Will Joe Biden Confiscate Your House so an Illegal Alien Family Can Live There?

Abolishing President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy has had an immediate and catastrophic effect on our southern border. The floodgates are open. It is a crisis, no matter what the dimwits on CNN are telling us. I refuse to call it a “humanitarian” crisis, however. It’s a crisis for the American people who do not want these Third World hordes in our country, and who never asked them to come here in the first place.

I could also care less if they’re spreading COVID. I’m far more concerned about the fact that there’s nowhere to put them.

More than 100,000 illegals were arrested at the border in February. That’s the most since 2006 – another time when the politicians in Washington lured armies of illegals in with a promise of a potential amnesty package. If that turns out to be the new monthly average, that works out to a 1,200,000 foreign population increase in America this year. Are there enough empty apartments in your state to fit all of them? I’m sure there aren’t that many in mine.

The next few days should be pretty intense as well. Any illegals who manage to hurl themselves across our southern border before Joe Biden signs the $1.9 trillion “COVID” bill into law will be getting $1,400 stimulus checks.

Yeah. That’s in the bill. Illegals get stimulus checks. That $1,400 will be the largest amount of money that any of these people have seen in their lifetimes. A cynic might refer to that as an “incentive” to breach our sovereign borders.


Since the government is letting them in no matter what, the biggest question that affects all of us is: Where do we put them? I’ve seen huge influxes of illegal aliens and “refugees” in small-town America before – which is where the Biden regime will be busing these people. They’re not going to Joe Biden’s neighborhood, or Nancy Pelosi’s. They’re coming to your neighborhood. It’s not a pretty sight when they take over a suburban neighborhood.

First, they’ll start butchering animals in the driveway, so you might want brace your kids for that if they’ve never been exposed to farm life. Next comes the ramshackle tin sheds that they all erect in their back yards. Because who doesn’t need a crappy tin shed? Before you know it, your neighborhood looks like a shantytown in Peru.

And of course, they need lights for their tin sheds, so Jorge’s cousin who completed part of an electrician’s apprenticeship back in Guatemala will start tapping into the power grid for everyone. The strings of wires with sparks coming out of them are absurd. But at least it knocks out the power grid for your neighborhood every time it rains.

That was what my family lived through in Idaho a few years ago, when the Obama regime decided to give us diversity by flooding the streets with illegals and refugees. It drives down the property values of the people who live there, when a huge influx of foreigners takes over. It also drives up rents for everyone else, because it causes a housing scarcity for the locals.

This time it’s going to be worse than anything the Obama regime put America through. The Democrat Party has now become a fully communist entity. There’s no compromise with communists. They’re going to crush America with this flood of aliens, because they’re going to pull straight from the Karl Marx rulebook.

Need extra housing for people on the correct side of The Party? No problem!

Chapter 2: Confiscate all property belonging to rebels.

If you haven’t been paying attention since January 6th, you are the “rebel” in that equation. That’s according to the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, most current Members of the US Congress and the entire Biden regime.

If you question the legitimacy of Komrade Biden’s election, you are a dangerous domestic terrorist. An insurrectionist. A coup plotter. A “rebel.” And we know what communists like to do with the property of rebels.

Oh, well that could never happen here, right? This is America! I used to say that. In fact, I can remember the last time I said that. It was a year ago, when politicians started talking about an insane plan to shut the US economy down over a virus.

“15 days to flatten the curve? That could never happen here,” I said. Boy, have my eyes been opened since then.

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208 thoughts on “Will Joe Biden Confiscate Your House so an Illegal Alien Family Can Live There?”

        1. If this is true, a person has a right to protect his property just shoot them if they come for your house “AND ANYONE CONNECTED”!!!!!!

          1. The left wants a civil war. If that happens, they don’t have to go thru the courts to put us down and take everything. We would then be proven insurrectionists (rebels). They want us gone. Not reeducated, gone. The left could care less about this country and the American people. They are flush with power and don’t care who gets hurt or dies, as long as they can keep it.

          2. Absolutely! If this happens, it will DEFINATELY trigger the second American revolution. People will die, hopefully those that are abusing our constitutional rights will be first. I certainly cannot speak for others, but they will not take my home until they kill me, but by GOD I will take several with me.

          3. My thought exactly! This is unconstitutional and I am an american citizen and refuse to allow these damn freeloaders to take my home that I worked hard to get! That demented fool is asking for trouble! They need to be directed to his and Pelosis neighborhood! They do not belong here ! It’s time to kick that fraudulent imposter to the curb!

          4. They are not American citizens so one should not be liable to be prosecuted I would think.

          5. “Hiden” Biden will have the DHS come and arrest you for discharging a weapon inside the city limits. Murder, having an unregistered weapon, and many other offenses that only a Democrat lawyer can dream up. Just pack up and move. Oh by the way, Biden will still want you to keep up the Mortgage payments.

            None of you stood up when the fraud election was going down. None of you wrote your representative and told him/her to “look for another line of work” if they didn’t force an investigation. It took a badly lead DC demonstration that NOW the news media and the Democrats call an insurrection and used that excuse to RING the capital building in Barbed WIRE and to station National Guard units all over, ( Yupp the same poor National Guard units that Nancy Pelosi can’t seem to find the money to feed them properly but she can always find the money to GIVE to the Illegal Aliens she brings over the border to be registered as the Next large group of Democrat voters. You’ve done lost the Country because you failed to ACT…….

        2. I too had wondered where the government was going to place all the illegals. There are not enough apartments available, and that will cause the apartment rents to soar. So where will the government place them? In homes it will purchase, or confiscate from white supremacist, “terrorists”, Trump supporters.
          These are not the same kind of people who came to America a 100 years ago, who came here to learn english, work hard to help build America and. be proud to be an American. These people fly the flag of Honduras and Guatemala and are offened by the American flag and call it ‘racist’!

          1. Ever notice demonstrations by Mexicans in our country? They are carrying the Mexican flag yet want to live in America! I am with you James, defend our homes! Vote Republican. Get these asshole Democraps out of office, and the Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump!

          2. They have four or five mansions and want them here so bad then let them move in with them birds of a feather should roost togethe

          3. What are you going to shoot with.the Ammo is shut off. No powder or primers.
            Have fun with your rebellion.

      1. Vote out every Democrats on the ballot on every election and vote only Republican. PERIOD! Then get rid of every Republican trashing Democrat supporting TV and Cable channel station and issue a bill that prevents false narratives and speculation that promotes one political party. Pass a Bill that would make it a penalty to lie to the citizens of the United States. That penalty should be a BIG monetary fine and suspension of the channels license plus prison time for the person that brakes the law. To make this form of criminal activity an Treasonous act against America.

        1. Your thoughts make a lot of logic. The only way your idea can and will come to fruition is open warfare. For several months now there has been great anticipation for just such a comment. Personally this American is prepared, just tell me where.

        2. I agree with the solution through elections but are we going to see an honest election and will that be too late to dig us out of this pile of shit.

        3. They- the demo-communists – are in control. They stole the election and got away with it and they are making sure that there never again will be a free and fair election. So forget about voting out the demo-communists and the RINOs (democrat lite).

          “Pass a Bill that would make it a penalty to lie to the citizens of the United States”. Sorry but that is already illegal, and in case you have not noticed, the demo-communists and the RINOs do not care.

        1. Do you think Biden knows what’s really happening? He only has 2 brains cells in his head left. It’s his handlers who are in control. Take your pick, Obama, Soros, Pelosi, someone we don’t know on the far left, a communist Maybe. Oh wait, they are all communist in the Democrat party.

      2. I will defend what we worked for and I assure you this house will burn to the ground before any of the illegals lay their lazy asses in it. And if I take some out along the way the prison department will keep me which looks like not for long. But during my stay I will have food, shelter, and free medical treatment. How will is that vote for the democrat idiot working for the stupid people now?

        1. Federal Prisons you get the absolute minimum of heath care. My brother was in federal prisons and saw many prisoners die sitting in chairs in sick bay from Heart Attacks because the nurse (lol) said they didn’t look sick enough. In the mess hall the prisoners were feed Bait Fish. It stated right on the box BAIT FISH “NOT for human Consumption”. He was told to dump it in the fryer the idiots will never know, he passed the word and NO one ate the fish.

      3. You’re a wise ass!! Anyone and everyone with a brain is incensed at this concept of Biden’s, which is already destroying this country. Are you a liberal that’s “ offended by… obscenities?? You’ve never used swear words before? Stop the bs hypocrisy!! We are fed the fk up!! There’s’a nice obscenity for you!!!

      4. I don’t know what you or anyone else except myself and some of my brothers are going to do about it. Come into this neighborhood and see what happens next. And I agree, FUCK Biden, Harris, Polosi, and the rest of the commie shit holes who are trying to destroy this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I STILL LOVE!

      5. As of 2018 in Idaho passed a Stand Your Ground law that says residents can shoot anyone who forcefully enters without permission. Idaho Self Defense Law Clarified – Stand Your Ground …
        http://www.idahocriminaldefenselaw.com/2018/04/firearms/idaho-self-defense-law-clarifi…“The entry by unlawful force establishes that the defender’s fear of serious injury was reasonable, so the use of self-defense was likewise reasonable. There is a lot of debate about restrictions on gun ownership and use across the land, but Idaho remains committed to the notion that self-defense, including the use of firearms and deadly force, is a reasonable response to an unlawful attack on you or your family.” Trespass likewise is a crime.

        1. Biden is not calling the shots! Can’t you tell just by simply watching him try to read the teleprompter? More sinister people are controlling the puppet. They soon will have no choice but to involk the article 25 and Harris and Pelosi will continue to destroy America.

      1. It’s not totally him. It’s his handlers. Pushing the scale to make sure Dems/libs win every time.

      2. Biden, his wife Jill who wanted him President – America be damned, his handlers (Jill, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Hillary, the Squad, et al), radical Dems, all seem ready for bedlam. They want Americans to lose independence and be dependent on government for survival, have no means of defense from those who attack, to be welded to and in awe of and supportive of China, Socialism, Communism.

        1. Don’t they realize, that the last time they stormed the capitol was just a picnic compared to what will happen when this bunch of illegals decide they are not getting enough freebies. They will probably burn the place down with Congress still in there. They are letting in gangs like MS-13, terrorists, and people that killing is just a thing they have to do to get what they want. Then Biden and the White House would be next.

          1. I will be happy to transport them to Washington and closer to the broader like Pelosi home with all her land since she told the world her door is always open. And every state that allowed the domestic terrorist to run free to loot kill and burn down business they will be dropped off at the mayor and governor’s office and house. All these that voted for him and the idiots in congress and senate have open doors. And that does not mean only democrat Add all Rhinos to the list.

      1. Unfortunatly they will never see the light. They all need to be arrested, tried, and sent to GITMO untill their sentences for treason can be carried out.

        1. I think the majority of Dems are not voting what their people want and are not abiding by their oath of office impeach them. Some do need prison though, for treason

          1. Mary, That is why we had the demonstration in DC on January 6th. It was a demonstration because the congress was going ahead to certify a fraudulent election. Not one of those congressional representatives came out to talk with the demonstrators. If you truly “represent the will of the People of the USA” then you should have NO FEAR about coming out and talking with those few who are demonstrating. Now how did THAT go???? All of congress fell right in line with Pelosi to certify a FRAUD election. The news media and the Democrats ceased the opportunity to call the demonstration an “insurrection”. Of course the news media will always SENSATIONALIZE any story because they are in the business to SELL Stories.. They have given up on reporting the news because many of the “Snowflake Dems want to hear about Harry and Meggan, If the royals are racist, where’s Obozo and his wife that has bigger muscles that he does, Hollywood and the other Pop Icon idiots, the current events (aka News) doesn’t sell anymore.
            Pelosi can find Tax payer money to give to the illegal aliens that have been “INVITED” across the border by the Biden Administration but she cannot seem to fined enough Money to FEED. HOUSE and properly care for the National Guard Units that she is Forcing to guard the Capital Building from the rest of “We the people”. So you can expect more traitorous actions by the Dems since they NOW FEEL very safe behind the Barbed Wire and the “uncared for” National Guard units.

    1. yeah, and the rest of them behind the scenes that are really calling the shots are even worse. They are all traitors that should he hung or put in front of a firing squad.

      1. And Biden Admin is CONTACTING ALL who were turned away and/or deported during the last four+ yrs, and telling them TO COME BACK! And probably will bring new friends. They are getting 3000-5000 DAILY coming across border. Close to 4000 unaccompanied minors are being held. 1100+ Covid adults of the FEW that are tested. Not quarantined.. just turned loose here, and also being put on PUBLIC BUSES (bus drivers are NOT ALLOWED to ask riders about Covid status) and sent all over US. NYT says we may get 117,000 illegal immigrants in this year. WRONGGGGG. From Feb to early March it’s already 168,000. 3000-5000 per day…well 4000/day X 30 days is 120,000 ONE MONTH. And it’s INCREASING. 2 months X 120,000 = about a QUARTER MILLION. Number in 12 months? Almost 1.5 million !!! Plus Biden Admin contacting thousands who were turned away in past to COME BACK…WE WANT YOU AFTER ALL!
        NOT me.

        The handling of this whole situation is criminal action in the minds of most. And ask those living by border. AZ rancher says they are sneaking illegally across border, 15-20 in each group, almost all males dressed in camo, on cell phones all the time. Sounds like a disaster. Are they terrorists (primarily from Central and South America, Middle East, China, Africa), drug cartel, or? All in camo, large groups?

        And we have the border wall abruptly stopped, despite it all being paid for at this point, the workers laid off, new concrete factories, idle, steel beams laying on ground. If construction not restarted, the contract has PENALTY FINES written in (yes, Trump is a smart businessman who tried to cover worst circumstances that could happen from Dems), and they are hefty. Bad decision to do what the radical Dems are doing?

        That doesn’t begin to cover it.

        1. It is really refreshing. Thank you Vic
          To see a reply that doesn’t Say 4 letter words as a solution but actual facts and informative information.
          Stimulus Checks, police defunding, cancelled contracted union jobs,
          trying to fund tunnels for constitutes, allowing illegals entry without following immigration laws, Telling the American people that Trump mishandled the covid pandemic because “There weren’t enough Masks when Obama’s great Healthcare. Plan preceded Trumps presidency.(Why if it was an across the Country Coverage was not Our peoples protection not a priority? Homeland Security Not informed about disaster preparation ?
          And let’s all remember The demon-cratics for bailing out protesters before due process putting them back on the scene to continue participating in illegal protests
          Federal police accused of not being prepared to defend the Whitehouse !
          “”OUR AMERICAN PIE””

      2. This is what old king George tried: forcing American colonists to provide free housing for British soldiers while paying high taxes. I will let my dogs take a bite out of this problem if necessary.

      1. I said the same thing. What they are doing is illegal as hell. Before I burn mine down I will take a few with me because in prison I get free room meals and medical. Then act like I am an idiot democrat and will be let out to go to my hidden stashes. I took the oath to protect this Country from Domestic and Foreign Terrorist and that oath never ends.


      1. Mary that wasn’t a very smart comment the illegal aliens are a big part of the reason why our veterans are living in the streets already so no let’s not let them live in cardboard boxes let’s get him the fuck out of our country and get our veterans out of the fucking boxes!

        1. You make a great statement 2 outs is the right way. Out of country and out of cardboard boxes.
          Then the third out which is even bigger than the first two is out of office and loss of all material things of value for the two illegal potus and the vpotus

        1. Where is the Militia? A Militia is required by the Constitution. We are in a hell of a mess.
          Lewis G.

    1. Remember, Biden is just the figure head. There’s an entire socialist/communist regime behind him implementing all of this and getting Biden to sign the paperwork.

        1. Someone should put Obummer, (divider n chief) along with his bitch, in their sights, see what they looks like

        2. More like Pelosi. She has plotted for years to take over, Trump ruined her plan in 2016. Pelosi would have impeached Hillary for destroying subpoenaed evidence, that’s a felony, and Pelosi planned to. Now she has a perfect situation and will strike. You really don’t think 80 million people voted for a demented old pervert like Biden do you? She will force heels up Harris to resign quick enough, too many dumb scandals in her past.

        3. When you translate Barock Obama from the common Greek the New Testament was written in to Hebrew and then translate it to english, it is pronounced Flallen as lightning.
          Read Luke 10 verses 17 and 18. I find this very interesting!

        4. Don’t forget ERIC (the gun runner for B.OBAMA)Holder and
          Susan (A Video started Bengazi )-who lives in the WH Pushing Biden’s Ear Button so he can say or stumble over questions asked–or recites from a podium, Biden’s Handlers The Women who drill him on tearing down America and enforcing hate against Donald Trump-Then there’s his wife Jill Who Wanted to be first Wifey so bad that She sacrificed a SICK MAN In his Late Years.What a bunch of MARXISTS.

  1. I can’t wait for Bidumb to confiscate a homestead property in the Brooks Range of Alaska and transplant the recent arrivals.

    1. Y’all mispelled ‘arrivals’…y’all meant animals….hahahaha..?….

      Goog rural homes n C.A….these ppl come from the jungles…with dirt floor shacks, with no ndoor plumbin’…they hav outhouses…most of those shacks don’t hav electricity…

      They come 4 the welfare programs…free ed 4 their bambinos, and the free breakfasts and lunches n school…WIC, foodstamps, world class healthcare, 4 which they dmand y’all pay 4…Head Start 4 their preschoolers…

      And they all h8 America…even their kids…but they luv the gov handouts…which Catholic charities help them 2 get on…

      That’s why they don’t stay n Mexico…NO WELFARE!!


  2. Ever wonder what it looks and feels like to be staring at the wrong end of a gun? Come and try to take my house and you’ll know!

  3. Democrats suck, I think its time to start throwing homos off of buildings like they do in other communist countries Maybe that will give them room to live.

  4. The Democrats who voter for Biden should have to give up their homes to the illegals if anybody does. They even want to give them stimulus checks. Isn’t that the same as paying them to break our immigration laws?

  5. What has happened to our beloved country? We cannot let these communists take over. The only salvation we have is prayer. We need to constantly pray that God will see us through this horrible administration. He is our only hope.

    1. Amen Eleanor.
      The People as a whole need to realize that God is the only one truly in control. We cannot control anything without His will. This is a lesson not easily learned unfortunately. May God Bless America, and May God Save America.

        1. God isn’t dead. The liberals have been trying to kick him out of our schools, government, etc. Now we are seeing the results but He is very much alive and He has a plan. Wait and see. It will be in His timing, not ours. Don’t lose hope.

        2. No he is not dead, but his wrath lives in each believer, along with the Holy Ghost. That alone should be enough, when we are called, it will be swift and very terminally finished.

    1. Sorry to say Mark, we would vote them out if elections were legal. But the only way to insure this never happens, is to succeed. It will probably be the only solution to what is happening.

    2. Vote , have you not been paying attention ? They have stolen our voting process . Any republican that ran in 2020 and won , it was because they are corrupt to the bone and are in bed with the criminal left . If they weren’t , they would have rigged the voting in that state as well . Our voter ID will soon be the 2nd amendment ..

  6. Either the national guard need to follow the Constitution laws or go home! These Democrat politican have become TYRANNY! And these guard know that they sworn to protect this country from a TYRANNY GOVERNMENT! IT IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! It doesn’t stop with Biden, it gone for ALL CONGRESS MEMBER WHO ARE REFUSING TO FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION LAW! OBAMA SHOULD HAD BEEN IMPEACHED OVER HIS ROLE GIVING MILLION DOLLAR TO IRAN. Under the 14 amendment that CALL AIDING THE ENEMY! So military general when are you going to take a stand? I don’t care who in charge of the military! You Know the LAWS! Remove the leftists general like you would an ENEMY!

    1. Your a damn idiot. You must have come from the other side of the border . You damn well talk like one that don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

      1. Finally a reply that has merit with a potential plan.
        A law that we can all vote on that prohibits Political Lying.
        It includes one of the Ten Commandments and then we include The other nine!
        One Nation Under God
        Thank You!!!!!!!!!! The truth and nothing but the truth-So help you God!



  7. The most un-American president in history . He’s being run by the most brainless imbeciles America has to offer . We might as well let a Hitler regime in our country , or is it already here ?

      1. Hitler must have a large extended family. Some want to take away everything the us stands for
        Other people want power and riches .more people sadly would not be happy if they were king. And of course all are mad because some have morals. And
        Last are idiots playing follow the leader and will be
        The first to cry when our country fails . Where are they going to find there cash cow when this one drys up. Maybe ask all of the murdered jews



  9. Trespassing is a crime. If ANYONE tries to confiscate a private home, I expect they will be and should be met with lethal force. Just let them try!

    1. Melanie, take a good look in the mirror and stop with the blame game. We allowed this socialist/communist/ marxism to creep into the schools and government and now as we stare down the threats from the left and whine! We allowed it. So either get off your knees and stand up and be counted against this tyrannical behavior, as it is just Liberty and Freedom we will all lose.

    2. Melanie. Blame the Supreme Court for failing to hear any of the election fraud petitions. All 3 branches of our government are now displaying socialist communist trends!

      1. The Surpreme Court could’ve overturned the election ? results but they were afraid ? of rioting. PUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Yes, you are 100% right. The Republicans have not done anything for many years now. They are so concerned about being proper and polite and their positions. They needed to stand up to the other party and fight for the country, the Consitution, and the American citizens.
      Now there will never be another honest election. The Socialist/DemoRats got away with stealing the Nov 3, 2020 election and this will continue in the future especially with the passing of the H.R. 1 bill.

      1. Also, all the branches in the government are corrupt – DOJ, FBI, a lot of the Congress members, the Supreme Court, state officials, state judges, the list goes on and on. All these departments and people helped with the fraud and cover up of the Nov 3, 2020 election.
        The Supreme Court was afraid and some far-leftists sitting on that court did not want to get involved. Some were afraid of rioting and did not want to deal with it. So they sat on their judicial asses and did nothing. They could have changed the election result from wrong to right. There is SO much evidence of corruption and voter fraud.

    4. There’s no difference in a Republican or Democrate , their all corrupt and their all criminals . They use the terms dem. & Repub. to make ppl think there’s a choice , but really the only choice is are the corrupt or not . You have to really look into their actions not their words , these so called politicians are professional pathological liers . They put the CON in CONgress .

  10. That’s in the bill. Illegals get stimulus checks. That $1,400 will be the largest amount of money that any of these people have seen in their lifetimes. A cynic might refer to that as an “incentive” to breach our sovereign borders.

    Biden admin pays ILLEGALS to break our laws, and this jaxckass want to Confiscate our Houses so an Illegal Alien Family Can Live There as the American people are thrown out into the streets.

    Hang these jackes in DC today

      1. At least she has come to realize it was a mistake. Now if all the other b voters would nust recognize it as well.

  11. Obama’s leftovers has contaminated democrates forever , there not worthy of running America but ruining it . It’s there goal , it’s why there for illegals and not Americans .

  12. You know all that MONEY we are paying out to everyone…is borrowed from CHINA…They own Our property our big Tech…That’s why Stupid Biden keeps Borrowing…He just gives the Dam China pukes some more of our property…They own half of the USA…Where in the Hell dose he get off giving those ass-H—s 1400.00..That is our Money…!!!

    1. 1400.00 dollars. It’s not our money . It isn’t the governments money . It’s play money they keep making . They should just call Milton Bradley and have them make it for them . They have plenty of monopoly money. 1400.00 dollars want even pay a house payment nowadays so why bother. What about ALL the people who have been put out of work. Maybe they could get biden to give them a 50,000.00 dollar stimulus check to make up for lost wages. Oh I forgot their giving it to the illegals that are crossing over. What about the 1.9 trillion stimulus . That’s not for paying stimulus that’s for ALL the PORK BARREL projects that the demonrats have up their sleeves to pad their own pockets and to support antifa and blm. They’ve got to take care of the people who helped get them to where they are today.

  13. Like I have said before. Where are all the Lee Harvey Oswalds of the world. A few well placed bullets could solve all these problems. Our country is going down the tubes at a very fast rate and it is time to do something drastic. Talk is cheap & I pray & wish there are people out there who will step up to the plate.


  14. Remember the good old days? Wanted Dead or Alive???
    Let’s label ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS as Wanted Dead or Alive, and offer a cash reward for turning them in and removing them, and their families, from the USA permanently. And not giving them any US or State assistance!
    Why would we want ANY of these FELONS coming to our Community? And if anyone tried to put any Illegal Alien Criminal in my home, God Bless the 2nd Amendment and the Castle Doctrine!
    Time to take back our Country from these radical left wing “progressives”! If you see an illegal alien, detain them and call ICE to have them removed. Border security should be assisted by the US Marines/Army and have orders to “Shoot to Kill” if any illegal tries to sneak into America. Simple, effective and God Bless America.

  15. I suggest that the first step is for Biden to make his several home ins Delaware available as well as the White House for housing illegals. All White House appointed Biden staff’s homes. Next would be all the Democrat House and Senate homes and their staffs. Then the Supreme Court Justices. Then all the staff and Secretary of Housing and Urban development. Followed by the various Secretaries of Agencies appointed by Biden along with their staffs. This should be a good start for relocating illegals. Agency headquarters are next.

  16. Looks as though the left is paying for people to come and take our country away from us. Great move for all you that voted for this real work of art. LOL

  17. My Louisville SLUGGER says: It AIN’T happening! This is against the U.S. Constitution – NO illegal search and seizure of private property as per the Bill of RIGHTS. Keep these ILLEGALS off my LAWN and my PROPERTY. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  18. Of course dementia jo will sign these insurgents up with the “blm” and they will march through the streets demanding other peoples houses. This is how the communist democRATS roll.

  19. Our Country is in a world of trouble! Kamel is going to be the worse thing that happens to this country since the idiots Clinton and Obama area! The worse is they changed the voting laws to benefit them! We have to stand up and fight and get this back stabbing government out! TRUMP ALL THE WAY! BRING BACK OUR COUNTRY!

  20. Any illegal immigrants who would willingly accept and occupy the legally-owned and yet government-confiscated properties of American citizens will NEVER deserve to reside in this country under ANY circumstances! ANY government which would commit such acts of treachery and injustice against its own citizens could justifiably be overthrown with no further instigation!

  21. We all know that Trump is our legal President…but our back stabbing supreme court judges, senators, congressmen, have been paid off by the chi/coms that they turn their backs on the people who they are suppose to represent to keep our country free. All the hundreds of thousands of young men and women who gave their lives fighting for this country in past wars have been spit on by the scum in office. Pervert biden is a puppet for pervert obama who also has taken $$$ from foreign countries. the witch with a capitol B kamel Hair is a no good evil slut who wants to cancel all religions in the USA. Send them illegals to nazi piglosi’s many homes that she owns… MAGA

  22. Top tier Socialist-Communist platform: No private property rights. Everything belongs to the state to use as the state dictates. No personal ownership of anything. Ever.
    Hey? The state gave you $1400.00. You now owe them your life. Obviously, Constitutional gun rights are there to forcibly stand up to tyrants.

  23. I’m 80 years of age. I was brought up in a middle class home. I was taught to earn money at the age of eight by shoveling snow off of other peoples sidewalks and driveways. I mowed grass with a push mower and trimmed it on my hands and knees with a hand trimmer. I graduated from high school and served in a Navy Special Ops Unit. When I was honorably discharged from the Navy I became a cop. After retiring from law enforcement I was a sales person until I retired for good. In the service and law enforcement I served with guys who gave their all for our country and one gave his all as a cop. I will NOT allow anyone to put me nor my wife out of our home for a person who did not come to this country the way my grandparents did, through Ellis Island. I say to you Joey boy, Obama, and any other, “do not try to TRED on me or my family.” Repercussions will happen if you do. I’ve lived my life, have you?

  24. We have a long list of Dems and Rhinos and Justices and Obama and Clintons and Bush’s to blame. How about if we blame ourselves for allowing diversity to divide us? How about if we blame ourselves for allowing transgenders to read books to our kids in the libraries? How about if we blame ourselves for doing nothing all these years until President Trump came along. How about WE allowed the stealing of our most important election by not storming the voting stations and stopping the corrupt accounting of these locals who switched/changed the ballots? Why have none of these people whom we have absolute proof of tampering wth our elections haven’t been arrested? How come none of the treasonist top officials of the FBI, CIA, Justice Dept, Comey & Clinton haven’t been indicted? How about we stop being politically correct and standing by and doing nothing?
    Where are our great protectors of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have turned into lazy panzies, blaming everyone else. Write you Senators and Congressman every week. Stop watching the liberal news stations, stop buying the liberal and radical newspapers, stop accepting BIDEN as President. We want America back, we have to fight for her. Don’t we have enough evidence he is illegally passing these Executive Orders against the Constitution. Let’s get him and his shadow Kam removed from office and demand SCOTUS hear our evidence on our most stolen election of the Century.

    1. Its funny, I replied to Maggie and I was sent a message that there was an error and they could or would not post my reply because they did not like what I said. Below is not what I originally wrote.
      I would like to know who is ruining our government. It is not comrad pres. Pinocchio.
      He is cognitively impaired. We need to get rid of these people. Pelosi, harris, oac, obama, gates, soros and whoever the hell else is ruining the country. They will take over and do to us what China is doing now. Killing people who believe in God & making slaves of people like Germany did too.
      Without GOD there is chaos and dictatorship. GOD HELP US

    2. Maggie, you have it all correct. Even a phone call to an elected official is a start to make your voice heard. We people have to come together and stop these actions against our constitution. HR 1 is absolutely insane so scream in someone’s ear. Im trying, I made my call and hope it was heard. Evil Pelosi, Nasty Nadler, Shifty Schumer, Obama, Obiden and his appointees need to open their doors and le the illegal immigrants stay with them since Obiden welcomed them into our country and is ready to hand them all the free stuff we Americans worked for before Obiden cut so many of our jobs. This group is tearing this country down for sure. Tragic to watch so start making those calls.

  25. Folks I’m afraid we have already let the Fox into the hen house! You may not be aware but this last election pretty much gave the Democrat Party what they have been pushing and jockeying for the past several years. We have drunk the Kool-Aid. Now it will take a miracle. I pray that one will happen and that enough people from the Democrat side will see what has happened to our Republic, and will work to make the changes necessary. Doesn’t everyone see the real purpose for opening our borders for the inflow of future Democrats?

    1. Support Trump and the new party Republican read this comment corner,
      These are your Followers .
      Hear their voices and Let them hear yours

    2. Unfortunately, when you are drunk with power and money, you may never see the light. And there are only a few that may recover, but that will be too little, too late. Only God can save us from this. Christ said ‘there will be sickness, turmoil, and, yes, even death’ But, you must trust Him to do what is right and just. Bitching about it takes us down. We must be alert and prayerful.

  26. Do any of you know what the Karl Marx rulebook or handbook is ? If you don’t you better be looking it up and read it. The title of the book is The Communist Manifesto. It lays it out telling just how to go about taking over a country and bringing it to it’s knees. If you really want to know what is happening just take the time to read it. It might just OPEN your eyes . We are in a battle that will last till the day we die. You better be ready cause it’s going to happen in our life time. And it’s going to get rougher than a corncob. you better be ready to stand and fight. Stand Your Ground and Make America Great Again. God Bless America. AMEN

    1. Glenn I never read The Communist Manifesto. But I think many of know what happened in Russia. They took over homes and put families together in homes. Killed people and made slaves out of others. Hitler did the same thing. They called Trump hitler. WHAT??
      That is what this regime governing our country is doing right now.
      Wasn’t it easy for them to close houses of worship, but you could still shop. All in the name of covid which took away our freedom
      Dumbing down the kids, no school. We need to take back our country. GOD BLESS Us and Help Us. without God – dictatorship

  27. Who ever voted for these idiots should be so ashamed of themselves. This will come back to bite them in the ass too. It probably already has. Enjoy your new ILLEGAL neighbors. I won’t.

  28. How can we organize legally to do all of the above in the comments? I am elderly, but healthy enough to fight against anyone taking my home and my freedom. Is God telling us to stand up and fight or remain meek and acquiescent? That is definitely a discernment issue from Him. He could stop it all in an instant but I believe He is calling all to come to Him and see the light. When we do that, He will act. Our country has ignored God for too long.

  29. Give all these illegals a bus ticket to all the Democratic states so the ones who voted for Biden/Harris & Dems. can share with the illegals, including the White house! This is stupid if they start anything like this they would be fighting a civil war beyond belief!

  30. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY needs to be ABOLISHED not the police not ICE THERE ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to be a PROCESS of ELIMINATION STARTING WITH the no good mutter fkn FRAUDULENT JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PLAGERISM ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT Things as starting to look pretty grim for us TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS This EVILNESS from JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT is Unbelievable, inconceivable AND NOBODY SEEMS to give a FUCK , courts are against us, MILITARY, SUPREME COURTS,are against us most definitely the DEMOCRATICS all of THEM. CIVIL WAR IS COMING HIDE and Watch. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!

  31. well the thing is to take our country back legally, fight and make our voted in republicans and democrats fight for their country or gather all these people up and put them in the democrats back yard to live . you know the ones that allowed them to come to ours . this is the only way to stop them to coming to ours, and the time is now . the democrats staged the Capital riot at DC not us this was there idea to take America down . we the people are here to tare down the barbed wire being forcefully taken down with trucks pulling it down surrounding the capital and forcing them to stop this madness . all of America out side does not want this in our country we need to show the democrat party we mean business and this has to stop send them back or we will stop them from killing us . we need to do all of this peacefully but when push comes to shove then all bets are off . these are lowlife people coming into our country sick people mental problems these are the people that country’s send to get rid of because of reason’s that they don’t want to deal with i think if we stress on main points getting rid of this government in office now and i am sure we will have many states governor’s on our side because they see what’s happening . if the democrats set up the capital riot and that scared those people what would happen if we stormed the capital and take them out to justice all of them and sent them all to jail even going to there homes like they did you some of our congressmen in the middle of the night . these crazy left are trying everything to stop us from going after them , they have dirty deals with foreign country’s to take us over its now or never . why should the good people that pay taxes and work hard for this country be the ones that always gets fucked by the crooked democrats , that are in office and that didn’t work with trump at all they planned every day to destroy this president and this country to satisfy their agenda against every American person they made up all kinds of lies and all the democrat new net works were all involved in it . they lied to the people you saw how Nancy ripped the presidents speech in half right after the speech for all of America to see this was an insult to all that saw it how dare she do that in front of us Americans . these are the people we need to take down any way we can and send them all to prison but we have to think and do everything with out anyone getting hurt . but its time to get them out of office


  33. If dumbass thinks all of us will stand for the government to give someone my house they all will be shot. I’m not a violent person but will protect what i worked for all my life. To give these undocumented people money that have never worked or paid a cent into the social security or taxes is ridiculous i’ve paid into social security all my life and now i have to fight for disability. Democrats are so out of touch with the American people they don’t deserve to be in office and represent all of the AMERICAN PEOPLE

  34. To take back the country peacefully you need to replace over half of the current administrators by voting them out. To do this we rill have to monitor voting places, forcibly if necessary. Once a legitimate government is in place the laws can easily be changed and enforced to bring about the change needed to restore the country to democratic rule. The schools will have to be purged by removing socialist teachers and administrators. The current books and teaching aids will all have to be selectively edited to remove all of the false information from the curriculum. This will take some time but it is the only way to restore the country to a sense of sanity. Any and all politicians in off ice will have to undergo monitoring of their finances as that is how they are kept as an honest electorate. PAC’s can only contribute to reelection and education systems, not directly to any one politician, only the basic purpose of the pac to further its goals.

  35. Nancy Pelosi pushed for the House to be able to invoke the 25th amendment without the consent of the president so, just in case the plan to elect Biden failed, Trump could be removed from office. But, Biden was elected so now, here’s a theory. Biden dies or is removed via the 25th amendment before the mid terms in 2022. Harris becomes “president”, Pelosi moves into the vice presidential seat, someone like AOC becomes House majority leader, democrats retain control of the Senate. If Republicans can’t take back the Senate and can’t control the House, that’s what we’re looking at for the near future. Kind of makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, doesn’t it?

  36. If the government does that they can be arrested for Grand Theft that is private property the government cannot touch it!!!!! If they want somebody’s home for the illegal aliens to live in then let them give up their homes. Because as you and I oh no they own more than one home more than two cars so let them give up the ship the American people have worked too hard for their stuff!!!!! And if these people are Patriots and fall of the Constitution just like me they would have to fight me for it and I will fight tooth and nail

  37. I agree with you there will be a war if they try to take what my husband built from the ground up with his own hands . I will not give anything to someone that is too damn lazy to work for what they want Biden can go to hell


  39. I feel like Biden want to take everything I have worked so hard for and just give it to ever he wants to well I’m not going to give nothing to the illegals coming over the borders. Biden and Pelosi are wanting to make Americacomr back they want to destroy our Country. At least I can say I told you what was going to happen, but there is alit of you who voted him into office. Now your bitching about him and her. I didn’t even want is VP Harris, but some of you did. Look Harris was helping them bail out the rioter who were destroying our cities. Antifa is back to doing their shit again. I never voted for these idiots which are Democrats. Biden better realize your not taking my home, my money for retirement if I can help it. Because you want to open the border now Biden on your part was stupid and a idiot.

  40. All Biden would have to do is declare imminent domain! He could take your house under that . Be prepared to stand against it, better yet, demand impeachment of Piglosi, Biden, Harris and get them out! Then file treason charges against Obama, killary, Gates, Soros and the Obama deep state!


  42. i have lived in my house for 28 years…it is a lower middle class neighborhood. the last few years have changed this neighborhood completely. it has been overrun by mexican immigrants with loud blaring music, screaming kids that seem unparented, and please tell me why they can’t use the bathroom inside their homes instead of their front yards. they have insane loud and late outdoor parties all the time. i hate living here now, it used to be nice. and yes, the mexican flag has replaced the american flag here and spanish has replaced english. i wish there was another united states to sail away to.

  43. they should send bidens dogs to help guard the border-they bite!! They are probably smarter than joe biden anyway.


  45. What needs to be done is a patriot line of americans spaced out a hundred yards apart with american made rifles. All the border security we need. They’ll turn around. It’s up to US to defend OUR country, obiden ain’t gonna do it. I’m free this weekend.

  46. Before I leave my home at the request of these Communists in power who demand or try to force me to move out for them to take over, I’ll burn it to the ground and they can live in the ashes.

    1. All this could have been avoided if Biden wasn’t elected and smart people know he wasn’t really elected. Thanks to the Fake News, Big Tech and all of these Trump hating Democrats the misinformed people who were taught to hate Trump voted for Biden merely because of their unfounded hate for Trump who has been the ONLY POTUS who ALWAYS put America 1st. Just like NY. Don’t complain about Cuomo you New Yorkers because you are the ones who keep on electing these crooks. Currently in his 3rd term of thievery! Look where we are in just a few lousy weeks: A POTUS who can’t even finish a sentence, gas up 60-70 cents, thousands of poor pipeline workers out of work, construction stopped on the wall, thousands of more illegals that we have to deal with at our cost of course. Kudos to Gov. Ron DeSantis of FLorida. If I ever spoke to Biden I would tell him the same thing that DeSantis told him, and JUSTIFIABLY!!

      1. You know Biden bribed the people to vote Democrat in the Georgia runoff elections would receive $2,000 stimulus checks? That is bribery…right?

  47. China Joe does not have the mental capacity to find his OWN way home. As others have stated, this Country we have known and loved for so many years is now being run by liberal socialist criminals. If the REAL military does not get some balls and step up to end this communist takeover charade, We The People will have to.

  48. send them all to live with their democrat lovers..they love them so+,let biden have them move in to the white house with him and jill…..

  49. “What has happened to our beloved country? We cannot let these communists take over. The only salvation we have is prayer.”

    God helps those who help themselves.

    We need to give these evil liberal retards cranial reorganizations via our high speed lead delivery systems…

  50. Try taking over my home or property and be prepared to be shot. PERIOD. My husband and I worked 60yrs (together) and to lose it to illegals. It’s time to post all Demo home addresses so the illegals can live in there back yards.

  51. 1. Y’all come to Texas, NO gun registration. Order ammo online.
    2. Read Kurt Schlichter’s books on America splitting in two: the coastal blues and the rest reds. Very funny plus you can’t believe how close he comes to reality.
    3. Read Dr Jonathan Hockett Law Professor Cornell University and the true author of the Green New Deal (GND). He was on Tucker. He freely admitted that the ‘GND HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE OR GLOBAL WARMING. INSTEAD IT IS AN ATTEMPT TO PUSH THE COUNTRY IN THE ‘RIGHT’ DIRECTION-STRAIGHT INTO SOCIALISM’.
    4. Climate change is a giant SCAM. Read Vijay S, an actual climate scientist and also NASA reports which thoroughly debunk the global warming theories. Is the ocean rising? Yeah, 1/3 of an inch a year. Nowhere near historic levels. I went to Ephesus, Turkey, which used to be a beach town where Cleopatra and Marc Anthony played. It’s now over 2 miles from the ocean!
    Maxine Water’s entry for the Biggest Idiot in Congress was to post two pictures of Pismo Beach on her website with the caption “you can already see the effects of climate change”. So close. It was actually high tide.and low tide.
    Hank Johnson’s contribution was to ask if more people would ‘make Guam tip over’.
    Sheila “I stand here as a freed slave” Jackson Lee asked if the MARS Rover would be close to where Neil Armstrong planted the US Flag. When told that was on the MOON, she said it was racist to correct her
    You decide: who gets your vote?
    Forgot Bang Bang Fang Fang. And there’s a clip of Nadless (who had a gastric bypass, the problem being that you have near-constant diarrhea) obviously filling his pants as he steps from behind the podium and stands to the side. The expressions of the Congressmen by him say it all. Sorry, off on a tangent.

    Do you really believe complete morons like traitors Lurch and Jane Fonda, Greta Thunberg who quit school at age 8, Leo DiCaprio, Michael Moore??? Would dummy Obysmal buy a beachfront mansion if he thought there was any chance of it being underwater in 8 years? What did Gore do with his book/movie money? Bought a beachfront mansion. Lurch has many houses, planes, yachts, vintage cars. He wants to push all electric cars in 5 years. Can’t afford one? Walk, take public transportation…..move to inner cities where public transportation is available. Then they’ll force suburban neighborhoods to accept public housing projects. Drugs, prostitution, gangs, crime. The old switcheroo. The idle unemployed will live in the suburbs because they have no jobs they need to get to. The working class will be pushed into rat infested inner cities. That’s socialism/communism friends.
    Know what else is a huge scam? COVID. The survival/no infection rate in the US is 99.84% as of today. The 0.16% (not even two tenths of one percent) that died had an average age of 82 with at least 2 other serious diseases. Worldwide, the survival/no infection rate is 99.97%. Friends, all due respect and sympathy to families and friends of those who died, this is NOT a pandemic. The Black Plague in Europe in the Middle Ages killed one in every three people. That’s a 67% survival rate. With our 99.84% rate, we have been forced to give up our smiles, our voices, our children’s sanity, our businesses, our churches, our economy, our independence, our Constitutional guarantees, our civil liberties, our very country. ‘Lookest over there at JLo’s bejeweled mask signalling her virtue’ while Congressional Democrats and other office holders including the Executive Branch institute immigration crimes, issue 69 illegal Executive Orders in 6 weeks, creating an illegal alien flood against Constitutional law (every illegal is getting $1400 of OUR Tax dollars. Every family of four illegals can get the following health, housing, school, childcare, food stamps, legal services per year for 4 years(per family per year): $110,000!!! Illegals occupy 60% of HUD housing while we have thousands living on the streets. We have millions of seniors living in abject poverty on an average of $1400 a month. We have 14 million hungry and 2.5 million homeless American CHILDREN. Shouldn’t we be taking care of them first?
    JObama drooling as he signs whatever is put in front of him and who can only read (poorly) from teleprompters. BIG NEWS: in this country, the Legislative Branch elected by WE THE PEOPLE proposes and writes the laws, not the President….acting as our exalted leader.
    We are being suppressed by the media, the internet, social media, the FBI, CIA and the Dems as if we all participated in the Capitol riot. And the wire around the People’s House (Capitol)…just to push the white supremacy narrative…Pigliosi’s idea. She is only held together by botox botox formaldehyde and her utter disdain for the working class. And of course, the coming gun control. If any of these anti-gunners come up with a law that criminals will obey, I’d stand behind it.
    A push now for Texas to lead the red states in secession. I would love that!
    Ok, ranting too long. Over and out.

  52. it does not matter what party you are loyal to but when one political party goes rouge like the democrats have gone it’s up to all americans to stand up for freedom and to beat down these dictators before our country resembles the countries that these illegals are fleeing from.It will not affect the overpaid politicians that are living away from these illegals in their gated and guarded properties but it will change the landscape of this once great nation forever and once we are flooded by people that show they have no respect for our laws there will be no turning back and no way to get them out so we will could consider ourselves to be taken over by invasion and we let it happen because we pander to a bunch of cellar dwelling mamma’s boys and girls that get all teary eyed and must enter their crying closets with their teddy bears every time they hear a sad story . The adults that grew up free have now left the room to step aside for dictators and crying wimps that know nothing about running a sovereign country .I guess all good things must come to an end even a great nation like ours that has been the symbol of hope for 245 years but it should never happen by inflicting the wounds on ourselves right from within our own borders.

  53. Anybody noticed that the OBiden/Harris bumper stickers have almost all disappeared? There’s a lesson there!
    Wish those who voted for them had to place a bumper sticker on their car that says “I voted Socialist/Democrat because I wanted: Higher Taxes, less security due to all those foreign nationals they brought in, losing my Rights, my Freedom and more, being sold out to the UN and the One World government taking all my assets, no private property and transportation”!

    1. It’s time 2 go after these communists terrorist POLITICIANS! Warm weather is comin’! Riots, protests & insurrection1 Go 2 capitol-We the people R already tired of this deadbrain president & his hateful black bitch that people hate! Go after these rich, elite politicians that make rules you & me , but not themselves! They want our guns so U can’t protect & resists there communists, dictators ship like poor countries do! they use clubs & sticks 2 defend themselves (RIGHT?) STOP THESE UNAMERICAN POLITICIANS BEFORE THEY STOP US! STAND UP AMERICA! THIS IS WHAT WE FOUGHT FOR! Another reason they want 2 erase history! STAND UP FOR GOD & COUNTRY!

  54. The next step after censorship is genocide. Soon, we will all be considered enemies of the state, incarsarated and executed.

  55. New York City, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco – they need them since tens of thousands of gay men living there don’t even work.

  56. I worked all my life to buy my home…I’ll be damned in hell if I let anyone take it! It will burn to the ground first.

  57. Going to need lots of burial grounds soon if the left keep on with this crap the citizens are getting pisstoff

  58. The left is looking for a sure fire voting base and the illegals are it. We the people are getting wise to their shenanigans and anti-America hatred for this country and we the people also. Enforce the laws and finish the wall across our southern border with whatever it takes and impeach Joe Biden no matter how many times it takes. Just like Pelosi / Soros, tried to do to President Trump, what was I am thinking 2 or 3 times in President Trumps 4 yrs in office? This country cannot afford such an influx of at this magnitude and the left knows it, so what is next? Socialism is, watch out America we are being sold to highest bidder and the deadening cost to we the people as in real citizens of this USA!

  59. Talk is cheap you can’t vote Republican anymore they fixed that remember if you let them take your guns you lose. It’s over and it is coming so make up your mind.

    1. I think MARINE is on to something. We should have busses at the border for when these authorized “illegals” come over into the United States, and immediately haul every darn one of them right to Washington DC, and every place where these extreme left politicians live, and drop them right smack onto their door step. See how they like it!!!!! It’s all fun and games for them since they aren’t the ones that have to deal with them – while they sit behind their iron fences and their armed protectors. Lord help us all!

      1. I love the idea of bussing the illegals to areas that aren’t where the illegals land. Take them to where Nancy Police, Biden, & Harris live, that sure would clean up the Crisis!!!!!! Helen Rucarean

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