Tulsi Gabbard Infuriates Her Own Party & Sets Up Her 2024 Run for President

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) seems to be the only elected Democrat anywhere in America who actually understands that populism can cut both ways. There’s a huge swath of voters out there who don’t live and breathe politics like some of us. And if you can appeal to their wishes, promise to make their lives better and fight for them, those people will turn out to vote for you in large numbers. Donald Trump proved this in 2016 and 2020, and it looks like Gabbard is now positioning herself as a populist leader for the 2024 race.

Rep. Gabbard has now introduced a bill that is doomed to fail in a Nancy Pelosi-controlled House of Representatives. It’s called the “Protect Women’s Sports Act” and it’s written to clarify the protections of women and girls under Title IX when it comes to sports. If passed into law, it would mean that big, burly transgender men can no longer beat your daughter up on the soccer field to win all of her trophies.

“Title IX was a historic provision… to provide equal opportunities for women and girls in high school and college sports,” says Gabbard. “It led to a generational shift that impacted countless women, creating life-changing opportunities for girls and women that never existed before.”

Gabbard’s bill is very straightforward. If a school district refuses to protect its girls’ sports teams from hulking transgender dudes, that district no longer receives any federal funds under Title IX. It’s hard to imagine any parent, regardless of political party, who would object to this bill. But it has many establishment Democrats and SJWs on Twitter infuriated.

While pretending that he has secured the presidency, Joe Biden has stated that on “Day One” in office, he will make trans-mania the law of the land. Transgender dudes will be showering and peeing in junior high girls’ locker rooms and roughing girls up on basketball courts everywhere due to a Joe Biden executive order.


You might be thinking, “Hey, wait a second! Joe Biden never mentioned this on the campaign trail!” And you’d be right. That’s because, much like gun control, allowing brawny insane guys to beat up the ladies and then shower with them is not actually a “popular” position with something like 80% of the people. Most people recognize Joe Biden’s suddenly-discovered position as insane.

As if that wasn’t enough, this bill follows on the heels of another bill that Gabbard sponsored and introduced about a week ago: An amendment to the 2002 Born Alive Infant Protection Act. While abortion doctors are already obligated to try to save a baby’s life during a botched abortion, there’s no penalty under the original law if they fail to do so. Gabbard’s bill would correct this by making it a federal felony to not resuscitate or care for a born-alive baby.

That bill also drew howls of derision and fury from the Democrat Party. SJWs on Twitter are calling for Tulsi Gabbard to be kicked out of the Democrat Party entirely, and preferably out of the Congress as well.

I haven’t seen people this angry with a politician since 2016, when Donald Trump said we needed to limit our immigration numbers and stand up to China. Oh… right…

See what Tulsi Gabbard is doing there?

If you do stuff as a politician that people actually support, people will vote for you. Tulsi Gabbard is setting herself up as the populist socialist candidate for 2024, but without all of the insane SJW baggage of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris.

Gabbard recognizes the fact that no sane person actually supports allowing beefcake dudes to give girls a black eye on the basketball court and then hop in the shower with them. She also recognizes that the “make the baby comfortable” wing of the Democrat Party, embodied by people like Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, is so evil that it’s driving people away from the Democrats in droves.

It’s hard to find anything to object to in either of those Tulsi Gabbard bills, even as a conservative. Because these are popular positions. Gabbard has a lot of baggage that will eventually prevent her from winning the White House, if the media ever shines a spotlight on her past. But don’t let anyone try to tell you that she’s not smart. She’s trying to peel off voters from both parties, which is a strategy that actually works.

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79 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard Infuriates Her Own Party & Sets Up Her 2024 Run for President”

    1. Hope you get other Democrats to wise up. Or maybe, you can start a positive movement by switching political parties. You seem to have more in common with Trump.

      1. I agree with you. I thought that same thing when she was running in the primary last year! The Democrat party doesn’t appreciate her because she isn’t a “yes” woman, which is their loss! They want someone who will obey their orders, like Harris, who always agrees to anything to get where she wants to go! Tulsi is the only one out of that huge group of contenders that I would ever even consider voting for!

      2. After the way the republicans stabbed Trump in the back and Tulsi was stabbed by her party, I’d say it’s time to start a new party made up of right of center republicans and democrats. There is no real democrat party anymore and the big talk the RINOs do about supporting conservatism is all worthless hot air.

        1. This idea is worthy of some thought. I personally am about done with politics after being treated so poorly in this election and by Obamacare.

        2. Except Tulsi isn’t conservative at all and Trump isn’t either although both have some conservative positions . She’s a left left leaning populist and he’s a right leaning populist. Populism is the wave of the near future. A conservative Republican will not be elected president if being “conservative” means endorsing open borders, unfettered free trade and fighting wars that we shouldn’t be involved in. All were very damaging to the lower and middle classes. That is neo-conservativism that Romney,Bill Kristol George Will etc. love. No thanks.We’ve been there and done that.


      4. I agree with Mark, this far out stuff has got to stop and I hope she’s the one to do it. Maybe if we conservatives and get her to switch parties we’d finally get another fighter.

      5. Would you be ready to fight before Biden is in office?come out tell the truths against ALL THE demarcation delusions and even whistleblower on the parties who are planning on stuffing Biden in a basement and change our country into a
        Near third world country?? Something our soldiers have been fighting for for many generations, to protect our lands from terror…
        Biden Harris is terror!!!’

        1. We can’t wait for Joey Bidumbass to become president. He’s promised all of us faggots blowjobs. Yayyyy for Joey!!!

    2. Look what we found here a democrat with brains and common sense. Maybe we can clone her, we need more of that in our gov’t.

    3. Biden DID mention that while campaigning. He told the campaign representative that has a transgender 8 year old – yes 8 – who asked what he would do to help her/him that he would definitely give her all her rights. What rights??? How does someone have rights given to them just because they think they do not have a penis? Crazy that the left is all in for taking away the rights – Title IX- the past generation fought so hard to secure. Mind boggling. The left also strongly supports PP which was started by racist white women to control/kill the black population, Most pp clinics are in minority areas and blacks have the highest percentage of abortions so, yes, it is still a eugenics project.

    4. If I had to pick one Democrat to have ANY faith in, it would be Tulsi. And . . . . . . I don’t have ANY faith in most all of them.

      1. To JoAnn Grover: Just because she makes sense on what this article says; what about all the other important issues that must be looked at? We can’t elect her as president just because she makes sense on this one thing. I say, watch ALL Lie-beral DEMONocrats very closely.

  1. She should just walk away from the DemoncRats Party. As independent she would lack the financial support to fund a Political run. She will be a perfect candidate for a VP run as a Republican.and everyone must realize that to run as otger than a DemoncRats party is a political suicide. For the majority of islanders are brainwashed, worst than Californians or Chicagoans for tgat matter. I know… I used to reside in those places. If you run for any office and declare yourself otger tgan a DemocRats it is akin to a political suicide, ???

    1. I have always been interested in Gabbard even though I am an Independent/Republican. If there were mre like her in the Demo Party this country might not be so divided.

    1. If you want to buck your party or change parties, you’re not going to be elected to the presidency without a track record of achievement. That means not only being right on the issues but being the kind of colleague who can persuade others to the just and popular causes you advocate. My advice to Gabbard, forget about running for president for now. Instead, join the party whose platform you most identify with and work with colleagues to shape and implement it. John McCain was an iconoclast who often bucked his party. But it took years of courageous decisions and alliances with senators like Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman for him to get the kind of respect that led to his party’s presidential nomination. Of course, with the economy going to hell during the final days of the Bush 43 administration, there is no way ANY Republican could have won in 2008.

  2. Tulsi Gabbard would make a better VP then Kamel Toe Harris. The liberal dems don’t like her and wishes her gone because Gabbard is HONEST something the liberals know nothing about. Hope she leaves the wacko party and teams up with conservatives.

  3. 2 + 2 CAN equal 5..otherwise you are Ray-Ciss

    boys can “become” girls if they really Really want to

    a candidate can legit win an election by stealing votes

  4. Tulsi Gabbard would be the only Democrat I would of voted for. Hawaii has a damn good Congresswoman. She is also an American veteran which is more than a lot of those losers in Congress now.

  5. My daughter and I both felt that if she had won the nomination we might have voted for her.
    The only drawback for me was her stance on abortion. If she would stand up for the unborn, I would vote for her.

    1. did you read the article? she is also trying to pass an abortion bill that would make it a felony to not render aid to a baby that was born alive through a botched abortion. I will dance when roe vs. wade is repealed. that was the worst thing the Supreme Court ever did. I hope those on it answer for their actions in the after-life.

      1. ROE versus Wade was a patently unconstitutional power grab by the judiciary. abortion is not an enumerated power or a constitutional right. thus, that matter should have been left to the states. demoncrats always use the judiciary to get around the will of the voters. they are despicable nazi people.

  6. Tulsi is 100 percent correct she has a good view of these bills and not a crazy liberal like the idiots in Washington plus a beautiful lady not like that monkey looking camel-toe Harris

  7. Tulsi Gabbard and Joe Manchin are probably the only two Democrats on Capitol Hill who possess even a modest manifestation of common sense! Listening to them leads a serious thinker to the idea that both would make ideal moderate Republicans! When I have anything that may be considered derogatory about Democrats, it should be understood that I do NOT include these two individuals for any verbal abuse on my part.

  8. Tulsi is still a democrat, but I agree, has more common sense than most. She actually seems normal compared to that freak, Mazie Hirono.

  9. A True Patriot ! Why try to Convert a Leopard that refuses to change it’s spots into a Transparent Reality ? I’m Sure Republicans with “Like Minds” (Most all) would welcome Tulsi Gabbard Aboard To strengthen the Party ! Stop Preaching to Ears that Refuse to Listen !

  10. Please keep up the good work. You have a tough road ahead of you but I think you can and should prevail. You are one of the few that may actually bring unity back to the U.S.A.

  11. If Tulsi had been the Democrat candidate during this election cycle, I would have worried a lot sooner. While still a Democrat, she is more moderate than the others in the primary race and even has a lot to be admired…for a Democrat. lol

  12. what’s with all the “executive order” stuff?? doesn’t the process for enacting law exist anymore? are we now a dictatorship? a monarchy? an oligarchy? since when in any political division (ie: city, state, nation) does one person’s word suddenly become law??

    1. To Tom Robillard: I believe it was obomma who really started throwing around ‘executive orders’. He said it was “because it takes Congress too long to pass a law”. Now all governors and mayors are on the ‘executive orders’ bandwagon and using it to arbitrarily control us by closing businesses and locking down certain individuals under the guise of “public health reasons” ! The executive order is just a tool they’re using to see how far they can go to push us around. And the sheeple comply.

  13. The Republicans gave this Election to the Democrats! After 50 years of voting for Independent (1st) Republicans (2nd) I will never vote for another Republican! This Election was the ULTIMATE Betrayal and the Last time the Republicans will Stab THIS voter in the Back! Give the Democrats the Senate and House ALSO! I will be voting for the Democrats that want to Throw the OLD Establishment CROOKS (Republican and Democrat) OUT!

  14. I agree with everyone above! Tulsi would be a great Republican why waste that energy being a Democrat, timing is important. Biden will ruin all the work Trump accomplished ,,,what a shame!

  15. Does anyone remember the story about an old woman who found a snake out in the cold nearly frozen and brought it into her house? When the snake got warm it struck her and as she was dying she ask the snake why it would do that. The snake answered, because I’m a snake. That’s how I feel about any socialist who talks about or changes their party. Well you be the fool that brings the snake into your house?

  16. i agree her and manchin seem like the only democrats worth voting for as for giving the entire govt to democrats which will probably by stealing the ga senate race think how happy all those people who voted them when they look in their bank and ira accounts when they find out all their money was stolen by the govt they voted for

  17. I am glad that Ms. Gabbard has sponsored these two common sense bills. I am appalled that the Demonrat party (that I once believed in) would be so anti-American. I am convinced that all of congress needs to be fired. We need to eliminate all lucrative Political Careers, taxpayer paid pensions and lifetime political appointments. Our country is in such disarray because both parties have sold us out to foreign interests. Trump was on the right path, but he is too much of a real estate whore (by merchandising everything–a cue he learned from the Clintons when they were selling the flags flown at the White House). We need America to return to the patriotic roots and the Christian morals that once made our country the greatest place on Earth. GOD bless America.

  18. YES, and the snake is coming to the white house. That snake won’t last long but there is another one coming right behind the first one. Lord, please let our country survive the next 4 years.

  19. Dear Tulsi Gabbard, maybe it is time for you to leave the Socialist dominated Democratic party and join the party of Lincoln ” The Grand old Party ” as Reagan did a populist President!

  20. I do NOT care what ‘party’ affiliation you have. I know truth when I hear it and values when they are spoken. America needs every brave voice it can get to survive. Give ’em hell Tulsi, ALL of ’em!

  21. Common sense and logic in a Democrat? The world is turning upside down. Keep up the good work, Ms. Gabbard, and do not let them bully or destroy you, as they will try to do. The next four years (Biden gone/Harris president) are going to be pure hell, even with Democrats like you.

  22. Tulsa, we welcome you into the Republican party. Please switch and we’ll all campaign for you to be President Trump’s pick for VP in 2024.

  23. Good for Ms Gabbard! Definitely not one of the sheep.and that is commendable! I hope she does switch to R or I or L! I doubt her fellow dems appreciate her courage and individuality! I love her good ole common sense!! Think she would be a valuable asset to President Trump assuming Vice President Pence decides he is through with the overcrowded swamp! And who could blame him if he is!

  24. At ONE time, I chuckled when I heard that GUYS can compete in the GIRLS sports . . . I mean, this has GOT to be a JOKE, right? In actuality, this is meant to gender CONFUSION, especially among young, impressionable minds, to FURTHER the MARXISTS’ cause. This REALLY isn’t a joke, but a means to TEAR DOWN the fabric of our GREAT society. Don’t let these LEFTIST do this! One Enlightened Patriot Sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  25. I like Tulsi, hope she decides to switch parties and join the Republicans. It would however probably cost her her seat in Hawaii. Don’t know if she would want to relocate to the mainland. Where would she go? Not Calif., their just as bad as Hawaii, New York or Illinois.
    Stand your ground Tulsi, you have more friends than you know.

  26. she needs to get out of the demon rat party. they won’t support any legislation that is against their warped ideas. to succeed, she will need to align herself with like-minded people. she is like a salmon swimming downstream to mate. won’t happen.

  27. Bravo Tulsi!!! I left the demonrat party when obummer was running, went Republican and have not regretted that choice once! You have the “ right stuff”, and fight for what is right. I pray your bills get passed, but with Piglosi ruling the roost, not much chance of that. This “ transgender” stuff has to stop! Since when was it fair for a guy to play on a girl’s team and shower with them? I would not allow my daughter to be disrespected like that, and endangered as well. While they may “ pretend” to be female, they are still biologically MALE, with all the male attributes! They should NOT be on girls teams, in girls locker rooms or using women’s bathrooms period! What an insane idea! Very dangerous for our girls! You go Tulsi, and yes, please join the Republican Party, we welcome you! And protecting babies is number one priority!

  28. Ms Gabbard, besides being a LADY and an Army Officer who has honorably served (she’s a major in the Hawaiian Guard), is an all-too-rate commodity among prominent Democrats…a decent human being. It’s for that reason she needs to realize that she needn’t leave the Democratic Party…it has ALREADY left HER!

    While indeed her fortunes would be harmed as long as she remains in Hawaii and she leaves the Democrats, she’ll never get anywhere in national politics if she stays. So this woman has some tough decisions if she wants to move on in politics. But many Libertarians and/or Republicans would welcome her, although she’s still got a few things to “work out”.

  29. This is one democrat that I could and would vote for. she should join the R party and run against those commie demoncRATs in Hawaii.

  30. This article just exposes your own stupidity. Transgender men are biological females who identify as men and want to transition from female to male (aka FTM). So, according to your own transphobic rhetoric, they should be playing on the girls’ team and using the girls’ room. How can you expect anyone else to respect your opinion when you can’t even be bothered to do five minutes of research? We liberals would actually LOVE for you to ban “transgender men” and “transgender dudes” from playing on the girls’ team or using the girls’ room. Besides, conservatives used to HATE Title IX, and now you want to use it as a weapon against transgender people. So, in addition to your ignorance and bigotry, you have also exposed yourself as an opportunist with no real principles.

    1. Your not even a “Pinko Commie leftist”, you are NWO insane s… that even China would get rid off.lol

  31. NWO Martial Public (Insane) “Law” 101-647 legalized racketeering, bribery, slavery and UNCIVILZED GREED (Plot) is what is viciously destroying this nation on behalf of both/all uncivilized, Godforsaken, legalized racketeering, greedy ‘parties’. Question , who or what are they perpetrating this destruction and division for? I know and so do you. If this unconstitutional 34 Senator ratified insane satanic NWO ‘Law” is not repealed and openly in front of the People, this nation is IN FACT OVER and has been in writing since 1990!!!! You already know how much insane amount of money has been used to satanically destroy me since 1990 and before and idiot uncivilized Trump added 500 million out of this insane ‘Law’ to Grassley/Ernst et al, Dubuque IA to personally destroy me forever in this UNCIVILZED insane nation!! It doesnt matter as much ‘How far I have come against satanic insanity” its ‘Where I am going” and its not staying here for my lifes sake (And Roscoe). “The people can only trust a a person in office as long as this person doesn’t trust their Gov themselves”, (My Own 2021). Sadly the only type nof person that can be trusted in this uncivilized (ruined) country in this insane day and age. So Long. This comment will last just a few minutes and hours before removed by all uncivilized media.

  32. She would be only person I know that would be able to unite both parties. She supports views on both sides the aisle in a fair way to everyone. I believe if she ran as Democrat she would pull in some of the Republican vote to turn and vote Democrat and if she ran against Trump as Republican could win the majority of Republican support.

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