Wisconsin Administered the Dirtiest Election Ever in a First World Country in 2020

We all used to laugh at Saddam Hussein’s “elections” in Iraq when he would earn 100% of the vote. That’s because we all knew it was obviously fake. But the 2020 election that took place in Wisconsin was worse. Saddam’s elections were works of fiction, because no one in Iraq was allowed to vote in the first place. Wisconsin’s election was an act of total fraud. The Special Counsel has already uncovered more fraud than we thought possible in his investigation.

If you thought there couldn’t possibly have been more shenanigans in Wisconsin than we already know about, think again. Because True the Vote, investigated all of the alleged election fraud crimes in the state, and the treasure trove of evidence they released this week is appalling.


First, let’s look at the data that True the Vote revealed to the Wisconsin Assembly this week, and then we’ll figure out what it all means. True the Vote testified that by tracking publicly available cell phone data, they identified 138 people who had made five or more trips to the office of a non-governmental organization (NGO), and then delivered ballots to drop boxes.

How many? At least 137,500 ballots according to True the Vote. And that’s in a state where Joe Biden “won” by just 20,682 votes.

There’s no valid reason for even one ballot to be at an NGO’s office. Every single one of those trafficked ballots had to be illegally obtained, fraudulently filled out for Joe Biden, and then delivered to a drop box. That’s the only possibility that makes sense.

If you filled out your absentee ballot and signed it, and the ballot was therefore legal and valid, why would you drop it off at a non-profit NGO office paid for by Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, or somebody else? Why not drop it in the mail or in a drop box yourself?

Imagine for a moment that you’re a retail worker in Madison, Wisconsin in September of 2020. You’ve been out of work for six months because of the COVID lockdowns. Your unemployment checks don’t provide enough to even cover the rent in your cruddy apartment. One day you go to the post office to find that your absentee ballot has arrived. Then a stranger approaches you in the parking lot and she offers you $200 cash for your unopened ballot.

That shouldn’t sound far-fetched if you’ve been paying attention. That is the exact same strategy that Project Veritas caught the brother-marryer Ilhan Omar’s campaign doing in Minnesota during the primaries in 2020. $200 cash in exchange for an unopened ballot, no questions asked.

Let’s see, 137,500 ballots at $200 per ballot… that comes to $27,500,000. Would someone have actually spent that much money purchasing unopened ballots? It seems like a lot of cash, until you realize that $5.7 billion was spent on the presidential election in 2020 – and that’s just the legal cash that we know the Biden campaign, the Trump campaign, and Political Action Committees spent. It doesn’t include all of the dark money that poured into the Biden campaign. $27.5 million is a drop in the bucket compared to that.

Mark Zuckerberg personally spent 15 TIMES that amount to *allegedly* rig the 2020 election. He spent $419,000,000 out of his own pocket to states where his underlings then took over the administration of local elections in Democrat-run cities, including five cities in Wisconsin. So, $27.5 million is not out of the realm of possibility.

It would require a lot of legwork to collect 137,500 unopened ballots, though. Why not make it easier for yourself and cheaper by simply bribing a postal worker to drop off boxes of unopened ballots at your NGO office, for say, $10,000 per box? That would probably work, too.

This is a really simple equation to figure out if you don’t overthink it. Why would 138 people make 3,588 trips to the office of an NGO, followed by a trip directly to a series of ballot drop boxes, to deliver 137,500 ballots? There’s only one reason. They were doing their part to steal the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Assembly, which is supposedly controlled by Republicans, has no excuse for their inaction at this point. They must rescind their 2020 electoral votes, because the official tally was inaccurate and indeed fraudulent. If they don’t vote to claw back their electoral votes, then they’re part of the problem. Congratulations, Wisconsin Republicans! Saddam Hussein would be proud of you.

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37 thoughts on “Wisconsin Administered the Dirtiest Election Ever in a First World Country in 2020”

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    1. Don’t let the anti-Americans fool you that the 2020 elections are over and nothing can be done about it. There are no statute of limitations on TREASON or VOTE FRAUD! Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and every State’s Legislature where there have been questions as to the legitimacy of the 2020 election have to take action to correct the vote tallies in their State. The DOJ, FBI, NSA, DHS all have to take action, not word service, but real forensic investigations into the evident treasons and vote fraud perpetrated on WE The People by these illegal and unconstitutional crimes. These criminals, regardless of governmental positions and no matter how many, all need to be brought to justice.

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      1. who do you think is in charge of the alphabet offices you just named? joey bribem personally appointed a friend of hunters to the doj. why? no persecution of cocaine boy, that’s why. the others are in bed with joey bribem. they won’t cross their paychecks and the graft that comes their way under the table. you are right, we do need justice. but with the wolf running the hen house doors, who is left to get it??????? who runs homeland security? Mayorkas. whose posterior is his nose grafted to? bribems. fbi is a joke, they are too busy persecuting the j-6 group, and helping piglosi try to ban Trump from office ever again. these heads of these organizations value their paychecks and grafts, and will never cross the deep state. they fear arkancide. we will NEVER have justice for the stolen election. unless we take it into our own hands. which we won’t, as we are too old, too stupid or brainwashed by the colleges.

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      2. Hurray for someone that recognizes this current Dictatorship, Trumps only mistake was allowing the also corrupt Bureaucracy to join in Destroying America almost every branch of government is throughly corrupt…

      3. why if you have the proof why are you not
        killing the electors vote this why we do not believe in the government DO. SOME

  2. You ever notice republicans we vote in to represent us get caught up in their own self-importance and don’t as it effects their approval in the houses instead of back home. Quit electing these. Find some Ted Cruze’s. Fighters cause it is a battle. We want warriors not milk toast. if they had stood up we wouldn’t have this imposter in WH.

  3. Trump won by a landslide everywhere, These people didn’t like his character so they commit fraud. They are just as bad as the people they hate. Wake up America. Look t God t fix this.

  4. Anyone with half a brain knows the 2020 election was corrupt. In Pennsylvania. They openly broke the election laws (all in the name of Covid, of corse), and they got away with it. Shapiro is the Democrat Attorney General who did absolutely nothing about the fraud and now wants to be the next Governor. God save us!!

  5. It is doubtful that there are many electors who cared for Trump’s texts ,but with current events many would argue that his Presidential decisions were working.

    1. Agreed, Trump may have been rough with the “texts”, but he WORKED FOR the American people, NOT himself!

      1. Hurray, I notice this application will not allow either up or down, just another media loser.

      2. Add to that statement; Trump came into office worth $5 Billion, he left with $2.5 Billion and never took a dime in pay while President.

  6. Where is the justice on all the fraudulent voting? Is nobody accountable for this corrupt process and who is going to jail? Do we have only Democratic party Morons handling the voting process?

    1. They also went to homeless shelters in the state to buy votes.. they offered a carton of cigarettes
      a bottle of liquor . or a 20 dollar gift card .For there ballot. The people at food pantrys will tell you that. R K greenIight.. ?

    2. yes we do. who owns the house? piglosi. who owns the senate. Chinese McDonnell, the waffler. where does the impeachment process start? the house. who finalizes the impeachment? the senate. now. get it? their boy is in the Whitehouse, why do they want the gravy train to stop? that’s why we have to VOTE in November. IN PERSON, ID IN HAND. don’t mail it. see what happened last time? if you can’t get to the polls, you won’t have a say in what and who is elected. if you are healthy, VOLUNTEER TO BE A POLL WATCHER. volunteer for a few hours a day. it won’t kill you, and you might just make a difference. that way, when you complain, you will have a dog in the fight.

  7. This won’t stop anytime soon, so either take a stand now or start preparing for the worse. Democrats have already got their judges to let them rewrite their maps to allow more seats they didn’t earn. So beware of all those in on this game. Democrats always say no one is above the law so why are they getting by with everything they do. I don’t care how poor I get I will never sell my vote. If people would have researched everything in the beginning this would’ve never happened. Yet Democrats still fill the air with lies, corruption and deceit. Mark my words again. They will either impose Covid restrictions again or have basement boy sign executive order for mail out ballots and no ID along with harvesting. Fauci and all the rest of these idiots have to keep republicans out of office ever where and like last election they will do what ever it takes to steal it again. Now Pelosi has come out and said they will not loose another election. Just remember one thing please, President Trump was right about everything. Democrats have been giving our money to organizations that in turn give it back in Democrat donations after they take their cut. Look how many get our money like sports and other organizations and corporations. We have to start being aware of those in power who don’t care about us the American people. These people have been bought off by Democrats. There is only one way to get our country back and keep it. Trump and America First politicians, DA’s, Judicial System, AG’s, Board members, City and County officials, Mayors, Governor’s and many more. Those who hate America needs to be put out. Remember they work for us we don’t work for them. Let’s get them all out and strip them of everything like pensions, security and more. We need to take our money back by taking what they own and finding all their money they hid. Bar their clearance and being able to be in anything or on any board. All these businesses that went woke need to get all government money taking away. If they they aren’t America First then let them go broke. Not just Biden’s are compromised their are a whole lot of other’s. Those who aided and in on all this should have to give back all government money they received for at least the last 20 years. Those in the judicial system should be banned from it for ever. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and the rest including Clinton administration, Obama administration and Biden’s administration should all have to live life like we do from here on out without all there luxuries and on a budget. This includes the FBI, CIA, DOJ, CDC, Fauci, NIS and all the rest of them. All bills wrote within the last 30 years should be relooked at also. For those who won’t fight for this country let’s send them on a slow boat to China. PAY ATTENTION TRUE AMERICANS! Double standards and set ups have to end. Time for our Constitution and laws to work for us.
    Let’s get rid of term limits everywhere except Washington, then we can fire anyone who isn’t doing the right thing for us, including judicial system. We also need to get rid of corrupt departments in government and those departments that waste are money by doing nothing like ethics department, they really haven’t been doing their job for many years, just another bought out department by Democrat and Rhinos. But first we need to take care of immigration and our law enforcement. Immigrants are illegals so get them out. Let’s put our law enforcement back to full speed and let them do their job. Do the crime do the time not get by with murder. Americans are going to have to do our part to make sure all this is done and we can live free again and take back our country.
    Actions speak louder then words! America First!

    1. you have missed the entire point if you let Washington keep lifetime appointments. was this a typo?

    2. Pat, you are exactly right. Too much corruption … not easy to overcome. It’s a lofty goal and one that can’t be easily achieved, but we have to start somewhere. Actions speak louder than words. Start the process and start prosecuting and rescind the electoral votes (in all the swing states).

  8. The DUMBYRATS are pushing the limits of OUR tolerance.
    If they want civil war, they are DEFINITELY NOT going to like the outcome.
    Most DUMBYRATS don’t like or own guns, but the MAJORITY of God fearing, FREEDOM LOVING Americans DO OWN GUNS. And they KNOW how to use them! That’s what started this country and it will SAVE this country from a tyrannical government, such as we have today!
    Fortunately the DUMBYRATS do NOT know their history so it should be fairly quick and not near as bloody as the last civil war! Because it will start in Washington DC and end there as well once ALL the politicians are taken care of!

    1. but the dimobutts will get all the armed forces that on there side fight there wars i know that because they already kicked our guys out of the armed forces but they will fight with us also , they don’t like whats going on either , so we will have some of them on our side to help in this war i don’t know how to shoot a gun , but very willing to learn im 72 yrs old they all said u can teach an old dog new tricks , will here i am teach me , i’ll also have one of them lazer pointers on it ,,,

  9. I knew the crooked republicans were in on it or they would go after these people they can’t because they took part in it all People if we don’t take them down now we will never have fair elections again or a country

    1. again, Richard, I refer you to who has control in house and senate at this moment in time. it is the demon rat party. they won’t go after their own. true, we have rinos. that is what mid terms and elections are for. weed them out. republicans cant do a thing until we have CONTROL OF BOTH HOUSES. that is how things work. and we must rid the judiciary of Soros appointed and Clinton appointed hacks. what good is it to get the best case in the world if these judges deny hearing any of it.? same for demon rat prosecutors. if they put the nominee who cant define what a woman is, bend over. the ride is starting.

  10. Yes, I truly believe that the 2020 election was stolen. I believe that there is so much corruption it makes me sick. But am I surprised, yes and no. However, I knew from day one it was impossible that J. B. won. What upset me the most is 60 to 70% of population accepted and went on with their lives. Not me. But people are waking up now.

  11. And gullible imbeciles like Mike Pence, Bill Barrfbag i.e. etc. even adamantly denied that any fraud, let alone significant fraud, occurred!!!! NEWSFLASH FOR ‘EM ~~ FRAUD IS FRAUD REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH!!!!

  12. Hi Mr. Smith, I agree with your commentary. Like Arizona every one is sitting on there hands with all the evidence doing nothing. how can we start a fire under these folks to motivate them? Every state you mentioned has the evidence and nothing is being done? such a “sad state of affairs” the US is in.

  13. I am appalled at so many who have no concept of how things are done in this country. we need civics as a mandatory class for graduation, taught by red-blooded conservatives, not the history changing woke folks. look to those who could change things. DEMOCRATS. those who want it changed: REPUBLICANS. now students, WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE OFFICES OF GOVERNMENT WHO CAN CHANGE THIS???????? TAKE A GUESS. it aint republicans————-YET.

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