happened in 2012, Romney could have won! But decide NOT TO UPSET THE GLOBALISM AND DEMOCRAT CONTROL OVER ALL POLITICIANS IN DC! Even Paul Ryan didn’t even debate Biden! That there should told you DEMOCRAT were putting in place to DESTROY AMERICA AND THE CONSTITUTION LAWS!

  9. You got a choice in life! You will now believe SOCIALISM IS HERE! No government has the power OVER THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA! That why these fools in Biden administration are in violation of the CONSTITUTION LAWS! They could care less what those HOUSE REPUBLICANS SAY OR DO! They got control of the DOJ AND FBI! They challenged any republican to try to remove them! Just like ADAMS SCHIFF was removed from the committee board , but it didn’t stop him from making UP LIES ABOUT TRUMP! OR FROM SPREADING LIES TO REMOVED TRUMP FROM 2024 ELECTION! Big mistakes was HOUSE REPUBLICANS DID NOT KICK HIM OUT! And Arrested him for lying to Congress! Didn’t they all RAISE THEIR RIGHT ON THE BIBLE TO TELL THE TRUTH? So where was the HONOR??? Any politicians lying should be kick out forever from holding office of the government!

    1. Republicans put their right hand on the Bible, democrats (socialists/communists) put their hand on Das Kapital, Karl Marx’s “bible”.

    1. I think ALL of those Republican candidates running for president should be ashamed of themselves!!!!! They missed a BIG opportunity to stand united and endorse TRUMP. That would have sent a HUGE MESSAGE to the democrats and around the world that BIDEN IS AN ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!!!!!! It is time for the Republican party to stand together or they will cease to exist!!!! I think it is appalling for Halley to be standing on that stage after she voted to impeach Trump and for Christie with his vulgar rhetoric all because Trump didn’t appoint him AG which he would have been appointed had it not been for Kushner’s resentment because Christy prosecuted his father and sent him to jail. As far as Pence goes ???? You know when Trump named him as his pick for VP I wrote to him that Pence would be his WATERLOO…I guess that answers it!!!

      1. Pence was a loyal Vice President…my opinion now is that running for President is futile for lack of a better comparison, he has a bit too much starch in both his collar and underwear.

  10. U & Wy— 100% Correct But Not B-den Running Anything, Nor Cackler Word Salad. Pimps, Pervs, Hypocrites, Liars, Frauds, Phonies & Fakes Those “Fundamentally Trans-Forming America” & Same Enemies Doing It All, In Same “Admin” That Was “In” then n 2008 & 2012. Now, SOS. Using Demented Weekend At @Bernies Reject, The 1 2 Dead 2 Fake it, Proxy. Ka-ala? Guess Couldn’t Find Any1 Else They Knew They Could Control. Obumr Absolutely 1 Running Our Country in2 Ground & They’ve Directed 50-70 Million Imports, Invited IN 2 Literally Replace Us, Eliminate White & Control & Breed Because Whites R Not Breeding Like Any Other Race. It’s Also Y They R Not Importing Asians As Much. They’re More Careful About Having Children They Can’t Afford. Others Couldn’t Care Less Because Let’s Face It, it’s America “Paying 4 All Their Kids” & Themselves, While They All Take A 2 Z 4 Free From Us Then WORK JOBS Our Gov & Contracts & Biz Loans Give & BTW Then Work Under Table As Much As They Can! Been Doing Since @Least 2008. Now a lot’s Coming Out About Bush Fam & How They Were R Rino’s & They Also Imported Those 2 Add Cheap Labor Along w/People They Could Control, Make Dependent 4 that Control & What Most People Don’t Realize is Rino’s Never Were R’s & Been Running as R’s & C’s Just 2 Get Elected. Take Seats & Work Their Demonrat Agenda. So Much People Have Not Put 2gether, But I Truly C it’s those who R Not Paying Their Own Bills, Their Own Way Who R, Demonrats. Well, 2 Kinds, Those who Sit Back & Wait 4 “Government” 2 Pay Them, 4 Their Support, So Quid Pro Quo’s, Their Rent, Food, Health Care, Education, Transportation, Utilities, Cell Phones Paid 4 Their Reciprocal SUPPORT & Then the Demonrats Who R Receivers of That Support, Along w/that, They R Able 2 Continue Pimping Pandering & Stealing Millions 4 More Mansions & Their Never Ending Careers N Selling Out America. So Much Over Past 15+ Yrs Is Crystal Clear Yet Those Who R Blind? Not Blind, Dumb & Greedy, Selfish & Stupid. Both Sides. BTW Haven’t People Realized Who They’ve Been “Importing” 4 Our Complete “Transformations” Yet? They R Not White, They R Blacks & Browns & the Legal & Lawful “Americans of Black & Brown” Should Be As Pissed as We R, because Those Illegals R Not Here 2 Support Or Assimilate In2 OUR Country, They R Here 2 Invade It & Get Paid 4 IT & Go On 2 Commit More of Same Crimes They Did In Their Own Countries. They Ditch Their Passports & ID’S @Border, They Sell Properties, Homes, Businesses, Yes Many Have 2 Fly Frm Africa, Asia, India, All Over the World 2 Come Here, 4 Free Life. Same W/South Americans & Islands. These Invaders have Flown & Paid 4 that, Over Many Countries 2 Arrive Here.

  11. Not surprised at all. This resentment towards Russia has been ongoing for centuries! Russia was invaded by the British, French, Poles, Germans, Turks, Mongols, Swedes and the list goes on and on; but, still Russia stand AND THAT INFURIATES THEM ALL. The US seems hell bent on destroying Russia and is hoping to praise itself by doing what all others failed to do and proclaim MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! Unfortunately, at some point they will have to retreat with their tail between their legs!!!! The US along with Britain and France cannot admit that Russia defeated Hitler and the Nazi’s and suffered the losses of 23M and was preparing to to do the same in Japan which had decided to surrender rather than do battle with the Red Army. The US knowing this and needing to save face for it’s anemic response to the war DROPPED THE DREADED BOMB so they could declare victory. Then, they went on along with Britain and France to rewrite history that THEY won the war and the Red Army was the villain now!!! tHE INK WASN’T EVEN DRY ON THE SURRENDER WHEN CHURCHILL PROCLAIMED A COLD WAR!!!! Even, JFK who I was not fond of was asked about WWII admitted that Russia won it. And, that led to the indoctrination and disinformation campaign of our youth; CRT!!!! It was drilled into our heads through our schools that Russia as our enemy and was coming for us!!!! Well, folks we are reaping what we sowed AND THAT INCLUDES WESTERN EUROPE!!!!!! We are being invaded on all fronts and it is NOT FROM RUSSIA!!!!

  12. Ok, so back to Tucker and him being silenced because he wants to interview Putin is something every red blood American should stand up against and demand immediate impeachments, put under intense interrogation with very long jail terms.
    It’s WAY past time that Americans get out in your towns, city’s, and raise HELL for this blatant cover up. So far all we do is read these horrific atrocities daily, but don’t come together as Americans with the biggest uprise to defend our freedom. How long are we all going to wait, until all our freedoms are completely gone?!?! If we continue to allow this to happen, continue to keep sticking our heads in the ground like an ostrich, keep pulling the covers over our heads then we’ve lost everything our country stands for. Aren’t we ready to make some REAL noise like the BLM thugs did to protect our Nation our freedoms? Does anyone care what this means for the children growing up today or the ones yet to be born?
    This atrocity directed towards Tucker Carlson and so many others trying to work endless hours so the truth can be told, they are all of our voices.
    Here’s my question: why were people like Barbara Walters and other high powered reporters able to interview communist dictator like Fidel Castro, Gorbachev in Russia, (I’m not 100% sure she interviewed him) but Castro was a definite interview and she ended up really liking this mad murderer!! She was employed with the media, Tucker isn’t at this time, no one has the right to silence him.
    Now is the time to raise up and tell these communists/dictators running our country…
    NO MORE!!!!!!

  13. Okay, I have a question that’s not been addressed so far: the two Obama daughters: adopted, or is Michelle really a ‘Michelle’?

  14. Patriots shouldn’t despair, you will be rescued from the depths of ruin that has been planned for you. Those responsible for the downfall will pay the price.

  15. The real reason they don’t want this buttplugger interviewed is because it will connect 2 simple dots. Obama is a fa99ot and “Michelle” has a cock.

  16. Will “never” forget when Joan Rivers said that “everybody knows that Michelle is a “tranni, before Joan went in for plastic surgery. Supposedly “somebody else” was in the room & Joan never made it out of there alive. I (age 75) asked my 45 yr. old daughter “what’s a tranni”? & she was SHOCKED that I asked! “where did you hear this Mom”? I told her & got an explanation. UGH! So I “figured out” where Obama was coming from .So much for “gay” rights, the W.H. encased in RAINBOW LIGHTS!. 2 whacko’s in the W.H. “pushing” their agenda. It’s now 2023 & “look” where THIS has got us! Transgender mutiilation of children, CRT in schools, Drag Queens indoctrinating our children in libraries, books that are SEX GRAPHIC & “teaching” K-3 anal sex? She’s got a Masters in Library Science, works in a school for “health benefits” , ONLY, & insists the “you can’t ban books”. We rarely “talk” since “it” would be a VOLCANO! “WE” tread on “common ground” since I am Conservative. “WE” don’t go there, since “she” KNOWS “THAT MOM’s RIGHT”! Another “way” to split families. Thanks a lot “JOE BIDEN”!

  17. Hi George, So very sorry that your daughter is so politically and spiritually lost.
    Does she have children? If so, prayerfully, she doesn’t indoctrinate them with all that evil woke insanity. I sure miss our sane lane schooling era when academia taught reading, writing (cursive), and ‘rithmatic and NOT reading, writing, ‘rithmatic, and Rated R or X!! Have to wonder how many children nationwide are being permanently destroyed by the Soros / Byedone party ideologies agenda?! Thousands, millions, billions?!

    Regarding anti-book banning laws, one of them is the Caliweirdo mutant “Gov” Gavel Nuisance who recently made it a crime to ban certain books e.g. the porn books being shoved in the faces of our babies nationwide!!


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